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'XX :-XjXr ' ' ' 1-
1 J O U T II E A T R E
4 -
, '.
ml I'D THE
- The man behind the gun has been
Riven much prominence in story and
in song everywhere.. But when there
happens to be no war. except the war
- of life where everyone is struggling
and no one Is exempt from the battle
field the man and woman who de
serve credit are the man (and wo
man) behind the ; smile, ; When the
employers, " who are Ihe officers in
this anay, give an order, no matter
, how disagreeable, the-man who gain3
'favor in his eye i3 the man who, with
a -killing smile, immediately turns to
do his work. - ' '.
- .In the shopping district where so
many women' gather daily, it is the
gir behind the "counter who greets
the stranger with a welcoming smile
and a pleasant expression who is
sought after, by ? the customers' andi
vice versa it is the woman who cn
.I" ;JI ",7L - Zxi.l
. smile and & kindly vord of, greeting
-'' for' the employes; there 'who is will-
ingly served by them. :v : r
In the ehnrehes v on the - (Sabbath
;. where , so . many strangers;.; gather
each week it is the church where' the
congregation smiles its welcome that
-:;; Is well" fiU& r f":? : i , - ; ? i
.V--"; And .so It is.IaVery- path o life.
The smllev can, . at, 10081 '"Jiyj time
inake ' therenemy ?a'Aptive, and a
willing one at that. A friendly, jsmile
1 that reveals arrow, of snow white,
. even teeth is good to look upon, but
.v Zr wholesome, smile that; will light ,up
one's 1 f ace, is,' ft(ll; better, y ; - j.V ;; '
i. TheJ e "are many f. -otherwise 'hand
! some .women. , who . because c , the
frown , th.t Is never jsepf rated r.from
their - countenances . are not sought
after, either .by. friends or strangers.!
. ' . . . :
Every lesson and. trying experience
thfct ,comps.int9 the, lives r'ar.e for
some .purpose ancl- when ; carried off
with a smile' the burden is, not half
so heavy as it, seemed to-Jne atj first.
It is easy to say or ; think: that one
will be . able to smile hea called up
j oneto Uftt a. h)g bvren -but unless
; there is. a smile. for little things how
j.can one expect " becomingly to meet
the big problem when It looms up.
Speaking of little things, there is the
man in the streetcar who has to give
up his , seat for some lady who .has
left her Bhopplcg untll.ithe last mo
; meut , before the closing of the stores.
When this man - smilingly , takes rhis
' place on the footboard of the car 4-he
woman does not teel dt so badly
about it as she does when ;he, frowns.
&n(l consequently she willJook4or
. LGlyj '
L -" - ...... ..-.... . .1 - :
Cncn Ctocli 3innorr7aroPattoriio a S
4 Duy a few articles today, add a few more tomorrow or next month; and";
before you know you have " complete service, .. . .; v'-;-- -' -
'. vThls Is the elastic plan-not that ;the articles are mada of rubber, for.;
they' are made cf clay, but because the Idea admits of extension.' : ! :
w,-'Vt- hsye .37. DPEN-STOCKi PATTERN SThe most fastidious can be ';
tulted.;. .,. sx--.. - X W.r- X-x- ;
W-Pc. Set, $1W0 ' ' : 50-Pc. Set, JLCO. r: : 50-Pc, Set,. $22.50, ,
- W U. DI.'.:oriD 6 Co..
t .-.
A X c --
order to make room for our
due to arrive next week, we are
disposing of our' present lin
Ladies, ,
-This is a- chance ; of a lifetime.
Harrison, Bldg.
him the : next time, " Perhap3 if. he;
reads this "he .will -.not. smile so
sweetly. .. -; ' '.'. . ' ;. ; , w-
It is often noticeable that children
who have cause to suffer, pain bear it
much, ,, more easily - and ; uncomplain
ingly , than , do older., people, , .Jhere
are several , boya, and girls here, who
have come under the observation of
the writer who are. crippled (some
have . always been .so, .others. . have j
been hurt when they were, perhaps
seven or eight years old ) ) who play
with their healthy companions ..when
It 1$ possible 1- and . when.; sometimes
they, are unable to do so (hey merely
sit and laugh":, at the others' ; pranks.
