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De Armond Says They Must
Redeem Republican Rule
peaks at Annual Celebration
of Crescent Club.
Says It Is Duty of Democrats
to Overthrow System,
Baltimore, March L Congressman Da
vid A. DeArmond of Missouri and Kenry
Gf orge Jr.. of New York, -were the prin
cipal speakers at the celebration of the
th.rtieth anniversary of the ' Crescent
Demicratic club in this city tonight. Let
ters were r-id from Ex-President Gro
ver CI ev I and. Mayor Tom. L. Johnson of
CT-rrelan-i, John DeWJtt Warner of New
York and Henry W. Lamb, president of
th? American Fre Trade society.
Mr. DcArznond's speech was a severe
arraignment of the Republican national
administration for its 'Imperialistic poi
Icwy." lie spoke in part as follows:
'"Those in control of the government
have carried it farther In a few years
than ever before it was carried in a reu-y
eration, and almost everything that has
bfijen regarded as sacred by our .ior
f athers has been disregarded. The biirden
and duty rests upon the Democratic par
ty to bring it back to sound principles.
The time was when this continent was
supposed to be sufficient, but the tiav has
come when far-distant lands beyond the
sea axe to be brought under our domin
ion, contrary to the teachings of all iho
wipe men of our history."
Adverting to the need of tariff reform,
Jfr DeArmond said:
"The only authority for taxation is the
necessity for revenue only. Tariff taxa
tion fchoula be adjusted so as to bring
the largest amount of revenue for the
:r .vernmr.t with the least of burden on
ih".-e who near the burden of taxation.
l.c pres--nt system of taxation has built
miehty trusts that wake legislators
. :A control legislation. It is the mt?sion
: the Democratic party to do what can
N- done to overthrow such a system.
' Tariff reform properly applied should
tike the tariff off those commodities sold
ai r"ad cheaper than they can be bought
3-1 America."
Mr. Geirge made a plea for free trade.
Horrible Example of Chinese Revenge
Is Displayed.
Victor!?.. B. C, March 4. Reports of
two mat s pips of missionaries in China
v. pre recfiwd by the steamer Empress
r India, which arrived from the Orient
tH:s aftrrnon. In Kansu. Fathers Van
M' rhaeghe and Bougaerts were murdered
ly a bn? of "hine.se, including soldi-rs,
vho attacked their mission. The first
rimed fr;Pt was killed instantly by a
i-v.'-rd thru.-t. but the latter lingered for
! da.- suffering from the terrible
wounds. It is stated that the attack was
m.ide in rrnge for the df position of the
-a n of Priiico Tuan-b- the empress dow
Kr at the request of the foreign miu
rs. Th other massacre took place in
K?:igsi, Father Jullen being attacked
while he s!-pt and cruelly murdered. His
t."'dy was mutilated, both hands being j
cut off. His two servants were alao j
k:ld. The viceroy has sent a troop to ;
I.-jut for the murderers.
President and Mrs. Roosevelt Make
Evening Enjoyable for Many. J
Washirston, March 4. The president
snvl Mrs Roosevelt tonight gave a large- j
lv attended rnusicale at the Whit House, j
Ti ast room and other public portions
( the hcuse were very prettily deco
rate'! for th occasion. There was a pro
prim of four double and one single num
!r. Ttc soloists were Miss Leila Lfv
r cton-M rse and Henrich Meyn, with
Mi? ls.-i'" ! llauser and Isador Luck
ne at the piano.
The p if ?ts included the members of
t' . cat ift and their families, the for
r .-!! am isaiiorj!. senators and represen
t fives i". c ingress and a contingent of
:- sidt-nt s .cioty.
Woman at Osweoo Is Arrested for
Aiding Prisoners to Escape .
Oswego, ICan., March 4. Mrs. Carrie
K"amey was arrested today, charged
with aiding prisoners in the count" jail
1 1 make a riot to escape. She gave a
i:.-t--l to Wul Geary, in jail for bur
c'.iry. and D. G. Calhoun, who will soon
a v nitentisry sentence for tha
rr. r-ier of his wife. The plot was dis-
red and Mrs. Kearney was arrested.
S was sent to the county jail in tie
fa it of J500 bond, which she refused
School Race War at Topeka Is Becom
ing Wore Serious.
T, rk;.. Kan.. March 4. Much ID feel
ing is t : manfltsted between the ne
groes avi unite -nfiopie In the Lowman
1:.". diStr."-. ;f this city over the refusal
r :r: r , board to permit colored
thiiiren 1 attend the white school. It
1- u:.derst--d that S'-me of the cogro
t...chrF -f the city are trying to keep
Vr. trou-.e aiive. If this is true. t"r.."
si ho-) r.Mrd expresses its intention cf
lmmetiiat-'.y dischargir.g the teachers, and
this will start more tr .uble.
