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g&e mkMta SatliJ Hagls: Wtaxs3m ptortmtg, gtstfefc 6. 1902.
Thieves Broke Into Banner
. Mills Tuesday Night.
Taken From Three Places to
Haul Their Booty Away.
Two men robbed the Banner feed mill
fit 6SS North Main sctreet somo time
JTuesday night cf TOO pounds of wheat and
corn chip. The men entered the build
ing: through a window in the office. After
fifing the cash drawer, they went into the
mill and opened another window and car
ried thtj sacks of chop around to the alley
where they had a wagon ready to haul it
liway. The men tore a hole in one of the
Backs as they were taking it through
the window, and the police were able to
track them for some little distance, but
the thieves evidently saw the hole and
etopped it, for before they reached Pine
Btreet there was no more ground corn in
the tracks.
The men seemed to have had a hard
time getting the stuff. They had a great
deal of perseverance, for thoy adopted
R. new method in stealing, for, besides the
chop, they stole a horse, harness and a
fif livery wagon.
The horse belonged to a shoemaker liv
ing nenr the corner of Main and Mur
tiock, ard the wagon belonged to Mr.
Myron Dean, who owns the grocery store
tit S23 North Main street. This wagon
v.nt st ring In the alky in the rear of
She st"r. The horse was in a barn a
I'.ock -onth of there.
Mr. Dean's stable was locked, so the
thievef oould not get in and get his har
ness, r.d there was no harness in the
jjarn w"'. re the horse v, as found. The men
.got hoM ? a s-t of harness some place.
It look- Jiko the harness used on a de
livery v.-jgon, but Mr. IXun says St Is not
t.'is. aid the police hive as yet received
C complaint from anyone who lost a
f-t of hariitss that nijrht.
After the men had hauled the stuff to
their l.M'.ng place thoy ttirnMi the horse
-end rl) loose, and th" outfit was found in
ea all v r-ar the barn where the horse
was SMlcn from. The harness certainly
did not 1m -ong to the m. n who stole it.
c it was a nearjy new set of harness
d is worth a good deal more than the
t ital itmnunt of chop, but the police are
I;: a q-i..r.'1.Tj" as to who it belongs to.
The mill if owned by Carter & Daxter,
siii y. -t' ruay they stated that the rhop
stolen wiM amount t about $15; bo- ides
thy v. - r. er-atly inconvenienced, for tho
rr.r-ii st f-v-ry grain of wheat chop thoy
2.. id in t-Mrk. .irnl Mr. Carter lauglniigly
laid to a ?cp'rier: "And more poplc
l-'ivo illl for wh-at chop here today
than i.nv oUn-r day in thr- week."
Cough Settled on Her Lungs.
"My l.i'jqhii.r had a terrible cough
hhich settled on h.r lungs," says X.
Jackson of Danvill-, 111. "We tr'td a
groat ma:iy remedies without relief, un
til wo gave her Foley's Honey and Tar,
which c.ir.il her." Refuse substitutes.
SUd i,y ;. Gehring:, 4-0 E. Douglas;
Goo. Van "VVerdon, S2S X. Main; Wichita
I-yug Co. liO, E. Douglas.
George Litsey Was Lassoed and Se
verely Injured.
George T.itpy, the 13-year-old son of
T. A. J!i 1'lv rson, is lying sick at bis
I ime, 'i. : South Main street, as a result
c f a j... 'i on the head. Last Saturday
1 wa 1 1 i: ing "cowboy" with some
1 fn-uUo on a vacant lot near his
I' -r,c. One of the boys lassoed him.
rminm m nmrrmr-innr m i iwi 11-1 ffw.ifrif
1 PUR 1 p
If you woald have health
nnd energy in hot weather
you should see to it in the
early Spring that your blood
is pure and vital organs
strasg and active.
