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THE PRESS And the people
Tatt wins, as was his riht 'under
the conditions forced for personal ren-'
geance and personal ambition by the
candidate 01 the Indefinite Tenure.'
The tired Chicago convention complet
ed it work last night amid unprece-'
dented scenes of raob turbulence ana
physical violence. Tor which Mr, Roos
evelt's presence and Incitement arc
solely responsible, tew men besides
,Elihu Root could have preserved even
the semblance 01 respectable contin
uity In these proceedings. The police
were needed and did their duty. The
framework of the party has beenSav- j
ed-.from dissolution. Thti nJatform. i
speaking generally fairly represents
the principles of preservative statea-i
v iruit.u VUC f ICUCUI uuu
Uie ; sane r of the Republican leaders
have contended. ,
. Col. Roosevelt In ibis campaign has
performed a service to the American
people us great as any even he has
done them in the past. The Pyrrhic
victory, of therCollseum seals the
doom of the old regime. The people
nowV know what representative gov
ernment means to " Crane and Root,
ft T?OtilH1 inn n onneaiwo
tl&m, to, Barnes and Penrose. McKin-
ley and Lorimer, to all the draggled
uu taucieu reuiuanis 01 ine , oia
guard. And they will know bow to
make, use of this knowledge. - The day
of dust-throwing If over.
Under Home Rule Ireland is to have
& Lena.e. ;rbU,chamber will begin as
a body nominated by the government
in omce at vestminster. Vacancies
will be filled by the Irish executive:
As the Senate will have equal power
with the Assembly the flrst Irlshegis
Jatuie will not be representative In
the ordinary meaning of the ,word. But
since Mr. hedmond controls the vote
that holds the balanceOf power, we
may suppose that 11 the Home Rule
measure should become law under ex-J
Jstlng conditions. that he would name
the urst Senate Our former premier, j
Mr. Martin, Jias not lost hisvdisrespect '
for nominated senators and strongly
supported the amendment to strike out
the feature of the proposed Irish con
stitution. Mr. Martin could make a
strong case out of the Canadian prece
dent, for both political parties in the
Dominion are committed to a change
In this part of the Canadian constitu
tion. WASHINGTON STAR: . . ' .
.The Chicago ministers are making
practical move in $ most important di
rection looking to the tolution of on
pLase of the marriage problem. -Two
hundred Protes.'aqt clergymen of vart
ous denominations held a meetine in
that-city and approved' a suggestion -.thai
hereafter 'all tninisters perform-
Ing marriage ceremonies should - de-'
raand a hek.th as , well ra a marriage
licence from the contracting parties. J.
The resolution was , aedpted unani-.
morsly urging paitofs to direct their .
nergiep toward rretlng public opin
ion to" Indorse this "plan. v Undeniably
an immense, amount of suffering' is '
cr used bv tarty and ill-machcd nar- "
rlrfs.' 'If tbeie questions were at
tacked frankly and vigorously bv. those ;
who 'hate the welfare of society &; :
heart a public sentiment; might, easl y
be created rendering certain the enact ..
ment "ofsuitah'e laws tei- . e- ;
forrement with. . full .approval, of . they
people. . - ' . ;.
It la not nutprislne: thrt opposition
has developed in China to the terms .
tho pmpo'd loan" of"t300.noA,AOO.
China needc the money,' of rdurse: but)
'. with the8ix-rower group" of oankers,.
flnrointed virtually financial agents for ;
for the Chinese Government; as Ispfo-1"
rose'-. China ' wou'd he placed under.;
.the practical pureralnty o the svpiji-
ca!e. If China V-houM snhnH. to the';
financial and. -loUtical. conditions Jn-;
voWM l! the loan there -weuM rr'fA-
f ofirlbllltl'es v for disagreement that;
- might develop awkward explications.
In Puffalo. N. Y they hate Just,
brought to successful coTIsuramatlon a
campalrn or the creation of a- chain
of smaT iielehborhood parks to serve
t e neighborhood neeAvot the people.
That crmpaign has been In ronduct tor
more tEan four vears. . These parks
pre rof as yet laid out and. improved,
fhnt the sites are selected anc' the pron
er legislation Is under way. The Bnf
falo News.. which, has been foremost
jn the conduct of the campaign, de
clarei thit the ultimate euccf.s of the
movement Is tssured. . '" , ' v .
The small rrks touch the every-dav
wp of the children of-the city mote
1-itimatelv than do the larger parM
Thev wPl furnish amuFement centers
mattered- about through the city 'rp
thrv are' heeded:, and aside from In-
FMrfna gretter comfort to acults they!
v 111 prove a physical ahd moral bene
ficence to the children.
