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3 11 H
1 LUilKE OfiilS BIG
(gj'eelil CtM t Eerthsra'
: " Eir!.3rTt.)
Proceed Ins from Ean Francisco to
Honolulu through smooth peas and
f..fr:iMo winds, the Matson . Navlga
t; :. ttarner Lurline, ia nearing the is
1 :. ' ana according to a late wireless
urtived thin morning at the apeney
ct C&tle & Cooke, the steamer shouiJ
r rilve at. tbl port early Wednesday
x. arr.ing.- ."." -
Thp Lurline, In command of Cap
t. ..I Henry Weeden, Sailed from San
J ri!.t!iiCo with 25 cabin and 8 steer
;." passengers for this port.
T! ere Is a very large cargo of gene-
1 merchandise Jn the -vessel of
a 'c!i 11X2 tons will be, dtetharged
! :e 'before the vessel Is dispatched
Li Kahului, with 831 tons.
A later mainland mall amounting to
1." sacks tIs duo to arrive for the Is
! : 1 In the vessel.
.'ihe Lurline will be berthed at tho
(. : j lack fold, now known as the Mat-
... wharf.
I :.:ud'for Steamers Increases
.it'i quantities of freight Icft'be
'.. 1 fjn nearly every trip of traus
; . l.'ic passenger- and cargo-carriers.
trip to the Garden Island.
The Mikahala is being discharged of
a miscellaneous cargo Including
calves, chickens, eggs, hides, 78 pigs
and ICO packages sundries. The .Mi
kahala met with heavy swells and
strong winds on the homeward voy
age., . ; V,
From Anahola with 10,800 sacks su
gar the steamer Maui was ;4 Sunday
arrival and the sugar Is being dis
charged as rapidly as possible with. a
view to early dispatch of the vessel to
Hawaii. The Maul also met with
rough weather. '
TheLJkelike, from Honoipu. Is be
ing discharged of 6."28 sacks agar
supplied by liawi mill.
Damara to Fly U. S. Flag
.The British steamer Damara, which
went ashore of Fort Point on October
h, 1910, and was abandoned by her
owners to the underwriters, is to be
come an American ship by. virtue of
the fact that she was repaired in. an
American shipyard. The vessel was
salvaged bjr the underwriters and sold
to the Union Iron Works, which Jn
rcilv of tonnairo is rpnortfrt and turn sojci ner 10 uer present owut-i6,
rnand 'for' vessels in the Orient! Eschen & Minor of San Francisco. The
o. t s more pressing. j vessel was repaired, at the. Union Iron
In consequence the N. V. Kv the O I Works. A bill has Just been passed
and the Mitsui Dust;an Kaisha. granting her American registry. On
! j--innrre companies, chartered aber next arrival at San Francisco the
i;!.bc-r of .vessels and therefore', American flag will be raised to the
1 ( (lUbiderubly "the number of masthead. ' ; " ;
! i rttofore for hire. Lately thej , y '
ring charges in the Orient have " . , . , . '
. . ... n:wp incnrt Lulo Below Water
..:.cea very consiueraDiy ana me --r--- . t ... "
?.il Marine Transportation Circle
: rins from a great difficulty
iTi'x? tirvtfa nn r-linrtpr 1
r, r lo somewhat relieve this-e little auxiliary powered schooner
the N. V. K. and the O. S."K. 1 kuKa today, ana mucn - ume was
fpent in carrying iorwara ine inves
tigation. ' 1
The Luka is being made ready for
another cruise In the south seas, at
which it Is planned to have the, vessel
g (0ua tons) and the S. S.fa at canning ana wasnmgiou jsi-
1 ' urn (tOOO tons). The -ether ands, witn a possime siop ai nnsi-
Is, the Uritish Monarch4 tnas Island, the former copra pre
tcr.s) and the Erney, (4000 . serves of Father Uougier, the south
) ro purchased by the 6. S. K. sea Copra King.
M ' The vessel recently left the marine
. Pnr-c Fni-!ri Tnnan ' railway after having received a:
minute inspection 01 ine uouom ui
: Monday, ulr
ASTORIA Sailed, July 27, Schooner
Robert It. Hind, for Kahului.
