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K'fS:r:-S r?y j 'N ' 1 . ? v.-. ; " , ;
..;:,-..,.- . - .. . '. . .
Yna S. F.j
Lurllne, July 3.
For S. F.J
Ventura, July 3.
From Trinromrr:
Zealandls., July 17.
For Ynnrotnrr:
-.', Afarama, July ICJ
A At
' i) - .
Evening liulletin; K8t."lS82. No. S2T8
Hawaiian Star, Vol. XX, No. C319.
rmc:: nv;; c.::,;j
5 ...
v. . A-;
71 71
ii 1 "n
' n t ! '
' 4 - -
i ' ''
i - V
' A telephone mtsf-age to the Star-Dul
ktln at 2: SO o'clock today brought the
newu that a native 'ooy and an elderly
man came-to J. P. CooKe's Kaipapau
residence early -this afternoon' and re
ported the five missing school teach
era were found In the Kaipapau val
Jf;y. One Is said to ii'ave been in
jured. , No' further news has been
learned as yet, ;
Unle3s succor reaches the party of
f.ve jschool teachers lost In the moun
talna, soon. It is ftared that the two
women may not survive the hardships
which they are forced' to endure,
much longer. -
Those who are acquainted with the
mountains In which tho lost ones are
, wandering are doubtful as to the
. ability 'of the women to keep on their
ffct for any length of time, believing
that the terrible privatlpi.s endured
' in the trackless' Jungle without food
for three days has probably exhausted
their physical . strength so that, they
would be unable to. -continue their
search for an outlet from the. wild
tr.ttncr cs with .v. I.ich the are sur-
rour.Jcd. . '
If-t:,p wcmeti have given out. it Is
prc?u:vcd th:.t the men have re
Trained with tl c:.i, in which, case the
:,:.'. tv h'3 ' r !y cnr.:'ped upon the
.top cf ':.-- rl ? i:: the hepe
i hoy wouhl l-c. fo
While t!
i-i the hepe that
J by the rcrcuers.
for tlie two day.-?
has jToved utterly unavailing,
' " r. particsJs
V !'.-rr.! t i.r-tlv augmented. The
: .11 : ; : :i C: .:b went out
. . United Ltates en-
r.rc ;amii;ar wun me
;:!rcr. cut, and the com
: r r.; rcheficld Barracks
fr ? 1 y General Macomb
cb; nts of soldiers'to
if It Is found that
i ' '
. . - . . . to :iake roi:r. . :
r. .r.;r.;:
has brcn
to detail
re net rate t!
tbcKO are :
w i x fc. .
Wcrbi:. ;
scardiir..: '
tireless 1.;...
the rV.-;
e e.-1 : :..
c ;Tort to : .1
ing ir..-tr;:.fr
within tl." c
s'nee tho thrc
fr.structc :
on t:
r.:;J f
:r s c
,c?a .theories - six
are prosecuting a
h t he forests, over
:r down into the
the valleys in an
trace' of, the mlss
ho are somewhere
of the great for-
.e tc
. -.at
re ac !.
cf tb
have - elapsed
a::. I two women
iCnd Kawaihao
beard from and
-tcl by the fear
C i . - r : re
are quickly
as a result
i:l Milb
l.avo leer
rs are hav
tb? kt cr.es
tb y will pcrL'h
j-rivatiens. . , " , - ,
Jarrett and his squad of six,
Including City Physician W. S. Moore,
; TcnewcvJ their search todav, after re-
turning late last night Tbe officials
, made a moonlight search late yester
day evening In an. efTort to hear any
possible sounds of human life which
might arise from the vast wood in
the night silence. '
This morning, the Trail and -Moun
tain Club, under the leadership ot
Frank C. Atherton . 'and Alexander
Hume Ford, joined the army of
-search parties.
In this "party are: . Fred Zelgler,
George .Dwight, A. H, Ford, J. S. Do
noghho, Brother Low Elme Davies,
Iiiillip Dodge, Frank Winter. Clar
ence Lucas, V. E. Rowell, Robert
' Frpuch, W. J. JdcNeill. They took
with them ropes, blankets, food,
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The man who speaks from exneri
ence leaves a lot .of things unsaid.
