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C O IH IVt K II C I A Ij .
iit'ii.t if nt lohy.n. f.ih. ti.
Thi-iffr s to iii- ilHt pervading th"" tinslness
portion "( Hi comciinllr sililcli we trust Is but the In
dlcator and forernrmsr of a eaon that shall
permanent In lis results of commercial nttlvlty. We
have "tcrinalntelntd (lint Ihu steady employment of
11, o Iibfintif; and mechanical clan of our community
nrtst act beneficially upon the bnslnesi poitlon, nd
whit'- we at times lltlngnnder this period of subitan
tlarimproveinentmay forget the benefits (hat ate nc-
! urn ritntint Iffnore til. f.1ct. when WC Lbe
sober thought, it the vast change for the belter onr
city and suburbs show for the past year etcn, and
with building aetiirlly as promising as It la for some
time to comi. ve see ample cround for aallaf&tlon at
our steadily Improrlni; condition.
In shipping movements tho arrWIi from the Coart
have brought fnll and varied cargoes of general rods
and Coast produce, though In advices we hate nothing
later than was reeelred by last ateamer.
We look fr th arrival of the Ceylon from Hoton at
an early dale, with a full cargo to llrewcr Co, and In
he course of a few weeks the V. H. Thompson from
tirvt Vork to f'astle A t'ooke Theso cargoes of j:at
ern gools Mill donbtlee bo early placed on the market
a id In suppljIngTIantatiot orders lor tneir winia or
the coming season.
The outward cargo of th City of tlombay fir San
Francisco amounted t U.7!H 13 all of which was for
domestic produce oxept $) Wis look unnlher of
thohiavysUKarcargoes.ua. l.T76.'." lb, besides &V
Osilbs rico, II.HV, lbs wool and 11,315 gals, molasses.
To-day .Mr. Adams will sell at hla miction rooms, at
nioii. the lease of several parcels of real estate In
c 'ntral location on Hotel Htreel. belonging to the lltir
rona Kstate, . .
Oct 8 McliKaulkeaonll, from Krhalale.e
Sch Mary Foster, from l'nnaluu
f-cli l.lhollho. from Hnnnapu
Hch Wallele, from Mallko
Nch Waldll, from I'aauhau
Hch Lealil. from llnnolpo
Hell I'aunlil, from Walanae
Hcli Mile Morris, from Molnkal
-Am sch Annie V. Ilrlggs, Forbes, SI daya from
I'nrtlaml, II. , .. ,
Htm l.lkllke, from Hawaii and Maut
r-tm I' It lllshnji, from Kauai
10 llrltbk Iidjr l.nmpton, Mnraon, l.'SS days from
Han Francrrco
Hch Warwick, from Kalanpapa
II Htm lunlaril, from Kan. Knna and Maalaea
13-Ain sch Cntsle Ilayrtard, 1.0 Italllstcr, l'J daya
from Humboldt
Htmr .las Makee, from Kauai
'IB Moll Vnhnalii, Iron Kauai
II hell .li'iiule W.illirr, Hnacke, fiom Fannlng'a la
1& Htmr KIUiicii Hon. from Maui.
Hliftr I.ehua. from liana and Molokal
ID hlmr Kllanen lion, from Knliulnl
Ambk ltcteieMcIntyrc, from Nanalmo
Oct 10 Am lern Sadie I'. Caller, Larset. for I' Town'd
Htmr I.ehua. for Molokat nud Ilaun
li-Hlmr l.lkellke, for Maul and Hawaii
Htmr l.lluiieaHnn, for Knliulnl
Htmr f It lllshop, for Kauai
Hc.li Warwick, for Kalaupnpa
13 Stm lualanl, for Maalaea Kona and Kail
llrlt ship Clly of llomlmy Lowell, fur S F
Htmr Jan Makee, for Kauai
Voaaolsj ill Port.
llairbk lolanl, (larrels
llrlt bglnc Surprise.
Am hk Kmerald, Lord
Haw bk Kalukatia, Jeitka
AM bkmo I'.iirrkft, Kmerson
llrlt stm yacht Wanderer, Oorden
Am sell Annie V Ilrlggs. Forbes
llrlt bk I.adv I.amoson. Marslon
Am sch U.iAsIo Hayward, l.c ilalllstcr
aw sell .ieunlo Wnlkc
Vcaaela) Expooto J n ITnnoluln. from Fox-nip?)
Am bk Ferris H Thompson, roller, New York, doe Oct
10-15 t'astlo A Cooke, Agents
Am bk (Vjlun, Ilallilt, Iloston, duo Oct K-10 C.
llrewer tt Co. Agents
JlrltslilpMr I.ancelollv.i Hhnrtland, Olasgow, due Nov
Sit-', l. W Maefarlane Co. Agents.
Am hk Carbarleit, Hngiklns, New York, due Oct 25-30,
Castlo .1 Cooke. Agents
Oer bl. Adonis, Uremia, to sail In Aug. II. Hack-
feld A Co. Agents,
Am bk Ilevere, Mclnlyie, Departure Hay, duoOrt KM5.
Am bgtne llnrard, Miller, Ilcrartnrc Hay, for Kahulul,
clue Oct 15-W
Ambk Jenliy Pltla. Hletcrt, Port (Iambic, for Malm-
kona, dun Oct 11-20. 11. It. II. Co. Agents. .
Ilr bk Kelirnyd, New Castle, N. M. W., to sail
about N nt M, Wilder A Co, Agents.
AmbkC I) Wlillmnre, Hhlllaber, l)parturo Hay, II
Hackfld .V Co, Agents
Am bk Amy Turner, Newell, New York, duo Jan 15-20,
C llrewcr t Co, Agents
Am bktno W II Dlmond, Hniullell, Han Francisco, for
lioliiilul, line Oct 1VJI, W (1 Irwin .1 Co Agents.
Am bktno Kiln, Drown. Han Francisco, due Oct 2J-.T0.
