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nosoun.r. xov ar. iki.
There hs hesn A little life Infused inn busim ' elr
rlss tiil week. cntiiH by th- nrrlrs.1 or t Ii I M 8 8
AnstriilW from the toast. and the the Ifo Chnni: from
Whampoi, Chins.
Tni Australia's eiiro for llonolnlti nm small, Imt
among the Import! was I' H. polil to the .imountof $
tO. The csrifo of iho Ho Chun? consign prinel
pill to Chines mrclnnls fihe brought a large u,nin
tit of miltinj; which n Ml relieve a scarcity exlitln of
Lite In tho local miirk't
The onl sailing rssssl from thecos.lt now discharg
ing hctc In the Eiee lilor. Hhe hss an assorted carer of
geaeral merchandise which km anxiously Jookco fur
0 oar merchant
There l little wo'thy of note In the way of shipping
Intelligence, Th Hawaiian schooner YVnlehii arrived
from tannings Islands on TtieMay, and the American
bark Amy Turner arrived yesterday from Ilostoti. The
Imk Jennie puts from the pound with lumber, In report'
edonlald a we pass our report to the printers. The
following letter from the Coast will be of Interciti
... ... Saw Knjicisco. Not., 31 If).
rlnceoiiradrtceperCltyof Sydncyan oetlve Jobbing
trade ha eniillnusd In moil branches of buslnrss Thn
nsnal fall rains have kept off, thereby enabling farmera
to plaro their entire crop nniler cover,
SL'UAfl Our snpply la ethanstcdj thu diminished
receipt! from the Island the third quarter of the year,
and lh fmlll snpply since, ilso Ihedlsm-istlntr. and de
tention at return prts of two cargoes of Formosa sugar,
has been quite an Inconvenience lo the trade, especially
abthls season, when many localities are supplltd with
all kinds of merchandise for several months. There It
some Information of interest at hmd the last few day,
as tho prices to be obtained for the next crop of Ha
wilUn, as heretofore, are subject lo a eliding scale.
TJi most Important Is with reference to tho great uet
roll product of Kurope, " Kuronean advices of the sugar
iniraei are sun lavurauie ror me Homing interest, on
account of the continued bad reports rcspecllniMhc out
turn of Ihn beet crop; and In addition to this there now
seems to be every prospect of a short crop In Tuba, on '
acMiint of tho dry and unfavorable weather, which has
hlnderetl the development of the cane." j
i.'ilbin advice of October Zlih say, "rains have come I
tn some pirts of the Island, but unhappily too late to ba
of an benefit to the cane, which has been detained In
Its development by the previous and prolonged dry
weather. The deficiency in the coming crop Is esti
mated at Ifv to l per rent, aa compared wllli the crop of
18?J-W." The Manila market Is weak, and last cable
makes Insls fi.l'). New York, market Is (Inner, with an
advance of H over last qiiotflllons,
IttUK Tho last receipts have not passed Into second
hands, about I.UMU bags being held by Importers at 0 els.
A sale of 1,'JV) bags to one party was made at Bye. with
a discount for cash. The supply Is Increased over last
MOLASSES There Is none In first bands, and the
next supplies will sell rrndllf at &l to 'liy, c, according
to quality and size of packages, Free shipments are
PIJI.IJ - TTo Inquiry the, consumption Is light.
WIIAt.P. Of!. !alea of Arctic as low as 3S. Later In
the season there will doubtless tin an advunco, nhen the
wnaiers-cargoes are an uisposeci nr oy sale or snipment
COI'KKK New York market lies asln rerpileil. Ill,,
is nualcd at lH'ic
TALLOW In gnul demand at BO0!c for good
rendertdt'ind 7 a X 'lr refined.
M'OOL Market strong and prices advanced 3 centa
per poti ltd, .
PI.OUK-0 f) KxTra ramlly..$3; bran, J!8,
KIIKIOHTS-Ijisl charter, an Iron tesscl, 7.1., Liv
erpool. Market quiet,
lIXCHANOn CD days on London I9S49'ii New
York tight 'i per cent premium.
AHltlVALH llktneblla. Oct 23; schr Ilosarlo (from
Hlliil, OctZI; Wk Lady l.smpson, Ort IW; bktne Hnreka,
OclW)' stmr Australia, Nova; bktno J A Kalklnburg,
JfovH; bark Kalaknua' Nov ltf.
DEPAKTtntKH-HtmrCltyof Hyrtney, Oct SI; schr
Jtoiarlo (for Kahiilull, Nov S; bktne Kiln, Nov 0; schr
Kxcelslor, Nov 7; bk U C Murray, Nov II; bk Lady
l.ampson, Nov It. ,
PltOPOHED DIIt'AItTUnKS-Ilktne J A Kalklnburg.
NoviW; bktne Kurcka, Nova7; bk Knlskntm, Dec.V
Nor SS-P M S S Anslralla, Carglll, from S F
Htmr Llkellkc, King, from Windward
Schr tlllauia, from Krhnlalele
Schr Walma n. from ICnhala
30 How schr Walehu, Heynolds, 17 days from
Washington Island
Dee I China e(uir Ho Chung, Peterson, 21(1 fin Canton
Hiiwatm Jaino.Makec, from Kauai
3-Ambk Amy Turner, ewe!l. 133 dayrafm Iloiton
Am bk-Jcnny Pitts, Slevcrt, IlOdnysfrom PorU
Htmr Mokolll, from Knnlnu.
Stmr Lchiia. from liana A Molokal.
Htmr O U Ulshop, from Kauai
Stmr Kllauea llou, from Kahulul.
a -Am bgttru T"W Lucas. Wentworth, fm P Oamblo
8chr Jenny, from Nnwlllwlll.
' ' 'SnUed.
NovS9-P M 8 S Australia, Carglll, for Australia
Lchvni. for Molokal and liana
StmrC It IlUhnn for Kauai
9-Stmr Llkcllko, King, for Windward
Htmr Kllauea lion, for Kahulnl
Dec 1 Schr Kekauluohl, for llaualei
Schr -Mannokawnl, for Haliamauln
Schr llnlolo, for IIIIo
S Stmr Juines Maker, for Kauai
Schr Ullama, for Ilannlci
Schr Wnlnialu, for Kohala
. Sch Nettle Merrill, for Lahalna
' Schr I. uka, for Kohala
tchr .Mary K Foster, for Kona and Kan
Am bktne Ella, Tnrncr, fur SanFranclsco
Vernela In Port.
Jalnlt bgtne Nlcolaus
Am heme Hazard, Miller
Am bktno Ella, Turner
Haw schr Julia A Long
Am bk John M Clerk, C'onant
Am schr Kxcelslor, Kustcl
Am bgtno Coinuitlo, Howard
Chinese etmr Ho Chung, Peterson
Am bk Amy Turner, Newell
Am bk Jenny Pills, blevert
Am bgtne T W Lucas, Wintworlh
Vessel Expected at Honolulu, from Porelcn
Am bk Mohican, Berry, Now York, over due. Castle A
Cooke. Agents
ilrll bk Llxzlc Iredale, Mosop, Liverpool, duo Dec
HM5T U Davles, Agent
Hrlt bk Viola. Price, Llvcrpon), due Dec aS-30
Uer blc n V llarudel, Schrock, Ilreinen, due Dec 15-20.
II HacUfuld A Co, Agents
Ger bk Atalanta, llrcu.cn, due Feb ay-M 1831, 11 Hack-
feld Jj.C,i,-.aent
Oer H S Cassandra, , Hongkong, due Dec 5-10.
II Hackfcld A Co, Agents
Oer bk I. iiker. Kaeniana, Wharapoa, over due. Slug
Chong A Co. Agents
Swedish bk Hennlnu, Loiingren, Hongkong, Sing
Chung A Co, Agents
Am bktne Knima Augusta, Itai ens, Port Gamble, for Ka
hulul, due
BrltbkAlkslikvf,, Glagow, to sail middle Nov, O
W Macfarlanc A Co. Agents
Ilrlt bk Lady l.ampson, .Mnreton, San Francisco, duo
Dec 5-10, G Itrewcr A Co, Agents
Am bktne Kureka, Nordberg, Sau Francisco, due Dec
15-a), II Hackfcld A Co, Agents
Am bk II C"Murray;, Donues, San I'ranclsco.'diie
Am bktde J A Falktnhnrg, Hubbard, San Frmclsco,
f .due Dee o-lU, Ctstle A 0ooi.ii, AguuU
Am bk llnenaWlsta, Ottlhoun, Utauludy, duo Dec 10-15.
