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Williamson & Buttolph
Stock and Bond Brokers
ntone 1 182 - P. 0. Box MS
tmmm w
Honolulu StocK Excftange
Saturday, Sept. 14.
C. Brewer & Co
Ewa Plantation Co. . .
Hawaiian Ajrric. Co. .
Haw. Com. & ug. Co.
Hawaiian SusarCo. ..
JiM 42'
to io V
........ '
6K ..
7 7H
... . . 140
120 135
2CO .........
Ii5 ... .
1 . .
UK 3iX
20 J -21 -
44 44 Vi
.. 39 H
i " ' 4"
ICO s 101
103 :
C,-1 .
0 :. ..-.
ii .......
... 1
Jlonorau Sugar Co
Honokaa Sugar Co
Haiku Sugar Co
Hutchinson Sugar Plant. .
; Kahuku PlacsMrm Co
Kekaha Sugai Co
Koloa Sugar Co
McBryde Sugar Co
Oaba Sugar Co
Onomea Sugar Co
Olaa Sugar Co Ltd
Paauhau Sugar Plant. Co.
Pacific Sugar Mill ...
Paia Plantation Co
Pepeekeo Sugar Co.
Pioneer Mill Co
Walaliia Agrlc.Co. ......
TVallnVu Sur Co. ..... .
Waimanalo Sugar Co. . ..
Walmea Sugai Mill Co. . .
Intcr-Island Steam N. Cd
I lawalian Electric Co. . . .
Hon. JLT. & L. Co.. Prcf,
. Hon. ILT. & L. Co.. Com.
Mutual Telephone Co. .
Oahu Tl. & L. Co. . . . . .
Hilo R. R. Co, Pfd.,
Ililo R. R. Co., Com
lion. B. &. M. Co.'; . X -Haw.
Irrgtn. Co, 6s .
. Hawaiian Pineapple Co.
Taojong Olok RO, pL up;
Pahan g Rub. Co. ... . . . .
Hon. B, & M. Co. Aei..
IIaw.Ter.4 (FlreCI.).;
- -HawvTerr4 rut, Imps
Haw. Ter. 44 X
V'v Haw.Ter.4H
Haw.Ter.3 ....... i
CaL Beet Sug. & Ret. Co. t
Honi Gas. Co., lAdL, tl.
Vllaw. Com. & Eng. Co. 5
V JIllo R-R, Co., Issue 1901.
Honokaa Sugat Co.. 6 ..
J. Hon. K. T. Li V3o.X
.. Kauai Ry . Co. 6s ......
KchaJaUItcn OvCs Vy.V. ,
McBryda Bttgar Co. 6s . . .
"Mutual Tel. 6..........
Oahu R. & I Co. 6 .....
f Oahu Sugar Co. X
1 - Olaaugar Co, 6
Pac. Sug.' Mill Cd.s . .
V Pioneer Mill Co. ft .
: b V Walahra Agric -Co: 5 ; ;
Katocaa 'OonvCa-.'.'-.'.ii.
Hawn. Irrigation'CoCj
; v Hamakua- Ditch ;6 . 1 1 .
Between r Boards -10 Oahu 28, 13
Oahu 2S", &0 Oahu "2$, '4000 Honotaa
tls -tonf, 1&000 Natomaa 6s 94. 1000
aLeet 6s, 100, 1000 Hilo 1901 6s 101.
Secison Sales 1000 Olaa 6s 97.
2000 0,'R. &. L. Co. 5s'.103u 2000 Hilo
"Ex. 6s 95, 50u0 Hlto Ex. -6s 93; 10 Pine
apple 44, . 10 H. a & S. Co. 43 H 23
'.. Brewery 110, Honokaa 108. v '
' Latestsocar oUtlott:436 cents,
of $S70.per torn. , : ' -: ' ' : .
