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' ' -; r1-
NE of the roost enjoyable and! Murphy, Miss Rose tflerbert, Mlsr AlcChesfcey, Uliss Margaret Wadman, that the ride across the, continent was
4 ynlnue affairs ofthe season -wast Roth Soper. Miss Sate Ludgate, Miss" tffes; Wlibelmina Tenney, Miss Hilda also pleasant.
'the "baby" dinner on ;We4flee-j Huh Richards, Miss MurieMIowatt., ronr, Holt; Miss Eleanor; ,-Tay. Miss
av -M-nfnr '"at rwWHi Mi 188 Marguerite Wadman, Miss Rosa- Elisabeth Darey, Mr.: Carter Gait, Mr. Blrs. Lewis Fajrent Turner of
4UUUU OnaiUj, ill ico iiuua iui US) mwa, uii. riauua ajiwotu, j una 10 oivuuiug uit o U ill UlUl ill Lllr
Myrtje Schuman, Miss. Martha " Mc-' Herman von Holt, Mr. Jordan. Mr. uolulu. .
Cbesney and Miss May von Holt . Charles Herbert, Mr. George Fuller, . .
. Mr. Percy Npttage, Mr. Bert Clara, Mrs. Ray Caker Rietow was host-
Mrs. Arthur Kice of Kauai was the Mr. Alan Renton, Mr. David Larsen, ess at a prettily appointed dinner on
guest of honor at a luncheon yester- Mr. Darton Garstin, Mr. Woods Low, Thursday for Mr. Warren Wood. The
day given bv Mrs" John Palmer at, the Mr, -Fred WIchroan, Mr. Cyril. Hoogs, centerpiece for the table was a has
Courtland The table was prettilydec- Mr. Fred Schaefer.iMr. Woodruff, Mr. ket filled, with an. artistic arrange
orated with American Beauty roses and Donald Wood, Mr. Gilbert Foote, Mr. rf en"t of forget-me-nots and tiny pink
maidenhair fern. The guests were ; Edward Schenkel, Mr. Arthur Gilman, roes. , Covers were laid for Mr.' War.
Mrs. Arthur Rice, Mrs, Sexton, Miss Mr. Oswald Steven, Mr. William Schu; Wbod;.,Miss Constance, Simpson
Mossman, Mrs. Riley Allen, Mrs. Alice jman, Mr. William Ouderkirk. Mr. MsiV- ' tnlir. and Mrs. Rietow. ,
Brown;-Mrs. Arastrdn&YMrs U .
and Mrs. Scott,r - ' xlVczrMMornw Center, who is
i tt .:.;. ;45'. - m r. , LiOtnrop wttmngton,- I
Mrs.' Whltte ' and Miss MacDonaM BallentyneiRfK Ed.KiUdi
of "San Francisco were tbe compli-f colm Tuttle, Mr. James McCandless
mented guests at a poi luncheon yes-1 Mr. Roy Patted, Mr., Guy Macfarlane
Frederick Klamb was hostess. Each
of the guests was attired In a baby,
dress and the table centerpiece waa
mound of toys. Dancing was enjoyed
after dinner. . Covers were , laid for,
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Gay, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Wilder, Captain &lnt
Sturgts, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ross,
Mies Carol Low, Miss Laura Low, Mr.
George Fuller, Mr. Allison Jordan; Mr.
George Torres Mr. Ernest Gay and
M r. and Mrs. Klamp. r-i
MIss tMUdred Turner Becomes the f.
Bri 8 of Mr. 4. B. Laing.r
. A t.ptty home iveddlnjrwas solemn
ized :on Wednesday morning when
Mies Mildred Turner the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J F. Turner and Mr.
James.BlBhcp Lalng were marriedhy
the Reverend Whltacker of Ewa. The
ceremony yas performed under A.?au
opy of t;reen; white asters and .5Jt
lels at the residence of tbe brKe's
parents on Vineyard street The brid6
wore a traveling suit of white apd a
large fvhlte portrait hat She caffid
a shower bouquet of bride's roses.
Miss Ethel Carter was maid of bpno
and wore a gown of yellow' chiffon
over satin and a large hat of a har
monizing shade. ; Mr. Lalng was sup
ported by Mr. J, Q'Brien; r e-
immediately after the ceremony the
3-oung couple left in' the" Manna Kea
for Kohala where the honeymoon will
be spent. Mr. and Mrs. Lalng will
receive tbelr;frlends at Ev, a after the
' iJiddle" of September. T , . ; - ; . .
