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The week past ha been a busy one In it It riintlT ,
nitiTltlitnillri(f the general linllilsy M nmlay for Ihr
celebration of the, Uln,' n turn The ration coaster
ttelarrtl their ilrrintiue till Turtly, which ctratril
milch linliir actltlty therein. Hie mnl" noticeable
p'thap (root the l.lkcllke' esrller departure than
In monnnt of shipping we not free arrtrals ami
departures fnr the neeii, a our Hit will showi oml the
rprtrt alneo our list font up l t7,Ml , nnl a bad show.
Injfor a week "between eaon " Amonc lh tiWnt r
note that of the I H Thomson from New ntk, and
learn Hat an effnit la being niadn to secure her for thr
Hun Kranclseo and Honolulu trade, she la a line,
staunch Inoklne vessel anil would prnte a valuable ail
dllldn lo the line.
front recent ('out adfleea we iln not trMher any Im
portant chatiRea nf inatkel rate on laland product
than tlinan heretofore, Riven.
Mraat. Ilanlee, llaytrlilen ami Ileitelmann were the
pmrhaser of the llurrtiw Mailing- Mill, sloek ami
lea. nf pemlr,nn Hatniilay ltd, anil will continue
the btislne aa under llio name anil style nf the"Knler
ptlae Mill," a per nntlrn In nnr (dveitlslng cnlnmna,
We ilve herewith nnr export table, fnr the uiiintli nf
October, ami the tola) io far for llieyeari
5i:s -ic irMiW?
rf"- ills :US3
iif. IssI
Oct. 81-! M H H Australia, Carelll, from Snn I'lan
7)-Htmr l.lkellkr, (nun llannll nml .Maul
iwr Ja Maki'O, frnin Knnal
Htnr O It llllmp, frnin Kauai
.11 Stiur Ialanl, from Koimunil Knu
Nor. ' llflt Wtm Yncht Wanderer, (Inrilnn, frn Ilanall
Am fjtrlnn .1 1 Hpreekela. Frlla, fm Han l'rnu
Schr Walli-le, frum Mnllkf
a-Ani bk I'erila H 'lhmnprnn. l'nlter, fm New Y
Mchr Mil.) .Mi.rrla, from .Mnlokal
4 Am bk C'ainileit, Hwanlon, from 1'ort Uamble
Oct. ?J -Am Bchr Anna V Ilrk'as, Forbes, for Portland
Rchr Nettlu Merrill, fnr I.ahalna
DO-1' M H H Aiiotralln. C'nrjilll. for .Sydney
Am bktno Kureka, Emerrnn, fnr Can Vran
Am bk lluena Vlala, Calhoun, for 1'iirl Tonn.
Am bk IttTcre, Jlclntyre, for Port Toirnacml
Not, 1 Hlmr I. Hi it, fnr .Mnlnbal
Htmr Mkrllkn. fnr .Maul and Hawaii
Hlinr Kllauen linn, for Kaliulnl
Am bk Ceylon, Ilallei, fur Hougkou:
S Htmr Jas Makee, for Knual
rfchr I.eahl, for Hnnofpu
Hthr UlUuin, for llonolpii
Schr Kekuulunhl, for Ifanalel
a-ll I It M H Afrlk-i, AlcilcofT, fnrTahltl
Htmr Intlanl. for Maul anil Hanall
I llrlt bk Laity I.impsoii, .Maralun, for Man Fran
Vomola In Port.
II I H M H rlnslo.m. 1'olranskr
llrlt Stm Yacht Wanderer, (lordon
Am Ictno J 1) Hpreekela, I'rlla
Ami h Kerrla Hllinuipnnn, Potter
Am blc Ciimilen. Huautou
llrlt blno iiirprlee.
Am bktnn Kill, llrnwn
Am bk II W Almjr, tVccman
Voaaolaj Expeotodut Honolulu, from Forolgu
llrlt alilp Sir I.ineclot, hhortlnid, (llasow, duo Jtor
W-iO, tl. W. Mncfurlane A Co, Aycnla.
Am bk Carbarlen, llopklna, New York, due, Cn-tle &
CookL, Ascnta
OcrbK Adonla, Dehardo, lltcmcn, duo lhcl-3, II. Hock-
feld .V. Co, AccnlM.
Am bk Jenny I'ltia. Cutler, Port Gamble, forMihu-
koiit. due. II, It. It. Co. Agents.
Ilr bk Kebrayd. New t'a.tlc, N. 8, Y to aall
about Oi-t IS, Wilder .t Co, Amenta.
AmbkU O Whltmore, bhlllabcr, Uepartiiro liny, II
llackfeld A Co, Agents
Am bk Amy I'uriier, N'cwi.11, New York, duo Jan 15-20
C llrower t Co, Agents
lltll ship Diikeof Abcnorii, lllnnlo, I.herpool, duo Jin
UV.K), Agents
Hon bk Clilchivo, , .Vc Castle, N H W, loading
Oct Ulh. Ilackfeld A Co, Ageotn
tchr Alaska. .lalnlt, lii .Marquesas, dno latter
pari Dee, Ilackfeld .V Co, Ageuta
Iliw bk U It Illilion, Waltere, llrumeii, due J.iu 251t). II
llackreld.t Co, Agent"
tier bk Atnlanla, Mohrmium, Liverpool, loading Oct 1,
llrlt bk Ilirl Itallioimle, Jarls,I.ondon,vlahtMlcliacl,
to aall laitir part of Oct, lirewer ,i Co, Agenu
Am bktnc Monllur. .Nclaun, .Maliukuna, due, iflt 11 Co,
Am bktuo Amelia, New hull, Port Hlakely, due, Allen H
Itoblnrou, Agentn
Ambk HO Murr.iy, Havens, San Kranclsco, due, V T
Lcnehau A Co, Agi-nis
Am bkiuo lilsrnvcry, Perrlman, San Franrlrcn, Nov S0-
'43, Ilackfeld x Co. Agents
Am rchr Clam bpreckuls. Cousins, ban Francltco. via
Am schr W II .Mejer, lloc, Han Francisco, duo No!-
J3, llreuer ,t Co, Agents
Ain betno W tl Irwlu, Turner, San Francisco, for KaLu-
Till, duo
Am schr llosarlo, Hv,lft, San Francisco, for Kaliulnl.
Am tern Hirelstor, Port Illnkely, for 1111m. duo
Haw bgtno Pomarc, Ilre, bin Frnnclsio, for Kahulul.
