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.-'-'. -: ' -1 -".-
Gambler Tells of- His Relations -with Becker How the Lieu- j
. c tenant Brought About Rosenthal's. , Death ; and Promised
Protectiono MurderersA.PriorrPiot-Failed
"Bald: Jack Rose has written ? for
.DIst. Atty. W-Itman of New York, the
complete story of the Rosenthal jjlot
as lie knows it, and his connection
-with Police Lieut Becker and "The
-System." The story, in its bearings
cn the craft operations, and the inside
-workings ! of the criminal gang - of
New -York city, Is one. of great Inter
..est, and In its .essential parts is given
below: ;'" .-, V-5 '"'";-
. v In August, 1911,1 was part owner
of a gambling house at 1S5 Second
avenue." It was 'raided by Lieutenant
. Becker and his Strong Arm twiuad.
The; next morning I met Becker and
afcked ; him , if he , still had two unre
served warrants against the place. He
admitted that he, had. J ihen promis-
;. ed , to uroduce the missing men that
. ,
1 :
J .
police ijeut. ni:( ia:R ' V
Allied head of graft jislcm and
charped nUli murder of ; Gambler
,: were namtj, in the warrants, which 1
didand the warrants' were served n.
'the street in front of the court, My
rrr.soa for this was that I was anxious
'r 'to get l.cck and fcUrt operation af the
" t:ne tfzee, and could. not "do this with
the warrants out against the place, &s
. ' all knew it'was a trick of men in
i charge of ; raiding ' squads to' - always
tc Id. 'out 'one or more" warrants' of a
raiJcd place to be used as a mean3 of
rgain raiding a place if they resumed
operations,' without going througn tn
same - process ' of securing evidence
, ' Pays Decker ?200. . v . '''
Lieutenant Becker and I grew, quite
.chummy,' and soon I asked him what
disposition .would be made, of the case
and he said, well for $2001 will guar
f cctee you to have the case thrown ou
but, he said you must Instruct your at
torney to waive examination, -and I
will take care of it down town, which
I did. I paid his the $200 in the'bar
i room of Hirschhorn's saloon at Second
avenue and First street. . v 4 ; ;
lie then. said he would like to see
mo again and we arranged for a meet
ing. He told mo that he was atout to
start out on a long line of raiding and
he also intended to get some money
for himself, he said that he wanted to
, show some activity first and then start
in to get some money for taking care
of some places and he thought I would
v. xrake him a good man to collect for
: - him. -;- ' '; .:;;;- ." -'' -':
; I agreed to the proposition, and the
terms agreed upon w'as that ; I was to
get 23 per .cent,-or all my collections:
At that conversation - he . told be that
to had In his possession evidence
, , 1 ra Inst a poolroom on Third . avenue
; ad Tilth street conducted by two men,
Tloch (an ex-policeman) and Armbrus-
jted.' He said on-the following Tday he
"ould have the affidavit read upon
- ' which to apply for warrants, but he
said "you can see these people and If
ydu can get $500 from them I will de
stroy the affidavit and go no further,"
. .j I told him I would see them and report
'to him. ''.:.'' ; -.Vr"; " ' ' ; ' ; f;; Y
Collect For Becker. " V:
l-h&t night 1 saw them and explain-
- ;ed the situation to Hock and ArmbruE-
ter and arranged , to have them meet
Becker the next ay at Essex Market
; court, where our case was to be called.-
They came there and I Introduced
; ;ihem )to Becker and Becker insisted
that he would talk only to Hock and
together they r Walked down First
street and had a talk, when Beckr re
f turned alone and said .to 'me "Walk
; down street, meet Hock and he will
!give 3'bu some money. -1: walked down
"jjiiet Hoch,'lie bended me a package of
."'money and I returned and handed It
, ; to " Becker In Hirschhorn's v saloon,
where he was waiting foc-e. "
I then met tlm a few 'days later and
' he told me to prepare to get biuy, as
.he said he was gotngr tomake a cou
Jple' of big raids and -that-won Id force
iall the gamblers to sit trp and take no-
v ; tIce.5He then raided a place on iith
' Street and a place on 3Sth street. Aft-
er these raids he tqld me'to start out
rend begin to get keepers of gambling
' liouses to pay me money for protec
tion against - being raided , by the
! 'strong arm ?quad.w
Webber Joint Ross. '
I didn't have much standing in the
gambling business; and - never was
known as a collector or a man who
stood In with the poliee,' so I called on
Webber to help me out He
talked with Becker, and Becker told
him to ; help me, and he started out
with me. The amount of the tariff
agreed upon was to be $300 a month.
