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3, '' :
Great Britain s All-Star Olympic Team For ip'":. j;--;
Arrangement Between Horsemen Committee and Park Com
C mission Will Benefit the Entire Community Not a Money-Making
Venture and Clean Sport Without Gambling Is
( The announcement : that Hhey Park
Contra ikelcni ra tact rurr.ed .KapioUnl
, Park over to the horsemen and that
thre vas.ixow no .obstacle In the war
of the Labor Day race, meeting, print-
ed In yesterday' . StarBulletln, vas
; S ailed r.wlth delight ny very sports
, iaan In Honolulu.', A crackerjack card
vl ten 'faces has been announced,' and
vhile this looks like a large. order to
fill In one afternoon, two of the events
. ore match races In which only two
horses are entered, and it should not
lake much time to run them off. At
that, lt; will mean hustllns and: effi-
; cient management to get through the
card between 2 o'clock and dusk. .
v The real Inception of the race meet
Idea came from . the two match races
- Svhlch , were talked of several weeks
Ago. John O'Hourke
thought that;
his filly Sohoma sould. account for
Louis Warren's Oneonta, and reversej
, the result of the Fourth of July race:
on Maul, and, Warren also bad an1
'idea, that . his ' Umpqua could travel :
,: five furlongs. faster than Decotos,
Major Collier, ' i , , . .
Matches Started It. '
, ;: Racing " talk Ted to the s suggestion
of a, regular meet, and the horsemen
Earned a - committee consisting of R.
W. Shingle, ! W. F. Dillingham, Robert
Jflorner , .' and, Frank Halstead, 1 and
found they --were willing to 6tand
Sponsors for the undertaking.
The proposition which ? the ' execu-!
Uve . committee made, - to the Park
Commissioners is InteresUng, in that
it shows that there is absolutely no
attempt being made to run the meet
ing '' as a money-making proposition.
If there Is any money over and above
expenses, ' It will ' be turned back to
Ihe park fund. -The committee mad
five requests df the commission, anal
Ull were granted, . with the additional we hereby agreeto turn over to your
stipulation that there would be no Honorable Board all sums which maj
pool; selling In the enclosures. vThlSjbe collected for seats and automobile
means a meeung witnout gambling,;
. ... ...
except such private wagers as may
be made between . individuals.
Following; is the letter stating the
position of c the executive committee,
the f commission's answer to which
was printed yesterday. By the condi
tions the community will be an actual
gainer through - the" deal.
Reasonable . Bequests.
Honolulu,' Hawaii, August 13. 1912.
These Little Pills
will stop all. drains and losses. They are ;
worth :thcir -weight r.i gold to q!l who
suffer froraV nervous exhaustion, eit'.icr
s mental' or pliysical. They restore diges
'tton. regulate the circulation, clear the
brain, prevent insomnia and impart a
magnetic Vigor, t One box of
Uene Essence
will. make vou.icel like a new oerson:
six boxes me guaranteed to make a per-
manent.cure or the money will be. re-
funded; Persian rervc Essence contains
no mercury or, other injurious drugs. ?
The propnetorv-1 ne Brown Export
Co., 95-97 Liberty St, New York. N. Y.,
Persian Nerve-Essence a Zoodjzn trial Stleoka iDf T. Uyeno 2b, Kcjina 3b.
rty(M Urakl ss, M. Yatnashirq If, Yanagi:
oltam the preparahon from, jhara cf, Murashigi rf.
' r'V- ' Whites H. WilHsras p.; M.-Ornel-
j. fy.
Honorable ". .Board . ; of Park Conimls-
sionejrs; Honolulu; ' ' ...
.y- Gentlemen: We , the undersigned
haYeconsente4 40J seiiye as, an Exeiyt
live k CammUtee upon .. request of a
n umber of ; horse owners who,' desire
to give a day, of sports to .the public
of Honolulu, oh Labor Day next; Sep
tember 2ud, provided . we can seciire
the - use of the Kapiolani' racetrack
Irom. your. Honorable Board.-1 i 1
We. would, respectfully. . ask your,
early consideration of the following
requests; ' -
First:- The use of the-track at Ka
piolani Park on Labor Day, Sept. 2nd,
a temporary Judges' stand on one
side of the track and a temporary
stand for the use of the press on the
.opposite side.
