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Supplement to the Saturday Press, May 14, 1881.
Tin: National Kxliibilion at Tokio lias
proved n hiicccrs. Over 05,000 people vlalted
it during tlio first fifteen ilnyii,
Wi'. learn tliat in South Africa tlic prico of
moat is rapidly rising, owing to bo tnnny
grazing fnriim being dovotcd to ostrich-ruining.
The Amoy (Jnttlle reportH tlint tiino men, nil
of t Iio Httrmiiiic of Kclo, wlio had nttciidcd :i
chnpol connected Willi tlio Atncrican Mission,
wore on the Glli of l-'ohruaiy driven from their
liomoB for having rcfiiHcd to contribute toward
an idolalroiiH procession. One of tho number
was ho Huvorcly beaten that he died on Feb
ruary 28lh
Anothkii largo Bale of Block in tho corpo
ration of Scrilmrr& Co. ban just taken place,
tho firm of Scribnor and hoii having Hold their
nharcn to Mr. rtnswcll Smith who bus held tho
biiHincsH tnanngement of tho two magazincH,
Scribnir'ii Jionlhly and Si. Nicholas, from tho
beginning. The editorial management will
remain the hiiiiic. Dr. J. G. Holland will con
duct tho former and Mm. Mary Miipcn Dodge
tho lstttor.
Tr.if years ago tho centre of population in
tho United States was about forty-eight miles
UHHt of Cincinnati, Ohio. Tho superintendent
of the late census announces that tho giowth
of tho great West during tho p.ist decade
cairicd the ccntio of population about fifty
miles west, whilo the largo iucie.tso in the
Si ntliarn States carried it a little sutithwaid.
Tho result places the centre of population
within tho limits of Cincinnati.
" TllK l'rinco of Wales," says tho Public
Oiinion, " invested the Czar of K'.uhiu with the
tho Order of tho Garter, in tho b.ill-room of the
Anitelilcoll 1'iiliicc. In tho absenco of the
ofiici.ds, and the surroundings which givo
brilliancy to a similar ceremony in that coun
try, the investiture was less imposing than
usual. Tho l'rince was ahsistcd by his brother-in-law,
the Crown l'rinco of Gcmiany, and
the (Jriiml Duke of Hesse who nic Kniglits of
the (Inner."
Tur. number of poisons employed in making
slides in Chicagil b.ivs an American paper is
about 2,800 including those employed in tho
700 stolen and small shops. About 1,500 por
hoiis aro employed in huge factoiies, wliero
the work is performed in the top IIc.oih with
imperfect, and in most cubes no ventilation
whatever. Female and child labor is largely
employed anil thero is a constantly incie.tsiug
ilemaud for it, as it is cheap. Tho '.wimloi fill
uiaehiiieiy in shoe-making has divided the
making ol a shoe into sixty-four pat ts, and I lie
hoe maker of to-day is only thu sixty-fourth
putt of a whole shoe-maker.
A Xoah'h Auk IIaci:, is an aim. sing
novelty on tho Tuif. ll was introduced at
the Madias Fail, and was a hundicup for all
animals bied in the country, the competitors
including buffaloes, elephants, a goal, linn,
emu, and elk, and other cieatuics besides
ponies and horses. The elephants weio placed
us if moving ilia uuiriiuge piocession and
went over tho course at a quick walk. Tho
imiii and gout ridden by little boys, ran well,
tho bull'.ilo went at a good gallop, but the emu
would not stir, neither would tho elk, until the
end of the loco when it took fright and durtcd
down tho eoursu at gro.it speed. Finally tho
ruu was tho winner, a horse coming in sec
ond, and u bufhilo thiid. Public Opiiiiuii.