Here it a, proper feld In which wo
mon'c clnhs. promotion bodies, and
rivic po-ietles eenerally. may labor to
gooa aavanuige. . i nvm iuc wMTeuuon wun tne! publican psrty. Therefore l nope tne
. 1 . v ; 'declaration that the Progressive partjjnen elected as Roosevelt delegates
PAI K All RAMP RAinFH: Ulaunchec, and Ithat Ha waU must face fwin now dec ine to vote on any matter
rMI piiini roe MAnnch theJSi?e ,bro,Usht up at;chicgo, weret before the convention. I do noi re
; ... 23 GAMbLtHb NADDtU.parUcularly impressed With the state-! iease anv delegate from his honorable
. : men mde 7 Col Roosevelt on Sat-4 obligation to vote for me if he votes
Captain Kel'ett and a
tectives brought" a eame
j '
nf nai kau to
ul I'M .. vr
. W.ZH Vu1.:: "k.-
oriweuijnum yu.., v.-
garca UI.IU " tVa
and- Nuiianu streets across from the
In a rnnm a t TIrtil
,: .
ts across from the
Indnedent theater. i . honestlv edted to th sTronrpnHonJ
1 "aw wo, th Mn on.T''W"no?wHy:"eI
vneTTereThe Orl
mo thnt thev were Dunaiea into ine
r vra hnnnl A1 Into tile
. .a
, ron and on their way to thei
lV;.tatlon- before they realized
police station before
what was the matter.
IWo,. .nil will pome un for trial
1 nev are uui u wuuo ui v.-
..rpMU - . Monftarrat on
hforo Police Judge Monsarrai
Wednesday. "r -
CookJn . Is one of "the subject?
onrht Alaskan natives in. the govern-
Trent schools administered hy the
ilnited States Bureau of Education.
Among the dishes to which the pu-
nils are Introduced Is doughiiuts,
which they are taught to fry with seal
cil as a substitute for lard. ' . '
and Kodak
at Work
The accompanying cartoon
' from the pen 6f the faoious, Mc ;
Chicago Tribune of Monday, June
24. Hawaii's delegation.. is pior
tured In the " left-hand - corner,
looking sadly at Devine, of Colo
rado," chairman of the credentials
committee and murmuring ; I'm
afraid to go home through Call
fornla. : Members of jf.e Hawaii
delegation say thathls was due
to the action of National Commit-J
. teeman, Holstepi In voting to seat
the. two Tafdelegates from Cali
fornia, wjilch, they; say, put them
"In 6af' i with lUorhia: f Hqi-
steWand returning V members of
the Hawaii delegation are not
'particularly cordial In their com
ments on. each other's attitude at
Chicago. -
. v - ' 'V 'n' - s v .- -i . ( - -- vv.
. , CXZXCAGOr Idd.- Oklahoma admirers of Colonel Roosevelt Were noisy and enthusiastic. They wanted everyone
to knovy their purpose 'tn coming to Chicdo, and they proclaimed it by words, actions, banners and .strange devices.
They marched from hotel to hotel Bingingand shouting, "'the hat In i the ring' attracting much. attention' Those
shown In the upper picture are (1) J. E. Bathgate .and (2) Everett Colby of New Jersey, and (3) J. R. Baldwin and
(i) A. A.: More-land of Baltimore. . 'i, :?, . , :'.-t a? b" -- i'ry--':--
Tells Why He-Cuts All Ties with
- Chicago Conclave for a
; v- ;New:Deal f ? '
Former Governor George JL Carter
and A. L. C. Atkinson who arrived in
uma, jucb , wuen ne cut an ties'
-'v"" vwu.unun auu.
nrot,a roi an gnnnnnrnmonl ,l.t. . I
uuvuuvsiusm mtu, win;
Al ot Kansas. ..a , ; r . : : , , .
This statement In which rv Rrv-,cL!
. . " " . . ...
Teu aennes m4 posuujn; is as roiiows:
.... ler majoritv of. th dPieMtP1
veIt aennes Ma position; is a follows:
... lefr maoritv nf tho ol0rc,
-ejely the heneficiary of-th s su,,
-" -fc v M aw V V M -
. T.. ..
sicttui-rouer .meiaoas.
ianrf with, ftrafida'nn. rtiar-.rA-. f
prv nr nrln ft nf p pmpntarr hnnesfv
"a'Z:' ZlTS'Z
"7::": "15f
roll call a sufficient number of frtudu-
mvbuwv..,, j.w.f, v,. .itmuviaij
let deleeates to defeat the legally ex
pressed wri;of the people, and to sub-
etHte a dishonest for an honest ma-
jority.' . "
" "The .convention .hr.T now declined
to purge the VoU of the fraudulent
delegates" placed thereon bv. the ce-
funct national committee, and the ma-s
Jority which thus indorsed fraud was
- )tcco 7o jtcp this a1v lVfe 7 . -v -ci:6 - ; 1 J?i W4'-r
- ' r, k . ; . 4 r !'r . '
.if TV . . ;';' U i... '.... . .. - V- -4':.v.
