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I .. hij"'i' Hlti HI xHt'fcli nvrtn
r, M JaWi
J-Kf H i, ' " l ' lh'" f""""fl
t wMpd " 1 ''" sVHrwt'laysn.l
Ai it IHfflfJiwtwwt tan ltar "'
n ,.n ih i-BP j'1 ,tlf
c i nnkt ftwflillH l trftrit ft. 1 he
, ,i stood OH llnfwWw ift Ti
.rti.Wtwti br Martham'. pw
jn.hinKlflllwflMl thfwlmrtflfl ssfiWi
-anted try Ma m (Mtfn ' '" " 9,h
i mine Iht Mj I'- "T " 5 ""
I dm. ll Neumann, Attnrrtej nnvral of
Hie lisvMm Klnjdom, met yrftli unfortu
nate areMent of) board the AkMttU on hi irlri
i an Irtiwheo when h arrit-asl an the rh
n.i TV n hwrhwl il Mr. Mntwunn
slii.tnl, lnfrklhB an ln)tV lo hit lej; which
ncrmiuin complete tm at !iK toonw In tlis
I'alace Hotel tor a few day. Dr. Kreney
nates that lion. IVul Neumann h profiteftlnf;
saiisfaetotfly, HkwrIi It will I "' ''""
i.ruUl.ly. beliie Ma injure. lej will lie a ""'
as Wore the aeefilent.
Memorandum nf oyRe o( tmr Alameda:
-ailed frflm tan I'rjncfaco Aug. 151I1 at J r.
M I tail moderate NV. an.1 SV. wind with
fine weather; Aug. I7t'i, In lat. 3 J long.
in to' at louj a. m. pitted part
of a
ic-ssel lHtum up. Stern wst and almut fo
(tot of the keel willi a umall H.illon nf the
shoe near the stern pott ( floor of tlnilieif,
tiUnVine mil coppered heel nf stent almul ti
... . . .-r c
feel out nf water. Should Judge it i veel of
.too ton or more. N'n wreckage or ilrift stuff
nuble. On the iStli at 10:30 p. It. passed
itmr MaripuM. Arriveil, Aug. Jlndat to A.M.
6 days, 72 hourt.
niri'lttH, AuatHt tnth.
Dr. J. Ci. Waltert, nf I.ihue, Kaual.is seri
ously ill.
King KaMiaua lias appolntcil Mr. A. Iloff
nung Charge d'Aflairrs for Hawaii at Iximlon.
The etate of Simon K. Kaal pa) a dis-l-
drnd n( 17 (i-ioth's tier cent, at the office of
Hishou Si Co.
Sailed from San I'rancisco August 12th,
title Harard for lllloj August 131I1, brig Clam
Sprrckelt for llilo.
The tmr Planter, which it nowln San Fran
cisco being refitted. lll return to Honolulu
almut the HI nf October.
Kev. James IlicknelLhas purclnsed l'uunui,
the reiidence and grounds of Judge Ilatlwell.
Tin- propeity comprises some fmirleen acres.
A blue meteor was seen from Honolulu last
Saturday morning alxiut 4 o'clock. It passed
from east to west and at last fell Into the sea.
A rumor was current on the street yesterday
that Finance Minister Kaiiena had resigned or
vsas alioul to resign, and that his successor was
to be lion. Samuel Parker.
Major I IcnryC. Dane, the lecturrr.lefl by the
W. C, Hall yesterday fur a trip to the solcano,
expecting to cross over and return by way of
llilo, by the Kinau on Sunday next.
Mr. Kreil II. Ilajsehlcn, while assessing
tates last Saturday near the Makiki diamond,
caught two Chinese smoking opium, 'lhey
were given In charge of a policeman.
The brig J. D. Spreckels and bk Caibarien
svere loading, and the bktne Mary Winkcl
man was to sail almul the 17th inst for this
wrt when the Alameda left San Francisco.
President Cleseland has formally recognized
Mr. D. A. McKinley as Consul Cicneral of
Hawaii for the states of California, Nevada
and Oregon, and for Washington Territory.
Two Chinese v. ere arrested at the Chinese
Theatre last Saturday eiening for smoking
opium, but were rescued by their companions.
While returning from the theatre later in the
Hening, Officer Mclirtens arrested a China
man with opium in his possession.
Arrived in San Francisco, August alh, schr
American Cirl, hencej schr Uosario and Anna
fiorti Kahulul i August Cth, bk Julia Foard
hence; August Sth, stmr Planter, hence; Au
gust ijth, brig W. (',. Irwin, hence; August loth,
schr J. C. Ford and stmr ealindia, hence.
Signer A. Farlnl a singer and pianist of
both European and American celebrity was an
arrival by last Saturday'! steamer. , He means
to look around, view our mannets anil customs
and, If insured, will bung down his people and
gise seseral operas. The fellow usengcrs of
the Sii!nor speak delightedly of hissoice, his
pbjlng and hi charming social qualities.
It rtfHrltii, .4niHr vrJr.
The stmr James .Makee bruugbt 1,015 bags
paddy, did bigs sugar and 50 lugs of ticc
hum Kauai last Monda. ,
The stmr Junes Makce will not sail until
to iiiunow 011 account of the large quantity of
frieghl tu be shipped this Itip.
Secretary Fuller announces that the esen
ing classes at the V. M. C. A. Hall will be
diicontiiuiid until further notice.