Most of us try to forget the me'.n
things "We- know about ourselves. . .
lie is a poor friend who will not
stand . by you until your last dollar
is gone. " "
.Iiut the man who fails isn't neces-
sarily a failure; perhaps he tried the
. wrong thing. .
Sn:cial Sale of Safes
II. E. I
r- .
Merchant and Alaet
:ri Y,ui, n"-!' HTp't ho0k his heal when asked hat he
Iv u.w.-u-.i-.j,i..ti ; thought about the'Nattoses non ap-
- ' 15 Cal.1 UiisLU vi iivi pearance ims uioruiuB.. . t
qnfnfw "To tell the truth, I'm ia: bit tvorried
- . y , ' about her sajd "he, "I don't mean
'ix-Wk the vnwt Kaimief Mow by tnat that she, has come to grief,
thin So ysSllnce Se butl do. think that shemay . have
winner of the transpacific rice cross-, gone astray, and te somewhere to lee
ed thl finish 1 ne al.DIamond Head, vard of Hawaii now .She may have
and yacht" especially
came down on the racers, are aeklns and failed to pick. ?P ff;.
the question with lifted eyebrows, and Nattose a'sood b P
o f nrom in thpfr voices. , at the start, and I. don t see how he
If theCanadian entry isn t sighted ; by , uld be sofar -distanced .."o
tonight, anxiety' will be felt for her?
safety, and probably some measures
wilL be taken to send her assistance
should, she me in distress.
Lit IlI
m tnwtM-
rtingr away at eleven o'clock
i two hundred cabinpassenge
. l!n:
Already there la talk of sending put
a searcher. Admiral Cowles is will
fn to send the navj tug Navajo, pro-
- ; j vided the' yachtsmen can give him
It is not so much the elapsed Hime some loea 01 wnere w iur iuC
cini thft ctort hf f ho rtOn that 1K51 J'acht.' ' ; , ' '
the speculation; -for -sailing vessels If there is any reason to, belfe-
might be out twenty days or more on ;inai lce auose is in. uauser ur u
ho vnvn nrrnSa thnnt .nrMcirtn. tress,. afld that she can be ionnd in
ing comment. BuAhe Nattose show. , a certain locality, , I will send the
ed quite a turn of peed at the -start, VNaai bH1' said the admiral : I don t
tvnrkin? RO wpII that'thosfi whn took wild goose chase, though with-no idea
part in the race can hardly believe - of where to look, for it would be: like
that she has been left so far behin? hUiitingor a needle- in a haystack.
-vThi3 morning the Seafarer changed
The prevailing belief is that she is her berth, Captain Noris dropping her
nff hpr ronrse. iind that through f n out into the' stream; in preference to
ty navigation or faulty instruments remaining ; at thelakea wharf. - ,
sh has misspd tho mark pntifplv . - ' 0 . .
Captain Lew Harris, of the Lurline VENTURA WILL; BE DELAYED
: -r- : - aL )
Vrhe receipt of a very large cargo
of Hawaiian products will .y cause a
small delay, In the departure of tat
Oceanic Liner Ventura for the coast
tomorrow morning. - . .
Instead of the Ventura departin
for San Francisco at ten o'clock ac
cording to the regular schedule," the
vessel will be beld an houp later,. get
with over
rs, a large
Spaniards and Portuguese
the steerage and several thousand
. tons of, sugar, pineapples and sun-
friends of Delegate Kuhio today Is re-f cnA S ocf t, m,,,-. 1
- mt, thot M. .-m-l As the guest of-the Hawaii Pro-
V:t p.' motion Committee, at a lunch given
.convention next fall has already been TwIi-f a
started. i number of local business men had oc
With the organization of precinct' tl? J: U Cowe11'
clubs but a few weeks away, tie dele-5 S SSiil
gate and his friends are preparing to r 1T t ,i ' -. "l
start building from the ground up, : ' r
d there is no secret about KuhioV fre, 'SJ" a """j- l
determination to gain control of the lC,afflr d f fatly enjoyed by
clubs, the nominations for convention. cuxuuy ui mmeu ineuus.
delegates and their primaries, : j . . , ... ' . . ...
