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n..ms, or ibr!ptwM stay b. ataile Hank MIS,
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aivsti Ml Ihf abof.
AUGUST .,. i8?s
i.oa.n. .: .v.
Mr l'retletick V. Sfaifd formedy In iir
paper h.irn liere, It now In Uar.gVuny, un
llir t).nly il'nri.h.
Mr II N Wlf.RAlr, fur five )eir finglit
minantr of Ihr Inlcr-Itlaml Sl'Ain Navigation
Couipati), lu rnigncil his potltlun. He pur
pxfrt lu go in tlif ciial fur a trip kcmii.
Mr. C'lutln lllnti;, nephew of Mr. II. J
Noltr, hat tent hi uncle tu plctum uf Grr
man ceneit one a limine ami land view on the
GermarT cuat ami the other a iright.fcene in
winter. The work shrmi talent I and HoM
Nolle I proprly7,oKl,
'I he lolrtciiplion lilt for Sii;nor I'urinl's
oprrl season are hcint; rapidly filled, and it i
highly prohable that when Mr. Joe Wiseman
leturni to-da- the project will he ierdily
liushrd to a tucccful contunimation.
Any ncconcl'hr.ni! clothing, for men, women or
children, that it not desired for any other pur
ioc, "ill he gladly receded L) Mrs. Anna
Hrecne boulhnick, at No. 4 Adams Lane and
will be dUtiihuted where it will do much goodi
AIo any reading matter.
Mr Aithur HroHii while at the Volcsno
made an excellent tketch in wter colon of
tlie New !.aL.e and tfalemaumau beyond.
I.ait 'I'uevlay Mr. llionn made nn early
morning sketch of the Nuuann Pali. lie will
take both J(etches to Indon where they will
be ued for nioding stereoscopic views of
these two famous localities.
We regret to say thai Minister Paul
Neumann, Mrs. John Nott and Mrs. I)c Jean,
late proprietor of the Parisian Restaurant, were
painfully hint by being thrown from their
berths- on the last up-lrip of the Alameda.
Minister Neumann's injuries were serious
enough to confine him to his room when the
steamer lift. Ills friends, however, hoped for
the best.
Messrs. Ilenson, Smith & Co. send the
editor a lmltleof one of Kicksecker's perfec
tion perfumes, anil a pretty little card setting
. forth the virtues of the Kicksecker goods
generally. That manufacturer modestly claim
that bi, tooth brushes, perfumes, soap and
face powder are emphatically "the best on
earth" -which is as much as Mr. Mather
claims for his verse.
Mr. A. S llartwel! and family will sail by.
the outgoing Alameda for "San Francisco, en
rouitf for Itostoit, Mjuichiitis, near which
city Mr. Mart well will locate on the old family
homestead. Many will regret his departure
and the Hawaiian bar will lose one of its
oldest 'members. Kev. lames Bicknell, of
Hawaii, has purchased Mi. Harlwell's resi
dence at Puunui, Nuuami Valley.
Mrs. Wallace's Academic School for "UirU
will re-open September 14th. This school
Ifords excellent adsantagea for a thorough
education ami has an extended rourse of in
struction. Pupils arc prepared for colleges in
the states if desired A few lioarding pupils
can be received. Mr. Wallace refers to many
prominent citizens who have had pupils in the
school. Pupils received from ten years to any
The secretary of the Grant .Memorial Com
mittee has, concluded his work, basing paid
bills amounting to $JS.t) and collected sub
scriptions of 50 cents each amounting to $35
He sends forward by U.I- mail to Mrs IT. S.
Giant copiea of the Bulletin, Garette, Adver
tiser and Press, containing accounts of the
memorial eseicises, ti.eether with a letter of
explanation, written un behalf of the com
mittee. What has become of our native stevedores
or 's Poo la" men? A contractor remarked
recently that three years ago he cuuH take
his pick from four hundred men. Now they
muster but about eighty. Referring the above
(Question to Mr. Henry Waterliou.e, president
of the " Poo la" society, he says they are scat
tered now In different paita of the island. At
their last gathering there were three hundred,
011 the occasion of Queen Hoima's funeral.
The game of bate ball played last Saturday
diew a lame and enthusiastic crowd. The
first two innings were well ami closely played,
but after that the Oceanic had it all their own
way. Considerable chaffing, while players
were at the bat. was done by outside parlies
which was entirely. out of-'pla'ce, and which
should unprohibited in the future. Want of
pace excluded 4 long account of the game
'which' was long and tiresome, resulted in the
following score, Honolulu to; Ocvnnicr, 31.
TAe Nntnlatr tHir.
Mons. Jules Tavernier and .Mr. William
Horace Wright have In contemplation an illus
trated work to he called "The Rainbow
Land." Mr, Wright, long connected with
San V'ranciscu journals, i an caticiicncal
wtiter, a born worker, and socially a (lower in
any enlerpiUe. All Honolulu has come to
have an interest In Jules Tavernier, Ills pic
tuies have made him friends among hundreds
whodo not even know him by .sight, ids "P
ulation as a painter U scarcely greater than
hit vogue At a good fellow. Th tact that he
It lo lw jhit plctoiial soul nl the work is in
advance an tiuuiaiice of its value.
The work wilt consist of about 501) pages
about to by I J inches. Of these some 16
pages will be chromus. The other pages will
b illustrated by black and while tincograph
cult and vignette llliutratiw of all that it
most piquant and most picturesque in Hawah
Un life. l"
The'lcller V,eM will conslu of descripure,
statistical and historical articles, as condensed
M possible )et wiittcn In the best obtainable
l is probable that the work will be issued
to July, 1S86 although the magnitude of the
undertaking may delay Its completion a fc
Booths beyond that dtte. "
Wc at gld to be aide to stale llut this
watt will not InterfsMC with the "lllusiiatrd
Wavad-feok of HtswUan LecaUtUt." U) be
liana)! as tsoa u polUe.by Mi. II
tMj momlnf, Antu' 1 th. wr lmd (air
writ to Konmilliill, Its broad plains nd t.mt 1
hR Wilt, lit sandy beaches and ro.kt inbis. mifnlirrs of the family, and btwlrwd ihe fresh
hi ttwrly verandas and hmntatit bath, Ma wlrlr nnm of the at. IV nest miming wr wer
bh and aomfitwstjs) table end rle northward. . in the saddle by se en nVlnrk and away fot
tt tmmhf a Milan of nnt firt ilay'a rmii- 1 the mountain. We cllm!nl a long spur in
Oaf jolTyBOOrl hull, feed Ihown, rorlf v-nl nhrcemisl rM whleli pre 11s a splendid
lint, Mi trfti nmriifw from the elevation of one view M new valhns of gririnr and hill land
f-f the Irllir of Jack and hH big spurt tlwlnj; I and apistd .i the sea snore ptatm Iwnntllt us
gtltf as he hitrnmrd .nai l.es of Hawaiian
or entertained as with local lihtoty and
Wr joined nret the uilal)its, sitlt
I plMMintt and wild tuikeyti from the grata,
trMll t rraehml thr gns-rmmrnt mad ruflrlfng
to WiltHi. Ilefore reaehlnj; the road, wc
crotwd over one corner of ilie fi Ihua
ranth Ifihsngfrit; to Charlen Jiri)d ami King
KatakarM, 'the ilistiriee from the north end
or llrimralluli 10 Walahia it aliout 14 miles,
and front there tn Kahukii Is about 10 miles.