Those who made payment that night
were Betz, on street; McDougal,
on '- street: 1 Coe; on - street:
Dudlin, on -- street; McCuIlough, on
- - street: Blumenthal and.Tobln,on
- street, ; made , their ; payment di
rect' to, Becker but 1 secured my 25
per . cent. . as I had spoken to them.
out, as I said before, they never knew
of me holding such a position before,
so they made 'it :a 'point to meet Beck
er each month alone down town! .
I had Dollar John at $300; Sam
Paul at $300, Jimmle Beat tie at $400,
Curley on. Tenth"; street and Fourth
avenue, at $200. - '. " i
I used, to meet him at different
places to turn over what money I had
to him. ' I used to meet him at my
home mornings, or at:the corner -of
110th street and Broadway, in -the Lion
Palace Cafe, or In the subway" sta
tion. , A place we, met oftener than at
any other was the Union 'Square ' Ho
tel, 15th street and Fourth, avenue,
where we always sat in the rear din
ing room and I passed what money 1
collected or talked over matters with
him. -. ,'. VA- :.Y V.';A
Everything was going along 'smooth
ly until Becker met Herman , Rosen
thal; like in my case ; Rosenthal and
Becker soon became fast Iriends. Ros
enthal secured , the appointment of two
mpn rnv ani Mirhflionn tn nbor'o
squad-and Rosenthal said Becker had
an arraneement that thse two men
an arrangement that these two men
were to work under Rosenthal's i in
structions. He was -to select ' certain
poolrooms that these men were to
bring Becker evidence, on, . :-
. One of the , first places raided on
this system,was a place on South Sixth! ao zeng a ravor win neao one m re
street, Williamsburg, conducted : by; a turn? 1 told Wm ;I ;.did -otfcnow
man. named Dorsey or Alnwick. " j Zelig, as Id never . met him. : Well,
The matter : was talked over and ' ,he said, , find tut, his;; friends,, talk to
Becker agreed to turn in the unserved
warrants for $600. Dorser nrotested
that " he ' was in flnaiiclal dif acuities
and could not do it. . He ; was' gjten
tmtn i Mnnriou to mttra p-onH .arn 'An
Monday.'he met me at' the: batis'- 2nd
gave me $600. .' ''--':; '
gave me $6 00
Becker Lends to ' Rosenthal
- f '. I
Rosenthal followed this : up on an
other place, a man named; Lawson,
either at' Cortland street or -Park
place. Then next was the San Soucl
on 13th street andv Becker and Rosen
thal were becoming great pals,; then
Rosenthal talked to Becker about tak
ing an "interest in his place at' 4Sth
street by investing" $2500." They, talk
ed back and forth and finaliyrBecker
agreed to letHimfhaTe :$150bma
chattel ' mdrtgageV on' his '': t household
goods.' Rosenthal . did this,' secured,
the money ana we' opened tip: Becker
told . Rosenthal he wanted Rosenthal
to take - care of me "and ne declared
me in for 25 out of which I agreed to
split with Becker. - r- : ''.
Matters went along, but Becker kept
telling. me almost every day after that
that Wallace was after hint to ; raid
Rosenthal. He said he was doing the
best he could,- but things; were get
ting very warm at . police headquar
ters, and-, finally Becker told; me one
Gambler who wa5 hi ordered because
he was dliulghig secrets of the po-4
lice graft system.
day at. Unk)n Square Hotel that Ills
mind 'was made up he would raid the
place. I begged and pleaded "with him
to abandon the idea. -
His reply to that; was that he had
to make the raid, and he was going
to make Rosenthal a present of the
$1500, with which1 to cover whatever
expense Rosenthal ouldr incur. Well,
he raided the place, ordered. the mort
gage canceled and, thought that ended
it : After that Becker and -Rosenthal
had several , meetings, but, could not
fix the' matter up and the policeman
continued stationed in the house. Ro
senthal Was growing, desperate. He
oegan ; threatening to tell what he
knew. Becker said to me when I
told him what I heard that he wasn't
worried, that he had. all ends covered.
It Was about this time that ; Jack
Zellg was arrested ,on a charge I of
carrying concealed weapons. Some
of Zelig's friends came and told me
of it, and also told me that there were
some nasty rumors around associating
my name in the Jobbing of Zelig. I
protested my .innocence and became
alarmed and rushed to a : telephone
and called up Lieutenant Becker and
asked him about it He said he could
' r
( ; --
... f:.
