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! 3:30 '
Pre H. F.i
Tenyo Maru, Oct. 3
For 8. F.i
Lurline-Shinyo Oct 1
From Vancouver:
Zealandia, Oct. 9.
For Vancouver.
Marama, Oct. 8.
M : ' -'I i:
J V I v - 1 I . I I I J II I I I
Evening Bulle
.1 .-V '
1 " , '
5- -
tin. Est imx&?2&r-
r. Vol. 'XX.; Ko; '.394."i- ' 11 V
Hawaiian Star,
Secretary Says Gets Impres
sion Here Administration
Did Not Confide
Secretary Fisher put it squarely up
to Governor Frear this morning whe
ther or not the administration has
taken the people of Hawaii sufficient
ly Into its confidence.
He did not press the governor for a
yes or no Answer, but at three distinct
times during the morning's hearing
the secretary commented enrphatkal-lj-
and significantly upon the appar
ent fact that homesteading has been
carried on In Hawaii wjthout enough
advance publicity of the government's
intention. -
The comments from Mr. Fisher rwere
made . from time to time during' - the
course of the statement that Gorernor
Frear gave, a continuance of the ex
ecutive's statement of yesterday. To
day the statement turned more di
rectly upon the specific complaints
by ' the delegate of failure or partial
failure of the administration to en
courage, homesteading v in certain
named groups of lands. It was . ; in
connection with the advertising , and
opening of these homesteads that 'the
secretary asked the governor if he
'considered enough publicity has been
given to the plans of the land com-
. "I. have found a good deal of criti
cism ; of tee governments policy In
this regard.', said Mr. Fisher, rrhere
' seems to be some disaffection largely
because the people couldn't get the in
formation they wanted on public lands.
Do youtthink they could get ltr : ,
.! The . governor replied that hie
thought as a '.rule the officials ' have
been careful" to reply to all applicants,
though perhaps three or: four might
have been overlooked, and the secre-
tary '. said bis Impression is ; that he
has heard of considerably more than
three of four during his present In
vestigation. Tm left with the im
pression on my mind that there were
more than three or four," he stated.
Later, on" the same subject, he asked
Frear; "Isn't It true that you issue
an order,-known of course to the of
ficers," but -not to the ; public except
as they happen to learn t?" He ask.
ed Frear what, public notice was giv
en, and Frear said t&at besides the
news given in 4the public' press,,. ad
vertisements were inserted in the pa
pers. Mr.- Fisher objected that, these
advertisements were "after the survey
of the ilots and when "the government
was almost ready to open them to,en
try. , , "That's pretty far down dn . the
game, isn't it?" he asked i pointedly.
"Isn't there some public center where
the notices can be put Op earlier?"
Fisher Tf H Impression. .
. Be com In r still more emphatic, he
aid: wIget the impression that
there's; a little feeling on the part of
the public that they arent taken into
the confidence of the administration.
that they think they are always a lit
tie behind in the game, and that there
Is somebody; else who gets advance
information or somebody woo gets
there first. . They feel that they
haven't a fair show."
Governor Frear admitted that there
is a feeling of that kind, but defend
ed his subordinates from any serious
negligence 'In JeaUng with home
During the morning the secretary
went into the issuance of water II
cense to a considerable degree, evl
dently trying to find out whether or
not it "Is public policy to have the
executive handle the licenses while
the land board handles land matters
in its jurisdiction.
oSmall Audience Today.
Only a small audience, of not more
than a score was present when the
hearing began this morning.
Governor Frear was immediately
recalled to (he ' witness chair," and
Attorney Olson, before the Governor
resumed his talk, handed the Secre
tary a copy of the contract which
pave the HHo Railroad Company its
lands in that city for terminal pur
After rearing the reservation shown
therein the Secretary remarked:
That is a very good reservation;
much better than the previous one
we have seen."
Attorney Olson then announced he
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Merchant and Aukea Phone 2648
i 4.
Lad&hoith honors,
Would take swimming team to 'Frisco'Jjfor 1015 Fair
1 ';ff,':'
5 t
- ' Vk
- ...
With an uppar of mighty whistles
throughout thl length of " the ; harbor.
the playing ofthe Hawaiian band, the
songs of his iu Nalu comrades and
great shoutin of thousands of . h.'s
friends . who trtmged.the waterfront ;
at the Matsoi pier ' Duke Kahana-
moku, Havalil world champion swl n-
mina moved sKly up the bay to- her
berth, and theieat swimmer of them
all returned aiin to his native land.
