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New Models Find Favor in Isl
ands Next Season Prom
ises To Be Brisk
TJip ear axls are three-quarter float
ing and the brakes this year are ab-
is due to the generous wheel base,
arge wheels and tires, roomy ton
neau, and deep seats and fs not equal
led in any other car, regardless of rep
utation or price. One's pleasure i
automobiling is strictly limited bv the
comfort quality of your car. So, on
11 he Kissel Kar's clalr for superior
comfort, if for nothing else, ride in
a Kissel Kar.
The models this year are 3t, 40,
",0 and 60, h. p. cars, of 4 and C cylin-
Kolutely periect. as either brake is
Kimiantted to slop' the car and holclVf .mfr.14x,414' e 1
it positively on a 20 per cent gradehe 40 13 .tbe ?
Sales of the von Hamm-Young Co.
during the eek"are divided amongst
Uhe Buick, Oakland r and Overland
cars, the purchasers ; being R.VW, Ol-
' seen, i a handsome Buick touring car,
Model 29, Mr. J. D. Dougherty, an
Overland touring car -Model 59, CapL
R. S. Offley, an. Oakland 40 Touring
" car. T U. Kuramltso, an Oakland 30
- tottrlngr car, the Kauai Garage Co., a
.r Buick: touring tar,- Model 25, and a
Buick truck , to the Waimea Stables,
, ; Kauai. "V
The Oakland car has rapidly come
V; .into, the public's eye in the Hawaiian
Islands as well as everywhere , in the
: 'f, ..past year. The von Jlamin-Young Co.
,', ; has .. sold three of 'these .cars during
, the past two; weeks,; which is an ex-;Y-V
ceptlonally good - record for anew
ihake of car. to in ake at . this season
of the year... -The- Oakland, will cer-
- talnly uiLke f,. th public sit up and
y4take: notice, as -It has done all over
- v the States.-""A branch house is main-;
1 .tained la Ban franclsco which is kept:
,.H . more fully stocked - with cars and
j ;: , parts than any; other f branch ; house
there. The Oakland people stepped
c into San Francisco. and sold 200 cars
, i in two months, one sale or wmcn was
V ' 14 roadsters to the Pacific, Hardware
"J.-, & Steel Co. for the v use of the sales
men of that concern. .
. New. Overland Type. ;. ' r
- .. . , One C of the most - Interesting an
nouncements of the 1913 line of cars
was received on the Siberia yester
', day, which was' Information, relatlye
- to the;, small touring car : which" the
Overland Col Is to build for the com
' ing : year. " "When it conies to value
.received, .the Overland ,$985 car .'is
; absolutely, without, : competition . ' In
. this class of car, and. is eaulpped witja
top, top booC rain,' vision glass frpnt,
$50 Warner .speedometer, Prestolite
.:.ttank, and an acetylene primer, or self
, ,'fctarter. It has 32x3 inch tires, and
:.r a wheel base of ' 110 inches. . The car
W all J finished i In :black and nickel.
in either direction. The whole car
ir finished much more lavishly this
year than previous models have been
finished, and will be as handsome a
car a3 any $3000 on the market. This
is certainly a big car for little money,
and with the wonderful satisfaction
which this car has given during-the
past season the demand will be enor
mous for the 1913 models. '
' A demonstrating car of .this model
Is expected on the next, boat from
San Francisco, and will be on exhibi
tion at all times in the big salesroom
of the von Hamm-Young Co., Ltd.
1913 Demand Enormous.
The demand for cars during the
season of 1913 will be enorm6usfc.'and
The to h. p. of 4 cylinder type
motor of
car has
hamotor of 4 7-8x5, and the 6 cylinder
car has cylinders of 4V2x514. The fac
tory prices of these cars, including
electric lights, and electric starters
are as follows:
30 h.p. model .$1700.00
40 h.p. model 2000.00
to h.p. model 2500.00
t'0 h.p., 6 cylinder model . 3150.00
THF hen is a small, nervous tied I become a nuisance and becomes" a
which haa solved the problem of national asset, greater than the wheat
being valuable to society without' field or the scion of aristocracy.-Bll-abrain1
and" should, therefore, be ; Hons of ignorant hens wtth no future
a great rebuke to the thousands otj to look forward to and no past to b
young men who .are content to rolij proud of are busy safeguarding the
their own cigarettes while father pays ; prosperity of America by laying egn.
ior them. j This should be a precious thought to
The hen is distinguished for her! the humble and diffident citizen who
lack ot rense. She Is particularly
lacking in common or garden sense.
