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... V- ,r : ' ''''-T " : : : J.N. r... N.. 'n. f. N. N. f. N. N. K f..
& J! I
r irs. Frederick J. Lowrey' Pol
Supper. : -
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick. J. Lowrey'
-re giving a poi supper tonight at Z
their country, home. NInJko. -or Mr. T
Alan J. Lowrev and hia rlWp
friends, Mr. Paul Hollister. Mr. Stev- II,n" Ianoa- Maklkl, - r?
tnson and Mr.-Ed. Watson; f Covers 1" Tjeday Walkikl, Kaplolanl
v III be laid for: Misses Jessie Ken- pat"k Kalmukl. Palolo. ,
rfdy, Alice Cooke. Nora Storgeon. j Wedneidays Nuuanu. Puunul,
Y.'ilhelmlna Tenney, Lorn a Iaukea, Pacific Heights. First and third
''Kther Kopke. Muriel Howatt, Elolse ' Wednesdays, above Nuuanu
V.'ichman, Violet Stover, .''Mary Ton bridge; second and fourth Wed -Holt,
Helen" Gervln, ? Helen North, nesdays, below bridge; fourth
-die McCorriston, Helen . Klniball, Wednesday, Pacific Heights: first
Inrgaret Waterhouse Judge und'Mrs. ' and third Wednesdays. Ale'wa
"le, Mrs. C. M. Cooke, Mr. and Mrs. Heights
dchard Cooke. Mn and Mrs. Alfred Thursdayt-The Plains.
Hi" J!", HaroldCa8tIe Fridays-Hotels and town.
; ;? M !;5;Wf3!,Mer;an Fourth Friday. Fort Shatter:
rs. S. M. Lowrey, Mrs. Helen Ston-3, y..,, .
' iss Hathaway. Messrs, Theodore f n"1 day' Fr' , otw,
xke. Frederick Wichman, Ed. Hede- f , A""1 i Th! - d
rthur Macintosh 'Bob McCorriston!
"ronre Fullers Bert Clark. Georee
..r.avarro, Guilford Whitney. Laur-
nee JuBd, Dickson Nott, -Mr. Philip.
aiding.. Mr; .Walter Spalding -and
:r. and MrS;iLowrey s - :
The- Oahu Country Club will be the
, H i,.Vf ft,''f'i,
firilcr thl week when Air !
u.-"L , r'rVCrV;:rr"rtMisK'CaToi--Low-, Wrrand-Mrsr-Rob
:"s"aj. Hoft, Mrs. GeWaVW
.rter. Mrs. E. F. Bishop, Mrs. HM.1
Vca Holt, and Mrs. S Hcvf ay
re to be chaperones ;ahd the - Enensl
elude: Miss Elizabeth C&neTrlllvi,1'!??; naries u3
loebe Carter, Miss Mary von H U.j
:i3 Hilda Von Holt, MissCIcfrl. ia
I ow. Miss Thelma Murphy, Mizr-Kuth
; cr, Hiss Ruth Anderson, IIL3 - lo
t Stoever, Miss Ruth Johnston.;-1. tsa
' ricn Chapln. Miss Marjorfe Ci:r.ir.?J.i 1
s Mlldrea Chapln, Miss ! !r; - ,
r v adman... Jiss Myrtle vbcav-;ir
:. s Martha.;;McChesney. f Mi;s I.'-.,.:
:i?s Helen ' Jones, Miss -CaU
r.cs. Miss? Hazel Buckland;iUL.
. cs. wisb 'tazei uciuana.-..hlte arnatons and blue hydraneias.
vian Buck ed Miss Alice Hoop.. To each of the place cards was at
: -3 Helen. ,1; paldlnsr, Mir.s.,Bern!ce. t.wv.r.iv.,nwK..0fvly.rer
ead. MLi lU.KI erg- - v,,.
v n c ''J v T'fincMSDCtnr wemtr'-CwerAvereTff ttp
: ell. Miss Genevieve- Young, Miss, 1ftM . fo ten u,,,,,,,,,, ,flcQ v,, Mrs. Hendry s scnoo will not ope
'JV X v.v.l m.i n . iscneu, miss rauiine scnaerer, miss
s s Esther White. Miss Beatrice Daphne i)amoh, ' Miss Dorothy Wood,
hite .Miss Dorothy Wood.Mi89 Car-1 llUs ..Myrtle-Schuman. : ; Miss. Elolse
McLean. Miss Helen ton M s w,ch Uis3 ' .Rosamond Swanzy.
