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. Local Chat : .Home and Fashion Hints:
and Other Activities:
- ... . - . k . - mmmmm ..
Things Fem iniiit.
; .v
. .
tev j
of Pleasant Surprises
Capitalized by Clever Vomen
Hbw They Enjoy and Profit by
a Most Ingenious Occu
v pation
If you were iylng la bed or Just atle
- to sit. op In a chair concalesclng from
some wretched Illness and were find
ing the time between Interesting oc
curences very long, shouldn't you Just
love to have some, one . bring you a
mysterious box full of carefully wTap-i-ed
little package, each contslntag a
"surprise gift chor en partlenlrlv. to
-: meet the need of your own lndlvfdnal
-personality? . Wouldn't the childlike
delight you "would have In trylne
guess whit was Jn tb alluring little
parcels ffm Ihe "f eel" : and from the
nonsense Jlng'es written on . the cards
ntUched tn them chut a brightness
over many5 hour? And the joy Is sure
tnbe extended over dayr whn you
fndinNone package one of the most
delightful of the new books about your
; own particular hohbv,' and In another
a puzzle so Ingenious that; no matter
what antipathy! you may have felt
toward puzzles your cnrlosltv Is piqued
. to inch sin extent that your flneer al-
most-unconsciously grasp for It. Then
there wilt .be other things, all produc
tive of minutes or hours, of amusement
u and enjoyments. Surely no human be
ing can be nnrerponsfv'e to. the lure of
.opening a lot of mterIous presents
It Is just that chl'dllke onlrk In all
of is that 'wo clever sinters - h.ve
capitalized to make an adeouate en-l
rVasint living for thennlves. says j
tbe New, York Tribune. All tbe more
- rlearnt bu.ey themselves en
Joy it sothoroughly. J
v rWe are Interested In human nature
end an Jnhate lqve for ehlldrn . Id
Miss , Mary. Pusev. the elder of the Mb-
' tTS. when seen In their busv and fas-
cinatlng-workroom at ' No.'. n Madl-
eon avenue.
Th Two Ingredlenb.
.1 .... . 'V
And'Jt ts lmpoMnble to helleve Vw;
.nV 'one. ;no matter how clever, who
K" ! IifTfd those two Qualities f love i 'for
i' 'jvfMWtMn.itiifmsrf- ntnrV rnuld eon-
itwt '-t'rh -flhderful "tn prise
f fon V'klf i !rs" '. Erd crown-UDk.'
There vwc re - several -: boxes, around
Ibe "recpftiou ' room: wlt.nont.f covers,
jfli !iy! U3V mreter.lpu a-II ttle pa.k
t..cirJverres "attachtjd; and
V;'-v!!$:-'Aiiz& t. :y-:.r cicrctsept tbe'titmogi
. seir-ccr.trcl.tl t the reporterJkept'Vsr
: .1o8Kr f.r. rs frc n thejn7lU:ftv ' ,4ff
,uj tvt '"juancr, n xzoiueruty . geaEpnanp
. io stiall vbo3s and ' "girl .V and grbwii-iiB
1 feiife'i" too 'fcre always buying' blrihaays 1
tbkt'fatJEt pa a rproprlately, recognized
ijmrrrtiere 1$ cr.c family.' cdrislsting: pf.twa
' small b6ys which keeps 'us constant
" busy." These boys have : already had
. nine boxes each, on special occasions.
and' when they have been ill, and we
' . are Just beginning to wonder whether
, we-shall cot soon run out of ideas for
;:. . ;';them. vV. ; ; ; ;-; ifSX,
. i ... Next to .the reception room, where
' several of-thd finished boxes, are dls-
. v.
i .
The Experienced housewife knows that, with Heinz Goods in the
U' v house, she'll.never be,worried about meals.
A Deliciou Lunch
played. Is a large, light workroom
stocked with all Imaginable novelties
to while away the time for young and
old, sick and well.
Try For Novelties.
VWe try' to get as many things as
possible that cannot ie found In the
shops,- said Miss Pusey. "Some we
have to import and some few, are our
own inventions. It is surprising the
things thatwill occur to one some
times, Just on the spur of the moment
I think if ever we decide to give up
this business we shall become novelty J
specialists." .
Besides the boxes piled about the
workroom, there were many quaint
baskets. Miss Pusey explained ; that
these were used for arrangements of
fruit and flowers to be sent to those
going down to the sea in ships and
to the sick. '
"We take' lots of trouble in arrang
ing the fruit and flowers-attractively,
because we believe It gives the gift
a greater , value," continued ; Mlts
Pusey. ; lri this connection a funny
incident happened a few weeks ago.
