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Swimming Champion Takes a
Plunge Yesterday Afternoon
and Revels in the Feel of Fa
miliar Waters Talks of the
Yesterday niu&t have been a gratify
ing .day throughout for Duke Kahaiiv
mcku, but its a safe bet that not the
liMl enjoyable event o. the prjgr.nn
vat the swim which the champion bad
at Walkikl late In the afternoon.
v8 grinning ill:? a Jv v.l.vp
he slid Into the velvety; -iiM&d' ftfe
lap the Moana beach, andluf.'V, put
ith the long? graceful, :i(rby 3 r li. C
. carried the Hawaiian ,to; victory; JnjtiijJ
t ggest swimming, races .prnworx.
"Gee, but this feels gobd&Mid 'toe
big, fellow, fTank swjmnufejltf ;iiil
.ih't In if. wnv mil I VilWAi.irifiRi
plunges in the surf at A!ti4cUDtCij,
l-ut there's nothing like WftvllWtyn
whole world. I've been tUVukiii-'ot
this for Months and months. Ever
. Eince I went away I guess."
Duke is full of interesting gossip of
sport in general and swimming in par
, titular, and it will be many day& be
fore his friends have pumped him dry
for news of the Olympic garnet.
, One question which was fired at him
- almost as soon, as he landed from the
. WUhclmina ycirday wrg how the
' American relay team came to be beatet
. at Stockholm by the Australians. Duke
said that the men who took the second
and third relays for the I American
teim lost considerable distance, and
. that the team as a whole couldn't stan
off the Antipodean speeders. ; Perry
McGllIlvray took the first 200 meters
of the race and gained a trifle on his
man. ; Then Kenneth Hussagh , and
Harry Ilebner each lost water on their
laps, so" that when Duke started cn
tbe final stretch 'he was more ,than 10
yards to the bad. He made up about
' half of this on Hard wick, but could
not catch the speedy Australian.
As. a. farewell to hls-manjL friends .
cu the Coast Duke "gave an exhibition 1
-ttim at the Olympic Cluh-Xha night
- left Ban Francisco. 7 That he la
thoroughly . Appreciated " cp " tere , is
shown, by the following, appearing in
, the Ean Francisco Examiner of Sep
tember 25: -.V '.
; "Duke Kahanainoku, the world's
champion swimmer at 100 meter?,
gave an exhibition last night at tne
Olympic Club, and when -he grabbed
,ithe rail at the end of his 100 yards
swim there wasn't a spectator, who
-. - wasn't willing ta acknowledge that he
hadBeen the fastest twlmmer in :th
l' world. The members, of the Olympic
-m a.
wuo are usea to last swimmers, .out
" never did Jthey see one who could plov
. i tkrough the water like the Duke. .
. . In his exhibition swim the Duke es-
, ta Wished a record for the tank of fifty
. nine seconds, , and it didn't look as
fc V trough fie "was trying very hard. t
.. that: . , , : '
' 'The balconies around the tank
were chwded when the evening! en
tertainment opened with a relay race
between two Olympic Club teams.
Ludy Langour, the Southern California
champion,, gave', an I exhibition '.swim,
r.nd Walter Pomeroy also went six
lengths of the tank.'
"Fancy diving, in which Freeth and
Bowes of Los Angeles were the stas.
was a. feature of the . entertainment
which-wound up with a race for one
hngth of the tanktn which Duke Ka
liolamoku aud FreetK raced toijcther
to he finish. .
Whrn ou have a bad cold yoji want
the best medicine obtainable so as to
;ure it with as little delay as possible.
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lect Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
You are certain to be pleased with
the prompt relief which it affords, it
is pleasant to the taste and is en
tirely. harmless. For sale by all deal
.ers., Benson, Smith & Co., Ltd.,
agents for Hawaii.
