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as " 'Jf rxw. tk WW" "?"''wa?yr
rioyor.vr.if, it Anon s, imi.
fluslnes In Rfnn.il him settled Itself Into routine
of drill monotonr, more especially In the various retail
hriinchM of trade, from which we nee no erlj relief.
I,oeal and Inter-Island travel I restricted, and we re
r;ret to learn that onr coasting fleet Is being (tradnally
redneed by vends withdrawn, or laid tip In qnsranllne.
In foreign shipping, onr Hat this week shows a num
ber of vessels by which many commodities that were
becoming scarce In the market am now relieved The
cargoes of coal come quite opportnne, as docs also the
general cargo of Enropran goods ex Atalanta, which
will help to take the place of the loit cargoes of the
Wllrand Haendel.
In bnslness change taking place on the lit Instant,
we note the admission of Mr. .. O.Tncker to an In
terest In the auction and commission home of Mr. C.
8, Harlow, and the disposal by Mr. A. McWayne of hla,
interest m me iionoimti jrng more to J. A. Palmer
A Co. M'e congratnlato these aspirants for business
fame and wish them every snece ss.
Ilr lh following Table of Krports for the past month
01 r ciirnary, ll wii
hastened forwards opportunities offer, so that we an
ca In on
are accumulate
It will be aeon we have made a handsome
preceding month by $'A"S,7Srt.Vi. Sugars
tannings, ami are
at tho various
.. A.........-!!!.
i.n.. I.... .hi .. ii 1 1, nn .rjfifi,iiiiiiii:i unci . rit ,nit i ire an
Irlpstn this month to glvn n a more valuable s howlng
till, and round up a handsome quarter1 exports.
1 si-agssssisiss
x Whin Isaai
3 ?8'.W iS'li
isas ;
: t
The Am bktne Ran I,ul, arrltrd on Thnrsdsy last
with a cargo of coal from New Tscoma, this vessel was
formerly a steamer. She Is rather a pretty model, and
looks as If she might travel pretty fast If she has the
rhsnr e She Is discharging at the Esplanade, near the
The Am bgtne North Star, from Pepartnre nay, with
coal, Is discharging at the foot of stm I.lkellke'a dock.
The Norwegian bk Heta, Is at 1' M 8 S Co's dock,
loading with sugar for Man Francisco to sail about Mon
Hay next, this csel made a good rnn to Maalaea, 11.1
days, which might hare been made In less time. If tne
Cant bad not cruised aronnd Hawaii, looking for the
" Plantation round the point "
The (ler a Septlma, Is still In qnarantlne, but will
probably sail for llnngkongon Monday or Tuesday next.
The stm Jas Makee, and Jennie Walker, are In quar
antine, each of them having arrived with a case of
small pox on board.
The bk Lady Lampsoi., and bgtne Hesperian, are
about due from San Francisco, with from three to fire
days later news.
Messrs T II Foster t Co's new steamer, will be dne
from Han Franclco, the latter part of next week.
The Haw bgtne Pomare, arrived on th 1st Inst . and
anchored In the stream, fur full particulars of her
royago see another column.
Notwithstanding the NIc bk ttemlltn. was urononnced
nnsraworthy, the Cant took her to sea lat Hnndav
morning, who Is to blame If she goes dowm with all
The wh bk Progress, la lying oft" and on, sho sail to
day for a cruise.
The Am sch Karah Ann, has changed hands during
the week, having been sold to FT l.cnihan A Co, for
about $!..''. Ue understand that her name has been
changed to the Mee Poo
.2 o'eossecSeo -. q o
s ccncefie6'cegSc
e a e a a q e a o a a ." a
v. Ji V. I f a Em J. &&,,&, 'it
o a
ai ; ;
:1 '. -w
; v "
ibl !&&
w a -j P, w s -! ? o , o -(
a a
Feb 37 Oer bark Atnlnnla, Mohrmann, 122 daya from
Hi Nor bk Mela, Chrlstcnsrti, 121 dys from Dram
men, Norwny, via Maalaeu
Hclir Mnry 1. ostcr, from Honuapo
Hchr Prince, from Mahukoim
Mciir. fenny, from Nawlllwlll
Hchr Walleln, from Mullko
Hclir Walehu, from Kail
Sell- Manuoknwal, from llnnamaulu
Hell 1 Haw b!tiie Poinnre, Tripp, il'J dura from Jnlult.
Am wh bk Progress, llalcur, fin H. P. and cruise
Am bktna V. II. Dlmoiid, Houdlctt, 1& diys
from Snu I'rauclsco
2 Am bk I). C. Murray, itsrens. 18 dys fm H. P.
Hclir Nettle Merrill, from I.uhaliiG
3 Am bgmo North Star, Morclioueo, SI daya from
From llremen, per Atalanta, Feb PS IIc kfeld Co,
Wcsbeer, 41 cks paint and oil, M cs brandy, SB cs
champagne, I rs shirts, 1 tub cheee, 2ca cologne. III
bales hay. SMJ pkgs bar Iron, M bills Iron, 18 cs cloth
ing, If) bills cement, ll'J hdls Iron, .TV, bales paper, 3
pkgs machinery, il cs p effects, 3 pkgs rnbbcr, 7 cks, 7 cs
road material, lot rail", 1 cs hosiery, 0 cs perfumery, 2
cs calf skins, 250 bx cnndlcs, I bale corks, fi pkgs cor
dage, I) pkgs furniture, S cs toys, it) baskets, MM cs gin,
2 cks palm nll,2ca hooka, SOU hdls wire, 3 cs soad, 2 cs
umbrellas, Miles soap, 3 cs leather ware, 3 cs rubber
goods, 7 cs pipes. 1 cs brushes, I cs hats, 3 cs clothing,
Wcs wine, 2 cadgers, ami bbls beer, 27 glassware, 3 rs
matches, 1 cs woodenwerc, to bx pans, W bis bags, 20
bis bagging, 201 drums nil, 21 cks shot. HI bbls clay, 20
drums soda, I bbls mineral water, I2.V) demijohns, 310
dem vlnegir, 3 pkgs baskets, Sj.7) pkgs d goods, 17 pkgs
h war". ."HI nkgs cordaire! II A wldemann.5 cs wine'.
Hyman .t llros, Idles cnudles, 18 ca d good: flrlmhaum
As Co, 12 cs wine; II Itelmshlndt-r, 1 cs books; .1 U
(Hade. 3 cs monuments: Itev H Davis. 3 cs effect!