The Alameda bioughl three Wake Manufac
tuilug Co.' Pumps, one of vshich, weighing
user seven Ions and destined for the Kcalia
plantation, Is iciuitcd to be one of the laigcst
un (lie Islands.
Mr. Harry Arniitage has beer, appointrd
passenger agent for the Inter Island Steam
Naslgaliou Company, with a special ee to
working up the passenger travel by the Kan
route to the Vulc.uio. I lis leidquaiters will
be with J. Yjlliam & Co.
Signor I'aiirti will net glsc a csmceit next
I nday. He will nmin 10 San r-ranqscu 011
the steamer leasing next Tuesday. If the
tigiior is guaianteil bis espetiscs, he will
bring down Ida lump b) the istuin Alameda.
He will nut ieuin unless suili guaiantee is
given. Music losers ought nut to let this op
lnluu!tr slip through their fingers.
A ciuhgue oflhe household furniture,
ulntings, liks, etc, which will l sold to
day at loii'closk At theiesldence of Mr. i I'.
Adams, appealed yesterday. The catalogue
contatn307 ankle Including many elegant
pieces of home furniture and a lot nf choiie
books. I.unch will le seised at 13:30 o'clock.
Fiee buses will lease 0. Hall's coiner at
9 A. M.
The Aslor I louse has been purchased b) the
Hop Wo Company and will hrteaftei I
conducted by them as a icslaurint. They uy
that they purpte to gise as gou.1 bieakfasts,
luncheons and suppcrt as can be luJ in
Honolulu, at popular pilces. The prool nf the
ouJdlng , of omise, In the eating. And their
pudding will l ready to serve at half-past
live this evening,
rMralv, Aiut T.
Tlie bgtne Claus Spreckjl Is olT pott as ss
go to tte.
The stmt James MaVee is arvnounceil to
sail this tuoiuiug at 8 o'clock.
The stmr Likelikc will make a ttial (tip to
Kahulul sometime next week to test her boileiv
Owing to the steady rain of )csteiday the
household tumituic sale of Mr, F. I', Adaiua
was postponed, to take place lo-da).
Our fitend the poet-Iariat apHiinl jester
ilav weatinc 4 bait of blue itxs'ks. He lu
doubltes beea leajii.)! his local cuteoiporaiie
st, N lir 1 s 1 In. I l ..iftVe 1- 1 Willi 1 lilsj
I' im,I( I 1 ilir f"' Mi I P Adams
sufe fWrnlii 11 it rained v. hod (hut he
rnritiTri'f (frt It frsl
Th IleH Plinrtiinn Wa dd yetd i
Mr M I mnin f'H firnlmiim 1 . ti
$II5,'mj The sate I111 Iitn enftflimfl 1 thp
CtNIt flH the wmtty rtl.
Ttw bMe tell ftwie nf tail Satnrdiy's game
hxwtcti the llormltitsM ami Oewnlr itmtl n
lo in In fatnr nf tl latter elan In plate 'nf H)
to 10 as ntththhftl In the f)tM of fast Mnmhty
An Ihfhrmal farewell illrtrwr ww gtrm at
the HrhWi CTIi tat rnht hy metnln nf ihe
Hawaiian bar In lite linn. A. A, Hart well.
All prutnt ertjoywl the reMt whhh wstamasle
a right merry ie.
The mil of nrlr streets are w iiiimermN now
that It la anytrrtffg but a plrHnre to drive
aronnd town, nwfng tn Ih severe Join ami
shocks 1. , the system sustained in n trying
ordeal. The inml hai nntlrtng to do with the
general condition nf our Hreetalhey ihonlit
I repaired.
A local In yesterday's fiuide vshich spoke
of "three I'.lack Manufactory Co.'t I'umtts,"
should hate slated that the Alameda brought
three Illake Manufacturing Co, 'a Pumps, one of
which, weighing seven tuns, is the largest on
the islands, there Iiclng four others of the unit
sue on different pljiitnllous unit two mote in
tiansit for this port.
The tile of tickets for the proposed opera,
sea son,,upto)esterday evening, had reachcilovcr
$1,500. Of this amount $750 worth has been
sold at Wisein tn's nflice, the remainder being
divided among four lists which were circulated
yesterday. It Is thought that by Saturday
next a sufficient amount will be sulciihtd to
guarantee Honolulu a season of opera.
I'rhtitllp .ImiimI ?Vi.
The 1 M. S. City of Sylney Is due to
morrow from the'Colonies.
A Chinamiu named Hop f.ce has re-openetl
(he Old Corner restaurant.
The K. of P. Lodge, No. I, will ulebrate
their I th anniversary by a social to be held in
their lodge room to-morrow evening.
Viscount Torii and Messrs. Frijila ami
Nakayama have Iwen lately adiled lo the Jap
anese Consulate of the Hawaiiin Islands in
the capacity of secietarics.
lloth the Alameda and Zcal.1nd1.-1 en-
countered stormy weather on their respective
nassaircs to San Francisco the first of this
month. The Zealandia had an cxceedingl)
rough time of it shipping water through the
iKirts and hitchw ays into the staterooms and
Mr. Jules Tavenicr, artist, has been insitcil
through Mr. A, Ilolfnung, Hawaiian Charge
d'AITairc for Clreal llrilaiu. lo send asiuc ol
his pictures lo I'ngland for the Iindon exhl
bition. Two nf Mr. Tascmier's volcano siew
have been sold and Mr. C. D. Irwin, ol
Chicago, has ordered a picture, giving a bird's
eye view of llalcakala.