:I le Dlmond. Miss Catherine. Ash- Misg Hele Jones'; MIss Ruth Anden
Miss Elizabeth Woodi, Miss Pearl FOn 'and Miss Thelma MurpliyV ' V :
Carthy, Miss Virginia McCarthy,! , - ,v . ' " - '-':ft
3 Louise McCarthy, Miss Ruth' - '
!;ards, Miss Daphne Datfon. Miss; Miss Cousehs'to Wed.; - :
.ona Morgan, Miss Margaret Res-.i' Miss Frances 'Consensi' the daugh
;ck. Miss May Piven,. Miss Mary. ter of Mrs. U. K. Cousens," will leave
cas. Miss :. Harriette. Lucas. Miss fn the Zealandia on the seventeenth
e Herbert, Miss Fanny Hoogs.- of juiy for Tasmania.' where she' is
s Marjorie Gilman, Miss Doris to ' marry .'Lieutenant 'Trevor Eardiy
tchins and Miss Kitto; Mr. Carter Wilmot of the British Royal'Navy.
,!t. Mr. Francis Brown. Mr. '-HenssbLrsertS''-haseenriir:irdolulTi
an - von Holt. Mr. Dalton Garston, fcr about three years and-during that
r. Shingles Woodruff, Mr, Vernon- time has made a host tf friends, ;'who
r.nor, Mr. Dnnald Lewis, Mr. are loth to rpp hpr en an far tmm
r.nne Timberlake, Mr. Ed. Kitto,
.. waiMiii:. uaiieiuyne.. air. uswmu
yens, Mr. Dickson Ndtt, Mr. Alex-
'cr Anderson, Mr. William Schu-
nn, Mr. Marston Campbell, Mr. Cy-
. Hoops. Mr. William Hoogs. Mr.
vicn Eush, Mr. Shirley , Bush, Mr.
crt Busb' Mr. Carl Schaefer, Mr,1
rust Schaefer .Mr Blakeley Mc-
i A; y Wl r ZV
cs McCandless, Mr. Donald von c fv r.,,, I IT
nf u'utn ir, u" sity Club on Wednesday evening. No
' tn Vtr formal,. invitatlpfis,. were' Jssded but
;ite, Mr. eilliam OuderKlrlr, .-Mr. ,v t ,
.n Ashlo-. Mr. Kenneth AbUsMrj Ut! irWleSed
hur Hough, Mr. Luther Hough; Jrl!?!
r. William Harris. Mr. Vincent Gen- f s'"" , i 'i T ,
s. Mr. Arthur Gilmaiw -Mr.- Harold ,eca?1f Ff A YfnJored elec-
.ar, Mx. Sherman Ellis, Mr. Erlin- trtc "shts. - The Interior of the club
,!errann, .Mr. Gilbert Foote, Mr. was also decorated with flags and in
.kolm TuUle. Mr. William Morgan. ?,ntsjv This affair was so successful
"r. Harold 'Morgan. Mr. Oscar Mc- that tne Wub members hope to' enter
rriston. Mr . Charles Luces, AMr. ,taJn ithls manner once every month.
;.I; h Gray. Mr. Walton MooreP Jr.;J V -i uavv
il.crton Richards. Mr. Bernard Da - Miss. Margaret Restarick's Dinner J
n. Mr. Dwight Baldwin.. Mr. Fred-'
ick WIchman, Mr. Woods Low, Mr;1
rs. Neville's Bridae Party.
The Service Bridge Club was en- Fourth of July. Covers were laid for
:taine on Wednesday afternoon by Bishop and Mrs.-Restarick, Miss Da
rs. W. C. Neville. The prizes, Can- vis, Miss Myrtle Schuman, Mr.
i cuns and saucers, were given to George Leovi, Mr. Frank Riley, Mr.
rs. William P. Wooten and Mrs.' Art hur Restarick xind the hostess. -:by
Smith. The guests included
: ,. William P. Wooten, Mrs. Fran- Mrs. Macomb to Entertain.
; Llakely McStocker, Mrs. Joseph Mrs. M. M. Macomb will entertain
v.ard Sheedy. Miss Julia McStocker the Saturday Bridge Club this even
1 Miss Lydia McStocker. ing. i
V Direct from New 'jolBi;
Basket Weave Peanut Braid Hats from 50c. New Sailors and Walking
Hats.- ?! -K: .- ';;:rViv-;:;,f3v:;vV
tg . fc ? fcV $ 4
Mondays Punahoui ; College ?
i 'I .
r Editor -rl'iielphon
: L: ' ? t
3 f e S .tt &.f
-- ErtkuCK-'O; :
eon on Sunday in honor or the Misses
Margaret,, Moca. Maud ind' Eva Hind,
V1' Mr8 vj?!1?!