Still there is - seldom, any- complaint
made ; by these youngsters. ; Perhaps
some of, them look forward to some
day , being ; strong. This - is particu
larly noticeable with one little ,boy.
This young one's ,mind is so active
that he often inspires many of his
little - companions wRhmany of the
tnischievious pranks they, indulge la
Those who know, this 4 chap, best say
that they believe he spends the hours
when he is suffering planning .some
thing for his friends to. do. The , little
man's parents say that when he does
suffer, the suffering Is ; intense, , still
9 ' . . 1 a. '- i.
re .oae noi- cornpiain, uui uuiy.asi.js
ne wi.i u -we. ujV iuiu ujrc
There are moments when one does I
nov ieei- incunea to see me Drigni
side , of anything but a ; short season
of introspection .will no,.1 doubt (make
things appear In a very different
light, and show the many reasons for
thankfulness that is .always revealed
in a smile. ? v 'zX1?''
For the ' engaged girl's treasure
chest an apron of the practical ' kind
to Jbe slipped on over a.. pretty, frock
will be thoroughly appreciated. ,
Probably the most useful iind, Is a
studio apron, such as usedibr.the wo
man artist Get a good ; pattern with
sleeves reaching to the wrists and cut
without; too; much fulness: Choose a
. i , m t i.i. . x . i
pink gingham of fienuqltlay etaoicm
pink gingham of fine quality or a clear
black and white stripe, which always
washes well. ' ' ' " ' f " 'vV ' r.
"For the formers trim the neck
which should be cut slightly square
and sleeves with; a two-inch Insertion
of white embroidery, and fasten at the
back with white pearl buttons.
A somewhat dressier . apron- though
not so useful for protection,' is made
like a waitress' apron with, straps
over the shoulders. ... A pretty effect Is
had "with ecru, or pale pink v percale,
the straps - embroidered in a cross
stitch band that is carried on each 1
side to the bottom of the apron; The
hem at the, bottom and sides is finish
ed . with a; row of two chain stitching
worked : in the" same 1 cotton .as the
Hjandar -
Ltd., 53 57 King Street ,
t j.
Fort St, Nr. Beretanla
On Love Affairs, in the High
' latitudes'
When a young Eskimo has decided.
to; become a; family man he marches.
up to the hut o( the yonng wqmaiv of
his' choice and -lies in wait for her.: An..wee;ana . jonn rFias, were ar
Wben she , appears .he seizes her by. raigned before Judge; Monsarra at
her; long, 'black hair or toy . her gar district., court this, morning,, upon a
menu and,- drags her by force off to
Ais, own parucuiar nut oi snow , ana vj u iuuu ant inuannonious raca
ice, , and, so ; they; are married. Even et. .. . -t ' :
if a., native .Greenlander should, pro-f Attorney Lorrin Andrews looked aft
pose Kto . bis'.sweetheart 'his .proposel; er the interest of the t quintette club
.would not -be accepted. In . the s eyes which was accused by the police orBcer
of her Eskimo lover for a girl to ac- with having, been responsible , for: tn
c-epi an : offer .of. marriage woufd" be
to shame herself . beyond redemption.
It is her part to appear unwilling, no
matter.: how she may feel, and every
bridegroom is expected to gain his
bride ,. by ; force, , either real or, pre-i
tended. v . ; wtv ' - --
In' Lapland as soon as a girl - baby
is born and has been ruly' rolled in
the, sno w, . a ceremony ; which takes
the place of baptism her father sets
aside, .for. her a certain- number of
reindeer, branded with. her : initials.
and, as they increase 'and multiply.
eo doea her chance of making a ood
h: tor - the- maiden with th hf
match,' forr the- maiden with the big
gest , herd of reindeer J is the one that
is the. greatest, belle in, Lapland.; . .