7i ttlhrr 'lli
Sailol from llilo, the bark Ceslon, Captain
Calhoun, for Port Townsend, W. T. Passen
gers : Fourteen families of Portuguese, 34 all
The foreign church llilo was decorated in
excellent taste with American flags and crape
by Judge F. I.. I.yuian the iCth instant on
occasion of the Memorial services in honor of
(ieneral Grant. Kev. 1 P. lhkcr's remarks
were very appropriate and able.
Illlo is just now having one of its mot de
lightfull spells of weather and the old-ralcr
Kilauea is Inwinlng. No occasion for any one
to find fault with the food at the volcano house,
for every one who returns from there says the
fare is unexceptionable.
"Swipes, swipes, swipes. F.scry where sou
go is swipes, and it is said that three glasses
will bring the dfimk, jet no one place is
licensed. Some wonder why thing go so
easily, some wonder If the officials are Ion
busy 10 look after such things in llilo ?
1. 1 11: 1 our.Kis .Kir.s.
Mrs. Helen Hunt Jackson is dead.
A case of Chinese leprosy is reported fiom
Marshall, the discoverer of gold at Sutler '
Mill, California, in 184S, is dad.
Williims, Diinond A. Co.'a circular of the
15th instant, reports mi change 111 the San
Fianclsco piices for either raw or refined
Lord Houghton the jioet Kichatd Moncton
Miles the 1'icl is dead.
John ItuiUn f ill, and his friends tegard
his condition with anxiety.
Hear Admial Sli Michael Seymour of the
bliliih Navy is at the Palace Hotel, San Fran
cisco. He will relieve Admiral llaiul in com
mand of the lhiliih Squadron iu the Pacific.
Admital llaiid it on the flag-ship Triumph.
He will return to London lojhe lloifle Office,
to lake command of the coast guarjl or reliel
A company basing an object that is some
thing of a noehy 011 the P.iciric coast lias te
cent!) organiicd in San Francisco and has
(lie into business. It is called the Pacific
SuiciyCouipii), and wasoiganlred undei ihe
Act of the Igidature appruved Maich 12,
iSSj, entitled " An Art tu faciliale the gitlnt!
oflwnd requiml by law," lly tint act it i
piovidtd that "m heado(ileji.filmenl,boaid,
cuuil, judge, otlicer, or other ieivoii who is
now or shall hereafter t icquncd 10 approve
trie sulfiiiency ofanysuchbordor uudeitaklng,
01 the'suistlea tluieon, niayij(irf at alt ti'J
tuffitient timtf on such IkjihI -i vindcttakliig,
any coiporalloii Incorporated under the laws ol
all) Hate of Ihe United Statu lor the pur
pose nf making or guaranteeing lmndt and un
deitakli.gs r.-qulicd by law." The sole busi
ness of Ihe compiuy Is graining lunula of surety.
ship, guatanteeing the honesty ol employee ol
railruads, lunki. exoie.s companies, ami ottiti
coioratlons or business liouses, and furnish
ing lainds lequtied by couits. The tesciiuc ol
the company is detixed from premiums, likt
that of insurance comianics.
The city editor of a leading dally iaiei srl
slum lies when orTpiofessional duty, Pethap
he geneiousl) wishes to gUcolheii a show
perhaps he learnt to love truth for lis lauly.
One such Uohemlan it among my acijualntaii
ces. lie says iion-professlonally, that when
Adolph Spieckels mind meamUieil In ihe
ihcncefoith of the wiiberwaid each of thiee
vlslul pop cost his papa JiAOoa Kot publi
Cation of speechci In defense the city papers
were paul an estimate of $1,000, The two
lawyers, Hall McAllister and R0U1I Hightoo,
recelvni fee of $ 10,00a apiece, Shoiihaod
retuiting absoibed another $10,000. Iiicklen
lal expense duiinc liial were $5.. making
an aggregate of $00,000, but double that sum
would doubtless be necessary Iu cover witness
feu and eipeadiluif of which outsiders knew
nothing. Adding what lh Chioniclc neces
sarily used, even if only half, though there it
no ieavon sth. it entente tnouiu or test,
Lilt obteivc that nice Iitt'e Vita wa called
I mlo circulation, u aau.auuti iu, .j.
V. ,,r .nll 'l ..iy t , f.'il l.l.
rl llif jnl. was rash in hand No pnmiple
uf law wit etttlilfahfrl, no rfiervajs iJllfrl,
rtfi nhfiTttnti tfmn fn fhlw eM). 'If,.
VH' hat Ireen at great eipense eneml't tnt&l,
evil (Mwl.nt e-rnigH, imI for uhllV
Saritmtnf Riitrii 0'ltH
Ihvihe morhrrTgffAtMt fjlh II. M.l. Ttt
rath tnttrtrt tfl lti haihot fat ihe rnrr
fioMiif prrlmlnR noil asrWftrtaf (selling Into
llhlt ivfiel Iter Toy frmn l!ri(iitrstl liefnre
emnlnft to Sn 1'ram.hsin, lo wltfch pntt the h
hmmr. Th Tllnmph It the Isrfett vessel
thai IrM er etitere.1 Han Dlfijo hattior, be
ing 30) feel Ions, 5' tl bJIR; onH 0,r) torn.