Whenever she gets into a. garden she I
roalres a perfect voice and no tar-J
licular cerebral development back of
H. she blunders through life from one
peril to another. Ten thousand gen-,
erations cf hens have tried to flguro!
out how to cross a read between the
wheels of a vehicle, but not one of i
them has contributed anything but
leathers toward .the solution of the
jiroblem. There is nothing so ap-;
palling as the hen's lack of thought j
unless possibly it is the sight of the,
larger female biped who deposits!
seven bundles on the lerge of a stamp
window, Nurrows into a two bushel
handbag for a dime and then stamps J
live letters white twenty people wait
behind her.
U k 1111 I
- I
for infants a nd Children i .
Save the Babies.
1 XFANT !I O IIT A tXTY is somethin frightful. We caa bardlj realin
j 1 that of all the children born in civilized countries, twentj-two per cent., or 5
; nearly ooe-quarter, die before they reach one year; thirty-seven pr cent., or
more than one-third, before they are five, and one-half before they are fifteen I
- We do not hesitate to say that a timely use of Castoria would save a majority
of those precious lives. Neither do we hesitate to say that many of these Infantile
! deaths are occasioned by the use of narrotio preparations. Drops, tinctures and
I soothing syrups sold for children's complaints contain more or less opium, or
morphine. They are, m considerable quantities, deadly poison. In any quantity,
they stupefy, retard circulation, and lead to congestions, sickness, death. Castoria
:pra! rs exactly the reverse. It causes the blood to circulate properly, opens the '
orea of the skin and allays fever.
: The hen beeins life as a Chick
Th Kissel Kar should., be a bier hnntthe size oft ouarter's worth of!dos not go to the polls and cast his
teller this yearV with this up-to-date-tirotcted butten - At the age of three ballot for progress because his ef-
J equipment, and these extremely mod-
crumbs and bacon fat with roagnifi
cent results. At the age of six months
erate prices. More of these cars are 'dismembered and fried In bread
neing soia every year, ana are excep
tionally serviceable for every want.
The Cadillac announcements , foi j she becomes t pensive and unless
3913 are!"4, causing , great interest j closely v. watched will gather up an
amongst vthe buying' public, : as of old door "knob," a Harness ring, and a
pniirw evprvhodv looks for the Cadil-I hinvlo holl nnit will spt nn them all
far greater than any previous year, 1 lac' announcements before anything winter with the laudable intent of
aua aunougn me cars seem 10 oe
months she . is a pullet and can be forts 1" be so smal1- Let hlra ,ay
i else
a ear In advance In order to secure
prompt delivery.-
The announcement of the 1913
Kissel Kars has just been received by
the von Hamm-Young Co. Includes
many new features such as .electric
self-starting and lighting which is
acknowledged as the " last equipment
in this respect. The new models are
characterized - by an , extra - generous
wheel base, roomier tonneaus, unus
ually deep scats, refined body con
struction, and all parts whatsoever
refined to the last degree of mechan
ical perfection. ;
Turn on an electric switch and the
Kissel Kar starts. No . possible fail
use. No extra strains put on the. en
gine. - Electric lights of ; more, than
twice1, the candlepower ordinarily
used on ' motor , cars. ' ; ;
The new bodv construction . ensid
nates sharp, joints, and curves,, which,
with out bending sides, gives a mould
ed effect, refined and distinctive. The
flexible engine 'gives the .widest , pos
sible 'range of throttle control.
Kissel Fine Road Car.;
The road capabilities of the Kissel
Kar vare::unsurpassed this' year, ;whlch
becoming a mother.
stronger pr more beautiful than the
maternal Instinct of the ben, and
i nothing is more detrimental to the
cause of cheap living and fresh eggs
for the masses.
it in .the box while millions of other
voters are doing the same and great
will be the results.
Nothing is . Lloyd Osbourne, author, son of Mrs.