Tlmie Little Pills
from the Orient
will stop all drains and losses. Thcv are
worth their weight in gold to all who
suffer irom nervous exhaustion, either
mental or physical. They restore diges
tion, regulate the circulation, clear the
brain, prevent insomnia and impart a
magnetic vigor. One box of
Jerue Essence
will makf you feci like a new person;
six boxes' orr guaranteed to make a per
manent cure or ihc moncv wrll be re
funded, Persian Nerve Essence contains j
no mercury or oilier injurious drugs.
The pronrictors. The Brown Export
Co.. 95-97 Liberty St., New York, N. Y.,
U. S. A., earnestly ask you to give
Persian Nerve Essence a good fair trial
ai inrir tjmv. ornmenoe To-aay. you can
obtain the preparation from .
l mtiunnno tinnn da
in, v
w m m mi am v t ;
i t m- i mm --. -v m - . J . : s ,
Baseball is probably the only pro-
fession todav . that lacks a training '
college. This is1 to be remedied: Be- j
.u- , !
forft next winter the bie leacue eame
, v J 7 i: w
idea Iirst came to Charlie Orr, the
nM-tfrno flrEt haSPtnan flrr taWrtvl i
the matter over with Frank J. Navin, !
and the president of the Detroit club
Is, now an. enthusiastic supporter of
the scheme. President Navin, who in -
tends taking the question up withoth
er club .owners in the merican
league at the earliest possible mo
ment, thinks the plan will solve the
problem of locating stars at the min
imum .expense. Thousands of. dollars
are spent every year hunting up re
cruits and buying young players that
frequently turn out to bo worthless.
vAt; the;c611ege recruits from the
bushes would be trained for the major
leagues. - Each spring, when the six
teen ; big league clubs go South to
train, a small fortune is lost in the
weeding out of new player. Instead
of taking these youngsters to the vari
ous training camps in future, the idea
is to assemble the recruits at one cen
ter, forming practically a baseball coi-
LOS ANGfcTLKS. Sept. 24. A. G.
Spalding, the "daddy" of baseball. i
wno now manes nis nome in nan , , , , . a
.v. . . T . . to'irnament, will be started next bun-
Diego, passed through Los Angeles!
j ii.. i. iilnv. Ortfihpr fi. wifh a nualifvincr
"WW, muuie hi int; r-.si iu if uui - .. - , . -
hand when the world's series be-hound of 36 holes. The tournament
tween the New York Giants and the
Roston Red Sox is staged.
The grand old man of the game
never misses a world's series, and
this year he figures will be one of
the greatest in the history of the
Mr. Spalding said the Red Sox un
doubtedly have a great team, but he
believes that the experience of the
New York players will offset ih
players will offset t he !
strong machinery of the Rostonians.
have to undergo in a series of chani-it; will be taken. The present holder
pionshlp games is noticeable evenjoi the cup is George Angus. The,
aiuuus me THciBu a.uu a tournament is a seratcn aiiair. ;
team composed of men who have a general good time is planned by:
practically been immune from such'u e golfers for October 2. when a
f biIiioHati uill f 1 thn ;fr)m il.i i - . e a. . . rAllAn.A.l 1 . . .
n riiuouuii ..ui i' nv cuam it ""oi i
more than the Giants.
There Is Only One
Model Sanitary
Barber Shop
Three First-Class Artists at your
X. G. Sjlrester and E. Setxoll, Vnpt
"This Is My Own, My Native Land'
i ) f2 vj
lege. Here experienced players would
show them how to play the game. It j
! PIafnned to have the faculty con -
slt f veterans who have gained fame
Ai a . ...7.. i
n tut' uirtiiiwiiu. a ut: it; win uc an ca
Mgnairar Vl'nlroMnn
with the Yankees: when asked if he j ,
thought the plan feasible, said: "Yes, i
I think the plan is a very good one
A college of that sort would do much
for baseball. Recruits trying to break
into the big leagues generally know
little about the real game. A player
may have the makings of a star pitch
er, and not know how to handle him
self. He needs to be developed, and
I think that, with good instructors, a
school of this character would be very
valuable to the game."