U Hrewer A Co, Agents
Am licUie C'oiisncln. Ilownnl, Han Francisco, for Kn-
hnlul, duo Oct 15-a)
llrlt ship Dukoof Abrrcorn, , Liverpool, tosatl mld-
dlo hept. Agents
Am bk lliteim Vista, Cnlhoun, Port Gamble, due Oct 15-
Wl II Hackfelil A Co, Auents
Am bklue Kllkltat, Robinson, Port Gamble, duo Oct 15-
:v, II Hackfuld A Co, Agents
Am bk t'niiideii, hnanton. Port (lamble, duo Oct 53-30,
II Iliickfcld A Co, Agmta
P M H H Cllr of New York, Cobb, Sydney, due Oct SI,
c II llackreld A Co
I'M H S Australia, Cnrglll, Kan Francisco, due Oct,
II llnckfeld.t Co fit.
llcport of I.ndy Lnmpson, Capt Marstnnt Left San
Franelsio Hept. 25th, at 'J i. in., strong SW wind, and
ao continued until thoS'Jtli; iturlng Die time wo ran TT7
miles: from thence to port had light winds from NW
toHK: HlgbtedMaulnldatllghl on tho loth Inst, nnil
passed Diamond Head lit 10 p. in. snmo ilnto. Mooil on
and on mull Hie lllh, and was then boarded by pilot.
Pussugo 15. il.iys.
Tho Amerlcnu schooner Annie F. Ilrlggs arrived from
Portland. Oregon, last Hundiiy with n cargo of salmon,
Ac, is bleb she Is discharging at Hie obi Custom IIouso
wharf, after which shewlll return to Portland.
The Hawaiian bk Kalakaua. nt llrewer A Co's wharf
has ftnlslml discharging lit r cargo, and Is now ready for
freight for Han Franclsdo, for which port she will rail
lu about two we4k.
'I he llrlt bk Lady I.ampson arrived oil' the port tart
Moud.iy eviitlng 15)( tlnya from Hun Francisco and
wae towetl Into port on Tuesday morning. Mm bronght
dowusomo fine horses, birds, fowls, Ac. bhe Is dis
charging nt ltrewtr A Co' whatf.
The Ambk Emerald I" still discharging lumber nt
llrewcr A Cn's ivlinrf, Hho will return to tha Hound the
latter part of neil week. We have 'noticed that the
above ti'sscl has raised her flag at half-mast eervdsy
tlneo Ihu receipt of tho news of President Uorlk'ld s
The Am sehnourrCnssle llaywardlsat the Esplanade
opposite the Custom House discharging a cargo of lum
ber from HiiiuIhiIiH,
The Am bktno Eureka Is discharging a general cargo
of merchandise at the old Hlinmshlp wharf, hho will
return In Han Francisco lu about ten daya.
The Hawaiian bk lolanl Is at the foot of Htm I.lki
llkc'adock. Miowlll probably nil for ban Francisco
to-day or to-morrow.
Thu llrlt yacht Waudcrer Is nt anchor lu the stream
painting, Ac.
The next mall from Han Francisco may be looked for
by tho bktno Ella, about Saturday or bunday next.
A Captain nf one of the packets In port says he will
take passengers loHau Francisco for two dollars per
pound 011 what they gain on tho paongo over.
Thu Am schooner Anna. Pcnhallflw,arrhed at Kahulnl
on the Tin lust, from han Franelsco.
The tern lltra, Mclntjre, Is at Kahulul discharging
From Hau Franrlsco, per Eureka, Oct H Clio
F Welle.Ucas machluesi E P Adaius.a cs clothing,!
es dry goods; M J Hose, 1 balo netting; 6 cs diugs: E
Holluiaii.Hcadtugs; A rt Cleghorn A Col 40 es dry
cokIs; II May A Co, I ca groceries. MAIaks teed.tAlsksj
U D llereer. 1 Iron safe, S cs scales, a cs bells; Dilling
ham A tV.Mcaollt H Magnln, IT IT cs dry goods: J
Dow sett, 1 bales Uigs,?3 hiys, lu) bales hay; M Mclu
crny, Hcsshlrls, See uatstTH Uatles, liu pkga Iron
ware, !M sks barley; Lew era A Cooke, S,M) ft lumber,
bcaindseiTJ Mossinan, Ij pkgt crockery, sa pkgs
groc; C F Wolfe, 150 sks bran; Holies A Co, Vi pkgs
potatoes and onions; tl W Jinks, KMI r w posts; 0
tucas, !W,0U brick, 11 Hegelkeu, 71 kkgs stoves; M
Phillips A Co, IK pkgs goods and clgais; A W Ilush,
lUpkgagroe; llMiian A Uros; 110 pkgs cordage and
U pkgs cottoni W (I Irwin A Co, I'M pkgs tea; Hack
feld ACo; Wbbls salmon, 1 horse, 'A car wheels, I
!' iron, I bales rubbcrt Wilder A Co, H pkgs h warn:
J T Wenoun, 31 ska wheat, 1 x indse; Cauls A
Cooke, b ca drugs, '.7 pkea h ware, ail sks flour, 65 sks
and go ca potato's. 104 sks barley, Ii pkgs butler, 1014
pkgs grov and feed; K O Hall A Hon. tit pkgs h ware;
Sott A l'o,V3 pkgs stoics; (I W Maefarlane A C, 1 bar
steel id 1 11kg each to 0 II lllshop, K Nordburg, T
lltonn, and i pkg Is a II Mellls and TVi pkgs to
From Portland, O., per Annie F Ilrlggs, Oct 10 II
Hackfeld A Co, lri pkgs salmon, lui cs bread and
craikera; Castle A Cooke, 55 bbls salmon, VtUsks pota
tot; I. bbl pork, .Mrs Dickson, 1 cs apples; W 11 lrwlu
A Co, t VU ska Hour. UD is bread.
From Han Fiaiictsco, per lady jruiumi, Oct 11
Hyman tiros. Ides fuliiltuie. IH pkgs u h itlccts. 4 ca
shoes, 'Jcsrlgarrrltes. I range; llculou, lleteus A Co,
!W0 sks barley, t ca d goods, 6T pkgs groc; U ri Cuci
ulns, gcsihalrs. '' cages tilrds; E P Adams, 1 ca plate,
I bale. fi-MherstTO 'Itirum, 5 ra books, 4 rs leather
goodst W tl Irwin A Co, ti likga h ware, 1 balo hoe, 1
esd good, bi Pkgs gioc. t wagon; W O hnillh. UO psga
h h edit la; K lloil.liliivir A Co, l'J c clocks; Holllsler
A Co. 10 bbla sugar. 8 pkgs croc, 4 ca clgais; Hrown A
Co, fOca whiskey MrLian llros, lies drugs; It 11 Ulg
nail. Itpkexilvcts, J N Paly lu ca wlue; 0 Oeita, II
cs shoes; . S liilubamu A Co. lies luls.acs d goods.
uriHJuis , 1 uutr a v u. u psgs uuuoa ; t 11 Am&f s kgs
liquor, I sks tttd; C llrvuer A Co,-) lank gssollur, 115
sks fed, hi bales bag 414 bbls salmon 150 bale hay,
bS sks Uirlcy, 1 sks meal Ulrs broad, 1 pkg d goods,
Ul m brick; bll Hamon, Itckt crockery, fl 1A0. groc.