.' r-r- ' M I . i ' I
- -A .. -x 1. - - . , . . " , -
. ' i - . ; : ? , . ' V .j. ' . ...r - :
" ;f . f,; -.V ...,-rJl..v-
mrde a majority . only because It In
cluded . the fraudulent delegates them
eelves, who all sat : as judges on" one
a (other's case. If - these fraudulent
votes had -riot . thtvj been cast and
counted the convention would have
been purged of their presence. This
action makes the convention In no pro
per sente any longer a Republican
convention; representing the -real Re-
oil tnif under th aotual conditions
none mat ne Will HQl tovb ac c.ii.
. . " . A
.ine convention as now vomuuseu
of the i.eDubUcan party It represents
v ,r,.i t .r.
iUQruiUK UUl BUllcroiui uouu iu'wiv. .
riding the ! will of the rank and file of
Fiam5.e i.-." , wa
7' '7 m-u .no . "'-"-I
IfTII I Tr'JllH ' W r T f 1 1 1 I fl I1U llf
deeply d f s:
V'.o-ui iuv--, i. r,
.-". - -
creditan;e o to -;roP t e
convention's nomination unaer
At.m,mr rondos- nni nnr man tnus ao,
v"""l!A. ."Vi ' .17". ' -
. . vi: ortv
mPPori .-. oi any., w- uuuwu ' ;
grounds, and would have rorienea
ngct to aPK me support. 01 uj uuu
est man of any party on. moral
, . , . . wc thA
A number of trimmed hats tne
latest mode were received by Miss
Tower on the Lurline and are being
shown at her Millinery Parlors in the
Boston Block. .
v UHsii I lit I ir v v n I iv m m y mxk. w si
Ex-Supervisor . Wi'liam Ahla had the
misfortune the ; other day of : letting
his left hand come too cloie to a buzx
slw In the oJh&nson mill, the; result
being that 'the , forefinger ; was cut
through the bone below the middle
joint. A snrgeon set the hanging. part
of ' the digit in place but it. will not
be known for some days, yet whether
the parts will knit "and the finger be
saved. v: 'y'.:'-.. ''.- "'
. If the "cruiser Pennsylvania shows
up. in port within the next few days,
v,. wn: r!)nomitt
by 'Chinese
Uoo irevm.
underground wireless.1
This morning . i Celestial laundry
.:- lulr7ti""
man told the Captiin of the Yard
that ;he ' had .st reeved a
from a com patriot cleanser In Brcm-
- - - - .
ertcn, 'say ng that tne rennsy
saile1 for Honolulu: u sne is onn
r. tha - rh nn Vnno more
w.ajr . ' ,
T . " .
do navy men nere.
Commencing today every -Saturday
duriffg; juy. August ano oep.emuer
will be .a holiday at the naval stat'on.
Thpre Was a SDlnt 01 antlClDatlOn
nrpvlent there this mornins. and ev-
! ervone is loo kin e forward to the:
summer vacation. . . . .
;" - . - ; ' '... ' .' ".': ':
' For news and the truth nbont It, all
people buy the Star-Bulletin.
U.a cru.se. It Wil. mart, the rst -nt . :
time in history that naval iMoraation . "..rfiU.'TlS: .". l" . : redure the re.em.,3 cf. the roiintry
i . i-. v .. : . - 1 . . - - - - - :
. CHICAGO, HI.' Much of the work of the Republican convention was Tons outslJe the Coliseum. Co!. - -velt's.
headquarteis in th? I'.'Congress Hotei were besieged at all times" by a crovd, and the hott-l lobtles crou d A
marching blub from Ohio several hundred strong; attracted much attention. The men were well tralneJ a:.. I
marched with military precision. ' The arrangements for handling the crowd weregood.aml there were no hit'c.V
and little confusion around the many entrances to the Coliseum. V , .