II Hackfcld A Co, Agents
Haw bk Kalnkaua, Jenks, San Francisco, due Decin-25
Am bk Liizio Marshall, Dnhler, Port lllakuly, duo Dec
15-20, Allen A Itobinsou, Agents.
Ambk Kdwird Jlay, Johnson. Uostuu, loading Nov 2,
tumerO Brewer A Co, Agcnw ' ' '
Brit bk Highflyer, Schhuiuann, Loudon loading Oct 1
- Agents
Ger 8 S 0.ulntu, Hongkong, duo Dec 15-30, II Hack-
feld A Co. Agents
XT M H 8 City of Peking, Maury, Whampoa, due all Dec,
II llackreld A Co, Agents
P M S a Kealandla, Ohovallor, Sydney, due Dec 20, H
llaekfeld A Co, Agenta
P M 8 8 City of New York. Cobb, Han Francisco, doe
Doc 25. II llaekfeld A C.n l-,.i.
Ant. Urn Compear, llukholm. l'oit Gamble, loading Nov
tii vll.'ll llackfvld t Co, Agents
,Hawbk Kilo. Ahlburu, Uremvu, tu sail Id Dec, II Hack
, feld A Co, Ajcnls
The Am bk Amy Turner, Captain Newell, arrived
yuslerday IM day. from llostnu, beating thu Mohican
- from New Yoak, so far 15 days. Hho has docked at
Drawer A Co'n wharf, wher thn will discharge her car
ir. Th Am bk Jenny Pitts, arrived yesterday with a
cargo of lumber from Port Gamble. She has docked at
the Esplanade.
It I very dull along oar wharves this week, owlnp to
Ih absenon of shipping, but a thcru ore a number duo
It will probably en up again soon.
The llaaard Is still laid up waiting her turn to load
, for Sau Francisco.
The Am bk John M. Clerk la at the old Custom House
wharf. She has discharged all of her car-.-o and will
all to-day for au Francisco.
The Am tern Kxcelslor la at the Esplanade, opposite
the Coition House, discharging her cargo or general
nfrchandltn mint San Eranclsco. She will sail for
Puget Sound early next week.
The Am bgtne Contuelo hauled In to the eaplanade
yesWrday tn load for San Francisco. She will probably
, sail Ilia falter part of next week.
The China Steamer Ho Chung arrived In port last
Weduesitay, from Chine, with W Chinese, IU of which
ro woman. She will tall for San Fraud co on Monday
thelkal10A. m.
It Is Mported, by letters received, that thure are three
lory steamer to come Irom China, as will be seen from
our lltl of vessels expected.
lttport of the ItMa Australia, Carglll, Coiniuauder
Cast oil from Hie wharf at 2tJ V. H.ol Sunday Nuyatlt,
- passed Unldeu GalaatUlIB, and at 5:15 Purulloue light
N. tt,4lulU' distant. Uxiicrleuced light wluds and
cloudy weather op to the iMd, light uiitleady winds and
clear weather prevailed up lo the 2!tu, met with luually
and showeiy weather on Ihls date, recvlnd pilot oir
HouotuleatotWJ r, , of (he 23ih.
Aumvao t ban nuNajco.
Nor. T.'Am bktne J A Fslklnburg, Hubbard, hence Oct.
10. Nov 8. U. 8. 8, Tlcouderoga, wroiiiwcll, heuceOtt.
IU, Nov, lO. Haw bk Kalakaua, Jcuks, Ueuca Oct. U.
Nov, , Am bjiuu Johu D. Spfcckels, lUutvu, hence
Nuv.a. arokitii.
,. Uv-Ut. e N., Lou, ii Wl)nt bk Viola, Price,
' from Liverpool fur this port.
Keporl of Am bk Amy Turner, from llotton to Hono
lulu. Left llo-toii July Htu loao. Crutstd the Kquator
In Ion 3f JI' W., 31 dsyt and 8 hours out. Was M days
to Cape Horn. Kxperiruced very heavy weather, aud
was biowu back from lou. 71s W. to Cape Horn. Wat
1 dtys Irom 50 8., In the Atlantic, to50 , In the
PaclUotkeau. Lat.'JJ'wf' 8., ion. Jo w W.. slguallled
Am ship Imperial, from Cardlif !ur Sau Fraud. co, 40
days oet. iKt. 2eih siuallavd Am ship Solitaire, from
Liverpool for San Ftsuciaco, liudaytout. Nov. 15th
it'iialuoj llrll thlp Eiler.lte, Irom bau Prancltco,
Made Hawaii on the tb lust., aud from there to port
had light lutnius brvriet. A. W, Nswiix,
Ueport of Haw sch Walehu. Left Honolulu Oct. th
for yohnson's Is. Oct. 16 km r.M. ral.ed Johnson Is.
beating M.b.W. dltlauce 45 uillts. at suudowu being
close in thuie; taiuo to auchor for the ntght, T miles utt
aud sent a boat oil shore alter Capt, Couuiuck, boat re
turuedat U u'clock. Otl I Tin toot up anchor, uud cut
aroaud farilter to the W.atwaid aud auchored u I fath
oms vf water Hi milts fcuui the buute ou shore, .cut a
boat ou shore lo bring ou provisions acd baggage. Oct,
,lUi sailed for Pauulugs It. where wearrlud ftov. Mb,
Nov, imh tailed lor W athlugtou Is., arrived on the 1UU,
aud sailed -alu ou the UtU tor lluuomlu. Nov. V81U;
. this day cuiue lu with thuudcr and llUlnlug, blowing
, heavy irom N, C N,W,, H u)llgUi ianu tu slkt;cMild
e lue Islauds of uahu, alau., tlawati, Molokal, Laiial.
aUI)ooUwe aud Kauil; arrived al Hunululu Nov. ith,lt
days liuu Wa.Uluiluu It. 11. T. Kt 4 xuu, MatUr.
From San f'rancl'co. p r ExeoMor, Nor M. K Hoff
man, les drug; Holies ,t Co, 7.1 fs canned g tI, 78 cs
groceiles; A Y P.lrlnrd-nn. I cs shlrtst c K W Milam,
cs fnrmture; M .Me Inerny S i rubber goods; H West,
a pkgl bows, order 13 cs C oil. I. cs tomatoes, !l cs peas,
lues groceries! K A Maruden !2 cs claret; K I Adams,
7 cs lurntlnre; Wilder A Co. ft pkgs furnltnret U It
Orlrrtn, 3cs) silk; I,wirs ,fc Dickson, iJSpkgs door" and
windows; Allen A HoWnson, M cs varnlli; Wing
'hong Tal .t Co. 55 pkgs groceries, fj pkgs tobacco; M,
Me Inerny, I cs hats. I cs dry goods; 0 W Macfarlane A.
Co, 4) cs champagne, A Jaeger, It! c clocks: ,lno Kutt
A. Co, 77 pkgs hardware; Telephone Co, ! lull wire; J
I) I.slnc, M pk's marbl; I, tl Sresovich. iWlcs fruits
and potatoes noir-chlaeger' A Co, IOCS dry goodsf C
Afong, 10kg bntler, (!7 picff groceries; MeChesney 87
rkgs soipi Dillingham . lo. M pkgs imwder; Interior
leparlment, fi7c caps; Hall ,fc Hon, mcs powder; T I!
Davles, r cs ponder, order I.Vi cs grncirles; llyman
Ilro. SI cs hale. 13 cs boots and mdsc; Hart llros, 6'l ts
groceries; Nee Hop A Co, Me griirles. Wong I.ong
A:Co,fiOcs grorerles; C f! Wo Chung, IWI cs groceries;
Lalnq.tCo. (S)sks grain A W Hush, 150 i ska flour,
S.Uiikgs grticerlesi A J Cartwrlght.SKbbls beef' tleo V
Wells, lies toys! It ij Jk Co, M) !S sks flonr, 30 ski
potatoes, 1Wcs groceries, I I'J c provisions! Whitney A
ltobertson.:ics stationery; T tl Ibrum, 10 cs books and
toys; C J Klshel, ir,c dry goods; Holies A Co, 'J bales
duck; Phillips A Co, II cs dry goods; Holies trad A Co.