A woman who has been coming to us
for. some time for boxes and baskets
of all kinds wanted a basket of now
ers sent to a sick friend wno is verj
particular and loves beautiful1 thintj.
We spent lots of time and thought ar
ranging that batket, and when it was
ready we decided that we had made
a pretty good - thing of It , A few
days afterwards our customer came
In visibly anpoyed -but not at us, we
soon discovered.. Her friend's butler,
It seems. had received the V flowers.
taken them from the basket in which
U ey had. been, so thoughtfully arrang
er, put them in a large vase and pre;
sen ted. them, to his ; mistress ;in tha:
fat hlon! When people pay us especial
ly, to think for them, naturally Iwth
they and we are agrieved whe i hat
they are paying for and we are pro-;
viding goes all for naught-Hut,; then, ;
it seldom does." ;. : -0" ;,r" V
Not Afraid of Competition. A i 1 B
When Miss Pusey. was asked wheth
er she was not afraid that some one
else might r take up the ; particular
wcrt: which she-and her sister' had
developed, V she answered ' that she
tnougnt mere was mue aanger ana
that' if any one, did make terious Jrt
rcadSTlnto "their, PTOfifjCfehAelt sure
ltht;.she s'-Wd i her ; sister -.would .think
fof, sQBvthlng-tee jto '?.yf
s "l f , -only v Womenv wno are nHirown
ujiour their Qwn3ire80urce would . s(bp(
and"4hlnk,'5 ,iaid -Mhfl jPnsey. ;"they
gjirel'a sjuidrt disooveryrome" other
method. "of iixlakingt theirs lWing than
jin wayt that havi? .already become ex
haustedh Pur:.experienee'Ought tc'be
valuable to; .them - from-that ' point
view, because we had new hear
any one doing the particular : line
we aeciaea, upon after mucn cua-
g of brains. And we should be
very happy to think that our exferi-.
ence in thinking up something really ;
cw utiu cU'Uui ap,&u bjujb muer wuui-
an to go and do liewise."
Dill Pickels
can be .gotten up with
Salted Beans
GOODS and a loaf of bread.
Order from Your Grocef
One round box covered with silver
paper with a cut-out frieze around the
bottom, of a deep blue sea with gulls
flying above it, was being stocked up
foi ' some one who was to sail for
Europe. Into this were going an in-
dividual drinking cup, a set of bridge
cards, a "first aid to the Injured box,T sifted with a teaspoonful cream of tar
wlth its little rolls of plaster and cot- tar. Beat the whites of five eggs un
ton and cream for sunburn; a sma3 til stiff, with a pinch of salt,and when
electric torch, a bor of candy, the lat- perfectly sUfl add the yolks, of two
est novel, an attractive bag to hang and wnip , again. Now mix lightly, a
at the side of the steamer chair, con-, little r a-time, with the dates and
venient to drop anything into when
going off for a constitutional t around
the deck, and other very special and
appropriate things.
On another table was a box that
was being prepared for a little boy of
two years who had had infantile para
lysis, and ; every toy that wa. going
into it was designed as a tcmnatation
for him to use his little
and help make it well.
Then ; there was a
hrtr' for an fIdrrlv wrt!
In deep mourning. '.V.:' -''"
; !We are constantly getting lettens
asking for new kinds of boxes, whica
tax ; all our ingenuity,"; said Miss
Pusey. "For Instance, the, other day ;
we- received a letter;that said, 'Please
send a birthday tox-for our uncle: ne.
V ?m7 " y?rS P'!,J,.artJX Paralyze4'
hut, sUll quite a iport'r Of coune we
wwu... ivuvoio mi
yalescents boxes, and we never make
two alike. We always try to mae
uii iui! in,t a tr . ..'''MMtki. -
proprlate to individual jneeate1
tires. -' : - ,,: :,. -r iwiiCTfj :uu : icasyuuu w aiiuwiiu
'The Christmas season 'of course, b 'extract; one half ie?spobn salt Bexi
our bhslest time, and last year we hd the eggs well, land the other Ingredi
to Atop taking orders as soon as ten ents. and beat the batter thoroughly;
days . before Christmas and three 'of
us worxea nineteen nours a day for
about two weeks to fill orders -we had
already , ' taken for . Kriss Kringle
cnests. - , .:,
v. "Of. course many of the Christmas
b6xes were for the children, but . lots
jere icr ,ioneueui a gin irom way
out West sent us4 $5 and wrote tnat
this'' was the first Chrktmas she had
been alone with her sorrow and she
wanted a real surprise box to help her
feel that some one had thought of ner.