: ' ' uc
- X?":,c5. ' ri.PA, aV M.r:
r t Vc r
J.IIss 1Tl? 1 Jnl Mar3r Lucas
r. . . ;, . , 'T "
. ''Vu.fmi- Munhv EntVrtain "at
,-Hl 1 .
: rntcdeuest at a luncheon on I
:cihisd2y, given j f .Mlssf Thelrna
r .:rpWr, The color ' scbeiae for the
ro rations was red, white and blue
. .'T m'oa HaiTAlniArl nrltW rat) onH
Honolulu. Lieutenant Eardiy Wilmot .
was nere af year agdon the Challen
per, and has many friends inhe citv.
The marriage ceremony will be per-
formed by Chaplain. Morgan of the
Chall'enfeer ; -
University Club Bail,
- 0ne cf the most enjoyable affairs of
week was the dance at the Univer
, narty. v
Mlssr:Margaret Restkrlck; w;as .host-
ess at a pretty, JnWrdiU dinner party
on 'Wednesday evening. The table
decorations-- were -symbolic of the
Yoo'll Fiimd It At
Mrs. Clifton Carter's and Mrs. Cole
man's , Brldg e.. Party. . ... . . .
Mr8.."Clifton'4 Carter and her. mother,
Mrs.! Coleman," gave 'a bridge :-party
yesterday afternoon r at Fort - Buger.
.The. prizes were dainty Austrian, vases
fi lied -'with violets ; and, they were
awarded to Mrs. William P. Wooten,
.Miss j Agnes Walker, Mrs. ; Kirby
Smith, Mrs. Shepherd. Mrs. Kings
bury and Mrs. Penman. . Among
those present were. Mrs. M. M. Ma
corn.; Mrs. William P. Wooten, Mrs.
Miss Agnes walker, Mrs. Bruce Cart
wright; Jr., Mrs. F. B Edwards, Miss F
McStocker Miss Fuller, Mrs. Kirbv.
Mrs. Baker, Mrs.. Shepherd, Miss Erf i f
cott, Mrs. Harold Dillingham. Mrs.
Klamp, Mr8.Kirby Smith, Mrs Clark, L
Cooke, and Mrs. Denman.
Miss- Lueile Cold Becomes "the' Bride
of Mr. Clyde Manly. r .
I -'A,- very quiet wedding, took 'place ot
the: King's Daughter's- Home on Ma-
1 street last " 'Monday afternoon.
when Miss- Ljicile-Cold ;and Mr. Clyde Ipopular girts lnnhei-sam seU botbJln
'Manly;. were, ynted irj.maiTlage by.the..
Reverend Doremus Scud ier. The
Home . was prettily decorated with;
maiden hair fern, and shasta daisies.
Only the immediate ' friends of the
young couple' and guests of. the Home
were present at t the ceremony, v Mr. '
and' 3irs. Manly 'were recipient of"
many beautiful gifts. - ' tl ':!
After the weding amid a shower cf I
irice -the yonngrpeopie left for a sho.t
" ' "
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cartwrighfs
Mr. George Burroughs Torrey was
the complimented guest at a dinner
on Wednesday evening given by Mr.
and Mrs. Bruce Cartwright at their
Ihome Wyllle street.- The table center.
piece was an artistic arrangement of
Cecil Bruner roses and the cards mark
ing the place of. each guest bore the
of the hostesi, The guests were
M ti i,George JBurnHfgfasii'Torrey, iJlIIsa
Castle, Major and Mrs. Edward J.
TlmherlaKe, Captain and Mrs. ciiflon i
Carter, Xfr; an Mrs. WlfefT.rpiii'n&hWtt,ayin.,8ne wm spena tne
UmV'and Mr. VdMrs. GerHt' Wifdlr.' flfsFweefe in" Jliiy visiting various
h nnrtv mntnrpd tn tha Darts Of England. " :
' :
house 'of learnina- for, .Mrs,. Hen lrv
leaves on5 the-27tli of. Jiito?uVJ,1e
takine her daughter Alice with her.