3cs cigars! C Oert?, Uca boots and shoes; llackreld A
Co, 1 roll wire cloth; Hall A Hon, ft pkgs nail, order 21
cs nth, 3 bbls soda; Iltshop A Co. t cs bllllardware; H
tl Inslle, I cs mdses M J Hose, abates netting, (Jnen
I.cc Vuen A Co, 2 cs clrare. ltl li sks flour, 71) pes pi ink,
.V. pkgs groceries: Hall A Son, Wc groceries; Wing
So Tal x Co, iii pkgs tobacco, 1 pkg Iron, 8 cs midl
cine; 1 Schroder, I pkg sklnti Ilnm l.nng Kee, iw is
Chinese gmnls, tl bdls malting, 13 1) spirits, to sks corn,
81 cs groceries; (Jnong Ham Kce A Co, lio ij sks flour,
7b 'i sks flour, M sks potatoes, tt) sks com, :i bxs snip.
75 pkgi groceries; T H bavios, .TJ cs breul, 10 mst rice;
Higclken A Co, (tl iikgs stores; Irnln A Co, 100 fcegs
lead, m bills beef, V) bbls pork. Ml sks bran, tl." sks gr
barley, 151 sks nets, !W sks barley, Us) hbl lltne, lll cs
bread, 2 kgs nails, 7 bbls 1U cs oil, 8 Imlcs-baps, t
piano, I Cs books, J cs itl.-cts. II cs groceries; w I,
r-ltlh..... L1 A V.l4.f.. IISI L2 .LH Sn... IN .., ...
let, 57 tins cracker', l?.lsks birley, ajkgs nails, 13 cs
paints. S'J cs canned goods, 5 colls rope, U pkgs hard
ware, (rs bocits and shoes, 1 show case, lies paddlciy, 8
cs dry goods, lOcs sardines; G West, 13 pkgs furniture;
n W Macfarlane. HI i bbls beer; II liradley, 2 cs laoles;
S Magnln, 1 cs dry goods; S l)Ilurios,5pkge catlings;
Dart llros, 1 cs cigars; tl W Macfarlane A Cn, .TtFcs
whiskey, ft lank gasoline. 1 bx faucets; Wine WoTal,
I roll wire; Chung Wa ( Co, an (j sks flour; Irwin A
Co, M sks beans, n, sks potatoes; Lowers A Dickson. 1
cs moulding, 07 pkgs paints; Holies A Co, ltWtks pota
toes; T II Davles, til pkgs machinery i (I r Wells, 1
piano; Wilder A Co, 68 pkgs potatoes, 2 in posts, JO cj
paints. I ca hardware, Hi'i kgs nails, 150 m shinglea;
Itoffsclilargfr A Co. ftcs cotton poods: J TU'strihnma.
1RWU sks flour, tf iikgs mdsc. 17 cs groceries, ft ca cotton
goods; Castle A Cooke, U pkgs haidnare; W U Jones,
"8 pliRs dvsks; Lewrrs A Dickson, 1511 in ehlrii'les, ;hjoO
posts; 0 O Merger, I tanks gasoline; Hall Aoii. UUO
ft cedar, TU pkgs hardware. 21 H ska flour, 25 pkgs soap,
II pkgs groceries; P C Hopper, 1 cs stove, order VO
hams, 12i sks potatoes, If) bis apples; A Wlllchard'on.
I show case, 1 ca tools; llarkMil A Co, -IUU sks bran 58
pkgs potatoes, -IS mbrlik, 27 pkgs groceries, 125 cs bread.
From San Francisco per Australia, Nov atltli I-.0
Forbns 1 cs tools) Castle A Cooke, H cs s machines:
T G Thrum, 15 t.kga stationery toys etc: A JlcWnyne,
cs bottles t MJ Kosc, I' pkgs nidsci Holllttcr A Co,
Sil cs drugs. 2 bbls glassware, 3 cs tobacco; A L Smith
8ca h'dwiire! S Magnln,'! ca saddlery: Dr James Wilght
2 cs platid ware: J W Girt In, 1 cs plated warm A Krnft
1 cs inil-c: M S Olrubaum A Co. 8 cs b A lu...r, ,
mdse, 17 cs dry goods etc: A A Montuiio, ft cs glass: K
tlrleve, 4 cs type: Kong lllng Lung A Co, Si pkgs groci
Irwin A Co, 1 pipe; Hy man llros, ab pkgs d qoodsiGkk
Kee A Co, 0 pkgs mdsei Macfnrlnne A Co, al kegs betr:
Whitney A llobertson, Rlcaalntlonery etc(IJfl pkgschl
neeo goods to order) C Afong. 60 sks potatoes: II lluck
feld A Co, 1 bxcoln; Til Duties, 50 mta rice, 3grind-
stones, 7! cs incite, W cs machinery: Kong Ylt Lung A
Co, 4 csgroc: Chung WaA Co, .15 pkgs vegetables, 115
iokp grou: ooni;n ,v .o, iip; sk pounces, u cs uutlcr: J
T aterhoine. ii cs cotton goods! Hang Lung Kce, CO
Pkgalish: II May A Co, 211 pge lndse: C II Jinld, In
bells: A V Ilnh, 31 cs groc: Hoflshlaeger A Co, lUbales
gunnies: Sing Chong, al pkgs mdse: J W Hrjnnt I tool
chest: O F ells I cs mdsu: (Jiiong Ham Ktr, !M pkgs
l.l....an ....I.A. 1 fl ... 1.1. fk- . .. .. n. . .
Jlullls, S Hubbard. S N Eniroii, M Mclncrny, A W
jkiimuuriui, i in racn. , 11 Aiuxauuer, cs inusc: tier
ger A Thompson. U pkgs gas fittings: II D A Co, Uci
groc: r. P Adams, Miss Thurston, 1 cs lndse each: Dhl
i rs A Co, fi cs d goods: Castle A Cooke, tl ca fruit: M
Jli'Incrny, 5cs mdse. .
From Washington Islanda per Walehu, NovEO. Irwin
A Co, 15 tns cobra: Mrs Wilder 1 bx feathers- .Mrs
Ilrlggs, ! bx feathers: 11 Hackfcld A Co, returned stores:
A r Cook, boat.
From Canton, per Ho Chnng, Nov m. Wing Wo Tal
A Co, 100 rs sam shoo, 10 rls mulling. Ml pkgs croc etc;
Kat Lun Kee, 4 rls matting 5 cs sam shoo, :u pkgs tn
mdsc: Wong Luug A Co, lis) bxs sam shoo. 12 cs mdse
ts groc, 20 cs arrow root: Qimiig Ham Kee, 7 pkgs
enndy fruits etc; Hang I.uug Chan, !l5 cs sam shoo, 1 ca
medicine: Hang Lung Kee, 20 cs sam shoo, 4 ca tobacco
aw pkioi cli nidsci (Jnong Lee Yuen A Co, 15 cs sam
shoo, II rls matting, 30 cs fire crackers, mica oil. Ul bx
tea, 10 cs tobacco, -IVI pkgs ch lndse order IU) cs sam
shoo, 55 tks, beans, lOOcs nil, 4(1 sks rice flour. Wmia lea,
5, pkgs paper. 551 pkgs mdsc: Loo Ngawk, 650 gronnd
nut cukes: His Majesty, 2 boats, 3 pes silk; W F Allen,
2c sundries: Mr Spencer, I us mrisn: E HHcndrv, t pk
Ilk. 1 pkg cross clolhi Couchee A Ahiing.l cs llk(2cs
slippers: Wing Choni; Faa A Co. 5 cstobaco: Oil Chong
A Co, 25 cs olives: Pul Ynmlong, 20 cs medicine, order
5 cs olives, 4 oars: Hop Kce, 50 cs oil: Sine Chong A
Co, 23 wooded ware, 6 bamboo ware.
