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Honolulu star-bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1912-current, July 01, 1912, 3:30 Edition, Image 17

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A": r Y -'
12 y - ,: i;;;;,-;.;
T Q Ww
j . a z ir
a . . 1
7r :- -:- ' S'r1-C' -.: t i 1 '.
i i
Startirig-as Shipping Sheet,. It !
, hapitfly Forged Straight,
- to, the Front
. On the tirs? day of IV bruary. ivvj.
thr -first printed copy r,f t!i ."I.'i'y
T'4iHotin" was . posted oir the- out ..;
. afiV of the ."Honolulu Hale.' by
' l.rni (if J. W. Robertson .. wkw
I lace: of business was there at that
titee." That -first -issue of the I;ail '
1'ulletin - was ton by -fift crfj inches j:
' Size,' and printed ou only one si'.!" f f
the sheet.
yy Herewith is Riven a far -eirjijl of
lhat first ' issue, and it", will be t:fiel
that the merchants of t hai .'.'early day
as wellv as those of the. pre -sc nt 'lay.
wore in no wise bar k ward in using d ho
Ifirlletiu as a medium for husiness. pub
licity. . yy ..
When the daily '''printed-issuo 'of th"
..Hullotfn was Inaugurated Hie'piVpri-
etors of th sheet Aye re. th subj ts of
jeers and jokes hy ihoir many friends,
who predicted thai it .would bo a soil
of novelty for a short time an, would
then fall by tlte. wayside. S;ill. d ;
idte'ihe snetU K xvtl jutes, t he I inl lo i n
was a snecess tvjin t). s art. .:md Mr. i
-l?.ohertson himsidf e(nfessod that h I
: did not expei-t': Ihe sheet '"would j
atrount to nr.;f h.r As new ideas oe-j :
curred to him he flashed them oTrthi
puhli( and this pnuer was fiu ofj -
: them. The oos:tiu; of J 1 1 hjsjly V-nW-:-.
fin was at lirst a no liy. nut it hi'hi
Ij'oaire a feature of th1 city's lif'
'i pe p! etijn; ed rcaJinc: the pns'ed
editions, and it was nv U;-n uii' n J
'Mr. Hoi orison "'received' smcnoxihuts;
that it would he fie hi.irpest. kind of aj
Imslness move on Ids part if lie wnil l
distribute copies .f the p.ip.er "io iit,'..r:j
esed ritizctts-throughout the :tv. i
New Paper Gro.ws. j
One-nrouth after the first priiPe'Ij
issue . the size of the sheet was iu
'loreasod to 12 bv 17 inches, -and v a ?
j-rintej on botli sids of th' -i.iap r.
nil d was furMier enliati'-od in value lv
Ijl'finK d'stiibuted frc throughout
Itity. n he onlv f f!lo io.Ms at that" tii""
jjvere for th advertisements that :i
jTared in the sheets .
On the twentieth' "of (hat. sa-'."
month the patrons, of thepaper we.-
"- Notified lhat a su!icriition price .ofi
fl." rnifs a month would be at o'i"
Mood on the deli vef el sheet. Wi'h
Sis nriceOn the paper-the subset! p-
ion list went ri.-ht alon; prowi.i.1
The Advertiser, af that time a rat her)
Elow-poinj?" weekly, said all ''-kinds ef ;
T5TalWs!zcd thintrs about the new Pailyj
bulletin venture, and predicted a rluu 1 1
. lif ; . " - : , .
As it ix always best to let )th.'j
people tell t your bur dointrs it !-?t
horo n pot el what tj-.e Advertiser sailj
oj; this paoer on tlV eleventh of Feb-1
ruary, 1SS2: j
"Messrs. .1. AV, . Robert son iV- XV'.'
have commenced the- publication f;
their Daily Hulletin in printed foru .,
The first number of this important a '.-,
dition to our list of local newspape-s;
made i(s first apiearance on "Ihe Is.;
TJie proprietors confine themselves n
lhoy were spoilt to do, in their writtp.i
'ITvilfotin to the statement of faefs
without comment. . The Daily RuHc
(in gives full shipiuns ttews to th
hour of publication and brief accounts
of local news." .
On May 1, 1SS2. the Advertiser :rv
peared as a daily. This was a spur
.to further1 efforts on t lie part of. th''
pioneer da,ily and the Daily nullc1 i;
c ame out on April 24t h as' a four-pa'pv
paper with a special editor in thrpir-
' son f Henry Sheldon. From that d.vv.
on the Bulletin took its proper pla -in
the eouimuuity affairs of '.he citv.
find becanie snch a faetor that iuth"
trout h of .Tapuary." 3SS-' Ihe panor wa
sold, for the reason-that, it had crown
' to -such, '-proper! ions that Mr. Hoberr
pou eoubi no huiRer devote the tirrv
to fh'4 paper from hi! other business
I S-, : ;fwrj.- it; y I i J lf: PT?sri tot -fer.- .;. 1LU. -L.. y P1- : ' v.: -::y ry I
!...; yva yWv, . --'.-w-f- ; t , . .-' -Ml 1 1 w -Iwrn l- i- ! :-.-.y- . i I
I yyyT ' l-rfes :y ; I f I r I; ..,:'. . . --':r ... ... . - ; ! I '.
1y; :.- ' .:.y '. :y vJyy. 'v;'-: -;-'y.- -v. :;-. ','.-,, y :: ,:,: . y .y, I
Hi -r- felL..:y4 nwf5 A c II -ra--. lie,' """-1 - - i, j 1 I .