Kooert louis Stevenson ana Drotner
of Mrs. Isabel Strong, who is also a
well-known writer, was genuinely sur
prised today upon reading a news dis
patch that he was seriously ill at the
home of his mother in Montecito. Just
The hen has no teeth and is com
pelled to swallow her food whole like to prove to those interested that he
w Miss Lura Correll attracted cohsid
erable attention in Joplin, Missouri,
recently, when she rolled into that
city In a Cadillac touring car, holding
the'Wheel herself. Miss Correll, chap
eroned by her aunt, Mrs. A. C. Mc-
Canton, Ohi6, cross country to Joplin,
a numea business man. one eais
bugs, worms, corn, garden seeds and
gravel and welds them all into eggs
whfch she lays cautiously in secluded
places and then advertises the fact in
, a hoarse, enthusiastic voice. She lays
, these eggs at the rate of one a day
when they are worth ten cents a
dozen, and at the rate of one a month
when they are selling for five cents
covering thus 1,200 miles,' which is a
considerable distance for a young wo
man . to drive. During her tour , she
touched at Lima Fort; Wayne, Cham
paign, St. Louis and Kansas City. Miss
Correll was eight days on the trip and
averaged, about, 102 miles, a day. She
found the . roads in Ohio and Indiana
excellent, but struck some very bad
stretches in Illinois and Missouri.
Miss Correll had no' difficulty what
evaf on - her tour . which" -was ; so sue-
egg is the triumph of the heu.
When she lay es,gs, she ceases to
cessful that she was extremely en
thusiastic over her 1 experience. Her
enthusiasm extended to the effi
ciency" of the Cadillac which she was
able to manage with perfect ease. The
machine averaged about 15 miles
to a gallon of gasoline-. Jdlss Correll
is now planning a similar trip through
the' State of Kansas.
was not ill. Osbourne donned a bath
ing suit and rushed to the ocean and
took a long swim.
"I can't account for such a report,"
he said, ''but I guess some one had
just heard of a serious operation per
formed on me about a year ago."
Osbourne received scores o sym
pathetic telegrams today from friends
throughout the country.
The p j-jfff J J guarantees penulao,
eignciare of wvj; ficu&UtJt v CaitorlaU
Physicians Recommend Caotbria.
T bj.-fe upttl mr-r (tnri a riwi nt r.i' In I i( P. MTnr . I. m4 trim KI1.lMfli mm! T mmim
' I Lr preccitW CMtorUtofmaCta ?ocwvtrtl
' .Omaha; 9ck It
'Fave ccd your Cautorla on variant occaaloc
(tiat laxative, wpetiallj la tb tarlwa U att
o ctaiOhooJL" . ;, r; j, .
" ' Cua. Eowaao Gasoixkr, "Si. D.,
C'A. Wit, M, IX,
M Toor Cutorla la a aplaaU rtnedy tor eblUna,
4 euiUb caaes tn4 hava fooa4 it a ftabi and jkoowa Uw workl ow. Inaatt Udf Prct3c tai
havt so BeatUnVy in raeonmaadlaf it for taa coa
ptaiau of lataaU aa3 cbiUna. ,
J.' 1. BoaJJua, If. -
Children Cry for Fletchor'o Caotorlo.
In Use For O v e r 30 Y c arc .
Tim wraw e,aa. rr wwaaav !. .
' S. Arao, the Japanese chauffeur, who
was arrested for heedless driving aft
er he had collided with George Wells
auto, containing Colonel - Wilder, at
Kalpapau gulch, Beveral weeks ago,
was fined fifty dollars late . yesterday
afternoon by Judge Monsarrat. Colo
nel Wilder was the chief witness for
the prosecution at the trial, which ex
tended late Into the afternoon. .:.
, . . ... ,
ie Tollo
WlHett & Gray give the Toilow Ing
statistics of the supply of sugar un
der date; of August 1: . -
Estimated afloats to the United
States from Cuba and Porto Rico, 60,
000 tons; Hawaii, 45,000 tons; Philip
pines, 15,000 tons; Java, 45,000; Pem,
&c., 1000 tons. Total,. 156,000- tons
against 189,000 tons last yeari
Stocks in the United States and Cu.
ba together of 468,815 tons, against
507,209 tpns last week and 309,390 tons
last year, an increase of 153,885 tons
from last year. 'r v:
Stock in Europe,: 1,265,000 ' tons,
against 1,441000 tons last yeari ' f ;
Total stock of Europe' and America;
1,733,815 tons, against 1,750,130 tons
last year 'at the same uneven dates.
against a decrease of 19,243 tons last
week. . Total stocks and afloats - to
gether show a visible supply of 119,
Sl 5 tons against 1,969,930 tons last
year. or; a .decrease of 50,115 tons.