Z?tu8?i'"sy KHdAuck7aiid, per Australia, NoTfci".
oti4 "' p"'"' 2 1'kKS V"'1T C""C' Vom Val
.Jt'2' .sn Francisco, per Jno. M. Clerk, Dec. 3. 151,
400!b tl im rite, SI,8Uin cobra, 250 bchs bananas. Dom.
value J723, For. do. $3,3'J8.
For Sau Francisco per Ella, Dec. 3. eSOIb roflcc,
5Vl,4.1im sugar. 2,Ik5 gal molassas, 3UW gont skii.s,
S.l.WJlDr Ice, 100 bchs bananas. Dom. valne 52,5.W 7G.
Jor Windward Torts, per Llkellku, Nov ROth. His
Majesty the King and suite. S L Austin wife and 3 cull
drin, Miss Connor, W MrCandless, Wm Helms, ilrs
Olto, Miss HrlL'emanii. W I.lshmaii. Mrs Glllan, E P
Ilaker, Mrs McDulflc, DrT PTTsdale, Mr Northrjp Miss
,.I''?.n! San Francisco, per Australia, November 23th
Mr Ml.on, D K Fyfe, Miss Pyre Mies KM Kverett, II
Morrison and wife. Mr Crush) mid wife, Kev HGDon'on
and wire, Emlli- Kruso.MIss E D Low , G W Cottey, J
Hopper and wire, II E binimom, A 11 Spencer, Ills
Lxcel ency W N Ar.ntlroiig, Mra J U Alliirton, Mlta
Atherton. l)r A ,11 f Smith and wife, Mrs C Hruggnman,
y? V McDittUy, W II Helens, H P Toles, V J Lowrey
. ,Y L"h l.1!a,'.l.n,nt' wl,e' -Mr Frnnconl. Miss Wilkes, Miss
Allen, C II Wells ami wire, DrT l'TI-dult-, C W Colbv
and wlftvMr Oiiiiii, C T Enstmun, F llurchardt, J T
rMi1nl .1 T?1,... .,..!.. , l.i.i ... .. ... '.. ...
Smlja Mrs V Alto. FP ilaker. C J Gardner. Judge L
llcCully, W yilutterUtid.J Piatt, TO Porter. Parker
Makee; rnd M in thu steerage.
U...1V- Vi , . .. t. ,! .V """"t vOMiie, u
11 Sn,,.",1M', .". loll, ,ul child, Mrs K A Williams
nnil 3 children, J Japn fo and J children, W J Pajne.
S t Pogue, Mrs M King, E Jones and wlfo.
or Autlrulla, per Australia, Nov '."J Mrs Pflueer
nd sertuut, J T Arundel, II Tos, T Gusland,
Krom Johnson Island, per Wulchu. Nov 30. Capt JI
S Comstock, W II Fojc, C Itoberts, and U nalhi, labor-,
i 1''f10'P Cnoii, per Ho Chung. Nov CO.-JIra D Cope
laud, Miss Copeland, and k0 clilncso.
From Kahulul, per Kllauea Hon, Nov 27th. W O
Bnillli Geo Edwards, Ahuuu, w Uu ud 2 children, II U
Carr, Mr Lew Is and W) deck
Prom Johnson Island, per Wnlehu, Nov 80. Capt H
H Comstock, W II l'oye, C .'oborts and II native labor-
For San Franclsco-per Jno. M, Clerk,
Mayer, Mr Carter, D U Foster.
Vnw U.. 1. , . . ....
Dec, 3. Joseph
Ju", J Kllday," JuVo'lirl'eu. "' "' r " BWt,""
Vns Muei 1 ,!. 1.. . tin. - a i .- ..
J0M.b-U00D-At St. Andrew's pnPCnthtdriil.'
Saiiirday, .Sot ember auto, by tho night Ilev. ihu lll.ho
Ve1 i""V"vJ' f ".,-'at5,Jr '"".i11" Alex. MutUlnto,!,,
Jlr. 1 . Jo.x to Miss Iuiba Wtou, both or this tity.
In this city, Dec, 4lh, lo the wife ol 11, W. bchmldt,
Published for the baTuniur pimea AssotUTinx by
Book, Job and e'enerai Printer,
Honolulu, II, I.
The Hatcriuy 1bes cauuut vudertake to return
communications, accepted or telrctcd, and we bale to
reuuett correspondents lo uiipend their true iiumt. and
adurvssea, uoi iivces-arlly lor publlcatlrn. If .,. de
elretl, hut as a guarantee u! tho good faith of the writer.
hi). biTl'lllur I'lliss,
DEOUMJiMi i, lbto
Wk liavo soon few juitriialUtic froaks Ui.it
can be coiiip.ir-.ij with llie cciiitluct of the Re
irts$ in rei;aid to iu orliclo licatlml ' Sumo
UriiiKlituiiiiiutlt." It wju publieliej in tlio im
tivu longno fr native roailorn, unci ahuwe.l up
tliu iect(it Minutorial iruuble in an iiiitriiilil'ii)
liglii, mid utteiiintoii tn Bliiri tho blumu Irom
rvapuiisiblo tu innocent parties). Kimwiiiir
lliul law "little liimlt-ii" uinJoutooU tlie imtivo
tongue thoroushly, Vnd 8tippoiiih' tl.at tlioir"
fuUe uiaotliuiia uml lniaroiroauilU,ti(ii.s written
for the native population would eecupo tlieoyo
of tbo "ftirvigner," their funded security tnmlo
tliutn indieoicot and cuueod tliem tu muke
reckla eiulomoiiU wliidi, under otliercir
cmnelancee, they would have-boeii more cuiw.
fnl in t'iviiit; to tlie public. A eoou, howtiver,
a tlie xiiKsa began tu produco u literal truim
lutiou of the urlicle, und give "Some more
Kuliguienuitmt" to tho general public, tlie
wily Ejurti drew iu it liurna and quietly
iibaided, The article, in the Uf uuiuLer in
which it uppeured, was marked " tu be con
tinued " ; but the editor has evidently ihouht
better of it uml bus decided to puatpojio iu
reappearance iudeliuitely. As suoutis the pro-
i.iii, ok Hiiiri-, ki i cirrpoiicii at ox nppies .u sks po
tatoes, 8 bxs drd frnlti German Consul, W II Hciri, C
Y Alona, A S Cleghorn, Hong Tee A Co, Snm Will Kee
A Co, K Mltchi'll, Miss A Movie, A J Cilitw right, Castle
A Cnoke, I) II (irllllli, Jlrs C'nrnwcll, A Kraft, J llutih
tnson. Got't Hnrter. O S Cuninilm. Mm 1ntte. Mr
Irorn Windward Poits, per Llkcllke, Nov 23 Thos
Spencer, ,1 Hpemer. W 0 I'urke G Sees, M Tbonipson.
T Prince CE Morris, A Kamu, J Costa. W F I toy, It W
JttUlon. G N WilCOT. C Y Allinn 1 .Inrrll ll llf.,1. T
prirfnr of the Kxprert learned Hint tho arliclo
Maa lo bo tr.uinliited, nnd before ha hail seen a
number of tho l'nKis cMntniiiitig the firit in
Htalliiient of llie trniialalion, onme nut in nn
editorial nnyifip; tl it t he was nut Id bo held lo
pponsililo lor what nppc.trctl in tho nalivc por
tion (if tho paper, lliid ho not known llnit
tho tirticlo contained glnn'tii tiiisslilcincnl, he
would not lmvo cried out before ho wnit-hiirt;
would not liavo inndo nn apology before tho
" little haolcn " knew that nny wrong had
been done. Thun nnticiiiating, nntl knowing
tli.il lie tleaervrtl rnnailro. tin tlimirrltf t,i alilnlrl
hitnaelf with tho riillciilnii flt.ilonioi.l that he
' exercised nn siipervisitiii over tho unlive por
tion of the JirnM, and wnn consequently not
I reHpoiiaiblo (or it tillcriiuceH,
IiAnou nnd immigration uro still tho monk
atirring lopicn. Tho ll'ithung has nguili ar
rived 28 days from Wliampo.i. Tho ISO im
j inigraiilR alio hintight, neoiii likely to pass into
I the employment of (ho r own countrymen.
