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From S. F.:
Nippon Maru, Jul.12.
For S. F.j
Lurlinc, July 9.
..From Vancouver:
Zealandia, July 17.
For Vancouver:
Marajiia, July 1C.
Hawaiian Star, Vol. XX.', Xo. G324,
Evening Bulletin. Est. 182. No. 5283.
"Two Ballots for the Roosevelt
Forces were for Good
of Hawaii"
. -For th? good of Hawaii," Is the
?uccinct explanation of the - Hawaiian
delegation's two votes with the'Roose
velt forces at the Chicago convention,
given by f!overnor Jtear, spokesman
for the delegation, who arrived home
tlds morning on the Wilh'lmina. '
, 1 "For four d.lys we had been gettingj
In close touch with the situation, when
that vote on UcGovern, for chairman
I came up. We were not Instructed by
the Taft forces" and took the responsi
bility of the action on our own'shoul-
- dera. ' ' V . '
"Hut there were conditions prevallina
at that time that. In many ways. Ha -
. wallan , people do not realize existed-
, We found that our ballot would not
swing the tide either way, knew it could
not injure Taft, knew, our instructions
did not compel us to votewith his men
on the point nt ue, and felt that by
. casting our lot temporarily with Roose
velt we-would be employing a' bit of
political tactics that might help " the
i TtrrJtory. ' '.' ' . : , j
Vote Created'Surprise. " ' ' .
' "Of course, when our vote was an-;
nounced. It created somd surprise on
Jittth iWf : . J h t J 1 1 Tp 1 rp e rrw ere" U3n'
renssurt-d end when . they understood
our po.sltion.npreed that we had done
what wr.s-'riKl.t."- ; '
' The llovfriicr- made no comment
tending either to confirm or deny the
. rumor that the vote for McGovern help
ed ;obtain a definite promise. of Frear's
reappointment, and checked a possible
'move to reduce the Hawaiian delegation
from six to two or four members.
He termed Hawaii's stand with
Roosevelt on the contested California
delegates ar "jurely a decision between
. right. and. wrong," In which, as. In the
former case, the Ternitbrial delegates
were not bound by. their instructions
and Je!t ; that no- momentous result
hinged on their attitude. ' .
Made Grave Error. .
"We-were. inclined to think: that, the
Taft forces; as a matter ; of political
tact, hould not have; opposed the
seating of the two Untested California
' delegates, "but should have let ,them
in. n thev did the Texas men. Ifl,
they had consented o seating the Cali
fornia fnen we. believe they would have
eliminated a large portion of the ill
fetling between the factions, so that
the rpllt In the party might have 'been
avoided. . . - '
rWe believed at the time that the
Taft men were making a big tactical
mistake. The Intense feeling aroused
- by the California demonstration would
not have: occurred, and at the same
time: Taffs strength would not; have
.been seriously , weakened.
CovernoiOvear's first visitor, arriv
ing shortly after the executive had en
tered his office at the Capitol this morn
ing, was ex-Governor George JL Car
ter, resplendent in a brand-new "T. R."
campaign hat. For nearly an hour
.these two rehearsed the' scenes and
events j of the big convention for the
tenefit of E. A. Mott-Smith, who this
morning officially retired from the ex
ecutive chamber to his own . office as
secretary of thCTerritory. Closely fol
lowing Carter came Joseph P.. Cooke,
who remained in "private conference
with the Governor for sometime.
The Mexican armies are drawn up
at Bachimba, and it Is expected that
a-decisive battle will ce fought.
Special Sale of Safes
1. E. HeSicK, Ltd.,
Phcna 2Ci:
Marchant and AlaVea
-pop Rflpff
:' IB
! 1
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..." '' ''r"'"J-'- '
1 1 111 1
Executive Says Prospects Are
Good for Better Figures on
the Latest Issue
Hawaiian Financiers May Get
5250,000 Block Conk-
" - ling's Plans " ; :
News that. the new bond issue which
the Territorial .treasurer is preparing to
lloat may command a better price than
the last Hawaiian bonds is brought by
Governor Frear. '" . .