SAN FRANaSCO-rArrived, July 2S,
P. M. S. S. Siberia, hence July 22.
SAN FRANCISCO Sailed, July 27, S.
"S." J. 'A. Chansalor, for Honolulu.
PUGET SOUND Arrived. July 2S,
Schooner Carriei: Dore, from Kahu
luL June 23. : x ....
MIDWAY ISLAND Arrived, July 27,
Schooner Flaurence Ward, hence
S June 25, via Fanning Island.1
KAHULUI Sailed, July 23, Schoon
er Ariel, for Puget Sound
YOKOHAMA Arrived, July 28, S. S.
Tenyo Mam, hence July 18.
M UKILTEO Arrived, July 29, Bark
entine M. Winkelraan,: from Hilo,
June 29. , 4
S. S. CHINA will arrive from Yoko
hama this 3 p. m, and will prob
ably said at 11 a - m, Tuesday for
San Francisco. , 7 ,;
S. S. LURLINK will dock at Hack
feld wharf Wednesday morning
from San Francisco with4 35 cabin
and S steerage passengers, 245
sacks of .mail, 4322 tons cargo; for
Kahului 831, tons cargo; .smooth sea,
all well. .. ... v v......
i - '.r - v. .f' " -J
a. m.,
Temperature-r6 a. - m., 73; 8
77; 10 a. m., 79; 12 noon, 80.
mum last night, 72. j
' Wind 6 a. m., velocity 3, direction
Northeast; 8 a.-m., velocity 3, direc
tion North; 10 a. m., velocity 4, direc
tion Northeast; 12 noon, velocity 10,
direction Northeast - Movement past
24 )iouxs; I6Q miles, .
Barometer at 8- a. m., .79.99. J Rela
tive humidity 8 a. m., 66. Absolute
humidity, 8 a, rm 6.575. Dew-point
at 8 a., el, 65. Total rainfall during
past 24 hours,. Trace, . i :
(Continued from Ps 1)
On the vote being taken first, Mar-
ston. Campbell was absent and & lie
resulted. Mayor Fern and Supervisor
Dwight voting for and Chairman
J Adams and Secretary Petrie against
, & motion to award the contract to the
Tl OSce Supply Company as the lowei:
One thousand tons general cargo bidder. Mr. Campbell was sent for
from the Orient Is to arrive here today; fend after being informed of the point
Pending the arrlal oX the Pacific of difference, promptly sided with the
Mail liner China from the Orient to.lneeatIvp.fh
day, Alakea wharf Is free from freight. I with the same lineup; on each' side, fa
mK:n. win
Cumbersome My cr System Abandoned in Oavor of Cont:Rent
al Morse and Service Wireless Operators Will Profit By
the Change. .
The bark Andrew- Welch was fumi.
gated yesterday, preparatory , to ; de
parture for San Francisco with a full
load of sugar. . .... .. . ' . .
Is en route in the American oil-tanker
J. A. Chanslor,, which sailed from the
coast last Saturday.
motion carried to award the contract
to the Hawaiian News Company. .
Besides the members of the com
mission there were present-II. Stuart
Jk shipment of fuel oU for Honolulu J Johnson, the Commission engineer.
Deputy Attorney General A. G. Smith.
John ,.H. So per. representing the Ha
waiian News Company. C N. Mar
A slow passage fs recorded for the ou rpnrntin? th nm a.mniv
the American schooner Carrier Dove, Company with the "Acme" desk, and
which sailed from Kahului on June 29
and arrived at Puget Sound porta, yesterday.-"--
" . ' . v , .. i
The little steam,er Noeau is on the
berth for departure for Kauai ports!
at five o'clock this evening,, taking!
William N. Patten, representing A.
