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Untlneta has Improved somewhat tinea last week, at
though ve ry Utile Ufa It yet exhibited. Import of gen
eral merchandise from th Coast have been ijnllo large,
ml rontldcrable lumber hat arrived from the "north
wM." Large quantities of siijtr received from the other
Islands hive been exported to thrCoatt by tailing
vetelt. Th City of .New Votlc, licnte December 3Iit,
look 8.MI lb. pill ii to Hytlney.
Then- In irreat tcarrlty of hay and feed of all kind's.
The Kalakana, prongst 171 bitea of hay from Pan
l'ranclsco, bnt a large portion of It carried at a deck
load, was mnch damaged bjr being wet. There la a gen
eral fletre amongthe bnslncts men of Honolulu lo hare
a monthly tcttlcmcnl of accounts Instead nf quarterly at
at pre'nt, and I: will probably be brought before tha
Cfinrhhrt of Commerce soon, fna concerted action. It
la hoped that aortic mntnal ayrce'nent wll be made
by whlca the chanitocan bo bronphtabont.
ty recent advices per Hochnnj .mm I'an Franrlen
giving1 dare to Icemln-r ml, we learn that the market
1 qnlte hare of raw anjart, recent ari'val per Klla and
Hosarloand a cargo from Manila being quite opportune
tiintatlons, Manila bails, $ 0, cqnalllng J7 IV Ite
Ined sugars range from 1355c crushed to 10'jc coffee
tngars. New York rates for Cub., tngtrt range at about
JH 7S.
Hawaiian molat.es la quoted from )c to SSe.
" Hawaiian rice la reported to be free and liberal, cant
Ing speculation thetcln, sales reported, 5'e toK'ic.
Illdea may be quoted rnm 9!c lo W',4c wet; calf
skins, 10c to I2ci goat skins, 15c to "Wc according to
quality; dry hides, kip and calf, I8'ie to 10c.
Tallqw la In good demand at 5te to 6c.
CMlTeo may be quot;das havln.tn downward tendency,
owing to advices from the Kat, salev ranging from I3c
to 14c
' Hy the quarterly report of tho Collector-Oeneraf, for
the quarter ending December 31tt, 1850, of our moat
Important export, which we f present In tabular form,
shows a gratifying Increase oyer the exports for the
list quarter of 17. The tabic altoglvct the total an
imal exports fo'r'both yeara,
2 3 : 35 g :,
, tip n a 5
Totil Value..... 3S 3 $& 8 j
tow " -.a ?t !
id Ji -.m m
M " W
- &' r ; " ; S
tn Willi none, Ihi . 2. 5 i a
K - - - o
ihtep rlklna, pea S ; 3 ; 8 : S? :
S Peanutn.ib : : : : st : i .
" J B K 'i
l. iicici !., in. - : ss S : -
vi "
d cmtie Head : : : : :a : S ?
; ! II , L o
3 itum, fan : : : 2 : T
n ' i i . 4
2 B Whale Oil, gain. ". ; S ; S ; S. ; ",
5 2 I a 111 s 11 hi
!s S Wool, n. i fr x. :
B3 e. ci n I
- o l
cT I'ulu, Dm i . 3 3 S
H S !? 8 5
3 5 , --r-
e g ? : s : 8 : S :
-. . uiiow, iim.... a : 2 : -.;-.:
xs r " z r n
fjmir sunt, t :s : 5 2S : ?,
yi a !
g; i tiidca, pc n. 3. s.s ; 3
5 -a 2 tir. "
Ho - 3 : 2 : Sf. 5 : .
. float Bklna, pen . : . : . . : U
e - d
yj -; llananu, l.rirlm "-'. -i ; '.n ". ; K
- K ' asl " u
C j. Funjui, II 2ll ' 2 23 :
g Poi, 1 I : : : : sb : b
6 c ' . . ' o .
S K" """ -' s s
2 con-cc, ib. fc-2 s s sta : a
o to -(o "
V 1C - I I
goo r on ir- n
a UlfcIl,,, 32 S 88 1:
g elj o j
j I'a.ij, ib. :.: : : -555 "5
CA H M -g
t O " -"' i iT ar o a
Si Motf., cnll. 0-"V ! 1 S,i S ! r-
.-- fca - ss a -
- 1 , f ." . " c
a 8uaAR.1lii SS S S' 5
5 I s" - g
-e SS : : 2S :l ;.
- s"S s I i s 1
5 3 e, - a
Jan S-Btm I.lkcllke, from Wlndwaid
Him Jninei Makae, from Kniinl
Scb Mary K KoM.cr, from KonaandKau
Sell Marlon, from KuUutliaelu
. Sell Kaulkennull, from Honokaa
3 belt Mana, from Knhnlul
4Chncso S S llochuns, ltcrton, 12 daya from
Ban Franclrro
tv Sell Win wick, from Kalaupapa
0 Am ech baiah Ann, Johnston, 27 daya from Han
Am bUino Munltor, Ncloon, 33 daya from llnm-
Haw b"tne Storm lllrd, Tearney, DO daya from
Sell KcUnuluolil, from Hanalel
.7-Aiu wh bk John llouland, (Irecn, 21 daya from
- J Han l'mncUco. Lringoiruud on
Ralalea rch Vivid, Mnnn, tijj daya (rum Fan-
nlii'a laland
Sell Uaio'.Iiu. from Kauai
Sch Wallele, from Mallko
Hell I.uku, 'rom Hone
hi in Li'iiur. from liana mid Molokat
H Ht.nr O It Utntiop, from Kauai.
Stmr Kllauea llou, from Kahultil.
Jan 1 Am bk Mohican. Ilcrry, for San l'ranclaco
. 3 Stm l.ehua, for Molokal and liana
Htm U It llUhnp, fur Knual
4-mml.lkellkr, for Vlncl7ard
Sch l'rliico, fur Koua and Kau
Sell Waliile, ,r l'aauliuu
Sch Walchu, foi Kuan
Sell Haleakala, fur llilo
Am bk I) C Munay, Havens, for San Franclnco
6-Am !W llueiia Vl.:i, Calliuuii, for Port Uamble
Sch Marlon, for Kuknlliuclo
Seh Mniy K Konter, for Konaand Kau
' O-Scb .Warwick, fur halanpapa
' Onlneio S H lloehung, t'etenion, for Honckong
Jan 7 ltalafeaacU Vivid, Manu, for Familng a lilauu
Veaaala la Fort.
Haw achr Julia A Lout;
Ilrlt bk Jndy Lampion, Mitraton
Hwtdlih bk llrrmlne, l.onnert'll
Am bktno Kurt'ka.Tv'ordbur
Jalnlt Ictno Nlcolaua
Am bgtue J 1) Sprcckke, Hatucn
-Aui tcru II i a, l'nul
Haw bk Kalakuua, Jenka
Am tcb Cainlc Hayward, I.e llallulcr
.Am wl Sarah Ann, Jouniton
Am bktne Monitor, NcImiii
Uw bg.na HI or m lllrd, Tearney
JUIaleu ech Vivid, Mann
V ! Ezpaotedat Houolulu, from Foreiga
Silt bk Ltaala Imdale, Moaaop, Liverpool, due T 11
Davlee, Agent
Ilrlt bk Viola. Price, Liverpool, due
tier bk U r Harndel. Scbruck, llremen, due,
11 llackfeld t'u, Agvnla
Ocr bk AtalanU, , llien.ru, due Kebai-M, iret, II
II.lkfcldACo, As.nta
Iltlt bk Alk.haw, Taite, lllaai-ow, Ju March 15-W, O
W Macfarlane X Co, Agvuta
Am bk Kdtvanl May, Johiieou, llo.tun, duo April 1-S,
11 llr.u., .a l.t Annlll,
Hrlt bk Highflyer, Hcbtmaiiu, London via St Michael,
ailed Nov bill,- , AkciiU
Ocr 8 H ((ulnta, , Hongkong, due, II Hackfeld &
Uo, Annta
Am tent Lumnoer, lllrkholm, 1'ort Uamble, due, II
Hackfeld A Co, Aceuta
Hawbk Kale, A hi born, llremen, to aall In Dec, II Hack-
laid A Co, Avrnta
Am tern Una,, Humboldt, loading Nov
Haw K'tjic 1'omare, Tripp, SO Ulambi, due lu all Jan,
I'rtldeiilHoanl luiinlcratlnii.AKviit
Haw bk )laa!l, Whitney. & h lnland, duo tu all Jau,
Proautent Iburd Iiubilgrntlon, Ageul'
Am tint MeifiK), Cunningham, fiom Hongkong
Ai'.i rhr W 11 Mejrr, Sju KraucUcu, due.O llrcwer X
Co. Avvnta .