Am bkina J A Fnlklnbnre, lluhbard, Kan Francisco,
due Nov'-D-JX Cn.tlo X Cooke, Agents
Tim whaling bark I.ucrrth, lileh ha been chan-id
to a leam propeller, sallid from Jew lledtoril Oct 1st
for tbo Noiili Paclflc under cnmmjnd uf Capilliomaa
.Mrllen. '
The whaling bark Mary and Hnaan sailed from New
IletlfnrdOctoih for the .Sorth PacHlc A large nnnber
of vessels are leaving home ports for tho .Virih Patllic
anil Arctic nbale nshlng grounds, and between the
steam and sailing balers the whale will sutUr consid
erably. .'jr.
On the ltthnf October, whlln tho llrltlsh Iron ship
Frli'deburgnas being unladen lit tho northern uler of
Oakland Long W barf, thrtelwra of steel nils Ji feet
long anil HilghlngWXJ pounds each, slipped from tho
llng when hoisted mathc.iil high, and falling through
the open hatchnay crashed through tho falso woodin
boitum and through tho outir Iron platen. Tho water
Immediately begun to pour through Hie hole, and every
effort of the males to stop It by means nf sails up mi
aialllng. Tho vessel sank In g ftct of water. .1(0.
Tho Haw steamer U Ulllshon Is at llrewer's wharf
hoiedown fur repairs. Iliu James Mukce take her
place on tho Kauai route,
Tho Am bnk V S Thompson, Capt Potter, arrived on
Thursday last. Ill daya from New York, bho dockrdat
llri'Mcr ACo's wharf, and coiutnvnctd discharging yt a
terday morning, Mjo Is consigned to .Messer. C'jsllc X
The Am bktno Klla Is at Brewer ,t Co'a wharf. Her
down cargo Is all dlschaigfj, and suit Is now un lite
berth for ban Francisco, to sail In a wet k or ten eays.
The Am bglnn.1 I) Spreckel. arrived from ban Fran
risen on Widnesday last. She lias doikcd at tho old
Irainshln wlurf where she Is now discharging her
catk'o. bho will load for ban lrunclsco wlihtTupaicli.
On Thursday mornlnglast as tho Afrlla ami Plastnou
we" going out a( Ilia liaibor tho latter came In collision
vflln the schooner .Mans, which was beating In at Iliu
time. The Plastoon carried aw ay her lore yard and foio
topsail yanl, and ih schooner's inalu gaff wa bioken
ami thu nulnsall split from clew to earing.
Tho Am baik It W Almy has discharged ami hauled
Into the atteum, bho wilt follow tho iilla to ban run.
Tho llrlt bnk Karl lulhmule, Capt Jarvls, was to
leave London on ur about Oct ."Jth, fur ht Michael's and
.Tho Murray, Discovery, Irwin, Claus 3prciki.lt and W
!! "K". " okWoU at ban tranclso tho .amo day froui
Tho steamer Australia, with Ills Majealy Kalakauit
on board, took the town by aurprlso last balutdat alter
noon, as she waa not looked for mull Monday a in. jiu
Inedlatvly after the guns nria tired from Punchbowl,
announcing that the sleamir conveying Ills Majuty
was in sight all tho steam whlsllee romntncrllo blow,
ami all the thlpplhi; was dcruralcd with digs. Iliu
Kutttan deet was decked wnh buutlug from iho trucks
to the walei'aedo. When In King landed all llitvouf
the war letsels manned yards and Hied a salute.
ltoral Uoa.U-Atrl.cdOcl'.'l, At.l bk Moutatta, Pltr
sou, henco brpt IS,
Kureka-Arilvtit Oct, Am bktuo Moultor, Nelcou,
from Mahukona, lltwalt,
(Jan Fraud. co-Airltc.l Oct w. Am Ilk II (J Murray,
linens, henco hept 13 Am bktno Discovery. Prrilmaii,
btuco Sent l; Am tgtuo W tl Irwlu, Imiitr, henco
bjpl l; .Imki Clam bpreckela. Cousins, henco Bpi
wi Am eh W II Meyer, llowo, lieuce hept W; Oct 1 1,
llrlt bk Suffolk, llyfow, heiie hept Hit Oct '.M. Haw
blua Pouiaie, Drew-, M daya from Kahulul, Mault
Ovt 41, Am bktno J A talkluburg, Hubbard, btncoOill
Astoria-Arrived. Oe II, Hnl bk Obcrott, Harvey,
hcuce hepfJI. "
Tllnldad-Arrlte4 Oct 17, Am cb Daisy ltowe. Ills
gins, hence bvpt'.M,
Ittpirt of steamer Australia. Oarglll, couimauder
Lift t)au Frauclscu oo the M Octob.i.ulcbn:iughfr
pilot at 4 p ui. Ueuto log uutll luldolghlt on .i ,y.
Jtrleiiced muilrrato SW biieo aim cloudy wrtlbir:
lib itrouc head wluda ami sea; lUth lolrtih light bW
aud vailabi wlud lh Iouk MV suelu th lltht
pfctherly bratto aud Sue wwlbtf : v-JlU. iM ti in, ar.
lived at Honolulu. ' ' '
J UJ d O j O D c i p II I
I If J "w u "w w "w "C
2 u uBBa'llDUfi'3B t! !
3 cjw? cn"eecici : : :
g cHoaBdccCB : :
a Mf'ii1i'ii.c0 ; ; ;
-n!iul!Hlw l--, H
Knr t'oriMnd, lliejnn pr Annie I" Ittlsia, tet tt
2.1 bat's flf.UI.I tiui(r IJomr.ilc vnhir, JIHSU I",
Knr Han Pranelarn, per Hnreka. Oct n n,'SO b
npr, W.mm lb rlee, VI bntha hananar Dnmettlc
valne, fii.ttptn,
l'rr Australia per atmr Aniralla.Oct 31 tcaaeeila, t
eci!li llomcitlc r.iliie, IJ,
Fnr ttonitknnc;, per Cejrlnn. Nor t 1.J1I Dm (unina. 3
t bnnka, Nl Iba beehu iln mer Dumeatlc talue, rw M,
For Bin rrane!rit per f.nitr ftimvaoti, Nnr It nM tt'rt
Iln anev, IMIjcIh bnnanna, T,1'I(H niulaaer,:tiri')
IbMlt't. l'orclgri alno 1.1(3. Dnmeailc value, ),'.).