Just where the college will be lo
cated has not yet been derided, ravr
says he is sure of proper backing, and
just as soon as he gets money enougf
he will purchase a tract of land and
begin operations. It is planned to es
tablish a hotel near the winter quar
ters, and here magnates and managers
will J)e able to stay while watching
the "students" at work.
The annual championship of tliojv0..r
Oa.hu Country Club, the Manoa cup
will be completed the following Sun-;
i v-
The conditions of the Manoa cupj
are somewhat out of the ordinary,1
bning T2 holes ot medal play, with
the best scores of the first day's
l!ay only, taking part in the fiuai
holes. The play next Sunday.
llerefore, is more of an elimination
it ran a qualifying round
It depends
on the size of the entry list as to
mi il.p sirp nf fhp put
Jon-.e many will be chosen for the
oi ita.ui limy win utr niiiut.'u u :
stein social ana smoKer auring rne
evening. George Angus, chairman of
tie iiouse committee or tne duo, nas
the plans well in hand.
Mayor Rolph of San Francisco is ;
leading the business men in a deter-!
mined fight to get insurance rates j
lowered. Insurance rates in San j
Francisco are higher than in any oth-
er city in the United States. '
v 4 $ $ $ J S
NEW YORK. N. Y. Cantain
Gregory of the Australian team, -wliich
is now in this country, nas -
written to the New York man- ,
agers of the coming international
, ,? crcket matches, declaring
njs tpani is , tirftfirl
; nis ieam 18 aiso proncient in ?
f O-O ri V" l T I O n I rtrAnonlniv o n-n v . 'I ,
,t.. Y J.. , R ,Ivn KiNi
league players.
.VIV Itam, Ce IS tne
greatest bascLall aggregation in i
Wo play baseball for 9.
pract so in running and fielding
and arc confident of being able
to ,rive a good account of our
sehf s against tne best nine that
yen can produce." ,
The novelty in this suggestion,
however, lies in Captain Greg
ory'3 idea that both teams shall
use cricket, bats, playing the
wr.olc panic of baseball under the
national rules, with the exception
tliat tho baoclall players shall be
ailov.cd to i;se their gloves, as
is usual wiih them, while the i
crjckc-tf-r.s, as is customary with '
thrm, will pJay with bare hands.
Won IosL
York :7
! Pittsburg ......
1 Cinrinna'i T2
jhiladelpiiia 'T
j e, ,
j.TI. r.
' l:-ston IT
J HI 1
Won Lost
, m mdr m
j Hcsion !: 4
Vashin?f"n T ."S
, Philadelphia " "'.
' Chicago T' TX
Cleveland T
Detroit i' TT
New York '. iC
t. Iouis ! :"
Won I,o.st
Oakland l'l
Angei'eV M
Vernon'" . . .. . .1 :'-."
Portland nS
gan Francisco .... TJ
Sacramento ')
Won lxjst
Seattle y".
Vancouver 9
Portland T2
Victoria To
Tacoma $2
43.r j
OCT. 2, .1012.
H0K& FO Atv.
A lArN'c Phimninn Quimmor
Will Long Be Remembered
Won on the Mainland with
i I 1 1 : t t rviLia.iiaiLitjn.u. til.. nunu o
Mii k K f hnnnr lat
. ...
nih nt Ikou oHanHaH hv an oY.lhparl hv ovprV snpnkpr. nnn Diikfi
. uanrt,n or,H nmsiHent f
Qe cnje jugtice of
territorial supreme court, the del-
. .c mvnr nf ih
' 1.11' xX,
city and many prominent Honolulans.l
At the head of the table with Duke
I and V. T. Rawlins, president of the
! Hui Nalus, sat Judge S. B. Dole, Chief
i Justice Robertson, Delegate Kunio,
! Mayor Fern, Col. Sam Parker, Judge
I A A 11f!l J T
A. A. Wilder, John F. Soper, Lew G.
i ' Henderson, Carl Widemann, and oth-
ers- Duke's father, Captain Kahana-
moku of the police force, sat in
honored place also.
