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Two large freighters are to depart
for the West coast of the United
States today, provided all goes well
with the discharge of cargoes.
The Japanese freighter Koju Maru,
' an arrival at Honolulu on September
p 20th with Australian coal to local im
i porters, has teen made ready for sea,
aiid should sail for Columbia River
- and Paget Round point this after
noon. The Koju Maru has been fixed
to load lumber on the West coast for
Australia. Captain Co win, stated
today nat in returning to the Anti
podes Jbe Intended . to pass within
range of i the Diamond Head signal
station, with a view of being reported
from this port
The .Harrison Direct Line freighter
Workman, has been discharged of
.three thousand tons European cargo
'Including cement, fertilizer material
and - sundries. This vessel Is to be
' dispatched today for San Pedro. San
Francisco, Portland, Vancouver and
BeMUe. - The Workman will be sup
plied cargo on the coast which is
destined for London. About fifteen
thousand cases of preserved pine-
. apples were loaded aboard the freight
er during the stay at Honolulu..'
Distressed Windjammer Awaits Re-
The , American schooner Sophie
ChrtstenBefc. has been thoroughly
fumigated t the Instance of . the
Unfed -States Public Health Service,
and the vessel shifted from quaran
tine to Channel wharf. The Sophie
Christensen will await a turn on ate
local marine railway. Following the
removal of one Inter-Island steamer
cn be rways, the .schooner Mary E.
Foster is next booked lor repairs and;
' cleaning. - - ' '' - ; ' ? - ;-
'' The Sophie Christensen is to be rei
caulked, cleaned and repainted. The
vessel Is In leaking condition, though
not 'much water is finding its way in
to the bold, according to statement!
made by.ber master , . .- - ?:
;.. ; -. .; O -
Where Is the 6herman?
' The United States Army transport
Sherman Is believed nearing the isl
ands from Manila by the way of Naga
saki, Japan, but her position is what
Is bothering local shipping and army
xnen. The troopship should have ar
rived at the port late yesterday after-,
noon according to regular schedule.
A wireless message was sent through
to tbe Sherman last night, but the lo
cal operators were unable to pick up
a responsive message from tbls ves
The Sherman is believed wiu snow
ff Art 1nf thia Afternoon or
..H ntt.no mnmine The vessel ,
is to berth at the Ewa aide of-Alakea
Tvharf. -v"v,3 ' ; r
Iberia 'Due Monday Afternoon. '
With Oriental freight amounting to
. nearly v a thousand tonst and ' a large
number, of Asiatic steerage passen
gers, the Pacific Jklail liner x Siberia,
from -Hongkong via Japan ports. Is ex
pected to arrive at this port about 3
o'clock Monday afternoon. .The ves
sel is expected to depart for San Fran
cisco at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning,
according to the present calculations
cf her agents, H. Hackfeld & Co. -The
Siberia' bas room for-all applicants
for transportation to the Coast thus.
far booked at the local agency. There
Is room for 125 - cabin passengers.;;
Keaohoii Plays 'Return ' En&aaement.
Back In service- after lying up at
the port of Honolulu -since - the- last
of January. 1911. ' the Inter-Island
steamer Keauhou is to sail for Kona
and IaUports' this afternoon. .The,
Keauhou was a more or less regular
visitor to 'Kauai ports before the long
retirement from the Inter-Island sched
schedules. The vessel is being loaded
with general cargo and explosives for
windward , Hawaii poTts.V 1 l-
Llkellke BrobgHt Last of Ktlauea
' Sugar.- Vsi --- - v -The
last of the 1912 crop of Kilauea
sugar bas arrived at Honolulu in the
InterlsIanM ; steamer Likelike. V This
vessel was an arrival at the port tbia
morning with 7740 sacks sugar, 260
sacks rice, 18 gaaoiine drums and 21
packages aundries. The officers re
port fair weather in the Kauai chan
nel, v
-V- tj-. .
Hawaii Sugar Report . 1
Sugar accumulating at Hawaii porta
Is being gradually reduced by inroads
from Inter-Island and trans-Pacific
steamers, i Purser Phillips brought the
following statement with the arrival
of the steamer Mauna Kea this morn
ing: Olaa 5000, Onomea 8354, Haka
lau 9574, Paauhau 7000, Punaluu S550,
Jlonuapo i3046, Laupahoehoe 200.
Windjammers Hover Off Hawaii.