Am bktno DUcovery, l'enhalluw, San KrancUco, duo
Jau 1A H Hackfeld A Co. Ageiita
er bk Mua, from Norway, due April 1-5, II Hackfeld
JiDo, Avr'llt. s '
Kornrtlau bk lkta, from Norway, fir Maalae., Maul,
du March 1 5, II Hackfeld A Co, A'jeula
Am Ik tin Klla, Tiirnur, Han Kranc'.co, IujcHu; Dec 3,
v urcYirr a; to, Aeui
Am ten lUwario, Duualu, ban Francltco, for Kabalul,
loading 1) W, W ii 1 win Co, Ageiita
Am ch Claua SprecJirl, Couilnt, ban Fraucltco, for
Kahulut, V a lrv.it i Cu, Ak 1U
Am aejft Ida McKay, tailed from bau Francltco via
Humboldt. Dec 10
An tern A 1 Jordan, Crack, San Francltco, loading
Dec l. II Hackfeld Co, Agent i
Am bk 11 TV Almy, Freeman, brn Framtaco, loadlog
IHcU. Cattla A Couke.. A-nta
mta Ziulaudla, Chevalier, bau Francltco, du Jan
L H Hack.'eld A Co, Ageult
mt ItUUr of Sydney, Dear joru, Syduey, duet Jan IT,
11 UarJtfold Co, Aitnta
Aw bk LUxU Marthall, Dahler, Fort Ulakely, due,
ASita A Kublnaou, Ageuta
Am bk Camden, , Port Uamble, due Jau tS-aJ, II
Hackfeld Co, Ajenta
USS l'enacola, Taylor, sUu FtuicIico, to aall about
J" I i i , i
Am bk ChrtUlr. lUtcbelder, Xcw York! to aall UnK,
- Ci atle A tiwke, Ateult
The Am bTlne John I) Spreckel h discharged all
of her cargo, and now lie oil Flh Markrt wharf. She
will load bark to San FrancUco with dltpatch, and vtlll
probably tail on S .turday nel.
The Am ch Sarah Ann arrived from San Diego on
Thttr dy lat after a paa;e of 17 daya. Mi baa a
cargo of monldlni eand She la lying at Tlbbeta A
8orenone wharf.
Tho Haw bk Kalakana if at Ilrewer A t'o'a wharf dlt
i barging a cargo of general merchandlte from San
Kranrlfroi arter whlcu Ahcwlll load back, to aall In
about two weeka.
The III bk l.adr I,ampon l at Ilrewer .1 Co' wharf
oadlng for San Francltco. and Judging from the way
engar cornea along, the will rail about Monday or Tues
day neat.
The Am ech Cattle Itayward It at the Ktplanade, op
posite the Cnttom llnne. She la about discharged,
and tall to-morrow for . nmboldt.
T'ie Am bktne Monitor. Just at hand, It dlrcharging a
cargo of redwood at the old tteamthlp dock.
The Am tern Kva I ai Hie foot of Fort tlrect die
charging lumber. She will return to Humboldt early
neat weel:, unlets the succeeds In getting it cargo of
sugar for San Francltco,
The Am bbtne Knreka It at the P H fi fl Cnmniny'a
dock loading for Han Francltco, for which port eho will
tall to-merrow.
The Swed bk Hermlnc l tn the etrMm. She will tall
for Hongkong about Wednesday ncM.
The Ocr 8 H Qnlnta It hourly expected from China.
Tho wh bk John Howland, Capt Orcen, It lying oft
and on.
The Storm lllrd arrived In port yeiterday from the
South Sea Itlandt, with 73 South So- Itlanucra. They
have All been lauded and tatc'natid.
The Haw rch Mana It In qea, online.
The Chlnere H S llieliung tailed for Hongkong on
Thurtday, taking It) Chine -e pattengers.
Ily laic California papers wo no, lie llio death nf Capt
A .1 Worth, He waa formerly m.isicr o,' the schra Fanny
and Flying Mist.
The U H fl l'ensacola will jet aw.ty about Jan 1st and
will proceed -o Iloncliiln. Af.ci Imtthe may continue
tn Month Amcrlc or p.o'ijly re. inn hcie. All
The many friend of Capt F S IlVfleld will tit pained
tn hear that ho lies ilinycrnn.ly III at hit retldence.
The gentleman bus been niemlrled for many y art with
the maritime n flairs of nurpou.nnd It It tu be hoped
that lie will recnvir speedily.- -Alia.
Itiport of the bark Kalakana, .Tenkt, Matter Sailed
from San Francltco December nth. Willi n tonth wind
and thick fog. lied ihe wind from SSKIo WKWSO
days, with a great denl nf rain . In bit S3 1 1, long 1 1..,
hail a heaty gale from SW, wiili muy hljli, confuted
ten. At times our ttoek, cnntttlliig of one hortc and
several cows, were nenrly ihownecl. Ilae hml more bad
weather on this trip than In all my voymresoii this route.
Since leaving long H'Whavc bad n current telling X
NW thirty miles per diy The rains h.no b.eii so heavy
that wt have fount! It ImposslMi' to keep our deck Inail
tlry, though covered with canvas. Ilereniber-.tlh, otf
iinwnu, linn n yery rienvy Fqunii irom r , latiing nhont
two hours. Sighted Maul on the morning of the Willi.
From thence to port H3I1I hauling airs antl calms.
Iteportof stmr llochtiiig, Peterson, Master Left San
Francisco December Sid, at 5 r, with light hi: wind
antl heavy rnln during the day. December Sllb, ttronj
HI winds and rnln, with heavy smcIIj thin rolling
heavily Bnd shipping a great deaf nf water, December
Kth, strong HK winds, with high, con fused sea; tlenmtr
shipping conslileinbln water Had similar we.itberon
the ar,th. Decombei 27lh, m-jtlerntc H SW wind, line
clear neither; heavy swell from westward. Fine
weather on SSIIi and mill. December .'ih, moilcinlti S
SW wind, with rnln; heavy swell from W; thlp rolllni
batlly; rarried away main lop nes. In Ihe ejes of rig
ging. Favorable weather until he 3d Insl. at S.C0 a m,
when ship inn llilo a heavy swell from nor,hwest,
which caused the vessel lo roll considerably; shipped 11
heavy sea. which broke away Ice-cliet,, caboose, etc;
hove to for three hours. From thence 10 port, modernif
nntl flue, with heavy swell from westw-.rd. Sighted
O11I111 ill fi A January Ith. Tobk pilot nt 9.15.
niteport ot Am sch Sirah Ann, Johns. on, Jlas.cr
fuillitl from San Dluo I)-cembiT I0,b, lbM), For the
tlrst four days had slron'i wcsic.ly winds, with blli sea
nntl heavy squalls. Thence ,0 lat !!.'i N, 'r,uj 1S.V W,
squnlls and calms, villi hravv swell ftnr.i w-,ril.
From thence to lat 21' N rnnable w'niN .10m soiithwat-il
nntl westward; then ensteily, with heavy swell from
westward. From tlicuco lo port Ibjlit wlnils troni nor.h
ward nntl eastward.
From San Francisco, per Hoelinn?. Jsini-ry tit 0 11
Dlekevi " pks mtlse.u bxs ,'n plales; Wilder t Cot
cs furniture, I cs clothing; M Dickson: 2rs intlse; A A
Moutanu: 1 cs mtlso; .John SnA X Co: SI pkgs Iron
ware; C K Williams: 8 pUgt futnitnfe; I. 0 Sresttvlch A
Co:' 1 10 pkgs fruits, etc; and 18 pkjs indso to Chltusc
F-om Knteka, per Moniior, .Innnary (ith S78,!XK3 ft
lumber, -l'i M shinglet, I.ewers .t Dichson.
Fnm San Diego, per Saiuh Ann. January Gib 15 tons
snutl. to order.
From Eureka, per Catslc llrywn d. D'cember 31st
KIS.r.iOU lumbei, I M plckc.s. '!." M ehlnlcn, f0 ks
potnioes, 3 cs cflcct" to Cjpt lllako.