:;;;:! :'-.
hlZ&&?$Jti2- - ' ' --r i
lumi wtimMwefiiyin j wmwwmwavm .
. ' . - ' "1 : . ,.,.-, .....---::.-.'...,-:';- -V.- - 1 t - ' " ' ' : '' I
,?fy'yyP' - r-i:vi?cy y-y;
4 . ;,.." . v y. . . -.. - . - .
( . ; s ..'. .' ' '., ' ' ; .
it ; .ry v
& . ' v -' ' ; '
iy: :'
. :v
'. '-v vA- . . ; . -.rA ? r .: ' : ;: v'vj
d :. '.v. --. : . - . . v. - j . : ' . A: ' ::. . ' , X
,.y.. !,' v v -"v yyy-' -
v'-:y-ryr-y it ' mV:&f
? -,- o - . Av,y -- -- ... is s t ' :-':' : .. : -. -.,-
.-.- ?.f;.!v. v -,: -y.- ., y:.. . A
'yy;"yf .yy. :-. .cif ; . ,- - y '
. ' - y
y yyyyy-w
i vy -iy- )t--
' .v" ?.-..'
r ::'y". . ' '-. vr-y-y yy! y ?y y
:: :
'v:''v--y-y V
" A. .
'.O:."- v-k
yy t,
- - . "v
' y y-v?:y
0 . . '
. ' 'J ''.-V . : .'
r :; 4e :,.. ':
- r . y.:y-y :'
- ' . f ...' '. rxv -..f.:'; .
.,: ..',., f : .- -y ; :
No I
. Wlia tlil if M1a nra
.illioo of our m.viiiiixii tn'tUn. . .
'Aftfi tin it !!! 4n r1ntl
i'trm. iM will N- -U P il ry morn-
.'tlilT- " ri"'"'"rc ' iwc no
pliiloii, umpty L-.tc ' f1 Thy'
,. '-:' ' f
u iBtvrrsiInt ibmi, an If i r.tlvnl
n kt!(m our written 4oe wrr. we
ttl be otMted Twlim tt puWir
fct Ibrir kiik'H'Ij uijwft during lb.
ytr ctnit Vt the tme will
le mutlnoeO ''
. :.
. Th Loch l- lrinjr rnrgn of , ool
" ThJ'Anill hrtni n.0fy ft Inmher
t& ton.ono hlti)rlv ,
MT fnH for Surt FriKtcn. per D. C.
.'.Murray; elotei t l r.--
fkbr. Kamol will lest for jipho
"Kie t-moiTow.
Pi.mxnwl Himl. Feb. f. T'.nr.
. VvitU-r rl.mity; utronx E. wlnJ;
oothinjr lit l2l'.
AftRnALS. .
ii liali 1.trgaNew-ii-ti.-. N.s.W
KMiir Attifli t, niim Ttri- H!-iK If jr .
Shp lukrJ AlMnn, from I jxrrponl
StjiirMaJii tnaf'i, from W'lllml.1v
ShKalt'M',vl!iln; .
. A-
sp l EM)i pi y : EQifs ppeii: i , :;y ;
' '': ' ,' ' 1-" '.' . : '' ' '' '' r: "" ; :'y '- ' '", '
The Uonoinui o;li nuileiiu
ils career wit:i.;n en.nipmcnt
I'fiius ih: i i itovx for iii 1 t ype changes
u-h as-.tu.l vafit ty ; of "lai cs" or i tyies. a
i:o newspaper an.l pirbMihiiis plant m. the; layman would call them. The int.
th:s Tf Vilory e t r b lore . appioacl;-. up to-i;;j,:e a:ul 'etioctive ina'duucs. tu-'
od. In I'.u t. the l omt incd busim s. of , u.'v.; work, jon-pi iiit ir?: and i.ook
the Si;r and the i'ul.oiin. now u.cvphI vrk have lx on instail'Ml. j
so-sivar turn Tio . ir-mi.tit:-; now.vrcuiaxion.is nnci.cu
to i;e oiHiatcd. I To haix 2e its Az circulation.- hi in h ,
spa pe r in 1 la wa 1 1
a toil, the St a r-
Webb iMjrf'CCtiusi
, T li'.s press
in ersin-pae aim
in short order, and
a 3 oiu: is
... j-m.-n.v - - . A , t n ants' are to he operated; - I o i:aii( jo is ii t i
ool- tin editorship, and from him i and Pi iudl-al pi-nei -ai pu.lvsanK ; :ioye uroM im
Sii to Daniel' Ian. It was abo,y p: rlnu nvwiU he a, lo-y Ah:,;oa yhdlct.n uas tiie ouly
this time that the paper was iucor i street, t!u Hnlletin's bra hpiarti rs, press in the 1 1 ri it-u y
;i. vc n.on Hvmi n tio'ii. i whi! .' finslne: s o'dir e ami a job print-i luints. and folds an
"th? LolsUtare to rrprVrH ;W4alit.
' M Mrtlnl we Wld nt Klnm.
. tpm -Cborchuirt tire Mrr. HMI lt
:e-erilng.; . .' .
A Biil trrtrr fwt- : Oie Tt
CfPre for the clrrolt of the Isltnti it 10
Fonntl A child' Jtjii rlnt. h!rh
in owner ran hae "JSpprying at J. w
BolittUnu ILCo.'. , . ,
, . - - t
The D C M array Tor San Fran.
!. IW day. Th Mlowlni; panwv
. ht wre pootea u lat ernimt
. Oir. Fho, R. Ai I.Wjate.' Harry
Riiiirr, nra. on iimlrtt- ;. . .
