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Nippon Maru, Jul.12.
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Chlyo Maru. July 16.
From Vancouver:
Zealand!, July 17. '
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yMarama, July 16.
Lf nffr rrCr il'IT 'V '
V. . ..
riming Hulletln, Kt. 1882. No.
Hawaiian Star. Vol. XX-, No. 63:7.
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ll(HIJ o"
Republicans Getting Busy Now.
'.- Won't "Let Him Go,"
' After All
Weeks qf Inaction in Republican
ranks have been succeeded by an
vlevcnth-hour movement to head oil
- .Delegate Kuhio in his announced pro-
x gram of . seeking Republican or inde
pendent Indorsement of a platform
openly opposing Gov, Frear.
Up to within a few days ago Repub-
, lican leaders who have opposed Ku
bio'a anti-Frear fight in the past, or
r who more recently have found them
selves unable ' to follow the delegate
in the lengths to which he is going,
were inclined, to sit back and allow
Kuhio and his followers to go their
way unchecked.
'This altitude has, been suddenly
changed, and consequently there is a
lot of Interest being taken in the Re
publican precinct club nominations
. tonight.. This morning Republican
leaders. wfco were active in the April
convention - were busily engaged in
stirring up Interest.
They Lave two objects in view.-One
y. Is to get' the party forces limbered
up and awake to the fact .that some
h hard work lsto be done this fall, i -!
', . The other object Is. tof find; a.) man
. who ton lead the Republicans; ahead
In a . progressive campaign, keep the
1 . rartf out oCnon-essential .issues ,and
V unite i best men and. best elmenlp
rttot .cncleatgoverpmcn'C I t'i 1 1 1 V
't llUKore -of, 'feelers'rput ;9ti HH$
ibos directions f or possible nominees
as delegates were rife today, -as well
f as rumors that the Republican lead-t-
ers are. trying to unite on ' a leader-ln-'
chief and a mutually satisfactory pr
l i' m ; 'r, gram ; for the fall campaign. This
i .will, develop, it is" expected, within
.the next few- days. t
Just- what position the Progres
sives" like George R. Carter and A.
L. .C. Atkinson are going to take is
a matter of much, discussion also.
.Doth men are admittedly valuable to
Hawaii .They themselves are waiting
lor more definite news from the main
land to what part Hawaii will be
assigned In the Progressive conven
vtlon. In case Hawaii does tot secure
Odelegatee to the convention, the Ter
ritory's part in the national campaign
is practically; over. What application
of the , "Progressive" principles, as
they brought back from . Chica
go, will be made to local issues also
is a matter of much speculation here.
Tonight the first real action of tbe
Republican party in this' year's cam
paign for Territorial and county, elec
tive officers will take, place, when the
precinct ; clubs will nominate candi
dates for club officers for "a term' of
two years, to be elected a week hence
excepting "where there are no more
nominees than offices to be . filled.
Very little interest In anywise ; ex
cising appears to be taken in the
event. So far as heard there is no
announced fight on for control of the
organization In any precinct. Man)' of
the retiring executives have not even
thought worth while to advertise where
their respective clubs1 are to hold their
,' However, - there was more Interest
manifested today and more evidence of
actual organization.
Following is a list of the retiring
(Continued on Page 4)
Special Sale of Safes
Phonf 2543 Merchant and AlaVet
Charge Politics
Behind Russian
Member of Board Says Not
Purely Matter of Labor
A jKillllcal motive was plainly
LrharriH rr heine at the bottom t'i
the notice from the Planters Associ
ation to the Board of Irrigration, re
ceived at yesterday's meeting of the
latter body, that the planter did not
want any more Russian labor, but de
sired all the Portuguese and bpanish
leople the Board could bring into the
"We do not want any politics mixed
ui with the business of. the Hoard, as
at ion to the Board of Immigration, re
marked F. L. Waldron this morning.
He was contradicting the report in
the morning paper, which stated that
the Board had decided to stop Rus
sian immigration. ' - r
As stated in the report on another
page, the Board directed its secretary
to address a circular letter to. tne
managers of plantations, to ascertain
directly from them just what they
think about Russians as laborers.; The
recall of Dr. Clark from his investiga
tions In Manchuria, which arc related
to a contract, with the International
Immigration and Colonization Associa
tion, does not necessarily involve, ac
cording to what Mr. Waldron says, the
abandonment of Russian immigration.