The tcenery through the Kaukanahna gulch
which the rind croaaea Is extremely picturesque
add rtinlnds one of California. Through this
pilch winds lire beautiful Kauksnahui stre.in
which, nearer the sea, divides Waialua from
the Mokutetla plaint. When wc reached Ihe
dlsldr, Wahlua lay below us like a fairy city
on the rim of the sea. We galloped down the
grassy slopes, leached the cane fields and
diew rein at the Waialua Sugar Plantation,
where wc were Welcomed by the genial
Uobeit llalstcnd. Mr. Ilalslead took us
through the mill and explained the ptneess of
sugar making from the crushing of the cane
until it came out in bins of graded sugar at
the other end of the budding. The mill It
situated nn Kaukanahua stream, and witliMhe
present machineiy hat a capacity of tons per
day of to hours. .Mr. Hatttcad has nn the
ground a new 26 by 54-inch roller mill with a
double eflrct which will be put up for the In
coming crop. 1 he plantation contains J,cxw
acres of land which incudes oo acres of sugar
cane. One of Ihe noticeable structures of the
plantation is Ihe chimney of the sugar mill which
was built of Hawaiian stone by a Portuguese
mason. The chimney is So feet high with a
base diameter of 14 feet. Leasing the plan
tatlon we rode onwaid through the cane fields
to the beach, and unsaddled our horses at
Kaw'alloi. ranch house, and svere warmly wel
corned by jovial lloli Dickson, manager for the
Kawailoa ranch company. After a sumptuous
repast, modestly called a tunch by Mr. Dick
son, Mr. II. K.tDilllnghain, Ml. Dickson and
mssclf look a hasty tide over the central up
lands of the ranch, the remainder of the party
riding ahead around the shore to Kahuku.
Kawailoa ranch cnntaini 45,000 acres of land
including 28,000 acies of grazing land
and 15,000 acics of forest. The lowlands are
watered by three natural streams, three wind
mills and n half-dozen springs. The grating
la'ml of the ranch is divided into 13 paddocks,
siz : ttvo of 1,000 and 4,000 acres
each, one of t.Soo acres, one of t, 000 and
the remainder containing less than 1,000
acres each. There are two dairies for supply
ing I'lMiie wants, the surplus products being
sold in Waialua and Honolulu. There arc
about 3,000 cattle on the ranch, from which a
portio'n of the Honolulu market is, supplied
lhrougli.Mr. Waller. There is a good landing
in front of the farm house with direct communi
cation with Honolulu. All shipping is done
by schooners and by the Kauai steamer which
calls at the ranch twice a week. Leaving the
ranch house we rode northward along the
beach and up the bluffs, from which point we
saw a lagoon three-rpiarters of a mile long with
a large lish pond attached lying along the
shore inland. This fish pond supplies the fish
for the ranch and Waialua. In the valley,
on the other side of the house, we caught sight
of 25 acres of green rice fields. Waialua lay
in the distance, the mountain crags beyond.
We rode through (he graty uplands until
we suddenly came upen the famous Kawailoa
guich where the finest, sweetest oranges o'f the
islands are raised. It Is a very paradise, sunken
fiom aight until you reach its verge, in a vast
upland plain. The gulch is about five miles
long, about soo feet deep, with an average
width of perhaps a quarter of a mile. Though
it winds a beautiful stream along whose banks
aremanyorange trees. It it well wooded and we
could see Ihe toy like cattle feeding among the
trees along the rich bottom land. Sad vesti
ges of a once numerous native population .till
remain. Deserted taro patches, terrace aliove
terrace, dilapidated grai houses, where erst
lurked simple joy and peace ; cosy nooks-
shady natural bowers, now laid waste by the
foraging of horned cattle; deserted foot paths
up the rocky steeps which these rustic nativea
climed long ago, alas to meet civilisation and
A ride 0130 minutes brought us to the reter
voir constructed in the foot hills for storing
water for the upper part of the ranch. This reser
voir is made by Constructing a dam 350 feet long
across the mouth of a gulch which drains a
large wate'r-shed. The dam it loo feet wide
at Ihe bite and 2, feet high tapering to
a width of about 5 feet. This dam cost
$2,300 but Mr. Dickson savs he caa con
struct a like dam for less money. The back
water of tl.e dam covers about 25 acres and at
this season has 15 feet of water in lit deepest
parts. In the wet season the surplus water it
let oft' by a tluod hole. With comparatively
little labor and expease the same practical
method of storing water for irrigating and other
purposes could be adopted on a large scale
almost anywhere en the Honouliuli ranch
whete all the continuous water-thesis of the
Watanac range could be utilized.
We rode luck to the king's highway which
winds along the beach and before we parted
compiny with Mr. Dickson' we. could catch
glimie from the shore into the rigged and
pisturcsque 'valley of Waunca which forms the
northern tan-like boundery of the lancli. The
cattle of Kawailoa ranch are all well bred and
the graaing hinds are well protected by over
30 miles of wire, ttoi.e and batten fencing.
The land belongs In the tiustecs of the School
Fund provided for by the will of thejatc Mrs.
I'auahi Hilltop and is leased by the Kawailoa
Ranch Company.
Waving our hands to Mr. Dickson, Mr,
Dillingham and mvself rode aciost the treach
erous sands at Waluiea Point and gained Ihe
bluff of Pupukea and were soon cantering our
horses over the rolling" plains between the
mountains and the sea. An hour's tide brought
ut to the tanih house where we were waiinly
welcomed by Mr. V. 0. Ijne the supermini-
dant of Kahuku ranch. Wc found Ihe rest of
our pail)' bidding Chief Justice Judd adieu at
the gate and added our aloha at the distin
guished tourists turned thslr faces homeward.