Fnr ."an Franrlsfn. per Lady Lumpsnn, Nnr .1 -Miss
Heed, Mlaa Nawyer, V W eilh
l'rnm Han Francisco, per J II Hprrckels, Not fl-II 0
flaskell, ( It Wells,. I Peter, V Connell, A J White,
t' llnhrlinek.
From "nn 1'rs'nclaen, per slmr Analrslla, October .11
II II M Kalakaita, lol I II Jndd, Major Marfarlane,
Ills Kt W N Armstrong. Mr llnbt Olhollrn, t' II Itik
well, MtH W lawlnr.Mlsa.t Ma.lrr IjiwIor.Mr X Jit
(1 W lllrvln, Mlaalilrvln, Mr and Mr M H (Irlnbaum,
Mlaa tlirtenlirtjr. W II llallry, wife and rblldien, A li
llecbt, ' WHImlilanl, ' H Klinrrslev .111 Klmersley,
linn II Wl.lematin. Mis. V Uldemann. Jllas M Wide.
mmi, Jlla Wenrell.Jnhn Ilnblntnn, W II Fuller, T It
Mrllln.J II Paly, Mr Paly, .Mr Paty, sen, J W .McFle.
II J AKiiew, Mrs Agnen, ll llaiikln, W Hcmc. .Mi J W
Jlnrgan, .Ml. I K Plirce, W K Arlrimau, II linblnson,
Ml" llnhlnsnn, A M Ht.roul, Mr and Mr I) llenn, Mrs
I' II lllrd. It .1 Smith. II I aimuan, Mr A llnmn .1 Phil
Hnl II I'Well,.! IIFroirr, W llaiwerlty, J M Htlnsnn,
W llavlf, II Ilm.lley, l piirdy. .Mr F. Olley. t' (lertr
N Veinon. W II Herd. A .1 Merger. M t' lllear.tl A Wnnl,
F. Font, A Llndsan, wlfo and T children, and 1W In traio
sit for the Colonies
For Han Franrlaco, per F.utcka, Oct W-Naney Itoli
ln9!i,W Hnsrcll,
For HortMiid, per Annlo F Iltlggs, Ort !9( (lalllck.
t'or Auckland and Sydney, per Autralla, Oct 31 K
N Mark, II II Hale.
For Hongkong, poj Cevlnn, Nov I -in Chinese.
From Han I'rvnrlsco. per Australlu, Oct .11 Mr .Inn
IIkptii, ilea il good! Jl J Hose, . irliip; A H Hood, J
e photo gimda; H lf Htnlth. 1 ea mdan; Ayman , Itroa,
" pkga gnoil groceries! Ilnrl Illoa, if pkg jrulll
Itl.liop A Co, Its bnoka; M .Mc Inertly, 4 c gonils.j A
W lluah.llbbl rrunibeile; llolllstir X Co, ,71 pkga
tnbheern. lOltki. at r lle. .1 T Willi rlinuae. 2:1 ei ilrr
gnod; .Marfarliine X Co, lOkega beert A A Jlontniio,
Jea il goodsjTO llirum.aca liooksi II Miy X Co, 111
pkglmtteri Wilder ,t Co, fObiaplkc; T II llobron, 3
ra milso; Hall A Hnu.U pkg plnteil ware; I' T Lcne.
ban A Co. M(k potiiloe: A llcrlxrt, 17) pkg fruit; II
V Ciller A Co, 1 c ilcoodai Ilackfeld A Co, lea dry
gonda) A W lllrhnrdaiu, njikgs floilda watir; Order,
I cilry goiHla,.lpkgs tnadilres. and 331 pkg to Chi
uesn (Inn.
From Hn I'ranclseo, prr J II Hpreekela, Nnv.1 Lalno
A Un.SSiska feul; llnckfelil A t.'o.gg;! pkg lliiunr; T
(1 Potter, lies gooda; llolllstir A Co, III pkgs bottle, 1 e
lni TCI 'Ihrum.U pkg slatlonery, clc: M I'lillllpa A
Co, ale nidse, 1 Piano, llnlle A Co, ... !," potutoea
and onion.; A Jaeger, II c clock; K O Hall A Hon, i!S
pkg hdivare.'.Mrolla leathers W (t Irnln ACo,3cr fur
niture, lUlliou nxle nnd wiicel, gt3 roll pipe, 3 c
rlvcta, Ii hhlansphiiltmn, ISIIpkg lidnare, 103 ekt Lur
ley. IM k bran, Kl( bread, 1UI tibia lime, '.11 bbls
pnrk, Hal sk oals, HIJ pltga sugar, 1 c clocks, Vi c ma
chluery, II cs boota nnd shoes, lis) c potutoea nnd nu
ll ns, 1 pump. 1 J'J pkg tilling materials, III intilr-1 O W
Macfarlnne A Co, Mu lt feid, '."Jil pkg liquor ; John A
Falun r A Co. W pkg drug; drown A Co, 'JO e wine;
O F Wnlfe.'.iiUskabrnn; McChesnry A (lllher. lOU ska
dour, Ml pkg feul, lt)k putulooeiiiiilonlou. lUbali
bay, P.'lpkg grocerle; wilder A Co, 10 e window; ,M
Mclneruy, Ml nk potator. 10U c npplis; Casllo A
Cookf, Sea michlncry, 21 Iron lap, and ISO pkgs to
Chinese limn.
Tilt: NATIIIIIl.M fltl'.SS
Pulillshed for tho Hatuiiimt Pups Association by
HOIUlItT iitn:vi.,
Hook, Job and General Printer,
Honolulu, II. I.
Notice of any evenlof Interest transpiring on tho
nther Island will always bo thankfully received fnr
publication Correspondents nrn requested to append
their true name to all communication, tint fnr publi
cation mccarlly, buttis a ginrntiteo that tho wrlttr
I acting In gnod faith
NOVKMHEll 5, 1881.
l'rnbalilv every iiitollige.it reader will con
cede villitmt question tlmt tho minkion or
joiirtinliiiu is to present truth in ita aimplcut
form, to Intercut a.nl inntrtict the inastep, and
to work alwaj'n for tho best Rood of tho pco
jilo and Iho world, A reasonable amount or
fiction is as noccisnry to the intellectual pal
ate ns lime-juico to curry iu other worda, it
is not nbsolutoly necessary, but in nny caso it
should not bo disguised. A roso by any other
tianio docs of nlwnya Htncll assneot; imagi
nation is n very polcnt medium ; it has much
to do with tho joys and sorrows of life, and
onco inil.imcd, the vrateru of a Jordan can
hurdly iiuoncli ita flames.