From San F'unclco, per Krbkdiin. Dei ember 31st O
Lvcs: 1i!l pes cet'.ii-- M Makay: -1 iikg1! Irliiim'ngs;
Hoi p ,t, Co: jl .ial" Ivy ' I 'ibis i .- ;t k'js mtlso, .)
bbls floni; Lovejoy,; Co: .V)cs It er, Ocs iuiJ.';y; Low
ers fc Ilckt.on: li'i csaiul Lgsientl; (Ico F V.'etts.'Jcs
mdse; T ( Thini.i: !J en btiocs; Mnct'arlsnc ,t Co: 1 15 cs
vrfiiitlsy; It .McKHi'jln: S cs tl tigs; II Mey A. Co: i"J c
groceiles; L McColly: 1 ck ciockc.y; H 11 Dole: HfJ net
pipe; Lciiehan ,fc Co: 3) jitg lnuti.s; HiiHU.tr .t Co:
1 c- nit'so; l 1) Freeih: '.vitks llorr; I)H"ii"hani ,t Co:
1' I cs till, itipk" bpidwaiu; .1 S Wulko,: :lioree; Cas
tle J: Cookq: 3w bales hay, 3", sks gia'ti. Jtl pk; su
ceilea;F A Hchaurc, A 1 Cor SSI pit " unite; oie ci : 148
sks bipii,4 cal-s, II iikmdse; Spelter: 'J1 ikis
mil ; .! Nntt A Co: !) pi. s mtlse; K 0 HaM .t Huh: 37
pk-;s powder; O Afturj:'. nil sks flour; .1 W Wlllieins:
3 pk-i fumiiein; 1 Segei'.eu .t Co: llpKgt. Ironwnio; C
K lllisius: 11 ct eiubere; (iilnbeei.i A Co: 10 cs
cigars 1 ip!;itlrygoot s, ll8pl.;s;;iocerlcs; A WDusli:
I coots ftmls; Ilojchlacei .t Co: 7 c dry goofs; T
L ck: 12 cs guns, powt c- e c; WO liwlu & Co: ! Mils
snliiitin; A flni : ttljskr (lofr; Mcl.eni llrtu: 10 cs
brent', 10c oil; Orey ,t Co: I csk piini o"'; A 1. Smlili:
Jtes mschliie", cle,; McI'i,yicL os: l!aipk3(;iceil-s;
T W ItaullntsilU'i let hav.'IO sl.e iiuls, 10 ctl.-) sotlu; J
I Dowse,,: llg.shs eorn,;)l sks bran, luO baleahay; and
7-'fi pkgs indsc 10 Cbluetufliins.
For Sn F.ar.clsco, tier Mohican, December 31st In
For San Francisco, per D C Muiruy, January 3d KS,.
031 lbs sugar, 78'iH lbs tallow, lfiso grls molusari, IX)
liclis banauat. Domejtlc vlue, $t,l,.VU 3.
For Port Townscnd, per llt'ena Vltta, January Ctli
In lullatt.
Hongkong, per Hochnng, January 6th 'J03 lbs
id specie. Foreign value, $I!E 1.
rice, nn
For Windward Ports, per Likellke, Deo 21
Princess Lllliioknlanl, 1K Makcc, 11 Itener, .
n. r L ......tlln t t, t..lu 1. I .. ,r
20-11 It II
J' W llnr-
AI1111111. !C
Abulia, W Utiunlt, T Johnson, J Ttilten, It Illuiichrortl
Itev A O Forbes, A O llronn, J Juan, F Engcrt, Ahl,
C Wler and wire. "
From Windward Ports, per Likellke. Jan f -Capt T
Spencci, K A Diirchndl, W MeDou-jal. M 1) Monaarratt,
U F Kastiuan, W 11 Pu'e J W Arinllngo, J Tot, en, T
Jtihiistin, A bpencer, .1 II Wllber, F WnniUnbera. .1 W
Olrvln.W I' Sharratt, Ah Dak, Mr J Ena.MlsaC John,
son. Miss E Thompson, 00 Johnson, D II Hitchcock,
Jr.ll Tuiton Jr, Don J W Kultia, Hon I, Aholo, J F
Hackfeld, Miss M lllldcbrantl. Miss L llaldwin, Miss
Fr-.r, Jude, Makalua and w Ife.
From Sau Francisco, per Kalakana, Dec 31 Col Ham'I
Norrlt. Capt Von Schmidt anil wife, MUs S Williams,
II I! Sherman, I! Frledhinder, Mist Ida Mohrlg, II
Owen, H Aekerinnn, C F Smith, II J King, A F Puniest,
Hugh Jennet, W H Itiitherford, James lTrnpliy. lllclinril
Scnnett, Hubert Donovan, Albert McClure, Vv It Foster,
K M Stiickpole, IMword llerry. Wllll.im McCormlck,
Henl Donofly, William Henry, Chat lluckley, Thomas
McCarthy, Hubert CruHiie.
For Han Francisco, per D O Murray, January 3d Mrs
J A MIx.Mrs Doyle, John HU.011, J Hutchison, James
Anderson, It Smith. F Fjnei, O A Slccncns, U lluckley,
It Marl.le, W H Hnllieiford, J Hansen.
For HiiiiRkou". per Hochuii';, January 6th Hi adults
and & chlldicu, L'tiluese,
From Knreka, per Castio Hayw.trd, December 31st
Tliomrs Oraham.
From San Francisco, per Hocliung, January 4th J
Harrison and 10 Culncss; 72 In transitu.
From Kureka, per Monitor. Jnntiu y 6th Mrs Thomp
etm and four children, T II Palmer, T Mullen,
,..., u j, v.,,iii, tf ,, , mho ur 1,1111 wiir,
From San
Diego, per Sarau Aun, January 6th II
For San Francisco, per .Mohican, Dec 31
II II Plant.
llKCKI.i: V Iii ill's city, January 7th, 1831, l'lmncmrK
. HecKLKY, a?cil.'ll )eu,s; mid ut the time of lilstle
ceast) was Uuternor for the It'and nf Kauai.
WII.LIAMS-In tills cl.v Jau
7,h, at lliti Hawaiian
Hotel, II. T, Willuhs, aged 22carv, reciiilly fiom
rranelcco by the City of Jfcw.Yo.k,
Fi-om Ouv Hilo Correspondent
IIlu, Dtfceinber 3Ut., 18S0.
Kditou SiTUitDAT l'uesa -Tho lUiwfroin Mautin
Ixui is tuilil to bo within 1C lullt-s tit this plnco nnii
utivitiR moro rapidly tlmti it Iiiih boeti Inttly. TI10
width of tho How is from 0110 luuulrtxUo four hurt
Urwl mill fifty feet. Wo cun sco very plnittly Hint
it in m-nrer to ub; it tliM not npiwiir over ten milea
from Uilo. It i iiuito brilllmit. A imrty hits
jjouo up to tho sourco of ttow ; they sLtrttnl Inst
Monday. I mu hoping to hnvo 11 report from thorn
tn wrlto you in my next letter.
Pooplo who think it nlwnyu rains in Uilo should
coiuo hero lunv-timl hoo tho dust. Thero tins Ieeu
but it few dropd of rnitt bIiico tho How trom Mokun
weou 10 coimuonoed, (November Mh.) Yedtc nl.iy
tlio wind w ns very violent mid tho dust was llyln
nroutid ns though it did not cost rtuythiiiK ; ouu
storu was com pulled to claw iu front door or h.ivu
tho ods coveretl with duot. II is often ald.
"&co Naples nud Die;" sumo my, "Seo Uilo mui
get awfully Wet." Hut now it is to cet eoverett
with dust ;it is a chance for us. We Imvo deli
cious water to wash it down with; it U cool und
clwir, mid does iyit run Uirough pipts. Wo have
net iuito 10 p)enti(al a supply as formerly.
Lttet ulghi wo Imd it lino shower that lasted
about au hour, jt was tho tlrst wo have hud worth
cjilliiu; a ruin in uanrly two mouths. Them has
also lieea boiuo rain in Knu, whoro It was more
needed than iu this viciulty.
To-morrow, beiti tho 1st of January, 1881, we
aro all In hopes that it will not ruin or bo verv dusty,
in order that the children way have their parade.
The tiuuday School of tho ioreiuu Church will
have a sail and picuio at Wsl.ike-t iu which
about DO will join. The Native Church and School
have h, good treat also provided for thuiu. Our
now brass band will head the procession. Children
from ueighboriux pl.iuUtious will come here aud
join iu the procession. J. A. M,
Published for the Sati nnr Pnrts Association by
Hook, Job and (leneral Printer,
Ilnnotnln, It I.
The SATtnDAT Pnitt cannot undertake to rctnrn
communications, accepted or rejected, and we have to
request correspondents to append their trne nanus antl
adtlrettes, not ntcessarlly for pnblieallrn. If so tie
tlrnl, bnt a a guarantee of the good faith of the writer.