The evening was most delightful. Mosquitoes
there were none and the cool evening breeits
which blew over Kahuku from the fieshentng
tea itmlnd'one of the "gloiious climate of
California! lleforc supper the 1'rofes.of and
I took a lalh in the natural bath cave near
the house. It was a luth fur Ihe gods. The
water In the cave it about 4 feet deep, limpid,
tllky and extol. The greater portion of the
bath it user atehed with a rocky ceiling around
Hose edges ana Itoni wr.e crevices grows
fairy-like Uinchos of uaaldcnVhair fern. The
flout is uf xaod and stony steps lead Into the
Icotd cleat depths. Those who have once
UlbalhtJ in a s-avsin will forever underviand
I ky the m tuyvuphs dwell "in .the hollow
Thr hind Is divided intn trtn different district
or sections moat of which inulil ! seen fnm
nn elevation. The following h theairrage
of Kuhukn In atilidlvltroin 1 I'lipukfa, 2,U t
acre t Pntrtnatti, 2,010 acres ) Kaunala, 1,381
acres, 1 Waller, 711 acres Pahlpahhtltm, 050
acres Kanela almut 750 acres j Oio and Ha
nakaoe 2,650 aerea Kahtiku proper, 4,'x
acres 1 Kraka. 1,528 acres 1 Malifkihski
aernj besides these lands there are 275 acrea of
"Iwueht land." The whole ranch contains
almnt 25,000 acres,
We stood upon the highest point of the Oio
ridge holding our horses by the bridles. The
ridges of Kahuku are narrow ami senate and
seem like elcanlic clrculsr saws that have
cut through the crust of the earth. Sternly
magnificent they rise aliove the world below,
In front of us Dy the sighing sea and the fer
tile shore land read) for the planting of cane;
behind us lay beautiful mountain valleys densely
wooded and well watered, and still beyond
lay the Morman settlements whcie are united
frugal Industries with lll.i:loal theories. Cecil
llrown and I lioth rude mules- a brother and
titter and when the remainder of the part)
came up and ha J gazed a long gaze ovir hill
and vale, we started down the ridge", sliding
down inclines and simetitnes jumping our
mules Iroin off little pills to shorten the trail.
Neser attempt to ride where a mule refuses to
go, it an old ndage;a horse will go tntndangei!
a mute never will it is one of his few redeem
ing traits, and is .one that bank presidentt
ought lo has,.. Winding through the moun
tain vales along shady trails, crossing ami re
crossing small streams running seaward, wc
made our way into Ihe lower gulches. As we
rode under the trees, we picked red and white
uhias whose juite is as good as a lemonade lo
quench the thirst. Near the mouth of I '.lu
nula gulch wc came upon a place where a
water spout, had struck the crest above and
had thrown tons of debris and boulders to the
bottom. At the x)int where the Paumala and
Pahipahtalua gulches open into and intersect
at Ihe lowlands, high up the steep face of the
bluff, cxtiosed alike to sunshine and to storm,
is a cotlosal bust of Washington carved by
nature's hand and placed upon a edestal of
enduring lava. The bust bears a striking re
sembrance to the father of his country,
although it is something of all anomaly that b)
a freak of nature, the colonial patriot gazes
nilently across broad valleys where there is no
true liberty or least such its America gives.
We rode across the plains towards the house
and slopped at Pahipahialua, ssereMr. Camp
bell is sinking an artesian well. When this
one is finished four others will be sunk along
the shore line. This plain has an average
width of abn lit iJj-miles. The soil is deep
and rich, being formed by the loam washed
from the mountains for ages past. Finer cane
and rice land never lay follow and the whole
tract could be easily and cheaply utilized for
small farming by building a local railway
through the center along the shore line. The
rest of the day was spent lounging at the ranch
house. The next day was Sunday.
The traditions and memories of Sunday
weave around it sacred fancies which seem to
make nature more silent alid cause the sun tn
shine with a softer radiance than upon other
week days. We spent the day talking, smok
ing and walking tIiroug!flhe"pasttfrcpaddocfc
looking at " the horses and cattle or visiting
points of interest near the house. Almul
half a mile from the house is a wonderful
spring which bubbles out of the surface of the
plain like an artesian well. Kahuku contains
6 paddocks ranging in size from 800 acres lo
300 acres. There are aliout 3,500 cattle and
60 horses on the ranch. The cattle are gene
rally Durhamt and Herefords. Kahuku is
used as the breeding ranch for Honouliuli and
its cool, even climate is admirably adapted for
this purpose.
The next morning after a hearty breakfast
we bade farewell to our genial host and his
family and started for Honolulu via Nuuanu
pali. We rode over the foothills of Kaena
into Malaekahana and regained the govern
ment road. Before we drew rein at Henry
Macfar'ane's famous dairy we crossed Laie, the
Mormon settlement; Kaipapau, Hauula, Ma
kao, Kapaka, Katuanui, Haleaha, Kapano,
Puheemiki, Waiono, Punaluu, Chulan'a rice
plantation ; Katuna, mostly Mormons and
rice; Makaua, back of which in the bluff na
tine has cut (he figure of a couchanl lion ; Ka
aawa, Kaupoa, Hakipuu, Waikune, Waiahole,
Kaalaea,.and Kahaluu, containing Mr. Mac
farlane's Ahiiimanu ranch. After lunch at the
ranch we rode onward through showers of
rain and climed the pali tired and drenched,
ft still rained. We rode joyfully down Nuuanu
Valley into the gloiious sunshine and reached
home in time lor supper. We had ridden
over 40 miles. More extended notices of Ah
uimanu ranch, Ileei.i and Kancohe plantations
will appear in the columns of the Daily Hono
lulu Press next week. Ioma.
Honolulu, August 35, 1SS5.
II' Mil I II Attgllsl i i'v
Ihisinrw l"i ihe sserk has Inrn iinn-i md
void .l. ml features of interest In hira'l lade,
ilri in pari, !iiuIIm, 10 the rnmlnnul nn
trilled sine nl inr wratrrrr, i'iniii
this sraxni nf thr year
Ihe houv liohl fmniltirr sale nf Mr I . I'
Adam-, nn a. i. mat "f ihe hear) rum of WV.l
rtrtxiay, waa deferred till IhMisdav.ai whiih
tttnt It waa well attended and thr various
irtMfa Kara riraposnl ef (trlte Mtltlactmuy.
In real estate sale, the raaMenee and
giosmda or A. H. Hfllwrrti IV., it tentterl
having taken place recently for $15,000, Kev
James IWeknell being I lie pmchattr.
The marshal's sale of the llreia llsntaiioii,
Itoolau. Othn. look ulare nn the zOlh Instant. I
Mr. tUfatntt, t'.sq., lor Ihe firm of tlilnbaiim
A t 0., secured it at $115.0011.
Snipping movement! since last Issue nave
also been quiet. We note the nrtlvat of the
Alaintila, 1:11a and Claus ?prktlt, all from
San Francisco, with the usual assorted cargoes
of merchandise and 1 oast piiiduce. The de
patlttm for the same period have lieeii Iwl
the W. It. Dlmond, for San Francisco, with a
partial cargo valued at $21,071. l ,hc
Jennie Walker, for Jalult, with trading station
supplies valued at $1,711;. lo.
The City of Sydney will be due froni the
Colonies to-mortow, en route for San Fran.