She curies) jjo men 011.I jo ottkvTf. Her
armameiit eotuhta of leu brettli-toilln flsnss
of nlne-lnclt bore, oscli werjhlnt tweletnfH
four hreecli-tmdlng guns, fivedneh Imre, ejih
welsjntntj 3,S) mn.l j fiwr (tantiner puna,
ten Nonlenfeldt guna and alstcen Whitehead
torpetluet. Iterdrnught it fixed at twenty
eight fcer.. She left Poitamouth, Itngtand, on
the 71I1 of February, arriving at Montevideo
on the 1st of April. She arrived at Coriiilniho,
Chile, on the 3d of May, where she relieved
II. M. S. Swlflsnre. The Triumph left Co
qulinbo about the middle of July, C.1II10 the
17th and Acapulco on the J I at of July, ar
riving at San Diego last Sunday. She will go
from San Francisco to Hsquitnall, where she will
le stationed. The following is a list of her offi
cers: Chief Officer, Admiral J. K. P.. Ikilrd
Commander, Capt, II, Simpvm; Captain of
the ship, Capt. Kose; First Lieutenant, Lieut.
Iluchimon; Second Lieutenant, Lieut. Gib
bons; Admiral's Flag Lieutenant, Lieut. Gar
forth; Lieutenant Staff Commander, Lieut,
llioaii ; Torpedo Lieutenant, Llcnl. Anson ;
Gunnery I.ieutenanf, Lieut. Fisher ; Pay
master, Kae; Surgeon, Holster; Chief En
gineer, Whiting; Gunner, Matthews; lioat
swain, Marchant,
A terrible condition of affairs prevails at As
pinwall In regard to sanitary matter.
The reduction nf the public, debt during
July amounts to about $7,000,000.
Ijiuis Kiel, the Manitobi rebel has been
found guilt), and will be hanged September
I Sth.
It is announced that the last spike on the
Canadian Pacific railway will be driven early
in October.
There is no truth in the report of an Anglo-
Chinete alliance offensive and defensive, di
rected against Russia.
The Ctrurla's time to Fastnet was six days,
five hours and thirty-five minutes fiom New
Vork, the fastest time on record.
The craze in Santa llaibara now is to grow
P.r.glish walnuts. It is said that four-fifllit of
the fruit trees will be dug up and walnut trees
planted in their stead.
It is a singular anomaly in Virginia politic
that the son of the man who was Governor
when John Brown washung, is now the He
publican candidate for Governor.
Commissioners have been appointed to take
a census ol ihe Northwest Territories, vtilh-a
view of giving those now unorganized represen
lation in the Dominion Parliament.
The general army order sending officers
back to their regiments after a period of four
years on detached duty is provoking much dis
cussion among officers in Washington.
The Uniled States Consul at Vera Cruz in
forms the Department of State that yellow
fever is fast increasing at that place, 46 deaths
1 iving occurred in the last two weeks. -sf
Geo. W. Curtis has retired at the age of 61
from the editorial chair of Harper's Weekly,
on a liberal pension by its publichers. Moia
gomery Schu)ler, a Democrat, succeeds Mr.
Considerable difficulty is encountered in
pa) ing bills in "legal tendei" currency, viz.,
United Stales gold. The government has
none with which lo piy salaries of employes
and to establish the gold credit of the Hawai
ian $20 note.
The local Hoard of Health of Montreal de
clares that small-pox is now epidemic there.
The City Hospital contains thiity-six patients,
and is ciowded. A new wing is being built.
which will hold fifty mure.
Twenty thousand Hungarians who have
been working in the Pcnns)lvania uiines are
preparing lo migrate iu a body to Noith
western Canada, where the Dominion Gov
ernment will give them aoo.ooo acres of fer
tile land, 'lhey were agricultural peasants in
their native laud, and are tired uf mining.
This is the largest Movement of iwpulation in
a s'ngle body that has ever occulted iu the
United States.
The Hulletin Sun ays that the fiicnds of
Lieut. Grcely, of Arctic fame, arc estieiuely
solicituus about his health. They fear that he
is declining rapidly. He is now at his home
in Massachusetts taking a rest lor Ihe benefit
of his health. His friends base urgid him to
take a )eai' leave of absence and spend it ill
some pari of ihe country the climate of which
is suitable lo his state of health. Mr. Grcely
iad hoped to spend a thoit time iu Fuiope,
but vcily ha prevented the accomplishment
ofhisdesiie. It is asserted lint the failure ol
Congress to rewaul him in a substantial man
ner for his Arctic trip has had a very depres
sing etlrcl both on hi. mind ami liody.
Tliete ha been but one newspaper in the
South, nifir as has bcn observed here, whh.li
ha spoken ill of Grant since bis death, and
has taken occasion lo attempt to revive war
rucinuiie-r, using his grave for a rifle it. That
aper was published in Kaleigh, N. C, The
editorial has been copied In most ot he Ue
publican papers of ihe Noilh. A gentleman
who leached here fiom Noith Carolina lo day
tells a curious stoiy about Ihe writer and bis
tragic end, The Ink upon the par which
contained the article was scarcely dry, and the
edition of the papei had not all been dcliveied
at the pott. office, a lien Ihe editor who wrote
llie article fell dead. This editor was convicted
as a kuklux, and sentenced to ten year at the
Albany Penitcntiaiy. The evidence in bis
tiiai showed that he was Ihe leader of the
kuklux in hi section, lie remained in llie
Albany Penitcntiaiy four )ear. when a peti
tion foi his (lardon, generally signed In his
locality, was presented tu president Giant, who
granted the paidun. The man then relumed
to hi home. He had been In politics since,
but has commilcsl no suspicious act until he
made the lecent assault ujk.ii the memoiy ol
General Grant, to quickly followed by hit own
Another electrical rtlubitinn i tn lie held tit
Paris nest spring.