Hchaefer A Co, tf) pk"s liquid, Ofl pkgs provisions, 1 cs
books', II Htangcnwald, Ccs Instrumi'iits; II H Itotb, 1
cs wine; Orders, 12 pkgs mdse. It cs candles. I bills
bags, 11 cs sundries; A tnna, 0 pkgs indso; .1 II Hack
fold, I c mdse: Hoifihlaeger ,t Co, 7 bis corks, lrl pkgs
mdsn; Order, .1&cs, to h hf liquor; Hall & Hon, (Mcks
From Sin Francisco, per V II Dlmond, Mar 2 W O
irwin. ii cs noois and snoes. rj Dales lines.
sugar, HO hdls suzar, IS cs syrup, 2 bx samples, pki;
promptly repudiate) tits rcsponaibility of owner
lilp. Now, thoro lmvo niwnys been nnnibcrs
of Ronls rtinnlng on llm liillsides between Mun
oa antl Cocolle.itl, and tlicso aro working tlicir
way alone until they Iiavo reaclicil even tlio
slopes of I'nnclibowl. If this bo not sharply
tlcalt willi, wo loso tho benefit of tho action of
the Government, and tho money spent in buy
ing up tho leases, grazing-rights, &c. It
would bo n healthful employment for a few
men to shoot thc90 destructives. The Intorior
Department would doubtless bo ready to pro
vide a fow rillcs and somo ammunition, and
tho skins, if brought in, would pay for both
men and material, or if not, tho Commissioners
might recommend a small wage to those em
ployed. Some of tho young trees planted by
King Kalakaim on Punchbowl havo nlrendy
suffered. These goats increase rapidly when
unmolested, grow moro and tnoro wild every
day, and their keenness of scent, quitkncRS of
eye and wonderful ngility seem to point out
shooting to extermination as tho only means
of reaping tho benefits aimed nl by the Government.
Cottages To jLet,
T N Nt'UiU'H A V K N U K .
1 Apply to (3T1mi i T WATEllllOUSP,.
coi-i'Aoi: or nvi: kooms.
F.nqnlr on the premises, corner of I.nnalllo and
Pllkol streets. tf
t Dresses: cooil homeland board guaranteed; re
ference rcqnlred. Address A M. S this oiTlce. 27 3t
A. 6, F.
JL of the above Court until further notice.
H. MAY & Go.
Hi nolnln, March (.1881.
Ily order of the C. It.
37 lin
shoes, M bales lings, 3(S) bx
svrun. 2 bx sanmles. ; nki-
rivets. 400 sks flour. fit tubes. 2M3 bis liar. t8 sks oats.
401 sks barley, 70 bda beef and pork, 111 sks g barley,
1 It sks'brnn, iai kgs nails, US bbls llmo, GO bbls plaster,
HW lbs liulr, 1 carrage, IKS) pc mill work, I77,(l ft lum
ber, ls m shingles, ! m laths, H bdls chain; Castle &
Cooke, 3 cs h wari', 1 mirror, 13 kgs b shoes, n pkgs
wagon material, THpe pipes; . I H walker, 1 cs cigars;
Holies A Co. 73 sks barley, 10 ska corn, 43 sks outs;
Hchaefer & t'o, 100 cs coal oil; Capt Hinllh, 1 package.
From Han Francisco, per I) C Dnrroy, Mar 3 C
Afong. 370 pkgs groceries; (1 W Macfarlanc A Co, 00 cs
nper, ns, inns ccmctii.
J. Lend. Hnbbnck's Lead, Ilubbnck's Zinc,
Venllgrls, Illack Paint, unrome "trcn,
Cbrnme Yellow. Paris flreen, and a
Full assortment of Fancy Paints.
For sale by HOI.I.r.8 A Co.
no cs whiskey; T O Thrum, 7
.')sk nour; McLean llros
lulls, 1 es paper; 0 (Ircy
Departure lltiy
23 daya from
Am bktnu Hun I. ills, McDonald,
run Townscnu ,
Hchr Kate, friiin Moloknl
4 Hclir Waloll, from Pnauhaii
Htnir l.cliua, from Circuit of Hawaii
5 .Stmr C It lllshop, from Kauai
Feb Id Hchr Kekaiiluohl, for llanalcl
37 NIc bk ltcmljlo, Hnnaril, for Hydncy
Am ligtiin T. Vi. I.ucas, Wentwnrth, for Tt. T.
2S Mtmr O. It. lllshop, fur Kauai
Mcu 1 Am bktno .1. A. Pulklnbiirg, Anderson, for H F.
Am tern Ida McKay, Johnson, fur tfuu Fran.
Htmr Kllauen llou, for Kaliiilul
Hchr Julia, for llllo
Hclir Jenny, for Nawlllwlll
Hchr Wa'lclo, for Mallko
Hchr Walehu, for Kmiu
Hchr Maiiuokanal, for llnnamaulu
2 Hclir I.lliollho, for Puuiiliiii
3 Hchr Nettle Merrill, for Lahnlna
Hclir Mary E. Foster, tor Honuapo
Vessstila in Port.
Jalnlt bgtno Nlcolaus,
(lerman 8 H Heptlinn, Peterson
Am bk Jenny PUIm, Hlevert
Nor bk Hula, Clirlstcnson
Haw bgtno Pomaro, Trllip
Am bktno W II Dlmond, Houdlctt
Am bk D C Murray. Unveil
Am 1 'trio North Htnr, Morchouo
Am bktno Han I.uU, McDonald.