: ':i
GchroederGarke Wedding. ; v - -
On Wednesday morning Immediate
ly after the arrival of the Honolulan,
M r. , Lothrpp Withlngton,- Mr. AVatson vvOitiKf the summer with her
Mr al-;hertMrg f.vj. Center, willj'e;
Candless lur t0 8choA in -California' on'-Hb!h
acfarlane, ; tiAVenth of September.
terday at which Mrs. Charles Hall was Mr. Ed Hedemann, Mr. Alan LowTeyn yfs ? Harry ''Lucas, who is' visiting
hnctrc The tahta pntmf fit vroM nt ' Mr , Smith, Mr StpVPTiKon. Mr..' Sin '.-.. .
vlnlota unH '-r hAti han1.ralnttff'-flrrfA " rlfllr Mr flrav Mr Marl
9ykjng thejlacr of, the guests
tferaidyith' the sametlower; Thr; 'f'!''
hostess. The table centerpiece .was m Mr. Smith. Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Sin ,ig' narcnts.' Mr.' and Mrs. Jack Lucas,
fyiolets, and the hand-painted cards clair, Mr. Gray, Mr. Macintosh: and wm leave Hoholula on the' srlxthof
Lfaetf ncludc Miss MacDonaldc4f BrWse Club Hostess --:t-' f -T.".-' ' :"
bacratotofr- Whltte,-M Coleman, was, hostess ?or. I Mr. - Ed. Watson, who 'has been the
mon Anderson, MrsV Kellfcy Brown, the Saturdav evening bridee club last , .. ' v,ia tW.
Miss Ruth Lindley.
Mies i!aia Garkovand Mr... Av
. . T- . 4 O III
Schrocder were quietly married at St
flrment'svby the Rev.. F. G. Williams.
The bfldeHwore a traveling suit of blue
serge, 'with a ' becoming featf of t "
Fame fcbade, .and carried a bouquet of
white roses and ;white atin ribbon.
Only tlve1 friends rct, the." bridednd
proom witncKEed the ceremony Miss
Florence DIetrick, who attendedj the
tride, and Mr. and Mrs.-Spohler, Tela;
lives cf the bridegroori. .-
ImrnodSately after the wedding a de
llclcur wedding breakfast was. served
at theMakiki street home, of Mr,.and
iMrs. Fpohlcr.' The table was, beautl
fnllv ripr.ora.ted in irreenand white. Ah'
w ... m M A A . I J aLI. - A. 1
artistic " arrangement of white cama, ox. eaiertaimng, ana mis wa noi .oiuy
Danc at Country Club.
: ThA. Orthit f'rutntrvr'ltih rhoh 'hai
hppiv tha crono nf art manv nf tha Mvl "
KruMrt v -fnnrtlfn thU" iimmer 1 wa - Me,
probably never more ; beautiful than ; J.16
Mondays Punahou,
Tuesdays Waikikt. Kaplolan!
Vark, Kaimukt, , Paiolo.' First '
Tuesday,. Fort Rugcr. "
Wednesday Nuuanu, Puunul.
Paclflc Heights. First and third
- Wednesdays, ; above Kuuanu S
bridge; second and fourth Wed- '8
.iinesdays. below; bridge fourth
and, : third vWednescUiys, ,kjUeVa .
' (Fridays -r
-Tho Plains
Fonrth . Friday, Fort
-aturdays-r-KalihL Third. and'.:.'
"fourth Saturdays, Jiamshameha ;
Schools : .i " -, .-icffr -
, -fSoclirty - Editor ieienone
$ t t 4
M$jor Cheatnam, Captain Game and "" "
CaptaIn Carter. Amonff those present; . .vr i viA.- a
Fresno,'-Miss Ruth Tenney,' Mrs. Mc
Cormick and-Mrs. Chester Huan. . t
-ft :
Miss Pauline Schaefer.will leave Ho-
Mccormick will go to Pupukea next
Thursday to remain during the re
j inainder of the summer months.
