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Mortars Ready
To Rain Shell on
Invaders 1
M '
: A.
5; 4
iu.-'r'. .
4. A
Gmmm for urn camf.-. mm mas. mmAeicsmm oft mii ""
- - .-
fccrwne in" Hawaii ana a good
tnaji people not so Trtunate a to i
- "111. i li Ijm ka I ft .n. . t m F"kl n am
. v. u iwu, tuww mat ifiAiuuuu
Htad is a tortitied rock, home of
; these people know that, sheltered , be
hind the crater and 'frowning pall of
the old volcano, a' dollar battery is'
Ltuucu, aua v.nlle aoxnefcave a fair
working idea of what mortars are,
there are siul some woo contuse the
Urm with tne, building trades and col
' Kg headgear. , , ,.
- a mortar is a dock-tailed cannon
r t that looks as though it had grown
' - suddenly ricn And .ueU ac foruw au
ituuuutcft xfoxn the'old.jVlllage. It.,
carries its nose' In the air perpetually, '
and has a trick ot looking over i-
p.w ucaas and then dropping some-!
thing on t them. Mortars -won't look !
au enemy straight m the eye,' as big
guns will, but lie out of sight in pits,
- aim tue tueir attacks- via- the back
-..". There are eight mortars in the Dia- r
toond Head battery; located In two
adjacent pits Just iabofeFortRuger''
Uselt Hewn out of trie solid rocr at
- Uie very crest of the headland, is the
position-finding station, wnere, are lo-
""tatted' the delicate instruments used
sto , "track" a hostile vessel .and' ;to i
: make the calculations is to its - exact
V position at ; the end of the; known in- -Herval
that it takes to fire the piece,
"and for the projectile to c travel , its
; 'Journey; ' The otficers "in- the ? failge
btatlon take theirs observations and.
. wiepncmc the proper, elevation and ,
atl mutlr ' ( lateral aiiaj t to ! the battery.
t he mortars are then laid vcceordlng
r to, these figures,' and, fired,t-ax4,lit ev -
eryone has done ;his work : property,
' TnetnouEand-poirad prdjectiW tari
.thgits hlgbjy-explcsive load which will
'detonate on contact, goes roaring sky-'
ward and - seaward. ' to drop .on ; the J
-deck of an eight-mllllondollar , battle- ;
ihip ancTsend'her to the "bottom. "Z
Shot" Seven Miles.' v -
, " iidughiy. speaking. the Z maximum
" range of amortar is seven miies, fnd
for the"shbrter ranges the projectiles
travel nearly four miles upward.'; For
a1 mortar is the exact reverse of a
' i - 1; v
I Jr 1 I'll vt 'k : ' . i w i'rH ' i.!.- I 'ts.?-"'?y (- ;-r w j -i- Xa-va; 't,.vs' ,
- unaer these circumstances ,tne mar- i w : ov
J 4trt :th teaman' t th -tnnrtar tiit. back. The range 1 officer: had y beeh
gun,- m mat, me snorter tne range, : m-t - rr
the' greater' the elevation must te.;that; reminds me. of a tunny thing that; CaptalnCliarles A. ClarUe, C,
. 'ties, was .in; charge! of the oceanVend
i of the shobtinz. For the time of brae
t ..a b,.1.,' whpn in firitiEr c&ma alone he foreot Use he was assistant to the .Chief
' per' cent. 6f r hits, V as is VsomeUmes iJnd, out of habit, kept his instrument umpire, Lieut Col. Archibald Camiv
'done, 'the whole' -thing looks like acn .the tug Instead of the. target, It bell,' and it up to him to see that "the
-MiEsourt' 'proposition. " ' -was -a splendid - shot,- and the projeo, ' signals : from the -station 'werrtbeyed
'r The- most' interesting end of anr tile ;went;.right down.the smpkestack4and,to. see::,that:e;fl''2tb.jrcr:
v.'c ' ; r crrUre" I?":'t'iel3UfnesVteid ecl.ed-the engine kwmJievaiftelw
f :. 'Lzdy TU -EharpfiHooter who lies 'be-0 subcallber ;practisClth three-trnhge. He had to compute. the shorts,
v hind a rock and takes pot shots at the inch projecUles but ; it It had teen and overs, but had ; nothing, to do; Ith,
A mad Across the ravine from him. un service practise , it would "have sent the lateralis deflectionVwhichK was
dbubtedly has a pleasanter feeling
: !; the ' pit ; of 1 his stomach Y than
shoote.''hut''l.' vrv mnch doubt
Thi i ifi- somewhat weakly. "That officer ;does hifl fund or ireneral lnformatloiLall
C pecfaily ' true of mortar firing, where' hot happen, to be stationed here, does . of n useful and most of it interesting.