Parliament was prorogues! on the allcrnoou
of August 141I1 at 1 o'clock.
Kussla is building hurriedly a strategical
railway to the Austrian frontier.
Peace awl accord ltw, 1 Kussla and Eng
land on the Afghan frontier question.
Four well-equipped eipcslitioni are to leivt
Geiuunr licit fall for the Noith Pole.
OctoUr 4th ha been designated at the day
for holding the general tlection la Fjauce.
1 he in.tin dan of i-nto'n earl oil has greswn
in ih liil ten fa-art From ,4,o,Q(i) atlona 19
OMtHMa'a Mmm (hi Mtfitftilf, the in
MoMentim nflfr? polity of itie Ubmh In
tire errffrlif; etfeifein.
Another sxtffly leittallftn It tepajflffl flam
Lawrfon, In' vtlfttll timl t'lrW Jrrttrtt CrnV
iMfSe! (Mme h) inenltoned.
lotoffiptele tetHtin tert 4,63) new eaM
of cholera Ihtouglmtit Spain oil the 1 lh in
Hunt, ami I,6Tm iImIIh fimn the ilrMtir.
Ititstim atmy offkei claim that Ihe return
of SalhUity Is offke will tender the Ciar mote
rraolWe 10 rf Ahead with Ills piDjftttt ol tlif
Afghan cwintry.
Iliecholeirihas tetrlved a freth fmjVelus, ow
Ing ID Ihe extreme heal. The hrtiiiber nf new
cases hat steadily I net eased, and that the
llseate It uiiin.uallylaial In consequence of Ihe
A dispatch was received In I'arlt, Angus!
t.tlli, fmni sa. Pelersburg, stating that lilissia
has sent Fuglaiul proiosatt for the settlement
of (he dispute concerning Ihe Zolfikar Pais and
the oslliont commanding it. Thedispatih
adds thai It ic certain Kngland will accept the
At Sir Moses Montefiore'a funeral Ihe coffin
was so plared that his head tested upon a
stone brought from Jerusalem, In the coffin
had been placed many relics of Lady Monte
liore and the Holy Land, together with an
account of the good woiks of Ihe deceased,
Over Ihe coffin, as Ihe relativts ami friends
passed, each scattered a handfull of earth fiom
Kacharl's grave in the Holy Land,
On August 14th Ihe populace of Kie
ruciitchoog, a liusslan city 011 the Dnieper, in
Poltava, attacked the Tuikish residents of the
town and attempted lo drive them out. The
miliary restored order with much difficulty.
During the riot a great number of persons
were wounded. Thirty of the natUe leader
have beeen arrested. This angered the popu
lace, and it is feared they will, in revenge,
again lise against the Turks and against the
rut rkst or the wokiu.
The Fgyptian corn crop is expected lo be
very abundant.
The reports of the massacre in Anam are
greatly exaggerated. Instead of 10,000, it is
now stated that only a few hundred Christians
were killed.
Pasteur's method of vaccination for cattle
plague has proved completely successful In
India for elephants, horses, asses, cows, buffa
loes and sheep.
A Calcutta dispatch says : Lord Dufferiu
is actively engaged in strengthJhing the friend
ship of the Indian chiefs. Ite will give a grand
,;Arrin November, which all Ihe dignitaries
of Central Asia are expected to attend.
The French Minister of Marine has re
ceived an official dispatch from Tonquin, stat
ing that the Illark Flags have raided five mis-
sinn.ltv tl.itions and rnmnlrtrlv dt-stmird
I them, killing many Christians. Fight thou
sand of the followers of the missionaries have
taken re'fuge with the French troops.
Admiral Paschen telegraphed August 14II1,
that the Sultan of Zanzibar has giveii un-on-ditional
assent to Germany's claim lo pro
tection over all the territory occupied in Zani
bar by German subjects, including that to
Sultan Vita, Germany's friend. The Sultan
of Zanzibar has ordered his sunjects to keep
peace with Ihe Germans and has withdrawn
his troops from the now recognized German
A 11 ItrlltwttlHt Suite tn Export?!.
The San Francisco Merchant of the 14th
instant vouches for the following :
The Hawaiian ConsubGcneral at San Fran
cisco has prepared a notice to exporters ol
goods and merchandise tn the Hawaiian Is
lands. It was compiled by Mr. K. K. Hen
dry whose intimate knowledge with the Cus
tom House Department at Honolulu is a
guarantee ol its accuracy. It commences by
quoting the Act of December 30, 1884 which
says that "All invoices of merchandise lo be
presented at any Custom House In the Hawai
ian Kingdom fur entry must be accompanied
by a certificate of the Hawaiian Consul at the
Kirl of shipment, otherwise 25 per cent willbe
added to the original value ami the usual
daties levied on the increased value thereof.
The notice then gives separate lists of 1
Goods free by Ihe Civil Code from all coun
tries. 2 Good frte by treity from the
United Slates. 2 Goods thai ore dutiable,
with the amount of the duty plainly indicated on
the margin. 4 Good on which a specific duty
is levied and the amounts of such duties
All invoice must be properly certified to be
fore the Hawaiian Cunsirl at Ihe nearest pott
of shipment. Special attention is called to
the clause ill the Opium Act which giants
power to the Hoard of Health to authorize Im
putations of opium and its preparations. All
persons presenting invoices at the Hawaiian
Consulate in San Francisco fur consular ceiti
titatcsare respectfully requested In carcfull)
examine ihe schedule so that dutiable goods
my not appear on Invoices of free goods and
virt versa, tins will ellecl consulerauie
saving of lime lor all iiarlies who are interested.