SVxt week the l.tallka will Iruve ob
.' .ThnrtalaT. the !Kh, mt p. m., fur wloil-
v,ittl p-irta, touching, Jfi ul, porta on
' MnJt. and it Mnhi;wi) and Kawalhae
hiIv n Hin.1'1., Rcturslnj; on .Sunday
nornmt. -I'l",-
..' V t.i)) for rtifwirtlnw nf Hrpro.
. .ii tci- t. the tonlns Leirl)atitre
i- 'lit mohiini m oVlock, and will
. !--it 3 p. in. .. .tlUiya vntntier of na-ti-..:
are rwnultig In Uiia illntrlrt and
f.irflcnr Mtura. J. O. Carter
out . M. nihaon. .
11 Rquare-.
a room neur Emma
Ajr itaUnil term
tt a n C-, p. o. n- v.
and rooTi llorafLitwv Notury Pni
nr. and Accnt for tikina Atiiow Ir.lc-
tornta of lnti gmt for tte linud of
Oahk. No. tal iwnn :nti, Hono
lulu. ; . I
:' DEPASTtkE?. ;-.'
J in 31 . ' .
Stmr Mkeltke; for Wliatwaf.t Port
Stmr U huii, for Molokal ntl Uaul
Stinr C K BNhop, tor KnUni ; .
Stmr M-okoItt, fr Koolna
l Imnirtt r of - li 'i i-"V-
Fruw, m.'I.ii.I. Vr- !lljJS5-.'
mAnv, unit Tnlted SMtj-s. .
7 Mftrhavt t. Houoluln, . . ';. I
VEftiCUJ LLifUW tl!IS DAT. .
Bk D iZ MniTtiy for S"iiil"raiii-i!o
Siir Cuirtn;t for Ifaijalrl ..
FAifiKaQERft. .
For Wiodward Porta, per Likcllke:
L. Akaniu and wife, C Afone and wife.
G. : Bcisiflu'jt, wife and cjilldi ,.!!
Mni-ic.y, Ke. J. I, Pnrl, KiUier tiul-
1 X Y"M A X B K O S. . Whoi."a!c
11 (irorera, 210 ap.l 21 California
atr-et. San ran-wo. -
Pnrtk obr attrntlon paid to l!lln and
"h.ppinc UImhI irdera. 1
l,'' A. SCH A E V K R A Co.,
A lmnrtcr amV Cominltr. Mcr
ehanta, Mor rhant at., flon-itulii. " t 1
(;,o.rii t'oatni
Qiie-t trret, Honolulu
i; T. LKN Ell AN A C o .,
-a. Importers and Commiiwioa .Mpj
cherta. Nunaniyet IIOHOlato, -
" Importer and Dealer in- General
atria. Lam Jon, W. t". I'urke, Chsuif Mi'rrhandiw.Uueen Honolula -
Tin, H. N.Grecnwell, Clmn: l.unz, J. j'- "
MeDade, J. Kruart, S. fi. WHiUt, t;. L. IT? 1), HOFKSCH LAEGER i CO
wilit end wile, uy.iiie. ... , I a jmporfera ami Colnmlaalon Her-
riinru, m noinio, twnti.
'Can turcal.
: : wru. cjkwik company
. Suaar Kactora mud Comnilsalon
Mi A vt T h. ft. r . .ink
lf r'hk C H Bivotu. irom foo.,n,ilit- K
0r ftk aiainittu fina l.lrrrN-l. . Jliii
BrUr.ilrkik..d r t ....Lin . . V i r.-ii
Ate fcOMwirt M ,r.l0lu t,f..-tpol. I . Irettta. llouollllo.
Am W eaitm- A?. from ..-..!, II iyH ' , P ; J..
r utasM' eM. rom i.4krooi, .
Aw bk H tl!T. from P-.rl 0 .tob;f,
Gt w Kirlta. ri.,a Nvw Turk.
Aw bk Kirl, M Tlpfnpoiu tiuw S-Mialaio.
4 ) ton, triia ioihim
S ony MS' Tfi
: irta. n Irwra.
KM Anstralw. Irxal a'
AM WuiJ A f-JMobntr. rr-ici
J'P.H E Of H. n 'A V I E S.
t A imDorter and Cnmmhefea Mer.
lilia'it. and' Afdtt. fr Llovd a and the
. and Rnl) I
llonolnlu Stran. ltiniat NilW, Kpla- :
n-uie. Ilhnorala.
M irnilaelore jitt tiwla of 5l.l.rin2S -
fcratkrta. 't !i rnrart, rlltieN,
Srvale, IWfk, ud ail kinda rd Voo.f
work flnlh. Turiiiiic. Kerull atnf Rmd
JSwlni. All kin l ef .Siwiwj.atul
f)r. Xo-tS lns iu.1 ten-mtiac.
UiJtera prMiiiitiv aw-iri o aim
KiLurantrrd. t'ri!r rotn.tlie oilier le-
UmW aolitil. I
. MrrrNant at., Hololu,
Hr-tw 'inn on the Bank of CaPf-Wr
la, Nn raeico. - , .
And thrlr Asenta I Si w Tor, 'Bo!oti,
Paru. Anckl.iiw). the Oflental Knk Cor-
ji-mition, bondt and ttwtir Crwvhi-a la
Hiotskontc, Sydmrr anl Melhoartte.