If tho Instu of tho reading public has bn
couiQ vitiated, nnd wo mo inclined to think il
has, it is in a great degreo owing to those nn
scriipulti.ii journalists who aro nourishing a
morbid appetite in their reader, and striving
to oilt-llciod thoir brother Ilerndn, and in
this way they gain u qitcetionablo fame, in
crease llioir circtihtion and their bank account,
but it isnlTinyB at tho cxponio of truth and
common decency, and Boino, perhaps many,
innocent victims nro driven to tho wall.
Wo have in our mind at this moment, t very
noisotno example. Tho San Francisco Chron
icle is in the habit of advertising itself at u
"Livo paper," whatovor that may mean.
Grunting that it is a 'Mho" paper, omitting
tho letter " v " if joh please, by what means
has it gained lhi reputation? It has entered
unbidden tho piivacy of the home circle, and
laid baro tho solemn secrets nf tho heart. It
has spared neither timo nor expense, to gtither
near slid fnr, testimony sufficient to blacken
tho clcjncst reputation. It has dragged from
their closely tho forgotten skeletons of tho
puit and dnncMl them, like jumping jacks,
before n gaping audience. It hat magnified
peccadilloes until they read liko hculous
crimes, It behavelh itself unseemly, is easily
provoked, thiuketli evil, bcarcth nothing,
hopeth nothing, eudiiroth nothing; wo cannot
odd, beltevctli nothing. Its very natno has
becomo a reproach and its statement arc, for
the most part, accepted with n wide reserve.
This il is, to bo a " live paper " from a Ghion.
iWd standpoint.
Of Into tho CAiwittehaa devoted some spaco
to tho misrepresentation of Iho lalwr question
in the Havwiiittii Inlands. It litis found fond
sufficient for its neiiiatiuiial greed, und though
it is not prubnblo that stntcruetits so violent
will bo credited by wise and thoughtful read
ers, it is possible that tho glaring huud-llnts
und thu vivid pictures drawn by iho trained
pen of a clsner reporlor, may cattio many to
boliuve them grouinkd in tiutli.
Fur this ruukoit wo feel called upon to cor
rect mU-itutonicntn which wo would other
wise ticnt with thosllenco und coitlciupl which
Ihoy descrvo,
Wo do not profess to know, nor do w a much
cite, whose money ti backing the Chronicle Iu
this game ; thul il is seeking to ttcfe.it tho
renowul or tho reciprocity treaty, is self
ovlilontj that ithupus to do su by asserting
thul it (Iho treaty) U the causo of a brutal
lave uvituiii nnd an inotcuio of vlco und
itiiirdor, ii ulto solf.ovldont. These prcUnces
arc so childish, It Is tuioniihiug that a. ro
spoclablo journal, the San Francisco J-htnliiy
llutklm, shouhl be inlliienced in this slightest
degrco by Iheui; moreover, it Is, wo believe,
tho first timo that that worthy journal has
truck hands with its despised contemporary,
Tho llullttin of October lSlh sa;s cditoriilly
"All importations uf iminigruuts under con
" tract In labor a given number of yeurs nro a
" inotliGed kind of livery," If the llullitin
woro In earnest it might huvo added; All im
portatlum or exportation of Immigrant or
emigrants under contract to labor uny given
period aro n inedilied kind of slavery; it
might have uddid that contra tl to labor lit til
is u modified kind of tlnvcry ; mid yet the
JtuUcltn Liiows that Iho ystctu it pfovaleut
thrntighout tho vorhl, nnd that wiihntit it, Iho
army and navy could not cxiit, nnd tho fleets
of the merchant service would run the risk of
rotting in the first port they entered,
Dlpciplino is an licccMary on land ns nn sen,
A mutiny in nsugir mill would prom moro
disastrous than the famous niie on thu Ihuntt,
When the crops nro ripo thoy must bo cut,
and when they nre cut they must bo ground,
Delay In tlicso rases is fatal. With laborer
who nro privileged to throw up their engage
tnenli on the slightest provocation, Iho um
chiuory of n plnntatioti could not run olio
Witness the disastrous strikes in Iho United
States and (Irest llrlluin. Thoro nre re
iiifotccmetiti in those countries; Lilt nro thoy
allowed to step in nnd earn Ihcir hotust brend?
Iloro tlmro aro no re-lnfnrceinents ; wo need
moro help than wo havo thus fnr been nbln to
obtain. Without tho contract system (is it
any worsothaii the apprenticeship of n minor?)
this kingdom might as well shut up shop.
Now, nit to tho treatment of Immigrates upon
llioir arrival nt Honolulu. Tho Chtvniiln of
October ISlh says (and it has obtained nil lis
information from tho anonymous or disreput
able panics whom it has hunted down): " They
(tho Immigrants) "nre driven from tho ship nl
"Honolulu in (rores,, precisely as tho cnttlo
" lauded ttt Hunter's 1'iiint nro driven to tho
"shambles iu llutchcr Town ; and, ngnin liko
"cattle, all ouclnnetl in n pott until they can
"bo numbered and scut to their ounoi,"
Perhaps the Chronicle might havo suggested
conducting Iho immigrant singly to uiiuuf Iho
hotels, or ret oiiiuiciided turning thorn louse,
strangers Iu n strnngo laud, to provide for
themselves. The voluntary immigrants who
nrrivo at Cnstlo Harden, Now York Clly, tire
penned, for' tho timo boiug; tho coolies who
nrrivo iu San Francisco, ttto penned for the
lime being, nnd subjected to a rigiil personal
examination, which is always humiliating, und
sometimes brutal.
If the Chronicle wero to run short of itoniR,
why not look nonr homo for a sensation. Wo
can itnsgitio tho'O startling headlines greeting
tho astonished cycu of its rentiers sonio fine
morning: "Horrible Treatment of Christians
at tho hands of brutal .Monopolists." ".Men
Women and Children locked In pens." "Driven
in droves liko cnltlo on tti boats, and compelled
to stand in railway cartinges." "Insufficient
Accomodation.." " Thousands of lives in
peril." "And all for tho greed of gold."