mouusmai;weare ueipiug aiong vue " : . ; 7. v .'T .7 r " Will sink Into the tower an fl ht nnar .V.?,t-';V,.: ;
happiness IH the world and doing our; original
little test, to increase: It! : ; ; eaca egg quite smoenn wm 'smooth: ; : MtfivtU' :,The. report of the.Glrls Frl-ridly So-Glrls Fr
BREAKFAST STEAKS v 4 nd , egg rballtSetln the oven nrtil riritrhpn fMfi. tnt&iwliiw rta-iV vomVtV Ca ' til, c3 It ; : '
For southern beaten steak, a cheap very hot and pour'a wWtetu.ee abo?V Uula over XZ:: " .
hut- lutev niece of meat la used. v Cut the eggs halves .before sending i to D.e; "rr a '8?H?'yiW. v9r A: t Xri.i,ntvt vrv rmtl.. rrr-m r "
th meatinto small steaksthe size ofiijRble,;
the band.- .-Season each piece highly
rwn,tsaii ana peppers iinen pounAr, Cut: three ofionr rouhds
each, pi ece untiL.it is7 almost literally , a
WttV-. -.n4.lJAiuWVr. tiOk 6UBfcMUcrTo-WftjroKhl$Kftivi1fT'rt . T"r-1Tr ."7 COST .Bllr lu !!laS wei
For anoer "breakfast steakpoilnd;; .' : " . it -i -ftrtowfe-axw-:
a piece of round steak until the tough-; . (1k,TUWwn,iA.,;;f ei- .' ' ':.-'-H-meiit or already In
est fibers are tiroken. then rub it with rZ"7Z?.::Z .V?u ?n .8caiain w? -m:,wt; several hundred
uA i .M-.iAwincea-.nje;i..J5Mic:'iwi.: tinr It aside-tO'COOI A Oaxed otf .bollftd . vi i -
dow;be about an inch and a quarter In
thickness. Press it a little to make it
adhere and have the edges of uniform
thickness. Rub with :. a little, flour,
Drou-,iiKe any oiner steaK ana spreaa
withi butter. New York Tribune.
V Til i
'" ' Vs.
nothing but HEINZ
Stew one cupful stoned dates until
tender. Put through a calander. and
mix with a cup sugar that has been
sugar, and place W ramekins or other
baking dish ESrlnkle oyer the top
one- - half cup ( chopped nuts and
bake them. abct J minutes. Serve
with creim, plaJi or yhlpped.
Cut one pound of fresh tripe into
""row strips add one cup of water, j
. minced r rsley( scattered over the top.
?S"tir'A? l.-'BO'UB'OBbiSEL j .
PlacV i pieces of veal weighing three
0i four pounds Jn a st'ewpan with two
t-blespoonfuls of butter - and. brown
weii: adVf, twof cupfuls of stock, six
mir Vwifevn. w onir einvi
one aaif 1 basUng;- often
tbft ;VMiUh tL v2hi
von nrefer- I : , -
r ,u
? e'f Jf T JS?
one tablespoon of tutten one teaspoon
drop pieces the size of a walnut onj
weu ouuerea uns. aooui iwo . incues
apart Bake "lnflulck oven apd leave
on: tins a. few minutes before remov -
Ing. -
. Wa8h,Doa and drain a pint of spin
the meat grinder. Have four eggs
boiled hard. Remove the shells, acd
cut pRrh - ( fri half extractine: the I
volk. Rub thd ' -yolks: to a :smobth
pns . orown; &uu one r8B wme-
spoonful of flour end gradually stir' in
a pint of mutton broth or hot wtter.
oJtnmer ror live minutes, men pour it
ucr me meat, cuver juB-iy uu d Li -
mer for two hours, by which time the
men buduih oe very tenuer. bctyb on
alatter with a border of boiled rlce.