Third: The privilege of " enclosing
with; ropes or fences 500 feel of space
along the track on either side for the
purpose of reserving space for auto-
mobiles on one side and the erection
of some temporary seats for the usej,n stroke and is very clever on the
of spectators on the other.
; Fourth: V The privilege of charging
a fee for the juse of the seats and the
reserved automobile space. .
- Fifth: That no intoxicating liquors
shall be permitted to be sold on the
grounds of the park on that day.
We herewith submit to . your con-
sideratlon a program of races and
prizes to De given 10 victonous con
t est ants on that day, which without
doubt will attract to the park thous
ands of spectators and it is with a
view of comfort and safety of these
spectators that we have made tho
preceding requests.
OI 1 -S TT V. ! T" 1 J a
ej onouia your nuiiuiauie iiuoru gram
us the use of the park as requested,
9 f A. m
space wnicn are in excess oi me ex-
tne j
Ienses ' incurrea conaucting
snorts: said sum to be used
as a
fund to improve the park.
We, further agree to remove all
temporary structures erected . by usj
for use that day and also to place the
grounds in the same condition as!
i hey were before using them, as soon
as possible,
os possible.
We are.
Very truly yours,
The first game of the two-in-three
feries that will decide the champion
F.hip for the first ha!f of the Oahu
Junior League season, will te played
at Athletic Park tomorrov morning.
The Asahi Junior3 and Whites are
tll at the top ot lh3 percemage col-
m and keen in.erest I. felt in the
An opening game, at 0 o'clock, .vill
be pJayed between the J. A. C. Jun-
iors and C. A. U.s and the closer will
start at 16:30.
Following is the lineup for the sec
ond gaTne:
Asahi iw&saKi n. (J. Monvaa c
Whites H. Williams p. : M. Omel-.
LU Ulul I UUIlU'w
Big Island , Players Are Getting.
neady tor Championship Sin
gles Which Start Aug, 23
:,; ; t ' , . ',. .
Special Star-Bulletin Correspondence
for. the tennis tournament of the Hiloi
Tennis club closing next Monday and
with the v 'games to be played . .off, I
starting "August 2fl, thiugs are - hum
ming at4 the courts behind - the Hilo j
hotel. Every night, there . is a. crowd t
playing and another waiting " for.- a
chance to get on the:court8,vi,'J
; vy nether it- is' trie ract ' that Eugene
Horner , does ; not think there. is any
possibility of hi3 getting here' for the
tournaments this year, or whether it
Ibi because" -.there is more general in
terest .being taken In the kames no
one cahJtell, blit it is certain that
there ;Is a great deal of Interest being
shown" In ' the sport Just at the pres
ent tinted J ; ;
1 A. A. .Scott' is showing good form
and should' be one of -those" to be
heard from when the finals play
comes off. Dick Young, of Honolulu.
yhould ao De counted amongst those
wno nave a look in ror the men s
singles as with -hi3 hard driving and
test serves and his great reach he is
a hard man to beat out
S. S. Rolph, a new man to Hilo
tennis, gives promise of doing things
when he likes to try. He is a south
paw, with a good serve, a pretty- driv-
back hand work.
W. H. Hiserman has been seen in
action lately and must also be class
ed amongst the possibles.
C .' M,; Lindsay-Watson Is expected
to be among the entrants and should
check oft many points with his ser
vice. Watson Is not too strong on
uis general court Work, however.
Dr. Fred Irwin is slated as. one of
the best chances for the 'singles.
Horace Johnson has been seen at
,work Lately and by the time the
tournaments come along should be
in good form.
Dr. Sexton is looked on as one of
the likely ones but it is doubtful
whether he is really in the first class.
A number of the new players who
have come into town are expected to!
enter the singles more for the fun of
IIIIM 1' M I 1 1 k Mllll I I I II IIIH KH
, " " . Z
interesting, however,
than anything
r eise.
CHICAGO, Aug. 0. Jonnny coulon.
bantam champion of the world, leaves
foi High Lake, Wis., tomorrow for a
, vest of a few week? preparatory to
! starting hU1 fall fistic campaign,
j Coulon has an offer to go to France
land meet Le Doux, the French ban
tam, who recently defeated linger
Stanley,, champion of England-ilNon
is willing to maKe tne trip, out a sec- trophy, it must be won twice by the
ond offer, received tonight from Billy same piayer before becoming his ptr
Gibson of New York, contains the in- rnanent property.
formation that Gibson is about to !m- ,
port Le Doux to Gotham, and that Cou- J The All-Chinese baseball team is
Ion can have the first chance ar a expected to return frr-n the mainland
bantam cnampionsnip witn an inter-
national flavor.