- i
W M m
Before Twhom -Beckpr lujdf his t assoi
ciates win e inea lor we muraer
of Rosenthal:
not talk to me then,, but would meet
I me later In : the day :-Bt' the Union
Square Hotel; Which V he t dld,j and Jie
Old -me then ..that , it was a fact .that
Zelig had . been, framed, ..v;
Talk of .Murder. - 'V'-v',J;- ,
Ult explained;. to his . the seriousnets
of the charge and of , what danger. It
meant to , me -Well, he said, V.if -you
i them, ana leu mem u uiey waui tu
I Zeus aad;tnemseives tnai Kos-.
I enthal. is. the man, that Is Wirring up
want nimr muraerea; SUOl, ni-iuruai
J -acut'-Any ; wa3r..that - will - Uke him ok
the earth. He went further. He said
:if. anybody will muroer Kosentnai no-:
thing: can ; happen, to, them. He will
take care 01: that Ana if tnese. men
downtown; don't- accept , the .job v tell
them that Vnot one ' of them twill ' bei
left on my round. 1 i w4ll fLn& where
'they hang out and I will frame'every'
one-, of them, up and fiend i them up
the river for carrying concealed J wea
pons. I said to him, "I rwilt'send for
Zelig's friends and AtalkT with- .them "
- First -. met:. Harry,: Vallon. and
Bridgle Weber; I told them of it -all
and they" agreed with me "that as far
as I was -concerned it -was a serious
matter, 'so we went to dinner at the
Cafe Beaug Arts and there telephon
ed and located two of Zelig's friends,
"Left" i Louie : and ; Whitney. They
came to the Beaug Arts and we told
them "of my" innocence and; proof of
it M Bridele paid $250 to the Empire
Surety: company to release ; Zelig on
baIL-': - :;-:''-'r-
We warned them ovBecicers xnreai
and that the only remedy was the
murder of Rosenthal. Zelig j was . re
leased on bonds and I met him . tot
the first , time. ,. L : explained ( that 1
knew hfs. case was a "job," also tlod
blm' that.lt was only! the '.beginning
of ' a long' campaign of : framing by
, Becker. ;and - his men unless Rosen
thal -was ! murdered. Keug wquion 1
have anything to do wltn it and "be
Rfes he said he 3 wouldn't have any
difficulty proving bis innocence; at the
trial, as ne .uau wou; -;
prove T bis innocence.' ', :-'; 'V 'Yf-,-,
1 'saw Becker and ' told l him every
thing -was arranged, and - the men
were out on the Jobi He kept ask
ing me ' every day, "Well,; isn't that
job done yet? ' All that: la necessary
is to go right up"towhere be ia:and
blare away at him and leave, the, rest
to : me. f Nothing will happen to any
body that does it ', I will take care, pi
that.' : -- v'
i said ."All right" In . the mean
while, the Tort! case came up, and
Zelis was remanded" td"th'e" Tombs" In
default vof $10,00fr bail,, and , Becker at
Dhea 'came ta. seejme, and :" he said;
"Now is the time, to get; those -fellows
to croak Rosenthal. Zelig is In the
Tombs; a lot or excitemeni aDoui
gangs, and Rosenthal can be murder
ed. It will be blamed to some gang
trouble, as he is known as a leader
of gangs."
Protection is Promised.
I argued that, on the contrary, it
would , hurt Zelig's case ; that while
Becker and I knew; he; was, innocent
the-general public, ewno ao noianow
Wprkings bt the police, figured he
was" euilty and he would be railroad
ed, . and t my position was a terrible
one. - - .;- :' " '-' ' y''':fj
Why, he says, now you leave it to
me to take care of everybody. I said
I bad to.i get Zelig out on bail first
to clear myself. '
I thought .everything would blow
over, but Becker kept asking, de
manding, why. Rosenthal wasn't dead
yet" I offered one excuse after an
other, until .finally he said I guess youj
can't. make good; on that proposition.
I will have to do it myself. He then
started to work , on Brldgey Weber.
He said to Bridgey I guess these fel
lows don't take much stock in Jack. I
wish you would go after it for me,
Brldgey. After all the assurances he
gave Bridgey, Vallon , and me. about
everybody who will have a hand in
the' murder will be absolutely safe,
but on the other hand if it; isn't done
quickly I will do it myself, and send
everybody down town to state's
First Plot -Falls.