Yet this is what happctm dally and almost
hourly on tha San Francisco and Oakland
There would bo ns much reason in tho ono
incendiary, clap-trap, newspaper hullabaloo
as iu Iho other. The best pcoplo in the laud
nro thero penned with tho worst, nnd in pens
that nro by no means inviting. Thoy nro
locked in nnd detained until tho boat arrives
nnd then thero is a rush nnd n tumult, such as
would not flatter tho cnttlo that arrivo nt
Hunter's Point and depart thetico to tho
shambles of lititchcrtown. Common sense
grows moro uncommon daily. Thero is a
certain class of journals that is nothing if not
sensational. Wore theso journals to outer tho
field of legitimate journalism, they would
sacrifice tho very olouieut that has given them
nn tineiivinblo rucccss.
Wo havo neither spaco nor pationco to pnr
sno tho subject this week, but wo hopo to
return to it und trust that iu tho and, calm
reason, coupled with cold facts and figures will
provo that if thoro is anything rotten iu Den
mark, ono must go to tho Chi on kl-i office to
inhale tho effluvia.
It sceniB to us that tho further ptosccutiou
of tho wotk on tho wellat Mnkiki is scaicoly
authorized by any rcnaonnblo ptoapect of ob
taining water; and that if a supply for tho
plains below bu the only desideratum, a more
proUblo method by which it could bo secured
would bo tho boring of wolls ut points not ex
ceeding in altitude tho height (common to all
tho flowing wells obtained) to which water baa
been raised, viz: 12 feet nbovo mean tide. In
tho vicinago of tho town, nine flowing wells
havo nlrcady been obtained, iu nil supplying
un amount of water which is voiy large; and'
yot thero is no indication of any ebb in their
flow which would naturally bo lookctl for in
creasingly with thu number ol now flows be
ing obtained, if tho limit of the Htipply to tho
common reservoir had bcon reached or ovon
approached in quantity by tho total outlet af
forded by these wells. How much larger tho
orgiual nnd constant source of supply is than
tho amount yet let out by wells, it would of
courso be impossible to ascertain; but the
largo amount of wntor collectively that has
already been obtained, nnd tho extent in atea
of Iho underground reservoir from which wo
may reasonably iiBsumo ouch and ull tho flow
ing wells derive their supply in common, would
also ull'urd a. negative presumption that to
look for water bolnw the stratum of rnck from
which wo now ubtniti it would bo searching
for un improbability. That n successful tesult
is nut boyond tho range nf poanibility how
over must bo admitted ; and that same- othor
underground supply than that which has boeu
artificially tanned, docs acluallv exist is
proven by tho fact (hat a natural und constant
spring exists on tho Punahmt School grounds
nt an altitude of something over a hundred
feet abnye sea level. Hut from tho results so
far obtained in boring, wo aro led to beliovu
either that tho natural cistern supplying this
lintuial spring, it located beneath that which
lias been tn fur struck artificially, or that its
extent h extremely limited. That such U tho
case is partially pnn en by tho Tact that in two
well bored in opposite directions, and within
no great distanco frum this spring tho water
obtained Is reduced to u no-flow point ut iv
common altitude, nnd that, many feet below
tho hoight of the spring in question. Iu order
to n moro satisfactory solution of thin question,
u well should bo bored directly iu tho vicinity
und if water was first sti tick that would ut
taiu no higher elevation than futtytwo feet, tho
presumption would naturally bo that n, still
underlying sourc) did exist which might be
tapped by deeper boring. Hut if, on thu con
trary, water could bo raised to a level with
that of Iho spring, u strong indication would
thereby bo utVotdod of tho rrry local source uf
tho supply.
If tho cxiatenco of deeper water-bearing
strata could unco bo proved, there would bo af
forded tome cucoui.igeinent fur tio coutlmunco
of opcrationt nt llm Mukikl well, which ut
present it wuutlng,
Ami at a iiiniily of good water for the plaint
it greutly redded, it would certainly toem
inoit feasible to teck it in boring wells kt nn
elevation of lest than 43 feet, when flowing
water could bo looked for with leatonable
ceiUiuty, The (xctture ijullte for lit dialti-
biitlou through pipes to nil parts needing n
supply, w think could bo nrrnnginl nt no very
great cxpenso by a system of stoim pumping,
In thl manner water has been supplied to
cities and towns in various parts of tha United
States; nml wo nro nt ti loss to sea nny reason,
if such is tho csbo, why tho flame- plan should
Hut be adopted here, Thu probable coat and
feasibility of such n scheme might bo easily
nsccrlnlucd by consulting competent engineer,
who perhnps there would bo mi need nf going
outside Iho limits of ll.i clly to find, Upon so
Important a question ns tho supply of water
for tho city it would bo pleasing to seo moro
Interest iu it evinced by person moro com
petent In speak than wo nrn; and If tho fore
going remarks nro olTccllvo In eliciting nny
expression of Ideas from such, they will have
fulfilled their intention.
A few weeks ago in an editorial on tho oltl
Hawaiian Agricultural Society wo spoke of
tho need of it liko socioty or association nl tho
present time, nnd since that editorial appeared
late developments havo mado such nn organ
ization n necessity. In union is strength, nnd
it behooves tho planters and all friends of ngri-
cullilia to band together to further their own
interests nnd peril ips to defend thcuuelvcs
ngnltist an iippaicnlly organized ntlnck tut tho
plantations, of which tho mouth. pieco is tho
Sun Francisco Chronicl. Theio is certainly a
movement of some kind on foot nnd union-; tho
objects it has In vlow Is tho provrntloii of
iho rcnowal of tho reciprocity treaty with Iho
Utiiled States, and to carry their ends they
will ute misrepresentation or any other means
that will prnjuditu tho minds of Ilia American
pcoplo and legislators iigniust the treaty; in
fact, wo have been most grossly misrepre
sented already. Our labor system it de
scribed ns slavery of tho most revolting char
acter, nnd our laws as favoring nnd sustain
ing cruol mid inhuman treatment of laborers.
Such statements, although ullorlj devoid of
truth, cannot but provo detrimental to tho in
terests of tho planters nnd tho country at
largo, for thoso who do not know difTorcntly
will bnliovotho Chronklc'n stnlutncnls, and "a
lio will alwnys travel round tho earth while
tho truth in putting on its hoots."