Mr. F. M. . Hatch and Miss Harriet
I latch- are- booked - to leave on the
1 twenty-seventh for a four weeks visit
with Mr. Gilchrist Hatch at Annap
olis.': : ; 1 ''''Sy-T-
f & 'ly-tT
Mrs. Riley !L Alien returned on the
Marama ; last Wednesday after spend
ing 'some months In the Northwest
MIls ." Marguerite Wadman enter
tained Informally -Tuesday evening tot
Mr! KWm. .Ouderkirk.. whd left Inht
wiihelmina v "Wednesday -to resume
hlg-work at Stanford. Among those j
present were Mr.fWiliani Ouderkirk.
MJss "Myrtle Schuman, Miss Margaret
R0StArick,Miss Margaret Center, Mr.
CyrQ Hoog'Mr Reynold McGrew and
hostesSi' , ;-,:.;...''...
Tfr." George Herbert with his son Mr;
Charles 'Herbert and . Mr. Blakely- Mo
BtockerIeft'n ; tbe Makura Tuesday
evening ror Vancouver. . r .-'ik v
. After spending some time hsntng In
'the north weU the party, will : motor
Hotels aiut town.,
Shaf ter;. ,
Mrs. and Mrs, Harry Ryeroft wth
ther little Tson left In the ; Makura
Tuesday evening for Vancouver. The
Rycrofts : expect to , make their borne
In Canada.-:-;-: - .
-.YV-..fc. : ;;7 -Miss
Zepha Pischel who hat been
visiting Mis Pauline ; Schaerer left
for California In the ; Wilhelmlna
Wednesday momin. , v
t Mr. and Mrs,1 Ed. Dulsenberg who
have been guests at the Volcano house
tbls summer returned ; In the Wllhel
mlna on Sunday. : :
y-. . -; : . t ; ;
Mr. Ralph- Richards, Mr. Seurback,
Mr.' James GIbb, Mr. Sunner' Win?
and Mr. Willam Ouderkirk were n
group .of Stanford boys who return V
to college In the WUhelmlna We dnes-;
day morning. -
Mr, 01 C. Chad wick, member cf the
Laett Club, and employed by. the voa
Hamm-Young company, is a departbs
passenger on the. Wllhelmina. He la
gclng to Chicago, where his father is
prominent businessman. He has
:Monda7;.:idghtfvheni;.Mrv Yeraoi next week I
was' hoste at, aYama JTama: .."S.. . - ' . : Ha)eakaIa.;A : 'V-A
.given in honors of Mr. sBrnestl "Bsusemiise,. wno nas Deen vis-. - 9 Y.
. The ; club lana : was transform. 1 Htag ; wfthvher grandmpther and her Trfe-Mah6a Caril Icfub
Into aryeritable bower of green and I unyie. -yr.; Tucker smith, ; will return ybu,A& at ,the .Hau .Tree"
. JKcoIor scheme most aDDronriate w uer nome on - tne iwenty-seventn. hvMra. lldwln Benner.V
or me occasion. 1 Masses 01 oamooo.t
to San Francisco before returning . to : been In Honolu'u about two years. ;
Honolulu. - - - wj. v. 1 . . G & ,
... o w': 'fit . . urascn. wnuns; irom uarrcire.
Miss Pauline Schaefer .will leave Ho- ; r- , ; n .t nf, irto wk f p n nmmi iM r .1
-.ff?l!eS;X.?T"V ai.among tbe "home pcopla-
fie; and; Miss Brasch have met .
. ... e . .V,;.
Mrs. L. A. Coney Tecelved a cahlo-
crara Wednesday mornlns from V.'l?3-.
tisitingat the Volcano for the past ' baden, announcing the; birth cf a girl
three weeks returned to his.home in' to Mrs. Filsch. who Is the dauzhter of
were ueuerai anu rare. ; Macorao,' aq- -.Miifiiftu'T 1. ntannne to en
mhaland?Mrt.-CowIes;Major an i ,A Vli :?::l tnesdav mornlnir ; for a visit to-. the 1
rs.- Cheatham; Major and Mrs. Ne- .ZP " 7 " r'v;' r'mainland.-.-'---' v.-;;;-- ;
, Mrs, Neuman, Mr. and Mjs. l"Z", ' - - Mrs. Whitte of Alea ; plantation is ; V-Vv. , I j
Captain Garnet Captain and'., wni iv ' th enienaming--uii sueraooaaor -Mr. John T. Warren, who has been
wtc,?r H " , ... . Mcuonaid or sacramenta j.