It was shortly after this that one
nieht about 2 o'clock I was in Still's
restaurant, on Third avenue, with Har
rvr Vallon., we located Herman in the 1
Garden : restaurant" with. hi wife nd -
..s,. ; -;7;.---.-'-''.; -1''.--- ! -
" ;
v I Jack. SuUivaiu e waited around un -
uiey. came puaauijsJMrBaaii.r
him when they noticed a man fol-
ing them, all tha way and decided
that it was a' Burns man, so it was
put off againJH "
v Beckerwas furious. He said all this
delay was getting dangerous, as Ros
enthal no$ had interested District At
torney : Whitman and they were get
ting after Urn through District Attor
ney Whitman, and he had submitted
affidavits exposing Becker' and. his
methods and : naming me as . Becker's
. He begged . and pleaded that the
gang be sent out to take and murder
Rosenthal if .they, had to break- in' his
house' to do it, and he said he could
assure . them, nothing will happen to
them.?' . . . - . '
I then made up my mind it was time
for me to get out also. Jack Sullivan
bad told, me that a subpoena had been
issued Tor ine to explain my transac
tions with Becker.
r j? I - received a message from ' Becker
telling . xdel that 1 two newspaper men
were,-at; the baths : asking for ' Harry
Brown; , these men he wanted to se
cure, an affidavit- from Dora Gilbert
which! would have a tendency to dis
credit: Rosenthal. ; '
Anxious, for Killing.
rii:waUed atthe baths and; at 6
o'clock ; these men were announced .
Schepps went up hd said he was
Brown. f.r-ent up to take a look at
them and I , recognized Plitt as a man
I knew well In nnection ;with Beck
er:3 -i'.:-v '--'-::- . i ' ,
Weber In the I meanwhile returned,
announcing that the men whom J sub.
poena were issued for would, stand by
Becker with the - assurance' and the
possibility Of. getting GUbert's 'affidav
it, didn't Jeare much :room forRosen
thali w hurrBeckerandVL felt;reliev
ed.tfter-; dinner V Vallon,i Schepps,
Plitt and the other man who I found
later" was a notary, from -Broadway
named Smith, they all started for Gil'
bert's, house. ;:;:v-vttV:, yy-.;:
. ;It remained tlm the. reception parlor
awaiting a message from .v Becker,
which'' I received, asking me what had
been accomplished; I explained all
the tidings of-the day, and he said if
Rosenthal would I only get croaked to
night how, happy he would, heT I told
him his murder .was not necessary any
more as he would on tomorrow stand
disgraced 'and .discredited. ;
i - Hesald that; wasnt' enough. If he
only , could get croaked before, the
night was overhow lovely;ev6rything
would : be, and he said they will, say
the gamblers did -it on account of Mis
enreatenea exposure, ana leave t. tne
safety -of. the murderers to him i told
jnim iwouid attend to it I went back
upstairs and; fell asleep, when ;P again
was-called ' towthe telephone.1 " This
r:Yt- f w.
Counsel For "theew ,York 'aldermanlc
romralttee-investigating police cor
ruptloiu' Z--' !;'?; A '. -H?i
tlme'it Was Vallon teliins me the Gil-!
bert1 affidavit ..was ready and ' asking
meto come' arolmd ' to see.lt
I . walked around to" the .Sam ' Paul.
I.club where 1 I inet Jack. Sullivan. Sul-
livanskedme to take, him toMadison
Square Garden to the fights, where he
had an " appointment with eker,
which did. I went" to Gilbert's
bousewhere I ) met them all at' work
on the aff idavitj I volunteered to take
the an tire' party home As we reached
Eighteenth ' a j tire blew -out We all
got out and f ;su&gestedto Schepps to
telephone to the Boulevard for; anoth-1
er macnine, wnicn ne am. uae gray
car with Shapiro arrived. The " re
maining party thanked me and de
cided they would go home without the
machine, and they did. ;;'' :
Vallon, i Schepps and myself "and
three" others went into Sharkeys, I
then thought of wanting to see " my
brother-in-law to borrow some-money
to; leave town with the next day, and
asked "Schepps and Vallon to accom
pany me uptown. When we got '. on
Sejenth avenue I thought I would looki
in- onr the gang; we stopped at the
House4 Frank looked but Schepps
called him down and we asked him
Where the rest were; he said they
received a message to come dowri
town; we took him and ordered the
machine to go down town and stopped
at Weber's. Some one came in and
reported Rosenthal was at the Metro
pole; everybody started out of tne
Sees Becker After Murder.