Chicago Post.
onion jouice. lemon Juice and pimento
Mix the chicken, dneas. a? It. Dfenrer.
setaslde aCcoole;
.rinate. Make-a- sauce, of t-butten
flour; seaaoninrs. cream and. both; add
the. marinated Ingredients and llet
stand over hot water to become very
hot'v Thls is good served from .a chaf
ing dish. Portland- Express and Ad
Prick the sausages, in several
nlaces with a fork to keep them from
bursting, then phce 1n a deep frying
pan. cover with boiling water and cook
gently for a full 2fi minutes; uncover
nd draw forward that the water may
evanorate. When only the fH remains
in the pan turn the pieces frequently
that they may be everly colored. Pour
off all but two or three tablespoonfuls
of fat add to whn remains In the pin I
jnst sufficient sifted flour to be absorb-
ed and stir until pale brown. Ada a
pint of strained tomato, stir until!
thickened, season to' taste and draw af
litle to one side, allowir g tbe sauce to
6immer for 10 minutes. j
scaia a mm or ihuk in a bo-""?
-v t a. m i j m.
a mm or raiiK in a oo',"ii
f nllar kAA turn fkhtosTtfWtnfnlc nf Ana'
tapioca, stir very often until thicken
ed, then cover and cbok until clear and
thick. Separate yolks and whites of
three eggs. Beat the yolks with a half
cupful of suear and a pirch of salt.
Whip the whites to a stiff froth. And
the yolks to the tapioca, stir until
(Vitnlraniut then aHH tia mhitoa rtin
and mix lightly for three minuteS.
then take ofT, flavor to suit and pour
into a serving dish to serve. Wash
ington Herald.
Soak ore pint of beans over-night
in cold water, drain them, cover tbem
with lukewarm water. After two
hours more soaking drain again and
put in a pot with a half-pound of salt
pork, chopped; a small onion sliced, a
minced stalk of celery and two quarts
of cold water.
Place where it will come to aJoil in
about an hour. Simmer for an hour
and then rub through a colander. Re
turn to the fire, with pepper and salt
added, stir in a tablespoonful of flour,
just wetting the flour with oid water.
Boil up a few minutes and serve plain
or with tomato catsup.
Mrs. Edna Hutt a former model,
has filed suit in Reno charging her
i husband with desertion.
crippled hand. " n,jaPin iwiwob oi uuner roiieui
l' '. s m-;!.- nt-a level taDiespoon or flour, sait ana 3 -
tSW steamed PPPr;-f needed, and simmer half an ' ; ,
: n : tear.' v en served add a teasooon of I ;
i 1 . ii tk. ..i. uiauae ik nxeiv in roar nn rnw iiirrutv r.ii 11 l w a h ' s s
T.. J . , r .- j x . It-.- . . VtRL W I I II VII
! f ,
. '
;r. j lows for many, adaptations of belt and
VX ; V-fgirdle but itf also-behooves us to look
: , ,", r-l-J tc: our,flures ;for the ;,walst line has
; Paris is wearing wide llat hatsV two r heen so lohr hidden by ' pepluras and
J advance models of, fW,hichare7shownt
here. ' The designer calf4; them uia
t ne . designer caM'toeia v uni sonen aua oe;orv ; r an it mu3i oe in
ats, and they eeni:tdhidserye''ll8 proper place, ready forjhe nodlsh
. The. uppec-one;asTa;B6yel;'8uit : - Vv K v -i.?- A',
iplled - to 'thfesidfelmAanxi;" f.:.1 ;::i v r ;
the title
plait applied
into this a single velvct'rbss' It sel.V
An' erect ostrich plume with jiblon
adorns the crown. s The cUlerVhat-Is-
of Ivory pedal
lal1 straw trimmed with
P L'ly J I IU I IVJ k 1 'nil
.Ironing bdtween btons thUi
-CTAtra will be rtecOr jimooth -
Wraps for both day and evening
8howa tendency to the 'three" quarter
' Bwansdown is
?mtle shouide,. wraps for Tening.
. . . r: ;v
Hat8. are 8till rather ' low on the
head, but how more of the hair than
''j Parasolsl are of colored 'and white
I . ; ,
I curling feather and two shades of pinlc f ed. The ' undersarments . must fit The" casque is perhaps tr.3 r:r
j ribbon embroidered in "sUvefAd'bful faultlessly and 'the ' coiffure correctly ular hairdresaiug' ia Taria at I .