Kit. HATitntnv 1'nr.ss.
JAMJAltVB, 1881.
1'ltKSIHKNT IlAYr.s, in liis tncaanpo to t'on
grcsR, niiitlo no nllnsion to tlio recent inudtllo
in llieBO Islanilfl, in tlint portion of tlioaildrcflB
treating of tlio relations, of tlio Untied States
with ntlier countries?. Ho ovitlcntly thought
it nf very little iniportanco ; or pcrlmm I10
omitted it purpoaoly an n jiint rohnko for tho
foolish and cliildliko way in which nffairs
woro contlncteil hero.
A i.trrr.K paragraph in tho Inst Hawaiian
(hurtle nhoul "n biuitllo of sticks" nntl tho
valno of concerted action "in ovory depart
ment of life, from tho family circlo to tho
Cabinet," lias given tho tinprcsaion in many
quartets that there vya soino Hiccinl tcaaon
for tho hint, nnii that tlifTereliccs had arisen
amongst the members of liis Majesty's Cabi
net. We nro assured that thero is not nt
present tlio slightest ground for tho stipposi
tion. W'v. notice tho introdiictriry nrticlo of tho
Gazette undor its now editorship and offer our
Aloha to the coming, as wo did to tlio parting,
editor. Wo cordially ngreo aB to tho " way of
doing things" thcicin recommended, and would
oven enlarge upon tlio motto by snying there
aro different ways of "putting things." Two
tlifforont wrilors may romark on tho fliuno
occurrence or debato tho s.inio public ques
tion, and yet though neither depart from tho
truth, each may lend his roaders to opposito
conclusions regarding tho uinttcr under dis
cussion. Different pooplo look on tho samo question
from different points of viow, nnd it is well
thnt it Bboiild bo so. Fair nnd open and
thorough examination of till public matters,
by men of various opinions and widely differ
ent habits of thought, antagonistic 0110 to tho
other, it may be, is greatly to ho desired.
Woro it not so, n humdrum uniformity would
bo .1 posilivo ovil -in tho Slato. This lunn
wants nono but Chinese laborers, but for
tuuatoly his neighbor thinks that Anglo
Indians would bo proforablo. A third says
got both, and n, fourth recommends freed
negroes from tho Southern States.
Hcio, then, aro tho moans of raising n
hoalthy discussion. .Let ench say his say ;
let no 11110 uttribujo malico where nnuu is
intended ; lot not a difference bo held to bo n
default, or an opposite conclusion ;is a crimo.
In illustration of the courso of argument
recommended above, wo bog courteously to as
miiotho editor of lo Express that inhis issno
of Wednesday, January 5th, heisenjiroly mis
taken as to tho inspiration of tho nrticlo wo
published last week, expressing an opinion
that it would not bo wise to rcstiict tho use
fulness of tho most prominent physician in
tho Kingdom to n placo in which moat of tho
work could bo bettor done by a clerk. First,
wo nsstuno that nono other than tho foremost
physician should bo appointed, and thnn n
dilemma arises : cither tho community must
bo deprived of tho sci vices of its best physi
cian, or tho appointment will becomo thobattlo
ground of every ono who wishes to recommend
a nominee of his own.
Avoiding personalities ns "much as possible,
wo can truthfully assert that tho niimo of Dr.
MoKibbiu ought not to have been imported
into this question. His opinions and ours
may or may not be alike, but that our article
was in the romotest degrco inspired, sug
gested or informed by that gentleman in far
romovod from tho fact; neither directly nor
indiicctly, from his opinions, did we writo tho
nrticlo referred to. Wo cortuinly do not look
upon " Dr. MoKibbin as a scholar of bo back
ward a character, etc.;" but that has nothing
to do with tho question at issue.
Tho " crudciicsB" that is, tho unripeness,
tho balf-considorod stato, of idea which wo
condemned then, and now protest against
nfrcsh, was tho suggestion of a " hospital for
lcpeiB in Honolulu," which now appears in
tho Express in tho modified form of a " boitao
of detention," and t'.io positively foolish rec
ommendation of ono peripatetic inspector for
tho whole Kingdom. If thoso bo not " emtio"
nnd unripo ideas, wo aro mistaken. Wo arn
also much mistaken it Dr. McKibbin is in any
way responsible to tho Uoaid of Health more
than any other medical man in tho place who,
being asked for it, gives his advice nnd" assist
nuco to tho intelligent laymen.
Tho Express now complains that tho lopors
detained nt tho polico station whilo awaiting
convoyanco to Mulakui nro allowed to " con
vorso, and evon to shako hands with thoso
who know them." It iB not very long Hinco
tho samo authority attempted to establish a
" hospital for lepers in Honolulu," whoro Ihoy
m 'gAf bo tended " by thoii own friends" ! I
Tho medical profession in Honolulu is invited
to give professional ndvico to tho lay Board of
Health ; but it in not fair to sathllo them, still
loss ono of thorn, with tho crmlcitess of idea,
mid unsatisfactory action, which is almost
unavoidable whoro tho uiui-profcssiouul rules
absolutely, but builds up his courso of action
on ndvico solicited from proiexsional men
physicians, engineers, financiers or others
ami then iu caao of failure, ot courso throws
tho bliinio on thorn.
Tho Board of Health needs reconstruction
far mora than when that operation wua lust
jf A vi'.nY serious Rubjcct is struggling to tho
Biirlaco ot our island political questions, to
which wo invito thonttoution and earnest con
sideration of all thinking men throughout tho
community. This is no less u matter than tho
Enfranchhtmant of the Chinese. Article 1)2 of
tho Constitution, promulgated by KamuliDineha
V. iu August 1801 provides that " ovory malo
" subject of tho Kingdom, wIiobiu1I luvo paid,
' his taxes, who shall havo attained tho ago
" of twenty years, and shall luvo bocn domi
' ciled iu tho Kingdom for 0110 year im
" mediately preccodiug tho election; and shall
" bo poascised of real property iu the Kiug
" dom, to tho value over ami abovo all in
" ctiiubauccs nf one hundred and fifty dollars
' or of a lease hold property on which tho
" rent is twenty.ftvo dollars u year, or of an
" iucomo of not less tbau bovoii ty-flvu dollars
" per yo.ir, derived from any property or roiiio
" liwvfol employment und shall know how to
' ro.id and writo, if born sinco tlio year 1810,
" and shall havo caused his tiamo tn bo enter
" et I on (ho lUt of voters of his district, as
" may bo provided by law, shall bo entitled to
" ono voto for tho UepreseuUtivo or lto
" lloprcaentativcs of that district. "
Now here is no provision for tho refusal -nf
tho voting (Kiwors to anyone who may claim
it, except tho very moderate qualifications
specified. The language or languages in
which the wuuld-bo voter is requested to bo
ablo tu read and write aro not mentioned.
The qualifications prescribed are suuh as may
bo easily acquired by every Chinaman in the
Kingdom. They now hold real properly to a
very considerable extent ; rico fields, sugar
plantations, and every sort of industry, they
tako in hand. By tho census taken !u Dec.
1878 there were no less than 5,79 Chinese
here. Since then these numbers have largely
increased; of these, at the tiino the ccusiu was
... . as. l ..I 141 .toaA fumaalnJ. Ti.atM mta KSal&
IttfcVU Will fdi wcin ivtiiaiiri iuw mv iifjug
that a Clilnamau, bo be wh"oresoever'he'uiy,
is a Chinaman and notu citizen of tho country
ho may luvo temporarily honored with his
presence Tlio very idea of a voting power is
unknown, nnd except to a fow individuals, ab
solutely iiiilntollegiblc. From birth onward
for many fcorc of generations, tho Chinaman
lias been accustomed to bid or to bo bidden.
Tho official commands and tho non-official
obeys. Of theso sit thousand Chinese, proba
bly not one, if provided with a voto would
dnro to uto it independently. Tho leading
men amongst tlio Chincso could easily Btipply
them with tho property qualification ami con
troll tlio r vale. An ambitious, unscrupulous
agitator 'might gather into his hamlB a power
which would swamp all tho other elumcntR
in tlio State.
Tho Americans, tho Knglish, thoNntivcs,
nro all moro or less in tho habit of indepen
dent thinking und being divitlcd in opinions,
might really fall nn easy prey to tho compact
phalanx of China, which might be brought
together, determined to rulo for their own
interests Rolely. Tho extent of this nossiblo
ovil, and how'it might be accomplished, wo do
not enro to point nut; suffico it, that thero is
amongst us a terrilio force, latont at present
may bo, but pregnant with ovil, possibly
within n not far distant future.