OX far greater Importance than ap
iwars frcm the mere printed order, 1
the recent chunffe in army regulations,
which entirely Ucks away with the
curalerome Myer coJ and brings
all army signaling, both visual and
radio, under what Is known a Con
tinental Morse. ThU sweeping . change,
which affects the navy a it well as the
land forces of Uncle Sam. U largHy
due to expertmontal work done right
here on Oahu, and when a Joint board
lesw apparatus. This has b?n uh!
in it e army since Uifi, nrnl ws alit
tU t that tune larjrt ly , throuKH
l-cji.-ure brought to tar by th navy,
. ti-at thfre aU;ht W a uniform
torn ot communication Wtwwn, thv
Viicn th army .!i;nahiiipn hvro lirvt
in.tllfj wirltius at Scholltld 15 ir
rucks and Fort De Ilussy, and trit to
talk to the ; navy 'wirelf.x.1 In My r. It
. found that the int ssuces v-r
nut und?rstofHl. The navy was ulnsj
Continental Mor?e. the covl of com
nurclal wireless, for all lt aTa;ram,
cf army ami. navy ofikvrs met to thresh
B. Arleigh & Company with the.No- out the matter of a slgnal codv. local
noise" desk. . - I results are believed to have cut a
Fern Favor Low Bid. ' large figure. in the ultimate actioa and he army wus up ayuinst it. These
Mvni- vcrn f t,'. The chijiiKe means tlat jignalmen fact Wt re embodied in a report for-
. . -
11 nntnto n Citr-A bnOWn
to go
dea isiand. .
Midway Island reports the arrival of
the little cable supply schooner Flaur
ence Ward last .Saturday. The vessel
1 ! . I . . til , - ...I. 1 H .I..I..1 .v . j V. I .. 1.1 .1. ...
the points of their resuective " e mj r. wui itma w un m. . auis.un. Ma-
said "that if they were Eoin" ternational nsuage or dots ana Kiven grave consecration by iii joint
by the recommendations of ; wr VVT liZ: T . , . M ; . 7
,1 u v. (eioeri. wireless oiKTaiwrs wnue weur-' mc uummt- jum -auum
need of specificatiops. . The desks, ap-. - , , V ' ,, 115,1 Vl
proceeded to the cable station by the f e?Luc. Vl?f 1 slble jobs with the commercial wire-
i With lumber the American schooner! ert ned 'n. the sch0?L3l today ?nd i wireless' curators. uX present, and; the
Robert R. Hind, has been dispatched itjl1- f! signal corps expert haS mahing def -
from Astoria destined for Honolulu. 7" .rirtr: Inite to look forward to since the nev
The vessel sailed rrora the Oregon port "'"v ."14" uucu
last Saturday, . , :. . ,. t0 the lowest bidder- - - -
i All cargo brought to this port in, the' Mr. DwiglTt seconded the motion,
belated bark Nuuanu ia subjected to a saying that It the tenders were called
survey before being turned over to the for a specified make there would be
consignees. The freight is discharged no competition. i
at lUcbards street! wharfs ; be executed w ;th f n language which will be
Bringing a large number of passen- before. . He did not think the differ- ft-ut heliograph, searchlight or wire-1 anywhere In the civilized world.
t understood ! all three, of the desks
want of water, but this was now to
gers,and a later, mail from the coast ence in cost was offset by a difference
of Asia by the way of Honolulu, , the in quality. - . ; : v v
Paifin Xfnll llnr Slhrin nrrlvpr!-, nt; .'-.Mr. : Adama .' calrl ..tThof . rn iranaiBl
San Francisco at 2 o'clock yesterday principles; if a desk was satisfactory h? obtained from the Army camp and
.hnrnnnn ' lit noo OQ Jof t. - the WOrK Will prOCeed. - v -
According to Captain Josselyn of the certain filigree or. not'. They , had ' Mr JoJnsonv Ported that, accord
bark Nuuanu, the Falkland Islands af-1 called for bids on certain sped fica- Dg t0 X)T athorJJjfUon ?rt,ats1t."m!cl;
ford, a, resting-place-for the hujks of t ions and two of the desks shown1 lng' a, ho?.iI!fft'?i1.Prldl0
I ueeu uougui ior vu. . i nis was u
i luff the uniform, can step right out of turned the. tide h favor, of the entire
abolition , of Myer, und adoption of
Continental Mors. Only for the Ar-
There Is a dt-arth of dols slsnalscomhinatlons of colored
lights use! for nUht .!snallr.R between
shipsIs the Mytir cov!t retalnfd. it
new navmir proved more auaiiHiie rur im
regulation has gone Into effect, should class of work.
he care to quit the .service when, his At Lellehua the. signal dftachmnt
time is up. .'-. .. .. , com mt need -work with Continental
What is known as the Myer code Ij Morse last Friday. The nun are de-
a cumbersome system of numeral com. lighted with the hew regulation, n
1 blnatlons representing the different I they realize ihat they are now to learn
ifn language wnjen win ie unufrsuxi
iv i
chr.scd two old British tcr.m-
In England, which are now
way to Japan. The boats
N. Y. K, bought are' com-
y new steamers, being the s.