The efficacy ot this remedy
is purifying the blood and
patting the system la order
is withoat a parallel ia the
medical world. So thorough
and far-reaching is it that it
carries its great cleansing
and regulating isfiuence to
every part of the body, cast
ing out impurities that have
resulted from "winter diet,
purifying the bowels,
strengthening the kidneys,
liver and stomach, and pre
paring the entire body to
resist the dise&se genius
which come with warn
weather. Those who use
this great purifier during
the Spring months will
stand the het better and be
free from the debfliUtisg
ailment which invariably
attack the body that is
clogged sp with hsparities,
Tells Hor Hospital Physicians
Use and Eely upon Xydia E.
Pinkliam's Vegetable Com
pound. " DZAE MRS. rCxCTTAM : Twelve
years continuous service at the sick
bed in some of our prominent hospi
tals, as well as at private homes, has
given me varied experiences -with the
diseases of women. I have nursed some
President of Kiuse3'Asjociation,'Y'atertoirn,N.Y.
most distressing cases of inflammation
nnd ulceration of the ovaries and womb.
I have known that doctors used 3jydia
E. Pinkliam's Vegetable Com
pound when everything else failed
with their patients. I have advised my
patients and friends to use it and have
f et to hear of its first failure to cure.
" Four years ago I had falling of the
womb from straining in lifting a heavy
patient, and knowing of the value of
your Compound I began to use it at
once, and in six weeks I was well once
more, and have had no trouble since.
I am most pleased to have had an oppor
tunity to say a few words in praise of
your Vegetable Compound, and shall
take every occasion to recommend it."
Miss ViRarrriA GnAirEs. $5000 forfeit if
above testimonial Is not genuine.
Lydia E. Pinkliam's Vegetable
Compound has stood the test of
time, and has cured thousands.
Mrs. Pinkham advises sick wo
men free. Address, Lynn, Mass.
throwing him on the ground and striking
his head against a stone. A deep gash
was cut into the scalp. The boy walked
down town and after the gash had been
sewed up he returned home.
Sunday morning he arose as usual,
but was soon compelled to return to
bed. Sunday afternoon and night he was
delirious. He has not been unconscious
since, but the wound is feverish.
Raw or Inflamed Lung? '
Yield rapidly to the wonderful curative
and healing qualities of Foley's Honey
and Tar. It prevents pneumonia and
consumption from a hard cold settled on
tlte lungs. Sold by G. Gehring, 40U E.
Douglas; Geo. Van Werden, 32S N. Main;
Wichita Drug Co., 110 15. Douglas.
Three plen Sworn In Yesterday by
Cant. Berry.
Three men were sworn in by Capt.
Berry at the recruiting station yesterday
for army service. They were Samuel
Stevens of Sterling, Ray R. Richey of
Wichita for the infantry service in the
Philippines, and Lawrence L. Bonham of
Sterling of the light artillery sen-ice. The
two former are sent to the Presidio at
San Francisco, California, for drill and
the latter to Ft. Leavenworth.
Meeting of Congregational Churches at
Wellington Has Adjourned.
Tho "Wichita convention of Congrega
tional ministers and churches closed its
sessions Tuesday evening at Wellington.
The meeting has been very successful and
much work was accomplished toward the
betterment of church work during the
coming year.
At the business session during the
afternoon, the nominating committee pre
sented the following for permanent offices
in tbe councils of the association:
Moderator Rev. C. S. Sargent, D. D. of
Business committee Prof Paul Roulet,
Wichita; Rev. C. H. Couch, Arkansas
Home missionary committee Rev. J. E.
McClain. Wellington; Rev. C. S. Sargent.
I). D., Wichita; Rev. W. C Wheeler. New
ton New members (examination) committee
Rev. H. E. Thayer, Wichita; Rev. J. E.
McClain. Wellington; Rev. W. C. Wheel
er, Newton.
Librarian Receives Books on Fiction,
Oratory and History.
The public school librarian has received
several copies of "Audrey." by Mary
Johnson, which is one of the most recent
novels, and it is thought that there will
be many calls for the book this week.