4 ca ttw tj llllliughau A Co.HO cs glassware, 5 pkg
powder, 73 pkgs h ware and stores, & bales hay; J 11
Ueiiiiuly, 1 phaeluu, W tl lrwlu, U sks potato and
ouloua 1 J l Whitney, 4 cs denial Instruments; llu
A Co. llsktfvnt,Spkga furniture, I Iruuk; II Oaley,
Upkgstdectsi w PTol.r.Siarilsses.'4hoi.e,((T pkg
erteel., TAJ sks leid. V5 Ualia bay; T 1) Morris, IT sks
fewl, lA fowls, 1 horse, I carl, 11 Lucas. I Ix bees; J
Campbell, I deer; C J Flshel, 4 cs d goods; F llslcb. 1
nkxt J DcKlJ.lpkjs; Mlsa Judd. II 11 Austin, l)r Mc
ilpiw, II W Lewi tech 1 pkg aud TVtt pkg to Chlnsa
From Kurds, per Caisle lliywarJ, Oct. lh Allen
A ItoUusou. tsj.'-W felt rough lumber; l,lG&i,U feet
11 faced lumber. To Master , W sks poUt,
u cs 1'igars, v-i ti loosccu; n rumi a a wv, i Pkgs
tobacco: I. Way M pkg HuiMIng material; (1 W Mac
firlaus A Co. tuck, beer; Dllllugham A Co, W bl shot,
VI pigs oils. 4Mk. C04I1 Dulles J-, Co, gS pl.g oil. It
ptga ship chandlery 1 W E Foster, f pkgs leather;
OiJsr.lJl'i sks nii-,TK Foster, bales soils, doi
Ff Port Tom nTil tc-fail'f 1 Ci'li-, Oct lu-Ilil
last nt.d iti r"S al 1 oiM -ii, JIW
I'or Ban Jrancts-o. pcrtity of nomrnj-.Oct 11- I.T7B,
2"sJ lbs snpsr, lt.SIR glls l.fbhtstes, II, Hi lbs wool,
HI.IMI lb lice. Val IlomvglSMII J M Val For, $21.
'From Han Krnncti''6, per Enreka, Oct, Oth James T
White, Frank MrSaenry, W ' Klng,J I. Mesurk.
From Pdrtfand, per Annie F IlilgRt, October 10th
(1 Otlllck.
From Han Francisco, per.I.ady Lnmpsnn. October II.
O W lliown. .1 I) Morris, W Hrown, It J Wlgnall,
and wife, I'.llta Nell
For Windward Forts, per t.lkellkc, Oct. tlth-MIss
Alexander, .1. II. Atheiton. M T JJonncll, W V I'osne,
Mrs Poirhe, T II Katies, F. HaMcad, V II Jackson..! 0
(Hide, W r pjrko, S i; Mann, Miss Farter, Miss Sever
ance, T J Itavsclden, Mrs Wright, I) Vernon.
nUI.LFOIIDS-In this city. Oct lllh 1HM, .! It.
rk'LLrnirj, alias I'mcr, a resident of these Islands for
the past tncnty.slr years, a native nf New Haven, Conn.
Aged W years. New Hivcn papers please lopy.
Till. MATIJItllAI l'ltl-SS
Publlihcd for the HATunnsT Pnnss Association by
Hook, Job and General Printer,
Honotnln, II. I.
Notices of any events of Interest transpiring on Ihe
other Islands will air. ays be thankfnlly received for
publication. Correspondents arc requested to append
their true names to all communications, not for publi
cation necessarily, but as a guarantee that the writer
Is acting In good faith.
OGTOllKll 16, 1881.
BLING. Tlio arrest and (rial of II. II. Dales for an
attempt to leave tlio Kingdom without a pass,
port, naturally revives tlio snbjeot of tlio
" Pool mania, " laloly so prevalent liero, nnd
the trickery that has gono hand in hand with
turf jumbling generally,
Prior to the dcpartnro of tho City 0 Sitlnty
for AnstraHn, orders of nrrcst wero isined at
tho instigations of P. II. Tripp (saddler) nnd
Captain A, N. Tripp, for debts claimed by tho
plaintiffs for tho respective stuns nf $1)0 87
and SCOO, tho first ntnomit being duo for mer
chandise in part nnd in part, upon a nolo of
hand to M. J. Koso, which had been tiana
forrcd to P. II, Tripp; nild tho second, on
amount of stnkca alleged to have been
fraudulently gotten from tho stako-holdor in n
rnco to havo como off between tho horses
Itoinping Girl and Stanford Oolt which was
not run.
A brief history of this projected raco may
enable tho render to judge bolter as to tho
merits of the chargo brought, and upon which
the claim is founded. This raco was arranged
for a certain day ; but tho managers of tho
Park having deemed it adviBablo to closo the
track for a time, covering tho day of tho in
tended rnco and having notified the parties
thereto to this effect, it was generally Bup
poBed to bo " off, " at least for tho lime. Per
mission to tiso tho track waB roftiBcd to tho
backers of Stanford Colt up to 0110 o'clock
p.m. of tho appointed day, nt which hour a
reuowed application was mado tlicrelor. I)y
sciino means, howovor, tho maro Itoinping Girl
was got upon tlio track on tho day and tit tho
hour originally appointed for tho event ; nud,
tbcro being 110110 of tho backers of tho other
Horso picscnt, judges wero chosen by tho
backers of Itompiag Girl. These, in their
turn, ordered tho maro to bo cantered around
tho track, and then declared her tho " winner
of tho raco and monoy; " and tho stakos wero
paid to II. II. Hides accordingly.