Ami trnu.sacv (roejl banking hal-
J( T .rb. oon 9 '.inrV' p.'fcta ; l.nvTtwvd Cndeewritera. UriiiLMd For
n ' t nim Marine . Inearanrw .onirtav. ano
Rewrt Lrrere. c rrka. .
- J (aueceiann to Leer & Pickaon.)
Iin)ortra and TValera In L.iimrr and alt
kind nf Building Material, Fort atree.
Honolulu. . - - I
.. i ' :
WILDER 4 IV, Uealnni in
Lmt.lnT. rlni, H1, Natla, Mlt
and BuHins Jlit'.rtrla of e-.ery kiiii,
nr. Fort hml Qiie- t., Honolulu. I
Mamir-rto'jr and Bakery : F
Horn. Practical ConfeetMotr. Pajifrt
f o.;k and lt:'.ter. 7t lfoii-1 rtft, b-
' ''.".' i etirn Mai
- y , ' i Northero Aaenrauc Compnny
I !
t4wen Nii-uamj a.nl Fort
a. it I'Mti
r. - King, - Maater,
Pteartirr l.lfcxltk j leave- Honolnlii
eaiUi Tneadav at 4 p nr ; toodilrjr at 'Honolulu
lAlialha, ilanlaea Bay,. Makena.
M ahiikona, Kaaalliae, lAitpahoehoe
nd Hilo . '
1 eturnliiR, t. in touch all th
. P. AtMaca. .
4 COO K K .
'i Shlpplnj and Cotmntraioa afr.
C A S T . E
i Shlpplnc I
clianti.- importer and Pealer in Gen
eral Merchandise, No SO King atrert.
love porta) arriving at Honolulu I m,
Imronen and f)ealera In Gneral
Menlaedii.o. ( or. yueeu ani naaun.
earn Sunday a.m.
.- 1
i n m-. ( .. St.
lio! a. tvtlen.
PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP U . Aitetlt to Ukr AcknoWlednueota in
. CitmnnnT. : ; rontrarta for Labor. Interior (Bra.
rrtD e i vr .m , vi'icivi tlfnuo ulu. i
: Tiie, tplendid Fteamaliln '
n . r ctiut.
t4 Jaaaa, r
X " J O .
Q Mer
. H '' .. CAS T 1. E .
AHormt.dl Law tt"Nol-
ary Pnl.lie. .Alutid. all tile t-oiiria
f' ha King lorn..
R K'H A RDe BicKElrri N.
.AUnniey Vtil CoiiMe1oi at nr
Will ntleml the inrma of f"oitTt; on
tiit other la'aotla ).mn j ltt il on
" CITY O K N E W Y O R K,"
CM, ominan.ler. ;
Will lev Hotiolul for Fraitel.-oo
nii'nrttliniit Mo.nfatf. teb. IS.
. P T T? i A . M . ME L L I .
FOR SYDN EY t. AUCKLAND: aJl FhlotiWe dre au l cl.jk
t nuker. HM Fort tonMuio.
'--'Slilpoin and ("ommiaaioa Merchant
Qaeea atreel. H'r!Ulu. v 1
Merehint Tailor M 5 Fort at..
Pr. Stangenaald'l. I
; Th apltmdld atearohlp '
"A.tJ 8 T R A L I A.'
Carffll) Commander, .
l.wteamanf Krlwla. N 1 Ktenmvr W-Jaart
Mercoaitt airtu, jnoran inuii yr
rit.ijifenwll'a s ' 1
1mpoftra a;d t omtniwon,
lliui-a MrreL lfonarti.u
Khlo Cban.llera and fomuiiaaion
fii or al.'ut riarirdav. JVbmary 1. : Mftrnaiuv inirjrr wmu "
Kr fr-lfiM and j aniaffapi.ty to H. ;ieo, ral M. rclinn !ts, Qh-eo at Monn-ita'-kfrtti.
Con. AMIU. f ;. . , Ijn iK-.-r-y ; -
' (iWt. f'.r ahtpmfMXi .teflmp- ; , . X"k(Ti NO V I M I'O RT K B .
rho How etor, frefof criatvJn. I , .; . . ,. lAl, ,
lh Frre-pnai' WarehUec near. tlit-( , , j.-, , Mn.
tm-rWljarC , . ' j hnhe ;--iro.d -1'ire, .o.n. fK'iu and
a ' . , 'r r . -v ..
'() . i . ttoiton jjpa oi i ai acia-
M.r .i i-SSaT'.e. .!' !-Mftli.'.-IK'
! Niivhnu atriri
t.ann BoMno Kire. I paTBuii.'-mc i .a- w- -- " -
: Ittl'ri on of hont tha tat of MM.
vi W 1 LLU51S,
tni.iorler. MflUtMeturer,. t'l.hbl-
h ivr, :.n;d ..iar In fornj'Oi' "f ery
,l.-cr'otion. Furuirwre wirt.n'im.