Rev. S. L. Desha, of Hilo, one of . The more a woman loves her husb
the Kuhio leaders on the Rig Island and the more she doesn't want him
and one cf the men closest to Kuhio gauging around "when V-buncn-of
tolitlcallv and also in the rf npr. women meet at her house.:
sohal friendship, came down "on the Actions speak louder than word.3 to
Mauna Kea from Hilo today and ; the th deaf and dumb mute. : -'
plan of campaign will doubtless be The fellow with a eood job seldom
well outlined before he returns. r: - hast? a -retiring disposition. -,v
That Kuhio has pienty of moheyfor He also his his trnnhio ; who is
a hard campaign is the statement forced to listen to other people's,
coming from several responsible sour- A manhas to do a lot of kicking for
ces, and even though many of t'ue the little he wants; here below.
men who have-contributed loyally in The "don't'of a kfcssable girl Isn't
times past to help the delegate flht-rcalculated to bluff. a strenuous young
his political battles are certain" to "man. . .
refuse to subscribe now, he will be . Often the man who believes In h Un
able to take the field well equipped self is too credulous. ; .
with the sinews of war. t Many a woman' doesn't insist upon
In fact, the delegate's state"'-' ? her husband's - accompanying her to
published yesterday afternoon launch- church becadse he snores In his sleep,
es his campaign formally, and he is A bachelor always wants to .,have
expected to follow this with orders to thiifgs his own wayr-rand .so does a:
his lieutenants on the details to be married nian, Taut he realize.i that Jie's
followed. ; j .up against-it.. . .
f - -
L dll V
rs rYt
1 :
'V "
Rapid v Iran :it Prcs:d2nt As
, serts.on xtcncicn' Bus-
-,,;.v: injss Only;
WASHINGTON, D. .. C., July 2.'L.
Teniiey Peck," president jf the Hono
lulu Rapid Transit &. Land Company,
has arrived in Washington; He scouts
the suggestionjthat he is a candidate
for the Govern orshlpiir that the Gov
ernorship situation had ' anything" : to
do with, his sudden trip to Washing
ton. He says ' he is after permission
for the Rapid Transit line to cross the
Fort " Sharterv railitary reservation - on
its way to Pearl Harbor. This mat
ter Is coming U p In committee '
-VP 't?
v '
If "all- the rchar.ts ct .. Ilcr.clr.lu
make' as ere c lie u.play iu. t!'.e
way: .ur,. dec .i . tl.c;r- Iicc3 -cf
business, for, the Fourth of July cele
bration, as - Stanley; Stevenson i of
King street, : the cty ; will ' represent
blazng patriotism- from end iio end.
The building in which , Stevenson
carries, on his work is not a' preten
tious structure, far froai'ii in fact,
but that: has not . deterred -its enthus
iastic tenant, .He has utilized the
entire front " of the- buildia-; in his
plans. The gable Is covered with a
great . paintings, representing a copy
of the famous picture "The spirit of
TC." , As this failed to cover the en
tire available space, Mr. Stevenson
has added another ulcture reoresent
ing a strenrfous youth of Revolution
ary days ringing the old Libetty. bell
Both pictures are .framed in green
leaves and the effect is striking to
say the least ; r '
. While Stevenson started on his dec
oratlve work" early, other merclpnts
began to get out their bunting and
fags in various arrangements today
and the indications are that when -the
morning of the Fourth dawns the city
will be attired in a mannerwortny ,o
the occasion. x v ' : ' -
' Although the ; Merchants' Assocla
tion and the Chamber: of . Commerce
joined in . a . request to. the ; navy de
partment asking that the cruiser Colo
rado be. permitted to remain In Hono
lulu over ihe - Fourth, no answer was
received . and the cruiser sailed for
Bremerton today. ; -' ' ; ', "
- The parade feature , of the .day's fes
tivities r is receiving much attention
from ; those in J charge.: Prince . Ka
lanianaole, grand marshal, has sent
out his aides to line tip the cowboys
of the island, and scores of them wil
ride In the procession and take part
in the gymkana sports : in tjbe after
noon. .'-'; -:C--V- '
The grand marshal ' increased the
number of his aides last evening, the
completed -. list being '; as follows :
Mayor Joseph Ferni Arthur: Jones,
OScar Cox, Jack Fernandez, Robert
Parker, Homer Smith, Ralph " Lyons,
George McCorristpn.,Guyi Macfarlane,
Lant Lemon, William Douthitt, George
Wilkinson and John Clark. Norman
B. Courtenay is th.e.asslstant gran.d
marshal..:,.:: :.: . ',"
For some reason not made public,
the members of the local G, A; R. post
will not' appear In the parade. , This
was decided upon at ; a meeting last
night The committee v was disap
pointed when notified of - the action,
for It was believed that the G: A. R.