The library has also received "Collec
tions of Orations," in twenty-five vol
umes, edited by Mayo Hazeltine. These
books include the best orations in the
history of the world, from Homer to
McKinley. Twenty volumes of histories
have also been received at the library.
Emporia Avenue Methodist Church
Will Sing Tonight.
The cho!r of the Emporia Avenue Meth
odist church will give a concert tonight
at the church. The program is as fol
lows :
Music Orchestra
"Little Boy Blue" Ladies' Quartette
Trio "Waves of the Sea"
Mrs. Owens, Miss Haley, Mr. Herman.
Reading "The Newsboy's Debt"
Mrs. Dr. Pennington.
Solo .... "The Breaking Waters Dashed"
Mr. Wnlfmeyer.
Duet "I Waited for the Lord"
Mrs. Owens, Miss Haley.
"Zlon Awake:" Chorus
Duet '"Till We Meet Again"
Miss Pope. Mrs. Burns.
"The Suwanee Shore" . . Ladjes Quartette
Reading, "Lord Cataline and Lady Art-lia"
Mrs. Dr. Pennington.
(a) "Tell Me, Do You Love Me"
(b "Sleep, Little Baby of Mine'
Miss Pone
Duet "O. that We were Maying"
Mrs. Owens, Mr. Hlggins.
"Gloria" "hrrus
Music Orchestra
Those Who Heard Telephone Concert
Missed That.
Those v. ho hocrd Madame Nordir.i Tus
day night, by going to tho Hamilton ho-t-I
a:.d placing a telephone- rne:wt to
their ears were nnt fullv satisfied wuh the
telephone concert. While they could hear
every nte soiudvd by the prima doaca.
and could tv,;-. distinguish the wonder
ful trtmulo in h.r M.e. tht'y missed,
largely. y: fffu-t of her pTstnaJi:;-- and
thoy -!-!. il il. :n tbe audttriiuxu
wher. U:-1 r.:it: .s g:vr
Aged Woman Succumbs to Surgical
-' " ' ' ' l- -"5 r . r. m
sunncni ojK T!f.on JThe remains t in be
.nn-rred m tj.e Cjrtwright c. 0101-77, . :;:no
r:':s. :.-r.ti?.t ji the .-115
J. P.
He Will
Recover From . the
n Shot Wound.
She Has Declared Shat She
Thot Her Husband.
J. P. Dunn, tho man In the St. Francis
hospital with a bullet wound in his ab
domen will get well. Such was the infor
mation given to the Eagle by the hospital
authorities last night. It was stated that
Mr. Dunn was progressing as nicely as
could be desired and it was thought that
within a week or ten days he would be
able to be moved.
J. P. Dunn is accused of being impli
cated in the bank robbery at Clarksville,
Arkansas, and the killing of Sheriff Pow
ers yio fifth of last month. He is the man
the sheriff and a part of the police force
had a fight over a few days ago. He was
operated on last week and It was some
time before he recovered from its effects,
and there seemed no hopes for his recov
ery. Last Friday he began to improve
and now the physician states that he has
every chance of living.
Mrs. J. P. Dunn, who is the woman mix
ed up in the case and lives at Wellington
has made an affidavit that she shot her
husband with a 44-calibre revolver! WTien
the operation was performed it was hop
ed that the bullet could be found and see
If this would substantiate her statement.
She has refused to give the exact date,
but says that she was brought to this
city shortly afterwards. The police do not
believe her statements as they claim that
the wound is too old to have been Inflict
ed at Wellington only a few days before
he was brought here two weeks ago.
The woman has been staying at the
home of a Mrs. Taylor, and in that house
she claims that she shot Dunn. The po
lice have been watching her every mo
ment. She has been living at Wellington
for several months under the name of
Coin. She makes tri-weekly visits to her
husband in the hospital, but some officer
is keeping a sharp eye on her all of the
time. She has made the affidavit that she
shot her husband and has sworn out a
warrant against him on the charge of
bigamy. If the man had succumbed to the
wound she would have been arrested on
the charge of murder.