k the fellows who are doing, the shoot- he?" ;;-.- 'KtvVt:?f.;', JH: is district , artillery engineer dls-
, i ing never know whether they are mak- - He gave the requisite assurance; and ;- trict ordnance officer, officer in charge
'V Mt'-Af'TnlHn:hv ialf a vnllo alSO COmfOrted tne With the informs Af w Wmtrnl irmtallntlnn anrfiaa
the ' miscaKe 10 maae, -wasn i u: -Capt, Clarke Is noUbie.ror his' win
if he ' 'hr yes Very funny I ;answered nine smiled his thick sDectacleS and
while the men at the Vecelg end tlon that mortars were very good for 0ther titles too numerous , to 'puit ' on
rof the combination have a very ; vivid line shots, their greatest difficulty beg one visiUng card. L .f".-
idea of whether the nroiectlles are Ing snooting short or over the target. About Rakes. :
landlns nckr 'orfar r,.Y i ?;As- there ls a good . 500 "yards of tow The cantain Jumped aboard the Na
Having taxed my. ear drums, to the ne between tug and target and as vajo and, after, nodding a - collective -
fS.'A'' :-';? Vw53
r s
Ji-A-Vv.'-:. -
.11 -
-4. -v
- w :the jhex behd the mortars.
Captain Johnson (right) , assistant battery commander: and Lieutenant
v Williams. j -
;;breaklng point on the first day of the several men wun ramiues wno were greeUng; asked If the "range rakes?
v mortar practise held this week at Ru- BOing along didn't seem to be hunting were all right r fe .
lger, by: hearing and seeing the. .tiring ! notaries' to , witness their :wlll;rtTOkTg1;
Jrfrom the plts -themselves. I iecured heart and was . at thej navy; dock ;ort f a - Z, a 8traneely. ae-
i.; ' the necessary permission to view re Promptly at 1 o ciock . weanesoay art-ricuituraf.ndte which was out of tune
1 wits : from the receiving end of the ernoon; in quest of ; copy and some with fiautlcal surroundings and maK
Uial atmosphere. The only thing 'like
t 1 battery, namely. to be aboard the navy new Sensations.
uig Navajo wnen sne towea ine . ' . lu 'it tever, heard of Caboard shipi-wM
;1.m across the xone of fire, ' while the I. On this second day of the practise ftvVland v., , hIrh ft man im sl mRRt
'xiortars pumped
onc-mlnute intervals.
uauery tneciive
. .
. This was last
ten snots at It, at W'wuuiuuui iur buwuus we mc4i. 0nre caiirf lAHdlv for when I habneni
; cC-r.'i-, 1 The atmosphere was clear, and there k, wknmnni th nf
. ' : i i W ! were no drifting fog wreaths over etcameyiv v, . .
