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ti . , . ....'",.. Ifwl iitmi ... . ......
from the mainland a few months ajso
'he immediately ttpranip on of The
MK'ia: ii-i.i:t.in;-s.
Mrs. Emma J. Sievert It ft -sterday;
for San Dieno. from which place she :
v ill go to Saa Francisco, w here she j
will visit with relatives for several 1
wteks. With friends she will sail
frcin San Francisco on October v for!
an extended visit tc Honolulu and th '
Hawaiian Islands Los Angeles j
1 unes.
til! .4 li'l I
nil ..r v
U v mj- i-5-i
1-1; . -- M i l
mi v; r: y. -
I I t I
TIIK rceion to Mr Dnneai
Smith at the KilohM:i;i Art
a aue on Velnd'y eveninj?
wiis one of the most i)!asant
social aflirs of the week. Mr. Smith
witti .Mrs. Kent, his sister, Mrs. James
u 1 1 M , .1. ill' iju I 1 ivi in i'
reived the Clients from MKht until ten !
o'clock. The nnims of the Art
leat;tie were prettily decorated witlr
palrn Mid flowers while the stair- ;
way was a bower of Kreat feathery
branches of pepper. During the even- ,
ing deliciouB punch was served with
dainty cakes. The thirtv-eight paint
ings tha were on exhibition afforded
much interest to all who were pres-
cnl: to the island people because the
Bcenes depicted were ko fainiliar ana
so tne to the real; to the new com
ers because they were many of them
unaware of the scenes shown. Of so
mnch interest were they that miTiv
who visited the Art League that night
have returned since sometimes alone
and sometimes bringing friends. Al
ready a TMip-'he'- nf t
been Fold nd there is no doubt what
ever tlint during this week of exhibi
tion still more, of them will be pur
chased bv the island peonle. Some
among thope present Wednesday
evening, were Mrs. Kent, Mrs. Jacs
Wilder. Mrs. Ttichard Ivers. Miss
Frances TawTice. Mr. Frank Hal-i
Plead. M'- Rernlce Ilaletead. Mis '
Gladys llaMend. Miss Marv von H't, j
Mrs. Kllis. Miss Angus. Mrs. Smith.
Dr. and Mrs. Monsairat, Mrs. Fred-,
erick Davis, Miss Folsom, Mrs. Mar
ston Camnbe'l, Miss nwerdoiyn P'air.
Miss Louise Lucas, Mies Hunter, Mrs.
John T. Warren, Miss Bogue, Mra.
George Hull, Miss Marion Scott, Mr.
and Mrs. Ranny Scott. Mr. Richard
Wright, Mr. Edmund Hedemann, Dr.
Ferdinand Hedemann, Mr. Law, Dr.
George Tucker Smith. Dr. and Mrs.
Gulick, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Cooke and
many others.
Princess Kawananakoa's Luau.
The PHncesa Kawananakoa who has
not entertained to any extent since
Mthoush the Ilijou Theater is tem
porarily closed for the making oi er
t;in alterations, the management na.
(onsented to open it for the l'n;on
Memorial Servke which tne It.1--Church
Federation is holding the.,
Sunday Evening in honor of thn ite
(leneral iiooth of the Salvation Army.
The service as planned will o ?x
I with a short musical procram. te.sin-
Mrs. Y. L. Knioiv leturned to Ho-i ning not later than 7: 40. The Central
i nolulu latft week with t, r son. Clos. j I nion Choir, which has ju. t been re
i son. who has he n school in the organized for the year, will render
! east. Mrs. Ku oi y t oc ive her j se eraj selections. The choir i on-
; friends on the first an. I third Wednes- sists of a double quartet made up of
. i i .. .n t :1 ,
Mr. and Mrs. Fi .-rt l. McF.Nlown-i
?y were roturiiirit? pao-er.gers in the
Wilhelmina Tuesday p:orning. Mrs.
McEIdowney was one of 'he most at
tractive of the .lurn i rides, and she;
and her husband ha', e just returned
from their wedding trip. Thy have
been visiting Mr. McE'downey's rela
tive's in southern California. '
Mrs. J. I.. Howard f San Francisco
( and Mrs. T. H. McN'aU of Los Anseles
are visiting
in HonoluMi
mother. Mrs. Alexander
McXab will arrive here
next fortnight and will remain
the following weli known siheers:
Sopranos Miss Edith Rosslyn Col
lais. Miss Ethel M. Damon.