The luau that welcomed . home Ha-
i waii's great swimming champion was
j held in a gaily-decorated and brightly
j lighted pavilion erected in a few
hours on the lawn of the Kahanamo
I ku home near Waikiki beach. Here
gathered more than a hundred of
Duke's friends and acquaintances, in
jvited by the Hui Nalu, the little club
j for water sports which has grown in
i a year from fourteen to more than a
! hundred members, and which Duke's
exploits have made famous. And the
luau wa3 toothsome; the fish and poi
and sweet potatoes and other delica
! cies disappeared as if by magic.
! Meanwhile a quintet discoursed music
'' jand pretty Hawaiian girls, friends of
Duke and his family, waited on the
j dinars.
Congratulations Poured In.
"v -! After the eating division of the. pro-i
.w,;gram was completed, short speeches
oi congratulation ior uune were
made by Judg Dole, Judge Robert-
son. Judge Wilder, Delegate Kuhio.
Collector CottriH, John T. McCrosson,'
Col. Parker, Mayor Fern and others.
."!;!CoI. Parker created great enthusiasm
.v."jny announcing mat ne will donate
.4.;Nalu or for any other puriKtse, con- anfl 's ln to all comers. It will j "I bad a man Fay to me that if he
nected with Duke and his good work, j played off on the Berefania courts, j had a son who was taking up pro
.:i, f t hat the Kahanamoku fund committee The present holder of the Flail cup : fessionai baseball as a career, he
jmay decide upon. ; is William Eklund. and the youngj would rather have him go with Pitts-
p ( I Judge Dole's speech, the first on'-w'a player has an excellent chance, burg at a smaller salary than with tne
-f;jthe program, set the keynote of the to et another leg on it, provided i Cubs because we had less restraint in
"J-nj talks made by all. Judge Dole de-. 'tnaf business permits of his playing. the use of liquor. That remark, made
"-' iclared that Hawaii has reason tn hp Kklund has shown great form this; me feel Drettv bad and I determined:
'.'.-proud of Duke not only because he
'iwon at Stockholm but because he has
carried himself so modestly, and be-
' j cause he has shown what clean living
land intelligent use of physical
Pet.! strength will do in athletics. The;
venerable judge paid a high tribute to
the prowess of the Hawaiian athlete
and said that Dukes' feats will inspire
manv voune man nf nil hinnHc hao,
live cleanly and work for honest ath-
letic honors.
v o - v . m uiyu 3 n V. j r; VKJ
v ....
He Been avvay ' lcj ' ;
t x
!iu At Luau
Mnfrnmrfri Unmo at Cdoc That
rv ii i it
HereBears. High Honors
Becoming Modesty .
. iitvutoi uiiwi
' ViooruiH nnnn tha vmmr wlmmdr'
nnk thP lanriatnrv spntlmpnta mod-
stly He ave a littIe talk at the
close of the luau. telling simply of
thP StnrVholm trin nd InHdPnta b-o-
I Za 7, "
ing and coming, hardly touching on
his own championship race when he
beat the best the world could send
against him. -
"I appreciate the interest Hawaii
has shown in me; I certainly appre
ciate the chance I was given, and it
was the help I got here and from the
swimming instructor at Pennsylvania,
George Kissler, that assisted me," he
W. T. Rawlins, president of the Hui
Nalu, was toastmaster, and a very ef
ficient one. During the evening Ell
Crawford, president of the Kameha
meha Aquatic club, made a ' neat
speech in which he declared that few
as are the members of this club, which
is located at the other end of Hono
lulu's waterfront from the Hui Nalu
domain, the Kamehamehas will try to
be in every competition.
After the luau the guests scattered
over the lawn and Duke was surrounded-
by circle after circle of
friends anxious to hear more of
Tennis play
ers wiir have a chance
; fo Spt into action a?ain this month.'ting them intoxicated
j 'h cup tournament having been
iaiu commence uctooer it. i nis
'ear- his only defeat, being at tkejtocut it out in my club. -
h'ands of the Hawaiian champion, J.J "Last, but not least, the, public must'
Atherton Richards, in an exhibition ! be considered. I will have sobriety
watch played at Beretania a trifle ( and strict athletic training on my team
over,a month ago. if the personnel is changed daily to
There is every indication that the accomplish that end
entIT list in the coming event will
De a IarSe one.