Johnnv Hiiehps. a new British cham-
pion, is also coming over under the
chaperonage of Gibson and In the
event of Coulon defeating Le Doux.
Hughes will be his next opponent. As
it stands now, Coulon will go to
France if the guarantee is large
enough, and if Gibson offers the great
er purse will meet'Le Doux, in New
York A ba tie Deten the pair
y,r u XTm
las o. Ralph lb. McCarthv 2b. Costa
:b, Nevis ss. Davis If. Dias cf, Ca-
vaco rf
Two tatt'eships have been disabled
pt Newport by accidents. The Nebras
k: struck an unchartered reef nar
the harbor, seriously damaged. The
Fe, neir Ne-rort IT-rbor. ' " .
Champion "
h 1 lan d p lumber
, TTtl
.. - -
In the light orj Great Britain's
: scheme of gett!ng;.together an All
. Empire team for 4he. Olympics of
1916. the; talk In ithe English pa-,;
per8 a bout, the IJjttitedJStates go-
ing Into thOlgmaTB and byways
for ivatneWTelrW
amusing. v . Glance vf at' Britain's ,-.
"champions . Vas ;( pictured, by - the
San Francisco . Chronicle cartoon
ist, and then .decided whether or"
not Duke Kahahamoku is . a
"strained. American."
The continued agitation over
Great Britain s poor ' showing Ip' v
the Olympic games brought aboiit
a meeting recently of theathletis
advisory club to consider the sit- -uatipn.
Lord- Desbo rough. who.
presided, said that If Great Britain
competed at Berlin in the next
Olympic garnet she mutt take the
games as seriously as do other
nations. - He advocated a ' team
representing the entire empire in
the track events.
Lord Desborough proposed $25.
000, raised in each of tie ' next
three years, and j0,0Q0 the, fourth
year, to be nsed for preparations.
A letter from Sir Arthur Conan
Doyle, was read announcing that
he would appeal to the public for
1125,000. The Rev. R. S. de Cou
rey Laffan, a member of the Brit
ish Olympic committee, proposed
that $150,000 he raised.
The most exaggerated impres
sions prevail In England regard
ing the American Olympic team.
Enormous sums were spent and
an army of trainers carried, ac:
cording to British newspapers.'
Lord Desborough is quoted as say
ing the running track and iwim
ming tank on board the Finland
for the Americans cost $100,000.
The solemn Blackwoods Magazine
prints an editorial under the heni
"The Folly of International
Sport." which is the fiercest at
tack on the Americans that has
yet appeared. It accuses them of
being professionals "whose only x
business is to show that these
United States can whip the uni
verse." SAWED OFF
Gordon Gibb won the first tourna
ment for the cup donated bv H. F
Wichman & Co. to the
r?lnh TIndpr hf rondifinns nf th
t month It w, m v been a six-
montns mainland trip bv the time the
. r , fim ,
deDts of the "Coiiege of Honolulu" to
be away from tneIr ote
A. H. Tomes, a crack Harvard ten
A Joke
nis player, stepped off the Siberia1 Tommy Burns, former world's
yesterday, and played some tennis heavyweight champion, may take an
with Alan Lowrey as a' partner, other whirl at lacrosse. He is now a
against two local pairs at Beretania. resident of Calgary, but he is anxious
P.ockus and Harnes won the first set to break back into the national game.
(.3, while the hext two were cap-. Recently he wrote President Con
tured by the Harvard players when Jones of the Vancouver Clut, offering
Castle took Bockus' place. , his services, and although there is
: no place for him on the team Just now,
Nigel Jackson says it will make no the Minto Cup boss immediately for
tiifference with the HaIeiwa,Waikiki warded a player's registration form
match race if Vincent Gomes with- to the ex-champion, who filled It out.
draws. Eddie Brown, Merle Kalama Soon after the form came to hand, and
and several others are anxious to tryior.ee again Tommy Is a full-fledged
lor the $50 mize offered by Jack member of the Vancouver Club. He
oe put op. .;. -, ;
AUG. 17, 1912.
t Vf T'-f T
. -.