11y the Hongkong Unity Press wo note a
debate in tho Clumber of Commerce of that
colony on the subject of emigration to Hono
lulu. Mr. Ho Amei ptopnsed that a repre
sentation bo made to His Ex. tho Governor,
asking that the tustrictions on ouiigiatioim to
Honolulu may bo done away with. Ho admit
ted thut abuses had uiiHcn with logard to etiii
gi ants for Cuba whom thoy wero badly
healed, but could not sco why oinigiiitiou to
Honolulu under the oyos of the Chinese Gov
ernment should ho stopped. Ho argued that
" contract emigration in bouio lorni or other
was nearly universal and should not bo eon
hidered improper ; that the said restrictions
weio only imposed in consequences of mi
anonymous letter addressed to tho Tung Wuh
Hospital which he considered an insullicicnt
foundation on which to atop tho emigration,
and concluded by remarking " I don't see why
umigiautB should not go to Honolulu, or any
other place so long us wo know thoy are not
badly treated Mr. Sharp seconded tho propo
Hiliou; ho believed that improprieties hud
occtined in connection with the Macao emi
gration but could not bco why Hongkong
should bo closed agains' emigrant ship-, pro
vided thut they proceed to porta cvlioio tho
emigrants uro well ttuated as ho hud ovary
reason to boliovo thoy uro at tho Sandwich
Isliiuls. Tho Hon. V. Keswick, tho chair
man, remarked that ho entirely sympathised
with tho mover of tho proposition, and pro
ceeded to say " Tho King of tho Hawaiian
Island is at tho present time on his way to
this colony, with a view I understand to con
sidering this very subject. His tour I under
stand will extend to tho Eastern countries
from which it is likely that emigrants can bo
obtained und his desiro is to obtain emigrants
accompanied by their families. He will bo in
tho colony beforo long, and I think tho oppor
tunity n good nno for the Chamber to express
to the Governor its opinion with regard to
emigration, especially with regard to Hono
lulu, connected with which I boliovo thero
can lie no griovanco wh.itovor." (Hear, hear )
Tho motion was then put in tho following
form: " That this Chamber memorialize the
Oovomor to withdraw the restrictions on emi
gration from Hongkong to Honolulu." Car
ried unanimously.
Wonio ccitainly of opinion that in tho
ovont of u further importation of Chinese
labor being deemed advisable that there would
ho a distinct advantage to us in getting men
shipped undci tho supci vision of the authori
ties at Hongkong rather than us hithctto,
from Canton where tho extremely unsatisfac
tory action of the Chinese Government officials
is all that we have to look to. It is scarcely
probable that small-pox or other contagious
disease could bo concealed at Hongkong as it
has. been in C.iilton, and had our emigrants
come from the foi mer instead of tho latter port
wo might have been spared tlic present epi
demic. Kt.
W'v. often read accounts in European and
American publications oftnattcis pertaining
to these islands that aie amusing to residents
hcie, nud wo think the following extract from
an article on tho eruption of Mauna boa in the
Ohio Si-ilc Journal of Apiil IOtli will bo
appreciated by our readers : " Private advices
fioin the Sandwich Islands repot t that tho
famous volcano, Mauna boa, is still in erup
tion, and has been continuously so since the
early part of October. The inhabitants way
that the piescut ci option exceeds in grandeur,
extent and activity any that they can remem
ber, or of which there is any lecnrd. The
principal crater, mhiju 10,000 feet long and
0,000 to 10,000 feet wide, is constantly belch
ing forth smoke, steam and tlimo mid occa
sionally thiows up vast locks, while the lava
pours down tho Hides of tho mountain, nearly
1 1,000 feet high, in broad streams. Some of
the eruptions have lusted 13 months, and it is
thought that tho pieseul one will be fully as
long, for it has steadily augmented fiom the
outset. There sue now six craters active, and
it is said that the chief one throws out occa
sionally n stupendous mass of fiamo 000 feet
in altitude. Several of tho rivers of lava aro
five or six miles wide, and Micro actually form
cascade-", and in somu instances uro so volum
inous us to inn up hill. I he l.iv.i has -also
forced its way through subteir.inean outlets,
and tumbled with n hissing, toaiiug Hound,
into the sea. Mauna Lou has been far more
energetic of hito years than it used to be, and
is now distinguishing itself uuiuvitcdly. Con
siderable uneasiness is felt among tho tesi
dculs of Honolulu lest their dwellings be
ilestioyeil, anil tlio opinion is generally ex
ploded that in mi volcano on the globe have finer
natural pyiotechuics been displayed than now
and theie." The present eruption which has
continued with vaiying activity since theout
bicak on tho 5th ot November last, is ceitainly
nne-of tho most notable of this famous volcano,
but it in not so gland and extensive as tho
Jimrnul's iufuimaiit would have it appear.