rly part of next week for a visit to v ; -, ; -A ;. A ; .. -
Mr. and 1 M rs. Chester. Hunn and Mrs. " the "Wllhelmina on Sunday
Mrs. H. It nentjea.
ferns and vines, were ; ; arranged
through : the' ctub rooms, ;f o'nhingr ah
effective background-; for "thequantir
ties of yellow snow". halls that t were
grouped anu festooned liromx tne ceu-
lrig. The. "massive pillafs wound
Vines an41 snowjwills caught aip
yellow? tulle completed; the; effect
brilliancy and, betokened. a-T knowledge
of the decorative art in: those .having
charge of the; affair. Yoimg men and
maids alike .were . dressed In ; the;
Yamaf Yama3'costumes,?and at ' first
glance it was hard to tell them apart
Mr. 1 Tenney,' who is ':. very - 'original,'
chose something unusual for his mode
was. enter- .
on "Wednesday
The prize,, a
..silver hairpin,. hQldr.was given, to
k'U9 z-)ii-iyi c - ti- , - silver nairpio - noiqer4,was - given,- o
. f IK!aJ1fecha kc :m ;MrsWiUiam;a5,.Gytr.: ; the; guests
leave-iuexweniy-sevenin ror an" ex- 'incirtdprt Mraniprharh Mrs. Bnn. Mrs.;
- " --TfTf -? t :f ;
'XJoetz, ; Mt Frear, Jrs: V Randolphs
MooreMAjra. Diess j, jlci ioung;
tended visit to the mafnlahd.
rSG Wilder vand' Miss "Heleh
tions,;a basket filled with white car
nations and maidenhair-ferhswas at
tached to the chandelier,'. and, stream
erg of rwhlte satin ribbon' were sus
pended to the table. 4 : V ;
Mr. and Mre Schroeder have made
their home In Kaimuki In s they new
tungalow which, was furnished ; by M.r.
Schroeder before the'brides return i
Honolulu. ; 4; v v ."Ai -tlT -
On. Thursday afternoon , Miss, Mar
Jorie Gilman was hostess at., a five
hundrjed party at the residence of iMrsl
A-M Brown at Waikikl. The first
tirlze was given to Miss Elizabeth Car
ter and Miss Thelma Murphy received
the consolation. - The; lnvited guests
were Miss Dora Atwater.' Miss Juliet
At water. Miss Carrie f MtLatn, ':Miss
Helen Mclain, Mlss Fanny , lloogs,
MIss"Ayce Hoogs, Miss Elizabeth Car
ter, Miss, Lucy Dimond, Miss ThelmJv
the first masquerade of the year, but
was the flfst of its ..kind: ever given
in Honolulu. : Among those present
were ; Mr.Jrnost Gay the guest i of
daughter. Miss-Aiicemcf
wfcre homecoming , Passengers in hn Bon;;f; d $ Uxk :A: Uierbach.,
biber, yesterday, Iss, Macfarlane
fcihion,.i mainland, for some.Mr 0 HeKnd Mrs; r;:g.
ixSme from - tho members ;of ihe m-. fld'- Mrs.;'GiM:in
vounger set; among '
very, popular."
whom'r8he is
; Mrs. C. H.v-Dickey was hostess at
a prettily; appointed ,;. luncheon on
honor: Miss llelen Wilder. Miss Rose 1 Monday In honor, of the seventieth
Herbert; ' Miss 1 Elinor : Castle; Miss J birthday anniversary of her husband.
The taoie was -beautifully decorated
with American Beauty roses'.; and the
I hand-palntCjd' cards marked the piaces
Myrtle Schuasan, Miss . Thelma' Mur
phy, Miss- Ruth Soper, "Miss Rosa
mond Swanzy; Miss Elizabeth Carter
Miss Phoebe Carter; Miss Maye Biven,
Miss ; Margaret Jones, Miss Catherine
Jones,' ' Miss Carol Low, Miss Laura 4
Low,' Miss Mary von Hott, Miss Ilgien
Spalding, Miss 'Dorothy Wood, Miss
Ernestine McNear,' Miss Elo.ise Wich
man. Miss'Violet'Stoever, Miss-Edith
Williams, ' Miss Fanny Hoogs,-" Miss
Alice 4 Hoogs, Miss.' Margaret Center,
Miss 1 Margaret Restarick,' Miss ' Lucy
Dimond,. Miss Kate Lidgate, Miss Car
rie McLain,1 Miss Helen McLaln, Miss
Lady 'Macfarlane, Miss Pauline Schae
fer, Miss Zepha Pischel, Miss Martha
of each guest" Covers were laid for
Mrs John Waterhouse, Mrs. James
11. Dole, ; Mrs. Alexander G. ' Hawes,
Jr.;.';;- : ' A-:r , f t.-
: The .young people . who for. two
weeks? ,were the guests :: of . Mr.' and
Mrs. ; Eria" Khudsen, on Kauai, returned-to
Honolulu 4ast Tuesday.