-"After discussions with leading finan
ciera Jn New Vbrk, Boston and Chi-,
cago, I am led to believe that tke pros
pects ab present are for better figures
on the now bonds' than on those of the
last issue," he said this morning. "Of
course, we can't tell what turns the
market may take between, the present
tf me and September, and this much-to-be-hoped-for
advance may, not ma
terialize. ' :
"From their .talk I am convinced that
a number of big syndicates are anxious
to obtain large blocks of the bonds, and
jve do not anticipate the least difficulty
In the flotation. It Is possible, I am'
informed, that ; one or two Hawaiian
concerns may-bid for "portions ; of. the
issue. : : ' ' ' . ' ' . . '.-'..;( , ; ' '
"Yes, I understand- it was" hoped local
jnterests'would be able to take tbe en
tire Issue and' save the expense,, of an
StxJiXeh ?ftud"pvU bi if
lied' upon it1 is possible that a block
of about $250,000 worth of them jpay
be taken by' Hawaiian linancieri" : :
Confers With' ConktingI t - .,''
' Governor.' v FreaCr, ! met . i- Territorial
Treasurer . Conkllng at San Francisco
Monday afternoon, July 1. ; Following
their conference that day. they engaged
a room In a San-Francisco bank build
ing employed a stenographer and pro
ceeded to map .but the plans of the
treasurer's campaign.'! Conkljng ,was
expected to leave for he East -l last
Friday., ' : - V - '
The Governor said that the Secretary
of the Treasury has agreed to .accept
the londs at 90 per cer,. of 'their par
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mii lose;
01 (HIE
secured for
hood plank:
Republicans could i have
this- Territory a state
in the national' conven
tion at Chicago if they, had more lee
way in handling the vote of the dele
gation. : ' ' " ' - ,
This 1: the statement from the det
egntes who have returned. "We.
could have had a statehood plank for
the asking, provided we could agree
on a. trade for our six votes," they
say. - . '
1 The Republican moguls did not pay
much attention to Hawaii's pledged
six, it is stated, until the six cast
the unexpected vote for McGovern.
After that the local delegates got
much more consideration. ' ..
J. H. Coney, alternate, returned on
the- Sonoma this morning, and Dele
gates Baldwin, Moir, Carlsmith and
GoVernor Frear, spokesman of the
delegation, are all on their way.'.-Moir
is expected with the Governor tomor
row on the Wilhelmina.
The evening edition of the ; New
York 'Staats-Zeitung, of June 19, de
votes a full page to Captain Berger
end his trip to the homeland. Two
columns of the front page of New
York's best evening paper tells the
story regarding the Honolulu Kapell
meister as every ( man, . woman and
child knows it here. There are also
halftones of Captain Berger and his
wife and daughter.
On the date in question. Captain
Berger and family were guests. of. the
Meyers Hotel at Hoboken, and were
enfoving. the- sights of the greatest
commercial mart in the world.
,The article states that ' Captain
Berger and his family were at that
time making preparations to sail In
the trans-Atlantic liner Cleveland for
the "other side of the pond, and that
he soon expected to be walking' the
streets of Berlin.
; ii,
Surgeon General of Hawaiian
Guard Receives High Mark.
: ; vr; for Efficiency
Recommended as ' Specially
Qualified to Direct San
: itary Work
Lieutenant Colpflel Charles D.
Cooper, Surgeon General of the Na-Jv,,, ,111;!i'i,-wiiv.ii.
tional Guard' of Hawaii., attained alkIll& returned in the Wilhelmina this
high mark for efficiency at the Field: oS trora Washington, where he
Service School for Medical: ; Officers,
which he attended, a. few. months ago.
His certificate of proficiency was re
ceived this morning by Colonel Jones,
adjutant general of the Guard. . . ,
Accompanying the certificate ,i3 a
letter, from the director of the school,
according hihg praise to Dr. Cooper,
who was one of the six . officers se
lected from the organized militia of
the whole country to ' take the course
with the, regulars. ;
;The letter follows: ?
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
May 14, 1912. - .
: The1 "Secretary, Army Service .