'The , Board is merely feeling Its
war toward a change of plans with
regard to bringing In more Russians,"
Mr. Waldron said., "Plantation man
agers are the best 'authorities on the
fitness and 'desirability of Russians
for work on the plantations, and we
heaoettthv wnnt-?SflorgybzaOc(from
want to have their 'opinions on the
matter direct. '. The wholesale con
demnation of theRussians ' from the
planters' bureau In. ' Honolulu looks
much like politics,' as "I had iu hesi
tation in saying openly al the .'meet
ng yesterday.
Sustaining the contention of - U. S
District Attorney, R. W. Breckons
that the; new eight-hour 'law will ap
ply to Territorial work as well as to
Federal employment, that official to
day produced a copy of the measure,
known as House . Bill 9061, which was
passed by the House of Representa
tives and was later passed by . the
Senate after a few minor amend
ments had been made. The amend
ments, .it is understood, were hot
made with reference to . its appllca
ion. to Territories. . , ,
The law, as finally enacted . 'and ap
proved by the President, has not
reached Honolulu yet, but the raeas
ure presented, to tbe Senate reads in
art as follows! , i : .
"He s enacted. That' every contract
hereafter wade j to which the United
States, any Territory, or the District
of Columbian is a: party, and every
such contract made for or on behalf
oi nne umieaj oiaies, or any lern-
toryor said District, which may re-
luire or Involve the employment of
aborers or mechanics shall contain
provision mat no laoorer or
mechanic doing any part of the work
contemplated by the contract, in the
employ of the contractor or any sub
contractor contracting for any part
of said work contemplated, shall be
required or permitted to work more
than eight hours in any one calendar
day upon such work; and every such
contract shall stipulate a penalty for
each- violation of such provision In
such contract for $5 for each labor
er or mechanic for every calendar day
in which he shall be required or per
mitted to labor more, than eight hours
upon said work." ; ;
The First Infantry baud, directed
by Chief Musician Feltrinelli, will give
a. concert this evening at half-past
seven o'clock on the ropf garden of
the Young Hotel. The concert will be
public. The program follows: March,
Battle cf the Clouds." Kneff ; over
ture, "Pcet and Peasant," Suppe; se
lection, "Merry Widow," Lehar;
waltz, "Spirit of Love." Hall; inter
niczo, "Amina," Ltncke; suite,
"Scenes- Pittoresques," Massenet. 1.
"Marche," 2 "Air de Ballet." 3
-Angelus." 4 ."Fete Boheme;" selec
tion. "Ernani," Verdi; war dance,
"Indian, Bellstedt. !
Irving Hurd, manager of the
Schwartz jewelry store, became a
proud father this morning when i the
stork arrived at the Hurd home with.
an eight-pound girl. Mother and child
are doing well.
sprant Check
Admiral Interested in the Pro
.. posed v Army Defense
: Plans for Oahu
Gen; Macomb May Postpone
',' Furlough as Result of
r .New; Order
That Pearl Harbor is the key to the
mid-Pacific,' and that any plan for
making Oahu "impregnable" should
start with adequate fortifications for
the great naval base, is .the opinion
of naval authorities here. The. Wash
ington dispatch -'stating that a board
t)f army officers had been ordered to
convene here July 31, to consider a.
plan of defense for Hawaii, publish
ed in the Star-Bulletin yesterday after
noon, has made Pearl Harbor defenses
a very lively issue, and the action of
the coming board in this particular is
being . widely discussed in service
circles. In all probability the findings
will be confidential, and will be filed
away until sprung upon Congress with
the request for the necessary appro
priation to carry out the scheme for
an impregnable Oahu, but in the mean
time speculation is rife, and interest
in the. probable action of the board
keen.. . .
"1 believe that there is urgent need
of strong fortifications at Pearl Har
bor," said Admiral Cowles this morning.-
, !The mortar -battery,' and the
12-inch guns at Fort Kamehameha are
well enough as far aa they go, -but
the .naval . rendezoruarmust-be Ttnore4
fitrongiy2fprtinea.''4s tcjine rm
aidi3-iabattfefi6 planned-for Fe4r
HarbOr? they tfrebf course only Tor
mine field defense or for use against
small vessels lying close in. A chain
tbp$ isand
unK .special
Harb6r right away.'
No Naval Board. .
Admiral Cowles said that he had
received no intimation that the navy
was to work in conjunction with the
army In planning the defenses of
Oahu and the Hawaiian Islands. That
it it Is of course a matter of common
interest between the two arms of tae
, .(Continued on Pagt 4)
. With two" auto collisions within ten
days in which two men were injured,
one fatally a machine bring the
number 7.16, assigned to David Crock
ett, shot up Fort street at k high rate
of speed yesterday afternoon andl
struck hack No. 1S5, which the driver
was turning at a point-halfway in the
block between King and Hotel streets.