Wo aro not familiar with tho codo that gov
erns tho raco track, cither horo or tlsowhcrc;
but if such dealings as theso wo havo just
detailed, aro in keeping with its provisions, it
would certainly scorn about timo for honest
nnd ordor loving people, to cntor a determined
protest aguiust its further tolerance. Simply
as an occasional pastimo, fairly conducted,
perhaps there aio no very serious objections
to borso racing: but when it baa nothing better
to recommend it than tho suppoit it gives to a
class of inon who havo no mora regaid for law
or anything manly, than a low dread of im-
tnediato conacquouccs can iuspiro, it has bc
como a, nuisance, and as such, should bo com
mitted by tho strictest enforcement of all legal
enactments. It has been responsible for many
frauds of a glaring nature, whereby un
suspecting porBons havo bectt great losers
pecuniarily, mid vexing and expeusivo litiga
tions havo been a consequence Knvy and
ill-feeling, amounting in somo instances to an
intensity of hatred that has found vent in per
sonal violence ato also to bo laid to its charge-,
as well as a widor spread partisan ill-will
which still lurks for an opportunity.
For tho good of tho community it is neces
sary that law and order should prevail, and we
do not beliovo our authorities will bo Black
under tho piescuco of public sentiment, in
meeting out justice to such as present them
selves for uotico in pooling fraud. And it ii
to be hoped that tho end of them is nut far
off, or tho timo distant, when people who can
adopt no mora houoiablo calling than that of
swindling their fellows on horso flesh, will,
by a proper cotirso of action, bo induced to
leavo tho country if heie, or remain away if
intending to como.
In another caso which occurred lately, n
written deciscion unauimously given by'
tho judges, was entirely ignored, and tho
money paid to tho backer of a losing horse
upon thu backer's repicscutntion tintloincd by
an intotcstcd friend, to tho effect that tho
homo hud won, acd a guarantee lu writing
that tho monoy should bo refunded in case tho
decision should be otherwise than as re
presented. Thu monoy has not yet been re
turned, and litigatiuu will probably bo resorted
to for its recovery.
When our t jpa aro boing frequently so stop,
ped up viitlt iiiosawtud other accuiuululiuns not
natural to sound flowing water as has been
(he caso lately, it is a imturul inferenco that
tho water works nf the city aro uot in its good
a condition m they might bo; and if any 0110
is responsible for tho bad condition referred
to, It ii certainly timo aouio exertion was be
ing used to rectify the evil. Thcro aro taps
in certain localities that ueod tho aid of un ex
hausting pump every few days in order to ob
tuin uny water ut all, which is a great incon
venience ; and not less objcctiouallo from u
hygienic point of view.
'I hero exifcU hydrauta at various points for
" flushing " tho pipes, and thu dealing them
of filthy ami uuvtholciomo obstruction; and
their tfikiency xehen uttd, cannot bo doubted
by any onu who ha witnessed the amount of
matter both orgnuio and inorganic, living and
dead, which i discharged through them.
Kor can wo doubt tho necessity of moro ,fr
qucnt flushing, when wo look at tha filth that
is often extracted by the exhausting pump
when applied to our Upu. Wo hope for tho
jjcncr.il Rood, tliat inealis 111.17 lie niloplcil
Alicrcny 8IICI1 objection, an liavo been nttcrcil
may lie, liereaftcr. tcudetcd unnecessary.
The existing prevalcnCo of fever ami oilier
disoases of probable malarious origin, h cer
tainly not likely to bo abated by tlio necessi
tous tiso of contaminated drinking w.ilr.
Tho crim. con. caso of H. Ilrlggs vs. .T. It.
31111s, recently tried In court was ono in
which damages wero claimed to tho amount of
10,000. The jury, a'ffcr a brief deliberation,
awarded tho sum of 82,000, tho verdict being
Suits of this kind havo been raro in otir
courls ; for what particular reasons, howovor,
it would not bo 'crnay to determine, as facts of
n character analogous to those which havo led
to tho prosecution in question, havo only been
too common in o'.tr community. Pcrhapi tho
inadequacy of any pecuniary nwnrd likely to
bo mado an compensation for tho alienation
of a wifo's affections, nnd the intense huinili.t
tioTi that must nccompany tho idea of being
looked upon by tho world ns rt cuckold, may
deter many from resorting to nulls at law,
especially when such actions add so greatly
to tlio publicity that a. sensitivo nnturo would
wish iiiont to avoid. In so much ns such n,
feeling might bo the result of a cultivated and
refined sensibility it is worthy of respect; but
equally ns much is it to bo deplored if result
ing front n want of appreciation of tho sacred
natiiro of tho matrimonial bond, nnd the
brutifthnoaa that can readily supply tho placo
of an alienated spouse with ihn mero thought
that other women exist. Hut, whichever of
these considerations best supplies 011 explana
tion of tho fact that nets of thu nature- of thoso
alluded to aro bo often allowed to go by de
fault, or a partial reparation, in only some
times obtained by dlvorco, tho fact ramains,
that tho blankest of villainy is too often al
lowed lo go unpunished,
As was rcmaikcd by tho cnunsol for tho
plaintiff, in cases of this sort, it is natural
that nun should look to tho punishment of tho
offender, and if it be not nffurded in coin Is of
law, it will, in cases, bo ndmiuistcicd by tho
party aggrieved poihapa in violenco and
bloodshod ; and in proportion to tho estcoin in
which tho sundered wife has been held, will
the thiist for vengcanco bo deep. In a gen
eral Benso and in civilized Bociety, perhaps no
misfortuno to which persons nro liable, is cap
able of entailing n greater amount of misery
than that of seduction ; nnd from this con
sideration it is that in other countries, cnor
mous nwards havo snmctimea been mado to
injured parties, amounting in instances to tho
almost total beggary of tho offender. "The
injury is three-fold to tho woman, to her
family, and to the public." And as Paloy
says : " Upon tho whole, if wo purstio tho
effects of seduction through tho complicated
misery which it occasions, and if it bo right
to ostimato crimes by tho mischief they know
ingly produco, it will appear something tnoro
than moro invectivo tn hssert, that not one
half of tho crimoB for which inon sulTcr death
by tho laws of England nro so flagitious as
Tho San Francisco. HuUelin of tho 1 lth of
last mouth has an editorial with tho cheorful
titlo " The Doom of tlio KanaknB," in which
it quotes from dispatches of tho former Vice
Consul and tho present Minister Resident of
tho United Stales at Honolulu, to tho Slato
Department at Washington, respecting tho
rapid influx of Chincso into this Kingdom.
Tho former gives expression to tho opinion
that, from tho present aspect of things, only n
few years will elapse before tho Hawaiian
Kingdom becomes virtually n Chincso Colony.
Ho adds, "unless restrictive moasurcs are
taken by this Government, in a few years tho
Chincso will outnumber tho nativo popula
tion," Gen. Comly, undor dato of April 11,
1881, writes to tho Department: "1 think it
safo to say that thcro aro now nearly 14,000
adult malo Chincso in tho Kingdom, nnd that
thoy compriso moro than half of all tlio adult
population of all races whatsoever.