The lnrtt trip of tlm .lii did not, wo bclieic,
niipply a aingle Inhorer to nny but Chibcao
planters. Them are now nearly duo by steam
or Hail nbout 2,!)00 Chinote. Tho hitter, over
due, more than ninety days out in suppiiHcil to
havu mot with n t) plionti and gnno back to
China or Japan to repair damages. Tho Cm
, Kinutrn, Qninuo, Mtifoo, iutl' Citi of I'ekin
1 bhmild bo here Hhnrtly, nnd silch an influx of
labiircri, coming iilmrmt niiiiiilliinuoiialy, wo
iniio iii.y- noiiicwiiai miuiiiy uio prcicni rale
of wage. As long ns tho Chilieso have continl
of the hibor innrliel, ai they praclicullj liavo
now, they v. ill piefcr tiMluiiiinid exhorbltaiit
wages, and devote a pot lion to keeping a per
centage of their countrymen in idleness, lather
than that eacli man hIioiiIiI earn Ills own pay
und live on it, or h ivo from it as ho likes best.
Tlie system of largo advances is thuiuughlv
vicious. To advance tho money is oYteu a
heavy tax on tho employer, and yet ho knows
that a considerable Hiiiount of it goes to tho
support ol idlers, uml for the express purpose
of keeping up an urtillcl.il rale ol wago lor un
skilled labor.
Should these nigh 3,000 Chinean arrive, to
gether with llie expected immigratiiH from
Norway, Germany and the i'oriutieso Islands
in tho Atlantic, wo hope that something likon
wholesome competition may urlse, ninl employ
ers bo relieved fiom tlmcxco'tsivu rates they aro
called upon lo pay at present, and tho cm
ployed relieved from tho black mail lovied up
on them lor the purpose of supporting their
ciiiiiitiyincn, who are, not of necessity, but
nccording to the rules of u sort of trudes-uiiion,
It seems a pity that the detention at Now
Yoik of a largo portion of the European mail,
has prevented the Ihrco Commissioners from
icceiving their respectivo insliuclions, tho
views nf their respective Governments, at tho
same time. Tho American .Minister alone,
we believe, has received from the neat of his
Government an expression of opinion ou tho
Into serious blunder of tho Bush-Mot ono Cab
inet Tho action of General Cumly is henitily
upheld, llie dispatch requesting his dissmisal
relumed io llie Hawaiian Minister nt Wash
ington nt his own request nud we undorsiatid
that diplomatic iultrcoiiso will bo resumed
with this Kingdom. Possibly tho British and
French Commissioners, may receive similar
itistiuetions; this however lemailis to bo
What a lesson ought wo to learn from this
business! " Put not your trust iu Princes"
has passed fiom tho Sacicd writings into an
every day proverb. We will go a step farther
and Hay to Princes especially " Put not your
tiust in prnrasilfi. " Tho multitudinous evils
which might have been inflicted on Mis lillle
Kingdom, hylhat littlo'knot of men will never
wo hope be known.
V Government entrusted to mon not ono of
whom can, by any sort of friendly interpreta
tion bo described as a statesman; men indeed
utterly unpractised in (liiccting impoitant af
fairs, public or privnie;fmcu who could not in
dllei an ordinary o!)icjiii. letter ; whoso very
official ulloruncu8, though corrected by thoir
cleik wero still so crude nnd imperfect as to
excilo tho suspicion of all lo whom they weio
nddicssedf'iiru not the proper persons to bo
placed at the bead of utlaiis. When u great
statesman of Ameiica or Km ope ha to cor
respond with a Utih or Moreno, the task i.i
n very tiying one, and ought nol to bo put on
Among Picsidential elections in America,
anil Eastern questions in Europe iinjl Asia,
these litiln iiiiperlinences uro a imiro nuisance
to those called upon to leply. Wo mosi carn
esily wish that tho wliolo Cjiiiespomlence,
from tllH Mfiror.fi noioiirfl'ii,,, f tl... T?..r..l....
Ollice In Ihu pieseut moment'" could bo given
to tho public. f
Foreign .correspondence recoived during tho
absence of the King ul course cannot bo luado
known, but wo hope that iu duo, lime all iho
papeis refening to this serious blunder may
be Hiibinittcd tu thu opinion of tho3o best quali
fied to judge those who p ly.
Eni.ioiiti!nmi:ntwanti'.d. OnrJOnlightcn
cr promised to continue his enlightenment' but
somehow his littlo caudle seems to have irono
Latk European mails detained at Nuw York
could not bo got through to San Francisco bo
forotho Auslmlt,. sailed. At this hoiisoii of
tbo year eastern anc European mails aro lia
blu lo .cteuiivu by snuw drifts in tho Sierra
Nevada iiiountuins.
Tub now palace is bursting out into what
Dickons calls " a favorable uiuplion " of 11 ig
ktiiffs ; thero is ono ou each of tho non-doscripl
excrescences which deface tho roof-six wo
think. How they will creak imd gruan nnd ini
tio in every high wind, and how leuky will
soon be thu niiecr Htrni-inrKd ilm.. ,..-.. i..i.
into I
Last Saturday wascelobrated as a public holi
day, being tho Anniversary of the recognition
of tho Independence of the Hawaiian Kingih
A roviow ul tho tinnps wub held .it Miiikiki, a
cnket mulch between tho Foundry und 11 0.
0. at llie same lime and place, a tiotling match
tit Kaiiiolani Park, all tho Consular flags
hoislcd, the (.hips iu llie htiibor dicsscd, and a
suliiio from Punchbowl at nooiisignulizod it us
u gala day.
Wk aiu glad io sou the telephone undertak
ing prospering as it deserves. Some novoiity
subscribers aro illicitly ou thu list, and thu
intelligent aud obliging niiiiiugors aro extend
ing their opoialiong in ovory diiection. Form
erly ono person could cointiiiiuicnte with un
othor; now, by Iho Central oflico sysium, every
Hiitwcriber can speak lo ovory other. Tho
whole system is a master- piece of ingenuity,
and thu community may congnilulalo itself on
Iho oior-iiicreasing means olfadto intercourse,
hvery post iu the town and suburbs is receiv.
ing ciofcsbars for carrying nunc wires. The
lines will bo, us soou.as possible, can led up to
the Ice Works, and f(om houeo to thu resi
donee of His Excellency W. h. Green, lio
I'leiuior. Meanwhile thu lilt Iu lolls liuklu
cheeilully iu the mini nnd till kuWiiberb aro
plean-d with llieit venture.
Lack of space uccuslnned Us to omit, in our
IllSt iti.-ilte. UIIV liotleo nf llin n, irrl ,,.,. .,!' HI.,
Jones Bhij. wiih Miss Klotence Wpods, both of
this city. Tho i-eiuiiiony wna performed iu
thu English Culhedml by the Uiglit Itov, the
Bishop of Uuipiiniu, ,,sMtul by the Uuv a
ilaokiutosh. The Ilev. T. Blackburn and ihu
full choir weio iu attendance". Tlie chancel
Hereon was beautifully decorated by Her Maj
esty Queen Eiiunu -a graceful recognition or
the esteem which sho feels for ilia bride, who
Yusiiuply and. tastefully utt ired ill white, und
who was givmi away by her lalher. After the
ct-roniony u group of personal friend useoin
blod ul the now homo to rjffor their congrutu
lutioim. A number of wedding presents, etino
excepiionally valuable, wero vewod by thu
A HisviKW was held st the Maikiki grounds
last tsuturduy. Some tilty men were put through
the manual und platoon exercises, slid the
elementary company movements, forming
Jours, marching und countermarching by files,
fours, sub.divisiousu'ud section. The words
of command wero given iu a .harp soldier
like manner, nnd oboyed briskly and in
telligently. A half bittory of field pieces was on tho
ground, at d a sqnnil of recruits clad in a
strange cohoo-colorcd uniform but with n de
Hghjful riclyof headgear. Tho band too
wns in all' mlancc, nnd the wholo army march
ed oir to i ho cheering strains of Piuaforo lu
very creditable stylo.. His Majesty tho Kuig
was present and evidently took moro interest
in our galtbtit defenders than in tho cricket
match which was going ou ntthesnme timo
and on tiio same gronnd, Tho style of mnrcli
ipg, tho throwing forward of the feet, nnd the
swinging of tho nrtn, wero all emphatic. illy
of the Gorman school. If the gicat inlncfad
Jtiilia should come "winging lis way" i,n
poetically suggcsicil by Iho Atlttvlhcr, hither
tn lo.instnto Moreno, wo shall see what wo
shall see.