1 4 1 ?tthangiw f : ?. :
Wf mtr Ronolnli Stock ani Bona
jlcrry Armitdgev Co.,
P.. a Box CS3 , : ;:.: Phent 2101
i . Sdembor ' Honolulu Stock and Bond
u Exchange
Members Honolala Stock and' Bond
f:-r, Exetcrage -.;. A
Stangenwald Bldg 102 Merchant SL
J. F Morgan. Co., Ltd,
. ' " ' -
Information Furnished and Loans
$57 KAAHUMANU street -.
Phono 1572.
- '
-' We deal In Rated and unlisted secu
rities of all kinds.. Hidalgo, La Zaca
cipa ruoberrpurlsslma lIIUs OU stock;
Mascot Copper.
f ,v T, iMi e. LOGAN A CO.
17. Baeon Block, Oakland, Cat.
Commis'sionor of Doedo tor Califor
nia and New Yorici NOTARY PUB
LICi Grants Ufarriago Lleonios. Draws
, Mortaas, teds, HIs of Sato,
toasesi WilK elo.; Attorney for ho
i Wtiriet Courts. " 70 MERCHANT 8T
rH 0 N OLU LU, Phono 1546.
For a hack ring up 2307.
Stylish tub dresses at AVhttney &
The Sunday afternoon band concert
will be at Kapiolani Park at 3 o'clock.
Lei Aloha Chapter No. 3. O. B.
meets this evening in Masonic Tem
ple. The Queen street paving is now fin
ished with the exception of the pipe
line trenches.'
The new house of Mr. and Mrs. Tar
leton in College Hills is finished and
will be occupied next week.
Keep Pan ka Hana always in the
house. It is the most effective enemy
to dirt known to hourekeepers.
Wanted Two more passengers for
around - the - Island at $5.00. Lewis
Stables and Garage. Tel. 2141.
New line fail millinery. First class
trimmer to arrive from New York
Sept. 16th. "Dfckerson's" Hotel Ma
jestic. - Pineapple soda and Hire's Root Beer
cellent summer drinks are bot
tled by the Consolidated Soda Works.
Phone 2171. .
Jordan's are closing out cheap next
week some odd lines in muslin under
wear. The garments are going for
less than cost.
Rulers Given Away. A nice 12-in.
Ruler given to all school children buy
ing, their school books and supplies of
Wall, Nichols Co., Ltd. c
Miss L. Merchant, formerly of E. W.
Jordan & Co., will open a dressmak
ing parlor In the' Pantheon building,
Sept 19. Rooms 21-22. ;
Bring 10 Green Stamps and one dol
lar and set t complete Boy Scout Suit
tor. vacation , Green t Stamp 8tore,
Beretanla and Fort streets. ;
Chong Quong Shee and C Kwal Ing
want 11400 from the supervisors for
twelve-foot 'strip of land ao connect
Broad lane with Kukul street. '
Souvenirs will only be for the recall
trade, at Benson,' Smith ..& Co. on
Monday'of next week, which will be
known as souvenir day at the Retail
Trug Store. i . - . ' ;'.
By the Sierra, arriving Monday
morning we will receive a shipment
cOres! California , "Primrose Pork
Sausages. ? Hejry Usj ' &' Co. Ltd.
Telephone 1271. . : i
" Dr. MacLennan removed toj Alakea
SC'next Pacific Club a few doors fce
low'.Bereania Ave. . Wonderful cures
cf chronic diseases by. new serum
treatment Phone 3630. ; '
'The1 't FLotfa College f Alumki As
sociation Xvill hold Its 5 annual "quar
terly; meeting t .the Club House at
Dreier Hall, Union Street, , Sunday,
the 15th instJ, at 10 a. Tn. :
J. E. Rocha, Honolulu's leading
tailor for men aid women; haff re
ceived hfs Fall 'suitings,' "which , fn
cludes " many exclusive : patterns s in
Englishand American weaves, , . : 1
We will .receite' ty the Sierra Mon
day morning a, shfpment of fresh Cal
if ornia - Fruits , and ; Vegetables and
"Puritan" ' Creamery ' Butter. Henry
May &,Ca.vLtd.iTelephdn(e 1271 ,
Manuel; Rodrtgues, aaC employee, of
Waialna plan tanbn,". fell y from - a
height of twelve eet : last. Wednesday
and broke .his arm in two,, places. He
was removed to the Queen's Hospital.