" Schools, . Fort,.. Leavenworth,
. .. Kansas. ' Sir; : ''. '; . ' '
I have, the' honor to iorward
" herewith under, the provisions of.
Paragraph 60, G. O. 128; TVVar ,
Department, Washington, D. , C; ;
1 Sept 19, 1911; certificate - of pro-
JnclTTry i .i i in...th--.fifi-fMtt-'
; Coir Charles v- B. Cooper, National
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i- -
Hawaiian Delegation" at Balti
more Makes Successful
Fight ;
" ' Without a "free sugar plank,' and
withthe declaration that "we "favor the
ultimate ; attainment of the principles
we', advocate - by. legislation that will
not injure or. destroy -legitimate Indus
try," the : Democratic natlbniif pfatform
has been adopted:and copies received is
Hdnolulu. ..; t, j,.vV 'UiiTMif-
The fight made By the Hawaiiam del
egation at . Baltimore,- agwinstv a , free
sugar "planTc was; successful. Inrniediate
downward. revision ibfthfe, tariff is adj
vocated as - was to -be expected ' -
v The platform is radical In -many re
spects; beiing the ptaid, impfifat of the
Wilson ideas.' The: sociated ' Press.
sald,; in sending. but tMe document:
BALTIMORE, Md. July 2. Bristling
with Democratic progressivism, the
platform on ; which the Democratic
party will stand was adopted by the
. (Continued. n Page 7)
Conductor Rescues- Little, One
from Path of-Runaway
; Steed .; '
t Only the presence of mind and dar
ing courage of Conductor Benjamin
irnn c,v0H o fhro voor aM -elrT'
ernoon, sayed a three year oia g'n
from death undr the hoofs of a mal-i
dened runaway horse, which with a
wagon bouncing at his heels, raol
down crowded Fort street until hnary
down crowded Fort street until hnary
halted by Mounted Officer Antone
Gomes who hung to one of the run
away's ears for two blocks before he
stopped him.
Punahou car No. 7, had just come
to a stop at-the turn Into 5 ort. street
and was discharging passengers,
when . the bolting steed attached 10
the wagon, appeared clattering down
Fort street Conductor Benjamin
TT 7T - FT 77 0 1 77
Expert ' Bri igs Home Gcd
wews om reat iauirna
- t'o.i Scheme
talks : of Amendment
Proposed Increase in . Capital
oiuck hui, uposea or Hp-.
proved, He Says .
John T, McCrosson, the . Irrigation
has spent some; months in the Inteir
est. ;ot the Kaii ; ditch franchise ': bill;
He comes home" feeling well as
eured that the till will become a law
at the present session. Seen at" the
Alexander Young Hotel by a; Star
Bulletin re port ef he was asked about
the- sidetracking of the bill in the
Senate, as reverted by. a correspond
eht of thia pai :r, through ' the : objec
tion of - Mr. Br i itow to ' taking it up
w hen reached : t.he Senate.
"Mr. Bristow' f objectldn was ' mere
ly on account! f the absence of Mr.
Poindexter, a r mber -of the commit
tee on the Pa fiq Islands and Port
Rico, who was away. doing politics.
It was desirabl j to hare Mr. Poin
dexter present, owing to a pending
amendment prprosed by . Mr.; Nelson
or Minnesota. ; i
Limited Capital! ation.
capitalization at-. the company to $3,-
tnn Ann a so raa Ann
X-00,000 bonds , and --$$3,500,000 stock.
we .felt that this would injure the
f chances of the bill, as our intention
i I is to have just :abput half . of that
. amount ,to build v the ditch. What
would hurt us is the proposition' that
the. Congress of United States should
authorize corporation to -water, its
stock to" the extent of 100 percent.
.Still- it .would injure our interests
only ; witn t the members, of the bpm:
mittee who did not -attend the meet
tegs. So far as "the thing Itself - is
concerned it is a matter of , indlff e
ence .ta us.
. f'l think the amendment wl be
eliminated, however and the bfll pass
the Senate in the same form as H
passed the House. Oh, yes, I be
lieve'it will pass at " this session. 1
ani .not going ; back to Washington.