I fiv rt,i ,aw-l thoidl nail .vrder.. on -t.oi.l on rtolrl.Ko mHboi tie
1 JMOSr F El;T) iMbANy. i ;,! !wr '
y : A--W; PV M'' . ' ; rJ,YtoC Brewer 4Co .. '' : 1 r- 1. i,"
War. honae Leeifc.Tne, 17. i. . 1- 7 ' P.- A U.X --M 5
A ..W Suai-airkohone JI . ft. a. DOI Ei ' f C$FJJ)1 . -A Ooinn.liar
S (CM) N H
KjIi Vina Dealer; Ctiioo j -
. t V..I..F OuKM. lifflra
A.h.f Korf .ind M -n mt , Ilonofnln J
Kat... i-. t'.e Wflh.H f R""(UABLKS-T.- KOOGKI. ." Jake lr.T'ZTr Ot
..'.- lortldr,. No Mer, l.ant' 1 ) offlee.rtM Fe'lowl R.l.ldipjf. For, rCora 1 '
-J ' : . .'.i.ttef Rli-nre. HaJie Uoke' . 1 . flee In tJf "G: .t ttmrft I
MenJiort. -joeen Wry
take Aeknw!eliin. i.t to I a!mr
fit an neinHi. ififf
(ifni. trow, hia-t-
and lr wl ra-tin;-, nf Itinery f pwjr
Jfrri-tiiki i.T untrr ('arfiruiar .
vttcnitoii a)iip' hlarkmltii.n
Jol work ' utcaj dq (ilfort notn. ' - I
HO!.i.l.1 Kit &ioweAN
rn-HL-K'-tiN Aiotlie-."ro,ft, and
lnirtira f V'h:,.-: and riirar;
AeiMiti fTir I'. I orillaM Co.; ': H
KiiiiIII 4.V Vi,..ilT r'air, lII'"I-
wm :. (ii I hidire, BiKlmimn A
I yle'a t'ehdiratl pins: T.il:t-co. ..
f'rin Petfuioi-y of Modon, Ifuni
p'trey'k llo.ai'op'iil.i,, ,CT iiic, e. '-1
( otr iv.n i-r,iiaion-.-
I 15 wt.' Fiuiiiy t,rrvry
Mi f d S:.im...
Fori I: reet, Houolnlu. I
vV -p Mcl ierny, No a Port jt, ahor
ilotrl ttreet. lrn anari ' o kind an aa
irtiieal of Hie betFr- urh ud Califor
aia mamifarraml, tonftifooi.;rv ,. whii k
he otVf for aie to4u- traiie or at retail,'
rt-lue.l prieea; Ihe be-t brawl of
dioiee eitara to ha had in tha market .
Tha Wii ke rreaqj, Ma W4tr acord
tall Call and try tit. - I
- Ftp!oymea, am; all part iea either
'n Honninla or at j of the I, ards vi ,
the (iiut;;i in an of mp-ay-ea wfll
plia a.aUe dhetr aknta k.-wwa In th
nndrr!((nr4. who kill do all to thfif
po-i r it, All their ora. . . :,'
P. C. Jonea. jr. I B Adwrt.at. B I"
f'illi'i)tlian. I-mpi.-uj fomultlea t.'
( W.'rKlRCf & COMPANY,,
UX. Kh;p fWrflt ud Cotnuii-klia
Verrhanta. Aien f Prnd Oana'aad
lloaiibTxfteaa, frrj Darli Pul Killer.
f V tf ir tretrliiolul. . k , I
M" ?S 'GKIN l, Uf CO.
IjTit'rtHn l1Mt WUolew le
Pe.ilera hifa.hh titl,i, -otl,li,t hat-,
rape, l-oa, ahoea. audevety fariwy
f gti)tliinr. ii'a ia-rior' fnmMiliijr;
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l'ii:iMr-it, luu!;'..'
A IT i: A H II I) F K lUU' A KY 1. 1
,.r.rQfit an'H it was then tiven a ho:m ! while a busiiie. s olht-e amj a jou pi nu-j-printi
r ' iic u opi"'Merrhant-street at th' i ins"an-':' hinuius depart nient will also, runs off thousam
place adjfdning tho lircseut Assojatev i,y maSiitajued, a: the piesVnl S.--ar Mho V oi es of : hiv;!!in news boys t
; arrive. .- - ! v, ' . X .! building on M.u h.iut .vtreet. tile papers to its p. troiis.
Troubles Conquered, Vrt' . , ' i. -Tlie eoi:!b.i'n:Vvioirot: he" twopaprrs--' In the mat-it r oi typo i .piipnvent, f h
DuriUK the poiitieal.tr'ouhbv'in 1 )as ,Tinitod- in.' au (Hanizaiiou boiU'nir-tHeiin fa;.i y yads' the tiold.
iho- bulletin rathrred tKi1self a lcV , . '. . ....,...,. . ,;,i , ,M ,al im1d:sh-: Tho i'.ulieiin and the Star hadVacl. re
ef, trfmble. and was down a numle" . . . .- . ,,. ; iy . :.d' rMiU- ins:;iib ,p l;ii--ce uuautjties m-
iVv .lo'-i vtltuMlt . ill
v ,,u ' : ' - v-i :;.i" ;;V .Jt .u.yeiricient: .I Ue toprona
kper was forocbised.;d 'the plaD' U,aff n,r)o1'5' V1"'?
sold, live same eacn;. nuti ajj I'm. , - - ,
in the Ihilletin to(!aj; was nacK; jo. i-i-ioo w ,
I1 Hit I t t il.
rrowinc, progressive uy anu
; Signal Service Done AnncO-
ticn and American Citizenship
The Hawaiian Siar Newspaper As- .
ifinfion l.tit w:i incnriHiratiMt '
j March .". by J. S. Mctlrew. John
i Fmmeluth. (;ooVko W. Smith and Al
f.ed S. Uartwell, Tor tho promotion
I of the sent ral interests of the people ,
of the Hawaiian Islands and with the
avowed and distinct purpono of pro
motinK annexation v to the United ,
States," . 1 '''' ' ' ' '.'":.
