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Tennis-Players Will Have to
4 Enter Swimming Race at the
Maui Harvest Home Celebra
tion Th6 Entries
The big doings on Maui the end of
inw week will be further enhanced by
an Interisland bowline match between
Honolulu and Puunene, provided that
ther flu any way for the locals to
. make the crossing In other than
yachts or aeroplanes. With the Inter-Island,
steamers tied up to their
docks, and a genuine strike in prog-
, ress. It Is possible that there will be
no , transportation available, in which
case , Honolulu bowlers and tennis
- players will have to cool their heels
in their own barkvarrt. wMIa th on.
nual Harvest Home celebration of the
., Valley Isle eeta alone an best It ran
, without them. V -rThe
bowlers only' received the Pu
unene Athletic Club's challenge a day
or so ago, ? and there, was a great
scurrying among the alley men to get
i together , a - team. Bowling has been
UVflaLU UCiD 1.UI IUU1ILUH. Aft. I 111 IltII 111
anves nor the rollers are In good
' shape. However: some of the reeu
Jars turned out last night,' and went
against the wood to rood Duroose. de-
veioping some good scores and also
some; sore thumbs.
: : The following well-known rollers,
who will form a five-man team with)
' iiiih nil nil i in. win in h m m i Tin w ri ri via
m-mm w aatwav a, a. twf Wimi V . W v
waui raaay: . ... . ;. .
C. A., White, Q. F. Wilkinson. C. A.
r i aui, ju. nB.rri3k. xu . iuctu w ana xa.
? m v ... ' w . to ' mr
' v. vtear. lue men will worit oui, lo-
aaa.a . a. ...
, night; and . tomorrow, and hope to get
their strike balls in working order.
" . C. G. Backus; who has been enerin
eerine ' the tennis feature of the Pu
received a-TtUr fronf riTUliam -Ixiuth
er of i Puunene giving: the program of
the day's sports and the names of the J
tennis piayers.'. .". ; . r;;'a,"
i it looks aft tnougn. the yauey is
landers had slipped one over on the
locals by putting a swimming race on
(ia hWAlrtmtw.". TM.' n fit. man
.WQIMiU ? .V W IV 01. IUWM
five yards. r The joker is tnat it is to
be contested by those c! wno play qn
tne tennis; team, so tnere s no tnanoe
of running in any real talent ; f -
Th nav is Tnir niA- w rn a nanrp
and a general ood' time at the clut-
-Following are the Maui tennis teams
that will go against the locals: . p
, x C. E. Meyers and s. Rlcnardson, p.
fi: UndBiT atA S. .P. RnRAftrana. 8. K.
Baldwin and W't Walsh, W. Lougher
E. Alellor, H. Hice and J, B.; Thontp-
v usDorne, ttu Tears urn, miii
Being Able to Ride
Jack Joyner, who is training, for
xiarry tr.. , uiuicj, tas ue is wu-
vlnced that life ;on the English turf
produces ; long . life for both amateur
. and professional I horsemen. Joyner
passedlhls remark last Tuesday when
-he saw an aged .rider, with bushy
white hair and side whiskers, dis
mount' from the chestnut mare My
nora, after breezing her a mile and a
half aa final workout for the historic
North Country two-mile 6take race
called the Northumberland Plate. The
mare won the classic on Wednesday.
The ' venerable and veteran rider
was John Osborne, w ho was the
world's premier jockey before Fred
Archer of England and Ike Murphy,
the colored American jockey, reached
their zenith, .otbornt gave up riding
- mnnv Vflrs Acrt. Mint lit retains hR
iiwujr czj f - -"
love for the turf by training a few
good horses. J
In Bpite of his advanced age (Os-
he often gives his charges their early
morning gallops, kin the early dawn
the picture of tU rugged character
tearing down the', stretch, with his
locks hying In the alr.ts inspiring.
Rode Sixty Years Ago.
Joyner says he has some right to
be amazed, for he saw Osborne ride
his last classic 1 wit ner, Ayreshire;
wnen the latter won the Guineas for
.the Duke of Portland in 1888. It is
nearly sixty years ago that Osborne
There Is Only One
DIodel Sanitary
Barber Shop
' Three First-Class Artists at your
- service. . ;
r. r. filTcstcr end E. SchroII, Props.
