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noxoui.r STAiM'.ri.i.nTix. vi:!ti:si.Y. skpt i. :,-.
mtolttlu gtfar - litlktitt
In which is combined the HAWAIIAN' ivTAR, tab
lUhed 1&S3. aud the EVKNINd HI'U.KI I.N, -atatj!lsb-ed
Iiusincss Manual
Telr-phoi.eM 218.'. 21!"6
Telephone 2205.
Per Month, a&ywbere in United States $ .71
Per Quarter, anywhere in United States 2.00
Per Year, anywhere in United States 8. 0,
Per year, postpaid, foreign 12.00
Per Six Months $ 1.00
Per Year, anywhere in United States 2.00
Per Year, anywhere In Canada 3 00
Per Year, postpaid, foieif n , . . . 4.a
WEDNESDAY 7 ..." . . "77. SEPT E M B ER 419 12
Iioiisis, k" roinjM li'iit at h-ndaiits am! frti- tin
beach of roral !
(if ronrs if -osis iiiomv. 'm n" w-n!i
while. IViijm u ie and pta-iid fi;!i-.i applif in
W'aikiki heath u I I i I : i r h i 1 1 1: fariiii it - ven
Wr ran rraxon h,irtt a man's theiXoyy, hut
ire van not reason (hum the like of a Christian
man. Alexander McKenzic.
It was well said of the late Judge Ilartwcll
that h was a (rue gentleman, (ientle, yet a man
in every s use of I lie word. Mis memory was
In, Horn today by the members of his profession,
but the tribute paid him is not restricted to his
associates of the bench and bar. He is mourned
by a commonwealth.
' Of the various elements in the high cost of
living from which the American people are now
suffering, the t4booze bill" is, one of ( 1m- hmviost
and most unnecessary.
Men on moderate salaris who are habitual
users cf intoxicants would probably be the first
to complain if their wives should each day spend
S! I'l- KVlx .i1 i
: ;i y hn ; :i: '!
-.;... jt.'.rj t. : ' '.4-' i.
'.:a t i i i - s ,i !
i ' ;ii i , : I : il L' :
Si IK! IK!' .I!:K!!
'.- :iit' i! i-; lit . f i: fi
5 y. i r i f r sr i ;
J I i: r?)
N a- t .r
I'ublir demand lias finally f i - I tin
hall ordinance" from 1 1 - dU in the city hall
where ii had heen coin cinVni I v pigeon-holed,
whether by ihe chairman of the polio- - 1 1 1 1 1 1 i :
let-, .Murray, or the n t city attorney cannot
be definite ly detenu inetl.
The ordinance came out last niht in a much
changed form. The deputy city attorney holds
.- vit'i a n- .v ,
dailce- rhf fir.f-p asst-s-d
in 1 1 i i
ill ..
ri'! in t! .- u-
Til K
HAiit.n-t (iFFM Ji a t : i i:u
Th-re art r, r i v '
i r: s ;m'iir.l the rran-i.or' !. .
vv,.t!i I havf -vr y ra-: t s'-!-;
ao roaif-nipiatiii-i a Zftaav ;i t:.
Coast in this May i- 'i u ::i
itiid ajiaiii inayiiH 1 1 : y
the Austialian imp wtinjs " v:-
ir....l"i i,l'iiiu.,l tri W i .ii ,1 i n i ':itU: li
liiat it ttoiiltl e unwise to put the enforcement captain Maktf art sicwmi; ii:ns t.r
of the ordinance in the hands of a so cial ,-om--i,i,m,inK (lejirfl 1 " a'
, , . eventual! v (lie, and acvil.- t'i.- i a ss.
mission, jHUUting out legal difficulties, such as t(, the stagnant v.ate: h n'y :!.i ;
the fact that the board of supervisors has Iio immey enough to mak." of Ka-
x . . , i . . . piolani I'ark that whifh it s'.ioni'! :.'
right to delegate its powers to the cominis-; ALOL01TE--Thix ' !' nuMh
sion. Therefore, the ordinance would b a ve the wni-? an insi-. i.r.i :i
fitv will Im iraJf :r i axv ta-u- t
c(;ntrtI of the dailce-hall Up to the cil v and nnii if any bp tmisi.i thost- ;vs.. .;i-ii i
COUUtV authorities. ' bp lined- A artmr cavta::, i
. , me that recently he ha 1 ocra.i:n i"
ill theory, this is doubtless right, and as a e on duty all nkhr. n.ovimi aLoi:t
matter of: imiTiiciiwil nsmwe tin iL-Tirt. the harbor, and that durini; ih. !,:'
. ',, , , , ' he could hear water lunnin.'-
im'iit sliould regulate the dance-hall evil. Hut j about every supply trp on the
this communitv has no confidence that the no-!. ' "
lire committee us at present constituted atid the '0AII IHY
Mdice department as it is now run would en-j Ull I (J LnJll 1
force the ordinance. That is why the respon
sible citizens who have urged the legislation ask j ;
a citizens' commission to have direct oversight of ;
the work.