-f HILO, Aug. 16. That there
-f .will be Very little trouble about 4
securing a site for 'the 'Hllof
Yacht Club building, is apparent
from ; the- contents of ; a : letter ;
received by President Patten Uf,t
. the Hilo Yacht Club, from Com-
.mlssioner Joshua D. - Tucker.'
c Tucker states that the .Harbor1
f Commission has approved the- f
-t granung or tne Bite
f ' by. the club and that
only to pass the land
lrtnrs wh'urft It will
JudglngW f fom! thlsvt;,l5u?t
-f likely !t hat there ftvlVf bev atij ;
trouble and that . ; before -'long
. the boys will , be planning yo,ut.J
-f the details of their new - nbme.
'4-' ' ": '' ' i ' -" V.ii-'.-i-
Star-Bulletin CVrrgpontineeJ
August 16. Bringing bis
right across to the Jaw with as fast,
lean and pretty a hit as has. been
seen in Hilo, Barney Williams dropped
Jockey Willis for nine last Saturday
night and when the .little norse ' rider
attempted to get up again,' sent a. sec
end one to the head that completed
the job. ! -V r
The verdict was expected 'and un
expected according to which tide of
the- fence you were. Many (jf the i
fans who had seen Williams- work
out thought he could get Willis while
others believed that the jockey could
end his man to sleep. v
Althbugh the fight was short,
such is the luck of the game and the
hit was too clean for any suspicion
of fake about it( Indeed, one of the
nleasing things ' in connection with
the whole card was the freedom from
any suspicion of fake.
The first preliminary between
Young Jeffries and Young Cans
would have been much better had
Young Gang tried a little harder.
i The referee stopped the fight in the
third round and gave the verdict to
Young Jeffries.,, While It lasted the
boys kept the fans well amused,how
ever. Sylvester vs.' Ah Fook.
The Sylvester-Ah Fook go over
six rounds was expect- to be one ot
: the best scraps that has ever been
pulled. off as the boys had met twice
before and on each occasion the de
ciSion had been a draw.
There was a big house and every
thine ran through without a nitcn,
As a matter of fact, the only thing al
tered on the program as posted
around the city was the first prellm
i inary, which should have been be
tween Plug Milne of Honolulu and
Manuel Richardson of Hilo. Milne
wanted the promoter to buy him a
" T .iriW
, ot done under the circumsftaces
'- 1 "
linns and lot. however, which coulu
i- . l,:..;.v'i
UniversItyClub : on August 24tK, and;
provement along r all lines . Major
Cruikahank, of .the Artillery; has by'
his rank shown that - Col. McGun
negle's,. scouts have eagle 'eyes for
material. -rThe i Major wilLs however,
probably play at short and let Ueuts;
Little, Doak and Rose do the ! fling
fng;' -r :
i Lieut .Rose. , the slugger of tbe
Jeam, has played, against Jones, the
exMissl8sIpplan, and ; though cognl-
tant of Jones' strength at bat. claims
to know the collegian's one weakness
while at the plate. ; ' v w : '
Record Gate Assured.
The two worthy objects , to share
f r SCHOFIELD - BARRACKS. August Cnfl!fr-; ;r -
asked Lfor,;i7r3terminatIon.:not deaperaUon; 7 -
it has:nowl marks the t eaturea : of the -of Ucers - tniCrC J- IC TL'
'comrnis- 4- who. are beinr tried out for tha fcft9fWVnn!rnl TrV TU'
nA Drnnnit tllT foam n mnat th kia1. n . . -
Ihe receipts will . bring a large con- speed race. More interest U taVta In
tlngent down from the garrison to the states In automobile ric!r. than
swell Mthe gate.f Honolulu's duke !n W other form of ccnpciltlcn, ar.l
end his performances . are-' -"deemed r.HdnolnIif bids fair to have her share
meritorious of - reward- c tv
Army Relief Fund, always ' draws a :: Gymkhana this afternoon tha
crowdof supporters. - . : - flvemlle speed race Is to te the epen-
An . effort will : be made, to Wre D f3, l?f f T
the splendid band' of the $ First, - In- J80 be hf !Vt
fantry to'-acmpany v theScbonjj
of the league ' pounds - .In offering everything is-pczitlvely free
their park without charge has created chance is to be given to eve.y
c most favorable impression, but ne.i0 8ee as fast a race as cn I
their action was not unexpected, pulled 6ff on thls track. Many people
since, as Colonel McGunnfgle says: jbave doubted thaa entries sultatle f'.r
prompts, best good fellowship
worthy motives.' .