Another and most Imixjrtant and neccsuiy
legulatioii established by Ml. D. A. McKin
ley, Ihe Hawaiian Consul-General, It that all
invoices must be verified by a member of the
firm who is making the shipment or by some
patly'aulhorizi-tl to act for the firm, and a leg
Islet of all who pre so authorized will be kept
at Ihe office. These notice will be kept iu a
prominent position at the office of the Hawai
ian Consulate, 337 Maikcl sited, and will
alo be forwarded lo all who have trade con
nection with the Islands. .Such business-like
method will b appreciated by commercial
men In view of ihe glowing Iinpoitance of our
Hade with Ihe Hawaiian Kingdom.
General buertidcincnto.
II. J. .VOl.TF. J'KOl'Klfc.IOK.
lttlanwaiH'tls hit fiUivN antVllH vmUlc ia if a
Ul llut lh Abut HJowO (auljfl
rirUCUM tfUfrnkmaats
t-'rvm 1 . Uy till 10 r u.
Irta J mu
Cttfara, Flpaa
Saaofctf'a SiauslrW
(Xot Hius.sk k & rUl.aWUUsi.4
laManttl TuM . -
-- IN
Is oasvisacsast uti tba t-altUiifcnstftf, tiLvsta lra
taa cim caa Aisis3assa.
ItiotirniKC Jiollcco,
Uompany M llambnra;,
it hackiki nm. Aiiititrv.
f HatHH Krlrtswiaiti I, !),
f rr'W K" I HsWflFWW flWrtWIlWas W9 WfcflaT
AriManm iwnat,rT IM lWfi
;awtw a HHstra iwiaaMias, 1 lffs0tffx
mo ipwF, itiflwiimiTi esc, aiswsntsr
'i twin m iiw mnofa maWtWi CxW
I wtllert,
C. RKRH'Ktt A 0,.
Aurn.i for lli IIiwlliti Iilin !i,
1 C'outpinjrof Umlutg.
It HACKFKU) A r.( Afinh.
their Rf tn tlrfltvp t mfMnf " toi(6fbixa
rtft MnFltMrttnlc
'I tie AfctrtrUof iIicxUft CtMriffikii1
... .. T . -. r "" f '; .--"-
laav. Tt lli Ilaisatiliakh
ihiami, r rrriirl lo lnurt Uiiil.Hr.ft, nirhfium
.MrrcldMJlM ml
'nulfltti?. MilKtnrrv. MIL. ilta KuAif
amt Kit Milta, r tU In lh hurtatw nAlnut (WW
or ihnuii if? fir, on Uk fmnt fivMM iwnit.
1 Globe IfUiirance Companr,
irltthttUnt IJttUltlltt to Stnrhhuhlrn.
AM .... $11,136,100
Heietve 6.7y,tQo
iNcnMK ton itff
Premlumi received after JeJtictlon of re-
iiuiiranco . .. . .$ 4,581,195
tatntM 1 romHly ailjtiMed atnj kA hre
ati 164
of San lTranrtsco.
lniotioralfil 187s. alo-tGi
Insurance Company of Boston, Mats.
,ls.et tffrifiarv 11. f ISSI, itrtltttf $!7t
UOfl.UIHI. Polices IssueJ on llie most favorable terms, anJ
absolutely Non-FoiMtable after Two
VfAhir-ir ur NON-roRrmrtiiiK fLAK :
Imurfil aze s years . sears KiiJjwmcnt Flan fur
AhhhuI ireoiZii,i S'ST.SO.
arm km alMa,
m itaiwasr tea r
C.li-Surr. V'lV. I'd-uu Inf.
At tht snj f the ad Vear. $ aflq tj $ jaj
3d " 46.70 840
4th " 641 1$ l.tjn
Sth ' JI.S .4U
6th " l.oag 00 l,v9S
;th " 1.SJ5.1S 1.97
th " I.450.7S a.ajs
Qih 1,676.05 ,50
10th t.gtr 65 3.7J5
nth " 1,13790 3,oos
lath " '.4IS-4S 3.5o
ijth " 1,6a; x - 3,4s
4tti " .967.70 3.7o
ijlh " 3,63-9a 3.94S
i61h ' 3 57S-3S 4.16s
'I'1 !! 3-"5 4.3lo
tstll ' 4.148 sa 4.SQ0
19th 4.613 70 4,too
aoth " s ooaort 5.000
'Itie srrond and siibseiint nremtums are likelv to
be rritiaed by iiurtitline annual JiitrifiMticHl of mr-
tsT Applications can be hailof; ami full information
win uc Biten uy me sgenis.
foreign bbrrttoements.
feriern? f,VfMlillaloii Ayfntit.
S,ecia! allention given to the t-ucriasiiie ofgouilf (or
llie llavaiianrau'e. Freight al lowest rate.