Slam, which has craning and repainting.
rr : purchased by. the Kishl-'
:i'::!:p Company at a cost cf
)c:i. arrivea here last satur
:i.o Is a vessel of G.SOO tons.
lr.::nchcd in UrJ:V It is said
r local companies intend pur-
:mcrs of a further
China To Arrive This Afternoon.
j The PacIficMail liner China,' with
,cne : thousanjr. tons oneuiai - cargo,
.from Hongkong and the Japanese
ports should arrive off quarantine on
01 about three o'clock this afternoon
r.f Till il r.r.A llio urnornm
n u; is cxpcctci to be carried acording to a late wireless message re
'y (J-tobcr tl is year j celved at the agency of H. Hackfeid
" Mcr Jnranrsorcncern.1I:eMc!JI '. f nd-'Company., The", liner,, was two
Kci,ha has also' purchased a hundred and eighty miles from: Hono
tc::i tcul in Kngland, but so far at eIS&t o'clock last night Tois
: fused to make the name public steamer has room for a small number
: ;-!::e s reasons. As the marine 0' caoln pasengers for San Francisco
rt circle in KurcjK? is much rnd Is xpected'wlll sail for the coast
': i irk thon. the Oriental the price tomorrow morning."
c ' ; rt -ring value of these vessels - ' ' '
icn considerably and by the Politician Expected Dally,
a. vcsfcI of about 4,000 tons ca- The Harrison Direct line freighter
: arrives in Japan, taken the im- Politician, from European ports with
duty, Le is worth about 1300,000, 2300 tons general cargo or Honolulu,
j including fertilizer and merchandise,
In Strict (iu.inmtlnr. j is expected to arrive at this port daily,
strict quarantine has been cxer- The vessel and cargo come consigned
1 by the federal medical caters1 to the Fred, Waldron Cohipany, Llm
: rt the American schooner Eric, ited. The Politician is to be berthed
!i vessel arrived at Honolulu last at the railway wharf unless the ves
Ly from Tocopllla. with a full sel reaches port too late to permit the
cf nitrates from the South berthing of the American-Hawaiian
: ican port I freighter Arizonan, in which event the
e L'ric, corning from a country Politician will be sent to the Hackfeid
;o extreme precautions must r.ec-j wharf for discharge. .. . ;
: i!y be taken to guard against In-) , ft ,: , : ,
:i through mosquitoes, the local ..War and Rumors pt War.
ritics are giving the vessel a' TACOMA, Wash., July 8. .Unless
u;?h fumigation. One feature an agreement be reached shortly be
.erves to delay the work is the tween the various steamship compa
that the nitrates carried in the nies in the' trans-Pacifi.c gonference
mo of an inllamma-ble nature. and the Japanese lines with regard to
e 1 Trie is expected to be brought the proposal of the Nippon Yusen Kai-
l quarantine to the railway wharf sha, Osaka Shosen Kaisha and Toyo
Kisen Kaishc- to reduce the freight
rates on tea from Japan a rate war
will take place, according to advices
received by the . steamer Antilochus,
which reached port yesterday from
now morning, accoruing to tne
r;t expectations-.of the quaran-
Has Iloom for Manv.
.0 Oceanic steamship Sonoma, Liverpool and Asiatic ports.
'i railed from Sydney, N. S. W.J ' ft
Friday destined for Pago Pago, Schooner to Load Sugar,
olulu and San Francisco, has room j The American" schooner Honoipu Is
122 additional cabin passengers to take on a shipment of sugar at the
i this port to the coast.. - 1 port of Hana. Maul, according to re-
cable has been received at the port that has reached this city with
y of C. Brewer "& Co!, giving de- the , arrival of the steamer. Likelike.