Two "windjammers were sighted off
: the Island of HawaL by officers in the
Inter-Island steamer Mauna Kea. The
vessels reported as standing off the
Island were each four masted schoon
ers. Purser. Phillips of the Inter-Island
steamer states that It "was impos
sible to make out the name of the sail
ing vessels. It is believed that one
s may be the schooner Spokane, tw enty
seven tlays from Port Ludlow. The
4 schooner Taurus twenty-six days from
lukllteo is also due at the Hawaii
"port. 7 ' '. .. "
. (JAS. H.
CCp Klnf Street mpp Union Grill
Gity I ransfer
lIUETfl SMfil
The Mauna Kea met with fine-weather
with light trades and smooth
seas in crossing the channel. The
vessel broughta small offering of
freight including the usual quantity
of empty containers, 34 sacks corn,
18 sacks taro,; 18 crates cabbage,
crates -of chickens and 6832 feet of
hard wood lumber. 'The steamers
Kauai and Kalulanl were reported at
Hllo. The Mataon Navigation steam
er Wilhelmlna was discharging gen
eral cargo there at the time of de
parture of the Mauna Kea for Hono
lulu. '
Schooners Prepare to Sail Away.
Several schooners' now at the port
are being rapidly discharged or load
ed preparatory to leaving for the Coast
within a few days.
Bight hundred tons . of fertilizer,
from the Pacific Guano and Fertilizer
Company, are going into the schooner
Annie M. . Campbell, 'and this ' vessel
will probably get away for-San Pedro
on Tuesday or Wednesday morning.
The Campbell arrived here on Sep
tember 18 with lumber consigned to
Lewers & Cooke.
The barkEudora, an arrival bere
during the middle of September, is
about discharged of nitrates from
South America, and this vessel is now
taking on ballast preparatory to de
parture for the Sound. The Eudora
has been fixed to load grain for for
eign ports.
- The schooner Alice Cooke . is dis
charging a large amount of lumber
intended to be used in the construc
tion of the new Queen street wharf.
The vessel will soon be shifted to the
Bishop wharf to . complete the dis
charge -of cargo, t .
Pacific Mail Reduces Rates To Tts
Coast .. '.'- .;
The Pacific Mall Steamship Com
pany has reduced cabin passenger
fates to the coaat - ;i : -.
- According 1 to announcement from
the agency of H.' Haexfeld & Com
pany, te local representatives for the
trans-Pacific line the passenger fire
in Inside cabins on jthe main deck will
be cut to $65 with a round trip rate
of 1110 between Honolulu ; and Ran
Francl8C7. ;:v.;';:':;
Tnese rates r will now conform
to those made by the Oceanic Steam
ship Company and also those in vogue
in the Matson . Navigation line for
some time past ; ' :.-
The festive rodent .will be put : to
uul wture ,iue urweg
rout before the Norwegian ; IrefcfhKir
Hornelen is permitted to come along
.de one of the local wharves. The
steamer has coal consigned jto the
Interlsland : Steam Navigation ' Company.1-
The vessel is mow at Quaran
tine wharf, to remain for a short
period nile fumigating is In" progress.
The Hornelen. steamed from New
castle to Honolulu in twenty "days.
Captain S. Nilsen reports a fair pW
the vessel is 3904 tons Australian
coal. One sack of Australian mall ar
rived In the freighter. -- i' : A .i
j '.' tei- ' ;' ; y '
With two liundred tons of Oriental
cargo and room for forty additional
cabin passengers, (he Pacific Mall liner
China is reported to have sailed from
Yokohama and should arrive here on,
or about lOctober . 14.V Tha vessel Is
to receive about 500 tons of coal dur
ing the stayNat Honolulu.- - : w."
' Cattle from the -ranges on Hawaii to
the number of 27 head reached this
port in the steamer Iwalani this morn-'
ing. . ;.Th vessel also "brought :2175
sacks sugar and a quantity of sun
dries! ; The officers : report light winds
and smooth seas after leaving Kawai
hae and Mahukona. . .
; tsaturaay, vet. 5. '
i Newcastle " N. S. V .-Hornelen;
Nor. stmr.,.a.,nL, r. j
Hllo via way ports Manna - Kea.
Etmr., a. m.
: Friday Oct.
8eattle Maryland, U. S. S., p. m.