a i i-:
i .i"
1' ::
I 1
. i -
: o I ' ; : :
i ! i
-i:o i; I
oi r,
i ' .... i ca
i i ' . '.:" tli
I, . . . .I jt r.: -.,
; ' 1 r
i !.
a ,i i a )
' ! a" : :.
: : t ; 1 1 '
a '
W as a t(nc in the breast plate of the high
priet. It was without price, and few but
kins could )nsscss one. The (irceks
called it "Diarnas." ;
We could call our diamonds anything
even 44 Jahaloms" and sell them, because
ot their exquisite beauty. And each gem
is personally selected, carefully graded, and
plainly marked for what it is.
You are sate in buying here. .
ii t
fro 'ii
l:iv ;i
! - ' ) , : IP' 'tM. '
1 ;i(" a' ic nan ."
;v'i i v t-r;a'-'. sn 2.: i a
i;n-; ;i;.;'s i:ridt r '!, i;"ri:ji;ra:i ; i
!i' in i !;.::: iti i:t: i as !: liniii'
i 1 St-ho .! str.--t s. Thwy
. oiT-t' ali 'he iinn-. and
the R - pi:!)!'; an. -irry is
i) ! hir.s : i . - a ! I v . i he
the lt)p''er
;iu : ; o '
L.iii. a
if ! ill
Leading Jcwtlers
BO f
o:-" ; ( ':!d ! t'.sr i':c w'ii s. v. ho
rt si!-- a loir.; T hose i s.'
': y !ifi ails. t !a aiians a::I
i he pv.or ',;eop!t' !i .i ..: Li!i':a a. id
St li-.-.o' s ; i : s ii a: t',t ti.ca: a a 1; r
if ! th .!;!(': ! to i:ppin'' iin t ova
tions tht:rt
t-rato si;(
-! an?
! to i:npiii
1 for cr."
I. rt t ' I.-
v;d 1 1 a
It has taken nearly two months to .get Ihr (Ireat activity
in s
i all
ordinance rut of (he pigeon-hole, and now it has
parceis i
Oami at an advance ot on.- i!l a
noint is I lie feature of today's Sto.-U
lMen again referretl to the deputV citv attorue ' ExchanK sheet. The uniton:: p:.:
m.. l-i i -4 i'ii- 'is 27.S7a. at which a t:.tal of
and the police committee, in whose hands it val!lh),rpJ hpu bnanis ,in(! .....
Iieglectetl until an (Ultraged public sentiment de- on the board, an aKgresate ot j..
mamb-d action. How much longer will it take tua sin down an eighth im o
to ut this onliimnce into the proper-shape and .31.375 for .".: shares report-., l at -i
1 "- j shares, or in Hawaiian ( 'cvtimercial
And if this is to be the experience-of Ilono-Ut 44.."U for three lots u?s;reea;in:; i''
' Ai i ! share?. Vaialua ltl! c tf a point in a
lulu men and women earnest in their desire to'sa,e of 10 shares on ,ht. ,,oai,, a;
it dollar or two dollars on wholly useless finervi' heck the loathsome dance-hall evil, are thev toji2:..
lw. l.l.,,r l tf .. n..i.i: ... u- u ,h
..r. t ,m..mo , ,muiij..mtii ,u,20 shares. Inter-Island shows a pu H
see that the paid officials do their duty? gain in a sale of shaies a. 2-u. tiiio
' Railrcad coir1 iron holds 7.7." lev ."'
, shares in two e;pia! lots, and 1';:. -RnnXFVFIT
An SlIFFRAfiF apple 44 lor in sha cs Tlirto r.