Tho Chronicle Is undoubtedly urged to take
this courso by hoimo money cnmidoiation, and
when that journal under takes to ninko n fight
it will movo "heaven and earth " to accom
plish its ends. If Iho planters contiutlo to lie
(upihcily on their backs awaiting (lo.clnp
inciitn, tho Chronicle will soon have gained a
position whoro it 'can plungo its poisoned
Btillcttoitito n vital part. If anything is to bo
lionu it miiht bo ilmio now. K.imlom idiots op
posed to tho bombardment of lies that linn
opened onus will bo oflitlla avail. Thero
must bo concerted action. Tho first steps
must bo tnkoli promptly nnd tho defence
followed up with spirit. Tho planters owo it
to thcmsclvcR and to tho country to take
speedy action iu tho formal ion of an associa
tion. Things Wise and Otherwise.
Tho Marshals wore
wero happy.
nwnllow-tailed coats nnd
It was rumored nt Aliiolani Halo yesterday that
Mr. II. A. I'. Carter would shortly go to ljarope on
diplomatic Rorvicc.
The minor of a bostownl of nobility, that was
so current on Monday, took n very Budilin clinngo
thu following day when thu libel suit topic was as
treciy pruuiuigatou.
Vo regret exceedingly to record moro intoxica
tion amotig tho natives on Monday Inst tltnit has
been oWrveil for months pjBt, but hopo it is
not leonijdcrid n nccesinry accompaniment to
tho wclcrtmu that was tendered the King.
Wo hopo now that the Attorney-General has re
turned to UlH post that ho will tunko Rood tiso of
tho ovidonco which ho possesni h for the prosecution
of L. Aliolo for nllegrd defalcation in his position
of trust on Maui fur sotuo time past.
Our Wcdncpday contetnpornry chuckles over its
supposed tliscovory of tho writer of this detvirt
nient and confounds him with "Observor" It
mutters not to us how often, nor how wido it
misies its mark, lint tho egotism that pcrvudea
its utterances is perfectly amusing.
If tho report is correct of thoro being n grand
htll.i nil through last Tuesday night under
lioyal and other distinguished patronage, wo con
sider it is high time to consider the depth of in
jury to which Iho (catering of this heathen Rem of
lieeutinuH evolutions will nffect tho rnco whoeo
King linn toured tho world under tho plea of
"Uooulu Lnhui. " Ii Is useless to blind ourselves
to the fncL Hint llcentioubnetis iathocuri of tho
race, and nny effort to foster the evil is to hnstun
thoir doom.
WftKham Wntche.
Frowi the Hyilnta Daily Teltgraph, June 211, 1880.
The WViltlnm Watch C'ompunylia.a been auiuded tho
only gold medal t-lten for watiliea at tho Sydney Inter
national Inhibition, and urn Iho only exhibitor In nny
class from the United Stales who huo recehed this
tliatlnctlru recognition.
1 Uolo Agent fnr tho Hawaiian Island
Sunday Afternoon Mooting.
Tho early huud'yeu-nluj: nucllnsol tho Y. JI. C. A.
held for several . cars past lathe vestry of Kort .Street
Church, will bo moreil to the Lyceum lurcafter till fur
ther notice, and will chance to half p at three o'clock
Planing Mill,
127 Fort Street, Honolulu.
C. J. Hardeo,
J. a. Haysolden,
H. F. Bortelmann,
Contractors and Builders.
PUming , Sluiping, I'uruing,
Band und Scroll Siucing,
Doort, Sash, Vlinds,
Door and Wiudato Frame,
lh acket$, JJaUusturs, Stairs, v.,
Made to Ordtr.
Mouldings und Finishing Oiiiiimeiits
ffy-.MI order ailed nn short notice, and Jibbing
promptly uiiciitted to.
ilunijuisj iiiuJo to any pattern without cxlia charijt
Frioo of Machino Work, $1.00 to
$1,50 por hour.
X public that tiny havo purchased, tho establish
NO. JLQ7 U'o.t troot,
KNOWS A 8. 11. HUHKOrt'8'
Planing 2WI111,
And t list vie Intend, and are now prepares,
to cany ou tho busln c of
Contractor and Builders
Uudrc (ho corporathe name of
Ami Uitt by ttrlct sttenltoa tu baslneas wc (hall bt
fatrote4 la raJaclUK prlcts to auudard, that will
maks t su Induccnieul for all parties wl.hluj any work
Iu our Hue to jsivo ua a call, aad we thai! list) our twit
endeavor u jlva eutlro r-otlrfactloa.
U ly il. Y. alKKliLMAN.S.
Fro I nit t nml Oenrnil Shipping Cleric.
l-f AH order left t K I' Adms' Auction llnom will
lie promptly ailemieil In
The I.nilleV llcncTiileitt .Society
Wit.i, imi.ii an mi: iitit.n rcsrivAi,
In place of the usual Podable.al the Port Street
Church Parlors, on Thiiraday evening, Nosember luih,
for Iho purpose of raising money fnr the Hnclety.
Ilefre.htni'nt will be sold dining Ibe evening. Kn
trance fro 23 cents II H Jt;iHl,
Mtl Wecrelary l II. rloclely,
t t Tim A.wi'.ti, ,mi.i:ti.i III' TIIK
l Wullnkn Hngar Company, hi Id nt Hie nfflre of
Messrs. U. lirewer A Co., .Nov. I, 1WH, the following:
otllcet wire elected to serve yean
Hon. O It III, Imp.. ..-......- -..-President,
P. C Jones, Jr ... Tiea.iirrr.
.M P. Kohluson. .....-. - Andllnr,
Win. W. Hall...- - .Senetaty.
V. U', IIAI.I., Hectelary.
Jlonolnln, November .1, 1PSI Vi lit
IF O 3FI Xe 82 !
Alt .Society nml I'lnntiitlon Corrections nnd
AihcrtlsnuciiN nro ltoiiii"ftcil In ho
Mandril In ni Knrly nt inny ho
Coin fit lent to
?H lm-w m Tl I OH. ,t 1 1 11 U M.P.i M I s h er;
Brewer's Block, Fort St.,
Will Close on Wednesday Next
November 1-Mli, with Its nsaal line display nf
Holiday Goods
This Seaaou'a Selection C'ouslata of
Hooks, Eiitji-iivliigsi, riuicls ii Mottoes
Kbony rraine. llracVets, Earcle, ,tc,
Jlollyood Articles, of urloii kind, fnr
Art Decoration. Tabor's Art Goods
Leather, Satin and I'lnrli Finished Arllcleaof
Utility, plain and hand painted.
Ntl.VIIK l'I,.VI12ll,Clilna,tIlaa and Ilromo Vase,
varloun style!
Flower htiind ullh Arllflclsl
i'i.i.... t. .