Vf Tr it A nrvi ir
er "
' 'Over fh5 the Phillppfnes they are
ipntihlgnjbtfcew-iiei InthT-in-
aoor.jinerhicui'rroOT'the aescrip-
tions,; in the ! Manila' papers;'; seem to
provide anovel varlety of sport While!
hhwtin!1irtiiif4VitKji1T 'fenil lnHrvnr hnf. !
bafl: will f likely hbld? the 'dtiention of 1
tionoiuians wnoviiice to put in their
freauent the cames hall. of the Y. M.
C A. whenever ;, there's anything on !
the cards there fcj-gooa chance to
lowing .the": tips that' come from over
the' Pacific. : ' -
These games have been suggested i
roae me winner otane XNorinumDer-
land Plate, ror wnicnsne so success-
iuuy iramea Mynora.
Half a century ago Osborne's whis-l
kers, which were coal black, were!
amous at every race, course. His -
greatest rival was George Fordham, J
whoj was 46 years old "when he won:
thelGrand Prix. on Foxhall for James
R. Keene. Osborne's-J whiskers are :
now snow whlte but he still retains)
the spirit of ryomb and rides like a'
hnrtrtlno' infVetyf He IooVb ehirHr anrt.
good enougn for many, years to come.1
Thai IaoIam rt tna TlHl-.oK fnrf hova !
the greatest respect; and admiration;
' tnlti. Annim rt V. n - -wvl n hvt
1U hi i ij UBUVI UC AVI UUC I.UC1 1
forefathers' thoroughbreds before they
were) even thought of.
Cannon a Veteran Rival.
Tom Cannon, a rival of Osborne in
years, looks as. strong and active as
the dean of the turf. Cannon was a.
great jockey until bis son, Morning'! r
ton, succeeded him.v Mornignton re-1
tired from tne turr witn a quarter or
a million and became a very enthusi-
astir pnifr His fathpr ftonM not
forego his first love and sucks to tne:
old familiar courses and stables.
"It Is a glaring contrast to the,
crack jockeys of America," says Joy-;
npr Thpr flourish on the scene for
a short time, reach dizzy heights, and
then come down like sticks of burnt'
rockets." . I
Joyner only laughed when he was
ncVoii u-hothr h fieiireH on living an-
other half century by retaining a resi-,
dence In England. Andrew Jackson
Joyner recalls longingly the old days
spent around Sheepshead Bay In the
good old times, and the vision more'
man oaBets tue peuceiui auu cuaiui-.
environments of Newmarket.
When he chooses to retire he will be
well fixed with the world's goods, for
he worked only . for liberal employ
ers, and bet only on horses he sent
to the post. That is a rule from which
he never deviated.
$ ? s
Jack Johnson, the black cham- ?
N pion, is after more fame. Not
satisfied with being the cham-
?x pion slugger, he aspires to base- ?
mn ball honors and, according to a
Chicago dispatch, wants to play
first base. Johnson has placed
& his application with "Rube" Fos-
ter, manager of the American
s Giants, a colored professional
f team. The big smoke thinks be-
?N cause he once played baseball,
he can again. Manager Foster
? has ordered Johnson to turn out x
for practise "for th,e next couple
oisweeks. His "come back" trials
t will begin at once.
irTiim wht nrwriKir ziiUflP in wirir m itr it iivr nut irp tp i n n i mot
. ..T ''1'
by the facithat they 'form; a -great
part-if " the atMetle proWarnltnesflir
tne fmuppraes, to wmcn possessiuu
the members here will .be 1 indebted,,
and that afcide Xrom their athletic va-
ln thpv rjfpspnt ft 'novel side that is
bound ;td appeal to the youths of thl'fW
secUQit r T' , ... i
wrestling; iplgr-'i-back relay 'crab . re-f
lay, 'lndmH wrestling and Obstacle re---
Human 'Rooster Fight.