..Vwwbu. (iw vviiiiiiUL i nf fr hji 5 vm . mic inir't .-if
Ki !. i . M a ta a ;of 1 i i
I h w i: lit I oo;
i i
1 1 : i .a:: :; 1 1 ;il lot i ;
; he cu;;:; v ;uf, la t i
a;?- rot the strcv-ts ;
ii ici k 'pt ii! ?(d c.
ul.i not to!
y 'o.:-;.
roaiis i'i Ma
:!.i' :. v !,t io
:;' e :;s:ailllv
t lie ra.i.is of
. If so, wiiy
' 'lie ( i ft it Dis
'l lii i-':V
('d For; Point, a the :. trance i : The cil tanker Udsecrans caught
San rinticisco harbor, is to he turn" fire and. sank off Gaviota. Cal. She
into a barracks for nrarri I soiJiers.-has hcen a hcodoo ship for years. .
r neUess excuse, and yet these men day after
-i.. i :
iiu iiiiuu iiwav itiiH (tiiiouiii iiuu jiiore in ( t it
: Gunni iM'iiiL'u "vkr tiiii- iitvi owiv ui j inn i n ir nwin.
nil'llUI til llin l . ,lir Wllll lll Hl(l l"ri lllllll
eytthat they can ill afford, but they are spend-
IJig It iiiijuni M , iur ii irt vvi."m-i ii hh .mii-
of their own household upkeep and maintenance.
fit ia tliis fct-ii1v ltiMiiiifi lmiii o si nlnriel
man's nsourre which at the pnd of the year
brings him face to face with the disquieting real
ization that he has saved nothing against the fu
ture.' The querulous complaints of thousands of
.'.' -
inert that the high cost of lmu eats up every
cent they make has much of its origin in nieir
own foolish extravagance in this matter of ecca-
tjwtn'il ilrJ ill intr
As. to the nation s extravagance in tins n
Some of the Star-Bulletin's readers uiayvon-! $1000 at $94.50!
d(r why thisiaier has on several occasions ex
pressed doubt as to Col. IJoosevelfs sincerity in
certain of his present campaign issues. A few
Henry Aiiuiie- ( f L:'!ie,:-!e h.a.5
pledged hir.sell'. :' is t;:;id !:;d;;y, to
vote for Kuhio and Kitii'o only in t! o
Kt pu'niican territorial onventioii. In
ee';ai!i; for Ms pie.i;e the V(i!iT3 of
& L. is unchanged at Ml for ,. Vlrn l;ret-mc-t. l-ifth district, s-
locted ni 111 as a de e-ate to the terri
torial eonvenffori.
Achr.as, a'coi din;; to Ciyssos 11.
..'oi..-. e; rttaty of the precinct, who
ca::.e v. t.)v;i t!;is !i:i,iii:i jr. iuis the
( oiil'i Jt ;( of the voters of Kaneohe.
T; cy i t icc that Adaris will cah'.v
oi:l the itisti ucaon ui his ju'eoinct to
votn for the i?:ince when the question
(H7.."iO. while Hilo Ivxlt nsion si:;-, s
lell rlt a cuaner iioint in a sate 01
Compared with many recent dav
the securities marker lcoks vigorous, of the I-k;sates:;ip is Lri uiit tip.
T!.e iroininees lor lie'eafe to V.u'
U. von Pain m las( iii.iit calk a.
i. .,.,.1 ..I.. , . ;
weeks a-go, the ( -olonel s sudden conversion to briefly with Vvm. n. craAtord. s
c u;;ty corivontioti. ati.lt- I ..one- todav.
; re liaiokl K. C:isti- Frank PaliiA,
I'lvss .-. 11. iop.e. .'o' i; I 1 and Olt
the cause of Woman's suffrage was commented I retary Hakuole welcomed the visi.or. L;t:Ici'f. On. of t;is iiiirnher lour
people aie wanted to r. pi e.-cf.t the in-,
Tereots and v. eVare r,i tl'e Kaneohe
iter in fi'e convnt;:.
-Itoie.s s;ri;l iia! I l.ti'r.-'f -3 tr.e woak
i. t f.tie ii; the c:, china' ioa p,i!i ii-aliy,
hlM tlif at ! I'M I:, lie'", .lii; i- to -liak'e
a fi).!it.
"I"'"- "4; i nnwm: oiinui- Thp Astor estate owns se.e.al ot
tion in Chicago, at which his confession of faith 1 the iN'W VoiK ra.niii.is h;-.: - s ;.t
i i i j ii , ,i ,v i ing investigated in c ;n;t e i.n v.
embraced almost everything from the Darwin- ,,f4 t0senti ai imtr ier.
When a man ricrs sa
r.ay know he is u failure.
. . . i t- f . l
'Rpectr.licn is a paragrapn irom a sinrm o. j
ian ihiory to the nebular hypothesis.