Tho notion, as well as tho practiso of solf
govcrnment is utterly unknown in China,
and ns Chinamen cares lor tlio wolfaro of tlio
State, but only for his own direct galm.
Ho owes 110 allegiance to any one, and pro
vided he can keep clear of tho polico and nn
good tonus with his trades-union ho is satis
fied. Thoro aro at the present moment boiiio
hundreds of Chinese in Honolulu, doing nothing,
supported by tholr countrymen with tho solo
object of kccping'tip tho prlco of wages. Wo
hardly recogiijw) ryct tho effects of tlio roccut
arrivals', I'latitalioiis want hands, aud house
holders watiL.-acrvaiits, nnd yet tho ve'ri
cst .boor jiiowly arrived from China de
mands n war;-, largor than that earned by
highly trained domc'stlo servants, or hard
working farirf servants iu older countries.
'Whatovor r.ioral ot montnl capacity a Chinii
iinan muy lack,, it is lint that ofsluowtluess.
Ho has, wo mlin.it exceptions, no senso of hon
or or truthfulness, and if ho finds out ho is to bo
our mnstor, wo loo very soon shall realize tho
position to our cost.
Mn. Anthony Tiioi.i.oph has just com
pleted a now novol undor tlio titio of "Aqua
la's Angel."
On Now .Year's ovo a theatrical entertain
ment was given, by Col. 0. Jildd, tho performers
being amateurs and tho piece " Our Hoys."
Tho acting was admirable and tho kind heart
ed hostess cuntcmpl.ilca a repetition of tho
Wk woro mistaken last wook iu stating that
" Paris is yet to, bo hoard from." Tho Ftoucli
government has spoken in terms nlmost identi
cal with thnieuscd by thaAmcriuun nnd lliiliHli
giiverniiieuts ; that is, tlio ncliou of tho French
lloprcsontatiyes is approved, and ns to tho
complaint laid against him it is not wotth
Loud Bhaconhi'iumi's now tale, fills the
orthodox throe volumes, as " Lothair " did
ton yoars ago, commences in tho years imme
diately picccdiiig tho first Hofonn Hill, and
covers a sp.ico of about a quartor of a cen
tury. Tlio cliiof characters aro tho young
Kndymion and his sistor Jlyra. Of tho
first ten thousand from tho press 3,000 woro
taken by Mudio, 775 by Messrs. Smith & Sou
and 200 by the' (Irosvonor Library.
It is proposed by tho members of tho Brit
ish Benevolent Society to hold a concort in aid
of tho fuiitls of tho Society early in February,
in tho New Music Hull. Our most dis
tinguished atnatoiua havo promised to assist.
Tho manager of tho Honolulu Iron Worku is
interesting himself, and not n little musical
talent is to bo found amongst tho mechanics of
that establishment. Wo hopo to bo able to
givo further particulars nnd tho progrtiuimo
ns soon as it. can bo douided on. Music, both
vocal and instrumental will bo provided, and
we trust that so good an object muy meet tho
suppoit it bo richly deserves.
TKir.aitAi'Ji Links UNDr.nonouND. Many
persona havo seriously objected to tho ugly
looking telephone polos about Honolulu, nnd
it has bcou utatcd that it is impossible to havo
tho wires placed underground. Wo notice,
however, n paragraph with tho abovo heading
iu tho Scientific American of Dccembar 18th
lust by which it appears that "Philadelphia
nowapapors report that tho Union Amciican
Tolcgraph Company nio ubout to try iu that
city tho experiment of putting their wires
underground. Tho plan works well enough
in European cities, und thero would socm to
bo no reason why it should not succeed hero
navo tho indisposition of tlio companies to boar
tho first cost of making tho change
Soonor or later tho poles and wiren miiRt oomo
down ; nnd it is altogether probable that th o
change will bo beneficial to tho companies in
tho long run, owing to tho smaller cost of
maintaining u .stibtorraiioon system. It will
ccituiuly bo an advantage- to tlio community
Tin: Church for Christian Ohineso, lately
built in Fort streot, was formally dedicated to
tho purposes oi Christian worship on Sunday
lust. Tho Itov. Dr. Damon, Dr. Hydo nnd Mr.
Frear took part in tho religious ccroinnnies.
Goo Kim ns chairman of tho Building Com
mittee hnmlcd over to Sit Moon, 'tho pastor,
tho keys of tho odifico. His Majesty tho Kiu,
wan present. Addresses woro delivered by
Mr. Sit Moon on tho progress of Christianity
among tho Chinese and by Mr. Qoo Kim, who
madr tho financial Btatomuut ; selections from
tlio sacred Sciiptures wero read, ami a hymn
sting. Iu tho afternoon a service was hold,
when Dr, Damon recapitulated tho statistical
and financial position of tho undertaking which
seems to promise well and to which wo wish
n wall deserved succoss. Tlio building itself
may bo described as an oblong roctaiigular
fabric with a tower bearing n spiro on tho
U;nrt street oml; and a porch on either sido, nt
Hie samo euti (is. tlio tnwor, iiiogcuorai ouect
is decidedly pleasing ; tho spiro iu particular,
will bo hoiicefoitli a notable foaturo ill tho
city. AVldu stuircusq If ads from Furl street
through tho tnwor to tlio main upurtmont,
whilo two porq)iOjt givo uccchh to tho. lowur
portions of thtvbuildltig allotted 'as school
rooms, reading-room, cle'. This is B.iid to bo
tho fust 1 ouso of worship over oi pried by
Chiucao tor tl)ibjlvcfl,,dlicatod to Christian
Places of Worsklp.
HismkkV I!ETH(&ler H a Cimnn, Chaplain, King
itrmt, mar ihu Wallor' Home. Preaching ut 11 a m.
beats free, Habbuth tichool before lliu murulug service,
Piaycr meetlugon Wedneiday evcninga at 1H o'llock.
Fort hrnT Ciiubcii Itev f Frear, Pastor, cormr
if Fort and lleretanla atreeta. Preaching on buniUja
it II Jl u aud T)4 r a. Babbath Bchool at 10 a h.
br AniiuiWs Uatiikuiui Kngllib aervlcwt lit Itev
the HUhop of Honolulu aud ltev 'I li,w UlacLburu. Ha.
wall.ni aenlott ltov Alex MacWIiitutli. 0:, Holy
CoiiiiaiiiiioiityjM, Matin and Harmon (Havtallau); II,
il.itlnt. I.I la i ir aud tiriiiim (Kngliili); -1, Kitu.ong
(Hawaiian); T.UO, Kventnug and hermou (KnglUhj
lljninKnsll.h), inorulngi U, 38, W( evening) 33, aj,
KawAUiuoCui'ucu Itev II 11 Parker, Tailor, King
atreel, abovo thti Palace. Hervltta In llaaliau every
buud.yal 11 a. Kabbath bihool at 10a a. livening
tervlcra at Til o'clock, alternating with KaumaLaplll,
Dlttrlct meeting! In various chapelt at 3.30 r . Prayer
meeting every Wwtneaday at Tii r m,
KAUMAkariu Cuuscu Jlv M Kuaea. l'aitor. Here,
tanla ttrret, near Nuusnu. heivlces In Hawaiian every
SuuQny ut IC'i a m, Habbath Hcbnol at M' A M, Even
ing MirvlcMatTrt o'clurk.alicmailnz with Kaaalabao.
Prayer meeting at try Wjtlne.tla) at ! m.
ltovAH C'atmouo Cuukcu- Under the cbarg of lit
Kfv lll.hop Jlilzret,aitlcd by lev k'otlitr Jlermami;
Fort atreel, near IWeLanla, bvivlcia every Uunday si
10 a h and 3 r N.
ii ijiaMWtjsMSsSBtjsWiwtaagiMMww-;
If you want auy real Yalcaclennea f.acet yoo will And
them at A. M. Mellla', 104 Fort Street.
To BKouKOTTu bk, la tht 4attlon of tho day. If
yua want to U In ilyle you-mutt get one of the real
Malte.i) Laca Cullara at A. M , M'lIU', 10 Fort birtet. .
WsAtbMt Wsitekaa.
From tht tfy'jtty Zu(Vy Ttltyrayk, Jvm M, 1680.
Tbt WaltUam Watch Coaipauy have beta awarded the
only sold ucdal cjvca for witchct si tho SjUu'ty lultr '
national Inhibition, and are Ihe only cvhlbltnrt In any
clait from the I'nlled Statea who have received Ihlt
distinctive, recognition.