would be among the first to lend their
aid to a patriotic project: Arrange1
ments have- been made, . however, to
fill the place the aged patriots would
have taken in the procession. - f
The old Hawaiian warship Kalmiloa
which will be burned " to make an
American hoTIday, ; was towed - over' to
Sumners Island last- night and fiiledH
with combustibles. On the night of
the Fourth, the7 historic vessel will
be fired. '' Arrangements 'have been
made to make this feature a repro
duction of the burning of a warship
driven ashore and set on fire ."by the
enemy's guns. : The spectators will
see the flames climo into the rigging
and hear the reports of the shotted
guns. as. the flames reach them. Then
will come the explosion of, the maga
zine and the crumbling of the ship
into ashes. ' - ;--:..'.
For every man that work kills," hav
ing too many good times puts a dozen
out of the .running. V '
L 71,
r ' -t " rr
j U ljj W Li 0
itL A m -l , 3 ,
Wcc'Jr'ow Wilzon, nominati!"-' toiay
by the Democratic National Conven
tion to.run against; PrcSiisnt Taft, is
fifty-five years old.- He was born. in
Staunton, Va., ; Dec. 2S,.1SCS, and grad
uated from' Princeton in 1S7: IU3
career. ,'i3, easily; f'divi Jed into two
parts. . Until , a con:: amtively few
years ago he confined ,hh energies al-
nczt exclusively to tha i:.:: cf tach-
in and writing, alttcuii i'cr a 1:1:!
period, following hi3 .'sradu:i!i-i frc: '
tha Virginia law .rchr,ol : r- -: '
h:3 rrorri.icn. Alwayj a stuJ.at'cr
roi.acai r- v 1-0
Undervood'siJannOi P::L
; Dole jaies Clarl: ?orci j '.
" . Aswocl-itcd rnr C..,.!.il
DALTIMORC, Md, July 2. Covtrn:r WccjVc.v
was today given ths Democratic nomination fcr Trz
ballot ' . .
' The vot was; Vihcn, ZZO; Champ Clsr::, C!.
Ths landslide fcr Wilson ttsrtrJ on t: - j f:rty-f !
lotin3 showing littls chan-5 frcr.1 y:3t:r':y. Ci
Virginia ana West Virginia votid s;!:j f:r t'u T.'i.v
result: Wilscn, ttl; CSsrk, ZZO; Ur Jj n
Ci ths- fcrty-f;'-rth Lillet, cmid -::.vi. ex:
ticn ::-;'d. The fcrty-Tfth s'-ovvtJ rn'.-N
C:fcra ths fcrty-ilxth rcll-c-H v.as i:r'.:.'t
cf Alarms, Cs:
tayirn t:.at r-. was unw
r.ominaticn cf Wilson.
Ths chan-s of frcr.t cf t' s Ur.J;r-:J
cf Vilscn certain. tThs con:nticn wen; v
sreund ths hall was start:-', in w!iic!i ths ;
t c
: r U n ;rwc : J's n : :-; a z "
r.. :
that I . . : i r v:
, . - . 1
Whsn ths din hzi quiit:J t'swn, Cer
mzn?zrf with-' :w Clark's r - ror 1'
:uld support tl.s" r zmr. : : 3 cf I.'.; C3!.: n.