6 Camfornia Sr., Cal.,(Room No. 4.)
Jlrrrfmttl. 115-366
24 Post St. S. F
Sni for Circular
'Itie KtiU. Humnf-is Course Include. Sinte and
Double i.ntry, I took -Keep inn, a Applied la all Ueiutl
menu of .niaine.; Com men b I Anilinietlc; limine'
I'cnnunslnpl Mercantile Iaw. liuiinesM Corretuoml-
cuce; Lectures on J-iw limine, Komi. miJ lite
Science nf Account; Actual Hutiiie; Practice In
Wholesale and Kct&il Mercli.Tiidititii:, Cutumiitign.
loliltirifXt IniiortiniC, Uailroidin;, llxfuett ItutlneM,
Itrolerac, anI It inLlnt;; Knult!) Urancliei, including
Kt-adinj;, Soclltni, Gramm-tr, tie; Drawing; and
Mudetn lingua ilea, coiiiliii; of tr.i.tical Imtruction
in Krrlicli, (iciman, and Sp.um.1.
rturiAL liRANCilf are: llrmmental t eiimai.tlLi.i,
Hjjther Matbematic, Survejtn;, Naiat!oii, Civil Ko-
itiiicertnc. Aftatitaf. alioit llai.tl. 1 i- ritini?. lele
Urapii), etc.
For full In format ion addreii,
K. !. ItE.it.ltX CO.
230-3 1 Sak Fhancix.iCau
(General bbcrtiocnicntG.
We tale tlaiuftf in aiiitounciiiK Uut, in addition to
our (.'(fsd-XllHNkHV ANti Cet.K HrniNitt, will
open on h.WUKDAV, AI'Klt. rslli.aii
Whit. It ha tti. neatl)' titled up tu meet the re.juire
mriit uf our trade.
Our ice rrram wilt lruiilyitfsuieriur qualit), made
of Kcniiina cicaiii from the WnoiilHH HaIkV with
hom Me hae arntiicrd to hUMily tit rcKuUtly
with (lite, cream, which, haWnj tieipirnily te teU,
ciilalct ut lo guarantee a fir a, law ailicle, of ke
treain ei,ual lo tht made 11 an) of the Urtt cilUfc.
lli.UL.njE iietle of Uk CiAM atid lew ill
l fuiiuiScdat our otleit !(), and avcveral other vaitetie,
if our Ira 1 will uti(y it,
SUlAWIlr'KKV, I'lNKAI'll.r-
Piilifl t,uIid any day erct Sunlay. Iltt
wW.liial lofCreai for Sunday mku laie their otdeit
m Ssilmday he fore 9 l, l whK will l dcluried
berii 10 a. m, burn la r. Hi ireana will U to:ltd
ij tlai the)' will Ivrrp elajht hmunlii a firtt (UvicuiitIK
llojiiitiE to Tfxvite a tvliar uf jml.ljc patunuce In lliU
inofourtiiui4t.anat tlanllnjtlxm fif tUU t)tcrl
avufitthe bal w rteiiulu. tPbct,i fully,
)-)) Hhtu ftlrrrt Hrttr Allf '
C j. WM I.K.K, . . . i-rotalclso
Cheleastt MastsU frtsatt rtaiavat iUrtU.
r'aiaibas aifci shiysdisj suliast un shsirt rtutka ansl al
liwtst Martit Prkts.
All Bitfai dlivtti from lkl nturltrt uf tlwgutl
tkitW4 taimdiatly Aer liUtug by WHtani if a, BU-
Culcuaa Patent Dry Av lUfnvfatUar.
treated retail aIl k jucy cian4ft, tivd U (unMf4
14 aeep hutafef wif ueuvenr " MMirtVuicJ
aauasaj l aatsn aa taw tUrwiusfaas acs
1' rtattVllt.a'i I'
rtuciiil aAbucrllofinctilo.
M OUAli'Vm He con
ixviin nir AtnixtiTix fif inn
fi'iii.m .t imh?i in .iiifiisHti&ri
m (oiiinitw, rtts r7fi nu
i.iryi'nJolitVfi vP.rtrifSfitiiv,
Just lHr.rJ, 114s I. atlcwrfM(sI
to l ll. ffiiel (ifru I the
ww 1,1. AIIronefualA)V
('last v.ii.ly f sslart ilvlat
and ptlctf. atid
Celluloid Trtiae0at
(all (hapes an.i Oylt)
Stirirlcrsl Inatrtiniouta.
VliotiiKi'ispliera Sttppltea
anJ tltt targs .1 anJ most complcti slosk of
ever kept tn lliii KingJam, a"
Urgt luvoict uf
direct frvin Furoi, frt fram
land or Jilt. tnls fur t
Pharmaceutical Preparations
Patent Maillcluas,
tlorseford's Acid Phosphates.
Green's August Flower & German Syrup,
AUcock Poraus Plaster Co',
Mnrrat- ft Lanman't Florida Water
Verba Buena Bitters.
are alw Proprietor and Manufac
f .act liter of the celebrated
Rheumatic IJninient
Agent i for Wm. S. Kimball &. Co'
ViiiiiFif I'fiWy Kfff
Tubttrrn ami fJtta retina
which hate no rival. The
Uracil assortment of
). klwayt teen reccttniird a the
lel la the mar Let.
beiug manufjctuied from our own
(.rival t fwimula In .
New Verb.
AERATED WA1 T.US In Ptent or Coik
Stoc('C4e I bottle at Jciiied.
KKf'AIL, Co..