Tenors Mr. Arthur Wall. Mr. J. A.
Altos. Mrs. Chirles S. Weight. Mrs.
t Heir
Vonntr 1p
within the!ri'ester J' "unn-
f.r C
Hasses Mr. (leoree Frown
ton Tracy. j
The principal address of the evening
211 V. 2 . . rf" 1 1 T ' , k. 11 !
Miss Annn K'lnmi.V-P U tt fv.r c,nl' "e given uy uiuiiei idui ne n.
Francisco Tuesdav exning in the Lur-1 ' ox' tl?e t(oramander of the Salvrjion !
line. Miss Klumpke will spend some A,Tny In Hawa- Because of her intl-j
time in San Francisco visiting her'natew acquaintance with General!
narent? I Rooth, through a long personal asso- j
- .
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Sleere and fam
ily returned fi Hnirln'ii Ti
i hey nave been spending the summer
and Mrs. J. M. Dowsett,' Judge and
noi enieruuueu w auj ci.ci. -'" tat nc- nfM a n
her return from abroad was hostess Mrs. S. B. Dole , Mr . and Mrs A G.
and Mrs. R. W. Breckons, Senator caslon was beautifully decorated with
red and white bunting ana tropiru
at an old Hawaiian luau on Wednes
da evenlne at her home on Pensa
cola street It has been some time
Hawes Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Wild
er, Mrs. F. W Swanzy, Mrs. Andrew
Fuller, Mr. and Mra. A. P. Taylor,
cola street, xi nas'Deen gome wuic u, . .. ,
cinr.Q r homA ban been the scene Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Holioway1, Mr. and
of such gayety and no doubt Secretary Mrs. C. F. Chilliugyvorth, Mr. and
and Mrs. Knor' will - long remember Mrs. Albert Vv'aterbouse, Col. Wilbur
the affair as one of the most delight- E. Wilder, U. S. A.; Captain Haight,
ful of the many social entertainments I U. S. A.; Judge A. A. Wilder, Ernest
fHrn for them while on ; this trip. 1 Parken Leslie Scott, Hon. Cecil
During the whole erening Kaal's Glee Brown, Dr. H. V. Murray, Mr. and
. aV.UTTa t - -
rinh nlaved and sane ouaint' old Ha
wailan melodies that delighted the
raanv miACTfl 'r. '1 -. ,v i-.
Mrs. J. A. Balch. J. T. McCrossou,
Miss Mary Low, Miss Irene Dickson,
Miss Agnes . Armour, Miss Margaret
era, Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Dominis, Mr
and Mis. George Davis, Mrs. San
down, Clarence Macfarlane, Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Jeffs, Captain Johnson,
Mark llobiison, Jr., Miss Mackie.
kr. Harmon Anderson Leaves Hono-
iulu. " ' - .-
Mrs. Harmon Anderson, formerly
Miss Kamakia Maroon, Honolulu,
left with Ler husband yesterday ii
ternoon for San F'rancisco, where
they will reside for a year or more.
Mr. Anderson is better known in the
buslnes world as Mr. Richard Kiplin?.
Tk. rt Wa T Java 1 tan 1 tn ypT-V 4 r.rii. 1 i r t ' 1 1 KfnnfaVtonA Vftss
. 1UO AUiLil , no - VJliiLJ i C, lino a alike iuauiuiouc, mioo
Tespeci aaa uuc- ur uic m urace eucKiey, ur. a. u. noagms, au.
seldom witnessed now, the waving of Mrs chas. Falk. Herbert A. Mey-
white kahilis by young gins was in
evidence. Each of the guests was
' presented with a beautiful llima and
malle lei for.a luau Is not a luau with
out the illma leL The tables were in
the shape of a II and were decorated
with red exoria3 and Hawaiian fruits
flanked by ferns "and ti-leaves tufted
with green tule. 'The lanai; of the
Princess hor : ws draped with
American and Hawaiian "flags.
' Her Majesty Oneen Liliuokalani
who graced the gathering wore a mag
nificent rbbek of pale lavender satin
embellished with handsome lace.