1 information as to tha number The Honoipu Is being discharged of a
location of all available state- consignment of general' cargo for
s on board that vessel. ; j warded from San Francisco. It is ex-
Sonoma is expected to arrive' pected to leave Honoipu on or about
.August 9th. The receipt of the August 3rd, and will proceed to Hana,
' today makes the berthing of to load sugar for the coast refineries,
rigors from Honolulu to San1 ' ft
cisco a comparatively easy mat-f Material for WhaVf Construction,
for the corps of accommodating' Material for repairs and reconstruc
ts at the local Oceauic office. j tlon of the railway wharves has ar
t the present time about ninety ap- Ived from Sound ports in the Ameri
tions for transportation to the can schooner Prosper, which entered
land in the Sonoma have. been the harbor yesterday afternoon: The
vessel brought a full cargo of timber,
consigned to the .Oahu Railway and
Land Company. Work of discharging
of the schooner began this . morning as
Viral COasllUg fcieiuueia, ruiu uriUS uc coact uta at iuc ujiyci cuu ui iuc
u general cargo of Hawaiian prod- railway wharf.
1 1 CO l
ural Steamers Hake Port
r.r day witnessed the arrival
. for the most part composed of
:'.:.r. .-'',' '
Tl- Kinau. from Kauai with 7000
el s sugar, 20 scks coconuts, and 225
cl.ages sundries, has beensdischarg
I r.nd will load today for a return
Another wireless from the Oceanic
Steamship Sierra Is sa follows; . O. S.
S. Sierra, en route. to San Francisco,
July 2S, 8 p. m.Sixteen hundred
miles from San Francisco. r
n -
. Kinjj Street, pp.
Union Grill .
Phono 1231
Kauai : Sugar Report. -j
' ugar" a Raiting" Bnjpmentoif'Kauai
Includes tho following according to re
port received yesterday with- the ar
rival of the. steamer Kinau. -K. S. M.
10.400 bags;,Mak., 36,314 bags; K. P
9518 bags; G. T, 1215 bags; 3. & R.,
2S00 bags;, McB. 2G,902 bags; L. K,
15,549 bags.. . :'-': . r. ;.;:; -; -; , -v, 1
' , ''.: ft--' .. ' :-.
Europe Preparing for Canal.
M. H. De-Young,-vice president of
the . Panama-Pacific . International Ex
hibition Commission, who is making a
tour around the. world gave out In
Paris the other day the, Information
that .England and Germany are . con
structing 1500. merchant ships to' trade
through the canal. ,1.
' '. '-- -ft ' , : :
Frelchter. Arizonan Off Port
. Tho American-Aiawaiian. freighter
Arizonan with a. large cargo, sapplied
at New York, and transhipped-at the
l?thmus of Tehuantepec, 'ras report
ed off the port this afternoon. This
vessel also brings freight forwarder!
from San. Francisco and Seattle.
Upon completion of the discharge
of cargo, the retfhter" wll be given a
large consignment of sugar.at the sev
eral Island ports of call. It Is the in
tention that the Arizonan depart from
Hilo fop ."Salina Cruzwith the regu
lation twelve thousand tonsi sugar,- r,
;'.. r'' ;:M ' J.;--' ft i'.; .'"r -J- "fx;
holding down the lid at the big.wJiarf.
. r-
n nnnro nr mnrft . fast rllnnpr fihins find wro nnf nn tvo Qtrvifirot(i--ro
windjammers, once the pride and glo- Mr. Smith gave the opinion that the )ro,!el a?d t e - meeting adjaurned. .
Vv nf th spven seas. ; inniv hiiMtinn wn HDt,J I think I will bring an injunction i
James. Frlel, in charge of the Inter- conformed - to the specifications. IV t0,p 1 dwk conLrct
Island wharf office,: is enjoying a brief the one in thA lowest bid wa9 not 8?id arl?s N: Marquez manager of
vacation; at Kona and -Kau, Hawaii, equivalent to the specifications they
While : the, genial "Jimmy", is away,were authorized to award . the, con
Oliver Scott, of the : general office is: tract to the lowest bidder. '
Mr. Adams made an argument on
the hypothetical case of a contract
to furnish shotguns. ; .
r Worn rcnllori thor tho (InoVa - .
Maul Mookarani S iisp00 ! flto thi ieent ofducaUon
Maui, Mo.okai and Lanal ports-Mi ooly difference apparent was. in the' at a nrice that erme to Si CO below
w 8' '"..." ( the Hawaiian News Co.s bid. They
Mr. Adams next argued on the sim- are being used today in a number of
He of a paving contract if the sped- the schools.