Cisco. The Alameda will sail on Tuesday, the
1st proximo, at noon.
We give herewith Williams Dimond & Co.'t
circular 1
Ss.n Francisco, Aug. 151I1, 1SS5.
Cur last circular was dated Aug. 1st per
stmr Mariosa.
rsUrtAK. vve nave no cnange to report 1
the condition of our local market,
advices received up to the present time show
that the condition of the New Vork ami ten
don have rcmsined in much the same position
as noted In our last report. We quote from
Mews Willelt Hamlin Co's circular of
Aug. 6th as follow si
PitlCKS. Muscovados and tow grades have
remained nearly steady during the week with
a good demand and closing firm on a basis of
54 c for fair refining. Cinlrifugals have been
in small demand, owing to small demand for
granulated and the few parcels pressed for sale
mostly ex ship, show a decline of c but are
no criterion of the market, as nearly all holders
of centrifugals ill store still maintain their
prices at 6 c and upwards, 96 lest, and a re
newed demand for this grade would make
them quite as high again relatively as musco
vados. Knglish holders have been the princi
ple sellers of muscasados. Refined have been
in slead) demand, with the exception of granu
lated, which declined to 65.16 c, but later
recovered to 6 i c and closes firm with an
inercasini! demand. The low price of leaned
Induced a small export demand, and about 400
bbls wcie taken mostly for l.ondou 1 he tu
rner market lacks fuilhei purchasers, The
statistical position continue to Improve. Re
ceipts arc small for the sseck; refiners received
only 2,253 tons. Slocks in all hands are reduced
1.611 tons, and is now 17.111 tons under last
)ear. Melting during July averaged 3,633 tons
daily, which is less thin in May and June of
this ear, and July of last year, and indicates
larger meltings for August than last )ears,
lltEf Crop Careful canvassing of the
German beet fields, by experts, confirms fully
the estimates of short sowings and renders a
shortage in the crop a certainly, the lull ex
lent of which depends upon Ihe weather and
cannot yet be fairly estimate i. The steady
reduction now going on in Ihe total stocks of
consuming countries, should soon draw more
attention to the elTecl upon prices of a short
beet root crop.
Our latest telegraphic advices from New
Vork state that holders are very firm and there
is a good demand fur raws. Cuba centrifugals
96. 5?s ni 5 "S-'Cc , ,.
I3ND0S, August 15th huropean and
foreign markets dull beets S! test, 15s.
The present 'crop of all F.urope is now estima
ted at 33 short, and the Java Crop 10 short
of last years.
.No change in tne .Manna oasis wnicn is
.05.37 for gt test.
Rick The large importation per steamer
Alameda caused a drop in the price of this
article, sales hastf iieen mane at puces vary
ing from 6c, 60 days, dosvn to $5.80 cash.
Prices are likely to be lower still as the
quantity on hand is greatly in excess of the
F1.01IR--G. Ci Kx. Fam., $4.65 ; I'.l
Dorado. $3.60.
Hkan $14 and $15 per Ion ; Parley, $1
Feed, $1.35 per ell.
Ground Hari.ey$2S per ton.
Oats fair, $1.10; medium, $1.20; cho'ce
Hay large bales, $12 to $15 per ton
conipiessed, $13 to $ 15.
I.I vie $1.40 and 4t.50 per inn.
I' I ml s, ,-ia
I mm Maul and stay pnti, tm I i-hws,
"itiifdat, August i m tm,MttM, J I'
ivisj and wife, Mrs in ljvl, J II nttlM-', ,
xisrta rtuny it Aitnairang, airs j -uieiron
sni j rfilMftn, Mr I) tmhh ami rowM,
Mi- II HnaMntt, Mr Ikmlmr and 1 ftilttlfrn,
lb - ItrilMp, Mm WIIIMiti.
I tntii latitat, pet slliir lames I llfmtrll,
Haiurtray, Augtut 32-liignl Vltetmnt, I! Tetfl,
A s llaflM ami 18 drrt piwnjjt,
l-rmti Kami, pcf stmr Iwalanl, SutTitiy,
August 33 --Mlwl Knoake, Juliiit II Smith,
lb n W II Htm l)r I K Smith, Mlaa I Smtlh
J W fttatlwy, T II Oilnrni, V. t.cl, II W
pjivis and 55 deck Mi-rtgi.
limn llawsali and Mani. per te.imr Ktn.'.u.
Saturday, Abgutt 21 Hon S () Wilder, Col
. S Swirling, fnl Wni F Alltn, W It Com
well, I O carter, I W I'.Terett
Df llrndie. W
II I'ur.l., K Mctnemt, W Mcllride, A
Robertson, F M Hatch, S ( Wilder Jr. C
Afotig, II Muller, t () llerger, W I Smith,
Vim Quong, Miss M Dnhctty, Mi C Dunn,
Miss Hatch, Miss F Wight, Mrs I II Hare
and on, Mrs Coslngion, U W Putnam, wife
and rhlld, Mrs Dow and 1 children and lot
I' mm San Francisco per stmr Alameda,
Saturday August 22 Mrs J M Oat, Sig A
I'arinl, Mrs Wallace. Gen Campbell. Key W
C Merrill . wf, I, I. Cohen. Mis T t.ack.MIss
F Lack, Miss II Tuck, I O Wilder, II Miller,
John II Thompson, V. Itallen, M V Holmes,
A I. !ouiton, A AtcSinson, K II Curtis, An
drew Moure, llro Joseph Vale, Hro Ignalurs,
HroJ Francis, llro C Faust, A Hancberg, ,
1. nates, .Major 11 u Dane, u tnappcit .
wf. Miss A It Channell. Win Karl. C Mc
Carthy, F A Richard X. 57 steerage.
rrom Kauai per stmr lames Makee, Mon
day August 24 J McAllister fc 40 deck.
lor San Fiandsco, net bktnc W II Dlinond,
August 22 C F Smith and II F Haislip.
For Kahnlui and liana tier stmr l,ehua,
Monday.Vugust 24 G O Nakayaina, lugni Vis
1 Torii, Br Voshita, Dr R II -Curtis,
E Wiseman, Prol W 0 Alexander,
C Meyers, D Htgerald, Capt I' 11
Mich. I. II Cation!, R V Fryer, L Durand
wf &ch, S Samwells, W Karl, I. Shillettn,
Mrs W J Sheldon, T Shore, Mrs M T Ide.
Mist L Muthei, R English wf& 70U-.k.
For Maui anil Hawaii, pel stmr W G Hall,
Monday; August 24 Hun L McCull), M11J
I Dowseit Jr.Miss A Widdefield.G Armstrong,
Major II C Dane, F A Richards, C Johnson
& wf, P I,ec A. 2 ch, Mrs S A Davis, Miss
Kahauleho, Miss F. Wahu, T O'llrlen, Mrs 1
Fisher, Mrs Hoick, Mrs M Mitchell, Mrs M D
Cook, C N Chapel & wf, O W C Jones, Miss
A I! Chapel, Miss M Jane, T Anderson, Jno
Kolicllo bo deck.