Mr. E. M. Watson' is looking after
the matter there.. - ; ;
Not Fighting Amendment.
"There is no fight on our part but
merely a -difference 'among, the. mem
bers of : the committee. It - is Imma
terial to us whether the amendment
goes in or not, excepting,' for. rthe one
thing that if it goes. In the bill will
have to go to conlerencei
"The Wahiawa water ..question ' Is
entirely In the hands of the ' War De
partment We have no bill regard
Ing it in .Congress-thls session, -
"I believe that ultimately an the
water not required v by the War De
partment will be put up . at auction
That seems to ba the opinion of a
majority of members of both houses
who know anything about the subject.
"Our intention is to go right -ahead
with the Kau" ditch enterprise when
ever the bill is passed : - The ' com
any has not yet been organized. Its
-total capital would not exceed -iree
and a half million dollars at thcout
side.". : '-'-: ; -. - yi-jfj? r ; - -
Mr. McCrosson enjoyed excellent
health during - his absence and - re
turns feeling and looking well.
JV '-ft
shouted a warning and. the passengers
with the. exception .of one woman and
the little girl In question, jumped ; to
the sidewalk out of harm's , way.
The wo&an and the child, doUj top
fused, lingered in the path of danger,
when Benjamin Jeaped from tbe cue.
pushed the. woman out u: tne way
with one hand and with thrt other
t snatched the child ; from uuuer the
feet of the crazed anima'; m it swe
.v-v .-v. ; 0.
through the narrow spaya- beUecn
e carauu iuC, riugrws uuuuui.
I The bolting steed co.U:ruedyd
, Fort street, scattering the ciowus
that narrow thoroughfare, until
Mounted Officer Gomes sighted the
runaway and gave pursuit The offi
cer, .unable to seize the bridle . rein,
used a trick learned as a cowtoy un
Kauai "and caught thenimal by the
ear, hanging on until the! wfjn,
grazing an auto, overturned at Hotel
street and the frightened animal was
halted. ' - : V; ,;-'
i; i A I
Enthusiasts Vi!
- . 4
. . .1 become "Regu-
f lars" in Droves ,
Wise Politicians Doubt if Colo
n nerCan Mako It '
. . -Stick V
. ; By C. S. ALBERT. , J
l special Uorrespondencei Star-Bulletin. J
WAMiuwuTU-N,. D. C, June 27
The Liberal or Progressive party; "In
rormaiiy" formed in Chicago ; by. the
delegates who refrained from voting
when the presidential nomination was
made, does not seem destined ta
come either formidable or ajrjresslve.
In the opinion of politicians here. Al
though Colonel "Roosevelt was re
claimed the-candidate chosen by this
mis'called rumot 'convention. It-1 con-
smerea aouDtrui, whether a x, 1 as-
semoiage wm even be held to. i t:fy the
pronouncement made. There U talk of
a gathering at Denver In A'j.tv t. where
the Liberals or, Progressives -. ;i frame
up a piairorm and choose nominees for
President and Vice President, but the
wise ones shake "their heads and ay
mis win never be called to order.
x oiu warnorses here ceclare tut
the Roosewlt delegates met n
elated their . faith in the colonel as. a
salve to his fallen rrfrf rrr, ,1 i
iump ;Qf 'Bugar to a maU bov After
1 ... ; . " Iai4 DOy alter
geicing nts fingers jnashed." It Is said
that all the followers of -the colonel
who re candidates for ofHce on regu
lar tickets canVot afford to accept his
newly.raised standard and' march un
der it. -. GoVernor Stubbs of Ka naan 14
mentioned as an Illustraticn ot this
maxim. He Is an avowed cahJtat m
theTnlted States Senate.' ; He can not
hope, for success as a bolter. -It Is es
sential, above all things that he remain
the - party as .now constituted and
make his flghtj along regular linesi
Those supporting him can not afford to
be classified as out of the; organlza
tion.;; : ; ;
; The overthrow of .Roosevelt In Chi
cago had been fully anticipated, and It
Is not believed at. this early hour that
Colonel ' Roosevelt's defection will ma
terially Imperil Republican success In
November., ile may knife the Taft
ticket, arid some of his most intimate
followers will do likewise, but .tho in
dications rare that the great mass Of
those Who shouted for the.; colonel in
the primaries and at Chicago will be
come "regular! long before November.