Furnace Has IJccn Hepaircd in. Y. 31,
C. A. Itooius.
The bath rooms of the Y. M. C .A. have
been closed down for nearly two weeks
on account of the breaking down of the
furnace. Yesterday the new furnace ar
rived and was installed, and today tho
bath rooms will be ready for use. These
rooms are patronized by a great many
people of this city, and tho breaking
down of the furnace caused them consid
erable inconvenience and they will bo glad
to learn that the rooms are again in
A. E. Helm Goes to Topeka to Appear
in Supreme Court.
A. E. Helm, city attorney, left for
Topeka Tuesday night where he will argue
a case before tho supreme court. Sev
eral years ago Ed Elkins was an em
ploye .of the city. He worked ten hours
a day. Then the legislature passed a
law saying that city or state employes
need only work eight hours per day.
The Reason Why Inhalers and Local
Applications Are Useless.
For many years catarrh was considered
to be a local disease, and was treated en
tirely by local reinedies, salves, oint
ments, powders, sprays and inhaler-, and
nearly all of these gave a temporary re
lief, but a genuine permanent cure was
very rare.
It Is true the most annoyipg symptoms,
like stoppage of the nose and throat
trouble, are purely local, but they are
simply symptoms and the real s?at of
disease is far removed.
Catarrh is a constitutional disease, a
blood disorder, complicated usually with
disease of the liver, and to suppoao thai
local applications of sprays, powdere, in
halers, could ever reach the real cause of
the trouble is ridiculous.
The sensible and successful treatment
Is to . remove the catarrhal poison from
the system by regulating the liver and
consist of antiseptics and remedies to
purifying the blood, and this can oi&y be
done by an interna! remedy, which should
act vigorously on the blood and liver.
The best preparation of this kind whieh
Alls all the requirements of a safe con
stitutional treatment is Stuart's Catarrh
Tablets, composed of Wood root, red gum
and similar wholesome antiseptics, which
are absolutely safe to take into the stom
ach, and which act upon the liver, stom
ach and mocoos membrane.
1 Stuart's Catarrh Tablets are large,
j pleasant tastiog losenges. to be slowly
j dissolved in the mouth, thus reaching the
mucous membrane and wind-pipe sad
finally reaching the stomach.
Dr. Edmondson. la speaking of the hew
treatment for catarrh, says: "1 have ac
complished the most satisfactory z exults
in all forms of catarrh of the head,
throat, bronchial tubes, as well as catarrh
of the stomach and liver, by axing noth
ing else but Stuart's Catarrh Tablets. I
long since threw aside sprays asjd in
halers as being inconvenient and at the
best mere temporary make-shifts.
"Stuart's Catarrh Tablets act immedi
ately upon the iivrr and Mood and dear
the whole system of catarrhal pptsoB.
They are pleasant and very convenient so
us. and they are not only the latest, bat
I believe them to be the best n-ni car-
j tsir.lv the safest treatment for any form
! ,-f catarrh. '
' A:l druggist. st-il Stuart s .v-arrh T3-
, iets at 5 emits fr full sizM pa"kac
I A little book on cauf and care ef Ca
tarrh mailed free by addres5ing the F- A.
Stuart Co.. Marsha! f 51 ids.
He worked for nearly two years after
the law was passed, drawing his pay
for ten hours work. He sued the city
for extra time at the rate of two hours a
day for nearly two years, .amounting to
nearly ?20a. The district court rendered Its
decision in favor of the city, and the
case was appealed to the supreme court,
with a number of other cases of like na
ture, as a test case and today the matter
will be argued there.
Missouri Pacific Curve at Second
Street to Be Eliminated.