t When some young ;countrymaq. of
.this reindeer-dowered maiden discov
ers that she Is. the one girl in : the
jrorl4 fpr Jiim; he goes in search col
a faithful friend and a big bottle .of
brandy. : The friend enters the home
of the girl's father, opens the bottle
of brandy,- drinks, with him tothe
health of the family ;, and girl ; and
makes the proposal. ; Meanwhile the
lover is outside trying to curry favor
by chopping ; wood pr some other la
bor. If the brandy . so warms the
heart of , the girl's father that he
gives favorable reply . to : the proposal
the friend goes to the door and jcalls
In the lover and the two young $ peo
ple are permitted to ' rub ; noses, the
Laplanders way of kissing.. Two or
three .years after this the marriage
takes.: place, tho lover .meanwhile
working in the service - of his future
father-in-law. X:::'
i iWJien; the wedding day dawns, If
there ' is a priest handy he reads the
service, but if not the young, woman's
father.merely strikes a spark, from a
flint and steel and names, the couple
man and wife and when either of
.hem dies, the steel and - flint -used in
the .ceremony; are buried with them to
keep them warm. on the -long' journey
to the better, .land. .',. ' ' X
-XXv v -;: I uxAmtAmiiLX.
xsx 7 XX--
.. The steamer Kilauea is scheduled
to sail . for Kona and Kau ports next
Tuesday; at noon.?
; Ta enable ; Dr Goqdspeed to ; speak
to ,th,e nen, a fipecjal Sunday service
was jield at Oahu Prison Sunday after
noon Following the usual opening
and song ' service,- the - prison, choir
sangr two. selections, and i during the
servic " Mrs.,' Tackabury rendered very
acpeptably; two vocal f selections. Miss
C L. Root assUng at the organ ' 9
Dr.. Goodspeed - chose for his text,
"As one whom his mother comtorteth,
so ... I will ; comfort you,' and -drew
many f pictures , of the . way God ; had
comforted , His children' and bow ; He
does , now extend comfort .and help
as aV mother to those who seek; .'. His
aid. j.The address owas translated into
Japanese by. I)r: Wadmari, .;. XvX-
The. services closed, with all singing
Aloha; Oe. the choir leading, .;,
T -
f Here rej; Faets i We Want You to
i.V.;v i v Prote at . Oar Bisk. XX x: ;x
X Whea; the. roots of the hair are en
tirely , dead and thejpores of the scalp
are glazed over, we do not belieye that
anything, can; restore hair.; growth. XX
. But- when. the. hair roots retain any
life, we believe there is, nothing that
will bo jsurely promote hair, growth as
4 will Jlexall M93r Hair Tonic. To. prove
that atatememVwe promise to prompt
ly return all the money you pay. us for
Rexall. "93" Hair Tonic, should it not
please you. r -. 'XXXX ' Xr X
. :Rexall '93 Hair Tonic destroys the
germs ; which are usually responsible
for baldness. - It. penetrates o to c the
roots of the hair,; stimulating and;: by
promoting v xirculation; nourishing
them. r;.-v . '-XX: X-::"JUXX.-X'::-Rexall
"93" Hair Tonic helps to re
lieve seal p irritation, to remove dand
ruff, to prevent; the hair from falling
out and to promote -an Increased
growth of hair. It comes in two sites,
prices 50 cents 'and $1.00. .Remember,
you can obtain it only at bur istore
The Rexall Storel- 1 Benson,' Smith &
Co., Ltd.t Fort and-Hotel streets. ; .
tFort,:near the
Gospel hymns and songs of praise
and rag time melodies ; failed to ; mix
in a r harmonious blend; on'Nuuanu
street last evening, .with the - result
ttatAh Tun, a uxmmuU-e niiliard.-Jl
proprietor, with four compfrlons nam-
ed P.eter sFrazer,;AIbe: iomg Harry,
charge of disturbing a religious, serv. !
. turning loose of melodious flood gates
a, a place adjoining the gathering or
worshipers at the Qospel Mission. ,
"Everybody's PotrV it": , seemed to
prove distasteful to the little hand as
sembled at the Mission.;; v :: ' X-
The , prosecution however failed to
establish a. case; against; the? lads in
that they were accused of disturbing
.the-meeting, with malicious Intent .; -X
They claimed that the flow of . popu
lar, aong did, no,t ..continue ; for ; wore
than five minutes. XX x ,:
f The testimony )f but one police offi
cer was filed , against , th6 -ongtters.