Minoker' Set In China. Laea
und Wood, Ash Cnpn,
I.adli' Nreesrarles. In tarlely;
Odor Uftse. .lewcl Canes,
Handkerchief, Ulo,c,C'ollarand
Caul Ucccl.cr. Thermometer, Olatilte Seta,
j. .in, pntiii, paiuieo, piusn anu emnrouieren;
Wlilsks, in decor tied utee. latist style;
Inkstand, ami I'uprr WelghU, In larc,o
A Lnro Assortment of Mlnature Fun and Parasol for
ltooni Decoration.
Prang's and De la Rue's
Xnias andNew Year
Cards, and
VII'.ST S.X iIOIIN. lnCardrases.Memnranaiilookf.
Clsar Case, l'ocket Hooks. Inkstand. Minors,
l'INK rAl'K'lllltlllhundCAHUb-IAIIONMIY.
illbler. Holiday, l'rcsentatlon unit .Mlteclluncoua
llookc. In u urleiy fur esceedln thu display of
lust year.
fe- Nl'.i:i.'l. 1.1 lli:i.lKVIMI." and a visit to
Santo CUiu' lleadiiiurtere. will convince jou thai for
rnrirl), qmllty and price, tho stock. I unsurpassed In
I his city ; und will tin nppriclitediiy people of taste and
rtllneiiunt n exceeding its richness und desirability
unythltisytt siihtntlltd tn the public.
Thu Meltctlmi of Hook for I lie Little Folka la
full and n treat to behold, comprising!
HOIII.I'.T IKIOHN. Chatterbox. Liltlo Folk. Nur
er), Hpiirklra for fltl;htK)ts, Holly and Mistletoe,
ltlp Van Winkle, lluppy llour,t'oniiinlons, hiiuny
Hays, Challtter, Aunt Ioulsa', Pictures lo 1'alnt,
Illuui. Hooks, I'uliitintc Hook, lllhlu btorlvs, Ara
bian Nights' Morlcs, Jlother (Joose.
II AMY'S orHKA. Under tho Window, Afternoon
Tru, and oilier new style att book; Ttansforinullon
Toy Hooks, Cloth, 1'aper anil Linen Toy Hooks, Al
phnbet, l'uztlu anil lliillillnc llloeks, Crt. Cross
unit Tiansformatlon Mips, A. II. C Comic, and
Liltlo Folks Cube, .McLoukIiIIu's lllocks i; (Jarne.
'rWYN. un full and varied naiAer If not mom so In
nil the cliolco line oblalnablet Ilvcklnc Horses,
Hhoo Fly ltockcr, Harron. tt'ncon. Hit of Furni
ture, Velocipede, lllijchs, Dolls' liunks, l'eram
bulutors, Cnindalt'a Aitlllory, Lotnmottees, bleam
boat. Tool Cheats, Ilulldlni; Hloeks, Drum, Sham
Fights, Come, of arlou kinds; toy Musical In
slriiuirnls, for ewrybodr; Hulls, In ull variety,
dre. nil and undressed; lloll llodlc and Ilesd,
Doll Siindrius, Christina Cuudlua, Candle Hrack
cl, Xina Tren Dieorutl'n,T'ln Toys, In v.irlrty;
While) Wood Toy., Tlu and Iron Hanks, Iron Mows,
hud Irons, Chimin, Hate Hulls ami Hat, Ititbber
Hall. Parlor Hull, Masks, biiukes, Hutpilso Hoies,
Juiuplnr .lacks, HrlitanU ami China Dlunrr ami
iic nets, i.auuiiry nris.'ioy lirooios, lops, 1'lstols,
Whips, Hlth other a
(lieu. IU
ion iiuinetous lo specify,
soua from harborlns or triutlilx aur ono on mr
account, a. I Mill not pay any debit contracted In
my inline, or on my account, atler this date, is-lthou
a written order from me. W. O, HORDf.,',
llllo Hawaii. AJitust iillh. ISil. 80S M 3m
Clearance Sale of Pipes,
Tobacco, &c.
X to Close out the F..S1UIU M10CK of Tnbarcn,
Ctctrettes, Pipes, uml Soioker' fcundilrs on haudai
early date,
At Cost for Cash.
S3 101 BTo JOt illts. T. LACK, Fort Street.
Iho 1'rlncetlllv I'Untallon Co. hildat theOlMre
of ej tlreuer A: Co. tin Tuesday, Oct. Wit, thy fullowliii;
UHlcer ueroelecltet for the eusutui; year i
COL. W V. ALLKN frealdent,
Jill. I'. 0. JDNKH. Ju hecretaiy and Treasurer,
ihlt. F, A. bOHAUFlllt.,.. Auditor. '
DJHECTOltS-W. Y. Allen. V. A. Scbaefcr, P. O.
June. Jr.
H tta-61 Im P. O. JONES. Jr.. See'r.
Leather, Hides, & Tallow
Royal Soap Oomp'y.
7 61 .No. JHueen bt.. Honolulu. H. I. y
J.ttt iieoeived '.i
ruoji roitTisANu, uoq hatsF
X ami U'l Wbola llatrcls of ('n)uinbla l(ler halinon.
Laara I'ilol Dread. Case Medium llreae). Cans boela
Cuckem, JC. fur bale ly
Mini 8I-.3W II. KACHrKl.lt sfe '.
Notice to Creditors.
J. been duly amiolnls.t executrix of the last will and
UsUuient uf Tllelri. LACK, lata nf Honolulu, deceased,
nolko It keieliy gttcnloali itr.ons to reBt l"lr
claim aifalo.t too ttutsj of sold Tbos. Lack, dulr
tulaentlcaud whether secured by rnoitzacn cvr other
wlso lo Mrs. 8. M. Lack at her ocoa Port blrtet,
Honolulu, I. laud of Hahu, within lx nioalbs from tha
dale hereof or they Mill be forever barred. Add all
xrxuit ladtbied t said ctut r hrhy reaactied to
sua., liuiaeuiae. hibsri i.avtoi saa air, p. a. s.ca,
Uattd Hooolalu, Oct laid, MM.
The Oldest, Largest, Best and Cheapest Furniture
Store in the Kingdom.
m Q) scar 3Eg ass 3hl
IDtoi'fcliHlaoca. 10C9,
C. E. WIIaLIAMS, Proprietor.
Great Reductions in Prices
limine; miiiln ArrnntrcmctitH with din liAKOKSTft IIKST IMCTOUKIH
on tho
2 We
IHB rii ?r"iia!