Tha names ef.Covcrnrrs Fcs3 cf
wers withdrawn.
r.iiccouni vcriT cvi:;c-
1-1! 1.1 t r- :i
1 ,r:rc55nuiiVB w . . . t riu :r f a
nomination cf Wilson ts.maJ u:r.ir i
willing .and. demanded 'a rcll-call, priferrir - tD
Clark. '
Ths rcl'.-call w-3 t'
n f '
ri v
3 C
incnt i-3 au LuvctJ- polUlcaltL..-.'..er
during, his presidency of Princeton,
and left the presidency to campaign
for the New Jersey Governorship, in
this campaign he was singularly suc
cessful, and.his .able constructive pol
icies while Governor attracted Nation
a 'attention. 'to him. He took the field
as an' avowed holder of progressive!
Democratic ideas - and ; with Cham;)1
Clark divided almost equally the hon-i J.J
ur 01 iue preierence. primaries. He J
went into, the convention -a. strong
candidate, and after Clark's full
strength was polled and failed to land
the nomination, the Wilsonltes 'gained
strength with each "ballot. The forty
sixth won him. the nomination.-
The Democratic candidate, is mar?
rled and . has - several children,
home is at Princeton, N. J. ,
CALTl '' OH w, ....., J-!y 2. ar.i
satisfitd with the rer-lt't: -ay.
"I am atisr:d," I 3 r-'J. "T
vcraLla sot
n c.1 t!.r::.t:.;.-
didate, a platform. zr.J a c:
and therefcra sure! in tjrr
.1 C
ii m. A A
i - ii:
IT IT riViT ' n n
A j - A 4 .
Cathctrt r.ln!ccs Stutcmcr.t H:-
: "Committee platform favorabler Low
rey pressing fight floor ' convention.
Probable result favorable to Hawaii."
, This cablegram from - the Hawaiian
garc!infj,Ep:d:rrs!3 of A:::.i::t
! cas:: Jury .ShculrJ Fix U12
Punichment, Is tha C;;n::n
of Cityand County Attcrnay
Dissatisfaction with tie Territorial
statute that place3 on the . circuit:
judge the responsibility cr choosing
between the two sentences of life im
prisonment or '., hanging for a -prisoner
'convicted uf criminal assault appears
, to be growing among the members cf
the legal 'fraternity, reaching a new
stage in its spread thi3 morning when
Chin Fan ( 'the Chinese convicted cf
this bense a few days ago, wa3 sen
tenced to life imprisonment by Judga
Robinson this morning.
Attorney General Alex. Lindsay, Jr.,
c-.::;!-.t3 fcr convict
cf th 3 ctL r two c
f riccr.nr.nt for th!
delegation at Baltimore was. received j declared a few days ago, when' Nuns
last night by a local business man aridi Chung was given a similar-sentence
Indicates that the Democrats sent from Jf0r a. like offense, that in his opinion
Hawaii are making a strong and sin- the law is unfair, and should be modi
cere effort to prevent the Democratic fied in such. manner that conviction
platform from containing a free sugar 1 by the jury would specify a definite
plank. . : - v : r j penalty, relieving the court of the
The . cablegram abve --also means . onus,
that the platform committee is favor- j "It Is quite apparent the punish
able to -the cutting out , of the 'free ment given now U not producing the
sugar plank, but that Lowrey is car-(desired result," said City and County
Pvtn a 1 Attnmpv Cathcart this morninff. to a
iS uir.iifiiii iw uiBumciiuuti iiuur. ; r - " . Tc', ! ph vpin whpn In r- '
SilT'S: irhfsnrschayS!.e fw DOre than,-
. .7 . would influence the court s decision,
considered the free-sugar bill and the -"r" " . j vQ aeeor0. .
entire sugar question. It was Lowrey t ..f.i ... t hoiiUo
who opened offices in Washington and . f fT.flir;p, if thp waVo of rrlmp
launched the National Grocers' Assoc I-nf thf, rhatflrtpr is to be effectnallr
atlon, which pretended to be an asso- checked in the islands. Ufe Impris-f
c .-o , cnnieui apiJareuu is uivius jiiub
tient to cl:?i
full penalty shoulJ I
an exami-le, and t!.r.
trill l.;ive a deterr "t
nclaricu LMsine:-3."