Reports From Antwerp Give a More
Hopeful View of Situation.
Brussels. March 4. Numerous and cor.
tr."uiictorv r- ports are current here rs .o
crisii- th" diamond trade, ar th-
r.-wsrajj" r-."-r t-" th imprdi- f, H-
ures of
..(a.; f.rrr.s in the d:araord hjs:-
r.'-ss at Artwcrp, Awsterdam and Lr.Ion.
They &lt.ge tsat some diarror. i mer-
chants have been guilty of extensive de
falcations and ha'e fled to London and
Xew York.
The crisis is said to be due to the
large quantity of goods of sale which can-
only be disposed of at a loss.
The Messenger De BruxeDe says that
the extradition of two men -who fled tp
2Cew York with 500.000 francs' worth of
diamonds has been demanded.
A telegram received Here tonight from
Antwerp says the diamond market is
calmer, as a result of the proposals of
three diamond merchants to effect an ar
rangement with their creditors.
Man Representing $80,000,000 Capital
Doesn't Agree With Schwab in All.
New York, March 4. The directors of
the United States Steel corporation met
today and re-elected President Schwab
and all the .other officers whose terms
expired. Percival Roberts, Jr., resigned
hl membership in the executive commit
tee. His resignation ws accepted, but a
successor was not named. He did not re
sign from tl,e board of directors.
Mr. Roberts was president of the Amer
ican Bridg company when it was merged
into the United States Steel corporation.
Ho represented a total capitalization of
Tha Herald rtomorrow will print ar. In
terview with Mr. Roberts, in which he is
quoted as saying:
"I have not agreed with Mr. Schwab for
some time regarding certain features of
the policy which Mr. Schwab supports."
French Are Said to Be In Secret Alli
ance With Rebels in China.
Hong Kong, March 4. The rebellion In
Kwang Si province Is spreading rapidly.
Signs of unrest are already apparent at
Kwelin and Nanking, the newly opened
river treaty ports.
The Canton viceroy has despatched a
number of troops to the scene of the dis
turbances, and. has stationed over 1,000
men at Kwelin and Nanking for use in
case of eventualities. The rebels are be
lieved to bo former soldiers of Marshal
Su, who were disbanded on his promo
tion. Their propaganda, which has spread
"far and wide, includes the overthrow of
the Manchu dynasty, the founding of a
Chinese dynasty and helping oppressed
and needy Chinese. The French are said
to be secretly supporting the rebels.
William Henry Moody of Massachu
setts Favorably Mentioned.
"Washington, March. 4. Prominent
among the list of possibilities to All the
vacancy to be caused by Secretary
Long's retirement from the cabinet is
the name of William Henry Moody, a
Republican representative from the
Sixth district of Massachusetts, and said
to be connected by marriage with Sen
ator Lodge. Mr. Moody is 19 years old,
a graduate of Harvard, a lawyer by pro
fession and has served three consecutive
terms in congress, where he has attained
some of the most influential committee
Appropriation Bill Is Completed, After
Several Chanaes.
whinrtnn M.rrt, iTo
mittee on appropriations today concluded
the discussion of the executive and judi
cial appropriation bill for the next fiscal
year. The committee added $313,415 to the
expenditures provided by the bill as it
passed the house, making the total S2S.
480.195. An amendment was also inserted
providing for the transfer to the classi
fied service of the clerks, temporarily em
ployed during the war with Spain, and
proidlng for their permanent retention
in their present places. The house pro
vision continud the service of all such
clerks for one year or more. There are
several hundred of them.
Mrs. Caroline Clark, the Oldest White
Kansas Woman Resident Dies.
Fort Scott. Kan., March 4. Mrs. Caro
line Clark, said to have been the cSdest
white woman resident of Kansas, died at
her home near Hammond today, aged 81
yors. She came to Kansas in 1S3S. loca
ting at Fort Leavenworth, where she
married a non-commissioned officer in the
regular army. During trie civil war she
as nurse, served water and coffee to the j
men on the battle line and was known as
"the mother of the regiment."
A special till to permit her burial in the
national cemetery here Is now pending be
fore congress.
Is Further Discussed by Senator Frye
in Every Particular.
Washington, March 4. The ship subsi
dy bill was further discussed today by Mr.
Frye. His remarks were directed princi
pally to the Republican senators, and he
gave further expression of his views that
the subsidy bill was a logical response
to the demands ano principles of tho Re
publican prty. and that in its prepara
tion he had obviated the objections enter
tained by senators to the measure. Other
senators desiring to speak today, the bill
was laid aside and a number of other
bills were passed. "
Buddy King Gives Thomas Unexpected 1 u- under th Provisions of the eoastitu
Knockout Jolt in the Jaw. J of th
Denver, Colo., March 4. Buddy King. 1
colored, of Denver, knocked out Kid
Thomas, of Chicago, in the third round i Missouri Town Loses One of Its Most
of what was scheduied as a ten-round I Important Plants. j
go at the Denver Athletic club, tonight, t Poplar Bin. Mo.. March 4. The Palmer !