Cue of tlie colonel's a owed newsiaper sup
Jj)orters, writing from (liicago at the time of the
1 I i'4r viti t inn i fi-;int- enoiitrli ti 11I insit linw tli
KiiTiie V luifin. I'roninuH n caimiuaie nn . .
nresHlent which nut one of the other presiden- " nM - ,, . . T . e I
u ' "v" i sue. The following quotation is from a news-j
t!il candidates it is s;ife to sav, will dare an-l , . , . . . . ...
tion in full, but the whole tenor of which wasj
favorable to Koosevelt: j
S )
.....'- . , -
The liquor traffic takes considerably more than
a lrundrPd million Lusfcls of grain each year to
" . make liquor for the Un'ted States. Nearly a million
men are engaged in making and distributing Honor.
Yi.,TJiey support families 61 four mi'liou more. To
start with, we have here an army of five millions of
non-producers all consumers of food, clothing and
"belter, the teceEsarieiot life. As a result of this
j traffic more than two ntmdred thousand men are in
- Jails and penitentiaries, all cpnsimiers and non-pro-
ducrs. Then add to this army, court officials, po
licemen, employees and "attendants of poorhouses.
Jails, penitentiari.s, insane and ot' er hospitals for
the dependent classes caused by t e liquor traffic
and you wiil have an amr of nearly ten millions
. who consume and do not produce ary of the neces
saries of life. - 1
Speaking of tourists, as we o from time to
time in that cordial tone adopted by hotelkeejvers
and others, Honolulu is losing half the worth of
Kiliam To Give impetus
Y. M. C. A. Religious
i . .
"(1. Koosevelt did not make up his mind to Secretary SlT'er GlVGS RcaSOIlS
endorse equal suffrage unqualifiwlly until yes-j for Enoaqinq Assistant.
terday morning. In the early copies of Ins
speech sent out in advance for publication he
hedged in his utterances on the subject, but, aft
cr noting the interest of women here in his
movement and talking with some of them, he
made the flat announcement favoring votes for religious work of the association.
Well Qualified
Lloyd Ii. Kiliam, who comes to the
city to take the position of assi?ta:it
general secretary of the V. M. V. A.,
will give his special attention to the
women The report of his speech printed in ; h M:..:1 Secret. ry super,
wwimu. i i i - ' kd to Mr. Kiuams audition to the
some of the afternoon papers contained the qua!-1 force, the first beuig the opportuni
ifvin nhrases which were left out in the actual I ties for religious work in the Luiidiut
l,u.- oif """H on account ol tne larce attendance at
the Sunday classes and the number
of men using tne building. The sec-
; ond rtason is that trom experiinvirts
niettmgs have provcti. so satisfactory
that it is t'.esirtd to enlarge the
scheme and push the meetings ahead.
delivery of the speech."
Does anyone wish plainer evidence that
j Koosevelt adopted the suffrage issue as a vote-, during the last four or five years i
i A i tmuir.ii! ,,,.;,,(;, n tint noon meetings heiu once a week in th
j getter, not because of a steadfast comutu.n that varicus ,arge ghops t;f lhp (i.y tfc..s
women are entitled to the ballot.'
cii Federation, a union cf all the
such as Manoa, get all the street improvements' Knglish-speaking churches of lione-
ill the
Link McCandless asks with heat why it is that The tnird reason is u, aid the V. M. c
.... ... . .i i-. i. i a. in coonerauner wun tne nuer
a very tanguue asset oy ianure ;o speuu a hu.i-i na- liepunncan pivcim o m tm i c r
..44...,:.... .....I o.oll.lr .illt .it Wo'l-JL-i llU'll'll
- ill Mill JOIJ illlll 1IMIH. "III M i.ri
Now this is iiot a new subject, but it deserves
emphasis because next winter th.' bathing facili
ties will le even more inadequate1 than they wen
last season.
V: . t I
i t r I'l .1... I i ........ ....1 t . . mi;-llli4i
asKetl tor wane uie i m-iium i .h . ,...... ... .... Kiilam has been so-ciallv prepared
Fifth ret nothing. Link is slightly off in his for this position by his college o-k.
,.'"' . l -. -. , . having attended the Fniversity of M is
olation is nni ,,""lN,,,ll,,,f Kouri. the William Jewel! ColltL-e
I.L0VI5, IL KII.I. I, !
A-itat. to o't fi. Sec. Stincr i
t r V. M. ( . . . !
that Hot a dollar has Brown rniversity. and has tak.-n l.i
ilii hoavd of suoervisors
. M.-isier's ilci'ipf in nrinlnyv Me h:i-.