San Francisco-Sonoma, O. S. S., .5
. Hawaii - and Maul porta Clandine,
stmr-5 p. m. ....
Kaanapali Noeon, stmr S p. m, i
Per star. Mauna Kea, -from Hllo and
wayports. F. L. Jenks and wife, Captain-Newman,
wife 'and son;. Miss .
Browning, "Miss L. Cadnus, Misses
Courtright -(2), H. C. Waldron, -Rev.
T. Sugimoto, Mrs. J. E. Wright, T. M.
Swanzy;' Joe Vierra, Masters Vierra
(2), Mrs. D. E. Metzger, F. Vierra, R.
L. Coleman, M.- Vierra, Tv Kanekoa
and wife, J. K. Notley, T. H. Petrie,
Miss I. H. Woods, Mrs. Noguchi, R.
K. Hindi S. M. Spencer, F. B. Wil
liams, M. M. Graham, T. K. Ogino, C.i
T. lewis, Scott Wright, C. F; Drake,
L. P. George and wife, Mrs. L. 8.
King, Mrs. M. D. Gear, Joe Leal, Mrs.
P. Smith, Mrs. H. K. Nakau, Mrs. Yee
Hoy and two children, Mrs. Ah Nee,
A. N. Hayselden, K. Hatsu, Mrs. R.
Mitchell. Geo. F. Wright. H. Vincent.
Phone 1231
TmEscyriio .moon
r 4 i
l.0, ZJjX 5-5
9. it
3.S5 52! 5.44
o.to y aa 5.
fi..Vi I.H IU.24
i.w ai4' IZi M2
p u. m t )
T.0ii a3i 5.41
1 i
1 1UX 1J1
II 0U' 1.9
7 30, 4JM 5.40J
7.37! 5.50 a54 5-40 lZ
Last quarter of the moon Oct. 3L
Honolulu, T. H., Oct. S, 1912.
Temperature 6 a. m. 74, 8 a. m. 79.
10 a. m.'82,12 noon 8T; minimum last
flight 72.
Wind 6 a. m. 2 miles, NE.; 8 a. m.,
1 mile, E.; 10 a. m., C miles, NE.; 12
roon, 10 miles, NE.; movement, past
?4 hours 125 miles.
Barometer at 8 a m. 29.98; dew
point at 8 a. m., 67.
Relltive humidity. 8 a. m., 67; ab
solute humidity, 8 a. m., 7.103; total
raiiifali during past 24 hours, .0.
(Special Cable to Kerekasft'
Exehanre.) SAN FRANCISCO Arrived, October
5; S. S. Alaskan from' Hllo T?ept 6.
SAN FRANCISCO Salted," October 5,'
12 M., U. S. A. T.X0gan, for Hono
lulu. ' "
SAN FRANCISCO Sailed; October o.
1:40 p. m., S. S. Persia, for Hono
lulu. 1 ' : '
SAN FRANCISCO Arrived, 'October
5, S. S. Missourian, from ;Sallna
Crui. . ' " "r-
ed, October 4, Ship Edward Bewail,
from Kahulul May is ( 13 aays.
SALINA CRUZ-Arrived, October 4,
' S. S. Columbian fromv Hilo, Sept 20.
S. B. SIBERIA Will arrive ironi Yo
kohama af-3 "p.'fnV'anor sails tor
San Frkncisbo TusdayviO a. in.
U. S. A. T. -SHERMAN Noi reported;
probably arrive 'today 7r6m"Manila.
'. J EL Johnsonthhj vmorntog.- was
compelled by : Circuit ' Judge "Undsay,
to forfeit his 'automobile license aiid
par ana costs for 'Talluretd'IJs
play his front ilghfar Wnlght!and-?tb
keep his license -number attached. He
was- charged with two separate' of
fenses, beinr 'assessed -75 and costB
for one arid 20 and costs and forfeit
ure of the license for the other.
- . v- -. . t
r . ' 1 -
Presenting a Laughable Novelty Melange
"Comedian and Soubrefcte"
; " In addition to
Dovle& White " 1 " All New Pictures
. 'v . j. -
Patterson's Lancaster
Art Studies Opera Company
Bobbie Palmer Feature
MW'imi ASSAILAia "
(Continued from Pago t)
.volcano mountain, -in the district of
Kau. Tens pf thousand sof acres of
the estate are waste lands, lava flows
having at various times snown an
affinity for the locality. One notable
instance was in 1887. when a special
steamer excursion took a large party
from Honolulu to see the fiery river
It passed quite near the ranch house.
and one of the best accounts of the
event was -written to a local paper
by the late "G. ' W- C. Jones, then pro
prietor of the ranch
.The-original suit of Madame d'Her-
blay, whom Norrfs maintained was an
impostor using the name of his old
time "flame," was brought against the
cokmel twenty years ago. It was
fought fiercely by the defendant in
the courts of Hawaii, only to be fin
ally, adjddged in the madame's favor.