In the first two rounds Thomas bad the j box and stave factory was destroyed by '
better of the bout, and administered se- fire today .entailing a loss of The- '
v. re punishment. Thomas was taken by . plant was owned by Lowell M. Painaer
surprise, and a blow rn the ja,w finished j New York, and is said to have bt-en th
him. Eddie Tcy, of San Fraacisc-o. and j largast of its kind la the world. Six i
Rube Smith, cf Denver, fought a rce j hundred men are thrown out of employ- j
six-round gt to a draw. nxent.
Court of Appeals Dismisses Cass '
Against Secretary Hiiclcock.
Washington. March 4 The court of ap- j
peals today dismissed the injunction pro- '
.eedings instituted by Delos K. Lone ;
o".f, chief, ami others of the Kiowa, '
C mascho and Apache trib-"s a gainst Ser- I
r.t.JT Hitchcock, to pr;-er;t the
and ailounent of their lands in Indian
territory. f
Cuban Appeals to People to Support :
the New Government.
Havana, March 4. un the occasion of j
the visit cf General Maximo Oem to '
Mazanillo. General Mas-- (formerly the
candidate of th? Demeont'.c party rr tr-.e .
presidency of Cuba made a strong ap- j
P'-al to the people t" support tb r--s- ,
government and build up the ccuntry.
Lavs of Porto Rico are
vised and Compiled.
Dotie Away 'With and
People Given Voice.
Acts as Safeguard Against
Mistakes of Ignorant. '
"Washington. March 4. The commission
to revise and compile the laws of Porto
Rico, appointed by virtue of the act of
April 12, 1900. has submitted its report to
the attorney general. The commission
consisted of Joseph F. Daly, of New
York; L. S. Rowe, of Pennsylvania, and
Juan Hernandez Lopez, of Porto Rico.
The work undertaken was the revision
and compilation of practically all the old
Spanish laws.
The commission, after an exhaustive
study of the Spanish system, proceeded to
make the most necessary changes, such
as. the reorganization of the judicial sys
tem and the system of local government,
the revision of the laws of marriage and
divorce and wills and intestacies, and a
number of other important branches of
the civil and criminal laws. The most
Important work of the commission was
the revision of the organic act of Porto
Rico, commonly known as the Foraker
act. The system of local government
proposed by the commission Includes a
county, city and village organization.
Under Spanish rule the island was divi
ded Into 67 divisions, known as "munici
palities," which wer subjected to the
strictest form of control by tha government-
The mayors were appointed by
the governor general, and the members
of the town councils were subject to his
will, in fact if not in law. Local self
government was unknown. The commis
sion has taken a long step in the direc
tion of local autonomy, but has placed
sufficient power In the insular govern
ment to guard against the dangers of
local inexperience or incompetence.
Briefly stated, the system leaves to the
local authorities the management of local
affairs, but prescribes a definite standard
of efficiency in the most important serv
ices, such as sanitation, drainage, water
supply, street cleaning, etc If the local
governments fail to- meet these standards
rhe insular government is given power to
meet every emergency . x iie ihujcob wi
pus act is another of the important
changes proposed by the commission.
The subject of marriage and divorce
also is fully treated. The Spanish civil
code does not recognize divorce, although
a separation proceeding is provided for.
This branch of the law has been brought
it. close harmony with the system prevail
ing in such states as New York and
Massachusetts. In the matter of wills
and intestacies, the Spanish civil code
leaves but little freedom to-the testator.
Here again an adoption of the system
prevailing in the United States has been
At the expiration of the trm f.x-i in
congress for the presents, -n f this re
port, the government of P-rt P.:r ai -pointed
a code committee to cc rv.w , t re
work of the first commissi"':. The rr.. m
bership of the second commission was the
same as that of the first, with the ex c -p-tJon
of the substitution J. M. K- -ly.
of Maryland, for Joseph F. Dr.ly. th
latter being unable to servo. -,,; s c. r. 1
commission, of which Dr. L. S. Rvio :s
chairman, has utilized the wrrlt of t!
first commission in a general revision of
the erfstins'
House Spends Another Day on Bill to
Classify Rural Delivery.
"Washington. March 4 Tho h is rper.t
another day in discus?:-"i --f tt ti
classify the rural free- d":.".ery cr. :
and place the carriers utvZt ?' ".i:ru t
system. No vote was rach- I I it '.s
doubtful whether one wi'i be 1,- i t :.. r
row, as the list of speakers i? .-r.: 1 re--.