A big gang of workmen are now
straightening the track of the Missouri
Pacific railway from Second street to the
new passenger depot. Formerly there
was a sharp curve from Second to First
streets, and this made it difficult for
trains entering the new dcpoL Xow the
trains will pntsr the denot on the straieht
track, wh?ch will add greatly to the con- !
venience in handling the trains.
The center section of the new freight
depot is now under way. The old frame
section has been torn away and the foun
dation is now being constructed.
Ir. Pennington 3Iaklnpr Arrange
ments to linild Immediatly.
Yesterday Charles F. Thomas of the
P.oyal and Phoenix Fire Insurance com
panies settled the matter of the burned
homo of Dr. Pennington on College Hill.
Practically a total loss was allowed, the
exception being that Mr. Thomas found
tho foundation In good shape. Dr. Pen
nington said yesterday that he would
begin at once the construction of a new
home on the site of the old one.
4C. fill B . . rf r-TV-MyTI T-l 'VvL- ,-CL3KL yVT , jn" - T. v '2,
C: V. Ferguson Says Orient Will Come
to Wichita.
Last night C. V. Ferguson, local at
torney for the Orient, said that there was
no ground for the talk that the road
would not build to Wichita. He said it
was a fact that the company did not care
whether the viewers appointed by Judge
Dale were discharged or not. He said
there was but little of the proposed line
in this county east of Wichita and that
the company had contracts for the right
of way from Anthony to Wichita. He
believed the road would be built into tho
city, within this year.
Sweeper Discovered Sheriff Simmons'
Badge in Car.
While returning home from the Nor
dlca concert on a North Main street
car Tuesday night, Sheriff Simmons lost
a fine gold badge, set with a diamond,
and which was valued at 3209. His first
thought was that the jewel had been
stolen. Henry Judah, the night man In
the car barn, found the badge while
sweeping out the car yesterday morning.
R. M. Howell Says It Was in a Rock.
R. H. Howell, who has been prospecting
for gas on a farm three miles from Che
ney fcr several weekn, has not yet found
gas, but he states ,that he found oil in a
rock about eighty feet beyow the surface,
He has suspended operations for a few
days, but will renew the work of boring
for gas soon.
La grippe coughs yield quickly to the
wonderful curative qualities of Fcley's
Honey and Tar. There is nothing else
"just as good." Sold by G. Gehring, 400
E. Douglas; Geo. Van: Werden, S2S N.
Main; Wichita Drug Co., 110 B. Douglas.
Mrs j-Tf.
Delicately formed and gently reared, omen-will
And, in all the seasons of their lives, as maids or wives
or mothers, that the one simple, "wholesome remedy
which acts gently and pleasantly and natnrally, and
which may he used with truly henelicial effects, under
any conditions, when the system needs a laxative is
Syrup of Figs. It is well known to be a simple com
bination of the laxative and carminative principles of
plants with pleasant, aromatic liquids, which are
agreeable and refreshing to the tastoand acceptable
to the system when its gentle cleansing is desired.
Many of the ills from which women suffer are of
a transient nature and do not come from any organic
trouble and it is pleasant to know that they yield so
promptly to tho beneficial effects of Syrup" of Ffgs,
but when anything more than a laxative is needed it
is best to consult the family physician and to avoid
the old-time cathartics and loudly advertised nos
trums of the present day. When one needs only to
remove the strain, the torpor, tho congestion, or
similar ills, which attend upon a constipated condi
tion of the system, use the true and gentle remedy
Syrup of Figs and enjoy freedom from tho depres
sion, tho aches and pains, colds and headaches, which,
are due to inactivity of the bowels.
Only those who buy the genuine Syrup of Figs
can hope to get its beneficial effects and as a guar
antee of the excellence of tho remedy the full name
of tho company California Fig Syrup Co. is
printed on the front of every package and without
it any preparation offered as Syrup of Figs is fraud
ulent and should be declined. To those who know the
qnality of this excellent laxative, the offer of any
substitute, when Syrup of Figs is called for, i9
always resented by a transfer of patronage to some
first-class drug establishment, where they do not
recommend, nor sell false brands, nor imitation
remedies. The genuine article may be bought of all
reliable druggists everywhere at 50 cents per bottle.