I remained behind and insisted-that
Schepps remain with me. Schepps
went out. Someone came in with the
report that Rosenthal had been mur
dered. Weber suggested I telephone to
Becker. I asked him where I could;
get a booth. He said at the Times
building. I walked over there and
asked the operator to get me 6C94
and I spoke to Becker. I asked him
if he heard the news. He said: Yes,
some newspaper man telephoned him.
1 said, "My God, Charlie, this is aw
ful." He said: "Now, don't -worry.
No harm win come to anyone. He
said; here are you?" I said, "At
; .. ; -.
eberX": sald 1 wilLJdown
tqwn. rightaway- ; ;, ...
I went back and told Weber and
we waited at' long , while; he came
along ;alL smiles.;;:! ; '-;'
I opened' the conversation by say
ing: "My God. Charlie, this Is Hor
rible. There'll be b 11 to pay." He
said. What is the matter, dont wor
ry, leave all that to me. I askea
have jrou seen him, and he. said yes,
I saw the squealing fool. I would of
liked to taken my knife out and cut
a piece of his tongue and. hang it on
the Times Building a3 a warning to
possible v' future squealers.' He said
well, 'i I was saved the trouble of do
ing, it, myself ; ;he( said I. became tlrid
- -POLlt ;Cu-i-ilSiO:i(Li'.i'.ALIM
Removed as'result, of graft, exposures.
' waiting for r-yod'- fellows to ' get the
gang to do it so oecioea 10 ao 11 my
self. . . ' " -,.:;'-' "'r' Y
Becker Would Have Killed. .
f. He said after I left Jack Sullivan I
Instructed Ottoc to' drive- by, the; Metro-
pole and to slow own ' without: stop
ivinp I Intended if Rosenthal was
there to take; out my, gunil bla2e way
Lat him and then, tell , Qtto. tot keep go-
ins but hevwasn't there. r saia wen
whit ibout these: fallows; he said I will
take :iood care of ieverybcHdy concern
ed:: to Weber he saidsee that.' these
fellows, getjenougbmoney; to ; get out
of town, say about a tnousana aquars
between them "which "vyeber said; he.
would make $1500.- . ' Y
Schepps ;said -Weber -had money to
give me to give those reuows tor Bee
er. I told Schepps to , get; it and meet
ma at 50th street and Eighth avenue.;
Weber, handed me some money: "? he
saidlt was a thousand dollars; I band-
ed It to two fellows with him and told
thm RArlr'er ' said to laVloW for a
while' and everything would te O. K. :
Becker kept in constant communica
tion with me either, by telephone of
thi-nnirh Sphonnfl yhApriner me tin:final.
lly on ; Wednesday morning i .receivea
1 a . telephone messaga Jromv hiin , advis-
inc me to give myself up as they were
asking for me in cbnnectira yitn j the
Gilbelt affdavit v v;- i. '
v I said, Charlie, I am almost' crazy. I
I am sick 'in mind and body. I 'don't
a are irust myseii peing quesnneu, a
. am: thinking of you and, I will : surely
! make ' a 'mess ' of 1t;he; said, -well ; I.
' guess yoa are right, rest and stay here
& while until I phone , you.: I received
arother message later in: the day tell
ing me. to come to 1 La wyejr;Hart;s of
fice,; as he wanted to see me...Iitold
him ,1. was too sick;? be;aid, well :i
will send him to you. ; i 'Y i:;
Visit From Hart r ,
'.Lawyer Hart, and a notary came and
! began'5 questioning me. I was on. the
i bed asking to be left alone, buthewas
j j the most insistent that everythingwas
Snll ritrht all that -was nepded was "the
I explaining away of, the $1500ftranac-
I iion and everything would be ail right
. I let him go on questioning me and. he
put down whatever he', wanted ad I
signed' it V ; . &V&'? 7i ' ' -
Schepps came in when they left arid
I safd to him Sam. I have been trick-
. ed and duped and it looks like Becker
T . X 1 A. . 1 41. - n 1
ib trying 10 ma&B. me iuw.eW i
I rocked and; tossed with a'fever on
Thursday a. m; 1 got a newspaper and
read A. J. Levy's statement about me
and I realized at once that' there was
treachery : somewhere! 1 awoke
Schepps and told hlra ; I was going to
headquarters: and give myself ,-np; and
tell all; he went out with me and said
first ' telephone Becker. , We went. to; a
drug store, telephoned the house anif
the 'man"1 at ; the switchboard said the
telephone is not forking.