The fate of ,thj bill is in !-ubt. a:.. .h
the impression prevails that it w.u te
defeated. rs is
Maryland State Senate Passes Bill i
Admitting Them as Lawyers. !
Annapolis, Md, March 4. The Mary
land state senate today passed the bill ;
to authorize the admission of women as
! practicing lawyers tn the state ccurt.
! The bill received 14 affirmative totes to
j 2 in the negative, barely enough to pass :
International Sogar Conference Hold
Off Action Until March 6.
Brussels. March 4. The late national
Sugar conference, at its meeting uxlay,
postponed the stg ature of the conven
tion until March &
Details of 3cc- S-ccess Is Thrilling
In Its Fieroenese.
London, March 4. Tetegraris re--:-?-J
bere from Klrksdorp descnbsr.j tht it
tack urn a::d caftarir.g by Tr- :
Febniary C. ;t a "i : 1 r"i.:riw.-t
Klerfcsdorp. of 4ff British aoMie-s wteo
were artir. as convoy t-" a empty v g'-n
trai" show that General Drlirv his,
plans with consummate care and pr -,.
knowledgp jf the grayed
The third P-oer attack upon th- conTC
was dtlivered from various TJizZs ari
was most determined, f
By sheer recklessness they sought to
ride down and overwhelm the British de
fense. The British guns shelled the charg
ing Boers, bat nothing slopped their on
slaught, which was delivered with unus
ual impetus. The. convoy of mules was
subjected to a heavy fixe and, deserted by
the native drivers, the mules stampeded,
putting many of the defenders temporar
ily out of action and causing the wildest
For two hours the British held out. A
few minutes of cautious fighting, and all
was over. The Boers galloped along the
line firing at every man who showed the
slightest tendency to resist, until they
reached and captured the guns. In the
excitement the Northumberland Fusileers
who had been cut off, succeeded in fight
ing their way out for some distance.
When their ammunition became exhaust
ed they charged with bayonets, but were
speedily overpowered.
By 7 o'clock in tho morning all resist
ance was at an end. The dead and
wounded were scattered all over the field.
Broken wagons and panic stricken horses
and mules made a scene of indescribable
confusion. Not until General Delary
came In person was anything like order
restored. He stopped the Boers engaged
in stripping the British wounded, by the
free use of the sjambock.
Meeting Is Held at Chicago and Both
Subjects Discussed.
Chicago, March 4. The woes of Ireland
and the wrongs of the Boers were kin
dred subjects tonight at a meeting of
Irish Nationalists held in this city. The
meeting was primarily held to pay tribute
to the memory of "Robert Emmet t, but
the South African war occupied almost an
equal space with the Irish patrol in the
addresses that were made. The chief ad
dress of the evening was made by ex
Congressman J. J. Lentz of Ohio.
Judge Edward F. Dunne of Chicago,
presided, and made a stirring address in
praise of Robert Emmott. Speeches were
made by other local speakers.
Militiamen at Norfolk, Va., Knocked
Down and Carried Out.
Norfolk, Va.. March 4. A mob of 5GC
strike sympathizers today held the streets
of Norfolk on which the main line of the
Norfolk Railway and Light company's
car are run and the police were unable to
cope with it from noon until after darS,
when the cars which were guarded by de
tachments of militia and had run with
difficulty all day were housed in the
barns. Cars were repeatedly derailed.
Wagon loads of stones were piled on the
tracks, and free fights between the mili
tary guards and the crowd occurred at
frequent Intervals. In one difficulty a
sergeant ran a bayonet Into the arm of
H. H. Harmsef, a barber." Mrs. Harmsef,
who was standing by her husband at the
time, knocked the sergeant to the ground
with both fists and discolored the face of
Lieutenant E. R.'Cale, who was near her.
General Is to Begin Active Campaign
Against Revolutionists.
Panama, March 4. General Salazar, the
recently appoitned governor of the Isth
mus, arrived here this afternoon. He was
given a notable and enthusiastic recep
tion by the local authorities and his
friends, who have not forgotten the gen
eral's bravery-during' the- liberal attack
on Panama in July. 190.
He will at once begin an active cam
paign against the revolutionists. In an
interview with a representative of the
Associated Press General Salazar said
everything was quiet in the departments
of Cauca and Antioqula with the excep
tion of Calato. which was being surround
ed by the revolutionists when he left.
The United States cruiser Philadelphia
left this morning for Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Men Are Found Guilty of At
tempting to Kill Officers.
Crippl" frc-efc. Colo., March 4. Kirch
Kuyk-n.l.-ill and Hartley J. Lake were to-
t firr, ctino
th.- underground work-
r.dnce mine about six
-h pn :
in t
-e Ir
oha Fnienstaln. who w.'?