At a, directors' moetinB held on the
evenrn; of March 27. 1J3. Mr. Walter
G. Smith was made inanaffinpr editor-
f ?' 1 ,1 a..l ' llll..i U . .4. -... rvA w
ana me nisi niuiiHi,ui mr jicb uj"jt .
was l"s?ied March 2S, JS93. The paper ;
at once took a prominent place In the
community ind began to build up a
i strong sentinient amonR the residents
of the islands for annexation. " ' '
' . Mr. Arthur Johnstone, the, first re- .
porter of the newspaper, assumed the
editorship on May t.: 1894. aid contin
ued to write; the editorials; until. le- ;
cember 1 of the same year, when the
directors' came to an agreement with
-Messrs. Ed Towsc and Frank L. Hoors
whereby the two mentioned gentle- .
men were to assume active manager
ship of both the editorial' ami business
departments of the paper respective
ly. ' ;.;.. ' . ' . -
First Talk of ConihliiCav i . y 1 .?
This arrangement was renewed .
yearly until December 31. 1895, when
the Ihilletin made overtures with the
purpose In view of amalgamating the
two properties. This proposition hl
considered by the directors hut It wai :
decided to continue with the Sgree
ni'ht made in 189 with Messrs. r
Towse and Hoogs and the Dullctin
was notified accordingly. ThlsMsatbe ,y
first instance recorded where a pro
posal to combine was made.
Fof, two years more the editorship
vas hcIChy Mr, rtid T6se, who - re V
yigned from his-positlotvon January-'
.2, l897v ,JIt..a Te.Atklnsoiuwaa chos. ...
en to till the vacancy and' from Ihla
dale jon thQ. paper deyoied every effort ; ,
toward anftexation.t vrilch 'was finally'
hrrtight abJitU.'li-'URtist of 4he toXlqfr ,
-.njyear..ii ... V ?. :
. Control Turc luisetL
At the same time,, Mr. Hoogs pur
chased 'control of the property with
Mr. Atkinson BtlU -In the editor's
chair. This arrangement was contin
ued until June 30, 1.004. ,whn Mr. At
kinson severed life connection with
"the paper to take up his duties a3 Su-'
perintendent of Public Instruction.
There was no one chosen to fill the
vacancy created by the resignation of
Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Hoogs acting as
both editor and manager with Chas.
Rhodes as city editor. Mr, Hoogs con- !
tinued as editor and manager of the
paper, until his death in February,
1908, when the. property was sold .to
Mr. Charles H. Atherton for himself
and family - .
,Mr. George ';P.iIensTtanvas made '
editor and-manager and. continued the -position
until . March ' 3tJt2J.9iJyh.cn Jje"
resigned and ' Mr. Y)anie'riJogan 'was
made editor. ;
ew HuIIdlng Erected.
The services of Mr. Walter O. Smith
wetc Fecured as editor In January,
1911 and arrangements were made for.
the erection and equipment of a pew
building especially for the company.
Many lipprovcmjnts were made and
steffs taken to furnish the paper with
the best facilities possible
When the resignations of the editor
and..buslness managerw-em, received,
negotiations were beg afonci'to'fill
both places-and were frogfessfng'fap
idly. : - - '
lAt this juncture, during the first
part of June, a mutual friend of the
controlling owners of both the Bulle
tin and the Star approached both par
ties u'rgingtbat some effort be made
to amalgamate the papers.
a- do- : oi. weuuins lesiiviut's, wiii n ina v ...nui ui luei oum, ior ine if. sr. nine, anu men
her moth
d to stain
voiooine territorv froin everv part: of Ik1' held ifor Kbrne. nionths aftor- the goes back; ti the house of
a ted
ly iniT av-d
a l is p i cr
Idi: prinHul;
For n .
of if Then, iu person oi i. i-..un
eey, and it was, soou ' demtn.st rated
that m ben the plant- was sol I tlie Hul
lot in" did not po with it. and the sub
srribers. pot.'- their paner "just as if
nothing had' baipeihed." and to nd
it in a little banler it was inad a
daily issue of eight ualres iustrad ii ,,-, ;.,
fo'ir. N-t a sincle issue was dropped . fu ;, nl :v:
duriee: tbo. trouble. , ' . , , 'has. ti.. yj -V
Afte- -l iniiov .liau fZOTTen uc i so ...
l t'l (f.lU'1 II'. Hill) ";
i i.'iu
i In i! .;:!i t r ot
mM-b; uri ; 1 - and
are au -'.ivy
' i ti auds-e
a oi"i ;: ... : .'l'-l a
li'l.--;l:csS. 1 - ';
-f't'-LPs', 1h'
of. the piit-si
C o -ii p ' ct c ! y F ej u i ppc.d .
in ir'. the cuuipuH ii,
rior kiuc. S.vcn
i on; itu'o a ! i! ; y ! M ii
v.- ;.:Vi i !' j.'.
ld in well on its
rr with. A. V. Gear ana
t tit1
Teri ii oi y.
th.;t ts
in . . ';!'::. ;
. i ....i;,.
I tUIPt S' I 11 . ,,i-i, -i
-iviin v.rre rnnmiitr tup inue- -"-i -
..; s;;jr-i)U,i';r;u
was brsinclit j- -. -
PiVudcnt." 'with, the result that the In-. :r-Ju,i
e ;enlent wasabsorbed by the Ibr! .! hi:v--w:
inin Shortly Hie apor was owmuui jv. ,
under the hole eontrol of Mr. Gear.1 l,ad t!-- r. i-ral. v
wlio fantitin - connexion:- wi'H hi. ..whl-- -tyu y '
lorrrp real estate business. " I not .on! ij..- ! y: -.