Am wli bk Progress, Darker, oil nnd on
Vesaola Expected at Honolulu, from Foreign
Ilr bk Alkshaw, Talto, tllasgow, duo March 15-20, a W
Mncfnrlane A Co, Agents
Am bk Kdnanl May, Juliiison, Huston, duo April 1-C, C
tlrewer A Co, Agents
Ilrlt bk Highflyer, Hchllemiinn, London via St Mlchaola,
iltiu April &-I0, C llrcwer t Co, Agents
Haw bk Kale, Ablborn, London, to sail last of Jan, II
HackfeidACo, Agciita
Haw bk Hawaii, Whitney, H S Islands, due In all
March, President lluurd Immigration, Agent
(ler bk Muscn, from Drummcu, duo March 10-13, II
llackfeld A Co, Ageuta
Am bk Cheshire, llncheldcr. New York, duo May 10-1J,
Castlo A Cooke, Agents
Am bk Martha Hideout, Wlckhurg, PortTownscnd, due
MArch 1-3- Allen JL Itoblnson, Agents
IltUbk Zoo, Campbell, Liverpool, May 10-15, T II
Iliivles, Agent
Am bgtuo Hazard, Miller, Depnrlnro Day, for Kahulul,
, W (5 Irwin & Co, Agents
Ocr bk Order. Itohlfa, llrviucn, iluu MAy 10-15, II Hack
fold A Co, Agents
Ucr atmr Lydla, , Canton, duo March 10-12, W a
Irwin A Co, Agents
Am scbr Dashing W live, Melander, Humboldt
Am bk t no Kato Sudden, Hates, Newcastle, N 8 W, duo
April 1-3, , Agents
Am bk llarvual Home, Miitsun, Departure Day, II llack
feld A Co, Agents
Am bktno Kitu FllcMngcr, Young, Port Gamble, duo
March ft-lU, 11 llackfeld A Co, Agents
Am bgtno Murnliii; Htur, llray, Micronesia, duo In all
Mtt'Cli, E U Hall A Hon, Agents
'JI88 City of Now York. Hcabury, Sydney, duo March
ii, ii jiacKieia a wo, gems
20 drums soda; Mclntyre llros
os. 13 cs vials: Macfarlanu A
Co. 100 bis hay, 2.1 sks meal, 100 sks bran, 50 sks oats, til
bbls whiskey, 50 cs uhlskev. lO'ics gin; I.ovejoy A Co,
23 cs whiskey. Hi cs wluo; K H Ciinbn. 75 cs beer; Win
Fennel, 5 pkgs saddlery; (I W Macfarlanc A Co, 5 Inks
gasoline; A Herbert. 2 tanks gasollnn; J Nott A Co, 12
pkgs mdso; (1 Hcsolken A Co, 1UI pkgs Ironware; A L
Hiiilth, II cs s machines, 3 pkgs mdse, 1 pkg; K P
Adams, 100 J sks flour; A Hlnger, 10" ska flour A meal;
A W llii-b, -in) sks bran, 50 ska oils; Allen A Itoblnson,
318 pes lumber; A W Mush, I coop clilckcns, I pigs, 1
sow; C Afnng A Co, ('..11 sks flour; E C Winston. 21 sks
potatoes, 31 cs a marhliica, 30 cs powder, 1 pkg, 3 cs cap
nnd fuse; II Lancaster, X pkgs cflMcts; Order, 21 sks
oats and corn. 1 01 pgs groceries, 7 lulls bags; J S ltus
rell.npkgs lITect: Dlllliqham A Co, II bbls crockery,
II bdes paper, 110 pkgs Hardware nnd Ironware; F T
Lcnehuu, PU sks flour, 23 pkgs whiskey, 1 sk corks, 31 1
pkgs grorcrlcs, 233 ska flour meal, 100 sks oats, 200 sks
Mlilll, XVI. DKll ii'.iir, ( M ".l IIUt.KF. J 1)19 lli,T, ,"' I'lllS
cement, 15 ca wine, 50 cs beer; Holies A Co, 2j bga bar
ley, 40 sks oorn, 105 sks oats, 11 pkgs mdse, 25 kegs
syrup, 23 kgs pickles, 83 pkgs crackers, 73 bales buy, 5ti
pkgs groceries.
From Dckartnro Hay per North Htar, Mar 3570 tons
coal to Allen Allobliison.
From Port Townsend, per San Luis, Mar 3532 tons
coal to C llrower A Co.
For Han Francisco, per J A Falktiiburg, Feb 2S 837,
!Kl lbs sugar, SOU bnchs bananas. Foreign Value, $ H8.
21; Domestic Value, S51.3S0.5I.
For Hun Francisco, per Ida McKay, Mar 1 IS7.272 lb?
sugar, lUU.OOU lbs rlco. Foreign Vulue, 8'0. Domestic
Valuo, .'15,I15.I.
From San Francisco, per W II Dlmond, Mar 2 Mrs
Lake, Mrs McMorrls, Mrs Prazcr, -Mr a A Iloyd, L A
Htocklvy, JnoH'cir wlfo and child.
From New Ilobredes Is, per Pomaro, Mar 274 males
and 13 female Immigrants.
From Han Francisco, per D C Murray, Mar 3 Mrs I) A
llnwley nnd daughter, Mrs J E llii-nell. Mr C E Stevens
C () Minclee. N C Wulton, Win Horn, Mr and Mrs Lan
caster and 8 children, O Kcedlc, A Ucrry, J Million, II
Union, J Dwy, J Hnnley.
For Port Townscnd. per T V Lucas Feb 28 S Mahon,
Jr, O'Neill, M Walsh.
For Hun Francisco, per J A Falklnlmrg, Feb 2rt p
rraiizln, C (lardenejer, wlfo nnd child, E (' Waller,
Capt Iliirlanil mill daughter,.! Mulled, K ltangllley, Mrs
J (1 McKay, F Miigiiiant, Fred Dumer, II hchiiler, (1
Fanning, D T Seas, It Salter, P Monolion, T Casey, T
Tun importation of labor has for years post
been n prominent question ol tho day, but just
for tho present tho question seems to havo
been answered. According to tho statistics
worked out by tho Gazette, wo havo moro
Chinamen in tho Kingdom than nil tilt males of
all other nationalities put together. This has
liocomo n very serious thattcr, and wo aro
happy to say that only one moro Chinese im
migrant ship is on her way hero (tho Lydla, a
privato venturo of 0. Sprockets Si Co.), nnd
that wo aro told on good authority that tho
Chincso firms hero whoso representatives in
Canton wcro chartering vessels nnd engaging
emigrants havo written to their correspondents
in San Francisco to telegraph to thoir Canton
agents to coiso from Bonding any more China
men for tho present, Tho keen competition
nmoncst employers hero enabled tho Chinese
guilds or unions to import hundreds of their
countrymen and yet keep tip tho prico of
labor ; now it scorns that tho numbers of re
spectable, civilized Huropcans, Scandinavians,
(Jorrnans, and l'ortilgucso already arrived, or
on tho way, will go far towards rectifying tho
balanco of demand and supply in our labor
market, to say nothing of tho immigrants from
tho South Pacific. Should it over again be
come n necessity to bring over moro Chinese,
wo hopo that our Government may huvo a
trustworthy representative in China, who may
bo ablo to provout privato individuals, Chi
ncso or other, from chartering vessels,
crowding them with tho cheapest lnbor
eiH to I io got in tho slums of Canton, nnd
shoveling them down here, small-pox or no
small-pox, hccaUBO they uan mako "plenty
dollars" nnd incur no personal responsibility
by ho doing. Another thing to bo thought of
hoforo importation of Chinamen is again
needed, is tho appointment of a competent
ichltti physician for caclt ship. Tho Chineso
doctors tako nn interest apparently in tho
spocdy lauding of the survivors of their pas
sengers, and to effect this, do not hesitato to
resort to endeavors to blindfold both the
officers of tho ship atid.tho officers of tho port
of destination.
Criminations, recriminations, and litigations
aro iinavoidablo under existing circumstances.