Theso aro unpalntahlo atatemonts of dam
aging facta, to bo mado about us in tho press
of tho United States, that will bo caught up
and rcpoatcd and magnified by tho enemies of
tho treaty, and bo treasurod as argumuiitB for
tiso in congress against its continuanco. How
long, let us ask, shall wo continue, to look on
with suicidal apathy, whilo this tide of mon
golian immigration continues unchecked ?
This question should command tho earnest
nnd prompt attention of all who have their
homes on theso Islands and who desiro Ilia
perpetuity of Hawuiian autonomy j and it
should certainly address itself to all who havo
vested interests hero.
When, sevorul years since, a warning voico
was raised that tho unlimited immigration of
Chincso mnus would pnivo a serious evil, it
was replied that tho agricultural interest of
tho country needed moro labor; that tho Chi
ncso were most availablo and best adapted,
and that when tho douiand was supplied, tho
immigration would cease. As lo the latter
proposition, tho result has proved its incor
rectness. Wo havo already horo thousands of
Chincso who cannot bo induced to engage as
lalorcrs 011 sugar plantations 011 such terms as
employers can affuid tn piyj and still more
nro expected to arrive Wo repeat that, aside
from tho influenco of hlghor motives, those of
self-interest alone should urge ns to tako
prompt and effective measures to prevent
theso fair islands from becoming a mcro Chi
,,. A,,in., n-i.- ri. . r-;. . .1 1.. 1
, iiwu 1.UIVUJ-. IIU t-fvu.4,'1 lima UUUllUMCfl t
"""Out of this may prow a state of faots that will
uoinamituo iinwi enrnerti intention or ourllov
eminent. It is generally taken forgrimteil that
our interest in tha l'acilio demand that tlio. Maud,
wioh Inland shall not be allowed tu paau from the
prtK-nt suvertiign Into nny other hinds than our
own. lly the reciprocity ire-ity we have partly in
oorponittHl them already. Tills Un proposition
upon which to all appearance nt this moment the
wliolo power and strength of tho Government
would bo brought to bo.tr, iu oasu aiiy ndven.0
claim tliould bo not up, Tho Chtntva Government
if ilrt traditional policy U upheld, would not give
nny coanteuntioo ton Clilnei-o revolution In the
Hniiilwlclt Islands, with n now to commorcUl or
political nunexation. But a Chinese Colony is
Hvldoully not ona that it would be satisfactory (or
ui to administer."
History furnishes no parallel for t!:c man
ner in which the news of the doth of Presi
dent Gatfiiild was received in Great Urltaiu,
and the respect accorded Ids memory by the
" whole people " of the United Kingdom has
dono moro than all elso to make mora Grm tho
grasp of friendship between tho two nations,
lo draw together th twu divisions of ono peo
ple. The London Ttlqwph speaking edi
torially of tho President's death saya; " Hut
while tho spirit of this upright and high
hearted President passed sway in sure and
certain icliauco upon the love of Ucavcu, we
will vcnttiro to say that oven In this loss
America nlso gains. Slio has gained n knowl
edge of tint deep sympathy which Knglnud
feels for her in her lulafottiinc." Tho San
Francisco OhronMt nlliidinc; to tho sympathy
expressed by English papers, remarks t'"Tho
tribute of respect paid to tho memory of Gar
field by ihe London 7Vm. will bo gratefully
remembered by tho American people. Tho
bands of mourning that surrounded tlio sorrow
ful nows in that journal will servo to tighten
tho bonds of ainlly between two great nations,"
Things Wise and Otherwise
A correspondent in the GaztUt complains that
(JnrlnK tho memorial services at the Fort Street
clinrch, certain gtnllemtn were coiiiivIIkI by tho
usher to Rive np their seats to some ladles. Wo
nro sorry that tho usher sliunld havo been litre
ittaltil to nan compulsion In such n cano; but
thoso vlii wore Kentleuiniily enough to wish to
keep their peats wlillo ladles wcrn compelled to
stand, should hnvo been tmtnly cnottp.h to havo
withstood tho nlrr nlrj.
An eiprcss wapron, benrlns the numlier 118 was
ued lit tho nftortiuon of Tuesday Inst to convey
lejiers in an advanced stngn of tho dlsensu from
tho nrernihcH 1111 Klnrr street to tlin nchminpr ll'.n-.
iriVA. Wonld it not bo better for all concerned,
that n vehicle for tho oapreM purpose of couioyiug
such ns nro unablo to walk, bo provided by tho
authorities, than that healthy persons be subjected
t tho dntmcrof infictlon imulvedin using wngona
Hint hn.vo been previously ccoopled by lepers ?
I'cccnt advices from Hllo of tho action ot tho
iMithoritirn relatlvo to their treatment of tho
Nome-elan denerterB nf the In nullum plnntnlion,
Indicates it sad xtitlo nf alTaim that naturally
creates nlnrm. Jnst fancy llfty-elulit discontents
wander! iik n round for two days unmolested, savu
tho fornialltv of rending warrants tn them, with
no r (Tort nt their nrrcst. Is this tho kind of pro
tection tlio peoplo nf llllo am taxed for, nnd ox
jicctrd to bo satisfied with ? A correspondent
writes: " Wo fear tliercwill bestirring times mi
les.) the Sheriff nhnll show himself n man nud not
a cownrd. " Huch fcvents need stern ,nieaiires and
prompt aclion, elso the evil becomes n precedent
for similar actions by other plantation laborers.
Wo fjivo placo cheerfully tu this Issuo to a letter
from tho lllshop of Honolulu for what ho deems n
correction to our statement of last week, Whilo
wo do not for a moment iittributo anything but
tood Intentions on the HUhop's part In tho nd
tlrens nlluded to, wo think ho will nriree with us
in that its delivery nt this timo was injudi
cious and lilcely to produco moro hnrm than iod.
Tho question is ono nf vital interest to many souls,
and we mav say nations ; and the only appnrunt
safpitiinrd IlcR in tlio direction nf total abstinence,
in wliioli nt least two eminent Auglicnn Illshups in
Kncjlnnd, havo recently taken a very firm and de
cided Htnnd, maintaining that it Is' the only safe
guard to the fearful tido of misory that is 'sweep
ing ovor its shores.