With 1 the lrtDre8sibIe 1 glee of a
youngster, th c world s ' : - champion
jiggedi ragtlm 6tt the upper deck, j
laughingly . wajdj 14b hat ; to .the ;
crowds and sailed delighted greet
ngs to his "ps? of the Hul Nalud
the boys : with ihom he once trained-
and talked andireamed of the glQry
that was to cofe'to him.
Ilonolulu awte to the coming of
her hero this lorntng with 'such a
demonstration t Jtas seldom, if ever,
been seen benbeforel As the first
rays of . the riiig suij streaked the
horl2on,"the Wielmina, .fittingly ar
rayed in honor I the occasion in the!
nnumerable v fks -: pf all nations,
streaming fromitie- masts, appeared
off Diamond ikaV',-., Booming -guns
from the fort ankunced that fact, ana
a few. momentllater half a dozen
small craft. werqurrylngout to meet
her, all loaded, i ,the. gunwales with
crowds of the, cdipibn's friends.
Father Gets Nei . ,
The quarantiulug ,w'as first to the,
ship, but a mdimt "Mater the cus?!
tom8 launch, eating Duke Kahana-
moku Sr., the foef, and the recep-1
tion committee, wung in near the j
vessel: that wanuickly joined by I
the launch HukHuki, carrying the
Hul Nalu club silr?. and the launch
Kulamanu.'. All nz as near the ship
as possible, whlle,ihampion, dress
ed in blue' and tearing around nis
right arm the yelw and black badge
of Hul Nalu, show greetings to them
all, while the bd of the club sang
Hawaiian melodiiand popular. songs.
As Etnn a a ttfrWtnrn had com-
pleted their worle members of the
party aboard thiustoms tug were
permitted to claietrup the Jacob's j
ladder, and; theytamediately Joined
Duke on the de- ,The HukI Huki,
carrying her loatf rollicking chor
isters, steamed uthe harbor along
side the big shlphtif abreast of the
Matson pier, wheihe tug hurried upi
to the opposite le and the crowd
Jumped out and kied the . throng of
probably 2000 pejns massed there.
Serenade 0 Whiles.
As the WilheJi
reached a point
boathouse the
opposite th& Hej
water craft begi
mighty sound, wi
the serenade of
'was- soon taken
up by every engl
along the water-)
front and turnec
to a bedlam of
noise. This conned fully twenty
minutes, until tbefrlhelmina docked.
When the ga:
y was nnany in
place, Duke, acci
tnled by W. T.
Rawlins, chairm
committee, was
jof the reception
first to rush
down. As he ap
red at the top of
tho Inst flifht anHlnsaH u-Qvin? his I
hat and laughing, Vshout that went
up threatened the
overhead. Then h
ety of the roof
s Beized y the
Hui Nalus, throw
h up on their
shoulders and car
down the pier
at a run, out in
handed into the au
of his friends had
he street and
bile which one
ed at his ser-
v 1 ro frir tho riAa -.!
home at Wai-
At the machine hlparents joined !
him. And almost ith ast, but by no tin crowds,
means the least, of tie to meet and Foretaste of the Future,
clasp his hand was h nother, tearful ! The singing of his boyhood friends
and voiceless with tion. As she j as the big ship lay in quarantine out
was lifted into the tj eau she mere- side the harbor gave Duke a foretaste
ly stretched-out her is to her boy, of what is to follow. As he exchang-
. id
he's glad to get back to Hawaii net;
- - - x s- U 1
1 ' i " . t ,
X -a t
A , v -
I . v - . " 1 v W
, Vi
ft - v..'-. sr. .: .y..-. : -? :Ljt . : r-.?- '3J
V . . . - f 4
V , j
i ' f
" - ' - f .
V - ' J
SA N 0 y, s
. . .
Duke Kahanamoku wants to tajte a trip to Hawaii and Maui to give
free exhibitions of swimming for the people of those islands. Expressing
his appreciation of their generosity in contributing to the Duke Kahanamoku-fund,
he said this afternoon that he would like to give them some
thing in return, and could think of nothing that would please them more
than to see him in action in the water.
W. T. Rawlins, chairman of the committee having the fund in charge,
says he Is confident the tour can be arranged. The details will be com
pleted within a few days.
The fund, by the way, has reached an aggregate of about $2,000. Raw
lins says he hopes to be able to increase this by $500 more, to purchase a
home at Waikiki beach for the young champion.
Duke announces his indention to remain in the Islands, and wants to
lead a team of Hawaiian swimmers and divers to the Panama-Pacific Ex
position at San Francisco in 1915.
and he gathered her close and kissed j
If there were any native Hawaiians
who were not present, it is not known.
Even the school children were present
fs -
ed greetings with them one yelled:
"Luau tonight, Duke!" and he replied
in suggestive pantomime, dipping two
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The crew of a San Francisco street
car, after hitting a man and cutting
his leg off, turned on the power and
escaped, leaving the man screaming
for help on the rails. . .-
mm kc
$ f S
t . ME NT. ' : v . ' !