Thk agricultural interests of theso Islands,
with iho exception of cano and rice growing,
seems to bo retrograding instead of progicssilt,'.
Thero was shipped to San Francisco
from tho port of Lahaina alone, from
AugiiRt 28, 1810 lo August 10, 1850,
20,121 barrels or Irish potatoes, 3,001 barrels
of sweet potatoes and 3,300 bauds of oranges.
This was afior supplying iho demand forhnmo
consumption. Now wo import our Irish pota
toes from California and Now Zealand, pay
cxliorbitant prices for them and often get a
very poor quality. Why can wo not nt least
supply our own demand ns well as iu 1830?
Tho ex ortaliou of oranges to the coasf is now
unlhoiight of, yet wo know of no reason why
a profitable trade could not bo built up. It is
truo that California now largely supplies her
own demand jet sho is n largo importer of
oranges from Tahiti, twico tho distance from
San Frai cisco that these islands mo. If tho
(utility if ouroimiges aro inferior would it not
pay to itnpiovo thorn as others do? Dining
tho same year 601 do'cil eggs wero also ship
ped to the coast. Now-eggs sell in Honolulu at
CO cents for ten nnd 1 the supply is limited and
the demand constaijtly incrjrAilig. It is poor
economy loJ"iSUBiJt' agricultural re
sources of ttraataaaJajItyjTIlo cultivation of
one or two crops
A cntCKr.T match was played on Saturday
iiftoiuuoii between nn eleven of tho II. C. 0.
nnd cighicct: of the employees nf tho Foundry.
Onlyti fow of tho good players on cither side
put iu an appearance. Tho gamo was not
finished, ns tlu stumps weio drawn when there
leinaiticd ono bat to go in for tho Foundry,
still the gamo was in their favor. II. C. C.
scored 100 in two imiligs, the Foundry men
117 with one bat not put in. Neither the bat
ting nor fielding was of tho highest order. Wo
believe Iho II 00. could produco nn cloven
which should beat twenty-two of their an
tagonists, somo of whom had evidently novor
played before. We append tho score.
Honolulu Ikon Woiiks. 1st 18.
n, x ,S,T.,I,N?'""'?-. "!tl CHINOS.
Clark c Whitney h Terry 0 li IVrry 0
Kelly h Harrison 10 li Terry 0
Young h Terry 0 not nut 10
lvr-s lillnrrl-oii s li Whitney I
hcorluifujur 1) Harrison 11 tl Wiillnijy 1
htrow b Terry 1 li Terry 6
Allen b Harrison
4 li Whitney 0
1 1) Terry 1
3 b Whitney 1
1 not out 6
7 li W'Mltin.. fl
More run out
Ajlelt c and li Whitney
lluchanan 1 Ilnrrlson
lolllson u I'trry
AshHorlh c and b Terrv 1 1, IWrv n
Hoe li Terry 0 1. Whitney 6
Kelshniv c .Mny b Harrison 0 b Terry 0
Ward b Ilnrrlson (I c Harrison b Whitney II
Urys.-in c .May b Harrison a b Whitney t
William notoul 0 bl'eriy n
Ollflllnu b ilnrrlson 0 To bat
llyes S Wldua 1 fl ilyca 10 Widcs 0 10
Total 47 Total
H. C. 0. 2nd Eleven.
Harrison c Howe b Scrim,
Snb Inninos.
u ,ger ,e , 1 cAylcttblvcs 4
hearl c Htrow b Scrlmeeour 0 b rJcrlmcruur 2
31 ay c lluchanan b jlolll-
eon 5 c Brysoa b Scrim-
Perry b Scrlraceour 11 1. Mollison 4
Whitney b Scrlmgtour 0 c Glurk b Ives S
Sullivan b icrimeour 6 clluchuiiau b Scrim-
fjctiiir 8
Hcwctt -b Jfolllson 3 c Kclshnw b Scrim
Clark c Allen ijfolllson 0 b sSfmgroar I
Hosa bMolllson ' 0 lbw bifolllson 4
OilTard not out o b ilollieon 0
ScarborotiRh c Alsivorth
b s"-,rl?lR'.0"r ! not out 2
MeysS W Ideal 3 118 4 Widca 1 5
The stc5rncr J,itc!lh- will make an excour
sinu trip to Hilo next Mnndai-, for tho conveni
nionco of iiartics wishing to see Iho eruption
nf Manna Lou. F.uo for tlioruiiiid nip 0.
A. I,. SMITH ,
II AS Jnt received, per schooner Kxccrslor, nnd steamer
Austrjlla, a lino assortment of foods sultiiblc for
Christmas, anions uliicli nr a new Involco of JInrldcn
Quadruple Dated Ware, Tea, Dessert and Table
Forks, Tea, Descrt,and Tabic Spoons Salt Spoons,
etc. dent's, Companion, Cigar Cases, Velvet Hags,
Chatelaines, Thimble 'Cases, Fancy Boxes, Celluloid
back Combs, Easel. Vohet Cabinet Flames, Autograph
Albums, Scrap Honks, Tapitrlea asstd., and a choice
assortment of Good and Substantial Toys, etc, etc.
14 It
Walthnxn Watches.
From tht Sydney Dally Telegraph, June 2fl, 1880.
The Wnltham Watch Company havu been awarded tho
only gold niediil glten for waltl.es at the Sjdney Inter
national l.xhlbltfoii and are tho only exhibitors In any
class from the United Mates who have received this
distinctive recognition.
I Snirt AfTpnt fur fix llnu tll.m I.1..J.
--...,,.. tMi. llU'tHilItU tCIUIIUF,
C. the lloardnf Trustees of tho Queen's Hosnltal will
be held at Alllolnnl Hall this day (Saturday), the 4
December, IbBO, ut 11 A. x. Ter onler. "'
14 It F. A. BOIIAEFEK, Secretary.
. !nK of M1.? "ni' Llhrary and Itendlng Unoin
Association will take placo this cvcnlni; ul 7W o'clock
As mutters oflmportance will como before ihu meeting
a full attendance la earnestly desired.
U Hi A. PAHMBI.KE. Secretary.
Handsoniely Fitted. '
All Ready
for Business.
Richard Street, Between M erebstut and
Quceu Streets.
Board tl per tock. Fresh eccs each mnrnln-
KliP Mo
il . I.a. . fiLi.T- . -". '
lie 4'lfill JIJlfB, VI1ICKC
keni drMscila or" as re-
BcjfTea,anl Houn. t nil huur.
143m ALFiiED a. HUUailTOy, Proprietor,
.liw .l'n. "P" nled by the Court as Administrator of
the .statu of Charles Inj, diccased. renuesl all part
lea Indebted to the Estate, lo mako lininedlate dpaymen
and ull parties havln-f claim airalnat ilw tald hsiate t.i
present ihcui for aottlcwcnt to tbo undersign wlthlnst
sir mouths from iltte or th'iy will h f.wavjr hired.
Administrator of thu estate of Cius.'i.ii.no, dec ase'dj
Honolulu, yuyciabcr 1st. !&). W7 It am
Xos. 7G aud 78 Hotel Street,
HART BROTHERS, Proprietors.
Itourdby tho Day, Week or Transient
Cigan, CigarettM aad Tobacco,
Soda WmUt aid atbur Icd Drinki.
Meals Srvd in Firtt-ClaM ityU
It For talc ajr BOLLKB Co
IJOAJit t.sn Titi i-Aiin. i:r Rt
. up eclpts $1.7) p,T month
1 Apply to ! E manor, Oor't Surrey Ofucc. or W
School Strre 10 235 4t
rywo sriTEs or hooms, onkj
JL nicely furnls IiimI, anil the other linfntnlshcd nice
Jarue ant! airy. Also stable for hursc. WI Ilerctanla bt.