Princess Kawananakoa wore, an ex-
iui8ite gown . of silver over heavy
ream satin. .. Mrs. Philander Knox
wore a delicate gown of lavender sat
in with an embroidered tulle .,-over-drers.
Mrs. Walter Fisher was gown
od in black atin" ornamented with
silver. Covers were laid , at the ta
bles for Her Majesty queen Lllluoka
lanl. Secretary of-State and Mrs. P.
C. Knox. Her Majesty Queen Liliuo
lalani. the Prince and Princess Ka
lanianaole, the Governor . and Mrs.
Frear, the Secretary and Mrs. Molt
Smith, the Secretary of the Interior
and Mrs. Walter, Fisher, Hon. R. S.i
Miller; Rear-Admiral Reynolds, u. b.
TC.; Rear-Admlral and Mts. Cowles.
U. S. N.: Captain KlllcotU U. S.fS.
Maryland; Mr. and Mrs. Shingle. Mrs.
Melvia Shingle, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Macfarlane, Mr. and 'Mrs. Fred Mac
faTlane, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. C. Beck
ley, Col. Samuel Parker, Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Widemann, Mrs. Ernminia
Dargie, Mrs . Maria King, Mr. and
palms. Some among those present
were ,the guest of honor, Duke Kahj
iumoku Jr., Captain Duke Kahanamc
ki. Sr., Prince Kuhio, Judge Sanfcrd
li Dole, Colonel Sam Parker, Mr. Geo.
Lcckley, Mr. William T. Rawlins, M
James Jaeger Mr. Duds Miller, Com
jvodore Warren Wood, Mr. Dai: hta
weamahi, Mr. Harold Lishrain, Mr.
Ernest Lishman, Mr. E. T. Stacker,
A'r ('urtis'Hustace. M-. I la old Has
tate. Mr. William A. M. 'Jotircll. Mr.
David Kahanamoku, Mr. Geor?e Kea
wcamahi, Mr. Fred Lucas, Mr,.iraer
Evans, Mr. FTancis Evans. Mr. Kamau
Evans, Mrs. Edward Boyd, Mr.. Hilo
Ciyd, Mr. A. Boyd, Mr. E. K. LVyd. Mr
Will Young, Mr. Oswald Stevens, Ml
Arthur Gilman, Mr. Vincent Ganoves,
Mr. Charles Chillingwoi tiv Mr. iJmiU
Kehele, Mr. Bob Kaawa, Mr. Carl Dod
son, Mr. J. T. McCrosson. Judge A. A.
Wilder, Mr. Lew G. Henderson, Mr. R.
H. Allen, Mr. S. S. Taber, Mayor
Fern, Mr. A. L. Castle, Mr. G. C.
Hull, Mr. A. R. Gurrey, Jr., Mr. John
Soper, Mr. John Anderson, Mr. Archie
Robertson, and many others.
A 'A '
To Tour Hawaiian Islands.
Ir. and Mrs. John Vogel and daugh
ter. and Fred Salter, will leave today
on an extended tour to Honolulu and
in the east.
Miss May Kluegt. arrived in the
Mauna Kea last Tuesday. Miss
Kluegel has been with her mother in
Hilo and will now spend some time in
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Scott of Hilo,
who have been visiting on the main
land for some time, returned in the
Wilhelmina and are stopping at the
Young Hotel for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Baldwin of
Kauai returned from the coast Tues
day and are stoppfng at the Young.
Mrs. C. B. Cooper and her children
returned to Honolulu In the Wilhel
mina. Mrs. William Montrose Graham,
who has been in California for the
past three months, returned to Ho
nolulu Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald T. Guard,
Jr., arrived in the Wilhelmina
en route to Hilo. Mr. and Mrs.
Guard have been touring Europe for
the past six months. anL are now re
turning to their home Jn, the Crescent
Py ... rfK?i vi:;, v,er -
J Miss Dorothy, Guild, who spent the
sunV.er in California, . returned to
Honolulu last Tuesday. Miss Gui)d
brought with her a guest. Miss Coul
ter or sausanto. miss coulter is a
I elation with him in his great work. I
! Oclonel Cox is peculiarsy qualified to j
; deliver euch an address. The meeting 1
1 will be presided over bv Mr. V A.'
Bowen and other parts in the program
will be taken by the different clergy- !
men of the city. j
The general public is invited to join .
with the churchet of the city In foing 1
honor to one of earth's greatest Cris-
tian Heroes.