1 Poll! Agent for tho Hawaiian Itlandt.
Oil I Mrt, Fashionable I what a lovely Poplin drctt
yon have; where did yon gel It 1 Atlhe new JStore of
A M Mums, where yon will flndall the htet styles and
patterns of l)re"t (lood. 101 Kurt Street.
r. T. IiENEIIAN & CO.,
Importers nnd Commission Mcrchnnte,
RIS Ntinanu Street, Honolulu 1!)
C. P. "WARD,
rif MBIHUMSr AM 77 M"'.'.X NT.,
-F: Jt or at Ward'a Ilray Stand, oilers for talc
Klre Wncili t'hnrcoiil, Salt nnd While Sand,
InQnantitles lo Suit.
20 Tons China Nut Cake,
In Quantities to Suit.
M5 19
II. HAfltl T.I.K A (.
rpil K AXXUA j M KI5TI'd OF 'I'll V,
.1. Hlockholdersof the Kohnla Sugar Company for Ihe
election nf olllcer for the ensuing year, will bo held at
the oulce of Ihe , rents on Thiirnlav, Ihe .td day of Feb
ruary next, rl 10 A M J It. .vTIIKHION,
HI It Secretary K. M. Co,
Plca.ont Employment for Ioi"iiro Hours.
Knitti'(j. xirrriNi., TA'rrixo,
nnd Cioehet Work. Jlt'i Daniel Snil.h will be
happy to give Instructions In any or nil lif Ihe nbove.
Terms moderate. She Is ntso prepaid! 10 supply Infor
mation nn various subjects Ucogrnphy, History, ,tc,
irtuii approved aulhoililes.
.Mrs. Huillb will receive pupils from 10 A. M In I P.M.
on Tnettlavs, Thiirdays and Saturdays.
Atlilress'llotM. Post Ulllcu, II111111I11I11. in
TVro'l'Ji'K I a II JO It K II V O I VKX
JLl that .Mr. .1 (I. Spencer bits been atlmhied 11 iiicin
ber of our Htm, odale fio.n Dec. 1. If 0. .
Ilonoliilii, .lanuary 7, I08I.
rgim: .in;.iiiii:ns 4 o.mi'iiihimjtiii: iihn
si Dillingham A Co., ilolng business al Ilonoliilii as
dealers Iu . nrd are and tlrueriil .Merclinnillsei II. F,
Dllllnghiim, H, ,V. Cnsile, Triis.e,- for Hit- heirs of tl. A.
(.' s.le, nnd J, tl, Spencer, nil of Honolulu, Oaliu. II. I.
Ilonoliilii, .lanuniy lt&O. 19 St
Consist jij of the Followirg Goods, viz :
Itolls Host China No. 1 Maltlnif,
Chests Suiicrior Tea, China HilKS, Knus,
And Othor Fancy Goods.
'. AI'OMCl.
N. H. Up Hlarlt, over V. T. Lenehau & On's, Niiuanii
Street. M5 I'J lliu
The Following Goods,
Best Cal .Hard Red Bricks,
Ecst Cal. Fresh Lime.
IIoniKwoy Brandy, othor brands,
Casks llennossoy llnuuly,
CasoH KontnekvFnvorite Wliiskoy,
Cnwn (). F. C. Whiskey,
Cutter No. 1 Whiskey, 6. K. "Wliiskoy,
Casks Heck's Aniurie.in Wliiskoy,
Cnscs Gin, llaskets Stnno Jug Gin.
Host Sherry nnd l'urt Wine iu cases it wood.
ALo, Ale, x'ortur, &c, ttc,
V l. eh will ho Sold at Itcdticed lriceH,
831 To Suit tlm Times. 19
Florida Water
Florida Water.
Tho richest, most lasting, yet moat dcllcato of .all
perfumes fur uaa on tho Iliindlcorcliler, at the
Toilet nnd In tho nalli, delightful and healtbfnl
In tho tick room, relieves vveakneta, fatigue, prostra
tion, nervousness nnd headache. Look nut for counter
feit!. ' Always ask for tho Florida Water prepared
by tho sole proprietors Sleears, Laiimax & UxHf,
Hew York.
Tor CiU if rirfuain, Eratgtiti ttl Tascy Qsoii Sliitti.
Imperishable Fraerance.
Hurray & Lanman'a
Thortehrtt. mntt last.
Intf, jittuiittdtltcatocf
allr. rf nmr a fur nre an
.u.v. . .. .. .. -. .
at the Toilet and In th Halli. dellchlful anil
bcaiufnl In lha title room. relieves weakness, a
l:iio,prottratnn,iicrrtuineManaucsdacus. lok
out for rounterfilli, alvrtrt ask for tbu Flor'da
Water prepsnd by tho tyi'a proprietors, klcaats.
Lsumaii & Kemp, r.'ew Ybik.
Tor Eals by rortnmen, Drugglu snd Ytntf
Ooods Sealers.
For talo very low, In bond or duty paid. A great lav
In:; by bu vlni- a box of one dutn boiilea
Za'tu' M. ilelS'KltNV.
b-lj I'J
'riHKKOinceiiptuamllucltidliiK thtsaoihdayof Auxutt
must be .ellkd with J II. UUct ouly. All ludibtedneta
up In the tanit data will b titllej by
Honolulu, Ausntt 2?, lB.sJ. blT-3
Hulldluioratruf Qun and fort tta. ipply lo
Administrator's Notice,
rrin-: irNj)Kiisi(.ri:D having
X. been apwinlr.l by lha Court aa Adnilulttralof of
the e.Ulv cf J. O, WuoJ, drceaied, rcjueiU all parltea
Indeblvd tu the r.tata to m.ke linniedlata iiayuient;
and til iwrtlca bavlair claims italutt ihu aaltl null to
iire.iut th tame lo lha uniitt.lm-J ultldn tlx uuuth
rviu Ihlt datti, or tbey will be forever barred.
Administrator of the HtUte of J. V, WumI, diccucd.
Houolulu, December tb, loeO, bS -Iw
Tho Best in the Market.
BbUkS ' r( llWUsMllUlsassssMsPliiHsffM!
X Stockholders of the llalkn SttRar Company for the
election of ofllccrt for Ihe ennlnT year, will bo held at
theotllcenf the ARents Messrs, tattle ,t Cotike, on tho
2!th tlar ot .lannnry, iti( si t" .. -'t.
II. ATlimtTON.
13 It
H.'e tt y II Iku HiiRarl'o,
33 0DKL-A.3ELT,
lVn tr.1i iu nkcr. .fnwullor. Kiignvrcr,
Xici.xxxoxxcl Sottor,
j Matla lo order, unique In dcsl-jn, and nf the I
mot approved pnlterna
Kukui Jeweliy a Specialty
Witiclios of tlio FhicHt JIccliiuilsiii
At Low Hales, nnd Warranted.
F.ngrnvlng mid Slono Scltliiir I'roinptly Al
tended to.
txrl Imlil niyst'lr pflnDiinll.v- rriHlllKlhlf
lornll irixMlt pnlriiNlr.1 mv pivh, nntl ssanrenll
til) patrons of perfect security of lli'dr koo'Is. '''I Sin
a. LECTtrnE
- AT
SI. Louis College, No. 7JI Hcietniilii Street,
A l.eclnro will be delivered, for Ihe llcnefit of tho In
stltiititin, by
.Subject "Tho Lights nntl ahadowa uf Our Times.'
Ti'i(t:rN nn !i:ntn.
PAIlTir.M UAVtXU :l.AinS AAlNNTthfl
iindrrslKiieil lll please present the samo within au
days from date to A. Yt . llnsh, or to
II. COItNWKI.L, Walkapu.
December 31, IffO SW 18 lm .
'JTijOOO Oals. Oak Cnsks, nearly now,
i:x j. i). srnr.oKKi.a.
75 Bbls Mess Beef.
50 do. Prime Mess Pork.
18 It KM W. . lltWIN 'l.
IT I IrrJl iiit; i.'a;iifi.st.it
rit:u ,il imr.'u-piim'iiii; nun iiutiiiiv
ii horso feetl, also tho (lovernnieut
reiiilatlou for horses eniratretl intlrar
lni; tn ko In n slow walk, tho iiiidersicned la compelled
to increase tho rates of tlrnylnjr to:i7' cents per toil for
general merchandise, coul, wood, lumber. Iron, bricks,
Ac, to bo charged according to agreement,
O. 1. WAllt).
Taniinry'l.lWI. KM 1H :it
Kollec nrilisHnliilion of Co-rnrtnerslilp.