Mf'f! i
d Wi'.'il I 1
. V.I- V:
t 4.1'
i.i (.'!") l'des'.an' '.; !'
i.l " t i:vv..x i
Jargc.real ostot
New Eracgins. - t,
, in iui,h 1KS3. Wallace R. Famni
ton tooluflve otlitor's chair of the Ibib, prinfin of:.-, ap
2 JL. houeht an; interest, infbe Tritory. n
he Paper with Mr. Gear and the dnyrat,. p'a'e vak;u, ;;-ls?,i;: uu
yjI- ""j? -yyv tn ipo iheMhe vcy.y muimi
nl(it nt - inn Miiia. .
iross.-pnd it can be found in eAery
vUlape and hamlot in the To"utory
Mr Farrington has continuously Id
:oi,ir, of the oaner since hia
hook bil :-r in I'
tcotii'ig..'',rr -is-- y ' i'-e -make:
Thv: ilen-spa: e " v
lii',' in". spa p- r
al I'i!
r Uii t
r' - it'-.-.i M.i
i.s- oiy ho i;-,-i.; o'ipv-'.;.: 1 lie myu ) ''j ' '
1 : !! v ; - !!.: !!! ':p;' s. Iti- - i!Aor,
fV'y,' ' in;M-!ntK' i !.ht .ot I ! ' '
. .;, ji-;d I " 1' : i . I'i. 'lt ! I a- iu
j t ,1 ! for ?':". I.'.OW'. -: .A "';)'. h ! .):: !
,dy U-ar; t pe: 'H'' i;; p.'! t':: bv
;' !s i :!o. i'd y liV;-;; i .lie. ;, !(: Ii. Pr.
S,-'-. T : -.t- 4 ' ! i V' ' :' fiil'J. ';' '-lo" . ii'di- -V. (V" f;
. . i : - -. .'-.
... -...:-... ' ' - : h i !:. I i '
.e;i '! ' y i: v :i i1 yrrrv
!'!,i'? '-'. I":--"-'., f ! iv . .
t" d- :ai-'; - i"'' :i':'.,,j job '-.d.ti
J'-'''-,.!,. .'.. i'.-.jw4.!- i .i in.l ii'
1 1 i i'i1 - ' .
i i , ' -.:' ' iob- .ii
. ' . ' - l-l . . -
T! " ( o::-: ; : d 1
' i'Vi
uMiich if is given 'patronage on a basis nikah. . .- '.;.. ;.: : r ;.; vy:y . or, where, tno women procet
if bnnness omcieiu v aiil t; urfble On the dav aiuointed for thctiikah r nails witl henna. V
siil .;. ' ' r ' Ih-. tivid.rooni ::nd.bis itness repair She norKnrjis to the house of t.
; '"' ' :" W' ' ? . '" .': - fry' the Konio of the bride and jp the- niascu line couin;ent and has her
nin oniMOTCDO III XI I D 1 C V . ,-.r.-, ,,i i ; t- v. ; Mici; Wf h . hor - male relers am: -jiatois painted with fh
1MU OrllMO I UIIO In I UIIIM- I '-'., : ,.J hrn.,T .T!Kn,nm,c tho r-haf
... . . : wl.i lv i the inos't brilliant of the pre-
Oihertisjiig.. ues andoynirreare no spinsfiHin i urKey,.io.- ;'y . ;',y? "".1 J' ' raimtial fett.v AirthP nMr. rpiativr
i r,....:i t. . . ; hr.r ''on: i a i i ( aw n ii . : ine miui. un - . - "
Completing a passage of twenty-two
days the American schooner Robert
lowers reached Port Towhsend from.
Honolulu last Saturday.
and ni(.;t aii'.a'tivo.
p.-aii . Tin- two ur. pers
1 ij'i ;I t . ; in (heir selertioiv.
eoiuV'i.r;'0.1 i u ( s of the !
i ! ! . 1 , ;f.!v,i:,'.t" I or a t service, are
every i urivisuwouuuin u - .... : ..... . . . , . --if. fhf.,od .nri -ho V.,, ,,r.c0nt
.virmi'Hftnhnf. n timhand Kven b wse t : pr tore Tne noor ot iuc iwini . - - - - ;V"-. .
:!!h'lr with ords. make a-sort of
ili.Mi fr.. dfim ami atives ar-- cn.te' vi--
The Most" I'opularf Cand'es Made
: on th Coast
1024 Fort St '" Te!phon 1354
lTide havirr- answered in theaf- -V "vt-:l"l'A
aro '"' ii f " " couis ai n'i , i
Hham aU' k on the bride, who bravely
a - i. I ' ?v .S I 1 1 III .. . I III1 I III I I'SC 1 ! I llr
prsented wiih ; husbaill. . . ! T!.- b.iMrooni then y, ' rsv f,nii,v fivhe evil eve, and aft-
The voiinc Turk, hovever. wtvn ii - i inies hi desue; Ut marry uto pn, aiiu, . , . . .. : ; - - ;. .. , , t
. , , - ! ; ? 1 Vi. . ,.0,11 to' hi.! IU-
on !."i Kt-a i i 'i , sues a w p nas noi n; nmn ....... -, u,
'-, . . t. I . i' e : : . '. . . i .- tout '.. 1: 4 ; , U timi.c t Iir.v I'llillilp
1 TI e 1 hoi lixi .1 ne own f'lioiee, ioe 11 u-i e.ii t ni.-. in--iiui.i.ii.i; v ,!,! f.r; ."'.:. V" -V- '
1 - . .,t-..v- 4. ..T.y.i. t . i' -L- Mt. ),i; wifo He i. Jtetfotb- ,,,t .-.iti.-ri-d to be married.
i'iory-'ii i vieyynwi three-n,nrtors iiarrb-o bTore - xr come the real nuptial re.nivi-: brated on Trilay. The bride, dressed;
ii'-.v - hi- 1 'to w, --.Lnmvd vniT ins .- mure u- wr rs - unru iiu ; :-ijium" t.iot "" -, - .: - - . n.1.1 oa' a ... j ..