when udge r,Monsarrat 't nnnpuncei
that, he woal4 discharge ;, the defend
ants with the .waniihg to eonfiHe thei"
musical ; efforts toi a, less congested
neighborhood and . especially use care
and discretion - as ; to .the A,time- and
place.;:rf;-,:::.;:;; X:X0ixM.xX
;; Dr.-Edward : R., Marshall, Passed lAt
sistant v . Burgeon; woth M the c United
States Puklio Health. and Marine Hos
pital service, a boarding btacer atjthp
Federal quarantine station, was . s u
cessfully1 operated iOpon for;appendI
eitis at Queens' Hospital; this.-, morn
ing, and is- reported as well 7014 ,the
highway to rapid recovery ';; ' y X
f That the i .genial;, quarantine; official
had beconfe a full fledged . member of
the locaJAppendicltia Cub,", 'occa
sioned some surprise ,when word con
cerning pin successful , initiations was
pacsed. around.. ;: -y X:XX .x . .
i?.JJTf': Marshall has ; beeii ailing; fdr
some time past andj at last decided
that he . could justf as well part com
pany, with the little fragment of anat
omy:; that; ha s "been giving ; him some
.Dr? Judd conducted the, operatic
assisted ib, T)f.Hbdeins. In - a week.
will beacftling tha preclpitoud sides of
the' incoming -ocean greyhound, in the
penornjarice . pfi his duties as a bojrt
ini; officer. ; :V- ):?rXxX-:;XXx 'f-
igtfrl Xtx-X I XX: X
: -J;.,A .-.. IT--? f 1
Ferris. Hartmah and. his company are.j
finishing", their, locajl. engagement ,ip aj
whirl of -success, tig housea greeting j
everyJ performance. . - .. ,. . ,
.The Toy maker,",: last .Saturday's!
bill is pne.'Qf. ..Hartman's, best, and
j'Muggihs", Davies does an extraordln
arily clever piece of work as the won-;
d erf ul doll: Hartman has a happy part
as Uhe old 'toymaker, . of Nuremberg,
Epd Walter fpeLeon is givetf an oppoM;
tunity forsome .effective reacting
throughout . ; XxXC-x ? .
, . Just one.' adverse criticism is to be.
made of the performance, and . that if
against KMr.UHartmani himself, ; one
piece qt "business" in connection vCith"
sp .amusing bit vf - snuff:taking, beins
off colors . Hartman; does not; need th
help of such v!'buiness" as . the. twid-4"
dling of fingers on. his nose, and Hono
lulu; does - not want it : x
t; As ;a whole .the performance isl
bright and .clever, and thoroughly ap-
preciited. ' The company changes bill
every night this week, tonight's offer-.
ing being the-hit VOne NigLt Off." The
Hartman 's close next Thursday night,
leaving for the Orient the following .
Sarah Bernhardt in motion 'pictures
wilT be shown for the last ,time i in
.:yXXX.t f.'i i J.: -: ' 1 '
4k. yiSOSJ
xx mm
X:X-- 'x fz --XX----X ;:
. .. r1 .
!r 1 - . , r-xx
rr ' - -n" J
LJ IS- -
"atmille" at the;.i-iberty tonight. fsTot
to see this great actress - is to '-'miss
the :-best treat4 motion pictures have
furnished f or many months. ; To the
theatergoes it conveys but a shadowy;!
idea 'Of t the great ability Bernhardt
possesses in, expressing the ways of
the jilt ;i the woman ;whot can by sI5-
tlely gnaw' into the heart of the man
and then play - him as ; the, cat'; .the
mouse The way Bhe cajoles the count
and gets his money I? a splendid piece
of acting, but it is In the iiekth scene,"
her arms around the neck of the. vcrnn
Armand, whom she - may really ;care
for-recalls the work of other famous
actors but' with added" fineness of .qual
ity. It is 'a r wonderful .climax.'- The
close is. most thrilling even- in .the
pictures.', ; - . . i ' '
The Hawaiian band will give a pub
lic concert V this evening at- E!mma
Square at 7:30. o'clock... The . program i
is as follows: . .. -: -March:
Beraaglieri . ; i Eilenberg
Overture: .Raymond ., .x ,"7 . Thomas
Romance:. Baritone Solo . . . j . Losey
Selection : The Bohemian Girl. i .Balfe
Hawaiian ."Songs . . . . Band Quintet
L Selection: j Neapolitan Songs,-. Godfrey
Waltz :" Toreador , . . X . X .;;, s Royle
Finale : VV1 vat' . . v . X. . X v . X . . Zikof f
: ,The Star-Spangled Banner., :
. See the bromide enlargements f
in our show window 'made from 1
' ordinary snapshots ; by. one of
our customers. : - X.. t X'X
: jPerhaps your. ; negatives J are j
- just as , good. . Bring them ; in j
and see. , ;. .. . . , : -:
X::--:-:r:'-' 'XX- iX: '-X
"Everythipg. Photographic"
We .make ' X specialty of
. brushes for k all . kinds of com- i
MercIaL. painting. XX ;-.f- "-X f
Our stock is the largest In
..the j city, . which v ensures i your
finding just what you, want -v
Only best grades carried.