II 1m
fl Itn. Ill l.llllut .Slrcel. ly
Wailuku Poi Factory.
ufactured constantly. All orders Mini with ills,
patch. K. II, HAII.KV.
H ly Wailuku. .Maul.
Itawallnn Couatil & Commia-ilon Morchnnt
7 ,1111 California St., Cal.. Hoom .Vo.-I, ly
ori'icn roifuiiNit
lliillilliiK. corner of tJnccn and Tort sts. Apply In
8 U.S. HAltroW,
, k t nilcrslened are requested to make settlement
wlthlt o mouths from date or their accounts will be
put In the handt of a collector,
MaKawao, N'oTcmber 13, 1830 l-i 2m
In iiKiti'.iiv iivi:. that tiii; iiim.iiii',
IiiiT ilnills have been loit, nnd that Iho payment of
them has been stopped, vlai No. I fill, drawn by A. Pralt,
Halkn. lor S1.1, on On.tle ,V Cooke, favor of Kannnat
No. 2,16, drawn by Haiku Snar Co. No. 8, for $'J0. on
Castle ,t t'ooke, fat or of bearer.
i:i). iiur-psuiit.Ai:onn .t co
10 lm Assignees of T .Mo I of lliilkn.
no shooting of faille or any Pticclecs of tlld fotl
lll be allowed upon Hie lands comprising the Knhiiku
and llonoullull Hitiichrsultlinutthc urlllrn permission
of myself or of my Agent, Mr. Ccrll lirovtn, and nil per
sons found trctpn.siiic upon said lands will he dealt
with according io Inn. JA.M11S UASITHKI.l,.
Honolulu, November 20. IW). li It
For Sale or Leaso.
IHXIIIAIIt.i: I.NVKtl-.IIM.M-. Tlio Vrll.
known tiremisea nf the iindorsti?neil. situate nn
Klnc street, tojcther with the furniture, etc., of Hie
same, If desired. The house has I! rooms. Is In pood
order, and Is well-furnished lliroUKhout, thus irltlnu nn
excellent opportunity lo p.irtles desirous of coiitlnului;
Its lonir-establlslied uuslness. 1'or further pnrtlcnlnra
apply to lit tf THUS. l. TIlltU.M.
Valuable Land for Sale!
a LOT 01:' JjAXJ) CONTAIN! Xli
r about vlfl acres, situated lu Nuiiunu Valley ' miles
from the City, enclosed by a substantial fence, with a
good house Wi:ti feet on the premises. Is now tillered
forsnlR for cash, or upon the Installment plan, I.lbiral
terms will be luado to the purihaser. Tim above l.oi Is
ery desirable for pasturage. Tltln perfect. For partic
ulars, apply to T. C. JONKtf, .1 it.
1J t At C. Uruwer Co'a
.1 t friends nnd tho public generally that ho Is now
prepared lo do all kinds of
tYntch Ucimlriiijr & Jewelry Mfiniiritctiirlnjr.
In the bet manner, and satisfaction guaranteed,
Ho would also stnte tint nil watches left by -Mr. Wcllcr
are now lu his charge, nnd will be attended to promptly.
i iiiiiiixiiii ior past iiivurs, huh uopes lor n continuance
ot llie same. .MAX IIUKAHT, ,Ii
ewelcr, c.
Honolulu, Sept. SO, 18S0.
Bl'J Jill
JI of S. AIKANAKA. deceased. The linilersli'iiril. linv.
iiic been uppnlntid Administrator of the Estate of S.
Alkaiiaka, deceased, hereby nUcs nollcu tn nil those
hating claims ngalimt salil estate lo pirsent them for
payment, with Uio proper touchers, within six months
limn the datu of this notlco or Ihey will be loreter
' lurriwl n.,.1 nil !,..... l,1nl.,,.l l ..1,1 ...... .... l. ...
requested to mnkc ImniedLile pnwneiil to the under
tlgned. W. II. HAOI,KIl()OKANO.
Administrator of KMate of S. Alkni.aka, deceased.
Honokalu. llainnkua. Hawaii, Nov. 1.1. 1830. Ill '.'t
L. G. SUE30VICH & CO.,
INuts ot" every kind
Fresh Eastern Oysters in the Shell
Containing over 750 pages.
With Twelve Lithographs
Scenos of Interest in the Islands.
Br Tostage free o Europe, the United States, nnd
tho Colonies, on receipt of tho price with name nnd ad
dress to whom sent. Address
OHO. HOWSKlt .t CO., Publishers,
B37 11 lm Honolulu, II. I.
.mi. -jt Ai.viii:. NTUt:t:r.
Ofllro hour mini I A, M. lo 0 I. St.
Wo the undersigned, citizens of Sau Francisco, do
hereby certify Hint wo have known Jlrs. I). Utiildy for
seterulyenri In this city, as u Nurse audi. Mkl wire, and
we cheerrully rvcommcud her as u competent aud skill
ful pcrsoiriu that caput ily.
K. D.WISE. Jl.Ui 11. S. DEN, M. 1); M.M.KNOX.
I hereby certify that I havu known MHS. 11. CU11DY,
for tho past three (J) years, and always believed her to
be an honest, upright nud faithful woman, and of good
character. ItEV. KATHEll VKltUAOUEIt.
Although not personally acquainted with MItlt. CUD
DY, but, what from prominent physkans nud others
lint c told, the Is very hlelily spoken or, as an able, nnd
skillful nurse und midwife.
11 lm Hiallh Olllcer.
e GZZ 'Si !
gi5-B2 -5-i
UX L "- o-3 "Z
iEpa.5r: 2'
r? L K "r
aS53 55T57:S
; e a r a
.i' .cr ;
fcj c a a 3 a ii
Tot Sals by A. H RICIIARDMOIV 4k Vm,
T am Comer yon and Merchant its., Honolulu
rienty to eal. rpniln r, clean bedsTand th. best
tlrndauc on tha Hawaiian ItUnd.
Vl.u".t.!Wril,f " nnaiual display of volcanic
actWm will kindly sits Manager at least tea days notice
! tae wtathur, aud from cloten lo lbUU la f sui.
fi id -
$6,000 $6,000
EJXCLUi3IVI3 ciEsisriiNrcst-
I Invito tho public lo cxiunino my Magnlficont Stock of Kiiroponn nnil Amcrlerm Dry Ooodn, which is
without iiticatlou tho
,irgcst and Best-Solcotod Stock in tho City of Honolulu.
My prices for porfpetly I'U : Wi:W IMIIUH'S nro iKwIllrcly towcr.tlimi nro clinrRcd hy
other Uoiihm for U.1, NIKII'.WOIM, HOII.i:i , under tho Riuao of I.I.Is.
Don't be Deceived, Come and- Examine for Yourselves.
Dry Goods, Underwear, Hosiory, Fanoy Goods, Trimmings, Clothing
nnd Gonts' Furnishing Goods.
1 Invito n careful Inspection of my Good nnd 1'ricen. NO T110UJ1L12 TO SHOW GOODS. Ordow
from tho country cnreftilly executed.
810 .1 I'llllADIt t'OKT ANIs IIOTI.fi HTB.
71 Hotel st. Iiut. Fort anil Niiiiiinn.
Tlio nlmvo wnnltl ri'spcctfnlly cnll tlie nttcnllou of
lollies, llo.uls of Fmnllk's, unci lliu 1'ubllc griicrnlljr of
these Islands tn
Confectionery and Cakes
No er seen In Honolulu before, consisting nf suirrnl
thousands of llie N'llWKST DKSIUNH AW11 NUVill.
TllS of New York nnil (JlilcitKo,Mich ns Clirlstmns (lift
lloxcs, Jaiijo ussurliiieiti of
Christmas Troo Ornaments,
Clelnttiio Comets, (llinViilnuts, Mnllo Hearts, llounclng
llables, Cuplil IMctures, batcliels, Vhscs, I'lai anil llui
luw hunr figures ninl AulmaU of nil descriptions,
Frill I Clusters, I'.iinirjin.i Eggs, mill many otlierurtleles
too nuuierouH to specify. Also u few hundred pounds of
his delicious
llnnil mniln Creams, llwiMo Caramels, Tnre Fresh (Inm
llrops, and several thousand pounds of
Pure Homo Jlnile Ctinfoulloncry In (J real
Fancy Boxes, Hurprlses, Cornucopias In all sizes. Cos
tume .Mottoes and Cnssaques, nud a very large assort
ment of
Eich and Plain Fruit Cakes,
round, Itmmd and Mould Sponge, Pyrnmirl nnd .Icily
Cake In all sizes, ornamented iu his usually rich style,
ami plain.