-jsu-'ru:i: in iir.ar.iiv jivi:x that tiik
XH co-partnership between Mrs. L. F. Dickson for Iho
Kslnle of .1. (I. Dickson, H. I.ewers nnd O. yi. Cooke uii
tier the Arm nniiiu of I.cwera .V; Dickson, Is this day dis
solved by mutual consent.
All debts owliiL' to the said Urm will bo collected, nnd
all liabilities will be assumed by uUiiniccKnaous, Messrs.
I,tjw era A Cooke.
Tor the Kstnto or .1. tl. Dickson,
Honolulu, January 1, 1881. 18
Notice or Change, of Co-l'nrtnerlilp.
of tlm Into J. O. Dickson In tho Arm or Messrs.
I.ewers A Dickson, noticoialiurebyivcn Hint It. Lowers
nnd C. M. Cooke will continue thu business of Dealers
In I.iimheniiid llitlldliii; .Materials, under the tlrm nnnio
or I.cwcra A Cooke. ItOllKUT I.ICWKltS,
The Hawaiian Almanac
Annual for 1881
X nnd should be In every household In the Islands,
and sent to nil abroad who have tiea of Interest here.
Seventh Year of Publication,
And acknowledged to bo tho best yet Issued.
Its Information Is full nnd reliable, rIvIiiu overland
and Inter-Island distances, census of tho Islands nnd
principal townships elevations nf principal localities,
l'ost Olllce, Custom llouso and other comparative tables,
internal tuxes, comparative view of commerce from
1811, tables of Icadluj; Imports, exports, passenger sta
tistics, table of colli values, tabic of receipts and ex
penditures Hawaiian Government, public debt, revised
l'ostal Act nnd rates of postage, to nil countries, tnblo of
school population, latitude nntl loiigltudo nf principal
points, Algiutif the Hawaiian Islands, theiitrlcnl remi
niscences, game antl gamo laws, visit to Crater of Kl
lauea, peculiarity nf Hawaiian climate, Apprnpitatlon
111 II, Hawaiian registered vessels, sugar plantations and
mills their locations and itgcnls, KoyalOnlfrs of Ka
mehameha nntl Kahikauu, legend of Maul, Itelrospect
for 1HW), casualties of shipping, rain record for I8HO,
with n full Iteglsttr and Directory nf Court, Government
Departments, Consular Corps, Commercial Agencies,
llenevnlent and Social Societies, Lodges, Churches and
l'lihliciitlnns, tc, ,tc.
I'ltlCU .'id cts. per copy, or mailed abroad for CO eta.
Itemlttanccs from nhrnailcan bo mado In ritnmps.
Ml TIIOS. O. T1IUU.W, IMbllthcr, Honolulu.
iiiutn from city allurements, Is an acknowledged
safeguard for mornlt for suliibrily of climate, la unri
valled. Tho buildings arc large and commodious, while
the grounds nlTord thu pupils opportunities for health
ful exercises:.
Unremitting attention v III bo given to the Inlellet lual
and morul culture or tho pupils. Non-Catholic pupils
will be freu to attend the religious exercises or not, ac
cording aa their parents or guardians may desire.
I'uplft tiro received at any tlinoilurlug the year. No
reduction will be madu from regular charges, except fur
absence caused by protracted Illness.
Nn leave of ab.cuco during tho scholastic year, except
at the College vacations or by special perulfislon.
Kach pupil must on entering obtain one suit of uni
form, which with all oilier necessary clothing, Ac, Ac.
will bo furnished at modcrato cost by tho College) but
none of theto will bo provided by tho Co 1 1 ego iiiilest by
special arrangement.
l'liymenta are. to bu mado quarterly, and Invariably
Iu advance.
The course of study Is Classical, rVlcntlllc and Com
mercial; I.alln, Greek, French, Hpanlih, German and
Ilnllan am taught. -
Particular attention will bo paid In tho English I.an
ciiaao In all Its branches, l.lltriiliire, l'ure und Mixed
Mathemntlcs, History, Geography, Chemistry und Nat
ural riillotophy, Ac.
For Hoard, Lodging, Tuition and Walhlng. ntr
rlrholaatlc tear ISO Oil
Entraii'o fen jo ID
Yacitluii at Ctillrge.. ,. jo U)
juusic, vtKai ami ins
IruinenUl, Drawing and Modem
Langiiagea extras
DAY I'UI'II.a-Kenlor(Haa (noon
Junior Clata l) (HI
Tho Hcliolastlo Year conil.tt'ol two Hetilont, each
comprltliig a period nf live muiithi. The lint tc.tlon
rommeucna on the SjUih of Aujutt; tho second on the
'JHIi of January.
For all aud further particulars, apply Iu
KEY. W. J, I.AltKIN. rretldcnt.
No. V.l lleretanla t.
Kvenlng School Deimrtiueut of St. Louis
The I'retldent hrt deelded lo Include this branch In
tlio curriculum of the College.
Ita object It lo afford all cfatt e of Iho community the
meant of acquiring a theoretical anil practical kntml.
edit, of all commercial antl basinet, transactions In
dally ute; and al.u to givo au Intlght Into the working,
and application of Iho dlllerent Trades, which It Is to
essential tu do In Ihciu Island..
The Theoretical llranch vtlll bo under tha supervision
of the t'resldent and l'rofet.or. uf the College, The
Tractical and inott linporlaut llranch will bo specially
attended to by volunteers from thvailoua matter aitf.
zaus anionic ut, who haw kindly n generuuily prom.
Itrd their services totliUiitefulaiid valuablo tlitrrpllte.
'I hey will, alternately, devote, half an hour fetch aven.
Ing tu the task uf Importing knowledge to Iho ttndentt.
All Ihe Implemenla uecrttiry to each trade, and In Al.
rlrullure, wll bu furulabed by th. Colli re.
Each matter-ailiiau, while conucctol with the Col
lege, will be entitled lo namn on. PrtH-i.lffrbcholaithlp
to lb. prlvlllget of this Ev.lIdk htbtl Deuailment.
1 KHMB-Each Undent per vtck,,Ucta. 'I htl Evening
School will open tl7ulock p. in. IS oil
Wutii oi ovory kind
Irh Etern OyiUra in th liatll
llan Itlandt. In lliemauer ni tut nnnanipicy oi
.:.'.,'..!.., ,.,,,,., t,..,r ihnsald William l.vman
Hvla and to put bit ttoro houe, conntlng hr.tt.et,
cireclt, books and papers under lock and seal And It
I. further ordered Dial Tl KSHAY, tbo Jlh 'lr f
JANl'AHY.A. II. tHMI.slliio'clnckA.Ji, st the courr
rt.oni at Allltilanl Hale, In Honolulu, be Ihe time and
place forbearing and deciding Iho nmsHoli of bank
ruptcy! anil that notice of such heatltiit be published
In the Halurtlay I'rest for three contteiitlvo we-kt pre
vious to tucli bearing, lo the end that nil parties in
leresletl may then and thfrr appear and show cause, ir
any they have, why the tald William. Lyman Davis
should not bo declared bankrupt! and all the creditor,
nf the said William Lyman Davit may then and thero
appear and prove, their claims against said etlalte.
VVilnets my hand and Iho teal of the Mnprcmo Court
Ihlt iSUh day or December. A. II. INW.
A. FIIANCIH JIIIID, Justlco Hnptemn Conrt.
Atlett) A. HtisA. Deputy Clerk. IS Ut
Sale, by the Honorable O. ('. Harris. Chief Justice,
of the Hupri mn Court, Issued on thnfltll day of January,
A. D. IrW), Iho unilerslgneil will tell at public auction
At I'J o'clock noon.
At Iho front door of Alllolanl Halo, all the right, Hits
ami Inlerett which the tald Charlet Kanalmi, tleceattd,
had of. In or lo the following parcels of land altnato
upon tho Island or Maul, via:
LOT JIO. I. Hltuatc Iii I'aeohl, Uhalna. contalnlne
1 acre, I root! nnd I'J perches, near It) the Catholic
Church, and Is planted with cane.
Mir Till. tl. Hlluate In Illkahf, and containing 3
roods and I" perches. .
Mir JIO. 3 .Situate Iii Illkahl, Dahalnn, anil con
tnlnlngiW poles.
I. Of Ml. I. .Situate In Keawalkl, Lahalna, and
containing nlneten perches. This Is the store lot sit
uate near lo the wharf.
1,1)1' an. 5. Hlluate In Kuholllea, Lahalna, con
talnlng I ncro antl II rmiis.
1,11 r, flit, a, Hltntte tu Kuholllea, Lahalna, con
talnlng (acre.