. Coi. Samuel Parker last evening an
nounced tffe engagement of 'Miss Clara
Cummlngs.tO V William Lycett Both
the young 'peopVe are residents of Ho
nolu!u,the ,groom-to-be helng connect
ed with V the v Inter.lsland steamship
service. - -j:'--
- Sheriff Jarrett's rep6rt for August
ahows 432 arrest and 320 -convictions,
the latter helng distributed as fotiows
hyiiatlonklity:3 'Hawailans, 75; Chi
nese 90; Japanese, 50; Portuguete,
21; ail others, 89. Fine and costs col
lected amounted to 12464.
'.: Kalmukl stonfe gathers' the moss.
Japanese! contractors gather the stone
that - gathers the moss. The ' ; police
gather the Japanese that gather the
sione that gathers the moss. .And, in.
cldehtally, on does pot see so many
Japanese trucks,1- loaded with moss
stoned coming town ward early In the
tnorning nowadays- ' ; ( ' '
On t second, reading last tight, -the
dance hall ordinance was amended la
accordance with the suggestions made
a the public. meeting on' Tuetday.
evening.- Premises , surrounding a
dance hall must be well lighted. Li
quor Is forbiddemto be served witliin
a dance hall a provision which Jt is
considered, will not lnterefere with
the giving of dances at the big hotels.
. Mrs. Elizabeth K. ' Meyers is the
principal defendant in a suit brought
by Attorney General Lindsay against
several persons thought to have an
interest in a tract of ten acres in Pa
lama, which the Territory desires to
add to its holdings as.a part of the
site of the new. Oahu prison. An ap
propriation for the 3ail was made by
the last Legislature, and active con
struction will begin as soon as the
amount of land desired Is obtained by
condemnation. :v.
Sales of bonds to the par value of
$17,000 recorded on" -today's seock
sheet largely redeem the appearance
of a dull week' record. For the five
days on which the exchange held ses
sions this week the sales amounted
to I81.051.50i as compared with 5103.
537 for the same number of days last
week, a decrease of 22.505.50.
Of the bonds sales J 10.000 were Fold
at the session, and the entire bunch
"was . as follows: Honokaa sixes.
1400 at $103.5; Natomas Con. sixes.
flOOO at 94; Cal. Beet Sugar and Ref.
Co.. $1000 at 100: Hilo Railroad 1901
sixes. $1000 at 101; Olia sixes, X1000
at 978.50; O . R. & L. Co. sixes. $1000
and $1000 at 103; Hilo Railroad Ex
tension sixes $2000 and $5000 at 93.
tbe last an advance of a quarter point.
Stocks sold as follows: Oahu Sugar
Co.. 10, 15 ind 90 unchanged at 28;
Hawaiian PineapDle Co.., 10 shares un
changed at 44; Hawaiian Commercial
and Sugar, 10 shares unchanged at
45.50; Honolulu Brewing and Malting
if share unchanged at L'l; Honokaa
Sugar Co., 10 shares at liU2Vi: a
drop of one-eights point.
Koaq fflaking
X. Tfic Macadam
v iRoad.
' Director Office of abuc Roads,
United States Dsparhnent
of Agriculture.