! ' .e "; "'.'I' i made i These a- brassier extension, This style will te mcr? far.:::
f ,k&): "A?cup of Vineg
ct-mttttboTXhT;? of itnree capable v depart, xT.i u U) :
mi niHfiv:- .??l.or:e 'rw.sH, mental rentesentatives with adargs ' DuriT tl3 : :
Vown' fat lifr i -l -'fff Pataff of working aisociates;' and, tbe .kindness kava t ;
isr TTraris- "7.7, Z?Zr:.r:?."r."; cosy ai m ine wen, ci Z9 cuy i ar-ogieiy cers. . t ... .
the gown,- Cfjcrtabl&But brothers
, "f:ffi& r"H . 4 .ilKt -wnS -.:ifclniHnnifrirf.ni!
jwpmeece morestne
; creaUrtintedSpanish
An item that finds especial favor, H
represented .tor the Jet crown as well
as by? the let tiara. '
"Huge, flowers or rosette r0f smaller
blossoms may have ends of ribbon and
tiny pompons. 1
Some of the new lone sleeves show'
frllla not onlv about wrists but run.f
ning ail the way to the elbow and
During the la?t month tbe effort to
revive plaited skirts as a future style
possibility hae become more apparent
Many little rummer wraps are made
up of silk cashmere. The trjmmlne Is
usually narrow niching of the same
Leghorn hat? are gaining in favor
. each day. They are banked with flow
ers, trimmed with feathers or evelets
embroidery. Washington Herald.
When starching Holland v'naforp
nut a little tea into the starch. It will
help them to keep their color.
I p-
heat dshef quickly don't T'lt
I them Into
a hot nvpn. bnt let them
lie for a minute of two in hit walfer.
Outside Ipaves of lettuce, if boiled
drained and chopped, and served on
Toast, live Fm'nach, are delicious.
Minneapolis Tribune. ,
For almost forty years Chamber
lain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy has been enrine cramps in
the stomach and bowels, dysentery
and diarrhoea and has never been
known to fail to give relief even In the
most severe and dangerous cases. You
can make no better provision for th
safety of your family than to keep a
bottle, of this remedy ever at hand.
For sale by ail dealers. Benson,
Smith & Co.. agents for Hawaii.
Star-Bnlletln Ads. are Beit Bnslnes
Getters. ,- ;-.""?" "r'v; ; "
'.. Despite 4he many ; rumors to the
conirary, me lasaionaDie ngur wurj
grow wider; . in fact, we wiU oeconw
I more slender, If such a feat is pos:
Uble, with the donning of Fall gat -
ments. The directolre. note, not ;tho
'dlrectolre fashion of a few years, past,
Init rather an adaptation or the styles
followed by, the dand lea, of the French
court In the,' year 1795, will be the
domtnant . feature of our modes ;'ln
ihis rear 1912. Onr skirts will- be-
come more scant despite the panier,
jwhkh in truth is only a form of drap
cry; and below.lt our skirts wIH'curve
inward , until walking Is almost an
impossibility and we will be forced to
gllde.i The nleats whlchi wiU beaK
v'fci 1c wed In. the new stirta will not aHl
V.-'I;gyeaUyY- for, tley will be' so held by
v, tapes w . reiajn me Bieauer v ausic
Hn thftl thir will ftllnw lit Ha frea.
XxnUom.oroion;:;-;:;; ;'
I Another ;C change ; In' - the season's
. modes- which has been heralded- by
vt he. Summer is .the, return of the waist
line to. Us , normal place. This ; a
empire effects, thatitUs almost for
gotten and before;Fall it mu3t be In
To be truly smart one must start
with a fashionable ; foundation, in
other, words, the corset must, be well
a' cut on correct lines and correctly fit
aajustea it straps over ine snouiae,yery mucn -in v.ogu.e. aunr.3 ir.
buttons and loops.
th9: Monitor., The Berlin brancbi Is Jn'
for.1 English-speaking
eithelr seeking 'employ:
girls 1 have , been
practical manner and
' "" "' " .