Tho crater of Kilauca, which is always in
action, and Muktiaweowco, fiom which the
lava is now flowing, seem to bo confounded in
tho firht p'irt of tho extract. Tho statement
that hpvcnil of tho rivers of lava are five or
six miles wide is a mistake. At tho eom
inentenieiit of the outbreak theie were three
stieams of lava. 'I'u o of these weio small, ami
the other tlio one flowing towards Hilo is
the only one thut has attracted attention of
bite. This (low is divided in places into a
number of small stieams, and tho latest nows
from theie, which appeals in to-day's I'nisss,
stales that tho total width of alluf lhr.se is
about two miles. Tho end of the flow is some
7 mijes fiomthu sea, and in not tumbling into
it with a " hissing, touting Hound," and is not
likely to do so veiy soon as it has only been
moving lately at tho rate of ono milo in three
or four weeks. Tho How, huwovor, has
leached tho sea on fanner occasions. The
inost amusing part of tho account is that "con
siderable uneasiness is felt among tho lesi
deuts of llonnlulit lest their dwellings bo
destroyed." Tho residents of Honolulu havo
not tho least occasion for alarm. Our city is
situated on tho island of Ouhu, of whoso
extinct crators tho oldest native legend does
does not speak of having been in a state of
eruption, while Mauna boa is two hundred
uiilcH distant on Hawaii, tho southernmost
island of tho group. Hilo is tlio uuiuo of tho
town thut was thought to bo in danger u short
titnu ago. In connection with this wo quote
tho following fiom tho Sail Francisco Kxamtiier
of April 17th: " Kiruuea ono of the Sandwich
Islands, has a creutcr ono thousand feot below
tho surrounding hind, and six miles in eircuni
foience." Where is Kirancu ? Wo have never
heaid of this island beforo. Tlio Exumlhtr,
which is one of our nearest neighbors, should
be a little bettor posted on the geogiuphy of
this group
From Our Hilo Correspondent
Hiui, May 6th, 1881.
Koitou Satouiuy l'mxfl: Mnuun Lou still lives
ami Rooms UMy to live. It bus broken out fresh
again. An tmwenn column of hiuoUo was Issuing
from the top last night and yesterday. However
aotivu it may bo now, the people of this good place
will not le much nlunuixl, as itBuema to be curtain
that it it comes this way at ull it will pass to tho
left of the town. It is muring slowly we imnlne.
No ono has been up from hero to sco it for
several days. I Rhoulil think tlio entire width of
nil tho flows to bo nlionl two miles, ns 1 saw them
from near Cucontuil Island. Wo lmvo hnil no cases
of small-pox. Hilo is porfectly healthy. J. A. M.
To trtV'Advertblen"
Liiiuk, Kauai, May 0th, 1881.
KniTou SATOnnAr 1'nr.ss : Wo of tho olhor Is
lands perhaps would never bo enlightened wcro It
not for thnt well-toned organ, tho '. C. Ailverll'tr.
For Instance, we who do not live n " thousand
miles away" from tho daughter whom tho '. C. .1.
of April ilOtli speaks as boing "without proper as
sistance," lu "di'licito health," and in such n
"dangerous state, "' where n worthy mother could
not hasten to her on account ot the quarantine,
would never lmvo known that tho daughter
waH in such n dangerous state, had it not been that
wo saw It for our vory selves in tho '. (.'. A.
I trust that the good advico of thu (Lnelle will
in time ho taken ; that is, to bellcvo only "half
thoy see and a quarter of what they heat," and
then they may get things a little nearer thu
Recuperating the Hawaiian Race.
Hawaii, Mny 3d, 1881.
I urn glad to seo that at last some ono has begun
to expose nud explode tho fallacious tluju'il idea of
recuperating the Hawaiian race by introducing
oilier races of nil kinds. Tho rising conglomeration
of races would bo no more a "Hawaiian race"
than nny Imported linole ; hut nativo Huwaiinns as
well ns others seem apparently to hue swallowed
tho pill without consideration.
Ah said by the writer in your hist issue, tho re
construction "must start from within;" yet ulml
li crnttitje of native IfiiiruiimtinuA especially of
that class who are prone to cull lurue meetings tu
censuro tho authorities nud style themselves
preeminently "The true HnwaiiaiiH" ( Kit Unit ail
I'ohoI) are willing to obey mid govern themselves
individually by the commonest laws of health nud
pioductiu'iiess 1
Thoy have not the innate faculty, nor yet tho
desire for self-reHtrniiit. They prefer to enjoy tho
so called liberties and pleasures; to adopt the
victsbut not the rli lues of tho Imole; to turn a
deaf ear to w isc instruction and despise wholesome
example, while yet they are over alert to blame
this liiwle for tho miserable consequences. Is tho
writer correct or not in this view ? Look at the
almost incredible, the vicious eaielessuoss and
unconcern thut the mass of them exhibit with re
gard eeu to leprosy, despite all thut has been
said and done.