. t- - i'h Kuk.cdall and Lak-.-. gavf , f-xposiiion Duuaing ana w .--tirr.-r.y
i". r the prosecution which r- ture they were suiSelaatly stilled for
t-l in th-- c-ir-vicHon. There were rr.an: Chairman Johnson to briefly introduce
P'-rs.-sati'-T. 1 se-n'-s during the trial, ar-.i
attrr.--s fT bth sides were fined for
..r:e-.mrt c--irt.
Russia's Ruler Invites French Presi
dent to Visit His Country.
Fari M r h 4 In its issn of this
rr.rr tr- Fia;.ro says that President
I.m-1 --t r--i'i ept'srday an autograph
'f;;tr frm the czar in". iting him to visit
St P- :rs' ..re and ruesting him to fix
tr.-- L-t'1 w!v ;i h would do ss-. Th's !-tter
tnl r? sibmSlt-'d t- the cabinet at its
nxt rar-.'!:-.;. Th" r-nd cf May will prb-
aij;y ne aecmca upn as tne time ir ice
visit, and M. Loubet win stay in Ruasia
four days.
President Makes Appointments
Honors at Military School.
Washington, March 4. The president
has made the following anpotntments for
r.-ii?rchiT in th naval acadenrv:
- - I
Ralph Earl e Sampson, son of Rear Ad- )
mirJ Sampsnn, priacipal; Woodward j
5n of the late Rear Adaural. erst
alternate; O. W. Howard, son of Major ;
cf Major
General Howard. I . S. A., sscond alter- I
nate: and Bresley Morgan Taylor, son of
Renr Admiral Henry C. Taylor, third al- j
Secretary of State WW Hear the Boer
Delecatss Frots Transvaal.
Washington, March 4. Mensrs. Mrsara j
Wsse!s a -5 Wolmairna acnonapasTt d by ! When the arrace was driven throng- the
M-sr.tague Whit, consul genera! f.;r the i court, th chhne in the towr of St.
? .rth Afri.'n republic at Xw T-rk. whe Jzzr.f Ejj rpa; charch played the n
have ren tn Waahlnctoa tar neveral days tional airs "of tfe I she! States and. the
past, have arranged for a reception by j Grmaa and Lathecan It as a.
feretary Hay. This reception will be j There wa a great display of bunting
F-ir:y unoiScia.!. the Boers occupying th ' s-d under the glare of lb lights it
states cf privat ctrizes of another conn- ' tvt Ml v-a vor aitrrtfrc tha in th
try a-.i-urr.i'-.g in the United Stat-a. daylight. Crowd throng! the streets!
,dsrig tte vt .-?r,ar. with the hosel Pas- 1
DE VET SHOT Iff ARM i r - onwv. aad m
was a braliaat on i
Beer General Was Injured in an At- i pnac Henry of Jrun. was U- gnt
tempt to Break llSockadc al A b-- toefcnt mvea at the Hi
V-;-trk;ii cajwyp shrdrs rhrdls. ra - PrUter by th' -,tirn of Milw auk Tb
I.. -.4- March i A dlfpatch fr -rr: t:-a-r ",it itoa. tw- fears Th 6f cr
Harris Smith. Orange Rtrer Colony, naya ! atimss of the banrt hair wve ry teb- :
that Boer rrtaocers report that Ocizvei ' era? Tfc tate at whvh th prtn tt I
Wt! was sh5t ir. tb arre ;n tha re- , wa fcucg at th sds tfc roa d car-
cat atttr.t :- brai thrccgh the blcM-v- ' atjcro. As. tN bur. ; et C--t tics
b h'i by tb J.w Zai7'dr. n m a. rair.t'.r .s 3onr -t th Ornur f
Prince Henry Is Shown Real
Hospitable Time.
And Comments on the "Ger
man Element" in Town,
Leaves Brilliant Scene of a
Banquet at Ten o' Clock:
Mllwaukee, March L Milwaukee was
host to Prince Henry of Prussia for six
hours this evening and gave him a recep
tion that was highly enthusiastic and
an entertainmeat that was unique. His
special train -came at 4 o'clock, and at 1
was away again on the Ions run to Ni
agara, and New England. The inter
vening time was all given over to the
reception and entertainment of tha royal
visitor. ' It began with a drive through
the business and residential districts, in
review before a crowd that numbered
200,0:0. Then there was a public recep
tion at which Governor Robert L. Fol
lett and Mayor David S. Roso voiced
the official welcomes, and the United
Singing societies raised their voices in
mighty chorus. There was also a splen
did illumination and a thrilling night run
of the Milwaukee Are department. Later
there was a banquet at which the prince
met leading citizens of the city and state.