For Haniakua, cr tmr C R Ilishop Tuesday
August 25 Mrs K M Overcnd, and about 50
ileck pascngcrs.
For Kauai, per stmr Iwalani, Tuesday,
August 25-C'nl '. S Spalding, Hon W F
Allen, i: II Allen, linn W II Rice, I.irut
ItoaC Ulukou, fulius II Smith, V. I. Kauai,
G N Kutherfotd, C Ilorchgrcvink, ! Proskc,
A D I landing and about bo deck.
For Hawaii & Maui for stmr Kinan Tues
day, August 25 W II Cornwell, W I
I.umaheihei. A r Cooke. N II lialicock. .Mrs
S Nowlein, Misi Along, Miss A Nowlcin, C
AfonCAIJarncs.l f. Kirkwnod, .Mrs SchraeUu,
Mrs Uablon, W J Forbes C R Collins, Mrs E
C ltond & ch, llro l.ombcrt, llro Joseph, C F
Peterson, W L. Peterson, .M V Holmes, 1 W
Everett, Mrs Schimerfcning, Elder Farr,
Elder Spate, Wong Kwai, S Kinuwa & wf, D
D Ilaldnin Sr loo deck.
Steam Navigation Comp'y,
A7iiM'. II'. (I. llfiH (.Uulilhllil)
fMfrt .,.. ,. ..UMftimifclrt
WW rmHgtAf f Mfitrit twr, wl Km mi
Sir ( !! Pltr,,lr.r (l.llliuir)
CAMftHos.at ! a t.i(t.itmntiniier
ibiv it i , m rr tu-m.
Vfnlmi. Kiturnrtitfa will Itfttt
latsM er
mu. i-ietit anil rraimes. isiiurn,n.
illm atrrf xainrJay at ( r. .. aitivina at 11
tf Si
every 'iinflay at s s
Stfiinipv lintlanl,
I'aaasus ..,
Wilt run rtaularlr to Itamoa, Maul,
hatle. Ilofsokisa and PaauKait. Hawaii
al KuVui-
Slnnilrr V. It. Itlslni,
MstAi'tKV , Comtfiardtr
Leaves evtry Satiinlay at 8 a. hi. for Watanat,
Oahu, and lUnaltland Kilauea, KauaL Itelurnlns,
caves llanalcl evtry Tatsday ar 1 r. M., and ImicMnj
at Waialua and Waianaa YVedntiOaya, and arriving at
notioiuia same uav at 4 r si.
Strainer Jit me Muhec,
Will fun rtgulaily la Knpaa, Kauai.
Sfw Ituulc tn the t'otftno.
Ihrmia'ii lickcti toihe Volcano nJ retain, can now
Le ruJ at ihi offic of the Inter ttland Sieam .VaviM
liiin Co. Tour uti arnl othert (eating Honolulu pi
Meatncr "W. O. Mall " will U landed I I'unalau.
where a nttU Hotel i Tid opened for tin aeconv
moiiatida of traveler; tiVn by KailroaJ lo I'ahaila,
thenit Lt Siaje Cone It to lUlf-wiy (tout, wberc
I lories anJ (;uitjc will b tn attendance v convey
inemiailic oicano
j() UicrllocmciilOa
hun 5l)ip ..iintl; ttm liiffl
'OrtMrt fmm lJtrr-la iemttM tnt
t'ruMrWn Ami tHnVr Utt nrHvmli,
lly tliU route, the rounJ trip can be maJe In ; iJa)t,
vtnvr 1 dav and niehtt at the Volcano.
Ticket for the rounj trip. Include Convejancei,
OiiId. Ilo.it d and IMisrinar. Ao.ou.
Tor further particular inquire .tt (he office oflnar
ManJ ateani Navinaiion C . Honolulu.
j. i:n.,
143-494 Secretary,
THK KiX.ir
KlNU.... a .aCoMMANtlRt:
lae j r follow I nj tchedule i Touching at
Iahalna, Matlnea. Mattena MuhuLoiia, Kawairae,
t.uu jajlitK: hoe, HiluantJ KeaulioU.
Vof San Francisco per bktne V. II.
nimond. Saiunlaty Aucust 22 -4,704 bags
suear, and too ctllont cf niobssct. Doineiiic
,tluc $24,071.09.
IMI'OltTS. m
Krum San Francisco per bktne Hlla, .Mon
.lay August 14 464 bh bay, 530 ks barley,
S95 sks limn, 800 s llotir, 86 lon wnd, 5c
bbls lime, 1,000 post. 400 Ixl U slnn'lc.io,'
ooobnek, elc.
From San Francisco crbgtne Claus Spreck
eN, Thursday August 27 5 colts, 12 bog1,
g7i sUs bran, 1.097 slcs barley, 700 sks flour,
703 skt salt, 2 So sks coal, 31 cs pouder and
1,215 pes iumuer.
luesdjv, Aiiviut 11,
iueia), rtujusi ib,
luet.iiy, AuRtMt 3J,
ruetJjy, September r,.
tuetda), Sejitemher 8,
I'licsJa), September 15,..
lueMlav. SeMemlmr 3J.
Tuevlay, Septcmtfer ag.a,
Volcano and mv Port.
. Ililoand way Port.
Volcano atxl wav I'ortt.
... .Ililoand way Pons,
.tuici.no ami way roil'.
... .Ililoand way Port.
.Volcano ami way Port.
Htloand way Port
tUv rntltttt
rjNnh n4 Amfttwti Print,
WMlt ChiMV tfeMMtJifil Crt!n,
bMW IMtf Ml IhiVi Cfnn Canva.
FrffKh MftfniOtf diiTcffnt tliulitie,
Ufjy, l'.l.i,aiM MUH FUnntl,
WUrttfiof let', lr MatrrUU.
V,V, Salln. Silk Hlbl-.ns
Velvtt, Hoocry, UndfTtlothlnjti
Uft, WMte awl IMne.I MMlin,
Linen ami Coitn t Ito1tM,Toil,
HafttlLcfthiefs .Mwtftnto Netting,
UiiM-eiCUhin)(, Watrrpronf Shfrtiii,
Men, Women' MWren' fam A Sboei.
(ieand atvle- i ml to thU marfcet.) .
H(T! Ilia. 1 . i d ItbnVti,
(all !, weight, qtuhilei and color,)
Vvtwt mitt 7Vfr.ir,
Jttttf mnt Mats,
Centre Kugt, Na'!' and Merchant Canra.