Wo hnvo strong (rounds for tho belief thnt the
writer of tho Vat Atmia ntticlo "Trno Itc
pentenco," of which wo givo n translation else
where, wilfully perverted the truth of tho remarks
that wero mailo nt n meetiuK n fow weeks since,
nnd improves this opportunity to jjivo one nf thnso
sweeping cIiiuroh nt mission work and influenco.
That ono should express, daring the recent nwnken
InR, n regrot of not having boon more faithful in
Kvangelicat work nmong llnwaiians wns very
nntnral nnd proper, but it doos not follow that
f 1'is'tv lo. ami hhtrcil of. the rnco was indulced iu
which the writer in question endeavors to niako so
much put of. Neither does it follow that the ad
mission of dereliction of duty on tho part of ono
should necessarily apply to nil, or iu fact any
On Wcdnesdny morning two incendiary pla
cards in mnnn9cript were fonnd posted up in Ho
nolulu, ono at tho Post-ofllco nnd tho other noar
the Bethel Church, thtentcuiup: the burning of all
Riirar plantations from Hawaii to Kauai, if no
stop bo pnt to tho transportation of lepers tn Kn
lvwno. They wero probably written by kithmwt,
or relatives of somo of the lepers who wero taken
to Molokni last Tuesday. Wo c-tntint tliiiik there
is it soci"tv of Nihilists among our nativo popula
tion nnd do not apprehend that tho threat spolccn
of will bo carried out; but n thorough search for
tho nelsons who nro concerned in this matter
should bo mado by our police authorities, nnd if
necessary largo rewards should bcollered for their
apprehension, nnd when caught they should 10
colvo tho full rigor of the law. Thero is d.inRer in
allowing this offence to pass unnoticed. Such
documents will inllnmo tho minds of thoso who
imngino that they havo grievances to" bo righted,
nnd will leadtto tho' secret commission of crime.
This niovmncnt must bo nipped in the bud or
I hero will bo troublo in storo for us in tho future
A Word from the' Bishop of Honolulu.
.Honolulu, Oct. 10, 1(331.
IVDrron Pares t-Vrtindljallow mo space in ytmr
paper for n correction. Thu statement that ap
peared in your last issue that "nnti-abstincuce
principles wero preached from tho pulpit of tho
AnRlican Chnrch, on Sunday Oct. 2nd" is mis
leading. It conveys tho impression to those who
did not hear the sermon in question, that encour
agement was given from tho pulpit for tho ih7
criminatr use of nlcoliollo liquors. So far was
thin from being tho case that tho conclusion ar
rived at was that 110 sanction can Je found in th
iron o (Soil fur the ute tt$ tl common heirmye f
uiiiiiititea tpirus, wuicu aro ino cargo or mo pre
sent generation.
Thu question proposed for consideration was
whether iu tho passago in which wo are told by nil
inspired Apostlo that "every crcilaro of God is
good nnd nothing to bo refused if it be received
with thanksgiving," we nro to understand those
"croaturcs" to be included of which alcohol is nu
ingredient. Did our Heavenly Father intend His
children to usd them as articles of diet ? Tho nu
sttor I drew from tlio testimony of Holy 'Writ Is
this. -Thero is no moro ai'ii in drinking wino nnd
beer, than in eating beef nnd venison, provided
they bo taken with moderation and thanksgiving.
Tho Qos;iel no moro obliges moil to bo total ab
stainers than vegetarians, though they hnvo full
liberty to bo both if thoy ploase. Hut with refer
ence to alcoholic, HquorH, I pointed out this im
portant limitation. Thu "creatures" which are
Uud'u ptftB to bo used with thanksgiving mo thoso
In which alcohol i.i present by tho natiinil in uttst
oftrmtntalioa. Thu wine nnd btrong drink men
tioned in Holy Bcrinturu, must not be taken ns
covering thoso unltnt ijiint, which aro rando by
tho human art of distillation, an art of which
thero is no evidence that tho ancient Jomh had any
knowledge, nnd of which thero is no record in
history until long after the Inst book of tho liililo
was written ; ns tho result ot human art thoy aro
not " (lod'a creatures " in tho same sonuo ns those
which nro uittiiralli produced. I do not say they
aro forbidden. Hut ihu concentration of it intent
principle found in thoso gifts should bo regarded
an n medicine rnther than ns auarliclo nf food.
At all events thoso who appeal to Holy Scripture
for tho defense nf their liberty to use nlcoholio
liquor must bear iu mind thnt the Sacred Volume
must not bo taken as sanctioning tho case, as an
article of diet, of other liquors than thoso which
nro mado by tho natural process of fermentation,
or in which nlcohol la present oiily 111 uitajiro
jnrtlon. This wna tho main argument of the hormon, nnd
if it be in accordance, ns I trust, with the truth of
Clod, ynu may rest assured that the circulation nf
that truth icill do no harm, although it may clash
with the opinions, on tho ono hand, of those who
rogant nlcohol in any form ns the tool ot nil evil,
and on the other, nf thouj who nre destroying
their constitutions by tho use of fiery compounds
which wero never Intended fur common bevornges.
If it be uot tho truth, let usho.ucIi dtoper until wo
lind it, for nidjinittt Vjjjla; tt pitctilebit.
Thanking you for yotrr courtesy iu allowing this
letter to npjicar,
I niu, Mr. Editor, faithfully yours,
The Hisuor or Honolulu,
Tho Kative Preu.
The foUowh-RisfroiiiSihe i'ue Mm of the Sill
Iu.itn.ut: "Tnuis HxrtmTANCC One evening re
cently ut a revival meeting, rt Hon ot n missionary
nroae, appntently much hardened with the guilt of
soma secret deeds ut Ihe class to which ho belongs,
anil proceeded to speak to this effect 1 ' My mind
is full of grid' nnd heavy with Borrow, because I
know of the Roeret dohigs of the cla&a tu which I
boioiiK, for, while our parent love this nation, we,
their children, hate you, Hawaliaus.' Wo respect
this child of ainlsiiouiuy who has thus publicly
expressed ropuntiuco for thU thing which they
have concealed, nud we expect also to hear from
uinuy othur children of missionaries who uow have
lying tongues, and who tune not vet removed the
great bar that U upon them. Do they not foar the
tlodof Heaven? Who of tho missionary children
will fullow the example of this one, who un. taken
up tho work nf instructing nil tho peuplo ot this
kingdom, first eullRhtouod by the teaching of their
The KUU of lost Wednesday uuder the headlug
" Generous," says that tha poopls of Msnoji valley
reooiitly t-wk up a collection among thom&oltei
nnd raised over J0 for tho purpose of gcttiuaithelr
church bell repaired. It was taken to the Honolulu
Foundry and there ulculy repaired, and the bill
when patented amounted to $2X75, but on the
back of the bill was written: " As we know that
the owners of this belt sure pjnr poopl. thero f
therefore no charge, A. Youko," Mr, Young also
Mid to tho Trooaurvr, "Take back the money to
tho brethren of Mauoa, and lot them u-m it for any
repairs that may be needed on the chorea bulla
lug." A nsw bell for the Firs Uoputrueat hm nrrlys d
by the Vi-fy Ltuiimh, It was In the last Mechan
ic Fair iu H tn Frauetx. and was pnrchajed
by Mr. Geo. Lac. The belt roceivxl twu or three
mouth ago will be sent back as It has not proved
The nnslness of the late TIIOS. LACK, recently de
ceased, will be carried on as usual, at the old stand on
Fort St, w at
Wnlllmm Wntches.