In rooster Hgni a ring
Is drawn
about twelve feet in diameter. Each
I captain takes his turn In putting forthrf
a comesiam lor a man iruni me uiucri
side to meet. Tne two ngniers suraai
on one rooi on opposue siaes oi tnes
ring and at the command "Go! nopi
into each other with folded arms. Thes
contestant ho is first rorcea enureiyi
out of the ring or who toucnes nis
6ther foot to the ground or who un-$
folds his arms Vses. This Is kepU
P until one. sidef Is defeated.
In day and night two parallel lines
are, (drawn across the field witnaj
snaro of (n ffpt 3-ptwATi l.hm. which !i
isT neutral grouna. rne piayers nne
11 T rvn Aanh .alrlo Snf thifl npiitrn.1 tPrH-Jr
tory. A block of wood naving six or
TTl nrfl cMaO an Avon miTnTiOP Viai T C no.
v. u uuusw.. " - o v
cessary, is used, which is palntea with
lhalf its sides white and hair blacfc.
The referee roUs the object down the
center oi uie neuirai territory. v u?u
H finally comes to a rest, it the white
side. Is up th team known as the
white team must,, turn and run for the
Bal fiy feet away at the end of the
-" &
Anyone capiurea itaggea on tne usck;
s considered out of the game and his
ZT...T I 7 " i
!?i?ur- i"e, ieai? ursi reuu l" t
LST-i t
The Wand Wrestling.
The contestants in wand wrestling 1
ar put fortLtv their respective cap- I
tains as In JXe. rooster fight and In-1
aian wrestnng. 1 hey sit on the grounct
racing eacn otner with the soies oi
meir.ieei against eacn otner. ineiKifTinlp ohstarle relav is here eiven.
wand or 8tick is, grasped by each man
wItJ 1)0111 bands. At the word "Go!'
.v, .1 , J?. 3
" r . T, .' . "V '
f Vt r M wv-.HV
to his
For Indian Wrestling the men chos- tne center of the ground. Each play
en by their respective captains lie on er in niB turn performs the same
their backs, ight side to right side, Btunt, and, as in other relays, the
with adjacent arms locked and witbj team wnose iast man crosses the
the right hand on the shoulders of Rtartine noint first wins.
the opponent. At the count "One,''
the adjacent legs are brought up in
an upright position; at "Two" th
the same and at "Three" the legs are
interlocked.- The contestant who is
forced to roll over from his position
Pig-a-back relay consists of lin?ng
up the opposing teams in relay posi
tion, with the exception of one man
on each team, who stands at the op
posite goal. At the word "Go!" this
man runs to the starting line and gets
; j man No. 2 on his back and carries
I him to the opposite goal. As he
v reaches the goal No. 2 dismounts, re
f j turns to the starting point and gets
? j No. 3 on his back, whom he carries
to the goal exactly as he himseii was
carried. This continues until the last
man has been carried to the goal. He
then dismounts and runs back to the
starting point.
Fun in Crab Relay.
In crab relay the opposing teams
liite up in relay position. Opposite
each team at a distance of thirty feet
ere i drawn a circle three feet in
Fat men; attention $f Here' a lit
tle information that you cantaff ord to
let slip by yous. That Ja, if you.would
like to be a really trUly athlete, and
do all the - stuff that the fellows, over
in Stockholm wrote fcbout,- without
danger of becoming aease spot' on
the landscape. - - 1
with' a jschema which savors of genius,
After careful thought and deep study
they Evolved theheory thai fat men
evehthose. whose athletic feats con
slst inj running; half ; block for a
street car, and, that only in cae -It
happened: to be the last onf were
not ih reality lary or unambitious, but
that they, were held from joining in
competition with their rellows through
a natural sensitiveness over their slie
They believe that fata should trot -with
fats, and slims with slims, while me-
' diums should have a hui all their own
Out of this theory has. grown the
Fat Man's Hiking Club, with A. H.
Greene' and R. J. Schoen as coorgan
izers. Anyone who. tips the scales at
200 pounds or overls eligible, and
when the club gets Aolng some pleas
ant Sunday walks I 11 he scheduled.
States mathematically, it might be
said that the working formula of the
new club Is that the distance Is m
Inverse ratio to the square of the
weight Some gentle jaunts suitable
to conditions of climate and averdu
pol8 have been suggested, one meet
ing with general favor being a course
from the Moana Hotel to the Aquarium
and return on tne same day. Anotner
imvul nrallr nrh iyVi mov hn talrnn Kv tha
;suvu nam nuivu A Ji c J is; vwncu. ltj v .