Hied proportion of crushed: rock was.. ; :i asked Mr. Pone why. after acceDt-
not given the contract would not hold. lng these desks before, he should have
Mr. Fern denied that the cases "advised buying only the Peabody desk,
were similar.. In the matter of hinges and he said that was. a different mtt-
the aesKs were different, but the spec-; ter altogether. - '
the Offle Supply Co., this afternoon,
"I don't see whatrlght Superintend
ent Pope had to recommend the Pea
body desk above . all others to thd
commission. A few months ago we
?old a lot of these desks" nointins
llo the .iimnle of the "Ace" iust re-
kahala. stmr., a.m
' Mahukona, and Kawalhae I wala
ni, stmr., a.m. ';', -'- . . )-f-.; . - , ;-'
.Kauai ports Kinau, stmr., a.m,
Hawaii ports Likelike, stmr., a.m.
Astoria Prosper, ; Am. schr., a.m.f
Kauai. pbrts--Maut stmr.v a.m. :
: . '
"Per strvVKlnaii v i roin Kauaf V ports :
ifications stated that the
would be accepted. ,'.-'
Only Question, of Hinge.
Per str.v Kin'auV forv" Kauai ports',
July 30. Miss J. Kennedyr Miss Dan
ford. Miss Kelly Mrs., J. JC,,.qiandalir
Mrs. C. H. . Wilcox, MissM.-Fernandez,
A. J. L6wrey;,:D. NoU, Mr.; and
Mrs. J. G. Smithy-Master Smithy u
Per str, Kilauea, for Kona and Kau
ports, July , 30. Mrs tQ. sA., Moran
Miss . Alleen Jarretti Geo., J. O'Neill
Hattie Ah ;Yau, Miss Cecilia Chuck
Hoy, Chuck Hoy.t Mr. and Mrs.J.iE
Gannon, c V.'--.--.; ov ;:; ,;
: Per str. Mikahala, 'for Maul ,and
Molokal ports, July 30. Miss McCar
thy, Frank Baldwin, u; i.. i7,
Per str. Claudine for. HiIo via- way
.ports, Aug. 2. Miss. C. Betts, Howard
Smith, jFunnan - Stamper, Hamilton
Stamper, J. B. Gibspn:Ml3sJ.lary.-Iio
deriques, Mrsfc : Cooper ;v Mrs, , J, .C
Cr.HI. - . -- . r
WALDRON To Mr.iand Mrs. J. W
Waldron, Saturday, July 27. 1912, a
Miss D. Hookano, Miss Jillei, : 0.tLi..uny wui.on,oT ntnge. . : . ,;v
hau Xnahalea, M. ;Keay, Mrs. Namole.l Mr- Marquez stated that on the
Frances Gay,.Miss HugbMiss.
n n rrov . . r; rtortnvan . x called for by numbers, and patents
NagleV'A. ShepWrd.' MrQihiMiss' thing.. , w?;tbe' wrda 1 1 s f 1 j j
i vn,h m iZnh i m ' Knhftvjishi, Misa the desks were of standard types. In. IJ Hal alii
M. D. Mldell, Miss L. .Williamson, replyto a remark by the chair onthe
Miss M. Post Miss. B. B.lGault, Miss specifications, he said "AVe admit
M. Gault, M. Tewa, M. 4Yoga, Mrs. we cannot give you a desk with the
W; F. Hall, Miss Wood, I. J. Hurd, P. same-kind of hinge, as it is a patent"
G.. RUey. :W.' W.- Harris, Chas. Hall.' Mr. Soper remarked, "We give a!5
'at ' rial R?vrp Rpp Vfekers. n year guarantee, !'to which . Mr. Mar-
hoii . ' Mr Ktmhnii. . Miss . Soner. Quez retorted. VWe . give a 20-year
Mrs. Gec.Fair. AVw H. Fisk, MGar
sten, Miss Kt Pertfeman,; IHss .MT; Ma-
"Now I propose to spend some mo
ney to find out if a square deal can
not be had." .:; ,.;., ,
hoej 50 deck;
Tl Ifnnl nnH I IK ia a : UCaUlUVA.. ttUUUUUtCU Lilt!