Wednesday, and it ocean 10. complicate .wei aimcuitie . y , aV fVkVi- ithWi MaH
bo raid here, and now that the of observation from the station and narkfl nrodneed th Imniementifttfd
that day wassome of the to blur the signals, that must be. in- h, ahoilt ity tifrrTii
done in coast defense work, terehanged between ship and shore to BOn- ta nmaei,M
: 5 might
'.'f shooting
. test ever
v uut of the ten shote fired at a range put the Urget across the proper range ttween the target and the splah
;r of. fromO to S550 yarts, ; A which the .projectile makes. It Isn
i of them landed within : a radius of . The Navajo had been turned over to : a . x.erv imDressivii rkoklne instrn
flfty yards of.the ten-footipy one.doesnt.fcef Impelled
target that is used merely as a mark. pracUse. and as her sldppen Chief . ag8 u with'bated breath forbear
er to spot on. Anything within the Ounner Babson, - has v had plenty of of putting "It out v of adJustmeni!c In
fVUfty-wl circlecounts as a;hit ao experience at Urget. towing. "Coastt fact,-It's.: notWnginore tbani a, wooden
the tatery recorded sevenor seventy Artillerymen were fortu studded
; per cent of hits. Had the .mortars respe Besides, after towing theblg with 8malI nails, for, aH theworldJllke
been fired a piat a time.i in salvos. 80x60 material targets that are. used leetn-of:a real rake --
'v bt. four, as would be the case In actual for naval ; practise, and fori the big Tn observer o!ck8 this eutt and
warfare, probablr every salvo would guns ox coast iderense batteries, the' sights it dead on the target Jt is so
''ft'' ,used graduated with relation to the length
,.v::vuvi8,uk. uu vu, kue, . kuu ..-...-.ivw. k , &',r,y or the towline that each tooth is equal
army officer of my acquaintance when ; circle .which means a hit Is child s tf a dpfiprtinn nf va vard Thri
Seven Room and Bath Bungalow, just completed, on Bates
Street. Lot contains 8000 square feet.
practise,. to pheck.pn each.other and . red flag. - Naturally the : signalman
wnen a snpi ia,iirea.eacn .man leyeis : wouiani cnange nags ail the time, and
his rake ontthe target, with. hwt eye as the result the messages were all
glued to the. rear sight Vl The. pro jec-,' mixed 'up. u. ; : : i - :
tile falls with 1 a mighty splash, that VThis year we're using something
sends the water thirty feet or so in .brand-new"' continued the rAntaln.
the Air ' If the splash is opposite the ; v We. are using flashes from the 60-
1Lhlrdf tooth on the right hand ' cross Inch searchlights to transmit signals,
armijof the instrument the shot, has and they seem, to work all right The
fallen" short by fifteen, yards. ! . The war department has just gotten: out a
fcange' rake is ,!about the easiest in- . code of ten signals for target practice,
stftmieht to :, understand that I lever - and wee trying them out Then, if
fcad explained to ,me, and , an ..expert-" necessary, we can change and sen
:ence which ranges from the latest lm- messages in the Myer code, ' or ; in
jproveinent in astronomical ( photogra- Morsel. , -' r :
phy: to a mouse ! trap which ' saves the :UWe' were well off Diamond Head
Cheese by Jerking it out of .reach1 the . .and; probably five miles from ' shore,.
I moment the door shuts on the mouse, when; a thrilling 'rescue at seaf . was
the (patent on which I once had offered - Performed.., The ; U.,tS. Engineer's
to'me for one jdollar Mex., .makes me launch Hilo had come out to . see the
a qualified judge. . . fun,, and the little boat was . making
:si0nais:by:3earchllflht!t v -' -f- such heavy weather of It.UiatCaptain
-Au M -it. :'k;s Babson offered to tranship the only
; ti!1ti-aIWi5t-fe luvenile member of the party, a' little
ttrough the channeV and vbegan to gjri who lost all her ardor for a life
Wc : v: on the ocean wave, and several other
ead;j rPteinlarkefgavevsome in- things, during the voyage. The trans-
f yp ''del If nt on' 8 igaiihS-' , fer was made without incident or ac-
f .Last year,' f aid the captain; 'they cident" ... ... '
ignaIed,;or tried to signal from, the Some Maneuvering.
istationvtOkthe tug. bj fag "wig-wag 'fs no easy matter to get a target
from ' the top of Diamond Head. II exactly in the right zone for target
.was almost impossible to ' make out practice, and tow it smoothly across.