The .hack contained two women. V
The auto struck the rear wheel of
the hack, and was damaged to the ex
tent of a twisted mud-guard and brok
en lamp. The hack ' was not injured
but the women occupants were badly
frightened. "
According to eye-witnesses, the dri
ver of the auto was violating . the
speed ordinance on a narrow street
and attempted to shoot through a nar
row space between the rear wheels of
the hack and another auto standing at
the curb. ,
Quite a crowd of spectators gather
ed, following the accident and there
were a number of Interesting Com
ments on the apparent failure of the
authorities to enforce the anti-speed
$ 'l S g-; $ $ S
Tax rereinfs for the Territorv
the fiscal year just closed
will show an Increase of $50e),-
000 to $600,000 over the receipts
$ of .the preceding year. This is 4
the estimated figure set by Gov-
ernor i- rear Dasea on the partial
annual statement of the Terri- ?
torial auditor.
He says the statement will
show that the amount expended
?v by the Territory during the,
same period has been greater, ;
but that if is greatly overbal-
N ancea oy tne increase in re- ?
The auditor s reDort is noc .
completed. It will be finished in
about a week, and as soon: as it
" is submitted, the Governor will
begin work on his annual report.
The figures given above in
and inheritance taxes.
8 s 8 n5 v s nS - S 4
is mgnrr aesirame, dul jl tr
.t- f
Bringing back from Chicago the
there against bossism, ex-Governor
received caDiea permission to organize Hawaii on iTOgresslve lines. " To
day .plans were on foot for an executive committee of supporters of the move
ment, and for a meeting next Monday
Carter and. Atkinson take the attitude that there is ho ' longer" a national
Republicampr(rty? :"- ; I. . ; ; . , . ';. -'. .''-;- " -
- It was j reported this morning tha t at a meeting of the stevedores or
ganization (last,., night ' the members
party movement . liitHa wall. '
. : . ..... " . '
Palmyra Island win be offered j ror
sale at auction at Morgan's salesroom
on July 31, by order of ; the circuit
court probate judge. This "decreed sale
Is to settle the interests of certain mi
nors in the property adjudicated as ex
isting.; ' v -;::vv .''''.' ;
E.' I j. Schwarzberg, the auctioneer
and real estate man of Morgan's, in
connection with this affair neatly
placed C. R. Frazler, the( billboard
king, in a dilemma this morning. ' In
presence of a Star-Bulletin man, whom
the -auctioneer roped in as. a witness,
Schwarzberg asked Frazier; what ; his
charge would! be for "posting "a notice
of a guardian's sale, 'anywhere within
the city and 'cVunty of Honolulu." .
Frazier's mental calculation evident-
. Watch the Duke Iahanamoku fund
grow!. -.. 'S'i :"' v''
Get in and help it grow!
The movement for a substantial
gift to Duke Kahanamoku, Jr., who Is
winning fame for himself and Hawaii
by his marvellous swimming at the!
Olympic games, is getting real results
right from the outset. V
The fund started when two admir
ers of Duke up in -Fana, Maui, sent
$15 to the Star-Bulletin and suggested
that Duke be given house and lot
on his return " fror j Stockholm. A
further suggestion " has been made
that a committee be named to handle j
the fund,' secure the house and lot,
place the property in trust for Duke
and make the occasion of his home
coming a 'big, "hookupu or celebra
tion. ;'v .''. , '
Down at the fishmarket. yesterday
afternoon and today the contributions
to the fund began to pour in, James
H. Boyd, market inspector, circulat
ing among the stalls with the follow
ing petition: ' ;;
"We, 'the undersigned,' hereby sub
scribe the amounts set opposite our
names toward a gift for Duke Kaha
namoku 2nd, ' expressing our aloha
and appreciation for -his success atj
the Olympic games at Stockholm,
Sweden." ' ; ;. '
How the money did flow in! Dol
lars, fifty-cent pieces and quarters,
they all counted steadily up, and this
morning Mr. Boyd came to the Star
Bulletin office with $33.75 that had
been given to help encourage Kaha
namoku and clean sportsmanship in
Dr. Hutchinson of the Kaimuki
Land Company yesterday
afternoon J
notified the Star-Bulletin that the
company will donate $50 on the pur
chase of a. lot and another generous
offer was put .down.