The thousands of eGrman residents in
Milwaukee joined heartily in the wel
some of the young prince, to whose house
they once owed allegiance, and veterans
of the German wars gathered from
throughout the state t5 assist in the re
ception. Tha prince and his suite ran up from
Chicago over the Chicago, Milwaukee
and St. Raul railroad and there was an
enormous crowd at the station awaiting
its coming. There was a cheer when tho
prince appeared and another louder than
the first when he reached his carriage
outside the station grounds. Admiral
Evans and Mayor Rose entered his car
riage and fl flanked by police and guarded
by troopers of the First Yisconsia cav
alry, the drive through the city began.
Amabssador von Holleben and Assistant
Secretary of State Hill rode in the second
carriage, with Captain Frederick Pabst,
chairman of tho reception committee.
Just outside ef the station 1.00 veterans
of the German wars were drawn up.
They had come here fnim Green Bay,
Stevens Point. Port Washington. Apple
ton, Fon du Lac, Racine and other dis
tant points In the state, and they gave
the prince a volley of cheers as he passed
Uiam. The business streets were block
aded with people, and the police had to
fight to keep a driveway dear.
Prince Henry was gtven the honor to
rMe in the first carriage to cross the new
Grand Avenue-Wisconsin street bridge,
and as this point was reached Battery
A. station &1 on the lake front, tired a
saluto of twenty-one guns.
The reception of the prince as he drove
through the streets was wfldly enthusi
astic, and there was an ovation when he
entered the exposition Imflding for the
public reception. As he appeared on the
1 stag, escortea oy ns sum anu me re-
1 ceptlon comrr.lttee. the mass chorus of
S w voic's 5an" "Dp Deutch Laad- '
; inere wcro 1 w
Mayor R'-se. The mayor. Informally wel
comed the prince.
The mayor gave way to former Con
gressman P. V. Deuster, who spoka in
behalf nf the German residents and In
! thfir toigue.
I Governor Lafoliette welcomed the
j prince f Milwaukee in behalf of the
i state and expressed regr?t at the short-
' r.ess of his visit.
i Curtain. Emil Court, who also spoke
i in lepn:an, was the last rp-ker.
The great ch rus sang again and as
; the prince arose to leave, the hall, the
crowd broke lno cheers. He touched
his cap in salute and smiled as he
1 turned to leave the stage.
! The fire run followed the pcoHe rec
t tfam and it made a spectacle that was
both novel and excitisig. Thirty-two
pieces of- apparatus, marshaled by Fire
Chif Folr, wre race- for a mlie at
high speed. They ran two abreast ani
m feet apart. D-rknenx had coate sstd
the engine lights made th pietore all
the more inspirtng. The prince was then
Wf IK1UB. . r a ...... ,
Yt-a. through iuammated streets to Um
bott., pa- -scaer the banquet was .
t. -r tt tt-. ,
dreds oX nwf, of etoctrlc wors
Gnkod ve-e aaB vK-
h--w, -at- f
censin stroet. hundrods of fcafldlaga were
ostlired in tight and high up o- th
tower 'f the city hall, printed la in-
, candeacent lights w -re th words: "Wl- .
jconae tc H. R. H . Prfaea Henry." '
Unprriany pretty was the liahtinx of
the eowrt of honor on Grand areas,
'Jut fr.it r ,i the Three toasts i
Wichita. Wednesday, March 5, 1902
Weather for "Wichita Today ;
.Fair: var i able tfv Ixs I.s
1. Great Democratic Xectin
Porto H Ice- Provided for
Prince Ueary at Mllwaa.Ii.ee
Ksaperer "William Pleased
2. SeHSatio Thrills El Hcno
Quarantine Lines Changed
Bulletin on Tree Planting" Issued-
3. Wichita livestock 3Carfcct
EeviCK" of tho Grate. Xarlccts
Xew "Sort Stocks and Sonds
Additional Local X'ew
lEasle'a Editorial Paje
3. Mae. Xardica Iadiuutt
Wild EamorAlOHt tho Orient
6, Sxaitarlusa Is Us tab lis a ed
City Will Keep t&e Cash.
S. Kansas Boy Bandits Rclsr
England's War Office Defended
were proposed, those to tho President of
the United States and the Emperor of
Germanq being drunk while the orches
tra played the national airs of the re
spective countries. These were followed
by tho toast "Prince Henry of Prussia. "
The prince responded as follows:
"Gentlemen: I will occupy your atten
tion for but a very few moments, as I
am a trifle hoarse, having lost something
In thl3 country, namely, my voice, which
I hope, however, to regain. It is a pleas
ure to mo to thank you for the hearty
welcome you have offered me in this city
of yours, the principal city of Wisconsin,
and famous for its thrift and industry
I have heard it acknowledged by you as
well as by others, that tn davetopment
of Milwaukee is due largely to the Ger
man element among your citizens, a state
ment which Alls my heart with pride and
gladness, inasmuch as I look upon this
German element as one of the strongest
ties between Germany and the United
"I doubt not that those of German de
scent in the future as !a the past, will be
a credit to that country which they
proudly call their home.