N. F. 1JU11GESS,
KrtttMtfull)' asiifiouiiin to iheyul-laC that
h h iirihaiscd the
l.usi.s,t lecenlK iirftJuiletl tv .Mr. (t. M. Il e. al
Ntl. Bi khiaf Urertt vhkh Will 1-f uirdu lit MaiMr-
uint Ul.i w.. U. I'. DUKGUiiiJ.
llie hre will uttcrtd trt 4inal rt tier ueauict
and iwiwiul) Jflner"
In MbJalu ami lctiiit).
Moved with far.
)ir, AUSO, HAS fUnCHAbKOlllK
Tobacco, Cigar ami Soda Water,
lUtUiettt efrftattr Le(4 by Mr. J, W. HiitKUy.
No tk Klt.fcJ lrty, w' LS wilt 1 iMidiulrat b U
ku. U. W. BUHGBiiS, aiM her t.rrjthlt.z in
the ...othMOKt.Ky AKIICI.K.t cauU lrj.vl
itttt b4 aualitf
"IhauVini the uhllefwr n ftvuraartd jiLiraa.ielijf
tu iriMU)4ljr eaerute all cdci In eithtr hue of tuu
fMM,at reaoatre tliaujt tsstuklritictfullj vJtit a
ihaie a (Miblic Mirunatt.
Orflre Trtrykaur So. 07.
A'o, H4 Hinu Street, ituiiuluiu.
Mud-press brushes specially
manufactured thoroughly to
clean the mud from the press
bagging are for sale by E. O.
Hall & Son, (Limited.) These
brushes combine strength,
durability lightness and con
venience. They are so made
that they may be left in the
AL.i , j,
XfcJt Jt&f. ..SfSS
Jm bucrllormciilo.
'A I Hip Uld Sidiid, o. 8 Kiiiiliunidiiti S(M I lonoltil i,
IMhlkllllAMii'lllll. h III llll I Mt I lMFKUi:i
r.V X' J3 !S j. IV J .1 , V iV 3J X2 H
tiramte Imi War, llain and llrM-lt. ;
Itn Ware, of.llkln.lt,
linps arrd laifiterm :
Pumps :
Tin, Copiiur
or all KiNnt,
i-T A thrifty of lltMK rurnlfhlliit iU t nutperdit biWti
li. 0. MALL & SON, (Limited.)
I lai i-just rrccircil I'.x Hark Mcrilota ami oilier nniralt 's
llostonCard Mntclic?. Downer's. Kcroirre Oil, Pro jet'a Axle Create, '
Cotton Waste, Ice Cream h'tr czers, (all sizes),
Eddy's RefrifjeraU rj, (all sizes), Lawn Mowers, Iron Agate Ware
ssrrc V IC 4
Ol- ALL Sl.l-o
tor Oisingto the unusual tlcmaml for the akic cur Mock on liarul was sny inucli
rt-ilucetl, anil this shipment lint anitnl just in lime lor ihe pti-scnt season. For (.null and sues
see descriptive catalogues, sent on application.
Jb. Xas.E.E
Colgate's Toilet Soap; I larnt-ta Soap, No. I IjiuiiilrySsKip (in catr),
Slerliny Soap (in case), Ktatire Soap (in case),
lioiled anil Uass Linseed Oil,
Lard Oil, SLMcgatc Oil, l'catiut Oil, Neala Toot Oil, Castor Oil,
T U K 1 1-: N T I N E ,
and a vers- Superior JslncL of all Kind of
S -A- DE5 ID -W -aA. 23 .E3 ,
All to lie had at the
250-2G1 Corner Fori and King Streets Honolulu, II. I
Will find it an advantage to SEND FOR OUR LARGE
CATALOGUE, which, togctlier ssith Sample, is SKNT
We art- Retail Dealers in WEARING Al'I'ARELof Ever) Description,
4f' , v HATS. yUOES.MII.LlN'ERYr-
-, We do not intend that anyone anywhere hhall supply vi'antS'iri tlit-jc lirtc
.o well an we,
We ha.e the liruest General lU'laii Esuhltshrncnt on the rjcific. C'txnt trtj
Aimritj. Rifidenlij of the lljsvaibn ItLnds can make handtomc sating m
pn'cts and jjet the nevyest and U-st GimhIs by v tiding to us.
. a .
K5? Small orders are Tilled with as inuih care and attention a hrjjc onetj.
I'lio same ytotls anl prices lo dtst-iM cmtoineis as to thowr who via ui r
oonally. ,
400, 402, 404, 406, 408 K ST., SACRAMENTS. CM.
250 361
Pacific HardAvare Company
Stjcosstrs ti M$m J Ci.f Mi SmmnI MJL .. ' v ic
111 POBTEBS aaan nsALlastt 1M n ,' I M
Ifurtttrmre, Agricultural implcmentm,
Ubuhc Vuvnlklug 3innlm Jt Gter1
lust leccWnl VMf' lUfrittenteft aasd lea CWaaa. no- saJats U CtsaaUajKm ah) UtJtaatf W J
Lamist. Slfisa arsd KawflM, Kchmoc IHaMw. -'
All o(. sabkb are Msaftsl
aBSssySai. ft Wrist T fvfTriTrsftViMstWi--sl
Jldu bbttlUuimil,
f ,als-snletj trass assi I esd ltfya f
Khcei ImhI anal Cft-pissr;
Iran-Shaw Ifra'S Ifpa.
mid Slic'cf. Iron Work,
,rr; Mit.n ro
I I ?. V- IV C-jJ 13 H
TaTltfTITED. ;
" s-.
uttati hrtstaUat tttw
i - ft
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