Roosevelt Man Opposes Third
: . Party Here in Interests
. , of Organization
Returning fronv Hild this morning,
Joel Cohen took occasion to announce
that he will be a candidate foa tbe
Senate kt the coming,-election. " He
also declared thai although- he is a
Roosevelt man, he Js opposed to the
formation of a third party, more par
ticularly in Hawaii, where he declares
such a move would be fatal to the suc
cess of the " Republican" cause In the
Territorial elections. - -
I had not intended to announce my
candidacy at this time," said Mr.' Cohen
this morning,. "but I talked of my pur
pose in Hilo, and as the news has
reached Honolulu, it. may be said that
lam in the race. , ' : ! 1
"In this connection-1 want to go oh
record as beingropposed to the forma
tion of a third party In Hawaii. I am
a Roosevelt man, and wanted to see
him nominated at Chicago. I believe
that lie would have swept ; the countryj
fojr a Republican victory, and I also
believe that if he runs as a third party
nominee. President Taft will be I the
third jnan. in the race. ' ' . . ' ' .1
"But notwithstanding my views as to
Roosevelt, I believe a third party In
the Islands would only, result in de
stroying " the Republican ' organization
here and giving thd Democrats the vic
tory. The" latter were never so strong
.- V
(Associatel rrs Cable! -
- WASHINGTON, D. "c4 July 9. Attorney-C:neral Vick:r:'
gave an opinion on ths rtcntly-nacttd eit our law cn
work. The attorn ey-csncra I holds that the law app!::3 r.:t c
employed on government, workt, but to all gsverr.tr.t e-!;t
Includes the vast army of clerks, all over ths country. Th: c.
daclsion, if adhered to,. will be swespln.
Milles .Leads Gomnii ': z
:''-. 1 tAsocIat(d Press. Cable! .
WASHINGTON, ,D. C, July 9. Charles D. Hi!!:?, sr:r
Taft, was today named chairman of the Republic2n r.-t;;
cording to previous arran;;ments. James D. neyn;!Jj
tary. ' . .
AmeuKs Qualify In Z
f Associated
: CKHOLM, Cwtden, July 9.
.s Olyrrsplo c?mes today, the Swedis wlnnl--,
Twd Ar.rricans quslifijd for tha seni-fir.zls i.i t:.
C::mettr rzzs. Two American runners q-ilif;;d
UCD-meter rcce.
Cn;1;nd t:isy won the- finals cf the AZO-rr.zitr r;
Inaries cf v...;:h ths rAmerican team w:.j disusli
won seccrd p!-"?. .'..
... .' i C j .;
, . w . w W . a W tm
'. ;''.' .'''-: "':. -Associated
VAC..;;;aTC:i, D. C, July 9. It
ths pre. -:-I cf a p:tit?--i to President Tcft, r-i C:!.
erz.v frcn : ; -r::;J: ! f.-M Will. e:r:v ;: -rcliticsl
tc: v. Fri; :f Tsft t: y - -:
Is v.'o-li' '''. . . , , -
i Li 4 A 4 w Ji i -i
Lack of interest anions the Republi
can voters in the precinct club nomi
nations next Friday nishtvi3 taken to
indicate ,thatv the Kuhio-Frear Hght,
heralded by Kuhio's statement a few
days ago, is not to be openly and ac
tively launched just yet.
It Is extremely doubtful if two tick-
eta will 'be put in the f.cld in more
than a few. precincts. Some precincts
of both the Fourth and Fifth districts
are expected to develop competition
for the club -offices,' but there i3 a
marked apathy among the voters andva:':-:
many of .the precinct club3 are Just
beginning to publish their call3 Tor
the nominations. . . .