"The merits o the cit yof Milwaukee
are known: its industrial predoets are re
cordednot so, however, with one point
which I could not help noticing In paw
ing through the crowded streets of the
city In briew the charming, hmadeome.
sweet and pretty faces betongteg to the
ever fair sex. (Applause, cried of "well?
well! well! and "Bravo r") which are ;
abundant in this city. Allow me to drink ;
to the health and prosperity of the lovely j
city of Milwaukee."
At the conclusion of Prince Henry's re
marks Mayor Roso praseated to Prince
Henry an elegantly bound album con-
taining photographs of MfottOkee and
public buildings and some of the beauti-
ful residences.
Prince Henry left for the east at 10
o'clock on a special train. A large crowd
greeted him as he took fai- farewelL
Flatte River Is Rising Rapidly and
Causing Great Nervousness.
Louisville. Xeb., March i An !- Trr
wblch cfpin forming above tn MiMiri
Pacific bridge near this itv yc.r5.i v
morning has reached fTmMabl rrnp"r
tkms. Th Platte riv.-r h-is rloen higher
than fnr twrty y-ars. an.l rjrw m-rn
itre'ch of country two m-n wto. Th
track of th Chkar. R k lelam &
Pacific raflraad are wched ' it for half
mile and trains will b unabl to r
several days. All trains 'n the mad wr.:
be run by another line unt 1 tho wab-
can be rervsir-d.
Tonight the tracks of th Afisnouri Pa
cific road bgTft to wah o-:t eiowly. ai.T
it is feared th-r wfll b in bid conditio
by tomorrow. No trtir.n 'in ran rv
tha threatened portion cf tho freek to
night. The Mlaeouri Pacifir bride ar
the Platte rtrer has "oeef tnurh Wtrr.ajf1
but i still in condition for tjafe Th agr,
bridge wi!! probably have be ahar.
doned for s .era! dats. Er.'t and moat
of the city th Burlington 'racks are
in small patrhe. and It is f- -ed they w'.!l
be Immuwib! before the r'rbt ts ovrr
Twenty fam4!i living In th Pwian4
have oen mmpiia t arxwoort mir
homes and go to the M'n. Al! thir
eCftcts were !ft In thir hnwrn asd ar
betag taken -r of Ly fin la
Will Head List of World's Gold Pro
ducers Sson.
WanhtoKtoo. March 4. "Tr nrcbabet
ty hr that AuKCmkua will mnn again ;
bend th lirt the wciid s sold ; r
r." says ftvsanl Cn-ml Brr,- i j
MetboornA A utrmlla. in h mnort 4"-i
Jsauary It wrich wn i ptibiio n
the" Mat iperuaer.t todar Th rtfB4-l 1
ttBurea cf th jrld prod'VtKfO tt t- cw.- '
mocweaith f ' - 1MI. anbstltti by th tn .-.- !
wai g -.rai, h a total of 4J3S.kt oun-
can, as compa-4 with onncea for
iyo. Wefr A :tralta n4 Xw SeaUAd
showd u,r-a4 yi-dd. Minjrteg t.v t-
tni np to nrhleh wa th bannrr year
Xor sold in Awtraiia
Eighty-five 3ted5 March In zn&
March Out Vith SdoScs.
Term Kante. Ind., Mnnh 4.-hr-
to nehooi ehBdr-n of WmUr&. Ind..
the Terra Haute an BtasO totrorbn
eJetrtc railroad gathered aawt the $y
nae nthoo!, marriMd Into the
'oak iz a
ix!y m-i rarr.d it their hoeks Th?
ax.sfrtKd that they wr nairuog ti
acaaoi bwnna two cf the trhim rid
is f"terara can on whieh nnn-unioa
traiftmae are emnloyedl
?Cr y aH th rfcOdran bl-jpeg to. itaoi-IV-
of us' a "va.! awar nh us U yn
patbr wl'h th Terr Hs;e rtet car
GiVE -social zvEMtmr
Oificecs cf K9tonxo44m Are Enter
tained by Ltfltfeeferac r.
?cw T'rk Sti . i: -TV " - n t n
iBfserfai r a. ttaaaaBtcr-. wa
truttn In'gtf th l Vrf- rv
dy ara tb Ar ----W7 ax rocrp
T - .- -.r:- i
oja: rs.r- Ts . -r tr
i William Announces His Pleas-
t , , Till.
ure Uver Henry's visit.
Statements of English Press
aTe Wicked Falsehoods.
And Credits Cities for Their
Enthusiastic Welcomes.
Berlin. March i. Emperor WUHaa. In
stead of being displeased with tho tele
gram of Miss Alico Roosevelt ooacem
lag the launching of the Meteor, as aema
of the Baglteh newspapers avsr, because
o its familiar Cone, was, on tha contrary,
very much pleased with it.