How many are there who have nny concern or
exercise the "slightest precaution with rcgnrtl even
to their individual peRum ? If the native Hawaiian
cures so littlo for his race, tli.it ho practically
cares nothing for his own person, if his love of his
race consists only in groundless hulred of tho
hnnlf, has he n ri'ht to raise u hue and ory over
the introduction of another race ? Cvnkah.
Commodore and Oliver.
KmtdiiSa.tuiid.iy I'bess: Tho newspapers of
this city have published several communications i
lately relative to the Coinmtxhre and Oliver trot-
ting match, which took place lust September, and I
although personally interested in and probably
knowing as much about tho matter us nny person,
I have until now kept out of print. Thu so; oral
communications bear the impress ot one mind, al
though possibly written by different purtieii.
Tlio ring that has so far controlled Kupioluni
l'urk evidently means to bur mo and my horses
from p irticiputiuu in the races of the 11th of J one,
and iu order to prepare thu publio mind for so
arbitrary u proceeding, false statements are made.
The June meeting would bo u sorry allair without
tlie subscriptions for purses, and tho publio should
insist upon n liberal management for thu sports of
thu day. No one person has taken more interest
in the June meetings than I have, nno no other
man has been lo larger expenses than I uuvu iu
put upon thu truck good trutting stock, honestly
huudlcd. Any person who will take the pains to
look at my establishment must see that 1 love a
horso and know how to care for him. Cure, train
ing mid driving have brought my horses to thu
front to the discomfiture of the ring, aud ho X am
to be barred. I h.tvu always handled my horses to
wiu, nud tho publio have had. tho amusement. I
can truly say that tho glory of handling n winner
has boon my only recompense, for thu purses won
have barely paid for expenses ot preparing my
stock. J cm truly say to the publio that I could
have made more money by losing a r.ieu now nud
again, and tho ring knows this. 1 lost ono raco by
putting my horse on tho track beforo ho was in
condition. I won live races with " Itaby, " each
time driving her for ull that she was worth, and it
was this sones'of races that luade tho ring sore.
I would not consent to " put up a job" on tho
public, and for this reason I nm out with tho ring.
Tho ComiHoJore and Oliver mcu was miuo by nil
the rules of racing. Tho ring got u decision from
the judges, before, the juuges umutuuis ImU
timu to consider the facts unU the rules ; but when
my protest wuh made these judges told tho stake
holder not to givo up the money until ho was in
possession of their written decision, mid this de
cision has never beeii tiled with tho stakeholder.
I have waited patiently for six mouths, in thu
meantime offering to trot the race over ngiiiu, but
to no purpose, nud at lust brought nu action to
recover my stake, not taking ndviintnge of the
gambling nut, ns u recent statement would havo
it appear. It is but fair to say that Mr. McClelluu
wuh perfectly willing to drive Oliver iu a race to
decide thu ownership of the purse, but thu owner
of tho horso was not game enough to consent.
This much I say to defend myself beforo the
publio. Having now ooiuu to the conclusion that
mi honest man can do fur butter things than own
racing stock, so long ns the ring is iu control, I
havu disposed of my stable, retaining "Uaby,"
because sho cannot bo purchased. This much I
say to warn the publio.
Thanking you for the space allowed to answer
the ring, 1 remain Yours Sincerely, H.J. Ao.nkw. I
Sohool of Cookery Restaurant,
Richard Street,
llftween Merchant and Queen .Street.,
Board, $4 per week 31 Meal Tickets, $4
limited number of board en only. Htrlct Rtten.
Hon to their comort a KiiecUlty. NO OBI.EHTIAI.H
v i,i iii vVii ,.:. u?',L,V-.'. i'"..."""" "v''0
u.'..mu.m.'. .(u.iiij, virnuiiiiv... aim uconomr t'll
ablo mo to act the licit Tabic In Honolulu, Call anil
Judge for jrouraelven. Continued tn fliiirrn,
T3m ALrltKU II. HOUOHTON, Proprietor.
TlicSil volume of A. Kiirnnmler'd Hook.
A much InrRtr nnil moio Interesting wotk to the
Enteral trader tlmn the 1ft volume.