Fat Man's Hiking Club when all the
members have had a few months of.
training to fit them for it, is from the!
en(i 0I tne Kaiini car line to tne 'ort
fsnafter hospital.
The proposal of bringing the crack
diameter. Each contestant must run
fours) to the circle. .As soon as one
foot falls Inside the circle the runner
stands erect and returns to the start-
Point, where he touches the sec-
Qnd whQ gtarts off backward on
fnnra QB Hsh th first Rarh man
of each team follows in his turn. i
Tne variations of the obstacle re-
lay are limitless, depending entirely
upon tne jngenuity of the teacher. A
As in otner relay events the teams
line up in relay position. The first
man on his way to tne opposite goai
is required to turn a DacKward som
ersault and on his way back to climb
over Rome simnle barrier erected in
Fans who watched the score-
board at New York the other day $
and saw that the Giants were ?
being led to victory by Mathew-
?N son, brought up the rather fnter-
esting fact that Big Six is now ?
close on Marquard's heels as a
winner. During the excitement
over the Rube's great streak
vs thotisands lost sight of the fact
?x that Matty has lost but four t;
games all season and one of those
by pitching one inning. So far
Matty has won 14 games and los't
' but four. Marquard already has i
' lost three on the present trip.
That makes it loo as if Matty
might be the white hope of the
$ Gians after all.
, s
f f t
PRINCETON, N. J. Walter gamp
once said, "For brilliancy of lndiyt
dual achievement no teams have- pro
duced so many stars as those of
Princeton." As one remlnlscently re
calls the long list of Nassau's heroes
of diamond and gridiron, certainly no
one stands for such remarkable :re-
suits as Sanford B. White. Princeton
has had men like McMann,McNair,
Moffatt, Lamar, Ames, King and Be
;Witt,',who alone have won. Ja great
game, 'and it has had Poewhp a!6ne
defeated Yale in football two years In
succession; but it has never had. un
til now. In the person'or.SanTWhtte,
an athlete who by individual achieves
ment has won two baseball1! games
from Yale and a football game-both
from Yale and Harvard.
. i4
Some : urthrge-TrbjHgtYy
White's k tea,dy. but , unspectacular
style of play have been J inclined -to
ascribe his sudden flashes of winning
brilliance to , luck, butthereTls some-
, thing more than luck In play Which
four.times within two years has deLwith one; man out and the bases. tM;J?M? JluJnil trV
fafd Harvard anri Valo rkn Wip
ago last July White won Princeton's
third and deciding baseball game with,
Yale. ; With the scpre a blank Wte
had reached second' base. ' Sterrettt
drove a short hit ipto right fleldjwhich
uorey garnered upon tne run ana
swiftly whipped to Merritt at thlnl
to catch White. White, according to
rule, should, have slid to the base. In-
stead he kept his feet, and taking a
daring chance rounded the bag-; and
leaped for the plate. The ball seemed
to strike Merritt's glove simultaneous-
ly with White's foot upon the ' bag:
Something, perhaps the audacity of
White's dash for home, caused Mr
ritt momentarily to juggle fhe ball,'
and in that moment White slid across
the plate with the winning run. V( r
Football Too. ! :
Last autumn, In the Harvard
Princeton game, Dunlap, Princeton's
left end, , knocked the ball from 1 the
hands of Hollister, of Harvard, who
was about to try a drop kick. Almost
before the ball touched the ground
the ever alert White had seized It and
quickly was off for the goaVlOO yards
away, in a race in which he distanced
Australian swimmers here on their
way back from the Olympic gSJbes,
to compete in Honolulu waters against
Duke Kahanamoku and other Hawai
ian swimmers, has not been dropped,
as some people suppose, not having
hea.d of. for8.onle .ee,k8
As a
matter of fact, W. T. Rawlins is now
m communicaupn wun parxies onne
a 4 1 i A I
niaimana reiauve to nxmg aates uiat
would-be satisfactory to the Austra-
Nan experts, and there is a good
chance that the meeting can be pulled
off- The Plan is to make it an an-
r hienniai event, wnicn, in ume,
would Decome tne recognizea swim-
mmg Classic oi tne country, just as iuo
transpacific yacht race is the most
notable in sailing circles.