Then CoL NOrris 'gave hlB notes tor
the satisfaction of judgment, and It
was on default of payment of these
when due that Madame d'Herblay.
brought the suit just now comprom
ised. Cooper- Sells Option.
Clearing the way for the sale, Judge
Cooper had transferred to Mr. Carter
the option which, as reported in this
paper a month ago he' had obtained
on the property.-' It- ie - understood
Judge Cooper cleared several thou
sand dollars In the transaction.
A book might be written on the
vagaries -of Col. Norris -while in pos
session 'bf Kahuku ranch. For one
thing, fthere might be a chapter on
the nappygo-lucky nature of his man
agement. It was said that he never
had :any definite idea ' of the numbers
of cattle on the place; ahd his mar
kteflng;operatI6ns were as Capricious
as could be' imagined. It was reput
edly unsafe for anybody wearing long
black clothes to eome In sight of the
ranclr-hduse. - tr
A shipment of sugar has reached
San Francisco . r in the " American
schooner Annie Johnson which sailed
from Mahukona, on Sept: Sth.---s -t
. The' American, schooner Robert
Lewers Is reported to have tnade a
t&it 'passage from . Honolulu to Port
Townfiend; arriving at the Sound on
last Thursday: 'W'z -t-
, The little schooner Defender made
a 'snort call at Honoipn, the windjam
mer calling for San Trancisco yes
terday after having' "dlschargefl 'jher
Shipment' of lumber, at the windward
Hawaii port . '- -' ' "-
- - a ia e -'v,--;';
The Major, and Henri, the Colonel -l
Aghast "at the slight to "The "Jolonel
; Withvhot 2 Indignation ; '
" Of Civilization,-, : ? ' - ' - ' '
.. . 0 S ;
' ;Cry:, MThis thihg's srmply infolonel."
' f jLf. . ; . ', . ;-
3 - --
. ....
Prices - lOc and
i "i
Prices - lOc, 20c,
Four alleged assailants of an old
Hawaiian, janitor at the Pauoa vallev
school, are held to answer to tne j
charge of assault and battry jt the
instance of rhief of DetectivA Artftnn
The officer visited the scene of the
disturbance 'yesterday and placed
Homes, Kukallant, Fragas and Kana in
sustody. The young men are said to
b ihembers of a gang of roughs wuo
have, for many months proved a terror
to the neighborhood.
They are declared as ringleaders ir.
a bunch who have committed a num
ber of minor depredations and the
present difficulty is" believed will
bring them-face lo face with puhisn
ment fitting an aggrivagated ease.
Falling from the foot board of a
Vaikiki-bound King street rapid tran
sit car this morning, Yari, a Japan
ese, received injuries to his head and
body that sent him to the hospital
for treatment
Despite the warning given the Jap
anese by Conductor Fern, the Nippon
ese was standing on the running board
br the car. "In- leaning out he was
struck-bya? telephone post and knock
ed from the fast-moving coach to the
ground. ; Luckily the Japanese rolled
to-one rsiae and did not come In
contact with. the wheels.
; The accident occurred on King
street, near Keeaumoku.
Offlefarpubllcarfdn ls-made in this
paper today of a rule and regulation
of the Board; of Agriculture and For
eatry 'concerning the control of insect
ah'd other vegetable pests. This meas-
Lure takes 'the ? place "of three rules'
hitherto tn force, "being; a combination
of air their 'provisions that suit nw
cifcumstancea. v-' , ? j-
There s,'alsO' published in this is
sue "the proclamation of the .Federal J
plant; quarantine r lately Enacted in
Washington -for this Territory. Its
list of frtiltsand vegetables forbidden
t6 be elpoted, hence 'names . thirty
0rodtictB, Tiorie of which are very ex
tensivelyvshlpped to the mainland. It
wm 'be notrced with general gratifl
natlbr that 'neither bananas nor pine
appleSxareon the list - : -;r
r i' ' : iiiiVi 1111 ".j
1 Sc
t ?