A3 yet, hovever, r:o
heard ir.tinr:tin- t-.t
tr.:;F.a fcr t!." re: -EUtuto
ar.i t:.3
renudyir. T th3 d: ". '.'
ly ccni oilic;; tl. 3 j ;
tence on the cer.v: ' 1 r
i:.nv::.n :: ' - n .
." When n-':. 1 thii : : r
anything to zzy "why
net La p:;,:.;:d uc 1 ! ' ,
through tha court I..'. . ; .
in the negative, but h! ; s
cey William T. Ki v;:.- , .
the coursa cf a Lri I t. '; :.
newspapers for whet I J
have been mlcstatc:..
the age cf tha ecu: ;.!.:'.:
declared hb'own fuut'i in t.
er's acuse ani an:: cur.ee I :
tion to denaani a ne
ingi n that, to a: ;
also asked for the. :.
He said the news;
edly given the littb
Tus:day, July 2, 1312.
2:30 p. m., S. S. Soncc
lulu. . .
EVERETT S ailed, July
Melrose for Hilo.
.a ic:
l, .:
Kalibia for Honolulu.
the repeal of the sugar tariff and for effect
free sugar.1 , C : Fifth Conviction in vear.
Under the keen inquiry fcf the Sen-J rThis Is the fifth conviction for this SAN FRANCISCO f
ate? committee, it was admitted by particular kind of crime that we have; S. Alaskan for Sea'
Lowrey that he himself was the Na- ehad.in Honolulu in the las. year, and
tional Grocers' Association, that he the third of the kind since the first of
alone was doing the wprk, sending out last January. Four of those convicted
the literature and, in fact, masquerad-' have been Chinese, the fifth. being a
ing as an organization. In factLow- i Hawaiian. And right on top of the
rey's work was nothing more than a last one, on tne cay tnat cnin tan
bold attack on the sugar tariff. : iwas to be sentenced yesterday, came
NowcLowrev annears as -a delegate tbe news ot still another offense, vir-
at the national Democratic convention tually the same save that the offender
and continues' his fight on the sugar J'aa prevented irom compieung his
,' ofo. iilu, ;Kiiik.- - "What we. need 13 one or two cases
yesterday afternooa that the platform ; D'- I'JZ
as it then stood almost ready for pres. , rf tMai aarytory nn tua ,n
:., "In the present case the evidence
given before "the jury indicated that!
entation to the convention, did not
have a free sugar : plank. Lowreys
aim from last-night's cablegram was
S. S. llongolia will arrive Thur.Jay
at 7 a. m. from San Franc;:: j nr. I
will probably sail for. Yokohama
at 3 p. in. ,
U. S. A. T, Sherman vlll arrive We '
nesday morning early from ilan:!:.
S. S. Hyades will arrive thi4 z.i.:
: noon- from Sedttle.
. o
Many a yoang man Catter3 hires:'.!
that he holds the key to a girl's heart.
only to discover when too Ja that
some other chap has picked the !.h.
During one cf his sermons, an C'r o
preacher said,' "Some re"-r'3-have
ense'iust thoush ha
tft makp fr nr a mnvonttnn 1 the crime was the work xjf a fiend a
This morning much commendation . pan probably fifty years of age as- t9 tad made a new and wondcrlul
was heard for the action of the Ha
waif delegation in standing against
free sugar. - - :-, .:' , v . - ; ,.-. ' :
eauiung, in succession, tnree niue covery.
glf is. Although, he was o ntrial for) No man who. la broad mlnJel th!
only one assault the evidence was he's the whole show.

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