From tht Syttnty Datlv TtUgraph, Junt 3ft, IS8U.J
The Waltham Watch Company have been awarjed the
onlv Rold tnedal rjlven for watches at the Sydney Inter
national Exhibition, and are tho nnly exhibitors In any
class from the United States who have received this
distinctive recognition.
M. MctNEflNT.
' Hole Agent for the Hawaiian Islands
Oregon Potatoes.
sTWWfc N"'IW ItlX'r.lVI'.ll per Nelinoiirr
-"" Annie F. Uriels. New Crop and very
suncrlnr quality. l'or salo by
Oct 10. (87S) IIOM.ES A Co.
California Onions.
fM.tnr.H ami nachn if ii. Ni: aiii.vr.n
y smns.
l'or sale by
llOI.bKS A Co.
Family Beef.
XAItA FAMILY l'i:i:' I. HAM' IllllJS
1 (875)
Kor salo by IIOM.KS A Co.
Oregon Salmon.
I. II Itlli:i.S AMI! IIAI.l' ItAltlli:i.H, nrv
packing of ISSI. For sale by
Oct. in. (875) IIOM.KS .t Co.
Vi' ii i,i, ANsiiitT.ui:.r tv tiitocr.itiiM
Inst received from Kuropc by the latest arrivals
ami or vcrr choice quality. Also, n Inrce addition of
tlrocerles lo our former slock. Just armed from fan
Francisco, ei Kalakaim, Kurck.l and Hadle F. Caller.
Will be sold lo snlt the trade.
Oct. IU. (73) 1IOM,i:.H A Co.
Hams and Bacon.
(lANII.M Of .Mi: ATM. II tit I I.N, JAMN,
j Jellies, Ac, Ac. For salo by
UCt. IU. (87T-) IIOI.LCH A Co.
NI'UT KUUNJS11K1) Olt V2f-
furnlslied Cnttaco. or a sultaof rooms In a Pri
vate family, central location, good nelcbboilnnd.
Address or apply to J. K. WISKMAN,
Ml It Ileal Hslnte AEClit.
Clearance Sale of Pipes,
Tobacco, &c.
Tim uxjiiusiGXT:i) intknhs
X to Close out the F.NTIHK HTOOK of Tobacco,
Clcarrttes, Pipes, and Smokers' Sundries on hand at
early date, j
At Cost for Cash.
89 lOt JlltS, T. LACK. Fort Street.
Lecture to Young Men!
1UV. ,f. H.MITU AVirJ; IMOTjIV Kit
JV Ids second Icclura to younr; men, under tho aus
pices of the V. .M. C. A., next
Thursday Evening, October 20th,
At Fort Street Church, nt 7K o'clock.
SUIMKOT "A very Promising Young Jlan and What
Became of Him."
We Lopo all young men of llonolntu ivlll attend.
M It
Just Received,
300 half barrels, and 100 whole barrole
Cases Pilot llrcatl,
discs Medium Bread,
Cases Soda Crackers, &c.
K)lm 8T.-.:!m II. IIAOKFRL.I A CO.
Just Received !
English Saddles,
Bridles, Girths,
Saddle Cloths,
Whips, &c.
a? o s s,
GalvanizedPlain Iron,
Galvanized Ridging,
Shot Guns,
Gun Gaps,
Fishing Lines,
Carpets, assorted;
Sofa & Centre Bugs
Door Mats,
Sugar Bags and Bagging,
Hardware, & a General
TJwually Kept by T7a.
C, 7, 8, and 9 Feci! for sals tt
I sons (rum b.rbnrluf or trailing any ou on my
account, 4 (still uotuay any dabls couliatteJ la
uiy name, orbu my account, attsr Ibis date, tsltbon
Hrltteu onl.r from we. W. 0. HultUCS.
- Ullf Hawaii, Auga.tStta.lWI. - W UM
B. F. EHLERS & Co.
Jk. Very Large Invoice of
Ooxmi.mtlxkm ofi
New Dress Satins,
tilnln, girlpctl, ntl lirocaclctl to maleli.
New Dress Silks,
plain, Btripcd ntul broeadctl, nil now bIiwJos j
Wool Dress Goods,
wool sititliiRa in nil tlio now slinilca;
in black, nml nil tlio new colors;
Fine White Linen Lawns,
Fine Printed Linen Lawns
Ladies9 6c Children's Hosiery,
Ladles' ctmd 01ill3.irexa.'s
je. r'la.ii Time or
Goods !
We are Constantly Receiving by Every
Steamer from the Coast,
All the Latest Novelties in Ladies' Neckwear
New Laces, Fancy Ribbons,
Fine Embroideries, &c.
also j u.sTiti:;i:ivr.i, a i.aroi: AMMoitTiarBX-r of
New Carpets, Velvet Rugs,
Door Mats, all sizes.
Wo liavo matle material cliancjcs in onr PRICES, and offer Goods choapor than ever before,
cshik:mi: nit r or tiik Hawaiian
? Islamls, In l'rolmlp. Ir. the matter of tho Kstate
of KA1L1WKI.A, lata of ltunolutn. deceased, testate.
At Chainbers, beforu .Mr. Justice McCully.