A new ball team, known as the
Bijous, has been organized by Robert
Crowell, former captain of the Liber
ties. The club is scheduled to play
the hauoas next Sunday, and would
like a game with the Liberties the
following week.
The amateur tars of the Mollilou
want to race the Kamehameha over
any distance. A race may be arrang
ed. The Waileles won the first game of
the indoor baseball series from the
Alohas last night, by a score of 15 to
4. Five games in all will be played,
in the games hall of the Y. M. C. A.
Mrs. John Desch, of San Francisco,
the first woman to swim the Golden
Gate, is the guest of Mrs. C. K. Lud
wigsen, of this city.
Many a man seems to believe that
the sin is merely in being found out.
A man is lucky if he comes within
thirty daydolngwhat he should.;
11. f -
-R. Edgren, in New York Worfd.
hispur8uers and scored a touchdown,
Scarcely had the second half opened,
When f5ardnr. nf Harvard, rftiihlv
elected to pick up a bounding ball ont and then peek up and down the street
his ; one-yard line instead of . falling to see that no Bobby Is around, and
upon It, and instantly he was swept the wonder la that "In ; conservative
over the goal line in. the strong arms Montreal' the unregenerata 'l Iosciu
of Whte for a safety, and the 'decide lana kept out of jalL ' ; .. , - .
Ingi score of the game. - Two weeks f Followlhg is the account cf tha in
later Yale, in .the first ten minutes of cldent as printed In the Montreal Ylt
play, was driving Princeton to the ' ness: " " "'v' ."
goal line with a bewildering shift r The -visit of' the Hawaii -URlversIty
play." Suddenly, on a pass from cen- baseball team'and iU game with a
ten. the ball strockjivme . side or
Dunn, fullback for Yale.
.r, earn v niie. aasnrag m irom ine
end, picked up the ban from the
groimd jis he would :aeball'In
Arm - . mm a m a
suutuj uo mas itf iufi mjua 4 ai Other diy"
goal. ' eighty iyardsawajihicahLktiThrf Z,
I crossed. carrying with, him -Arthur
the dlamond,-Princeton-was at"
rJ- i ,.i .-4ia rii vif twA
balls go by, one of them a strike, and
then met. the; fourth squarely with rhls
bat and drove it far. over the left field
efs head, scoflng three runs and win
t nmg tne game,
Some. Scholar.
' But the reliability of this man Is
not confined to sports. At Princeton
last autumn Prof.: J Duncan Spaeth,
of the English department, the dar
before the football with Yale, assigned
to his senior class in English a theme
upon which each man was to write
and present the following Tuesday
morning. The next day Princeton de
feated Yale through the efficient play
ing of Sam White. Sunday Interven
ed, and Monday was devoted to a
holiday celebrating the victory.- Thus,
wnen' tne senior cias in cnsusa tw-
'sembled on Tuesday morning man, aft
eman" arose and asked to be excus -
LlitL t Al 1 1 M -.mm . -m. .
ed'from handing in his essay on the Olympic A. C.4 of San Pranci3co. Cor
ground of the previous day's dlstrac- itt received hla first lessen In box
tions. One man alone did not "funk." from Watson and after; being un
Quletly he handed In hls essay, and ,1.. wi, -hum for a vear-became fit
n. wo a. wuc.
Sam White, j
The proposed road race In connec -
tlon with the auto gymkhana, to be
riven August IT bv the Honolulu Au -
tomoblle Association, has been ahan-
doned. The committee decided that
the Walkikl road was In too bad shape
10 aamu oi running cars ai nign speea
along It, and that It would also be too
dangerous to have the cars burning
tTamv nnlAfltf WXk TT1 WOO
aiuus rwiug ucci uiucdo a.a
entirely suspended, wnicn was iinprac-
The committee Is going right along
with arrangements for the events at
ivapiuiaui ra.tr., uuwever, auu me
meeting iooks as inougn u wouiu ue
a big success.
This afternoon at 5 o'clock the com
mittee will hold a meeting on the roof
garden of the Young riot, ana all
members are requested to attend.