. . Letters have - been . received from
Mrs. Marian Hendry and her. daugh
ter Alice saying .thatr the tripacross
the'. Pacific ; waa ymostrr enjoyable and
Mr, and, Mrs. (SeorgQAngus Mrand
Mrs. Armsirpng 1 ana : Mrsu ; j onn , ;
J ohnsori, i Mr, .-and Mrs Geprge, .KIue-
gel, Mr and- MrsuejrMr and.)dr8j!,
G. F Bush, MrJ. Shirley Bush, Mr. Ath-'
erton Richards,' and jithers , i
?i Oh ; Wednesday I.rrs. Harmon Ander-;
son entertained informally,, at lunch
eon for Miss .MacDouald.'Mrs. Whitte
Mrs. McCormickr and Mrs. ' Chester
Hunn. ,-,, - . - r
,; ;.;"':;;.; , ; ,";.
Mrs. Jack Lucas .entertained infor
mally, at . lupeheon: yesterday at Kaa
lawai. ' . Covers, were laid 4 for seven. In-,
eluding Mrs; North, Mn! Harris, M rs
'A. K Murphy, Mrs. Howatt Mrs. Dun-"
bar. Miss Sara Lucas and 'the, hostess.
; Miss May Thomas was hostess at an
Informal; swimming party, at the Qu
rigger Club -; yesterday' afterneou.
Among" those present were Mrs.Leach,r
Miss Harbatikh,;Mis6 EdnaPhilips of
,S ta uumvr ' vs.
- :-:f-Vf 1'' ?
faridib aissiire aU in the nzzi
satisfactory manner, and .to nave yon feelat perfect ease in our
: Our clerks, aU expert-fitters mo3t coiirfe-
ous treatment, and take pleasure ' in shovzing you our difie-
rent styles, or not o. -; ,
; We w forth eveiy effort to
secure ana retain it;
- -r' : . ' - .
-iv- w-,iv" ,. LjJ:fi '. vr.-w
An v
;-i Tt:i: ..Jrff- v;
GebSjAr Bf67n, Ilf,
;;-r: - (f 7 ;?'i:'-V.; jt w ;..
',te " ;:
1 ''leffip'
- And
. u iroBt
' V I . i y v
7- v Corsets
r.v;f5- -fn:
IV lilt . V V
hii.' it -jPf
1 - .
t. . - : '.if
.... '
.A; '.
"; ' y -' . ' ;-
K "(Vwfl-
s, ' iLaceo am
; , ;
: yfN-
Large Stock of Fall Goods arrived on the S.S. "Wilhelmina."
1 KiZZ
The advance styles in WHITJE; and, ,
ING HATS are now displayed in our
show windows. " . , , .
Preparations are now being made
SHOW, announcement of which will
soonbe made.
' Laces, Embroideries,
Everything that is new and stylish.
Black,? Ecru and American Beauty. -
' t v' . "
..Handsome LACE JABOTS.
--.;-V-r ,-vV'- " - i. "?4:S' .;s 'C' j tO.'-?""
These will be on display MONDAY MORITIIIG
7 La"dies will find nianyncw ideas in
our "
Arf Embroidery
In addition to our large stocTc of art
requisites, we are showing a splendid
assortment of PILLOW JOPS, TABLE
ART 15, D. M. C, in White and Ecru
A Large Stock of AH Sizes
Chiffon Broadcloth
In White, Pink, Blue, Larender : and.
Grey f ' v- a:,
' Tailored Suits
White Norfolk Suits .
Linen Dresses
Blazers In all tbe College Cobra
A Large New Stock .
.- -
' " -
- V
. -4

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