A member of the cabinet relates that
after an a&titence with Emperor WHUarr ,
February 26. oStetal business havf'
been finished, he was ahoat to leas
when the kaiser remarkftd:
"I muse show you Um charming tele
gram I have just recti ved from Mt
Alice Roooevelt
To other members of his entourage th
emperor hs also expressed his pleasure
over this telegram, and haa praised ".
natural and uaconotralncd form.
.The correspondent hero of the Ass" -a
ted Press has been officiaUS" Inform I
on Emperor William's satiafaettoR at t.
reception accorded to Prince Henry- T-
l&fonnaat of the correspondent bed aeeu
el. Bmpror Wffllam's marginal notes 1
the reports of Prince Henry's trip. lie
"His majesty Js in the highest uegr-
pleased with Prince- Hocrya reoepttea i
his arriTal la America, and especial ,
with that accorded by FresMeiit Roos
vrtt and his family. Te eapervr has &i
otprossed himself as densrhted with tf
estkasiasni of the welcome to J
During ah audleace fiith Trot. Kun?
Franefctlce. of Harvard, lumper or w.
liam expressed himself as h:hly atisi
with Prince Henry's rcvtl.m. and su l
be looked fommrd with paru, titer lnt-r,
f the princes visit to Cm rwidjfr. T
rror WtlH.im sent for I r.rf. Frarf .
a a compliment to Darrar'J L'nivers;
The German wsppr ntra arr it-
t?Bty Irrpreosed wltt: Frtee Her-
J tearing toward the newVi;"f men f th
unnea srotiee. ana oiv- iw Jwoi"-r
; tittUm s perception of th lnunc-
Vtm VTVmB c:j nation! ovi-on in
t1h1 States will affct favorably 1
' cation of the crown to the turn prv.
$2,75W!00 FOR EXPORT
Engagements of Gold for Europe This
Week Are Great.
Mew York. Mar-h 4. -A the el f
otaniMMB tfwlay It wa m-v o4 that -tu1
eTurJucwita f gM " oort 1 -morrow
vr-rr um So!l--v
Ictard-rrH, J I . v ' '
Sachs t . VJKJ T.
ment w :i: jr out in i-a
Thursday. h'! that f ''
VHn- ,
jst CO. wll I- -ut on th- K
; h!rh i.-,Tt8 00 Kat .r.:r. It v
i ;aMy tna!: ,;. t9n ?.y Co 1
,kta on Th .r-:v. ami in!i- fetfema t
to tbeee aai.ti-maJ ifelpm- r.-Ji an lu:
National t'v bank, S Krtj:
bnch. Ir"kln-i!nr ' I1 tM A I
zoM th'i f.r icaicl. - wU u i'i
two tnt-tl. 'iB-getr.'-r,t- u te the t--
.i mmzy cTVif rnra.
Paierson Flood Is SuasWinc. Bui P v
sage Is Sure Death.
Paterson. N J.. Mar h - mdHSea :ti
!fU Jlood ! I Of th m r . WW TO I
improved t-i . dnkrbt a i
".'it o'clock tber -i rapM fa i
in th wat- On r.f t'vft, (, 1
( f,-
1 ms imprW ' Wbr tv,. cr
I Wert W'-jt BrVJ
asd Par-r -. tres. tW- w es wht?
poet that tta- rr a t - m 3to rr- -t
State Heote Psmea Bill to Ropes) Law
Allewlns Corrupt Practaoes.
Coinmii ' .'J. 3 a rt h i Tbt an 5
'f repran T 'ti vns U3y 4 f
1 1 H pa"i .!?; t .
eaript pr t- t act t- .v ic
imromnn, a- n a 'h ' . trnti : t .
Tbrw wa - -mrtr 4i. it ia gi-.
as th t.f ' - th f -. r? ' thm M-
MO that ta bt mUl fsat
' --
! ocr Ph.taddyixa for
to P'Otoct Aancf tan.
w9n-.r tfarra 4 na- y :
-tftmt b" ' I-" ' ' "
j ,-yrt3i ' it th r r Ph '
1 ; la f".-- i-- aa w C- , 9. Kc ,
' -.btr -.v t ' d 1
t ZiT ' T niT' ' -'-"-
' "-" v- rMtf r An Urai. - - 4
i "'coma5rd-J - '
i 'J,4mi ,ft e-f'-5 "
Frty-ac Plfie Cjc t fydff
Make Bad DiepJi.
KS-.r-- " 9Ci. K!" -.-a .-
aa - ; tea a iv - t
hr -c - nr4 f tMntf '
. t " J . Thf " ' -asm
m u " " fny
t -&trmM trr. -: ' "k t.r
p.r rr atai
f $e4
!, WJj . IKxtzh -

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