Molokai ports f '- Miss'K. Wilbur," MrsJ ; chair.-! and. to decide the .question we
TL Whitehead, Jv A. Williams,; Mrs.lmust have, the other member of the
WUliams, ,Mrs." C.t Parker, . Miss M. , eoramlsslon; Present. . ,
Parker, MissN. Parker. Jno, Andrade, ,Mr. Campbell, arriving in a few. min
Mrs. Andrad if C. - E. Copeland, E. L. utes in response to a telephone sum
nirhnr o'-,; M KaJpl:'' Mrs. Morton. i nions, made the remark, on. looking
Mfss A,pot'L. . E. wiieehew ; Geo. K.
guarantee on ours." . -
The : vote was then taken and re
sulted In a tie as already stated. "
Trimble,; Mi$s Morris, Mrs. Kearns,
Miss Kearns, a. Parker. M. Maritono,
Fi Morris, JD. McVeigh, 37 deck.
' On her"aIIegaldff, br exbreme; cruel
ty -IlajitVAalMi' iWSWns ' was
granted a divprce from James. Kalanl.
I ; Judge, Whitney; today granted a div
ojee to Tina Yamomoto from Hlghiro
go Yamoraoto, on the showing of non
support V v.Vv;y i "
i N. :AY;. Brundage. who, isome . time
at, the document: 'This is an adver
tisement, ' practically, for . a Peabody
desk." After examining the desks he
was ready to vote, - and. the motion
was lost by three to two. . . -
Mr. Petrie then moved, seconded by
Mr". Campbell, that the contract be
awarded to the Hawaiian News Com
pany, whicbcarried by the . ayes of
Adams, Campbell and Petrie.
Belt Road Contracts. ' -
Mr. Johnson, on being asked about
the belt road contracts, said the work
on contract for section one had not
yet started, J H. Wilson, the con:
tractor, being absent, from the Jerri;
In - reply to Mr. Campbell, he
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ago Jired a petition for divorce from
Helen V. Brundase. this morning filed tonr
notive of .discontinuance of the action. stated that no time to start work was
i John Mattos . nas Deen ? oraerea uy , in ine coniracc.
Judge Whitney .to pay, his wife, Palme-
da Mattos. temporary alimony "-of b0
Regarding the Lord-Young contract
cn section two, macadamizing had
ar montu,1 ln aacuupn ,to uorney s : Deen siarieu in one piace, wniie graa-
feea and .costs of. the Dendins divorce lng was progressing in another. Ala
cadamizing , had been suspended for
ed, he solemnly declared his earneit
desire to have a constitutional form
of government, and thi3 was formed
in 1889.
New Emperor a Modern. . .
Yonhihito, who now takes up the
reigns of government, is but 33 years
old. He has never been beyond the
confines of Japan, but hs received c
thoroughly modern education in the
arts of war and peace. He speaks
English and French fluently and Is
an advocate of all that is modern in
the conduct of state affairs. 1 The new,
empress vas formerly Princess Kujo;
They have been married 12 years and
have three sons.
Apprised of. the death of the Em
peror by tha Star-Bulletin, the local
consulate of the empire was at first
loth to credit the news, on , the ground
that it had received a dispatch this
morning stating that the condition of
the royal sufferer was unchanged. An
hour later, however, the consulate was
officially informed of the Emperor's
This-afternoon the Japanese of the
city were awaiting instructions from
Tokio as to the period and nature of
th mourning to be observed.
"It is. the first time since the estab
lishment of the present empire of Ja
If you didn't read in Satur
day's Honolulu Star-Bulletin:
Hawaii-Born Japanese Mkado's-Sul)-
Taft Signer! Kau Ditch Bill, -Dn
Eliot at Pearl Harbor,
Spreckels Mansion Holds Riches,
Major Vooten on Strategy Board,
Link Steers Clear of Fight, - j
Action On Vaialua Water Bill Soon,
Coast Seed Man Boosts Hawaii,
Low Tells of R. T. Shareholders,
Shingle for Delegate Is Slogan, "
You Are
Ine limes
pan that. a death of a ruler has oc
curred,' said Acting Consul Mori to
day, "and naturally we must await in
structions as to the mourning for the
Emperor., The flag on the consulate
has been placed at half-mast and I
have sent messages alt over the Islands
notifying, the people of the rEmperdrs
death. Flags, will be half-masted ev-
I erywhere. All projected entertain
fments will be abandoned, and there
was . v wse. eif i ia iif vv itivn
anese teams take part until the time of
mourning js over. . .
