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Home Course
Koad Malung
V. Basic Principles of
Road Administration.
Director Office of Public Roads.
United States Department ,
of Aoriculture.
Copyright by American Press Ao
clation. 1912.
foa 4 idmin !?t ra tloo wifch lsnlri : r
lx owlod to In? the Verj acme 01
efficiency namely, statute lator V
the working out of proierty ink
Men trho work ont .their tajf do fX-
! gruilslnsly because they think ' ( h;
' re letng lraiosei npon. Tliey do '
loorly tecaue itls a work which Hi
know but little about. They render t
j least possible amount of gerxice : I ,
! ca nse It seems to lie the genera) r -J
Uerjtacdinfj tfmt, the object' of ..nf
stntute idxjrer snoniu be to shirk wo
lUE roads of the United States
are worse than the roads or"
. JL any other civilized country on
the face of the globe, and onr
ystems of road administration are for
the most part, extravagantly wasteful
and totally inefficient and inadequate,
Until within the past few years, th 2.000.000 riiiles of earth road in V
policy of extreme localization prevail-. United Stites. They point to the fa
that to .m.tcaoamize L',i.oup miles :
I rather than to perform it. 3Tre
f It Is ohviou that discipline with stS x
Ian assctnbsfe of workmen ! w6uld-J t
; In? out the trojerx-road tax and" tl.
has grown toie an eren greater sour
f weakness than statute labor, for :
W04 alout $2tv"iX).000 of the projer
tax was iald in labor, or. In oib
words, was practically wasted.
" Opposition on the part of ultra oih
servatives to the general Improvenif
of the public roads is frefuentiy ba
ou the belief that the advocates
road improvement contemplate si:
facing with Lard material the enti:
r J. W. Jenkins. Capt. W. D. For-
syth, W. 0. Ball, Wallace DaWitr,
vife and child, Mrs, F. W. Foster,
Schcfield Barracks; C L. Jenkins.
Australia: El' O. Born, Maui, C
Ma$er and wife, Kauai ; MUs R. L.'J
Ueach. Denvtrr. Colo. : M. DockstaderJ
Xoa Angeles. Cal.; P. E.' Muraine,
IPortland, Ore.: Wm. B. King, Waah-
I - - V.--, . -"--i -. v j '.. , . J . . . r ' " : v.l , ; ..U) j... i ' 1 I I
" -i: ... "i 11 1 1 1 !
III: . 57 2&? :'
i ci - - m
3f ;.as' a-featnerdeliciousft;5 ' '
V: aoDetizmEfbiacuits. v''r?VixA's. V"
' - cakes, mUEas and .hun .-jf, V,, ' "l !
fh&t Cta - A I
5- 5 .vS-.w.x; .: ' :"".n:-: , : v .-.f: "
'::'::: ; . y.J. ; v-:: ' y vf r V -v -S
r -1 "' v '
this boap wxs Located ad cosstkuct-
if. 'i. ...
$5,000 per mile would cost 410.00(K0OJj ;
000. That this is a mistaken view -the
subject can be easily demons?
ed. Then all the roads of the'coinitry
are classified according to traffic re -4
iuirement It will result In the elinrj"
nation' of many thousands of miles o.
totaUy unnecessary road and of manv
more thousands of miles by relocation
straightening of curves and various
other expedients. - - ' - v ; v; '
Careful investigations have been car.j
tied on in various parts of the, country
which prove that about 20 per cent of,
the' roads accommodate -about . 80 per
cent of the traffic, so that if the read
are . to . be imprqvea in. sucn,a. way. as
to do the 'createst good i;'toithe great-"
I est number it! wil!'bei$ecesary to im
prove only about one-fltth pt the total
mileage with stone and other: hard ma
terials, leaving the v rest to be taken
care of as. earth roads.;--; .'; '
I iThe : wholefsubject of road Improve-
meat in toe unitea diaies 13 now pass:
lng through' a transitory stage. We are
striving', not only to ., meet . the ' new
conditions of traffic 'with new forms
of constraction,, but' our various stae
legislatures are actively . engaged in
endeavoring to "Mneet the demand for
road improvement by the enactment ot
suitable legislation: and by the appro-
priatibnpt;tbe necessary funds.