Mainland Trade.4 t , . .corporate Uslness that the ulv dis- "nd money to procure the
' Dun's Review-of Jnne 2 savs- Rare-1 tariementa' of divident and Interest the free sugar bill. With beet su-nr
Dun sReview of, une says. Rare- $32.0OO.00D larger than a year cut of the way the re.lneries will co::-
ly are the reoor.vfrom fading trade "ag Rnrad grogs earn!ng3 the fir8t trol the market and can and will In
centers In different sections .. of . the wo . weeks of June increase 3 4 per crease the price of refined car.8 suar.
country to uniformly satisfactory. In Cank clearings '""this week gained - !the nate shall pas the Hcuj
most cases an actual widening demand 2.6 per cent over 1911 and 'j.l per cent tul to place raw sugar on the free
is noted and in others, theteare clear ,0ver 1910 ou.'slde of New. Yor,k; Hst, and President Taft shoulJ sin
signs of preparation for an tctlve fall xew York there was aecrere of 3.3 tJ1I the on wa ln whlch' ths
trade. The weather is ideally favor- and an Increase of 16.5 per cent, re:' -domestic, sugar-producing industry
able both for wholesale anu-retail d'.v gpectively The foreign commerce cou'd he saved from extirpation would
tributlon-et -merchandise and,for t'ne report for Ma" shows the largeit to- be by giving the planters of Hawaii
growing crops. 7rbecrop outlook is: both for exports and imports for fnd Louiaianaand the beet-sugar f ac
increasing y favorable.Encouraging, tnat month ever recorded; at Xew .tor owner of the V est a bounty up
reports ' as to acres ge and condition York Citv exports for the latest week cn 1 15 product.. -This, It -As esu
caused a decline in cotton 'while rains iu wnM nrrin with u.- mated, would Involve an expenditure
! 2111111 Lit til III lilt' KIIIIlIllllIll fill I Ul ' . m
the favorable weather, there '.i an ex
panding business conficence. Great
ac'fvity in iron and steeMs maintained
a tpndpnrv ttivrarA hlhpr nrippr
tribution In the dry goods trade is
noted. The demand for cotton Is tet
Woo'ens and worsteds are mora
i ... .-... . .
, acxive ana mgner pneen are Deing
a?ked by some producers, . Raw wool
is firm. : Hosiery, unr'erwear, cloth-
iner. rloakr. auits'.f nd noMons are mow
ring fairly. Hardware! building mate-
i riaIf. pn(J drugs, oiTs and chemicals are
Tr,notr.i to be in satisfactory demand
In vnrlnnc lnrirp dUtrihutinfr rltfpa
Thp. KPasnn wh.n th KhftP fatnri4s
V for a. few weeks Mp nt h?.nd. fbnt
. an active
and the
firm. It is a aign of improvement In
falL business is looked for per pound. In 1902 that duty was trencn tor ine pipe ine .u
New England footwear market taken off and tea did not fall in price the mam trunk oi wmcn
lmDroAement-' Leather is very as much as one cent per pound. feet long and the laterals projju.j' iv.
Free Sugar.
A rfariff in the Imnort duties on
,i i inTL S?fr
any article in. common use has fre-
...l.t.. j a i- .n.. ....
quently produced results totallv un
expected- by those who favored the
change. The Payne tariff law reduc-
ed. the duty ommeats and.immediafe-
. '
Jv the prices rose.
It reduced the
duty on lumber and lumber advanced
in price. It put raw hides on the free
'.'"list nrrl iht nriwu wpnt un - It n-
dCAd the dntles on boots, shoes and
leather g
1SQ8 a Snanish
a nVmnri was nut on ta and tpa did
not advance In nrire to e?c9d cent
The effect of placing raw sugar on
oods and those articles were r?ion s orace momi ik wa
in price. In the soring of ed to purchase some new nitchmery.
wnr ta-r nf in pnts inciiioinga compressor im yytu
j the free list cannot be certainly 'j.-ro-cicted,
but the. 'weight of authority
land argument tend3 to show tLi: U
Will not reduce the price of ref.n. I
Eugar,to the consumer. It will cau
the production of .beet surar to L :
! discontinued, and the masr.att-3 of t.'. j
i sugar trust naively (it ouht to t ,
;siiclled with a k) admit, that thi l.i
the reason, why they extended tl.-i
$.8,C0O,00a per annum by placing
sugar cn the free list, and then cele-
MIC 1U3 W7 iu.4.iii5.iuii-
lions o of the treasury for sugar
. - . . .. ,t
bounties is of the grotes me, lon-
eared, double-back-acticn
At a meeting of the Honolulu Uf.i
-Company directors at Castle & Vith
engine. Almeida & Mattes have teen
awarded the contract for cssir. u
CCO feet more.

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