Copy. lent by American Press Asso
. , , . . elation. 1312. . .
f i ii'i ' i'
irES' it is considered that -a'
lint of one foot .In a nua-
11 l increases by abuut
; . twt?uty. pounds the amoimt
of torce repaired to haul a load of one
tou the question of grades Ik one not
to lie overlooked ki road building. The
cliirracter of tbe otI and TQatnm'l 'lrMln
Visv t-ontiUtiou have. och to do with
tbe cost of maintenance. Therefore too
much onsideraln cannot; In? jiveii to
locatiou. The main points to be dealt
with are Yi directness, ; (2 grade. 3
mi tu ml drainage and 4) character of
the. noil, -i i .. i' til ' ' '' v '
Tbe foundation to be built for any
road nhonld -depend largely npou loctil
conditionKSome soils of n pravelly na
ture makef: thebest foandatioiis and
Will be ,' snfflcletit 'without treatment
other than jradmg trpon which to con
struct a macadam road.
Soils that are' of a '.'clayey, nature or
that con taia pocket of qulcksancL nn
tt0 Me ea rith 9 organic, matted are
treacherous and require special treat
. X.
.' ., ;.r, ; ' ('. i ' ' J - '' 4 r
lae'nt.i ln shch cases the . Unstable tria
terlal ahbuld.'be tembred and replaced
witliiraiei or vSand,VndwhfverJ
fraction bte the earth subgrade shouidv
be thoroughly rolled; preferably with
feteam 'Toltet, and tnade to conform In
'croivn:or'?amber to the wtrfabe of the
finished road,1 'Saiidy 'suhgrades may be
Improved by the use bf a thin layer of
lay orWil. . " .' -A-S r
J There aretwo forms of dralriaga es
sential 4n road; building, (1) surface;
drainage and .(2) -subdrainage . There
are three essential porhts to be con
sidered In connectfonj with , surface
drainage .j (1) The surface of the rbnd
Kho'uld. be of such -a "shape that water
will quickly drain from 'it to the side
ditches: (2) tbe side ditches should, be
adequate -In size to carry., jvithout
oTerflow,; the maximum rainfall, and
t hey i. shonld be of, snchx depth ; and
grede 1 bat' water will tratel easily to
low: points on 4he road, and (3) from
the low points there should be; suitable
oatlets to "icon vey the vater to 'the
tiathral drainage of the country.
Wate should- never be permitted to
remain. tinder a macadam road: con
sequently snbdrainage mtist ; be resort
ed to ait times. . Water softens the
foundation, allows the broken stone to
be forced into it by the traffic, and In
freezing it expands and dislodges, the
broken stone, destroying the bond.
There are several ways of removing
the subsurface rwater.'(l) by .raising
the subgrade; (2 by side drains con
sisting of narrow trenches filled with
broken stone, with a. pipe five or six
inches in diameter near the bottom. -A
dram of this type should hava fre
quent side outlets. On hillsides a pipe
or culvert is carried under the road at
suitable points, t
Another type of snbdrain that is
much used in Massachusetts Is the "V"
drain. It consists In shaping the Sub
drain in the form of a W'V,M ..the. angle
being at the center of the road. This
is filled with coarse stone up to the
foundation grade and has frequent side
outlets. This type is rather expensive
and "very frequently can be dispensed
with by raising the subgrade with
suitable sand, gravel or clay.
Another type of drain practical for
side hill locations is a subside drain,
located on the upper side of the road
to Intercept and provide an outlet for
surface and ground water before it
reaches the road proper.
Great care should be nsed in properly
grading a road.
The practice in America is generaUy
to place the maximum grade at 5 per
cent for important roads, as a horse
can trot without difficulty up such a
grade, and another important consider
ation in connection with grades is that
a macadam surface cau only be main
tained at great cost on steep grades.
In fixing the grades tbe engineer
should .so adjust tbe rurs and fills as to
make the least possible waste of mate
rial, and lu this he must not. overlook
tbe fact that some materials shrink to
: ::' ..VV.'.:'-f-. J-v. A- :. ::4riV: : : ' 'lC.V : .
a frriTit extent Trhen taken from the j the top course was originally constroct
cnts and placed.jH the fills. This va ed. after which the riiad will be as
rles witb the material, but average good as ne
about li por crnt) The careful engi
neer will set bis grade stakes not
xuore than fifty ftot apart, .mid in no
case should they be over a hundred, and
tbrse- wi IP serve Jater for the ma cadi ni
work. in tidieg ample material
should be left'to form th shoulder.