Finally, wo boliovo that though plantcm are
by no means overburdened with labor, this
Kingdom is ovnrburdened with Chinamen.
And last, but not loust, in any futuro immigra
tion from China, a certain proportion of women
ought to bo insisted on. Wo havo no treaties
with tho Chincso Kmpire, but common justico
dictates somo sort of reciprocal treatment to
bo accorded by each nation to tho oilier. If a
shipload of llnwaiiaus wcro to tako it into
their heads to omigrato'to China, to cam thoir
living thero not that this is likely to como to
pass, but merely as an argument wo know
that they would bo simply refused pormisHion
to do so; and whatever tho action of tho Chi
ncso Government might bo towards Ilawaiinus,
that Hamo con tho is open to our Government
with regard to Chinese.
Bonvran Mxsrciio oin ix jmns.
and B gallon cane. Haw Paint Oil, the pure linseed,
For sale by BOLLES A t'o.
J Castor Oil fa 2 and gallon can-; Lard Oil, In
barrels and cans. For sale by HOLLbS A Co.
-OACI1MC IlUltllKU 1'A1"1 ,
X A full assortment of this celebrated paint In
1 and IS gallon packages, all tlio deslralile shades and
colors. For sale hy HOLLKS A Co.
"i.n.1 IV. tl-
Insurance Company of New York,
F. S. WINSTON, President,
For the Year Ending December 31, 1880.
ASSETS, $91,735,786 02.
Wheat and Hay, per
For sale by HOI.LKS A Co,
JL A Anc lot per " City of Sydney."
For sale by
110I.LKH A
J barrels and hall narrcis. rorsaony
A larpe assortitie
Lobsters, Clams,
A larcc assortment of Fruits,
Lnlmiprs. Clnms. OVBtCI
Just received, and for safe by
Meats. Fish,
sters, Shrimps, Ac.,
HOI.LUS a, Co.
Deceived by tho City of Sydney." For sale by
Kii,rkliitlr1ir In the Honokan Hnirar Coniiiany
will be held oh HATUHDAV, the Sth instant, at 10
o'c ock A. JI.. at the onice o r. a. rciineier a jn.
III-. l.MUUll 1(1
From San Francisco.
Ilonoluli, March 1, IB-it.
NJEh, Secretary.
ji ll
Mertlneof the Library Association will be held
at Its rooms THIS (Saturday XVIiNINII, at half-past
7 W0!' II. A. rAItMELF.K. Secretary.
r' llreinl nfTrnstena of the Oneen's ltosnllal will
bo held lit the room of thu Chamber of Commerce,
THIS DAY, (Saturday.) March Mb, nt 11 A. M.
Per order, F. A. SClIAEFEIt,
27 n Secretary.
At Walluku, Maul, on February :
IIcv, C. K. (Inner, a son,
Itli, to the wlfoof
llrlt ship City of Shanghai, Drysdnle, Olasgow, to sail
. t n aiac
u, Marston, Sau Francisco, duo, 0
Published for the Satuuimy I'll res Association by
iioiuaiT aitiKVE,
Book, Job and (Icneral Printer,
Honolulu, II. I.
The Satuhoat I'iikss cannot undertako to return
communications, accepted or rejected, and wo have to
request correspondents to append their true name and
addresses, not niccssarlly for publication. If no de
sired, but as a guarantee of the good faith of the writer,
En. Satuiiiiay PllKHS.
of te Tiustces, will bo re-npened on Monday
next, March 7th, and pupils who have been vaccinated
ami living in noi specially iniccieii locniuies nrc a
pected to stttnd. .
' g7tt rElt OUDElt.
nnd for sale nt
S7 4t F. A. SCHAKl'EK A CO'S.
Cnscs Edam Cheese,
Cnscs Ifolofjtio Situsncje,
Cnscs llonstcd SatiflnRe,
Cnscs Hnm Snusngo,
Cnscs Vlcnnn 8nusaKi,
Cnscs Oxford 8.insaRC,
Kcrs Dutch IlcrrliiRS,
Cnscs German AspnrnRns,
Kits Salmon Dclllos,
Kits Jfnckercl,
Cnscs of Lentils,
Annuities In force, Jan 1st, 1S?U.,.
Premium Annuities,.,. tm
Annuities Issued, ,...,i
rnllrles In force .far.tt,l!'..
Itlsk assumedi.., i
To Italanee from last account.,
" I'remlums received.. ,...,,..
" Interest and rents.......,,..
. 0
Annttltjr Acconni.
Ann. Pay is
I9,V)I 97
rVJS'J 31
.tCI W
Annuities In forrc.Jan. tt,U8l.
Premium Aniiullle'
Annuities terminated ,..,,
f!7,A BO
Instirnno Aoconnt.
.... 0
Ann. Pay'ta
8,tl l
$irr,&s eo
Policies In force Jan. 1st, 1MI.
Itlsks terminated..........
I05.WJ $tt!,Hll,II
Rerennn Aooonnt.
jus.TM.riir, w
IJ.lf7R.fJI It
,. ,, Kit
I.!KI,4I7 m
i,tin,7ii oi
Hy paid Death rlatm
" " Matured endowment
Totul claims
.VrtW,ll87 .
" " Annuities ,3s?1 M
" " Dividend , 3,SOT,7!H IW
" " Huriendered policies and uddl-
linns. 3,PyS,.n 81
Total paid policy holders
l.1,l),r.,tl 4fl.
" " Commissions (payment of ennent
nnd cllii!tnlshment of future),. f77,?.Vi 70
' " Contingent cnaranteo account.... 9I1.MU W
" ' Taies and assessments.,,, 'JI7.R.'tt 81
" " Kxpense 7M.87TI 71
" " llalancii to new account 87,118,211 !W
To reserve nt four per cent......
To claims ny ueain not iriuuiv
ftios.tmo.3in i
Bnlnnoo Sheet.
..$3n,f,ri,r7i :
.. rai.i'ni m
jn.P.I M
To premiums paid In advance -1,'-' 'i "
ToiurplnsamlcontliiKcnt K,ltHn,co fuml 'e"','"' ,n
f9l,7!B,7Wl l
Hy bond secured by morlKBcjes on
Ily United States and other bond
ny loans on couaicrais
Ily real estate.,,,
nycash in banks and trust companies at
interest .,.., ....
Hy Interest accrued
Ily premiums deferred quarterly and semi
annual Ilr premiums In transit, principally for
Ily balance due by agents i
IlK,ll08,SI0 V)
....M,rai.iB i
.... 19,01(1,503 (10
.... 7.7!!0.u:it IM
7,171, W 10
l.ISf.1eVI 91
1,!BI.S71 87
851,410 81
HH,ltm 08
I5,U77 71
$0I,7M,7M 03
BV MRS. 1.. r. JUOD.