Kuhio's' forces have not been near
ly so active as was expected cf them,
and on tha ether han 3, the men trom
whom Kuhio has broken away are In
clined to let him go his way.
. . . - .
So many of the men wno supponea
Kuhio in the last territorial" conven
l a i I i ;
' " ,'
Association Send a Hundred
o...r 1Uk lM DnArl ;.
V : : , ing Hawaii ;
Duke Ilahanamoku, champion swim
mer of the world and Hawaii's repre
sentative at the Olympic games, - i
short, of funds..' The Merchants' Asso
ciation in the last few days has can
vassed members and found the feeling
so strong that Duke Is doing good pro
motion 4 work for Hawaii, that this
morning the association forwarded I10Q
to help pay the swimming champ's ex-
penses. .
The money is to go toward a trip for
Duke to Atlantic City, on his way back,
as 'they ' are now. If we had an . elec
toral vote there would be reason for
us J.o be interested In the national
scrap and make the good of the local
organization subservient to the national
organization. But without such a vote
I figure that with , a third party we
have everything to lose and nothing to
win. We would destroy our organiza
tion here without adding, the weight
of a. grain of mustard seed to the na
tional Issue. ' ' '
"In my opinion things t,hould be left
as they are until the convention, when
the majority can determine whether the
party here is progressive or stand-pat."
Some montns ago a man. who had
been In Honolulu seven years ago de
clared, on returning here, that the city
Is eirtier how' than It was then. .'
. . or,
Comes now Albert F. Judd, just re-rianded
turned from a trjp to tbr mainland,
with the declaration that Honolulu ki
4- 4 0 -J
" t : '
: v :r-
ta t
;t cf.t.
- r'f
is t
Press CaMtl
Only the jav:!in t!
lay r
f '
W j IT . .
I'ra Call?
is t:li:v:J t:t
1 JMk M a -
tlcn arivl f
are r.o-.v ur.iL!j to
personal at Lie1.: t
anti-Frcar err"--::!:
steadily cn:r.;t:ir-T
- if th3-r.'.r
f--.Tvo ' C V .'" 1 "
pell tl ci JIH 3 V i t 1 71
have cedar? i tr.cir
Indirectly, Kuhio
He Lr.3 s:cn n.ni..v:
wai'm Eocletl
I t
ient," ha3 ret. frcri
lined a def.nlto ; r;
day nirht Ulicr ti::: t
can clut3 shculi r :t
can support.
-With ths crar.!::.t!
It Is cxpcctcl that t"
will Lcin a dcni
how ticr. that ran:;
mair.3 to te seen.
' -1
. 1
for it i believed that ho
advert,sement of n"'
-tractions literally pfak;::.;
t: r
watr. Duke's rxper..: ? . ive 1
light, and as he' ha nhovvn hi;.-. '.'
preciative of the work d . ? 1. r
him, local business men are anxl
help him out
The .Hawaiian swinsrrur l.n
enough medals to outf.t a Ftrcr.T
In vaudeville, but he can't eat ft;.-!
"We feel that Duke U Cclr.- wcrk
which we can all b proud, ari l t'.
Hawaii Is getting very good j.romotl.
work from Duke's effort3, and wh
n '
heard that we could help out with s.
expense money, we were glad to tlo it."
said President Gi?roux of the assocl.i-
tion . this morning.
cleaner, prettier and municipally
better city to live in than most c!
those on the mainland.
"New York, San Francisco, Jac k:
ville, Florida, and a lot more are ci:. .
and with evidences of n' I t -shown
in Honolulu," said Mr. Ju IJ
morning. "Honolulu i3 not a dirty ci'y.
It coulc. be somevhft cleaner, but tr. .
mainland cities In dirt, jn flies, in po.
streets, are much wone than tblj
A young man 13 usually so much ' :
love that he can't do hl3 test at t'
place where he work3.
When .a man Is convicted cf tocY
conduct, he says people are not "'.
eral enough." -
It is reported that the err.?rer)
Germany is seriously ill.
The "American Olympic t
at Stockholm an 1 ;j '
corned by the Swed;sa uiv;
mittee and the America:: C

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