...mm. .fi it- ji'irfnJ ir.ni'v -rKLrif?joi 'k?n -hi I tVteni 1st a jR-aafiliot, k..wharfandUhe water on niersrat hlch steamer3
leafc l 1 MM S!lS
Rooseveltlan slogans that were sounded
Carter and A. I. "C. Atkinson yesterday
to get the third party started in Hawaii
had indorsed Roosevelt and the third
.. . . . .. '.1 'r-
iy only' reacneJMo nucn rerripte .points
on the ' Island of Oahu as Kahuku,
AV'aianae and Waimanalo and, perhaps
dlscounting'the trouble and expense in
volved in going abroad as- far as any
of those points with a vision . of a
pleasant aiito ride, answered - that he
thought he could undertake the con
tract for fifty dollarti. .
"Well, quickly responded the , auc
tioneer, "I am going to sell Palmyra
Island ' at guard lap's sale on . July 31,
and want , to put up a poster announc
ing it on that island.'
- 0-
Frazier's vision now extending -dcr'oss
1"wi nvf nf watpr
caused him forthwith to hedge on the -
nnniroxi. Ma Hti- u.aBf tn' ha
contract, ; He did' not want to be a
welsher, but well. Palmyra1 Island was
too long a shot for fifty plunks.
.'RIND J0f,f
This morning the . Silent Barber
Shop, of which Mr. Joseph Fernan
dez is proprietor, came through with
$2.50 to help the fund.
- The Honolulu Star-Bulletin, believ
ing heartily In the idea of the fund
for Duke, subscribes $25 . to the fund
and wishes it all success. Duke is
making eood in every .way. and thehur opium from yen-shee, provided
Star-Bulletin stands for clean sport
and the encouragement of it in Ha
w nil and la Verv plaH tn its namo
down for $25
ThP fund is barplv startpd hnf it's
off to a cood start- and what is morp.
it i s, nnnniar mnvomont nntoV
great work at Stockholm deserves to
hn rpwarriprf hv snrnpthincr tinrp . than
'. i u cT..iij i i f
WOIU3, iiuii cue oitti-ouiieim IS Ileal I
ing every day from people who think
that the idea of a house and-lot
is a fine one, the property to be
nlared in trust- and the eifo madr
when Duke gets back from the big
games...'; ' .;
Here's the list of those who sub
scribed to the fund on the list turned
in this morning by Mr. Boyd: '
(Ccntinutd on Pag 4)
The management of the Moana
Hotel announces a dance for tonight
in honor of the first cabin passegers
of the transport Logan. Army and
Navy folks, and society, generally are
cordially invited to attend. .
. - Associated Prrsi Cable) .
STOCKHOLM, Sweden. July 12. Americans carried off most of he hon
ors today, repeating their triumphs of
Today's competition was marked
son, the University of Vermont lad, who leaped 24 feet 11 inchea and a frac
tion, setting a new record. The former record, was held by Frank Irons of the
Chicago Athletic Club, who covered
games four years ago. :, ;: . .
Americana today won four out of
meter race. Kelly, the Universit of
11Q-meter hurdle race in 15 . 1-10 seconds, .LWendelL; the Eatem collegian,
being second and Hawkins of the University of Oregon third.
UPSET IN DISCUS. -l.. '' -
.' In the diecua throw Finland's entry
lege, Mich second, and Jin DuncarV.h older ,of ; :. the Ivforid'a record, no bettir
than third. This event 'Wa a big opaet !ef: American hope. .
' Several events ere on the 'card toda
trie. The' pentathlon wII prqbaely see
and riding there ar oventi In jwojch
In the cross-country raco' thej Ftnt
lets, with Patton of America fourth. ..;
In the five-man team race, ;rtinning
Finland second.
.WASHINGTON, D. C., July 12.
speech in his own defense, and the senate took a recess untir tomorrow,
when It wili probably vote on ihe Ldrimer reports," upon ' which Lorimer'a
seat hanss
Ei W. Chafin
perance worker and prohibition advocate, was today nominated fsr presi
dent' by the-national Prohibition convention In session, here. H s t.w3
Prohibition: candidate for President
can it oe canea parx oi
it?parvon.wtiarf if they don't know
isn t part oi a wnaru
This is a simplified, elucidated form
of a question Involved in the trial of
Thos. Blackwell, a chauffeur charg
ed with violating the harbor regula
tions relating to driving automobiles
on the wharves. Blackwell was ar
rested . on July f for the offense
which is ajleged to have occurred at
the Mauna Kea wharf on the after
noon of July 3 and his case was con
tinued before - Judge" Monsarrat ' this
Attorney, Andrews was cross-exam
JninS .Wharfinger . Caverj; complain-
"5 wiiuesa, wueii uie Aiuesuoii arose
h?? "P 1
Calvert had given his definition of a
wharf as a. projection built out"; Into
'It may. not be a crime to manufac-
be other ingredients used are not
Pi,im' but nevertheless we continue
to seize en-shee." said U. S.. District
Attorney Breckons this morning, in
commenting on a news item, under
Mate of June 27, says that the Circuit
Court of Appeals of New" York has
ruled that yen-shee may be remade
into smOKing opium
"Ypn-shp" said Breckons '."in thr
1- . " i,
ash or residue of the smoking opium.