Rev. Doremus Scudder, D. D., min
ister; Rev. Amos A. Ebersole, asso
ciate minister. j
9:50 a. m. Bible school. Mr. Wil
liam A. Bowen, Superintendent. j
11 a. m. Morning Worship. Ser
mon by the minister. "WhaCls That
to Thee? Follow Thou Me."
6:30 p. m.Christian Endeavor
meeting. '"The Student Volunteer
Movement." Adylresses by Rev. and
Mrs. Wickes, who are en route to
their field in China. j
There will be1 no evening service in
this church. Members of the congre-1
gation are asked to join with the oth
er English-speaking Protestant
churches of the city in a memorial
service to General William Booth in
the Rilnii theater t. n m
First Methodist Church, corner Ber
etania and "Victoria streets. R. Elmer
Smith, pastor. Telephone 3253. Par
sonage adjoins church. The pastor
hVmio? T,Xio otiS it to h'nn hut mav usually be found forenoons in
brilliant musician and it is hoped that .K J ua ,Mu rpu
the music lovers of Honolulu will
have an opportunity of hearing her.
Dr. Herbert, Mr. Charles Herbert
and Mr. Blakely McStocker returned
to Honolulu Tuesday in the Wilhel
mina after having motored From Vic
toria to San Francisco.
The hats that Miss Power selected
the study at the church. The regular 1
services of the church are as follows:
Sunday School at 9:45 a. m.
Mens Bible Class, 10:15, a. m.
Preaching service at 11 a. m.
Epworth .League service, 6:30 p. m.
Preaching service at 7:30 p. m. I
Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:30,
p m. 1'
The Men's Class cordially invites
... , uu ttu
Mrs. Anderson has been one of the.otDer points in tne Hawaiian Islands.
popular Honolulu gins sines ner RTaa-;lwCg Angeles Times,
uation from Punahou about three j a a a
years ago and lir many friends here SAN jqsE. Cal.l'scpt. 23. Friends
regret that she. is not to make hei.Jn tnis riv todav received word of the
marriage in Los Angeles yesterday of
Miss Ha2el B. Bailey, daughter of Cap
tain aud Mrs. E. R. Bailey of this
derson the eldest daughter of Mr.younK broker of Honolulu,' where the
" oil men tn enme nnrt pnlnv th. corv.
cn her recent trip and which she is, ice A very interestlng hour is spent
u isj'iaj tug at uci miuiiici; ranuis 111 1 under
permanent h.omo in this city. They
hope, however, that she will return
to the islands in a short time to
make them a visit at least. Mrs. An-
the Boston Block, are unusually beau
and Mrs. J. A. Magoon of Honolulu
9 '
Social Notes
couple will make their future home.
I DlXUBA, Colo.. Sf pt. 16. Mm C. B.
, Morse has wriLten friends here to the
I effect that she r achd Honolulu on
The luau tendered 'Duke Kahanamo- j Monday. September 2. Tiie letter was
ku Tuesday night by the Hut .a!u i written on September lftnd the ship
was a big success. There weie a large as uue in nunoiu-u ne.i niurumg.
iuc irjp a iieifciiiii:i one aim tue
partv was not seasick at all.
Miss Emmaline Magoon; whose pic
(".re appears in today's paper, is the
youngest daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. J.
the leadership of Judge-
Quarles. The pastor will occupy the
pulpit in the morning. All members
and friends will be looked format the
Epworth League. The pastor will
speak on "Deeds and Creeds."
No service will be'held in the even-
Christian Healing and Teaching. j ing owing to the, union service at the
1220 4xapiolani street, near Beretania t Bijou theater.- Colonel Cox will speak
avenue. I on the life of General Booth.
Sunday service 11 a. m. Subject,! Ours is a people's church. People
"The Assumption," being the first of, from every walk of life will find a
a series of talks on "Mary, the Moth-j cordial welcome awaiting them at all
er of Christ, and Her Son Jesus, the our services. You will find here a
Christ." ! beautiful, well.ventilated church
Thursday, 8 p. m. "Advantages of. building; a homelike atmosphere;
the Christ Brotherhood." the second good music by a chorus choir; evan-
Now Being Turned Out From
Our Workroom?