Limited k
177 S. KING ST.
near Bethel
;. :--'yyX -:XX-XX:
R. Kipling, Manager
Scan This Program for Monday
TT1 ' II .
Keen Jugglers in Drawing-room Act
: ; : - r ; v . .; ;-; . - ' x -X'-'
The Entertaining Boys,H -A Little
" : ,'Rag. Please
In Knockabout 'Sketch
Alt New-Run Motion Pictures
Peerless Bijou Orchestra
Chas. Miltner, Director
Two Performances Nightly 7:14 and
vV ' , 8:45 . ; ..- 'X . :
'PRICES: 10c, 20c, 30c
- R. Kipling, Manager
Motion, Pictures
; , Daily";-V
Keep Your Eye Open for John Ounny
- . Films . s '
. . ' . ..
PRlCESrlllOc.and 15c,
Vaudeville Matinee every Saturday
and Wednesday, : 10c and 20c V
-Pfcl'.irc !""':: 22, -
n '.-.'A -
1 i
4- CJ. J
iT;M.S A:.T
No. 2 TH E M ORTGAG E" XX j t
No. 3 "THR EE ME N ' - ;
No4 "ROPED JN . .
REMEMBER:- You ! have , only, two
nights in which to see the Hawaii's
first-run films. 'The complete change
is made on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays.- No worn-out' films j no seconds-;
no Repeats,", and ; none , that
you have seen here previously. .';-
Admission, :10c and;l5c
; ' : f RED NOYE8, Manajer v :X
liavaiian Opzra llciis:
1 ' ' - -
Last Four Performances of the Ferris
Hartman Opera Company ;.
. "A Wight .Off' '
' TUESDAY, September 10 ,
. "The Campus"
f- X -' - - '
.... .?-,.. t
Wednesday, September ! 1
"The Boy.and TheGirl"
;;-:.; ; :; ;;U'4::.n .-hi. .- ,
I Seats on sale at Hawaii Promotion!
Rooms, Youny Building X.. X -iXi X
PRICES:. $10, $1, 75c' 50c and 25c
Shoe Repairing v
Highest Quality of Material and
; V B$t .Workmanship :
: 1051 Fort Street
Californians, accordingto estimates
compiled in the office of the secretary
of state spend on an average. of 'S a
000,000 a month for new automobiles
and almost $50,000 a month tor- seer
ond-hand automobiles. More than
two thousand new automobiles ' . are
3 registered -every month. ' X
Cy Special C:
See. the Greatest Living
L i V Duma's Master?! ;
- 1 :
0 ' r
Other Pictures That r
" : ;
t . J ?
1 1 " "
franorbr ;
- On'her return from New Yc
S. S. -Wllhelmlna oa Septel
F. 8. Zeave will reopen hrr
65, 67 and 6S Ilct
entirely new line cf tiia IX.
Br. H. IZLIXl.
Officei 1412 Nuuanu CU ccr. V
' Telephone -1543
Office-Flours: 9 to 13 a. n.,
p. n. Siuidays by appolntrr. -Resldence:
5ft- N. YineyarJ
oir oflc. Telephone 2513; r.
. Beautiful Carved
and Sandalwood Far
' "oung CuiiJin;
. '.;- - . . "
. Only establishment en the I.
equipped to do Dry Cleaning.
. PHONE 3350
KaImidDaiiyv.-;'F.iH. Kill,
; "We del Iver - freh ; Milk - and C
twice dally to all parts of the c'.:.
'X X-X Satisfaction Guaranteed
Phone 273 S P. O. T
A70-year-old,man was ha
Nashville,'; Tenn; . He waa
Rose recently convicted of th
der., - .He promised ,Rose he
"yen' op things when he h !
his fifteen "years' er.'?" .

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