NEW YORK. Another Instance ot
alleged lack of consideration shown
to our champion athletes at Stockholm
by thelt own clubs Is cited In the case
of atout 3Q members of the New Jot.
ut vuv uvcuucu im
nonpayment of club dues. It was
learned that among, the - men so dl -
clplined are. xJen Adams, C. 0.
Childs, F. T. KUer, Simon P. Glides
and Gordon B. Dakes of the Olympic
team- .
Of these, Adams was the best point
winner abroad, as he Is credited with
three, Childs was placed in the ham-
n-er throw,-Jbut the others failed to
tally. The athletes were astounded
upon receiving news of their su. pen-
sion, as they think they should at
least have been extended the court 3y
ot a chance to straighten out their ac-
counts before being penalized.'
m ...
The Oahu Senior League will
take up its games a?ain tomor-
row, after a lay-off of two weeks,
and the fans are all keen for
the sport. There should be a
good turnout, as the long rest
4 has whetted the appetite of the
fans for- peanuts, and pitching.
f The double header will be that 4
originally scheduled for August
4, the Portuguese meeting the 4
4 Hawaiis In the opening game,
while the Stars and Japanese
will furnish the fun for the 4
closer. The Asahis get a Sun- 4
4 day off. 4
The first game Is scheduled 4
4 for 1:30. Bert Bowers and 4
f4 Sergeant Ralph of the marine 4
4 corps will hold the Indicators. . 4
4 4 4- 4 4 4 4 A x
ailUUlU DC Til wi v. .
Honolulu Is ti wit:: . t
most excitln tr . . t
.of ;theHawaia 'hi: .
noon, ; when th e t r s t " L
race wiy be run off oa t:.o ..i
,race track.
This will be the most ambltioua cuta
event eyer seen here, and la tha sr:
Ing point of the greatest sport la t-3
vbrld jin the Hawaiian Islands.
- Honolulu Is well adapt J to th!j
sport,-and there Is no reason why rr.
tor racing should not take a frcr.t
place . In sporting event3. ' There ij
- positively nothing more th.riillr. t th-n
the roaring of, gigantic motors they
are lined up against each ether in 3
f the Honolulu, public, has. co h-.e through
j this time with a most reparkable sp.
n rit and .a great treat is in slow for
r- this afternoon.
Crowd. Expected -v.
' A 'large crowd isrexpected at the
park, as is always the case at hish
speed contests, 'and Sheriff Jarrett haj
consented to hav aw force of hli'o.
cers on the. ground tokeep law. and
orden and toeep the cowd back.
Thirty-eight vprtsotxers nave Deen
; flhaplng the track up 'so that the fast-
egt time possibly may do expciea.
races wIU ndt ohly iho the -
gped of the cars which are entered,
wlw aao e a great test of drivers.
M it w,n Pequire judgment and skill
to avoid serious Occidents on a track'
only sUghtly banned. '
n the free-forll ace'there are no
restrictions whatever as to bore and
Btrok. or as tOfeouIpmcnt of cars. It
ja strictly a free-for-all race, and 'he
cars will' be stripped right down In . ,
racing trim. ;'' ' . '
The Hawaiian band will plav Juri as
the event to Tftre. life to the affairs sna
also to spur the Mahouts on. . .
Tt is an Interesting point that mct
of the cars competing todav were sold "
bv the von Hamm-Young Co. and on
this account representatives of the
firm have taken a keen intrst in the .
meet, and are doing everything noesl- t
ble to make ft the ftart of a series to
be run throughout the fall and water.
The' tenntv rnMnrent, ., sixteen y
strong, left for Maul lat nl?ht on
he Honolulan. to met the Puunene ;
'pciuet exnrr! nn h courts today
In the annual Honolulu : vs. ATI-Maul
'oBmaTonf. A swimming , rsee i3 '
on the cards, and ; possibly a
lowltn" mafch. Thvplavers expect
to be back tomorrow mornlnij. .
There I Only One v
Model Sanit of 7;
Barber Shop v
Three First-CIass Artists at yc :r
-. - . ;- . ;nerv1ce ' '

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