: the; numbers on account" of the ,back- Whatever the tug does Is just the op-
groun,d.,fpr, one moment- a dark cloud pbsite of what's, wanted ashore.' it
would go behind the head, and then seems. I learned that one cardinal
only a white flag could be seen. The rule ior a successful target practice is
pttjnoment a white cloud ! would for everyone ashore to 'cuss out' the
come sailing by. and -the only; thing towing and everything connected with
1 !'. - i it and lay the blame for all misses on
1 " ' -1 - ' ' ""' " m the tug, while, to play the game right
J the men on the tug have to be equally
censorious of the 'boneheads ashore,
who 'don't know what they want from
one minute to the next' This is an
unwritten regulation, and no target
practice can go off without the dis
pute. "We left the navv dock at 1 o'clock,
and it was nearly 3 before the search
light at the Kupikipikio station began
to dazzle us with conversation. Re
ceiving signals from a 60-inch light
is like being the target for a hundred
small, boys armed with hand mirrors
on a bright day. There's no question
of Beeing the lignt and It the beam
' r
Six Room and Bath Bungalow
on Bates i Street.
finished in two weeks, on lot 60x100. K
Will be
. 'The M0 Splash" , Man of the a A. a
"When the shot is fired the flag will " on imagination for a smile, but I think
be dropped," explained Captain Clarke,
"They will fire four trial shots first to
get a line on the wind drift, and when
they've made the' necessary correc
tions will be ready to get us . on the
range." 1 1
We saw only one of the atrial shoi
fall, as the fire was directed at a point.
if a man was sitting under a railroad
viiugv vuv . kuvusauu a.v uif sAAt
fast freight pitched off the rails and
came down engine foremost and without-uncoupling,
and under full steam',
Jie noise would be something like that
made by a mortar projectile. . Next
time you read about shrieking shells.
ing started, though, the liner Marama
blundered into the field of fire, and
tied the practice ud for another, half
is properly trained on tne tug, tne new . hour, while she scurried out of range
in the water possibly a mile off our don't put the adjective down to ex
port hand. Just before the trial fir-J aggeration. . ' -
Splash! A column.of water shot up
beside the bobbing, target the camera.
snapped, . and the 'mathematical bar
Four Bedroom Home on Boyd Lane, oif Luso" Street
Terms can be arranged if desired
SO Merchant Street
method of signaling is about the best
ever devised."
Shooting Commences.
Dot-dot-dot-dash, came the firs'.
" message, three short flashes and
long one. A hasty consultation of the
' code card showed that this meant "in
cline to starboard." Captain Clarke
. pulled the whistle cord to ghow the
slenal was understood, and Jimmie,
Captain Babson's very lively terrier.
Finally the tug was headed due east
in the proper zone, and the signal
tie that the battery would com
mencefisiag. Shots Realfy Shriek. '
Up went a red' flag on the Navajo,
as a combined signal of danger to
other craft and to let the battery; know
that all was ready aboard, .y Up went
the red flag on Diamond Head, and
then after a moment of intense watch-
let off four staccato barks. That was ing it came fluttering down again
the program for the next half hour,
giving the opportunity for the requis
ite "enssing out" process. We "inclin-
- ed to' starboard" as per signals until
- we had made a couple of complete
turns.' Captain Clarke pulled the
--whistle cord until he blistered his
hand, and Jimmie barked himself into
a frenzy
Finally a red flag was run up to
the- staff on; top ot Diamond Head,
, showing that the battery, was ready
- fir. ; - ' .. ; --. - - -":
Captain Clarke and his two assist
ants grabbed their range rankes and
made threatening gestures at the tar
get. The camera man, who, by the
way. is a most Important personage,
leveled his tox astern and waited re
sults. .
"How can you tell just when a shot
Is coming," I had asked Captain
Clarke previously. yyr y ?
. 'You'll hear- ir right enough,'
had answered with, a grin.
1 oiy ft.--"ft
a. a - -
a 1 . tr 1 a 1 ' . -
uuus w iayiaju ViaxKe, wno announc
ed that the shot was 60 yards short v
Then they began to drop at the rato
of one a minute and only one other
fell outside the circle,: at that To
snow now accurately the snooting was
gauged, the fourth shot was only 7
; ards short, the seventh 12, and several
came within 25. ,The top of the target
.would have been almighty; wet seat
for anyone, and a mighty scary one,
as well. . :;. . -. :-. ; : -
cji&ai mis ior range, announcea
uaptam Clarke when the , last tra n-
load of noise had plunged from sky
to sea. "If the deflection Is as good
we'll have a fine, record." ;-.-.:
Pictures Important , v
Without accident or. incident the
.Nayajoretnrned.toer.dock.: On ar
rival the towline .was! accurately mea
sured, and the clmera man hv rr! : i
off to develop his films. It r ! ' '

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