LOT NO. 7, Apana 1 of the Ahnpnaa nf tlknme
hamc,roiilalnlnga"!v acres, fiM acrct of which It kalo
land, nnd a ttream of water runt tnrongli the centre of
Mir JIO. H, Ilelng Aiiia3of said Ahupuaailtaato
on the bench, nntl containing 8 7-10 acres. 5 nf which can
bo planted with cane, Thero la also said to be a n.lilng
right belonging lo this laud extending 3M feet alonn
the beach and eeawartl.
MIT .' II. The lilt of Pnunhnts and Kanonoku,
situate In Wnlluku, containing ISSI acrct, -It) of which la
cane land and ha. been planted by the Walluku Hugar
Com puny.
MIT NO. IO. Is n Lelo or I'uuohala, In Walluku
aforesaid, and conlalns 1 BHIW acres,
MIT NO. II. Ilelng the III of Knohc, In Walluku
aforesaid, containing 1 IH r.MOU acres. A portion of Ibis
Is kulo hind and n portion grafting and worn! land.
LOT NO. I'J. Two what nro known at I'oallmas, be
ing two knlo patches, sltoiito lnstdo of Hoy.il l'atent
MIT NO. 13, Hclng the III of Manlanla, containing
8 M0 acres.
Mir NO. II, Ilelng n Lele of Kanonoku, containing
S'18-KMI of nn acre, andcomprlses two largo kalo patches.
MIT NO. IB. Ilelng the III of I'uhlawaawa, nn'd cun
tnlnt S M-ltsl acres ctinu laud.
Mir NO. IO, Ilelng the Hi of Lcmukcc, containing 3
98-111 acres cauc land.
Mir NO. 17, Hlluated Iu Knpannl, Walluku, antl
containing nn area or DM-ltOU of an ncronnd comprising
two largo kaln patches.
MIT NO. IN, Tha fishing right In the Walluku
Mil NO. Ill, Comprises two pieces of land eltuato'
Iu Knpuiiho, Wulclin, and contains s HMtW ncrea.
MIT N II. O, Ilelng n certain pleeo of land altnatn
In I'elekiinu, Island of Molokal, and contains 4 acres
nnd Hit fathoms.
MIT NO, "21, ilelng ono undivided half of Ihu Ahn
pnaa nf I'elemuku, on the Island of Molokal. Haiti
Ahiipuau contains K1I5 acres, the greater portion of
which Is kulo hind.
MIT NO. Ma, Ilelng tho lands known as Knla and
Hnlckniiinhliiu, situate In l'una, Hawaii. The tlrst pit cu
contains in 1.1 acres; the second piece contains 'M acres;
and the third 1IIKI acres, nil grar.lng land. Hubject to n.
leuso existing on said lauds, which expires April 1st,
IrW, at an annual rental uf SUA), payablo iinninilly In
atlvuiice; tnxes to bo paid by the party holding thu lease.
MIT NO. UB. Ilelng Iho Ahupnanof Knpoho, situate
In l'unn, Hawaii, and coiitalulnglsK) acres. Haiti land
is BiibjfCt lo a lease which expires the 1st day of Janu
ary, iWtt, nt an annual rental of gait), payable semi
annually In advanco; taxes to bo paid by (lie parly hold
ing tho leuso.
MIT NO. 34, Being tha Ahnpnaa nnd flsh ponds of
Kalapiilpuaa, altnato below Kuwalbao, containing an.
area of ifcit) acres, 105.4 of which aro' fish ponds. Subject
to a lease (reserving the largest flah iponit nf 4-71MUII
acres) which exjilres on the aoth day or May,,18t)G, nt an
nnhiial rental of JKI, payable semi-annually; laxea to
bo paid by the parly holding the lease.
MIT NO. 3.1, Ilelng the III of Anaebomalii. which
adjoins the above laud antl contains an ares of 87a acres,
t4 acrea of which are Halt ponds.
MIT NO. 30, Ilelng tho Ahupuaa of Kapalalaca, '
containing nn area of acres.
MIT NO. 37, Ilelng the land known aa Kalamaku
mu, Kona, Hawaii, containing ) acrea.
MIT NO. UH, Situated In Walnlo, Hawaii, and con
taining -10of an acre of kalo land.
MIT NOau, Ilelng tho lands altnato In Waloll,
Ilaualel, Kaunl, and known at l'uuono, consisting of
several largo kulo patches,
MIT NO. ao, Apana 1 of Itoyal Patent 7BI, sltuata
In Kallhlunl, Knual, aifll containing an area of 1 acra
and 111 perches, all kalu Intnl.
MIT NO. 31, Apana 3 of almvo-mcntloned Itoyal T
tent, containing 1 rood and 31 perches.
MIT NO. 33 Ilelng Apann Sof Itoyal Patent No.
WW, situated In Wiilplo, Hawaii, and containing 1-10 of
an acre tine large kulo patch.
MIT NO. 33, Ilelng Apana .lot abovo Itoyal Patent.
Contains 2&I00 of an ucru of kalo land.
MIT NO. 31, Ilelng Apana I of above Itoyal Patent.
Contain. 1-10 of an aero ot kalo laud.
MIT NO 33, Ilelng all tho right, title and Interest
of said deceatetl In Itoyal Patent 7131, comprising a
pieces of land and containing an area of 1 S7I-1UU) acre,
situated In Late, Oolu,
,.,'.r. ?"!; a". I'"'",',' '" Ahnpnaa of Kapalalaca,
situated In Kuua, Hawaii, surveys uf which aro In course
of preparation. ,
Ab oon as anryeya can be made,- the Ahupuaa of
Wa pip, nn Hawaii, and of Alao In Klpahulu, 011 Maul,
will be sold.
Term. Cash, and Decdt ut expense of purchaser.
17 M.I w. ti. I' a Witt;. Mwtiitittatr.
Marshal's Sale.
ecut 011 Issued by tlm Hupreine Court, upon s Judg
ment against l.ulkl, defendant In execution. In favor tif
Allen A. Itoliluton, plalulllla In execullou, for law 87. I
ve levied upon and shall expose tor sale lo the hlghcal
At 13 M at Allltilanl Hale, tho following proper! r. vlzr
All that lot of land tlti.alcd In Kapal.ms, Vsliu. iind
ctiulii nlug Si-iuo acre, together .with tho two-Mory
dwelling house and carr age home and atablea thereon
Ituatit , unlets the said Judgment, Interest, coils of
suit kin! expense, be previously satisfied.
W. C. 1'AItKE. Marshal.
Honolulu, Dec. SI, 18hO,
a an
M a rah n I 'a Al.k
X cullon issued by iho Huprt-mu Court, npon a lutltr
men agaln.t II. I, , ll McCotil.Wci.il.ut. Ill f.vSr of fl.
W.tlraiinls, plaintiff In execution, for IIE 01, I have
levied upoulaiid .lull expose for tale to th. iilghnt bid-
OM 8ATUJ4DAY, JAW. 23, 1881,
In frout of Alllolaiit Hale, nt 13 M
All the right, title uud Inters.! uf tho sntd McCool In
and to Hi u folio lug property, vizi Onuilw.lll ,h.,i5i
and lot of laud, .liSsWon the Icori.e 'o f KisKiwSS
I'llkol .tree and kiiuwii at lot SKI on lu (Inveriiiiient
Hitrvey. nulls. M d udgiiient, Interest i"a roil li.
.rev .,, Iy .at .(led Th. Urui. of the .sl2 srs Us.b!
und J)eed at thu ex pen, f lno ..urcha.er,
1 ho slt.ialioii Is u very deilrabluvnu and will make,
flue residence for u family, iu.k.s
Honolulu. Ueceu.bcrSM. IrWI."' 1,AUKK' &
Nos. 7 iiad 78 Hotel HtrMt,
HART BROTHIRS, roprl.tor..
Board by the Dy, Week or TraHHleat
Cigars, CiguotUt vti TtUem, .
M WUr fcad qUmt Im4 Sriaka.
XmIs Urv iu lintHOlaM ityU
Wll. MAM l.l.'lA.i iwiif, " ;" " tiiiiiiii.
llerore Mr Justice Jildd, In Chambers.
William l.ymnn Davis, of Makawatj, Island of Maul,
having rome before n ami declared himself a Hank
tnpl a provided In Hcctlon W-iof Ihe Civil Crnle, It a
here iy oidere.1 that the Clerk of tlin Htipreu e Court do
I..... -L.. ....i.. ii. xi.r.iist nf tlm Kingdom tn take,

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