6StT OUR STYLES are cartainly designed
jf tD please the most fastidious. And
I can truly say they are by far the
best looking hats I have yet seen in,
Honctoiu. The artistic trimming and the fin
ish and work is carta'n'y a credit to any Milli
nery Department." -
Vo said one of our Leading Ladies who called, at our
show-room a few days ago In response to out invitation.
And . wcvcouU quotj, similar expressions from many
other, ladies tb whom we have bad the pleasure of show-,
ing the New-Fall Hats.
Conld ,we!jk less than the mere opportunity of show- -;
yduUhou? beautiful "creations of the roilllnerV art?
If we don,'f get your order now "we feel sure that We
will get It- when -you are ready for the new hat '
Kindly allow us to show' you our elegant styles in mil - ; 4
linery. , ' ' ".v'-VV :- " -' . "
Everybody A dmires a Beautiful Cqmplt
number of the club members, present
es well as many invited quests. This is
the firtt of a number of social affairs
tiiat have been planned for the return
ed champion of whom Honolulu is sj
gnil It "?c Ukelv that hi-i -st
, - r - - . - - i -
m I . J , , 1 T n 1 . I. 111 I L..... . .. I 4 a . . ri I -. . . V, An.ilni.
ir8. J. Kl. Ulggs, xvir. auu Airs, ueui j i lew weeKS ai uouie win ue uusj uuvs. a. auu iwuup me pupuiu
Afonc. Mrs. Francis Gay. Geo. Tor-1 The Kahanamoku home was aslovr little belles of Honolulu. Like so
rey. Mrs. E. S. Cunha, Mr. and Mrs. th e:c t.cts an. ihv u-i ih;i . ivar.y of the young island mis
f . Iiailip, D1I9. J. v. UUUI1UU13, mi. " us CI CI iru UIl lc ia u ivii onus ;i afiuvjn .-irr:rru iu
lesson of a series on "Steps Along the
Path of Discipleship."
gelical preaching; and inspiring and
helpful devotional services. Tourists
Jin Indispemahle and Delightful
j v - Toilet Requisite ', 't
for Fashionable Women,
1 A dafly necessity for the ladles' toilet
whether. at home or while traveling. It
protects the skin from Injurious - effects
of the elements, gives & wonderfully ef-
fective beauty to the-complexion. It Is a '
' perfect non-greasy Toilet Cream and pos
: Itively will not cau3 or encourage the
growth of baJr which alt ladies should
guard against when selecting a toilet pre
: para ti on. . When dancing, bowling or oth
er exertions heat the skin, it prevents
gresjy appearance. "
- Gouraud's Oriental Cream has been
highly recommended by. physicians. act
resses, singers and women of fashion for
over half a century and cannot be aur
passed when, preparing for dally or even
lne attire.
Gouraud's Oriental Cresm cures Skin
Diseases and relieves Sunburn. Removes Tan, Pimples, Blackheads, Moth
Patches. Rash. Freckles and Vulgar Redness. Yellow and Muddy Skin, giving
a delicately clear and refined complexion which every woman desires.
No. 11 For sale by Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers. .
FertL T. Hopkins. Prop., 37 Great Jones Street. New York.
These lessons are to lead the stu-;and settlers, strangers and the well-
dent along the path up to the place of.knowns, malihinis and kamaainas, are
; disciples.
A metaphysical library
and freeKhe privileges of the church.
row up
reading room are connected with the
Home, to which we welcome all visit
ors and investigators of the New
A cordial invitation is extended to
all alike urgently invited to enjoy all 9:45 a. m. for young people under 20 the public daily from 11 a." m. to 1
years. Lesson sermon at 11 a. m.;
Come thou with us and we will do subject, "Unreality".
thee good.
Wednesday evening
meetings at 8 o'clock.
All services are held in
testimonial j
p. m.
All are cordially invited.
Sunday services: Sunday school at also. a free reading-room
Do you believe in luck?"
the Odd "Yes sir. How else can I account
Fellows' building, Fort street, where for the success of my neighbors?-
is open to Detroit Free Press.
All We' Cared-Fbr Watch
Is one that is taken to an expert regularly once a year for cleaning and adjustment. A moderate priced watch requires this attention quite as much as
one of high price. .
Our watchmakers arc the be$t experts obtainable, and we can guarantee you first-class service.
Leading Jewelers

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