On reading and tiling the petition and accounts of
Cecil llrun n. Kxi'cutornf tlio Ksinin of Keillwvla, late
of Honoliin,Oatiii, deceasrd. uhertln lio-asks to be al
toned $l,Ciu VI, and charees lilineulf with ?t,.W 10, and
nsW. that the samo may be examined and njiprotcd.and
that a tlnal order may be mado of distilbiitlon of the
pruperly rcmalulnr; lu his haods to the pernona thereto
I'litltled, and dUchurlug liini and his auretlea from all
further respoimtbillty as surh.
It M ordered that WKDNliHDAV, the ICth day of
NOVK.MIIKIt, A. 1). 1881, ut 10o-clocl; A. M before tho
suld Justice, at Chambers, In the Court House nt Ilono
lulu, bo and thnsmno hereby Is appctnted as tho time
and place for hearing said petition and accounts, and
that all person, lnlcrcsted may then and there appear
and show cause. If any they havo, why the same should
not be granted, and may present evidence aa to ho are
entitled lo tho said property. And that this order, lu
the Hawaiian and KnijIUli languages, be published In
tho "Kuokoa" nnd ' Saturday Tress," lieuHpaneta
pilntcd and published In Honolulu, for threo successive
weeks previous to the time therein appointed for said
D.itud at Honolulu, II. I., this 80th day of Hcptembcr,
A. D. 1601. I..McUUI.LY,
Attti Justlco of the Supremo Court.
J No. II. IUhnahd, Cleric of the Supremo Court.
57 31
Have Jaat Rocoived a
Fine Ass't of Wines, Etc.,
Clmiupagno, Dry llcltlsclck "Monopolc,"
Quarts audrinli;
Clinnipnguo, Oil. Fitrro Kxlrn Cuvee, pt & tils
Chutnpngtio, 0. II, Miimm & Co'a Uarto Illancliu
pinlH anil (juarla;
Clmtnpagnc, Q. II. Milium & Co'a Kxtra Dry,
pints ami quarts.
Claret, Chateau Pomoys, 65r., qrs.
Claret, Cliatoau (inree, quarts ;
Clarot, MarKiiuro Superior, quarts ;
Claret, St. Julicn, 70, quarts.
Rhine Wine. Domdeohaney, qts
lililne Wine, Hoclilicitiior, quarts.
SPARKLING HOOK, plaU and quarts,
Sparkling Moselle, pints ami qnarU ;
IMieingau Clininpognu, pints nml quurts;
Khelngold Champagne, pints unJ qusrts ;
St. Paul's Alo, pints ami quarts j
Ilcnilllngcr A, 11. Export licer, pis and qls;
A. Mtillor'a'Lager llivr, pints mnl quarts;
Jcflroy's Scotch Alo ami Porter, pts ami qls ;
Cognac. Do Laago Fils ic Co, 2 yri
Cognac, Doutolleau & Co., four illamonil ;
Cogiuc, " three dlaniomlj
Cognac, " ono tliatnoml j
Cognac, Southern Vineyard Proprietor's,
Drundy, Ludvocat; ditto, Cheville.
Port, Dry, and Sweet Sherry WIuo.
Oils, Key Uruud, in baskets and cases.
Hum, in barrels, etc., etc., olo.
For sl sit low prlos bjr
nTlim Wlm 11. HACKKKI.ll A Co.
Oculist, raysiclsm suU lorsjeoB.
Ky Dlssase. Hpcclslly. Hesldcncaanduiaee lSTFoit
urctt aud Chaplain Lane (Ills, Chasu's).
OfBco huursi 10 til a. u. tl'ili-ir. m. Mima,
mm. j. uamoNS,
Teacher of Vocal aa4 IsMtrsuaeatal Masio
No. 'A Hotel Ml.. opK.lla Dr. MeUrcw'a.
Notice to Creditors.
HONrt hailois claims aj;losl lbs Kstata of HUMAN
IlKYNOf.US, 1st of llouolulu, drccasid, Isstato, lu
prcasnt tlio sauiv, duly Y'rtflcd, tu th, undrrslzucd, at
lh Couit llousv, llouolulu, wlttila six laoullii fivu
Ibis djls ot Ik-tr will be foivv.r karrrd.
J.M. K. HAUNAltl),
1 Eltculor will of Vrs. Hnsao Kejrnolt-, -lccind.
Honolulu. fcirutinib.lWII. Hit
St ts cScs ol C. Drawer Cn.4 Hoaulsls, sa Tuaadajr.
October llb. llstl, at W o'clock A.M. '
fcUIW V. 0. JOWK8. jr.. Btt'y. P. p. Co.
IUV Lluse Jiuli(l4,
I f
Bbls. Salmon,
Bbls. Pickled Cod Fish,
Bbls. Cod Fish Tongues.
57 873 lm
K. P. ADAsM.
XXASB JtASMt MXTx-l-vecl. fx-ozsx
t!0 daya passage.
With an Assorted Cargo of
49- Cor particulars see adv. column of
871 M lm
Honolulu nratanr of the Island In theOraup,
In Want of Kmployaes
....... ...... .. .,, Hv... ... ,MU., iiunv, ,u hii mvir oraera.
i. a. j'iimhh. i.
r.rs. jr. l
fV&SYliM r 5T.lo?.ran Committee,
MM1IIAM. J Y ii. U. A. 37 8T3ni
ii. v. him
No. HI Fort Btrcst, bo Hotel.
lly the last strainer I hare recelvrd a large assortment
ui nu isirsi American siyu or
Boot, Shoes, Ties Slippers
Ac, Ac. Ac ' Ac.
Ladles' tad Children'! Miom a UpeclaJty.
Boots and Shoo Mado to Ordor
Willi Neatness and Dispatch.
Leeds, InUad. are tresr4 te
tool Portabl Tramways,
With or without Care and Locomollrei.
HyetUHr sl44 far Hi(ar l'aaUtUu I
ftl!S?1f1 Ur" jfoootlyts and ears,
rractlon Knulnos and Hoad iAoomotivee, '
?.UiiIUi f J".'"! U1"1 VplllaUB aUeaiMrv.
I'ortalilo Kuulues tot all uurpuses,
Wiudlng KtiKtmis (or laeUeelk
CattWnre with lllotlratlocs 'Models, and Photo
Risnhe u) the slH..e I'lanU ssdstblS. ,' uShi uil
at lb. talc, ol th. underpinned ' "' v ...ss,
at the cUlca of Ibe undersigned.
.. 'xtt U k.,&u. 7u. . ..
Agsau fw Jio.yos.l4 A Co.
Wailufcu P4 FMtorv.
vleclur constantly. All w4ra hSa A
, ' vaiKiiw
.!' w.

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