Filirr Pre Hag, (10136), Sugar flag,
Kice IUk, Coal Ha, 1 ) I'ly Twine,
English, Hawaiian & American Flags
(1. $ ami t janl,)
Floor Oil Cloth, (tatteful deit, aorted width)
Men Saddles, Side Saddle, Saddlery,
Iron PesJiteads, (Ulranie I Hucket.
llnneit Iron lea Kettle, Sauce Pan, r'ry Pan,
(attcned let),
Hutchet Kntvea, Knlvetand Forks,
Tin l'lale, Sheet Lead, Calranhed Water Pipe
White IAtl. fvarloui aualitieil.
lloiled Oil, Turpentine,
Corru4atel Hoofing,
(4 f,V3t, 6, 7, 8 ami 9 ft lengthtX
i!alranted Screw and Waiher,
GalvanUed P.idglng,
Yettmv Shcathlntf Mehtl r Stills
Annealed Fence Wire, Fence Staple,
Wire Plant (luurd and Arches
Steel Kail, with Fith Hate. Itolt anJJspke.
Crockery ant GUwan, 0, Pick, Shovel.
Plantation anl Mechanic' foul,
Kobty A Co' Portable Hnaine,
One Splendid Piano, by Hrinvnead Jt SV-iu,
TeMed Chain, (-. ge' Sup,
(t qtiahtle. In bx 94 and iVj bar),
lltM eth .Steam Crul, Coke,
Hoorinc lile, Hre Clay,
Portland Cement, (While & Johnson) I
ttcllmt itlcoa
lly iHirttWi of A) F.X j t ARrWKtUHttlHt
Mortii Mmttlln 1 ffiuln livlennife t4 .to?igg
1 dafMlM itlhlaf ff April, l!t. rnadf ty John M
to kaM Ale J t rttlaM, I am tHrret (ft 1
h.UkAiMilonSAri'KlfW, IIIJ-- taihhwor
M I'LMIH M, tils, at it m, my ufeironm In
HerMhihi. all iKat fvriatrt trier ne leircelnf land ill uai
at WaHtne, KnanpnVp. Oahu. bfin a portl-wi 1
Horat Patent No. 11, Ktileana field $911), and rlft
etlfr.l at f!Joi-
He man Mlal mi V lata I1 tiomiviVa an ma le
VIM Htm. pill ana me atahaka m if Alinal
Anpttnl, a me k atml o Kilhill a e hnfo ana Ak o''
Ketifi til fviku pill Alafiul Attrntnl Ak. jif Kwn,
jlpauVut alaiU Ak 61 Ink. t okl ana I Vela kuleana
ttfuiukti)(IIU Puka Hem. )j IdW. gj -wuku pill
ii 1 1 1 em. s 13 nie no pnuati e cm ana 1 aa
atiwat. Hem. tH tlik. Mtpaukarfll Nakra, llm,
t;M' Km. jiy piDkupilll kaauwaf n Kaihill a hikl I
ke klhi mut, a maloko ota 44 Fka, and Itcinjf the
am premtV ctvirtyeil to kl f-hn Meek hy deed of
.Malaea kaihvolu ami Kait her hulaml
Ami alt all that cettaln pelc or pattel of land ltu.
1 'tit F ft M in ILtiohilu aforeiaild ling the mauka
porttftn 6f th parcel of land eompi led (n Ro at Patent
No. ifai a the ufliv 1 now In the occupation of the
Meek anl fenced and enckwed, and Ming
th name premUw convened to atd fahn .Meek by
of Mary kahalelnli arnl J . kaikainahaale of
reooril in liber tt. on tzt jbfM $
For further pArtlculara enqnirt of
.. ' ,it JUS, Juttlnntrr,
Or Crcti ItttOWM. Attorney for Mortgagee,
Regular Cash Sale !
Al too'cLxk a St., at my Salesrooms,
Dry Goods, Clothing, Groceries.
lUUnce from Sale of Mr Luce, Abo
K, i. ADAMS,
('ijciicral bucrtificmento.
H.IMU v,i,i.srii(, 1 1 lit; at. j uiimwii xj
fire Crick. so(hfitMreandarch,
minp Kock aait,
(j to u Inch wtJth.)
A Large and Frei.lt Aortnieht of
Californian and English Orocerios.
! flfltfi, ffOMuut.
Vesseli Expected from Korelurn Porta.
Livswptwi, llrit bk JuriTKit ...,...,..
Due September i 15 - - A gent.
Ola.ov- HritWe Luzts I it pp alb
Sailed July r;. K. A. Scliacfer St Co., Agent.
.Vkw York Am bk Martha Davis. Heno.
' Due Oct. 1 v? C lirewer Si Co., Aeent.
San Thanckco. Am bktne MAHvWiiKKLMAW,naclcu
Due August ao-ac
San Francisco, Haw brig Haahu . .GooJuian
Due at Ililo August au.
Swnky. Am as&TV nr SvDiJfcv, Detbuni
Dna Augu.t o,
PortT WNIB.NU, Am bktne Klikitat Cutlrr
Due Auz. tyy.
PtiKTTowuBNU,Am bk.HcrK .. . .Penhallo
Due Sepi, $-10.
Merchant VeiU Now In Purl.
Utne Claus SrhfCKKU. ........
Am k Alawkd
IlkC. O. Whitmohk...
Itrit bk Ai.iCki Mtvu
Am bktne Discovbky . . ..,..
Amblr FatNO. ....
Am BVtnt Eila ....... . .
. Drew
. ..Yaruat)
III tlie little Unt that runnelli asvay from
the mauka title of Merchant street at the cor
ner of the Inowleilge shop known as J. M.
Oat Jr. X Co's, an enterprising polisher hath
placed his stand, to ply his trade. To him
came not long since a pretty dude, and said
" Good black, am I nut a generous patron.
"Marry, sir, thou art," replied the blacka
moor, "Then hearken unto mr, I fain ssould
hase my boots polished daily, hut fain ssould
pay lets often. And I will cite thee steen dol
lars a month to make me thine sshen I sslll,
esen at shines the petfect day." "Sir, I will,"
replied Ihe lilac Va moor. And lo that same day
came the dude Un limit, and no lie, to hase
hit thoon polished. And. the blackamoor
ctlcth aloud that he will make no mot: mu
tracts. -
Miss llattie Tuck, a tnunc lady adept al
fancy stork has come down fmm the Coast and
still hase her lirad-quariert at Mrs. Lack's
ttore on 1'ort street. Nest week, Wednesday,
the will begin class Jessons at the store and
will also r-lse private lessons, particulars
may he had liy applting at the store. The
stoic has now on cshihition a ness stuck in Ihe
gun line. Thr fancy work line will lie opened
neat week, lloth lines hate been selected
with ureal care from Iwth eastern anil western
house in the United States. Miss Kransit
Lack has personally selected both lines of i;ol.,
hating devoted isveral months of travel lo it.