AVFull Line of New Furniture and Upholster
ing Materials, the Very Latest Styles,
Coniprlmnt : Hntlni, Itrtw Sllka, CnaliittcK'H, Here;!, Dntnnak, nnd llrw, nil color: nlao,
Bilk CcrelB, TiuihoIh nml Oiiiiin, Uoltl nnel Bllver ricltiro Wire, rirtnm HaWn, Cornice llool. .,,tc.
a 1'ui.t. ahsohtmi:nt or KMiOANT
Lriuiitreit, Llbrnry Clrnir). Hpnnlah, Wlrnlow nml Tnrltla.i Clirurn, Tnilor Kitrtmlon liockcm
l'ntulit Hprlnt! Itucke'm, Knay Chnirn, I'tnit JIrta, An., itc I5?T Do Lot fall lo
bco our loVIThT 8TVLE OP
which nro tho Most Ti.pulnr nn tlio I'nclflo Connt. Strnw, Kictlainr, lltwoi, Knioln, l'nln, Hair,
nml Fcntlior Jliittrcsitis nml l'illtiwn on limit! nml AInelo to (Jrilcr.
chamjPiojv srxnisrc3- beds i
TIIIJ 1IEST IN tlHB-WIM, LAST A LII'KTI.MK. Ala.., l'lnnforo nml Star 8prln M,
Woven Wlro AlnttrcsHcl, tiBstel. nWea; Sprlntt AInttreKe.s Mnelo ti Order nil Work GuHrqnteil.
CoimirUiiiK In nnrt oft lllnck-ivrilnut "e'lroorn Stn, Wnrtlrohps, lluremm, Fn-ncli nrenslno Cnnes
Chillunicra, bielebemrelH, WrltitiK Dfkn, Hook Cneoi, Wlintnotn, Llbrnry, I'nrlnr Tilbhtt,
Hliick'wnliiut Kxttnsioii IJliiinu TAblen. lVmi'uet Stnnaa, Mumo Htnniln, lt,xk Htniiiln, etc.
,.,,.,.,., "Ki'iui. ai iiuu '""" oiMiiiuer oeriH, lriinirooci, jiuroniiH, ulillIoiilrrFi.mtloInnrelai
lll.ick-wnliiiit. Oak, AInpIo nnd Cliitm Chnirn, nil ntylcu nnd gizuHi n full nnsortnient Window Hhadcii.
with plain mid potent apring pullera;
sqnnrc, nrcli, nml corniced trp. nil sizes: iiricoi from 2,'ic. to $l). Jllrror I'lntra of nil l7ci Alwnyn on
Jlnnd; nlHO, tl Orent vnricly of l'nncy Pirttira Frnmifi, enrd, enhinet, nnd Inrtcr aircm
'IboVervLntfstStjItnof I-1UTUKI. AND C011N1CE AlOULDINO.n N'ewlit of KLKOANT HA1J1T
ClMt-IAOlii, CHILDKEN'S KXl'KESS WAGON8 ANU OAll'IU-Tlio Intent nml IJcat,
IMrtnoi, for m!o or litre; Violin, Coiicortinnn, nnd nil kind, of Musical Jiistnnncntr. Alwnyn on Hnrul.
Ft Doon Iron Ilcdatcrtila, for nnlochenti; nlfo, n Completo AHrtnicut of Chcnp Furniture) Chil
rlrf h'h Chnirn nml HocUtrB, Crib. CrndleR nntl Di-An, Wnlnut nnd Iron IlrnckctH, ChronioH, Gem nuel
Jowel Foldini; Ciirri.iet'S, Hocking Chairs, 1'o.ithur Diwters, etc., etu.
C. E. "WILLIAMS. Ill fort Strsxit, renil 00 Hol Street.
M 87(1
American Bark " Ceylon,"
Prom :eotpxjL,
Steam Coal, Cumberland Coal,
Frnnkliii Conl in c.isltfl, forFnraily Ue,
ISO drgrccs test,
ID-owxiojr's Oil,
J3uii'cl JSlioolif,
Cut Nnilg, 3il o 40d,
Lnntcrns, Clmrconl Irons,
Hunt's Axes, Hunt's HntcbotB,
O it v cl HX ntchcN,
Tar, Pitch, Rosin, Turjicntiiic,
HVCArxllck Cordago,
Pick Hnndlos,
Ax I In nil I es,
Corn Stnrch, Tunmloe,
llostou Baked ilenns t.Oonuiuo),
Green Corn,
Sauingo Me.it,
Fancy CrneKeri- J
Jluckin'n Tomato nnd Mock Tut tie Soup,
Calvra' Ucnd,
Untn tud Tongue,
ILF'.Etixxlly 0O5vr
WUalo BoaU,
Molo nnd Ox Cart,
Burnett'u Extract.
OwlnR to Ibe larce atock of mercluincllM In (ht
market, wo iiroiaMa t ovl! tliii coiulgiuiieut
At I'rtees that will Suit oar CtttfoMers.
m t '. IhKWKH aft rw.
X Ueu duly aprwilateal by the Supreme Ooutl. Ad
mlulstratnr of tha CiUH of tha lata B. U. barrow of
Moaolala. hereby nollMe all oaitlsa hMwtn .i.lm.
I attalDsl tald tiUIs, whether awured be morleru or
I ethtrwlte, to pieatnt Ueoi, duly iulbMllcld7tilhln
su iboiusi inw asts, or laer will b rotvvcr DwUradt
aud all person owlnj tha Mid IsUlsj ar r4Mt4 to
MUI )h saaic without delay.
Al rv ' 1. rlvrtvBiiBr
AdmluUtuuw of tha K iuu of I. V. K-srrosM, iwau4 I
JfilantlH. 2ZT ALfj GOODS nro So-
loclotl nt tho Fnctorios by Sir. 0. E.
Have Just Received from San Francisco
ior KAIaAKAUA nml Otlirr I.nto Arrltnli,
Just Received !
English Saddles,
Bridles, Girths,
WViitio An
..,,, ,V. j
Galvanized Plain Iron,
Galvanized Ridging,
Shot Gum,
Gun Capg,
Fishing Lines,
Carpets, assorted;
Sofa ft Centre Rugs
Boor Mats,
Sugar Bags and Bagging,
Hardware, k a General
Usually Xpt by Us.
t. ", S, and 9 Keen for U tt '
Hu.oWlii.Oci.ad.lMi. MMM
.wolrSiJatoiau. ..-taaaatV au

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