inai, rema,"s " '. ,
considered it legal, to mix this yen-
snee wun water ana otner mgreai-
ents, provided they are not yen-hi, or
crude opium, and smoke it again.
though it cannot make a very good
smoke. ' . .
"In some cases it Is even , custom
ary to drop yen-shee in tea and drink
it, producing the same effect as the
smoking, except in much' milder de
gree. :' ' ,; ;: VV ; -Contains
"But the stuff Is often mixed with
the real. opium or the raw material,
manufacturing a cheaper quality of
smoking opjum. The yen-shee con
tains a certain amount of morphine
that the original smoke did not take
away, and its value as an adulterant
is 0 recognized so well that; It has a
market value of about $20 a pound'
In strange contradiction to the de
cision Just reported is a decision
made some years ago by the Southern
Circuit Court of Appeals of New York
a court of equal jurisdiction, if not
the same court which is said to have
made the recent ruling. The earlier
II ROtll Oi
the past few days.
by the great broad-jumping of Gutter
24 feet 6 12 inches at London in th
five heata in the eemifiBaia of the 43.
Southern California hurdler, won ine
won first; with Byrd ef Adrian Col
In jvhich America "may net have en.
Americana entered,-out in tne : cin-j
the US.. hat no entry.
three men to finieh were Swed.- . .
!! i Pi, , . t! ,. ; '.,.:, .
3000 meters, Amenca was fmtifeni
Senator Lorimer today concluded his
Is Nominated
Euaene W, Chafin, the nctid tsm-
in 1SC3. His home Js ln .Tu;::n, Ariz.
; "Was the placd whcre'Uhe violation
is ; alleged tO 'havef ocdilrrcd bulit ca
piers ?V asked 'Attorney. Andre ws.
. "It is a part. of the wharf."
."But was It built on- piers? reiter
ated Andrews.
The complaining witness evaded a
direct answer again and Judge Mon
sarrat interposed with the question:
"But how could it be part of tho
wharf and not be built, on piers V
"But how can it be part of the
wharf when it isn't part of the wharf
and who has the right to say that It
is "part of the wharf or whether It
is part of the wharf or not?" re
plied Andrews.
And the question was settled by ad
journing court - to the - waterfront,
where Judge MonsarraC could see for
himself whether the defendant had
driven ,on. partof; 'liarf or not.
The case has. bec . continued until to
morrow. , - ...
cpinion,; as shown by a copy now In
the possession of U. S.. internal Rev-
Is 'that the manufactur!c 'of: smoking
opium even when only ' yen-shee and
water la used, 13 illegal. 'V
Seizures to Continue.
But because of the cheaper cjialify
of opium which may be made, by mix
ing the yen-shee and yen-hl, which
both opinions hold to be illegal, seiz
ures of yen-shee will continue.
In this connection Collector Cottrill
today made the interesting statement
that large quantities of opium aro
legally shipped into the islands from
the maJnland, and legally sold here.
He says that there are several mil
lion dollars' worth of opium in, the.
United States that was imported be
fore the law against its importation
was put Into effect; that this drug
was properly taxed, and stamped and
may still be sold if it bears the reve
nue, stamp. Unless it Is sold directly
from the stamped container, however,
it may be confiscated. ,
Cancellation of a selling order and
news of higher prices of both raw and
beet constitute the, burden of a cheer
ful cablegram from Ed. Pollitz - to
Henry Waterhousc "frust Co., Ltd., re
ceived thi3.: morning. The message
"Cancel order to sell McBryde, Raw
sugar sold in-Xe-- York at 3.S8. Lon
don beets up.." -
On top t)f the foregoing comes 3
following dispatch from the New
York office of Alexander &. Baldwin.
Ltd., to the home office: ' r
"Holders of raw3 are asking 3.y-'.
Refiners are bidding 3.86.".:
- - t .

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