Onltrs ropMiectfull) xollclteil. Price! OS or cop)
TllOH. O.TIIllU.M.
gfiJ Hooloeller ami HIMluner, Fort Htrret.
t Itnte due on the lntof.!nniinrr,retnnlntinpnlri on
ntfl of Mnr, will liaiu tliclr wntrr "Inn on" without
further notice. II. I). fltKKTlt.
Siip'l Water Work,
Honolulu. Mnvnili. iwi. tea na n
Billiard Tabic For Sale,
L A ItirOllKS mnkei I'helim A. Cullender cushion;
marble lieu". For imrtlctilnrs eii'iulre ut
l.-p (JOMMlIKOIAt, IIII.I.tAHl) PAItl.Ult.
i forhhlilcn enterlne; my premise nt I'utinul, ex
ccpt on bnsinci. Persons dlircnnlliiK the nboie will
be tieattil ns trespassers. AI'IO,
I'uiiiiiil. April W, IbMI. 31 It
i. are ttiBOiljjInntois of the Miillcloilsl Stories Unit lutir
been circulate nliout me, nnil I hereby Rile notlci. Mill
I will piiii-rnlenii)inp clrrulnthitf such reports. 'I till
Is no llmikum, I menu business, A. .MeWAVNIl
A I-!; pkhsoxs jxj)Kin'i:i) to
i Jus. Itleliinlson formerly of the Kohiln Mure, nre
requested to mnkc Immediate pjunent lo .Ins, Woods
of liohalu, or to Tluo. II. lmle, Honolulu, rulMng
which IcKnl proceedings will be luken for their rolled
Ion. WJtitr.t TIIKO. II. I).Vli:s.
Real Eitato Broker & Employment Bureau
IteuM Hooms (Jounces, llouge, noil elh mid lease"
Itoal Kstnte Iu nil parts of Ihc Kingdom, Umploy.
rnent tyutid for thoie scukint; work In nil tlie inilous
brnnches of business connected with ttieso Islands,
t N, It. -I.cb.iI Document drawn, BUI Ci.llcihd.
Hooks uml Account kepi, nudKCntrulofllcc work trans
uded. Pntronne solicited. Commissions moderate.
Ilonoliilu. 11. t. III Kl'l
. II. liien Slri'il, risli Mnrki'l.
Deiler In Choicest Ileef. Veal, .Mutton, I'lsh, He.
Kamllt mid .Shipping Ordei enrefully nttindeil to.
l.le block furnished to e"tls nt sliort notice, nud
Vegetable of ull kinds supplied lo order. ft 1)r
Havixo "ii k. iiitA.;i:.iii:.vis wirn
Jus, I, Don uett C Co for n supply of Cnttlo from
hi Wnlmine Hunch, I now offer for side the cholce-t
Itecf ttmt the Island produces.
: tf W. .Met AND!.KSb.
HltKD hTOlli:,
Where he ivlll lie pleased to servu Ills Irlends uml the
public In i4uner.il with uuy article In hi" Hue ut Ihr
lowet ir.nrket pricts.
Frosli lslmiil Ititttcr rccoIctl iMcry lU'ek.
;tu 8 it; r.ivi: him a cai.i.. tf
id voiir Pianos Timed
Who Im jut arrhed from Sa I'rnncUco.
Htt.i.v nv it- Nioiti:,
811 S'J
CGulid 03 Pert Micrl.
Ship's Stores
30 Cases Iiimo Julco, 1-quart bottles.
80 Tins CoBeo, 12 lbs. each,
1 Chest Tea,
1 Cask Olive Oil.
40 Iron Tanks, 400 gallons each.
50 Rum Puncheons,
50,000 Bricks,
And sundry .Small Stores too numerous lo mention,
r)5'i Si) Apply to tho Captain on board thu lllliflyci
FOlt SAliK nv
'i!i0 THEO. H. DAVIES.
The Honolulu Iron Works,
In cour prepared tu
o thi: aiiovi: ihuh
National Tube Works Co's Works,
And tn make enntracta to deliver It lu Ian.' ur aniall
quautltle.ln tliUcll). K16 M U
We would call the attention of thee requlrlnc I'lpliiz
tu our larcealock of
154,000 Feet On Hand!
Black WcMm Steam pipe y to 7 In. diameter,
tlahaulaeil Water Pipe ), to.T In. dlamctnr,
tJry- The aboif at Moderate I'rlcca.
I1-S 3m

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