Supply of tho above Interctlnjj books, at
thus. u. lllHUAl n,
Fort Street St
Street Storo.
MARCH 0, 1881.
Macfarlanc A Co. Aeents
perian, WlndliiK, San Francisco, due, II
oan i,
Am butne It
llackfeld A Co.
Ilrlt bk Lady Lampion
iirewer & uu. Afienis
Am tchr V II Meyer, Howe, San Francisco, duo March
1V.M, U llimir A Co, Aucnts
Am bctne .1 1) Spreckels, , San Frtnclsco, for Ka-
nulul. due, W (1 Irwin A Co, Agents
Am scbr American Girl, llackns, Ilnmlioldt
Am bktno Kureka, Nordburg, Departure Hay. II llack
feld A Co, Agents
llrlt bk 1'aclHc Slope, , Newcastle, N S W, duo In
all April, Allen A Itoblnson. Agents
Am bk Anile, Sandberir, Ncwscastlc.X rt duo In all
March, Allen A Holiliisini, Agents
Chinese stmr .Mm Foo, Cmiiilni;liam, San Francisco,
duo March 10.13, Blue, Choui; A Co, Audita
Haw stmr , Cutler, Sau Francisco, duo March 10-13
T It Foster A Co. Agents
Am bktna Kinmii Augusta, Port flamblu. for Kahulul
Apt tern Compeer, lllrkholm, Port U.uuble, due March
I3-I. II llackfeld A U.i. AftnU
Am sch Uelltla, , Port tlamble, , 11 llackfeld A
Co, Aiccnts
l'MHD Auttralla CarK'UI, San Fraucisco, due March
19, ll llackfeld A Co, Aleuts
Wkmlar to tonoh mt Honolulu, la all
March and April.
Steam whaler Delvedere, from New Bedford; bk Atlan
tic, ditto) bk Dan Webster, ditto; bk Northern l.Uht,
ditto; bk Abrani tlatker, from cruise; bk Ellia, ditto;
bk lUlnbow, ditto; bk PnclQc, ditto.
Iteport of Am bktno V 11 Dlmond, lloudletl, Ma-lT
Left San Francisco February llth. Had llcht and baf
film; winds and ttno weather the entire trip. Ou VtrttH
bad a fair brecxe, the drst since leans Sau Francisco,
In which tin vessel made over Ml miles. HuriuL- tho
trip had lint sutllclcnt wlud to fairly test her ailing
qualities. Arrived In port March 1st, fifteen days front
San Francisco, All well.
Heporf of the Am bktuo San Luis, McDonald Master
Lett Port Tiiwiiteuil Feb Mb, at 4ji, in, drst twndays
lluht winds form N K. thenco six days of moderate
Rales from S, K. wurkliiK aronnd back to N K. with a
cavy cross sea. ttuvo In both tKiata, tJeuce ten days of
llsht winds and calms from S. K to H. then two days
of heavy Kales from South wind vcerlui; to N. W. Mak.
Ins a uglv cross sea, sea tiiaklni a clean sweep over tho
vessel, lloiotoo for four hours, then fine N. K. trades
to port.
At Ttbbets A Sorentuns wharf, tho sch Prince, has
been hove, down, caulkcd.Acaiul Ihesch Maua liashada
thoroush on-rliaulluc, re-flcnlng with copper, caulk
v etc., they will bolu bereuvlyto resume their trips
gain In a few days.
The. Aut bk I) 0 Murray, arrived last Wednesday, IS
days from Man Fiauclmo with a full freight and passea
gcr list, she Is dlKbarctni; at liioer A Co's wharf, and
will return to Sau Frsiicl.co, the latter part of licit
week, with a full freight and a number of passengers.
The Herman bk Atalanta, arrived, last bunday, IS
days ironi iiiemeu. wttu au assortto cargo or euronean
Koods, which she I discharging lu Rood order at Allen
A Knblnsou'a wharf, kfter nhlclt she will load for ban
ITranclsco. to sail about Saturday next
Spreckels Uro'a uew bktna W It Dlmond, Captain
lloudlet:, arrived from San FrauclscolattTue.dayaven
Ing, 13dav front Sau Francisco. She Is a nest looklpg
craft, aud has due passenger accommodallona, and will
Srovo a dne addition to our Sau Francisco fleet. She
ad due weather all the way down, lu fact rather loo due,
the Capt would liked to have had more wind so that he
could show what she would do, however, he baa made
tartly good time, aud If lie has a good breeaa going
Mck. h will glv a ICoodrewrt of himself; sho fsdla
ebarvlug at the old steamship wharf, aud wtlfrclurn to
ttau Ftsmclsco about Saturday next Kth lust., with a
' fU Mpkt and passenger list,
tVW Mt Jenny Pitts. Is dlacharglng litubof at the
loot atwt St., It fa uncciUlu at prrseut a Co when
he 1W Mil. wo notice that ibe ww ha to keep at thf
yuan tHj WJi b4i rvUtS vvqr Much.