'As; publicly announced Jef ore
I left Washington and -repeated -8
on my arrival in JapanJ ;the pur-
pose of my recent mission was,
3 on behalf of the President and 4
the people of the' United States, 8
t to pay a tribute of respect to the
memory of the late Emperor to
v manifest the appreciation of the S
S American people of the wonder
5 ful achievements under His jMaj- S j
esty& benign reign, and to ex- i
S press the sympathetic American
S interest in the new Japan. : s
v "In fulfilling that high mission $
S I was received on all sides by the 8
5 court, the officials and the people &
3 of Japan in the spirit in which
I came. I have the pleasantest &
$ recollections of the kindly recep- 5
$ tion that was everywhere accord
4 ed me in Japan, both personally
S and as representative : of : the
American people, at a time of
$ profound national mourning." 3
' ... ?
4 $ g g
The foregoing is the prepared state
ment that Secretary Knox , gave a
Star-Bulletin reporter, through Rans
ford S. Miller, chief of the division of
Far Eastern affairs, department of
state, on the. arrival of the U. S. 8.
Maryland from Yokohama this after
noon. As the Maryland was docking at
1:45 Secretary Knox, Mrs. Knox, Ad
miral Reynolds and Mr. Miller were
on .the quarterdeck.
E. A. Mott-Smith, secretary of Ha
waii, went on board to welcome the
distinguished visitors as soon as the
gangway was hoisted at 1:55. The
entire party looked to be in most ro
bust health. Admiral Reynolds was
in civilian dress. .
The Maryland wore a fresh coat of
fighting gray and appeared in 'apple,
pie order, while the sailors seemed in
a rollicking mood that betokened any
thing but a hard voyage. One oft
them, before the gangway was up,
sprang lightly to the wharf from a
; height of about six feet over a water
j space a yard wide. "Only ten days,"
janpther jackie was1 heard to remark.
OVER $1,000,000 PIONEER
At the Bank of Hawaii today, the
Picneer Mill Company redeemed $1,
031,000 of its original issue of one and
a quarter million six per cent bonds.
At the same time the bank mentioned
took a new issue of $500,000 3-10-year
oner cent bonds of the Pioneer Mill
Co. at par. "A few of the new bonds
have been sold," said A. Lewis Jr.,
manager of the Bank of Hawaii, this
afternoon, "but none are for sale
Last night at the home of David
Kahaleaahu, an enthusiastic meeting
of the anti-Jarretts was held under
the auspices of the leaders, who think
they can defeat "Bill" at the coming
election. a.
During the meeting the natof
Captain Robert W. Parker, wha
candidate on the Republican Ufcet,
was unanimously endorsed for sher.
iff. It is believed that Parker will
have strong support for the position.
Parker, when asked about the meet
ing this , norning refused to discuss
Millionaire Crane Gave
For Both Wilson and
lette Before fit Became
- gresstve. ;
WASHINGTON, D. C, Oct. 1 E. Hv Hooker, treasurer of tht Prejrest.
Ive party, testifying before the 8enat; committee on campaign fundi to
day, said that C. R. Crane, the Chicago multJ-mllllonalre manufacturer, who
la now a Progretsive, had contributed $70,000 to the antt-campalan fundi cf
both Wilaon and La Follette. Willla m Fllnn, one of the mana;sr , cf
Rootevefts campaign, and known as the "Boat of Plttaburg," testified that
he had contributed $102,000, nine-ten th of the cost of Roowvelt'i cam-,
paign' in Penneylvania. . ; ;: ' .
Treasurer Hooker filed an Itemlz ed report ahowlng the pre-convtntloi
J cost of the Roosevelt campaign In va rioua Statee. He eaid I52.CCO wis spent
1 1n Massachusetts $52,606 In New York, $13,500 In llflnoli, and that tha tstal
expense exclusive of Pennsylvania wa $141,657.; Among the contrir, .:ra
he named were George W. Perklne, $22,500, Or. Hanna, $25.CC0. :-:t:r
Pomerene of Ohio estimated that New. York cost Roosevelt two dslJira a
vote; v , ' :; ' ' ' ' - :::":'x ' ' : ; ' f ' . ' .'
Strikers Back to Work
;..v." 'a- v';-v ,;:r:'-:v..J-. Associated tTraa Cablel- ' , -f
LAWRENCE, MassJ Oct. 1-The 7000 textile workert who went en
strike last week at a protest against the Imprisonment of. Ettor-and Cla
vannittl have returned, to work. -, v:vj'; : ; '."