New York may be the greatest
summer, resort In the country, as bur
hotel . keepers . are fond ; of remarking
lrom time ' to time. But you never
would guess it from' the' costumes of
" cur male citizens. ; KXiv
, Look about you in the next oven,
masquerading as a subway car, that
you enter. The sensible expert in
it was rcally; Jiot. they.seem to saoc
(mop, incp). "Why can't he, wear
wool like i a sensible person!'-
AThJs ontrastvislas old aa the town,
wV'nxelieve. 'J j- Probably 'the i original
Ihitch vie wedlthe original Indians in
t he 'same u captlousr spirit " New Yor k
lias always'-had the climate of Naples
in summer and the climate of Green
land in. winter if the records are to
be believed. VI et f only-a few rare,
Orave spirits have ever had, the cour-
age to look the facts in the face. ; We
Jonce knew.a imanv who, c with, other
iegs, wore a pith helmet on Wall
street u- He was an expert who had
learned in India and knew the real
thing whin he met .lt'on' Brokdway;
.. - A - i ii ' 1
Probably he was f mobbed as were-the j
3uffragettes. At any rate, he has dis
appeared, and with him ono of the
i'ew hopeless endeavors to convert our
town from its midsummer madness, t
r Over against the sweltering. Idiotic
male in his Turkish bath costume it is
but just to set our sensible and
charming women. In their case and
present garb, sense could hardly, go
further. Whence flows' fresh pfoof
ot where the reason of our nation
dwells. New York Evening Sun.
Those new watch bracelets are ex-T-
tremely handsome. On jointed wrist-j
bands of silver, cold or nlatinum a
tiny open-face watch is attached. The
back of the watch is generally plain
or merely decorated with the mono
gram, but tbe metal rim which en
circles tbe face is ornamented to
match the links -ol the ;braeelet
There are many very, attractive de
signs in this modish article, those of
tbe colored enamels being especially
pleasing. The color is chosen to cor
respond with tbe shade of the gown
with which it is worn. ' With the
fashionable silk or satin suit of dark
blue there are watch bracelets enam
eled in Iridescent blues and greens,
in mosaic , patterns of dark blue, or In
plain blue" enamel.. Another ..bracelet
in dark blue bad the .watch, face In
blue" enamel . and the ' bracelet was
set with sapphires, says an exchange.
Some of the more elaborate brace-
I r The, young girUfroa twelve
teen, 1 perhaps 'Hhe roct
-, v -i ,
nn . 1
wlictt comes to the ccrs -1
. but this Fall she will flr.1 :
especially looked ."tftcr. ' C
which? will be fous-J ccr.r
made with the 'low. ti:t. :
"long skirt, and the' bos! s :
able. The corset waists p.; :
? without shoulder ttrzvi
front steels, a feature wl.:
greatly appreciated -
With the low bust C t c .
nnderwatst takes the f an r !
siere. ' It Is the only ur.
which" ' gives tho , a prf -r-" r
supple but well mold ci r I
j ported figure. v Thosotr.
j fashion of a corset covrr i
rausiacior. i.' , . jr.
trimmed, to' serve !6o Cx:, '
of cover and ilpirc b::; ; .t . 1
In vogue. ; One of ' t h qr t -1
simple designs ia r? 1 1? cf
with princess .tccia at 5 v -5
the bust section' to
ment to the'flrre llnr.,
earmentf-is itrlmntcl with, C
In ! a simple- pattern ; : V ' h t: 1
tfown the vbraa8!?r l.V t' !
It Is of fine quality c: ;
cotton . fabric finite i a! ;
with black lace ec'so t::i .:
5ng. r This brassiere h.ru
blaclc net. holding la.'p'acj u ;
ed shield of black '-.rubier.'
- The arrangement of tho Y.:
Important detail and it shcu! 1 I
tally stuuieTtor i;a both tcccr.:
- ( suitable to tho fashion cf t!. 2
I'fO's. Chronicle.
snily Eccirty
br- -
jBales of, work 'a:
Engllih-speakin jc:'
bu t ed ia som e t c r r c
welfare of their k i f:
' gown of r:::
. tJ
. f
. 8 'TYpUNrj
This young girl's "gown of embrrJ
ered flouncing Is made with a plaitsi
skirt, which ' is united" to the simple
bodice by, a band of embroidery. BanJj
of torchon . lace are combined .with the
embroidery on the waist; -
lets- are made of . platlaum, set .with
diamonds and pearl : : delicate , and
jlacellke in appearance, these Jewe's
are exceptionally oeauuruu ? . , i . .
An unusual but very artistic de
sign Is a bracelet with a square-siap-ed
watch-case. -The - case is of g' ' V
set with diamonds to match the bra.
let. and the ' round : white ena:.-: 1
watch face Is' finished with numer-U
of gold. -" - "r,-" W ,
Once there was a braggart w3
boasted that he, feared neither Goi
nor man; but as a matter- of ccu.ca
his wife was awoman, 7
A man may occasionally haveti2
lastword.: but' with a wonan tt :r
Isn't any. tf . - - . -
He is"a poor chauf fear r;to
know vrzt -'- v

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