r"" f-
J then hired a taxi and started down
town Schepps all the while accom
panying me and begging me not to do
It before I consulted with Becker but
I was ' determined and continued Jit
r bout 25th street 1 asked Schepps to
leave me which' he did. I went to head
quarters and waited the arrival of
Deputy Comm. Dougherty. :
I was taken in the office with him
and Hughes and questioned about the
murder then Dougherty left me, re
turned and left the door opened id
Becker appeared in the doorway pale
as a ghost. Dougherty said, shut the
then he questioned me about
Becker; The trick of having Becker
appear in. the doorway had its effec.
my heart went out. to him. and I de
nied any relationship with hjm.
I was then charged with an acces
sory to the murder of Herman Rosen-
i thai. I was taken from there to the
(Dist. Atty's office I met Mr. Whitman
Iwas taken to the Tomts where I
kept getHna: messages from Becker
through Plitt advising me to sit tight
and not worry as he was looking after
everything including: my family, hut I
was sorely troubled and the talks I
Da(i with my attorney convinced ra I
j ought to tell all.
Decides To Tell All.
I began to see a lot of things that
looked as If I ws to be made the goat
and lawyer Sullivan was advising me
to tell all and Becker herd of this as I
received a note from Flitt telling me
to engage lawyer Moore, I turned the
communication over to my attorney.
Moore came to see me. but I insisted
he talk with Mr. Sullivan, . but he
WWW h-Xx yjii. AK.J K.AX A jl ,
-.' , ::-'".''' ;""'; !. - - . ' . . . . J(- . ' ' '' ; :' ":
- By the mere misplacing of a word the Intent of a testator
can be disregarded and a beneficiary financially 'injured. The
brains of the best legal talent In the city la at the command of
our, TR U ST D EPARTrvl E NT,
mm mmm.ik.m . I m - K m ' mm mm m mm 1 m
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It takes more than the suggettlon to keep eobl the"e deys. It
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. -. S. IT
'. V. . .
. ; - I
, X
Jutt' attach' It" "to the chandelier In place" ef'a. lamp. It. uim
lets current than a 16-candlepower lamp.
W . hava Qheni eomple te r frqm -; ; ;
! We haye everytnlrj for'the. tcboc!bby. Crlrj."!.; ;.v,I.V , ar.i 1st us fix
him upVoulwill be satiifted, and ao' will he.
" hotel stnr: zt
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and ybii will realize
? toto
, l 1
.niiEWooiiAifD coal. - ! - : : v -; .
r ' U' QCEEY STREET. r ' ' - Y O.XOZ tl2
' ' ' " " ' " ' M ' II I ' ! mmmmm I II h
- . . . .. ; . - 9 v , ... ; ; t: . . . - , . - , -
for buse:2ss:
I8.S fecliaEl
whispered to me, becker sent. metl
told- him I could no longer trust any-
cne but my attorney.
Then Plitt sent me another note ad
vising my getting lawyer Amrams. He
said Sullivan would not do. He calle!
my family up and advised them the
same. I as determined to do just as
lawyer Sullivan advifed apd I did tell j A cloth dipped, in ammonia will oft
all and Callan and Weber were or ' en remove the "stalnaT from the collar
too anxious to join in and tell all:3Sfof an overcoat" :-:" n . ; :v
-;' ;-;' ;?''--;;:-'- '-"- ' j " ' v'"r-;''-; v " v
A i A.
and. f rea to" those who namt us Jt 1
mt mltm I- 1. . V4
m JTHE r
r 1
rx r r" rx
t 4 . . "
V- " - I K. f u " - i
.. )
i -
- i - 'J:
O' ' '
... .... . .-'."''.
: . ....
" YY '-y s
1 -1
that it is sup oxior ;
for rallvco o!:in j. v
Your Grocer Has It ' :- -
j I ' d ' , - "'y '
V . phone t::i ' '
. We. know ,e yery body ud unieratani '
th,butnea. ;;..;-',. . '
v.' -4.1,
1697 ; ;-
the Sign Painter
(we. realize we , were;, tools an,d wjero
going to be made the sea pegouis.
A man has no use for a woman who
attempts , to convince htm', that ; he Is
wrong and succeeds - in doing it. -

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