Clirlstmns nnd Tfew Yenr's Minco Pics
Ofltlchcst Quality. MINCE MEAT FOK 8ASE,
F. HOUN rcspectriillyrlnvltes tho Public and Dealers'
to Inspect Ills largo stock before Importing or buying
olscuficre, us his Uumls ulll Invariably be sold the
Cheupe.t. 1!!
Administrator's Sale of Meal Estate.
of C. Kanninn, dece.iecd, intrstato. Hy virtue of
nn order of sale by the Him, O. C. Harris, Chief Justl.'c
of the Supreme Court, sitting ns n Court of Probate, on
the (.th day of January, A. D. 1, the undersigned will
sell nt public auction,
At IS o'clock noon, at tho front dol.r of Alllolaul Hale,
all the right, title and Intcrc-l which tho said Charles
Kannlna, deceased, liml in and to
I,or l-llAli:ii:. In Knlllu, Onhu, and containing
an urea of -li acres, moro or less.
I.or i-I.llAHA, In Kalllil aforesaid, nnd contain
ing nn are.i of 05 l.VItIO acres, more or less. (Thi'so two
lauds adjoin lach other, and urft excellent grazing lauds.
Title ItojnlPuleut.)
I.T ,-l-ONK I.1T OF LAND situated in Pamoo,
Honolulu, Immediately in rear of tlie risldcnceof Itcv.
Mr, Damon, enlranco Irom Hotel street, containing an
atea or as-lUO of an acre. This lot Is leased for SisTpi-r
milium, the lease expiring June Win, 18.S-I.
I.1IT I That lot on the cofTier of King nnd 1'unch
boul streets, i;ith tho housts thereon, contulnli g an
area of 1 ,-lOU of nn acre. This lot is subject to a llie In
terest of one Mrs. Kaehu, tho Is now about TU yearn of
age; the life luteiest tn be stated on day of sale.
LOT (5 -Lot In WiiiMkl, UA1AL1I. containing an
nrea of U C.'-IUO acres.
I.OTll-I.ot III III or Pau, Waikllsl, containing an
prca of trj-ltu of an acre. This Is ono patch, ami can bo
planted lu kalo or rice.
LOT 7 Lot In Mnnoa, consisting of 14 acres. This
lot Is leased fur $',:!." per milium, payable semi-annually.
The lease expires September an, lS'Jl.
I.OTS-Tho AIII'lHtAAOf ItAfllil', sltimted
lu ICooluupoku, O.ihii, survey of which Is now In course
mi iici'uinujii. j mr ma tmiiiiuHi jiiece ui luiiu.inm
prtlnj; grazing and rite lands and aliiahlo tlsh iouds,
und will bu sold subjut to it leasu of 8110 per unman,
expiring llccembci Ul, ntlt; nlsou second lease for SI5U
It-, Nullum ,. til.lli.r I Int., I.. !I1 IllSlIt
LHTIl-Thi. well known lot' or If AIHOKIIMI, sit-
lllltnl nil 1 'ft IflTn .nll mill ri.li tut ln no nmn i.9 U Will
of nn ncrc.
I.or 10-Tlio IIUIMHNas on thfl above lot tu be
poltl M'jmintely, and li borcmnvi'il within days after
tlisft sfstljs rP1iss Inl .if I I I ..1 a.n. I Is ...-.! fflk .. Ill 1
"- ' "it ui iiuiiiiiii:iiu iisiiia if uiiii ji Mil! l0
sold O.N THE 1'ItHMlhEH, linnieillntely after the sale
of tho other lots. The terms of the ule aiu cash, ami
(ll-(l,tt fill, livllnli.ii nt (l.n i.ii .. 1. .. u. ...l.ln ... ....
proiul by the I'robato Court.
MrYm Charts and Surveys ami other lufuriuatlnu,
apply at the office of U, l'AIIKE,
.iiiiiiiiisiraior or uio Kstute or c, Knunlim.
Honolulu, Ocluber vilh. IBbU. u t.t h.'5
Desirable l'rouertjr on Fort St. For Mule.
rpilK VK1L, JOfp-WN T.OT SITU.
JL Met! nil Fori Street above llerctuula. 'Ilils lot Is
lou fet froiitnuo en l'ort street, nnil IMI feet lear. Thero
Is a two-storv dwelllnic Imuse on the lot, nearly new,
Willi cook house, bath house uml privy, nud Iwu Hells
HI reel deep, ncll slnneil up from the iMillnm for sewer
eu puriose. Tht water Is laid on In fiur illirerriit
places, and piping ull In jjcxmI condltlnn, Ihtre Is
atnplo room for the rrecllmi of two larise cotloces. Tim
feucliiir Is all new. This Is one of the moil healthy hiii)
centrally loeatut lots for a retldriire of any In the city
of Honolulu The above sale otters a ifood opportunity
for the permanent Inicslmeiit of capital.
Title perfect. Deeds at the expanse nf the purchases.
A part of Iho puriliusa money n.ay temalii secured by
iuorlt;axe on thu premises. I'm- further particulars, uii
I'lV lo II. W. M Ally, on thepreinlses, or
IN here a plan of llie lm can be seen. fta 7
We would call the attention of those requiting Pliilii"
to our large stock of
154,000 Feet On Hand!
llUck Welded Htum I'lpe U lo 7 In. dlamstcr.
(lalranUtd Waler I'lpe to S lu, dUinetsr.
Utf The above at Moderate Prices,
.1'J 3
C Hmatl I'ayineuts In Advance, llalanco lo Hull
Purchasers. Due Cottre already liullt by It. W (Iran,
lis and re4dr for occuiuiicy. fan ullisrl uro now belli
built. KacU t'vltU'. outUi four nice roouis. biiL
room aud detached kitchen. ' ,
IsVltta. DCTMtor lAlct on.
Apply lo
of Jii ApdMw't Cathedral. Uacber of. Piano end
8w?ll ' C",,", Wo,,5b Avenu' '
T7 3bL Cargoes
(I0H Itnya Pnnsmirr)
Consisting nf the usual assortment of
Oiilvnnled Iron ItoofliiR nnil Fonco Wire,
Portlnml Cement (Wlilto'n),
Firo IlrlcltH, llluo Srottlcd Sonp,
licst WplcltStoam Conl,
Gnlvnnizvd Iron Wnro, SndJlery,
It pnir Mirrloen, Trill A- Wntnon's CcntrlfURBliJ,
AVlncH, Llquurn, Ac, &o. Ac.
iujk in iii::i:.iiiicii,
00 Tons ltiillrond Iron, T Hall,
Roollntr Slalcs, Ac. Ae.
Furniture Manufactory
AU XkrXnclo toy Moolilaorr
No Pains will be Spared
1'phoUtf.rlnir Done t Orslvr..
Coffins Always on Hand.
? J?Q-CAI.I. AMI SlIK.-fijsj ly
Ouava Jeliv.
i v
Pratical Confectioner & Pastry Cook
Pioneer Steam Candy, Faeten,
Umon andTmMtndlyrBpi aiwya tmMmm
T1 & m a riutd
Put up III A. -No. 1 HenneU Hna.ri, bl.hly, ,"
recninmeiidcd for ea voyages.
Oemta Hatriat
Made to Order at short Knii,1 '
Wedding cokoa Ornamented
In IUe hlBlie.t Htiloof Art.
Hlci, frc.h home made CWate Cean... Cocoanut .n'd
Cream Candles,
Mm. 71 ...LI Mr,. ,. MHHmmm mmi. r-M
eiJ ly (ir
Corner Fort aud Hotel SU L 8Ulrfl.
JTl. rUI,I.Vcolllh,tte f ..dl"'fo laf, ew
Sijpsrior Syrta. of Maaauring Md M

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