V' have painted Waikikis i aarms s4) often j been sieni in road improvements mere ior a y at also ha(, tnivo x;irs. ,.xp,M.iMUV ia
on those fascinating colored posM-ards. we haveland a half. The truth is that the present board c -
n lu'eMi:. wf,rk fcr nt n t t.tfi in t h
. ge ami city Y. M. t". A., so he
.: :.i s here t , . j : 1 1 i f i ' 1 Imth bv -lue:i-
.: t: arid ep i-'i- to take i:p
1 .. wt:-U ,r im n.
ung of the beach and the water mid the palms
- . i :i . i .. .: i., ...
ci ftin in 4irsis io im niaiiiii n u u-ui on iiit-
chillv mainland, that we have neglected to pro
vide bathhouses and bathing facilities of the kind.
of supervisors lias neglected both districts.
. -a 1.1 1 . ....!...
Mavor I- I'll lias SlgUetl tlie oriliuance .niiii'ti - ANAPUNI STREET 2-Bedroom Cottage
teittS th- S,H..-Vis,.,-S .1. ,'m,.l..V attOtlMT .-l.-rk.; J 'ST ET-Bldlng L., . 2.7 Ac,
f I a : I I I" W W I I W W f I -9 t fc. tfc W V W W 1 ' v -j
that satisfy the tourist. That s the plain fact, adding another salary against me pioiesr 01 kaimuki Modern 4-Bedroom housi
i : ..1.....1.1 Kv ,...ili' now mul renitl ml lvll,,.il hu iuvmen The lliavol' S CXCUSC IS tliat
next winter. The tourist, male or female, who
lias to dress in a damp, dirty cell, poorly lighted,
often without mirrors, who is indiffeiently at
tended by indifferent employes, is not apt to be
enthusiastic by the time he reaches the water.
Moreover, it is not exactly conducive to enthu
siasm to rip one's foot on loose coral. After a
delightful swim, the voluntary5 exile back into
the dressing-cells hardly heightens the visitor's
Hcu:e $1500
KAIMUKI New 2-Bedroom Cottage, furnished
KINfi STRPFT Nauu ?.RpHrnr.m Cot'-ne
the next board is not bound by the actions of pukoI STREET 3 -Bedroom House
PUUNUI Residence Lot. 30.0C0 sc;. ft
TANTALUS Lot for Country Home
WAIALAE TRACT Several Choice Lits
YOUNG STREET Residence Lot 12.9S1 sq.
this board and dcesn't have to employ the clerk."
We should hope not !
Senator Cummins is going to vote for lloosc-
.-.ilt .iltlwwiioh lu w :ir;iint tlie third i :i rt v. a
,,,, , . K I N A U STR EET 3 Bedroom Fur-is 'crl Hcu-e
sacrifice of )rin illes that ought to aipeal to the MAKIKI STREET 2-Bedroom Co'.taj?. famished
1, ,, , , TANTALUS Country Home
Hull Moose people YOUNG STREET-2 Bedroom Cottar
MAKiKI STREET 3-Bedrocm House
It is to be hoped that the new auto police
But'it costs money to build comfortable bath-patrol will not have to break any spi ed records.
Tantalus ..........
Pacific Heights . . .
Ccltege Hills
Nuuanu Street ....
Palolo Valley Road
Maroa Heights . . .
Kinau Street
Wilder Avenue . . .
Alewa Heights ....
Wilder Avenue
Kalihl ....
King Street
Gandall Lane
Pawaa Lane
$ 40.00
..... 65.C
$40.00 ' 55.00
...... '.:i.V. 40.00
. . .20.00 $27.50 25J0O
$20.00 50.00
.$20X0 35X0
......$23.00 35.00
7,. $15.00 25.00
Trent Trust Coi,
25 Years Experience
Enables us to be In a position to repair ycur jewelry In the neatest,
strongest and least expensive way. Those who have tricJ us know It.
Vieira Jewelry Co., Ltd.
. The Popular Jewelers,
- 113 Hotel Street
Make Us An Offer
1 ?
198 feet on Kinau Street by
150 feet on Pensacolaee Strt
Two-story house, 2 cottages,
large servants9 quarters and
garage. All in first class
An 8 per cent, net in-
. -
vestment SURE
This property is centrally
located; not too far from
town; not too far from the
beach; near to the schools
and Punahou. In the fashion
able center.
Henry Waterhouse Trust Co.,

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