The same authority estimates the
sugar crops of the world at 15,319,539
tons for, 1911-12; against J6.$32,793
tons (01910-11 a decrease of 1,173.
204 tons In the world's production.
. Well, well, well! I'm certainly
glad ! met rou! .
rin1 sorry, old man, but I gave my
issV. dollar to my wife Just before I
UtC home ":ft" v
The decrease of stock is 17,115 tons,! brought me.
f .'The" Judge If I remember rightly,
you came before ma last week.
'The Prisoner I I remember rijht-
ly-fk I didn't , come : a policeman
pHE 1913 CADILLAC is the best car that the Cadillac Motor : Car Company
has ever jnanufactured. This statement, is not based up'on theory, but is
made after a number of cars have b6en in use for some time,, and subjected .
to the most severe tests which we have been capable of giving them,, and have
proven to our entire satisfaction that the foregoing is an absolute fact.
" V
Cadillac Touring Car
Cadillac Roadster
Wheel base, 120 inches.
Frame is hung one intii lover than 1P12.
Upper einls of front axle swindles evjuipppd with Timken roller bearings
to eliminate friction.
Rear side springs 4 inches longer than 1912.
Front springs ha.ve sveater arch, permitting a gTeater spring action.
Bore four nnd or.o-lialf inches, thf some a 1912.
Stroke increas.-d tcj tive- and f iire-fourths inolie. greatly increasing
Size of crankshaft increased to 1 im-hes in diameter.
All main bearings and connertirt roil bearings incregced in size; length
of rear main bearing 4 inches; length of ot! er four main bearings
two and e en -eighths irs hes each; connecting rod bearings two
. and one-half inches end..
Cam shaft and generatof shift operated from crank shaft by silent
chains instead of gears, making the motor quieter.
Inlet and exhaust vahes increased in diameter to two and one-eighth
Valve? and valve mechanism enclosed
Magneto park autv.;iatSoally cot.trc'iled by ring governor, making shift
ing of spark lever for charge in road i-onditioi unnecessary.
Carburetor siirilar to 1S12. tut improved. One adjustment only Lu
bricator integral part cf crrnk case. Holds one and one-half gallons
of oil.
The Delco system has been' simplified by the elimination of controlling
switch and ampere hour meter. Motor generator operates both as
generator and motor on six-volt current. This has been accom
plished by using two windings i.nil two commutators on the arma
ture. One winding is for use when the motor generator is used as
a generator, and the other winding for use when the motor gener
ator is used as a motor.
Xine-cell battery ustxi instead of the twelve-cell battery.
There is a voltage regulator to regnlatt- the rate of charge to the storage
batten'- and the voltage to the light. With the. voltage rgulat..r
the charging rate of the battery depends entirely upon the condition
the battery is in. A fully discharged battery is charged at a high
rate, and the charging rate decreases as the battery reaches it .uli
charged condition. x
Switch on dash of improved design; locked with Yale lock.
Efficiency of radiator increased.
Made with vanes in hood sides to increase efficiency of cooling system.
Hood fasteners of improved design. Hood held in place by spring ten
sion. .
Front fenders follow lines of wheels, en rear side meeting front ends ot
running boards nearly horizontally
Rear fenders follow lines of wheels.
Design changed slightly: both levers inside of body
Improved body des'gns Kodies of the following types will be used;
touring, torpedo, roadster, six passenger, limousine and coupe. A
four-passenger phaeton type of body is being designed at the present
time, and may possibly be added to the above list.
Switch for operating lights and magneth- latch in' a more convenient
position, '
LHctric lamps simil.ir in Jesign to Wires for side lights concealed
in lamp brackets.
S6x4L2 wheels and tires wiil le standard equipment.
Mohair top.
Wind shield designed so that lower portion may be tilted In toward
driver, affording ventilation, and with' rain vision.
Demountable rims
Warner speedometer
Hans gasoline gauge.
Full foot rail in tonneau.
Robe rail.
Tool kit.
Touring, torpedo and roadster, with standard equipment
listed above, f o b factory !jl97".00
Coup?, f o. b. factory 2500.00
Limousine, f. o. b. factory j U2u0.(0
We shall build a six-passenger car on the standard chasts. The
price has not been decided upon up to the present time If a four-passenger
phaeton is built it will list for $157.r..'k fully equipped.
J z.
1 t

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