1 Vr whrittkl ht firti in nmtiprlr K'drv.
; iii 1 ui auu ui iu ;nviu nK j.ii h hf .
! sible rieltk?iieot of material. A !opo vf
not Itoji i ban one nulhi liulf to one1
C:ire should Also ; '
' taken to have the gutter grades so tjxfd
! That thfn will le t least fall .f .i j
1 inches iu pat I hundred feet iu orih-r to :
I provide warfare dra inn J
1 rll .... .
in centra J. mix stone Mini 13 10 i
used in .road building xhoutd bo test- j
id for hardness, toughness. rvsistMrn-e
10 Wear and binding or i-ettieitmg val
ue. The specific gravity, wt'itrljt per
l Uldi- foot and water absorbed :ir also
detrimiuKl. Vltb such da.a as ibis in
baud and a kuowUd.e 01 tbe v.'ume J
uu i'u;ii.u ii'r vi nuuic 1u nun.11 iue
- ... . . m n . V. : i. . f T
road- is subjected tbe eugiueer vao
make an intelligent selection of the
best available material. While tbe dia
bases, diorites and basalts, all com
monly kuowu as traprock. In general
meet tbe Conditions where macadam
roads are necessary, yet It is unwise to
select a rock Ty species alone, as tbyr
all vary greatly.
i. Theiv are two distinct types of bro
ken ktone mad in use today, known as
macad.inr and telford roads. The mac
adam road of odny is so different from
the typVsiWlfied by Macadam that the
relation is hardly ivcgniihle. Ry the
ixst practices used this road consists. in
a foundation courst of two and one
balf inch stone of varying thickness.
This foundation should be thoroughly
rolled with u steam roller auduot more
ihau a thickness of tive or six inches
rolled at n time. On top of this is
plurtd a throe orXOUr inch layer of one
and one-half jiuii t one. and after thir
dugur.v.ronfni: a layer, of rock screen
imxs beUiihretHittsirfers.of ;m hah in
ixiJ'sjiread--.TIilK. rayersof si!reenings
shonld iie'SifficlenViihlyito fiU.the-.sur-'
face void.' of the(Vri:t:. ctniiNo and
Khoukt mt tie iiii!iMwl.all in jou hyer.
'Ka't-h .ippIimcHoii f, sirreeuIiiK -h&a!d
hePOited ii'i '.beftire the ue.t- ajiictinon
Is . fcade. After t he ;EurfiV ti.fsr Ixn h
ifcorohphly liilctl with si-miji:s t;.
ToadhonUL tM--jirpl.l;HPinkl;'d..3n:itli ?a
;v?aferrng nirt: aiid miKV 1th tr steam
rollerA x:r.til it Is thoruuhly , boad?d;
'Hits roI!li5; shonld -ontiuue until the
surface ceases to wave In front of the
roller., v ;; . ''. ,
i.4 to'ne; should uever be duia;tnl on the
.roj(Lvah?i; .If specially devised, Kpread
Ing: Wagons are not nstnl, tlu stone
lxuld le dumiK'd on loard aifd spread
"from Them on to the ro:ul. The coa
tractorvhonl(J ,nv required to place
'about - A : hundr(Ml r tons I f No. 2 stone
alid screenings at ,a convenient place
YoTi enth nii'.e of road built for the pur
:pore o'Cnakiiifr fniuvp repairs. ,
The. telford road: of todiiy varies ocly
'iroox-tlitf iuavathio road iu that It has
n hand psj ved' roindaifoii VHirse; iiou
rtr!trg yif imr8J'itoo ijihi r uino,
im-Jiox An It s ?;atesf r tTimeusiou
Theso .-stones arelaced mi edge;. In thv
frttligrrrrie!. hantl.)ou. their bwtdest
bsts'and at righ.lBgrles to tbe line of
tlferOrid and all Irregnlar jrtkra are
lirbkeTi oiT with, bliinmers. Jt
r This type of raid was first designed
by Ieach engineer named Ttesaguet
forty years iajftdvunce of Te'foid. The
Toads bniit by. -cirortLhatl s'J
grades, but thos construcieJ by Tic
sague had cambered, su'ogrades. which
jrhe Supposed to i have . the effect of a
fceYstoRcrchjand this Is the form in
?whicb They, are constructed today. It
m .".rather, an Interesting fact that in
France pVacti?aUy all of the broken
stone roads nre it the Mac:;daiu O'l.