Thevrwill nrtbaMv locate in- Geneva:
Switeerland .where , they,. wm .make
their home -for four: years. Robert ;!Vi
Hendry- wllLgo ,as far as4, Ithaca with
his mother' resuming his studies . st
Cornell."; ; : :' . '-i' k
. There will be. a reception
Salvation Army Home , in
Monday afternoon " frcni fo
for' r CaptVin"Wc'Alee'' wnotovt5Teavlrig
for the 5oast ;acd for - Captain; Co4:4
who' Is to ' succeed her - In the" woVk
here. All the ladies who are interest
ed In the work of the Salvation Army
are invited to be present. ,
,, s: v ;-
Mr. and Mrs. Charles TempteNm
Crocker are conte'mplatine: a return to
Honolulu after the wedding of Miss
Jennie Crocker and Malcolm Whit:
man, which takes place at Uplands on
July 16th. Mr. and Mrs. William are
still, in the islands, where they will
remain during, the summer. Chrori-
The Woman's Golf team at the
Country! club are Jooking foreward to
getting their players and a match will
soon, take place to - decide who the
winner, shall" be. The , colors - of toe
players ar dark green and white with
O. C. C. embroidered oh, the pocket.'
' ' , ; (. : '
Lieutenant and Mrs. Ross Kings
bury and Miss Priscilla Ellicott will
will '.spend I the i months "pf July and
will' spend" the 'mbnthV of July rnd
August: . V-:H. 1 .v.- .
Mrs.1 Francis M.-" Swanzy. accompani
ed by her two daughters the ., Misses
Nora and Rosamond Swanzy and her
niece Miss Farley are spending a Tew
days on Maul. . '
: Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Atherton are
spending the week end at .'.'.'Lazy lea
their home at Kahala.
lor.the fall. term and TOMWUVftc,
m w' a t-A iiLZi-XJ rtTesife Keiinedy , , .was TiBstess.-.--- The
Shipment of Merchandise . Is Being XJnpaj
Miss' Ediia CqitlsrUose'. picture (appears aEae, wll spends th
visiting friends and. .relatives tta Honclu!u. Miss Curlis is one ot
Miss" Pauline" "SChaerermras liostessncwiio wBfctepend the. summer witb Mr.iriJ
at a swimming party at .the Moana
Hotel Tuesday afternoon for her
house guest, Miss Zepha vPischell.
After a delightful -swim,; refreshments
were served at the hotel. The guests
Included Miss Zepha Pischell, Miss
Ruth Soper, Miss Elolse Wichman,
Miss Thelma Murphy, Miss Helen
f Jones, Miss . Margaret-Jones, -Miss
Mary von Holt, Miss Carrie McLam.
Miss Helen McLam, miss osamona
Swanzy and r Miss, Margaret yCenten-ycoQ,
- t ; H i; ;:
L;Letters haveiTeen VeeiTireili4fr6m?Thursday: afternoon; , ;,: '
iviiss juargarei uw&e, mo ciucai,
aaugnr oi wr ana , virv -.-'ranK ...
-wateT weTK thtf -guegty ivOBor,atr -
1 1 . m i : .v. lu tr.
SLC?? MiMpt -
W? D
Sf.""8 '??$alZ
1 Kicnarasva zy ;'s ' -
and Miss1 Jessie Kennedy.- - -f- ..c.,-..
.,i.r.i i. aiitf irsX . -rr. j;--i : - V T' ' '
f"t J'JJ ri' a Zt&&:- onir ifr r WiUiani. S ohhitt,',t'heotf of Mrsr,
V .fjT1.?' Ml.hrnMobbi left, in Ventu-
: u . spend' a reW-mbnths'1
daughter. "Gretchen. are . Occupying the rr..r v-j aiv-
at the the home' of 'Mr. and MrsrL. A. . a tr , f. " t i " u.; ii?iv,y
-U for .0 -Mr;Vani .fifl; 4rahcG;;Mi '
.m-o w-w.-.- -v rni !,.i;vu r'.'f! Pam jnu". m ss L.aur& -Liow ana Mr..
Mrs. Charles Lucas.-.wifrhjier dftuqhr..jjgsti; Gay : en ft ,lhe"iIiau5Tues--,
tefs,' Mi's3 Harriet Lucas and - Miss day for -Kauai, where 'they wjll spend '
Mary Lucas, left on the, Ventura for tne feummer. ; ' ' j.
San Francisco, where they .will spend ' ' ' : ; 1
the summer. .' ;. v ' Mfss Harriet Lucas will leave in the
. ; -. w 1 . Korea Monday for San Francisco,
Mrs. John Alfred Magoon will leavo where she will visit Miss Violet
in the Korea next Monday with her
three children, who will . attend
rchool in California, :
if v. - " :,''
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Lewis and Mr.