We have5- tried manf expedients In
tne, aaminisiraaon 01 our puuuc roaus
involres Iprtvatec4atroDTer a' public
tillty; Thisla manifestly unsound In
a public enterprise and It Is a. sonrce
of gratification tfiat the tbllroad ys
tern Hals been largelybanoned
Even In the states which' have foj-
lowed a progressive policy during the J
last few years, most of the -roads are
still under local control. rYearJby year
we have been frittering away our mil
lions f maintaining' tfie ' roads In their
priniittvfr conditlonuntil the yearly
tribute of road taxes in the United
States now amounts, to over $140,000,
000 and our petty road officials have
grown to an army more than iOO.OOO
strong. The incompetence of a large
number of officials Is more difficult to
remedy than the incompetence of a sin
gle official. .It is manifestly impossible
for a district or township with limited
revenues to secure the; assistance, ad
vice and supervision of a. high grade
engineer, whereas in a centrallxed sys-
1 tern the cost is so i widely distributed
as to impose but a" slight burden on
lion kf the public toads, and today " this,
policy prevails in -grea t ma jority i ol
the Btatesil t. places iipon . the county
and in Tmost ?ases upbn 'the road' &ls-
.trlcta. or: tQwnshlpsj the entire, burden'
of constructing' and maintaining roads
and 1 leates to .lt the initiative aa well
as the final determination as to the pol
icy which shall be pursued In carrying
on thW.work:, fS.I
-v Our road; law for the most part do
not contemplate th necessity for kU I- j
ed supervision"" Inv road- work: 4 hehc
most of , the work( Is done under thu
direction of men who have .no knowl
edge of road building' and -whohave
only a 'passing interest in lLThis is a
situation" -.which' if truly amazing.', for
skilled: supervision is ? demanded la
practically 'every line ef workf t To the
trained road builder It' is evident that
no more; proilflc sbflrce of waste" can
l6.found than In unskilled supervision.
.There' are, Inclnding ' coiinty and
.township .officials, tat least aa hundred
thousand road officials inthe United
tatesj'each : exercising - a practically
Independent authority; Can we. ex
pect - efficiency hi Jan "armyT in wiich
all are officers' and hone -is the -rank
and file? . v;'-: ' : vv-: -r, .
A In nearly 'every publl? or nrfrate en-"
terprise some measure or skin la re-
j quired )f the men who ere expected t)
carry on the work, when a buildln-;
is to be erected a number, of men. each
skilled In his own craft, are employ
ed., .One does not find that! thiwman
is employed because he needs, the mon
ey and that one because be Is a good
fellow and the . other because- .he ; has
.'political influence, but because he is a
killed carpenter, competent bricklay
er," a trained and capable painter, etc
throughout the entire transaction.
The civil service of the United states
is made up of people selected after, ex
amination. Qur public schools are In
charge of teachers who have been
awarded certificates after proper pre
liminary training and examination.
Is it not surprising, therefore, that
we are willing to intrust the expendi
ture of $140,000,000 .annually in the
building and care of our public roads,
so essential to our welfare and even
our happiness to 100.000 men, most of
whom are selected without any regard
whatever for their technical and prac
tical experience?
In order to have skilled supervision
the technical training and experience
of the highway engineer are necessary.
There is a pcpular idea prevailing In
some sections that engineers are not
essential to road Improvement. This,
1.--A-- r.
ington, D. " C.i ilra, A. ' Williamson
and family. 'A. . Milllamson, Honokaa; 1
LiyS. Perry, CI JR..Youug, Vancouver;
W. U Rose. Scbofieid Barracks; Mrs '
an M lss Lennox, Paauhan, , N. R1
Furrey, Honokaa; Mrs. J. Foley, U.f
S.;A.; J. F. Houlihan. Schofield Bar-:
racks: Geo. P.'Thlelen. city; J. Gar
cii. D. L. Meyer, Maul; Miss M. How-
ard, L. Barkhauesen. Otto AVix, San'
lor. P. H. Sheridan Schofield Bar
racks; A. W. Eames. K. Eaaaes, Wa
hiawa; Ht W. BalfdU. S. A.; H. "E.
Stewart.: U .S. Navy; Peter Phillip,
S. M auna. Kea ; D. H. GUmore, city ;
W. B. Foster, city; J. P. McKinney,
New Yorfc; Miss Helen Kimball. Ha-
leiwa: W. G. Allen, WaikaneJ , Tw J.
Nolan and wife, Ewa; Geo.-Chalmers,
Jr Waiwanalo; Mrs. M, C, Duncan,
Hanford, Cal.; Mrs. H. D. Sloggett,
Hamakuapoko, Mauir J. : N. - S. Wil
liams and family, Kahulul; Miss A. L.
Cardner; Kauai; - Miss Elsie E. Duffy,
hean Pedro; Cal.; O. A Wind, Kohala;
Mrs.-. E. 1 Madden and son Hawaii : R:
M. XIndsay ; HUo ; A.- E. -N. Todd. Wal
alua;" vMrsl- Carl Woltera. and .child,
Naalehu i iJ; G. Winter," Schofield Bar
racks ti Capt Johnson, SS S. :Wilhel-
miDa ; Mrs. E.i Tarmacn.r Schofield
jnlna: f-"Mrs C. E. Tarmaa: Miss
Combs,; V.x p. Dixon: and wife, ' 5, W.