while in EtJgland they are largely, of
the Ttesagtiet or Telford 'type.
KSjierlcuie has proved that the only
way. Iu ;v'hieb pads can be kept in
good condition and at reasouaWie cost
Is by continuous and intelligent main
vtenance. It is a mistaken aithoub uu
forturmtely general impression that
-erra hi. types of road :ire permanent.
No permanent road has ever been con
struct 1 lr ever can be.
(Jutters. .catch basins and culverts
ought by all-means to be kept clean,
and small gullies in shoulders should
be filled before, they become too large.
.Tie loose tone which nearly always J
appears onthe surface of a macadam
raad'vthe first spring after It . l8tbnilt
should be raked up and stacked for fu
ture "use. Small holes arid Incipient
if' v
ruts f should be filled as soon as they
appear with the same kind and size of
.tone as that used iu tbe surface course.
If small defects are attended to when
f?!cfr niirwnr if will Ho 11 n mii!l I-v
to resurface tbe road until it is worn Jv
AnfittAl.. iKwiimh n til.. f riti till .1 1-i. in
course. hen tue surra ce course is
worn out it ought to be spiked up with
a steam roller or scarifier and this fol
lowed by the spreading of a three inch
layer of one and one-half inch rock.
This h rolled, bonded with srreeni!i?rs
and sprinkled in the same manner as
M it uotsJ ; Lmotmer says Tjf MWh y N
7 4 n & ;ifcSkzi SS1SI8?S soap , iir.. .
PWErnoj!eAk mUTSS VSAZOR &ffzU" E&stZ 2-
M '1 'WFwoM wmmrwFt Kft&ssa8 B2KS
j . THE 'siOlr -r ' i S
fY3cooYjoivtrii ... ... . ; I " 7 I litoi -?H7V- " T T"
vvv-lv r , DIED. -''. 'v' '
BEARI In Honoluhi, September 13,
1912, Alice,: daugh ten of the; late B.
B. and A. B. Beard of liodes to, Cali
fornia. Remains will be shipped to
California' Arsr y-nif-yf ' " t 1
- i.1
A 11 cw use
to be one of
cotton is grown by
These mattresses are guaranteed 4o
tiie marKct.
45 Lb. Mattress
40 Lb. Mattress
The mattress is tilled with cotton felt manufactured from selected
long fihre cotton grown on the Hawaiian Islands. Guaranteed never
to get lumpv, and to he -the best felt mattress made. ;
Young Building
nrinn ran
CHILDr-In Honolulu, September . 13,
1912, to Mr.' and Mrs. J. F. . Child) a
Jim Jyrm"! was . awarded ?Xh&. deci
1 k .
r r'-y Tl
ft- -ft
for one vof vHawa
the foremost of Hawaii industries. The;
the Kancohe Ranch Co. at windward
'.','.. '.,. ' l''i-'
be given
sun bath occasional
sion over Charley .Miller, at San Fran
cisco in the :f IfteenlV round. ; Miller
broke a rfh. .;; , . f.fc
Clinton W. '"-'i Howard ; has been
name by Taf t to succeed ' Judg C.
H. Hanford Of Seattle on the Western
Federal ; bench. v . ' : '
r -y ' -' i T -
be the best in
Sole Distributors

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