Oun citizens nppoar to lmvo gono cultnly to
sleep in tho innttor of tho Reciprocity Tro.ity,
as if its boiicTttti woro assured to us, nnd to
tho' United States, for an indefinite period,
whoroas tho fact is that it lias only throo yo.rs
utid odd mouths to run aud ono year's notico
from cither sido, and tho renewal may bo it
matter of difficulty if wo npponr to bo iiitlif
foront or supino in tlio causo. Wo hopo to bo
ablo in futuro numbers to show by tlio help of
statistics tho imtneuso benefits conferred by
this treaty, not only to ourselves, but to tho
United States Pacific, Middle, nnd Eastern,
Not only tho intinonsoly iticreasod exchange
of our respective products, but tho general
enlargement nf our business, Tlio lloalim
Hue, tho llremou lino, tho Liverpool and Glas
gow lines, aro all doing moro work tlmubeforo
tho signature of this treaty. Tho renewal may
possibly bo warmly opposed on tho ground
that tho central nnd Eastern States receive no
benefit, but tho Wentorn only ; tho records of
thu transcontinental railways mid of thu ship
ping houses of Boston and Now York will
confute this. Wo wish to attract to, and coti
contrtito attention ou this subject, that tho
ultitudo o( our merchants should bo active, and
not moroly passive, und that tho United States
may know ussuredly that they, us well ns we,
aro gninors by tho treaty, ami thuMU abroga
tion or iiou-ronewal would bo unmixed ovil to
ovury party concerned,
11 v au act passed in tho Into Legislative As
sembly, tho Minister of tho interior was
authorized to appoint a Commission to assess
tho amount of compensation duo to tho
property owners and lcaso holders of tho
pasture lauds on tho southern slopes of tlio
mountains between tho Xuuanu and Manoa
valleys, with a viow of rctnoviug tho cattlo
grazing there, in order to protect tho forests,
and thus increaBo tho wator supply of tho
vurinus streams which ruu down throughout
that district. On tho recommeudation of thu
Commissioners, sundry postura;o rights wcro
bought up by tho Government, and tho cattlo
on tho properties removed ; thus it was hoped
that tho vegetation was secure and tho streams,
especially those feeding tho Government re
servoiri, cleansed and increased in volume,
and for a tituo success appeared to bo assured,
but recently number of goats hayo found
thoir way to tho liillaid.es whero they are
doing moro dataago than tho cattlo which
were removed. As is well known, a goat,
though in plentiful puturo will guaw at the
trees and strip the Urk off them to their cer
tain destruction. Tho owuerabip of these oni-
uuis is not to no iraccu, aim 11 too attunpi
were made in order to recover damage, or
m for trespass, Um owuer, uo doubt, would
Wi: desiro to call attention to sections 318
and 319 of tho Civil Codo. Tho former, 318,
enacts that "The Marshal and Sheriff, nnd in
all other districts than Honolulu aud Lahaiua,
tho several District Justices, shall cx-officio
act ns Coroners. Soction 310 provides that as
soon "ns any Coroner shall havo notico of tho
death of any person, within his jurisdiction,
supposed to havo como to his doatlt by
" poisoning, violonco, or tt any suspicious
vianner," ho shall forthwith issuo his sum
mons, etc. '
Now it seems to us that this law was not
complied with in tho case of tlio matt Louis
Young, who was picked up in tho street in
sensible, and died in tho polico station tho fol
lowing morning, in tho courBQ of last week.
Had it not beott for tho urgent representations
of tho Deputy Attornoy-Gcnoral, and tho
ready assistance of tho Marshal, thoro would
havo been no post mortem examination held,
and tho causo of doath would bo still un
known, Tho autopsy rovoalcd tho causo of
doath, viz., tho frncturo of n rib and tho con
sequent injury of thu intorcostal artery, but ns
to how tho man came by theso injuries, is
still an unascertained matter. Two reports
aro extant ono stating -that tho man while
drunk was injured by u passing hack, nnd tho
othor that ho foil sidoways on tho curb of tho
BiilownlK, ana tuns iceeivcil Ins death blow.
Theso aro questions which should not bo
loft open to doubt, and an inquest seems to bo
tho only satisfactory way ol sottling them.
Section 310 instructs tho Coroner to ascertain
by verdict of jury when, how, and by what
means tho man camo to his death. In tho
caao in question, no ono knows either how or
by what means tho man camo to his death. It
is not enough to leuru by post morl-nn exami
nation tho physical causes which extinguished
life, but ici, haw, and by xchat means thoso
causes or agencies woro brought into action.
Section 316 provides that except in Honolulu
and Lithaimt tho " several District Justices
shall ex-oflieio act ns Coroners," while section
3'2V decrees that " Whon any Coroner shall
tako uu inquest upon tho dead body of a
stranger, or, being called for that purpose,
shall not think it nt&tsari, on viow of tho
body, that any inquest should bo held, ho shall
ciiiiso tho body to bo decon'ly buried." Wo
do not caro to urgtio nut tho logic of n phraso
such ns this, which presctibes lluit whon any
Coroner " shall taktun inquest," ho may de
cide himself, if ho pleases, thut ho " ioet not
Wiiiv if neiusuiy, on view ol such liody, that
any inqutrt shall It ttiktn," etc., but merely
point out that this section 320 destroys any
usefulness conferred by all the preceding en
actments on tho subject, from 31H nuwurds.
Willi all duo deference to our District Jus.
ticos, wo cannot help thinking it n mistako to
uuthorizo any one man to deeido upon tho
question of, shall or shall not an inquest bo
hidden, in tho caso of a man coming to his
doath " in a swjjiicious manner," The District
Justice may bo a mill-owner, and may by
carelessness or iiogligeitco have been actually,
criminally coutributary to tho death of u man
by his machinery, and in this cjsu tho law
provides ho shall cause tho body to bo de
cently buried. Wo hopo our legislators will
examine tips strange sectUiu, and when opor
tuuity offers, see to its amendment or extinc
tion. AVISO.
pi iUjicu, in Honolulu,
A lot Cludidanoadela Ilepubllct XcJIcanat Los que
pcrtcniicaa a 4u iicpubllea, son avtsadoa por medio
de ste Consulado, de rejlitrar aus noiubrce Io lua
pronto poslbte, a dn de consejulr la deblda prolecclon
del Uobtenio, para sus Inteiesea que rcpresentan n
u cludad y las denus Islas do Hawaii.
" K. W, Laisi, feast'l. ds Minoo.
Oflc'-n? , Calle de Fort, No. at. Honolulu, 11. 1. Wl SIT dm.
Waltkatu Wavtakuas.
From Ms Syjwy Vaily Tdajrupk, Jvns OS, ISM.
The Waltham Watch Company hat been awarded the
only gold medal glttu for watches at the Sydney Inter
national Exhibition, and are tbo only exhibitor In any
class from the Uutted State who hsve received this
distinctive recognition.
1 Del AgMt tec ta Hiwollw Ulaao.
X Stockholders of the Music Hall Association will
be held at the Hull on MONDAY -VKNINO, March
7th, at7:30 o'clock,
S.T It J. A. HASSINOKlt. Secretary.
Sugar Machinery
1 Sugar Mill, Mx 24 Kolls,
I 40 feet Cane Carrier for s amo, nearly new,
a SOU gallon McOnlc'a Clarlllera, In perfect order,
8 000 gallon Precipitators,
S Cleaning Pans, Copper Coils nnd Iron Shells, with
Skimming Trouijh, completo,
1 Circular Evaporator, Copper Coll and Copper Shell,
C feet diameter,
3 Evaporators, Copper Colls and Iron Shells,
5 Syrup Tanks supply to vacuum pan,
1 G foot Vacuum Pan, set on cast tron columns,
Pan Strikes, -'!li tons of sugar,
Wake's Direct Air rump, for pan,
2 Weston's Patent Centrifugals, with Iron frame,
nearly new,
1 Sugar Trough to take a Strike of pan, with sugar
spouts and column, all of Iron, nearly now,
1 Diagonal Steam Engine,
To drive 3 Weston's Machines, nearly new.