All who considst themselves mcmbcii of the
Vising 1'eople't Christian Temperance Union,
are requested in be piatcni at the annual meet
ing held in the scstry , Korflitreet Church,
Tuesday evening, September 1st.
1 11.11 11 1
Oshu College and I'unahou t'reparatoty
School will ojien on the 14th proaitao Mr,
George I- Uatet, Ihe new assistant It alrattdy
on tbe held, and I'l.sf, U I. Van bitat will
b hat by tb tttaiuer of SK. ash.
Sathriav, August 22 .
Stmr Alameda from San Krancitco
Stmr Kinau from Maui and Hawaii
Stmr lames I Dowsctt from Molokai
Stmr Lchua from Maui
Sell Caterina from (lanalei
Stmr Waimanalo, from Waimanalj.
Stmr Kapiolani from F.wa.
Schr Mile Morris from Kwa
SUNUAV, August 3J-
Siuir C K Ilishop, from ilauuVut and ifana.
Stmr Issalani from Kauai '
Schr lahi, front I lanalei
Schr lsol Roy Irom Koolau
MosriAV, August 24 - 4'
llktne Klla from San Krancisro
Stmr Jas Maiee Irom Kapaa, Kauai
WVunksIiaV, August id
Schr Ka Moi from I .aupahorhoc
Sch W'flimalu from W'jlmantlo
Thursday, Auqutt 37
Sch Mana from llilo
llgtne Claut Spreckcls from San I'tanci.cu
7 II K I.KIIIl.l,
Leaves Mondas. jt 4 p. tr for kKaunaLakai, IsAlm.
tut, Huclj, liana and Ktpahulu ; and for Keanae, Ms
StuUu and Nun every other week. Returning wit! stop
it the above pons, arriving back Sariirdav mornings.
' r'or mall, and passengers onls .
Wbisbakth .'. CotrMANDrta
leaves regularly for Paauhsu, Koholalele, Ookata,
Kulcatati, ttonoliina, Iiipatioelioe, llakabu and Ono-
new. t
Leaves each .Monday at 5 r, si. for Kaunalcakal, Ka.
italu l'ukoo, Lahaina, Moanut, tlalawa, Watlau, Pcle.
un'4 and flutaupapa. Keruriiini; leaves I'uVroo Friday
Paauhor Honolulu, arriving Sarurday morn'ns.
S. Ci. WII.OKR, Fres. S. II. ROSE, Sec'y.
(General- Itiiicrttstmcnts.
HIHItOl3 .to CO.'H
On sum. ol Pise Hundred Dollart or under, from
einu perwil, they Mill pj Imeresl at Ihe rata of lis. per
cent, per aoumn, from dale of receipt, on all sums that
slml! hsse remained ondepo.lt three months, or have
been on deposit three months al th lime of making- up
the yearly accounts. Nu interest wilt Le computed on
fractions of dollars or for fractions of a month.
Nu inlcre.1 will be allowed on money iihdravvn
tvtthiu three inontht from dte of de,osir.
Thirly days notu.. mutt be iven at the Itank ofan
tntentio.i to withdraw any money ; and the iJepositor'.
Pjs bouk 11 ust be produced at the same lime.
No money will be paid excepi upon the Draft of the
Depositor, accompanied, by Ihe proper Pass-book.
On the rirst day of SeiKtmber of each year, tti
accounts will be made up, and inlert.t on all sums that
slwdthave reinnned ondet-it tlu-ee months or more,
and unpaid, will be credited ro lha depositors, and
from that dale form pait of the principal.
Sums of more than Fiv. Hundred Hollars will be
received, subject 10 bpeclal agreement.
flic Hank will be opcu every day in th. week aacepl
Sandys and Holi-last.
.SJ-.70 BISHOP & CO.
iKi:t it rim km.
Satukhav, August m
llktne W II Piniond for San Krancitco
SUNUAV, August 14
Schr Mary I'osicr for I'unaluu, Hawaii
MllMlAY, August J4 ,
Schr Jennie Walker Walker for aluit
Schr Walelm for Kauai
Stmr I-eliua for Kaltului, Maui
Stmr James. I IMw.eit for Molokai
Stmr W l! Hall for Maui and Hawaii
Sell Malolo Inr lasunahoehoe.
Sch Khukai fur Waialua
Suiir Mokotii lor Molokai
Schr Kawalani for Kuclau
Sch Monuokawai for Koolau
TUK.MIAV, August 35
Stmr lualani for Kauai
Stmt Kinau lor Maui and Hawaii
Stmt C K Ilishop for llauuku ,
Stmr Waimanalo. for Waimanalo.
Sch 1-s-a.M for I lanalei
Schr Malolo for IViserken and llllo
Sclir Kawjilanl for Koolau
WriiMupAV, August jtV-
Sch Kauikeaouli for Kohala
Schr Caterina for Kalatk
Schi Wailele for Kauai
TllUKtPAv, AugyJ 17
Stmr Kapiolani foriEwa
Schr Josephine for?Ewa
Scht Hob Knr, for Koolau.
faiDAV, August 3. ,
Stat r Waimanalo for Waimanalo, OaJw
aWk Ka Moi f.. Uupaaoeho.
Sttstf atusH Mksi(s)cKaaai via W
anJ Wilinir.
I. m.
c. sGHSawrras.
HftcsU i'ort Strttat; HottoItUu. H. I.
Offer for le to arrive per
Kront IkKton, tlui
JULV 1, 188 5,
Franklin Stove Coal in CasV,
Yi WW cruhed Suar,
Cases l-raier's Ate Create.
Cae Hoe llanillei.
HbU. No. 1 K os In,
CtiM-n Wheel tart owl.
Hay Cut 1 cm.
Max racking,
H hU. ViIioinBiftii Twr.
WilmuiRlon Pitch,
lt.te Navy Oakum.
Cat Kx I anl Oil,
(.rtnJMone. Iron Hafet'
Manufacture all kiml ol
llt6MU9t '
Window frames.
Blinds, sashes
and Doors
and all kinds of wood-work finish.
! Turning, scroll, and baud ait win;.
All kin J of Planing an Sawlnt, Mur(I!n, anJ Tea
Onlcra from the other 11 tilth imticitrtt. 3536$
Cattrntinff ami Comtntlon Agent;
Cr,t QtUC.Vfr XUUAXU Struts, HeittH
Regular vettelt fur the porta ol
Malikoon Maul
LfuDtsthocrioe, Honomu. PauVaaand Hilon
Koba. Ilanapep anJ Walittea m Kauai, an J
Waialua on Oaliu,
AikI anyuther porn when inuucemenKufler.
Perton. having freight foranyttt of the titanJi to
be ftirwarjej from San Krancitco by way of Honolulu,
or direct thipmenu from Honolulu will do well to en
ijuire. first uf ihe Pacific Navigation Co., before making
slnal arn.nismniv,
GocxU intended for shipment by any of our vetcU
rcceite.! ami ttore J free of charge li our 6re-proof
hri tiding at any time. Apply 19 the captains on board,
jrto A. F. COOKE, .
ii vf aMurueer Pacific Navigation Co.