1 -INDIANA PO L IS, I nd. Oct. 1 -A'r tie M c M an I g a f, t he dynamiter.. whc:
confession-eent the, McNamara brothertr' to the penitentiary for the dyna
miting of the Timet building In toe Angeles, today pleadid .cullty to tslrj
one of a group of eonepiratort against the National Erectors' Asssciat!:-.
. McManlgal was the first man called In a trtaf whjch Involves same twa
score men, a number of them prominent labor leaders, all of whomjrs
charged with conspiracy, which Involved the use of dynamite, ij-'.
The court: has refused the two score and more men Involved In the
dynamiter : conspiracy , case a separate trlal."t:, V-V''- ') ":
The United State District Attorney
and, a corps of assistants are at work
on the dynamiting - cases which were
called for trial today, at .which time
fifty-one defendants, representing al
most the entire list of officials of the
International Association cf Bridge and
Structural Iron Workers for ten years
back, will appear in the prisoner's box
in the Federal Court Vi :
The District Attorney has marshal
ed his testimony, consisting largely of
documentary evidence, in such a way
as to expedite the trial as much as
possible. - The records; and .letters
taken from the offices of the . iron
workers have-been arranged in the
order of .their dates and in the order
in which the writers stand toward the
conspiracy that the f government
charges existed in the organization to
dynamite property, and at the front
of these stand letters showing what
part Frank M. Ryan, the international
president, took in the furtherance of
the alleged conspiracy, v "
rspecttl -ar-BulIettn CableJ - v ' " ' . . ' . ;
MILWAUKEE, Wis., Oct. Bruce Brown,, the - famous : automobile
racer, was killed here today while racing. . v , - . ' . v ' :: f ; - . J j
Flynn estimates that the Tafte'rs spent $98X)0 in -Alleghany county, :
in which Pittsburg is situated. He denied that he had ever offered Boise-. ' (
Penrose a million dollars for the seriatorship- ' He "admitted that In-the
Roosevelt fight In Pennsylvania hie expenses for, personal politics swell
ed the total expendedo $144,308. - ' ' : - I
Special Star-Bulletin Cable-;. V rl -" V'
CETTINJE, Montenegro, Oct. ,1. The general mobilization of the , ;
Montenegran army has been ordered following the same action taken , by
Bulgaria and it appears that the lonfl expected war. In, the Balkan 1 .
close at hand. In this case the Balkan States will be arrayed against the '
Turks, although Russia apparently expects to be Involved," as . dispatcher ;
from St. Petersburg say that the Red Cross is being mobilfzed'there,.-v
m e ow .' . '
. , , ,., . ,
(Special Star-Bulletin CableJ " '
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 1. David Starr Jordan annouifces that he wilt'. ;':f'
resign from the presidency of Stanford
remainder of his life in working for
LONDON, Oct. 1. Ther triple allietnce and Great Britain, - France, and v
Russia are said to be domg their utmost to preserve peace Mn the BaU
the matter. He said ie was simply
doing his best with a view, to making
a Kuccessrui campaign.
George K. Kane, pr
ident "of the
Hui Uniona, called in t
e Republican
Headquarters this mo
ing and an-
nmtneed that he would
n his cam-
paign next week It is
lieved that
he would make, tour:
I; this island
with Joel;C Cohen, who o' sup;
La Fol-
a Pro-
1 w f
-W V 7"" -w "w i
To Involve Officials.
John J. McNamara the internatlor
al secretary ; handled all tho corre
spondence and gave practically all th
instructions - regarding placesAwhero
explosives should be used, but there
Is abundant evidence that the instrcc-.
tlona were acted upon, and what l-i
believed to be .'the coming' effort ca
the : part of th defendants to tzz'is
McNamara - a' scapegoat- will ' be n: : t
by evidence showing that he was act
ing under the orders of the board, that
the board appropriated the money with
which tobuy explosives and pay dyv
ftamiters, and that the men Indicted
were cognizant of all that was going
on, and in a great majority of cases t
actually planted the dynamite. - ;
, Letters from Ryan to other mem
bers and from them to Ryan consti
tute an interesting part of th corre
spondence. In one of Ryan's letters
written to John J., McNamara from
.. . : '., "
'(Continued en Page J) : ' c
University in 1915 to devote ;th ;
International peace.
'- '
Star-Bulletin Cable 1
porting for senator, and others; whose
names he did not care to mention at
the present time. " . , ; ' ' -
.Kane, when siked whether'he'wookl v ..
support Prince Kuhio for Delegate to t
Congress was indignant. and; said, he ;
has always been and is still working . '
lor the election of Link McCandless,
rmocraUc candidato for Delegate "f
ICtngrestv v;j:'.-
' t

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