16 Coolers, In flrsl-rnto order,
1 Ulako'a Htcaut Molasics Pump,
1 Molastes lllow-Up,
1 Illako's Steam Feed Pump,
1 Pair Compound Hollers, with steam drum and
mountings, complttc,
. l'JW xO feet, with latcrnal furnaces, as at present
made at the Honolulu Iron Works, for using coal
on plantations nearly new,
S Iron Smoke Stacks, T3 fott high x 37 Inches diameter
made of 3 16 plates, completo with cast Iron bed
plates, stay bauds, and galtanlxed wlro ropo
stays, nearly new, ,
Spare Pieces of Machinery,
Ktc, Kct., Etc.
Tho above machinery is now taking off from 18 to S3
Clarlflers per day, and Is In good order. Can be bought
aa ll now stand ou Kaalaea, or on wburf at Honolulu,
to bo delivered after April 1st, 18HI.
Tins Salmon Bellies 5 lb ea.
Tins Salt Mackerel, 5 lb each,
Tins Salt Salmon, 5 lb each,
Demijohns Vinegnr,
Tins Yarmouth lllonlorn,
Tins Kippered llorringg,
Tins Ited Herrings,
TIiih Finiion Unddocks,
CnKes Brenkfnst Ilncon,
Cases WIiUtnkcr'B Star Hams,
Kegs, quarter and half barrels,
Cnscs ISoston Baked Beans,
Cnscs Boston Cod Fish Balls,
Cases Packer Hotiso Soups,
Cases Lewis' Boston Tomatoes,
Cases Spiced Beef,
Cases Brawn or Head Chccso,
Cases Boston Fish Chowder,
Cases Boston Clam Chowder,
Cases Loibegs' Extract of Meat,
Cases Imperial Granum,
Cases Tobasco,
Cases Staffed Poppers,
Cases Pea Flour,
Cases Seidlilz Powdors,
Cases Parlor Mntches,
Bags Hemp, Ilnpo nnd Canary Seed,
Cases Essences Hose, Lemon, Vanilla,
Peach Bitter, Almond and Cochineal,
Cases Dr. Collis Brown's Essenco Ginger,
Bars Oats, Bran, Barley, Ground Barley,
Bags Wheat nnd Corn,
IINTo-tot SSOEilEI.Xl.c3.
Golden Gate Table Fruits,
Golden Gate Jains nnd Jellies,
Cuttings' Jama and Jellies,
discs French Peas,
Cases French Mushrooms,
Cases English Jams,
Cases Urnngo Marmalade,
NOTE -If theMewr York Slsnrlarii of four and n half percent Interest be nsnl tho surplus Is "erJIUWW)riO.
Kroiii the Hurplns, ns appears In the Ilalancc Hhcet, a Dividend will bo apportioned to each policy which shall
bo In force nt Its anniversary In 1881.
TIIK I UKHiUn KAl r.d unnn t pRn Q 0I1IJ,j,AnY ,(IFK ri,i0IKH.
ASSETS fui.Tao.WBua
New YonK, January 20, 1881.
Persons wishing to secure safe and legitimate I.lfo Insurance at Lowest Cost will And It to their advantage to
Insure In The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York. .
This Company ilom not l$ue Tontine or Tontine Inreitmtnt pollclti.
For further particulars, please apply to
A. B. FORBES, General Agent for the Pacific Coast.
214 Snnsonio Street, San Franctoco, or to
'JG 2t S. Q. WIIaDER, Agent for the Haw'n Islands.
J wa
allan Islands. In Probate. In tho matter of the
llstnteof JOIINT CHAVTEIt. late of llonolulii, de
ceased. At Chambers, beroro -Mr Justice .iicuiiny.
On rending and filing the petition nnd account of
Charles T Dllllngh tm, Administrator with tho W 111 an
nexed of the estato of John T. Chayler, deceased,
wherein he asks to bo allowed 13,M.lil, and charses
himself with $ , and asks thut tho same may bo
examined andnpproved, and that a final order may be
made discharging him nnd his sureties from all further
responsibility ns such. . . , ,
ll Is ordered, that WEDNESDAY, tho SOthday of
March, A I). 1881, at ten o'clock &. M., before tho said
Justice, at Chambers, In the Court House, nt Honolulu,
be and the same hereby Is appointed as tho tlmo nnd
place for hcuiliiR said petition and accounts, and that
all persons Interested may then nnd thero appear nnd
show cause, If any they huve, why the same should not
bo granted. And thnt this order In the English
language, be published 111 the Saturday Press, a news
paper printed nnd published In Honolulu, for three suc
co sslvo weeks previous to the tlmo therein nupolntcil
io r sain nearing.
Dated at Honolulu, II. I.. 2M day of Feb. A D. 1881.
Attest: A. Rosa, Justice of tbo Supreme Courrt,
Deputy. IM t
dicial Circuit, In Chambers. In Probate. Island
of Kauai, Hawaiian It lands, ss. Initio mntter nf His
Estato of JOSEPH THOKNE ItICK, deceased. Order
appointing time for Probato of Will and directing pub.
Mention of notico of tho same.
A document purporting to bo tlio last win anil testn
ment of Joseph Thome lltce. deceased, having on tho
15th day of February, A. D. 1881, been presented to snld
Probata Court, nnd n petition for the probato thereof,
and for the Issuance of Litters Testamentary to Oeorgo
11. Dole, named as Executor therein, having been (lied
by him, It Is hereby ordered that SATURDAY, tho Slid
day of AP1IIL, A D. 1831, at tU o'clock A. M. of said
day, at tho Court Itoom of said Court, at Llhtic, Kauiit,
be and the same Is hereby appointed the tlmo and placo
lor proving sain win ami nenring sum appiicnuun wnen
nnu wnere any person inieresieu may
icrson Interested ntnv aimcar nnil con
test the said will, and the granting of letters testamen
tary. It Is further ordered that notice thereof be given
by publication for three successive weeks In the '' Sat
urday Press," a newspaper printed and published In
Honolulu, .nu ll is lurineroriiereu mat citations uo
Issued to the subscribing witnesses to said will, and to
the heirs of the testutorTn tho Hawnllan Islands to ap
pear nnd contest tho probate of said will, at thu tlmo
appointed. JACOII HAHDY,
Circuit Judge Fourth Judicial Circuit.
Knloa, Kaunl, February 18, 1881. gil at
O wullan I.lands,
3-J Merchant St.. cor, of Fort St. 8W 1y
A TjTj
x. cautioned front purchasing thu following named
Hawaiian tlouda, issued June ltb, 1871I.
Hond K. Nu. -.-., for Vll.
Iloud K. No. 1M1, for .''.
Hond I. No.'Jt'J. for UM.
Hond I. No. 137. fur '".
Hond I. No. HI. forlun.
ltond I. No. l.'M. for i'AU.