"The Emperor was greatly beloved
by his people and his death will be
mourned as a personal loss.
Under bond of $500,000 W. C. Parke
this morning was appointed executor
of the will and estate of Annie S.
Parke, by Circuit Judge Whitney. 8The
(estate is said to have an approximate
valuation of -about $300,000.
. Secretary Wakeman of the Ameri
can Protective Tariff league says Wil
son's election would be a serious men
see to the industries of the country.
The Indian Appropriation PHI,
amended so as to add about $1,000,000
to the $13,000,000 appropriated by the
house, passed the senate. ; ' '
t James A. Carol hii been appointed
suierlntendent of the Osage Indian
reservation, Oklahoma to succeed
Hugh Pitzer, resigned.
I r
o o U .
mm m
Spwlal Star-I3ull tin Afrnrnml
HILO, T. H.. July 20. In a special
rceort to the Hilo boud of trade, It.
Gocrtilng Jleld, special accountant em
ployed to Investigate Iliwail co.::.tv
finances, declared Saturday that It I.i.
absolutely Impossible for bin to ascer
tain the financial status of the coj:.ty
until an audit made. Ho" says "it
system is not constructed cn
principles of . public accci
lf-ns irregularities have t
ted every opportunity to rlrca i
tual. abuses." -'Ho finJs it i::i
to state with. any dcsrci cf nc
whether, the accounts fairly dl :z . ?
the position of tho ccnty. TI; tv:..l
board thlnk3 the stita of afTiru v, i!l
seriously afToct future 1.:.:. 1 i : -s.
! - AT;, i . . 1 Pi i JL,. , j JL, 1
DUBLIN, July IS The r.rrivv.l of
Prime Minister Asiult:. In I).j!.;i:i tj
night wa3 characterize I by rauch ;c;
ular enthusiasm and z:o by ii tur!)
anceg on. the part cf t'..o sur.'r: ; it
An' attempt made by t!:e sufrra -;u::m
to boll a.denonstrati::i cn the arrive
of the Prime Minister'-boat .w;: i f il
trated by ; the authorities, tut durirr.:'
the progress of the party to ti:e Hotvl
Gresham a hachet wa3 thrown at hi 3
carriage. .
It was at first reported that th
weapon struck John E. Hedrr.on J, tt
Nationalist leader, cn the head, but
this proved to be erroneous.
Redmond W'as slightly Injured v.tllt
entering the botefT whero the crus'i
was so great that his head was jam
med against the. door.
When he appeared on tho balccr.y
with the Prime Minister It wa3 seen
that his head was bleeding and.it wa.i
supposed tht It was due to a blow
from the hatchet.
Two women who occupied a box at
the Dublin - Theater, where As-;ulth
will speak tomorrow, threw a biazing
chair Into the orchestra and. set f.re
to the box turtates, causing a panic
One of the women escaped, but the
other, , who gave the name of Glidya
Evans and said she came from Eng
land, was arrested- After- thl3 Incident
two English suffragettes handed in a
statement at the ofHces of the Irbh
Times In which they declared they
had come to Ireland with a full sense
of the responsibility of having accepted-the
challenge of the night Honor
Lancaster, by burning, not an English
castle, but a Dublin theater.
A warrant was sworn aut this after
noon by Miss Julia VInce, cousin of IL '
M Ayres, against Mrs. H. M. Ayres
charging asault and battery, the alleg
ed asault taking plice at King and
Fort streets shortly after noon today.
A general cargo and shipments of
lumber and fertilizer are going into
the steamer Iwalani, which is sched
uled to depart for Mahukona and Ka
walhae at noon tomorrow. ,
In the Pacific Mail liner China.
The Pacific Mail liner China will be
given 500 tonS coal before dispatch for
San Francisco tomorrow morning.
Star-Bullciln Ad are Ecst EaI-rsJ
I l.i .
Merchant, lltir

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