0 mm 0
, j, j h ror,
hv Siint l 2 !?? 7
by telling her she isn L
A diplomat is a man who knows
en it is wise to he iennrnt
When a girl screams on getting
kissed she has the soft pedal down.
F. E. Zenter, bowling with the
.'-X 111 T I A 1
.yy mue jays m a raaicn game ai w
Los Angeles recently, achieved ?
the remarkable feat of making
4 17 straight strikes, scoring 300 ?
? in one game, and having five ?
v gumcii ill uia oTwuu gaiucf .
which he finished with a score
of 278. All of his strikes were ?
& said to be "pockets," none having ?
V the earmark of a fluke. S
g g & $ g s s
ri!llTrflr m nrrnn
liflliy LUC FLA I LiiO
Play Game on Sunday and
Bring Down the Wrath of
Montreal's Chinese ColbnY
ruonc rtepnmana -
The All-Chinese. ball team is getting
Honolulu "In bad with the good Deo-
w. vauaua, imu UIC(Uiil liar
wail as a land of howlinx savszca and
ungodly heathens. Even thdr own
countrymen in Montreal have turned
from, the Chinese balMossers. in holy.
uorror, ana nave seen ni w roaai mem
through. the papers. ,
It seems that the Chinese scheduled
a game with Montreal . for a Sunday
afternoon and. what's more, played iU
Not content with' this de finance cf Ca
. j nadlan' convention, they actually darae
' Into the city on the Sabbath, and then.
cap the climax, left it tha tame Ciy.
Now, "over across the line our Ca
nadian cousins have pretty strict Uea3
I by Eastern Canadians as a land of far
too much liberty, you can't buy a stick
of candy on Sunday unless you go into
nrlvtta mnm l An-ar-n mt fTVita
local team yesterday did net r.?ct.
with -tha :: asnrovat -of -the - Ch!r.r-a
. - . m mr -
christians ; of Montreal. ; They wouli
gl2ly haTe joined" in the welccn:9 to
tnV fcea ca
j A.we v Vs- V'
the discredit of the new. Kepublic of
China.' i Passed . unanimously. ..
LEE-SAI SUN, President
CHAN -NOM SENG, Secretary.
Montreal Chinese Mission, July 22,
Walter Watson, widely known as
an instructor In boxing, died recently
: In New York, r Watsons mcstnotcd'.
I a . ;, fc . I
acnieYemenv was1 tne aiscoterx ana
j development of Jamea J. 1 Corbett
1 while Watson as connected with, the
to. cope luccessruiiy wun wa ieaamg
'heavyweights of the; time. - V.-s-
x Watson came to America from Lon
don twenty-six years ago, and, after
Inalnv hnn with 11 ik- thrtOTin. thft
winner of which was to be appointed
physical instructor of ' the New vYork
A. C, went to San Francisco and took
charge of the Olympic A; C. - Corbett,
who was but a youngster at the time,
so impressed Watson , with- his glove .'
m . m . m m A i a . . W. '
1 wotk, tnat me msirucior miormeu
;him he couia maxe nim a success in
ithe ring. Corbett placed himself un-'
oer vvaison aau Booalica.'He.rreus-
nized as the most scientific boxer of
an time. . : .
, . :
riioto-EnraWag of h!?hest grads'
can be gecnrei from the Star-BulletJa
1 - aa m a.. a . . .
ihotoEnflTavinzT riant. " v . .
tn- '
j ttQQQ II lyyiQ
pj IflSftySf LalbwliJ'
from the Orient
. ' ' . . ': '
Wl11 stop all drams and losses. They are
worth, their weight nr. gold to all who
suffer from nervous exhaustion, either
, mental or Phy$icaI- They restore diges-
i ti & h circulltiort, clear the
K:L uu. ,n4J 'in-rt a
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One box otv.
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Nerve Essence
will make you feel like a new person;
. . . .
six Doxes are guaranteed to mane -a per
manent cure or the money will be re
funded. Persian Nerve Essence contains
no mercury or other injurious drugs.'
The proprietors. The Brown' Export
05-07 T iKrtv Qt. Nw York. N Y
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Persian Nerve : Essence a good fair trial-
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1912. - !.. - '
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