B 1
A 4
m;4 mm
of half tone pictures of scenes along the
road with a short escrlptivc article of
each. The book Is Interesting to read and
a person can find good entertainment
studying the pictures.
Is Being "Constructed on the West
Yesterday work commenced on the new
state bank building on the West Side.
The contractors moved their appliance to
the grounds and staked off the lots and a
considerable quantity of brick and stone
were taken to the ground. The building
will be fifty by one hundred feet and two
stories high. It will be built entirely of
vitrified brick and finished with cut stone.
The new bank was organized by W. S.
Hadley and a number of other West Side
men. .
Missouri Pacific Is Distributing Scenes
From a Camera.
The Missouri Pacific passenger depart
ment has lately issued a neat little book
entitled "Scenes Reproduced from the
Camera." The book is made up entirely
C. M. Stewart Files Petition Against
Mrs. M. J. Huff.
C. M. Stewart has filed a suit In the
i district court against Mrs. M. J. Huff,
charging her with libel. He asks for
53,000 damages. He alleges that she wrote
a letter to Kate Schulte "which made the
public lose confidence in him. Adams
and Adams are his attorneys.
Foley's Honey and Tar.
Cures coughs and colds.
Cures bronchitis and asthma.
Cures croup and whooping cough.
Cures hoarseness and bronchial troub
I Cures pneumonia and la grippe,
j Sold by G. Gehring. 400 E. Douglas;
; Geo. Van Werden, 32S N. Main; Wichita
i Drug Co., 130 E. Douglas.
The Wichita Steam Laundry has just
added clothes cleaning and dyeing to
their already complete laundry. Mr. C.
Z. Pattor. will have charge of this depart
ment, and from the many letters of rec
ommendation he brings with him, we are
sure he knows his business. He says he
cannot make new clothes out of old
ciothes. bit he can make them look so
near like new, It will take good eyes to
tell the difference.
Anna Eva Fay Says There Is Nothing
Supernatural In It.
It is not a sinecure to be a "Fair Ma
hatma." Anna Eva Fay would make a
sworn statement to that effect. She leads
a strenuous life, and does something else
besides thinking about what other people
I are thinking.
She probably lias the largest correspon
! denco of any other woman, outside the
lmtent medicino business. In America.
Tho volume of mall she receives would
stagger a politician with n few good of
fices at his disposal or a successful oper
ator of a matrimonial bureau. In fact.
Miss Fay wonders sometimes If ehe is
mistaken for a new sort of matrimonial
agency, as about iwo-thlrds of the letters
she receives contain questions upon some
phaso of the subject of marriage.
"People are like flies on a screen." satd
Miss Fay. "Those on the outside want to
get in, and those on the inside want to
get out, and they think that in some way
I can help to bring It about."
When Miss Fay was seen In her apart
ments at the Hamilton after last night's
performance at the Crawford, on her desk
were piles of letters.. There were letters,
letters everywhere. The floor was strewn
an inch deep with them, the tables and
chairs were coxered with them, the whole
room was one great litter of letters.
The Interviewer paused sgbaet. "You
do not mean that you answer all those
letters. Miss Fay?"
"Everyone," was the emphatic answer.
"And what are they about?"
"Most of them are about marriage, and
th others are nearly nil questions con-
I corning things that are lost, strayed or
j stolen, from Jewels to eUtlvea. The rest
are questions concerning busiaesa. "
"And you answer them all?
"I trv to answer verr letter I reeeire.
' Sometimes letters are In my r.kn
several weeks before I And tim to an
swer them, but I am sure to do it nrr
or later."
i "How do yoc know what arswera to
! giver-
"I catch the thought wave, and r.nie
into contact with the mind of wirh rfter
and the conditions which urrounl him,
and answer accordingly."