C. ntlKWKU a voxPAxr, .lyU.
Merchandise received Slura(e Free, and liberal tatti
aavancet maae on mpr.ienis o nut tne, io-i
General JVbntrttotmenlo.
tit lha Urgeu andWu aiwitmtnt of
Ladka; Gei.tUrnen'a and Cblldrtn's
UooUt Shoe, SUpprt, Davncbig Pumps, ate
Fa be found in the (.laud.
PrUct at low a clkajMher fur tunilar quality
tjoit, Uland order olhltrd and proni4ly e a ecu ted
Au-lsV nitt$ Mtt Pmri Strrl.
, fiiCtVair iauti'a TAita.)
HHlotoa JUUiM, 1884 CaUib.
Jul received from PsMtUitd, Oregon, by
Tna Flab caa be relied u:o at FUt-CUi
1 &nt,
Hbls. IUtr
Itblh. Cemenl, 1 and 7 in Ox llowt,
Case Aae and Pick Handles,
Cnnal Ilanowt,
IttiU. F.x Prime Potk,
tsTrtrt Vail
CumUrland Coal In bulk.
con DA OK,
Siaal Cordage.
Oak Lumber.
While Wood Lumber,
Walnut Lumber,
Ah Lumber,
tUttern White Pine Luiidxr,
Caet 'I inned Tomatoes.
Electric & Downer's Kerosene Oil
Ketchup and Codhtli IUIU,
CatAt Clam Choder,
Fih Cowdcr and Ohetkint,
CatM Sausaie Mt,
Caea Huckin'sToriuto Soup.
Catet Huckin'a Mock Turtle Sup,
Cane Huckln't Ox Tail Soup.
Oentrlfiitfiil rlulnifM,
Racket. Ume Wath board,
Cae Chairt, Cotton Waaic,
Cari YelloT Metal Sheathiti;,
Keg'a Yellow M, Sheath in Naiti,
1IL1. Twine, Dale Uuck.
Hide Poison, Llnierd Od,
Cue Turpentine
Cases Brown Soap,
M bbls. Mineial Paint,
Mammoth Rockers, '
BookCaea, AMrted,
Extciulrvn Top Carriiffe,
Case Curled Hair,
Drums of Cauuic Soda.
P 9SJ-iUt
Switches, Curls, Front Places,
All warranted Natural Hair.
Invi&irif Hack Hair Nkis.
Iad es and Chddrent Hair Culling and Shampoo
ins at store or retidence
Lanstry Hair Cutting a Specialty.
All at San Franclco Prices.
tajo-aji Fort Street Opo&ite Dodd'i Stable
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;a, ,IIMrAiN. OU and Arr'frU.
Ar.VkV rui till
WHircaftdthtsLiCHT'RuNNiNU Naw Hom Machine,
Howard' Machine Needles, all kuvt
CortlceU'4 S, la all color and sUeat
Harbour's Linen Thread,
Clark' O. S T. Machine Cotton.
Mmt, Diwtmf RttiabU Cut toftr Patttnts
Iwalerlu RlVLU
Ul'Ka al 4 ferOKTIMl loOl(
Sh ?t, PnwbKt, Cam,
and MarAiticCAaTaiof.au
KcmovciJ to
Fort Struct. Oppoalto Dodd'a StasUasv
Beef, Voal, Mutton, Lamb Afi1 Pork.
Ccrmaa and Pork Sauaa&rca,
Fish, Poultry and Vtztab!tl
Orden willrecctra prompt attentiott Shipping up'
plied with dikp4tch.
Tklmionk No, t&f.
Saratoga House!
99 HoUl St. neatr Llbrstrr BnllaUma;
ScUaI Mcvuunsvialturt. (vt LaJi.s .imI KumIUcs,
KraJiiia 1'artor will. Pally Papars open IVar lb.
asiests tf it llous.
Th Cool.st Dinin Uoorut tn lb. siiy, NO t'l.lES.
iCo-aii H. BARBER.
No. 34 Tort St., Clock Building,
ILv received a contunment of the iuot Fcotiumkal
and ValuaMe Feed for all kinds of txk, vU ;
It is the ki e,itet Mcli forbier, Milk and llmur pio
ducer in ux.
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Viiirf.wi..iuofwb,,tuB. Coppor aad Bieet Irea Warkar
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uuial suppl of the bcMklndbf .ani,,.
i LETTJU-i .s JrTElJK.
asT All work kuarMilM-J ami all unless fsllfMil
Hssy, Ots., WKaast, Carts, Etu, Etc.,
WhiO, is UtVrtJ al lbs Loarnt MarVtt Kalss,'aiKl
dclivfisst fra. loans' istrt ofthc sily.
AsTiis for ll.
PaciCc Mutual Llf. Insuranca Co. of Callfurula.
Af.rus fur lb. HOOVKIl TKUl.I'HONt.
CfismU4ofir cs Itcsls fur ih tji.t of Califorrsa
TKLKI'IIONK NO. if. sift-6i
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Cla (1m-, Klit Sibaui ILtHm, Caaa. CoOt si
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titttm, rVU. Rauint, UrM Itsacsus,
Dril ApAJl, I1siaa, Carat.
OMlStfaNTMiats CaNnto
T.U. rruks Jasss al laWw. Wr rtasw,
WkaM, Con, fuatMt, Ouiami, CSaasJass,
asa Titsatiatu awl- aw
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tstaUt stlal U sssU at twUtst ta suit tit slaws, tt atis-
it., (stwjftl No. (it Ktaajatsssat
California Produce and Provision Co.,
Groceries, Provision ami -Product.
Kits Mackerel, Kitt Balaton 1UI1U KIu S evoked Halibut, Kit. Hahbui Flus and Nas
Klts'Tonxuea ami Sounds. Hunlcai CodnUi, Tumato Catsup i'Low Chow
WorceMtr bauce, (tn ketl CaltMui Cider Ymir, (caAa and leff). I7ud A;plMt Ptui, tie., '
CkdaaVasli lbl KaTiiais, AiMrti Nuia, ,(u4iiiedTi.blaad PU Fiaus, Jama and Jell.
AVItlult isfsstlt.tttl ut ltwiiMl Mui'kstt idsttsM tits Ciwh.
SuruHHl I'aislna Va., K. I. Ituwtn'a rx.ds, (.twl. t llub, Th. P. Laval Cravat tit Mrs,
R. tKVV, luM40. Ut Bismh, llrax at Css. ,
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anu.d. Hmav aavta, itust'
Na. h Haial Sttass. . . . . . H.aaltsta, Oaasa. H. L
ssodr orriOR BOX No. ,1(. list-..) TatEI'tMNK K wt - '
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