Donald Lewis left in the. Ventura ..
.Wednesday morning for a visit to tile
mainland.: ; ' s -
- t ' -. : :- :
Mrs. Walter Coombs'-of : Ale wa
Heights will not receive 'callers ' until
r? --i -:.f. i
Mr. andMrs.' 'John i Guild and Miss
Marjorie Guild f hare' gone to KohaIa
for tbe :.summer; t.?--' '
Miss Safah Lucas and Mr. liarry
fifteenth of July.
Mrs. George G. ; Guild and family
have moved to the Peninsula -for . the
month of '.'July. t -
' " ;"'
Mr. and-; Mrs.-' Harry .'-Scott Gray
have taken the cottage 4 of . Mr.- Woon
at the Coupty Club for four months.
-- . :y--
Mr. Alan .Lowrey wasf ' a home-coming
passenger inthV Mongolia Thurs-
day; With -Ijim came three college
friends. v Mr. Paul 'ilbliister. t' Mr!
George Stevenson, and Mr. E. Watson,
the summer
the most
,HIJo and n this city.
and Mrsr F. J. Lowrey at their cwn-:
try 'home, "Niniko." '-..'
w-.Vj ir it v ; ', ..i.r '
. Mrs. "Homer Smith, formerly; Miss.
Jiilia Perry of Honolulu, who is a. sis
ter of ; Justice Perry, arrived in tha
Lurline - on Wednesday.- At present
Mrs. Smith is the house guest-of cher-i
sister, Mrs. A. D. Larnach. v
- ;'" i
Mrs.' C. Montague Cooke, Mrs.' Ciar
naVe invitations out for a surf-
ln nartv at the Outrieeer Club, nxt
. . w w
Mr gf;d Mrs George. Beckley, .Mrs,
P n HShingle, an- Colonel gam
ar rriveS' in the Manilla i(
the1rt0it' and Miss , Laura, jAtherton. .
Lurline' on Wednesday nortf.i . .t .v
. l 1 . 1
. ::. .-i r-
Misuth Richardgandlberrother
on Wednesday ntspewT r
Makfee. ,
t-i if
Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Moore are oc-f
cupying the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. R. Castle for the month ot July,.
. Miss -Marjorie Gilman and Mr. jAr
thur Gilman were homecoming pas-
sengers in the Mongolia ' Thursday '
morning. :.; :v,'"' " , lVi
-'"' ',; . s r, -vviC.l-J
l n u u s m ine jvionsuAia iuuibuhj
morning, fter haying , spent 'three
Vars- in Boston studying the settle: I
ment . worK. : ;. :, ' v ; ;)t)jJ.
Miss Fanny Moif ;thedaugbter . of
waii. is the house guest of Mus Mar
garet L:shman.
, The fimod8 Mrs.Kmg's"kanY Sltp
shoes for children are carried "by'tnc
Regal Shoe Store. ;'': '"- " 1
Complete Line of Pongee Silk and Embroidered Grass Linen Dress -and
.1 it.
t v .?.i ;
4 f
n 1 v.
. -r.""f r 7".. v ' .
i Uf.'!i.?:?lT) X .1; n i f i';
. :: .: . - .....
A Jf
rnHAT ; it . Is great sport no one win
y, Kemp,. the;we nvwn .8jnger.;JanUJi
I Par.- Tlvre.wfts an.u9lips; wii petition
. I 'J : -I- u , . :
j -i"-.1 ;,i'
I rl ..':! M V'. i I
il f A T
a i in irnn ; -va
' a
being allVomen., l js Kempwon'i pilze.' r jr.
It - "L. ti i.t .'. .
1 j
ill '"k.Ciui
139 Merchant Street
Phone 2747. :
' i i
- 't
n !-.
deny, Th? 0Vrc. ph?v ;?1 5 1 '
:,rfi from.-jhe ironpierj tt litrr.i,,;
?hjd Jherei rcttritly, th (cpnaptltra j
i -.
. ? . ; V vft. FUNERAL NOTICE. .-. .'.k.
lonouu ' tods ".No. U 0. O. M.
.The; jncmierfc . of ' this ' .lodge. - are re-
quoted.to meet at. Odd Fellows'. build
ing, Sundaj', July 7, at 1 p.. m., to at- ,
tend' the funeral of our lale' brother, v
George C. Meyer. . . : . ; r .
All .visiting brothers n re requested to
attend. ! . -
. 5281-lt : f.i 'f ' .
v5 Cl 9d
;l . '.

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