' t
la which Is combined the HAWAIIAN.
fcyt.i?u HULLKTIN, established 18S2.
Publishers, Commercial
Pnoto -
aN. 1, 191S (Preferred Position 20) ......... ISc PEI
UNTIL JAN. 1, 1915 (Preferred
TRANSIENT BATfe. $1.50 first insertion
classified. One Cent per word 30
MAIN OFFICES' i. . . . I . U.S .1 . . .U iv. . . . t . . . a IRiy ftLAXEX STREET
Telephones Editorial Rooms 2185; Basltess Offlc 25
Per Month, anywhere in United States . . . .v. . t . .
Per Quarter, anywhere in United States .. .. .....
Per Year. anywhera in United States.. .. ........
Per Year, postpaid, foreign .......
Per Six Months , , . ;
Per Year, anywhere In United States..
Per Year, anywhere In Canada ........
Per Year, postpaid, foreign .. ....
Address all Com tmnlcatlo as to Ho no
Hawaiian Commercial Is the only
sugar stock showing a sale decline
today, a drop of one -and a quarter
points being indicated in a sale of 10
shares reported at 41.50. Ewa has re
covered an ' eighth, 50 shares having
sold at 28. Kekaha holds at 315 tor
tive shares Oahu Is showing renewed
strength in quotations, bids for it hav
ing advanced three-eighths above last
sale to 25 7-8, and a: quarter more is
asked.''' : ; i..--.vtM, -;;-;
i Oahu Railway & Land Ca has -advanced
five points to 150 for 70 shares
in three unequal lots, one of five be
ing the ohly transaction on the board
this morning.- -Brewery has advanced
a quarter to, 22 for '60 -shares in three
Unequal 'parcels." ; ; A -.; --.; vv-;
'Dividendl announced today are by
H.vC.:& S. Co.; 25c, or $100,000; Ono
mea; 60c or $30,000 ; -Hondmu, $L50,
or 311,250. ; -; ".'vv
'tv - --pr. -v ,,; . , :;: . ) . ,
, One of the handiest things fh-ne
world must be thei-umbrella-lending
'. i. . , n' , .. . y
.The j V77ifi;;:-Hi;
. " World's '. Mark , )
Red V 1
.' TflWc : . ; Sif ;
; . Water '-Jk '.IfcV";-
W. C. PEACOCK & CO., Ltd.
Wine'tfnd Liquor Merchants. ; : :'
' f
Merchant St., near Fort St ,
-; .4 v ; t
STAR, established 1895, ana ths
Issued Daily and SemirWeekly by
Printers, Bookbinders,
. . .General Business Manawr
Position 20) ......... ISc PER INCH
and subseojuent Issues proTrata.
cents per line per week.
23a r
M$ T5
............... f.00
.;.,;;.....$ i.oo
........... .,....v
lalo Star-Balletia, Lti, Hoaolaln, T, '1L-
costs i a year io oe a memoer or me
organization ,eacb ;lnembef receiving
a check. When Is 'rains rbe haAds in '
his, check at the nearest cigar store
and gets an umbrella. When be re
turns the umbrella be gets another
checkr -good for another - umbrella :
when he needs It a One of the -great
advantages of the system Is that it
avoids the necessity of carrying an
umbrella around to tool the .wea&er
wlth,r the chance, being about nine
times -.to one ;that iheAweather will
fool you and . that by the time you ."
get borne yon-left. the umbrella. Any
thing that : -will keep - the - umbrella. ;
question atraight will be vrelcomed by .
the average man, and It looks as if
the Belgain scheme would be helptul -lV(
that respectrr-Phlladelphia : Press. '. ; . ,
; '.- . m o -'.v.
Application 't or articles' -of lncorpOr-'
ation was' filed TVltb' nhe register of
public accounts today 'by the Cres
cent City Cracker Company, Ltd.. of
Hllo, which desires to engage in the
cracker, manufacturing industry. "The !'..
capitalization is set at $10,000 with a
maximum limit of J3O.00O. . Yea Wing ; ?
Ken is (president; H. . W Ludlcf t, sec
retary; Richard P. L'tldlof f, treasurer;
C. : Ah - Pook, s3lstaat secretary, and
O. 'Lln FookV auditor. . ' - .,
i -
t .
- :'

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