" 7 . r. . ro,.r H- tiiont i .,..,, ot -nf tai IT3XCI oireci. ai ena or nemai
Ml; nik;ih or romo inourns hi m; . . ..' hii, ,, o j , . --------
j-'irst the troseau of the bride is: ' five until -nset, after his evening Well Stocked with -New Drugs and
'ie mosque. men ne, ' . Novelties.
Tire zcfaf folio a 1 and is always ce'e:
follow; in cloth ot. innd.'eners the conjugf 1
! ! .:i s;i C4t plant '.like. :; - "
, .i... .1 ... i-i :' vi,o . itin .tiinflvoi' votnisr Turk
.r.ttViV'ishod ifH.di-decides that it is time her sou should , nt with reat." pomp; to the home of drvor.on j:r t. mosque. Then he,
tPe m.-U'v of i's'he n;avried. or when 1'deyue: o be. . husband; Th- carriers bear on comes, escort hv suesfs .ma when
iu s illustrations 10, in com
,'1'v? iv'.;t:e-w- yjjsi'nu:- atiesv "-will., visit ttje rtsiorem -i.idiei;i tinniture; ouiei. ea-i ; ; y y ' . ., y; y"
'( :.;t-,.v : 'py,:. hiu ' and and the -iirlsi I Hle ut in .rent t ,vjt)p iny iiTns and behind ti.em wan, .uuirK. uvc.su K mnrim.
- y;ir,. :-.::mf.nci her for inspectiony ('opV-e is then serv-; -ho companv of re'aiives,; anu rimes ou iru- m-K. wnne guesrs nunj
1 - ..' . i - :. . i i . .. 1 1 . . I ; , r-L-.' j m n .-.-. I. w -.
I'-i'ti.t i's: . t pi '!U .in ; ed in small ui's aii'i i le isnoi n.eiuiiroi
i or: iy' i:...v:. .V ; l;i!-y r-af.ofully the ;"face of the gir
' ,j '..(i.i'-s'' ; n.'!' v U ni: ider. proves satista'torv to tno s:e aeeonij
4 .
1, 11 ("II
-ns irev.ioi ii
i bv 1 1 ; r-
i a pmplef e--!
ioki i-i'i-id'-Vig'-
iuts v oe. i:;.'y np-
a i'e T" e, iiOOi
t'-o and 'ai e. a r:l!v;t'-:f .;ui-L. - irraii
to ye I...;' !i 's'.:''i'e -To' :'o;-er;i tr -'..t.o.j
ate:-, ::ev; jv and t i oii'-iny (i!i;i-
i ; ors
1 C"t;V.-."y' St:. ; S. ; ".: -: ..
Kvening bulletin pkr.a is approxi-i t,e Mar-i.-.u- ui piaiu i-i..u5
rrctoir 19 ion 'sn,Rre'.-feci -and' is alii :vs a model of its kind and one which
utilized at the present lime: J is equipped to
.meet' thy ne:i',? of a
Musicians with flutes and money at hi.ni to; invoke prosix;rity
Y a; miioiVrines -disf ou.rsmg strutem nut-- anu tru ri i ai u.ta tie may meei inst
Ivis- aeeonipany them. .. : ,,ri'!o- : '; ;; ' '' ': .:'-.''';.. j
V er mother is imnediatelv m- t'o to this time t he ,-invesn noi s a dinner is icrved. from a small tc-
formed and then the betrothal uifts.i ..alone "have teen the brute, tue ouk i. y,, in the imjtial chamber, the brln-; j. c. AMTELL
are exchanged. The vounc tnan sends relativcvv and bridegroom nor ei iv cipal dish tieitg two roasted birds, a
his liaip-ee a pair of earrincs or a pair- sf,en her; ?o now eonvesyiio ieasi.:Cjae and a fetale which are the syra-
of slippers: anc she .send.-- him a gift of fhe unveiling of the bride to the fols of conjugi affection and fidelity,
in return. .v relative?, fhe bridegtooin's house i -After the Frvrnts have placeo-the
: Then comes th0 niUuii 0V the n li- fvucd with ciiests, : who (lahce atul fro dishes on th table and ' withdrawn,
giou and' offirial man-iae bv which ; j.; the "fa fiver of the bride being host, husbands talks over and lifts, the
the couple are considei-d to be leg!-1- and at the home qf the bride s moth- V(ij from the faCp of the bride and
lv married, although the bride and. er the ' women arergatIred 'togetr, ses for th- 'Ht tjme the face of his
groorrf do not meet until -the conclu-i ttw bride then mnes -uu i.u ...
. .. r .. .-. ..i. . . .v.i -to iveentinil tue : . . It
Wire Woven Fence
Th Wan trt Se t
s Ion of tho
AT TH E t- , i ;
aVor tto,fet few ,rar
ziatese, or weei i an,i tne -inaie-- &t'-' -.-; : ; - :
r : ; :.:.:'-:.-;: k..-....;-:::::::' : :-. ';-

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