Should Taft win or lose. Attornv-
General Wickersham will retire to pri-
ate life next March,
Manager Wisdom of "Y" Al
leys Hears from Oakland As
sociation Regarding Inter
city Matches Local Alleys
Will Rattle with Falling Wood
, .1 ne uaaiana . ai. i;. a.-naa ib&cu
up the, challenge of the local associa
tion for a howling match, and it la ex
pected that San Francisco , will ' get
nto line and accept by the next txmiL
;rfiis'is good news to the local rollers,
jho believe that they cam ,6pWl their
trtvfa with the crack alleyth' of th
Coast, and who have been jtt&ioua for
f Arhe time to get a chance at the mea
fiorni across the water. JHh i.
,;,Th plan U to play thrco matches
flvtgame8 each for five-man teams
aalKsiipakland, the results of each
'fihlfKI) to be exchanged by cable,
ifhe I feanie arrangpment will . be made
with the San Frahtiscb "Y" should l
Bowling interest is greater than ever
before locally, and all the rollers are
keen for. the opening of the winter
ttitsuu, nuuui luc'iumuic ui iu wr
ent month. That . the sport Isrgoins
to be taken seriously this season was
evidenced ; by .the' fact that no- less
than, thirty-five men turned out for the
organization meeting of the.Y. M. l.
A;, Bowling; Association ;nlht, berore
ai tnis meeting y Ainerxon wm
elected president of the-" association.
. l t u. iiri.it. i4
treasurer. Plans were at once -made
for the organization of the league, fa
which six teams will be represented.
The men seem to be taking more in
terest in the local league than in the
proposed intericlano-series, and noth
ing will be done about the latter until
the pins have.fceen falling for a whUs
on the home drives.
A committee consisting of one dele-
trn ta fmm 4h ; nf lha Knwl I n T lnK
was appointed, and this - body will
meet next - Monday noon in tne rx
lations that are to govern the league
race. Tne following men, win act op
the committee: C. E. White. Healanls;
A., T. Wisdom, Myrtles; H. V. Gear
or George Dyson, Honolulus; R. B.
Kietow, Laetis; W. O. Franklin.
Brunswick-Balkes; Jack-Guard; Cos
mos. ' :'- r. , :: i - .
Mr. FranklUi . announces that the
Brunswick-Balke concern will again
offer a trophy for the Winning team,
and that it will be well worth winning
Last season the Stragglers carried off
the trophy, but the team has disband
ed, and the members still In the city
have affiliated themselves with other
clubs. .
urinKing too mucn uquor cost your
club the flag." , .... V.....:;.'V-- "
This remark, made by Owner. Drey
fuss of the victorious Pittsburgs in
i ar- . . 'a . . 1 f M.
of the Chicago National League Club.,
started Murphy on the line of thought
A A At - 1 A . 1 W 1 '
mat recenuy causeu -ujm to issue bis
positive order against drinking and
cigarette smoking by his. ball players.
Following are incidents that Mr.
Murphy quoted as having fixed his
"We went into the first game with
lhitarlalrhta la (ha turtwtA'a uariaa In
13L0, with hope and confidence. Then
one of our star players misjudged i
i fly ball that a messenger boy could
have caught, and also struck out h
first two times h went to bat. I
traded this player off,. but I did not
know until later that this man; cam
into the hotel intoxicated at 3:30 in
tho mornfne of thp dav on which we
were to etart out after the world's
"Whpn I was in Cincinnati last I
learned, to my chagrin, that there
were certain individuals tnere wno
were in the habit of taking some mem
bers of thA Chicago ball club out with
them to road houses at night, and get-
These ' enter-
tainments were designed to weaken
our pjaymg strengtn ana iosi us
We have generally noticed that the
woman who talks loudest about her
starved soul always wants the thick-
est Diece of steak. Washington PosL

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