"Ah. Ta. how very simp!. And bow
do you read and .answer question tvem
the stage at the nubile entertainments?"
"My. that U a Ions: story. ' answered
the 'Fair Mabatna.' "It 1 a't l-n ac
cording to natural laws whi. h r not
(Continued on Third Pag'-.
1 C3,- !SE ri? C? 3r2.X-i.
Bars the 7
of McW
Marlon Rogers Receives $10,800 far
Farm; Pays $$,500.
Marlon Roger has sold ta! farm f TCh
ars, n-ar chny. Kan . to liH-sote
parties, for $10JK. The farm ia : m
proved and lUr soil la .ulr't"-l t
the srowtna of wheat. Mr K -r
bought the farm of t aere n mU-
north of the rtty. of John T. OB.
for 15.100. and lil make bin home thrv
Be on hand for the Big: Sale of the New
Racket Stock at 120 West Douglas
Open t
, , u
at 9 o'Clock j
We can't be ready before that hour. This stock must be closed
out quickly and we have MADE PRICES TO DO 1 1 .
Bulk Coffee, while it lasts, R .. .05
All Package Coffee It
10c Can Sheepsbead Corn 07
lc Bottle Pickles, three bottles.... .S
15c Package Anchor Matches U
20c Pea berry CofTee, So .12
15c Cream Chees, 8 11
10c Head Kloe. two pounds IS
Star and Horseshoe Tobacco, lb
Ste Plug " for W Tobacco 2
Beet tie Cigars, throe for .It
Corn Stanch, per package 4
Pound Bars Kirk's Hotae-Maae
7 Bars White Russian Soap S
2 Boxee White Wood Toothpicks TS
Tin Caps, eacfc
7 Pounds Nary Beam 25
Sour Pickles, gallon 25
Notions, Etc.
Penny Tablets M
i Five-Cent Tablet !S
Ink, per bottle. .
TSc Pare Bristle Hair 3ruh .g
mc Pare Brtetle Hair Btssk. 4
Jfe Hair Bronte J
He Safarts
Everything Must Be Sold
for What it Will Bring
Boys' Jack Knives
$1.50 Genuine Wade & Buteber's
Good Razors, usutlly Sfts JS
One Set St Dtehes to be sold at J4.7
Two ZEe Berry XMabes for
Turn fa. per set M
Remember, we have Caps and Saocers,
Vegetable Diane. GoMets. Knives. Forftx.
Spoons, Carvtos: Beta, JSrsryttalag wm
be sold.
At a Bargain
A big Jewelry stork re oat caosp.
brassy ware, but good onaltty. Cosae
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S3.7S Sfcirt ant CUT Seta
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SL9 Stan and Com' aVts 9
?Se mbet an Cb ate 5
Sob flntft anal Gaff Sets -
26c amfrt anf CMC Sets -- .
Banff Sacs at - 46
Ladies1 Rings
He OoM fUua Ring ...
Tie Ookl Ifaaed Riaga
nM Gold listed Rings
n. Gofci Plated Jewefoi RrwtaVM
J Odd Plated Jeweled js.fcii Ti
St. BwMsaetod Brooeftec 1
XIM JoeM Ear Rang L
a.W Jawsloi Ear Sanaa -ft
Link Chains and
K-K Oold red Caate
. H-K GeM r4 Chain
Chtagar Caafns. ef grid Uf
121 StarKfig Chain Braef :
tLM 9&tnxus CfaJi Bras i
Mi SterUo Chela iiuil t I-
Hat Pins, Stick Pins
Beit Pins
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aae .Tweatsd Bat ffiam -
mSmm Kat PtM - - K
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Tie Jwied aWi C
av Jj mrt flam -
Pmte mas. in aad &
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Hake your selections while the line is complete. Remeixiber the
day, Thursday. The sale begins at nine o'clock sharp.
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