Hond I. No. i:Ki. fori'Jii).
Iloud O. No, XA. for fiuu.
Hond O. No.Sdt. for JtUO.
They were stolen from my safe In Labalna durlngr my
absence In Molokal, on or about February tlb, ltMt, and
payment on tho same has been stopped.
811 & lin F. JONKH.Uhalna. Maul.
One AYeiUjr it I'rter' H Horse Pwr
TractUa Eatot with four
Complete, with extra waariaf yru, M bw.
ajralnst tha Ule John H. Coney, asd. are r
3 aired to sml the same to lit uuiteraifntu ai ass or
cc. M Fort street, Houolulu. wllblo six mouths frot
the dau of tha r.l HiMUstUsa of this notico or they
win oe loreve oarrvo
isatot UtU Vti uy
90 M
Cases Plum Pudding,
Cases Minco Meat,
Cases Pnto de foi tiros,
Coses lUspbcrry Vinegar, .
Caseo Lemon Syrup,
Canes Mackerel in oil,
Cases Libliy'a Conieil Titet,
Cases Libby's Corned Tongue,
Casas Australian
Cawii Anstrnlion MeoU and Boup,
Cnscs Durkoo's S.tlad Urewing,
Cjists Iloyal llnkliiK 1'owawr,
Cases Preston A Morrill's Yeast Towder,
Yesist Piwiter,
Cases Deasicated Cocoa Nat,
Cases Hwi.in. Alderny and Eanlo Milk,
Coaes Huckwlteat, ltyo Meal, Hotnouy,
Cracked Wheat, Oatmeal,
i 0
Sl CO.
- I
uiiiiii ism ui. m. iiiirntn. aia iiiu iiiuui in iiiu
Will or AI.KXANDKH HUTCHINSON, lato of tho
District of Kail, Hawaii, deceased. At Chambers licfor o
The Honorable Charles Collin Harris, Chief Justice.
On rcndlnir nnd filing tho petition nnd accounts of
John 8. Walker and Joseph O. Carter, Executors nf the
Will of Alexander Hutchinson, late of tho District of
Kan, Hawaii, decenst-d, wherein they ask to ho allowed
SKKi.uil.lB, iindcharguthcmtclrca with J.T1,U8.1B, and
ask Hint tho same may bo uxamlned nnd approved, and
that a final order may bo made of distribution of tho
firoperty remaining in their hands to the persona thcrc
n entitled, and discharging him and their sureties from
all further rvspmislbllltyns such Executors.
It U ordered, that MONDAY, tho S8th day of March,
A. D. lt81, at ten o'clock A. M., before tho said Justice,
at Chambers, In the Court House, at Ilor.olulu.be ana
the same hereby Is appointed as tho time and placo for
hearing said petition and accounts, and that all persons
Interested may then and thero appear and show cause.
If any they have, why the same should uot bo granted.
And that this Order, In tho English language, lie pub
lished In the Saturday Press, a newspaper printed and
published In Honolulu, for threo successive week pre
vious to tho tlnu therein appointed for said hearing.
Dated al Honolulu, H, I this !!3th day of February
Jf 11, loot.
Altesti A. Rosa, Chief Justice Huprcme Conrt
Deputy Clerk Supreme Court. gti at
Issued by tho Hnpremo Court In favor of (loo Klin
Plaintiff against H. W. Mabelona, Defendant, for fI48
1 have levied upon und shall expose the same ou
Saturday Ike 18th day of March, A. 1). 1881,
a tlhe front door of Alllolanl Hale at 12 o'cloc noon,
all tho right tltlu and Interest of said Defendant In and
to Hoyal Patent IKIS1, containing 5 M,IU acres, situated
at Mookahl and Kanakukalil, unless said Judgment and
costs are previously satlsffed.
Terms cash und deeds at expenso of purchaser. Tho
alMivo land Is leased to Uoo Kim for 1U years dated Hent.
Illb, JW'J. W. O. I'AKKK. P
Oflor -tlxo Cargo
(Due from Iloston about the middle of March,)
Steam, Cumberland and Stove Goal,
Kerosene Oil, "Electrio" Brand.
Kerosene Oil, "Brewer's Beat," 150 Test
Card TM ntches,
Eastern Pino Tinrrol SI moles,
Oars " Cnppor-tipnod," Ilcsin,
Pitch, Tnr, Firo Clny, Plnstor Paris,
Ico Rcfricorntors various sizes,
Pick and Azo Ilandlrs.
Pambcr Buckets,
MULE CARTS, Heavy and Light,
Farmers' Boilors, for Plantation uso ;
An invoice of Cut Nuils, assorted ;
Ames Bliovels, Hunt's Axes aud ilutchots.
Stock of Ohoioo Groorl
Low is' Tomatoes, Cases Sausage Meat,
Green Com, Succotash,
Gherkins, 1 and l gall.
Boston Baked Beans, Corn Starch,
Teasstto Md Mock TarU Soup,
Sandwich Ham and Tongue,
Irish Stow, Hurricot of Mutton,
diowcu uuives- itoau, Uairy Halt,
Qr Barrels Family Pork.
Cases Lurd, 5 lb tins, full weight,
Boston Crushed Sugar.
Bot a
S3 4t
The Following Goods,
BMt Cal. Hard ltd Brick,
Btt Cal. Frsh Lint.
llennfKaoy llmiidy. other brands,
Casks llennenaey Brandy,
Cimua Kentucky rnviirite Wtiiakey,
Cases O. F. CJ. Whiskey,
Cutter No. 1 Whiskey, G?K. Whiskey.
Casks Beck's American Whiskey,
Cases Ciin, Baskets Stone Jua tiin.
Ilrat Hherrv and l'nrt Wine lit esses A wood.
Abo, Ale, Porter, Ac., Ac,
Which will he KoU at M4ee4 Prlees,
835 To Hull the Times. IB
CjHtiig 4rkefUwiaf QmU, vfc:
JloUs Basi Chin Mo. 1 Matting.
CU terser Tea, CUsiia4 Fas o
Ami Othr Fanoy 0oi.
cs. ArM.
N. B.-Up HUlrs, orar V. T. Leaehau A Co's, Kaaaaa
Huctt. tM is am
Iron Safes, Yollow Metal snd Nails,
Manila Coriliigo, Now Bedford make;
Whitowcod, Slates, Koseudalo Cement.
An Invoice of Carrisf es,
TU Xjtcst mtymm
Bakt PhMtona, Cabrlolota.
Mineral Paint,
Caustio Sods, (,
Mubber Packing,
Sheathing Felt,
Sugar n4 Coal BagH,
Vortlaad Cenaat.
The abort Ooods will be offered for uls to arrive
h i
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kwe vm.
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