Payton and - wile.. schofield :XJarracks;
A. 5 Halff 1 and vwlfe; City ; S. N; Wil
cox, -KauaJ; ; E. E. " Hartman; city ;
'Aubrey Robinson, f Mrs, ' M. Welcber,
Miss . E Cayr Geo;; S." Gay, . Sinclair
Robinson, . S.; A.'. Robinson, Flora' N.
Albright; Kauai; A. .McClelland, Pu
eblo, Colo, E.'E. Thompson and wife,
A. . H Gates and wife,- P. .0. Gates;
Miss V. J. .Gates, Miss Jessie G Par
sons,: Passadena; . Mrs. . Lydia ': Ander
son, Pittsburg; MrsI;J. M. Brown, Los
Angeles, Mr8.C M, Webster, Los - An
geles; Mrs. J. M. Itilgarif and daugh
ter, U c Kllgarif, t San" Franci'sid; Cfe
E. Bower,,; Jr.; Vancouver, B... CJ; T.
W. . Alexanderr : Washington. D.R C. ;
MrsI Jno. ? Blsholl.s Chicasop Mrs.Gay
A - Kennedy, Chicago ; Wl ,i ;: Porter,
MIsa J. E. v Ry an, Waterf ord N. : Yfc;
i. ouwer, veuyer, y. omvuik, Lisa f.none: ' i
Ethel Scajfe. San Francisco,.' ' ?, ; i 1 0;
V v. ., . f .
k-s '.-..
Alokca Street.
mm Lui:
-.'.'.V' " . , -. bfMB '' --.-!
; : . ;i - - - .. . 4..- .
ij ,"L:;;:- .v ; .; ; r . -
5::v.,vU';.-,:s .v,-:.;;.--.. RslJence ICS
. . .
P. O. BOX 155
'O ' :."VA ' r' , ' y W - '
each of the smaller units. In the pur
chase of. supplies and equipment" a
large saving can bej effected -by cen
tralization, while intthe reduction' of
personnel and In standardization of
methods and equipment still greater
economy results. It cannot fail to Im
press every thinking man that a sys
tem of extreme localization .will mean
an entirely unnecessary multitude of
officials and irrojoilar and 111 directed
road improvement.
- It is apparent that the smallest unit
for effective control in the administra
tion of road affairs is the state, at
though excellent results have been ob
tained under county systems where all
the roads are placed under the jurisdic
tion of a competent and skilled high-
however, Is a very erroneous idea. An J way entrineer or superintendent,
engineer, by reason of his technical J - Our highway departmentfVboth coun-
knowledge, can secure the easiest ty and state, snouia oe entirely rree
y 4y t;
$ ; ' .- y
Secretary, Harrison Mutual Burial
: AS sta rted ?m ;HonoluluJuly 1 5 ,
'. j making itibvv;ten: years
old. . D iiVing that have
been ititvsp j certihcateG
The Asddatibn; has bii ried 6-5 9 o f
its members, represeg 640
families in the Islands, i
There have only. been levied seven-
teen assessments ot S1.00 each, and
iiu iiicuiutri iia paiu ji
lees and assessments more than 2-1.50.
" If "you have been burdened with heavyfuneralfexpenses in
the past, and want to avoid them in t he fu t u fe," xbmmun ica t e
vvun us. j .
grade for a roadway 4 consistent with
the traffic for which it is designed. By
determining the drainage areas he is
and away from political influences.
All road work should be placed in the
hund of trained and experienced rond
able to compute the proper size for builders, and all road taxes should be
culverts, he Is able to design the - paid in cash. Road officials and care
bridges to suit the needs of traffic, to takers should have sufficient compensa
estlmate the quantities and cost of ma- i Hon to justify them in devoting their
terials, select proper road bulling ira- entire lime and attention to the work,
terials and prepare plans and estl- luder such a system proper'j admln
mates. Furthermore, he stantls .be- Istered it will be possible to secure a
tween the . community and the con- dollar's worth of work for every dollar
tractor and : In able to give Inrpartlal expended, which ;.if; cehily jipt, the
Justice to' hot bV 'r. , -rz. d'at ;thfr preterit' tnle.-eTC"V'VVr
send Urai(teiffii
r y'-'
Prompt attention to d ay and night calls". , ,
Particular care given to preparing and embalming of bodies. '
Facilities for shipping remains unexcelled.
1 ...
?Jnp.. H. Townsend, F.D.
Dav and Nioht Telethon

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