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Tnrty-nine days from South Ameri
can ports via Central America, the
Toyo Kiserx Kalsha liner Hongkong
Maru, with a large general cargo of
products of these countries destined
tor Japan and China rides at anchor
off the harbor of Honolulu awaiting a
thorough fumigation at th hands of
the-United States Marine Hospital
fanC Public Health officials.
;pT. 'Trotter. In charge of the local
itstion. visited the Hongkong Maru
"Immediately on arrival of the Japan
ese liner this morning. He lost no
time'" In deciding that the vessel go
Into quarantine ending a fumigation
of her passenger and crew quarters.
- Tfie- vessel comes from ports along
Mhe Central and South American
coast, where yellow fever and other
Infectious diseases prevail.
The local staff of Federal medical
officers are not taking any chance of
possible infection of this port through
the Introduction of mospitoes.
The Hongkong Maru is to be
brought into The harbor, and will take
a berth presumably at Hackfeld wharf
tomorrow muming, where seven bun-'
dred arid fifty t&ns coal will be plac
cd aboard before the vessel Is dis
patched for Japan and China.
The "Federal customs officers did
not go "aboard the Japanese liner to
day pending the quarantine.
The Hongkong Maru is reported as
hearing a large number of Asiatic
steerage passengers to the Orient.
The vessel has no cargo ror dis
charge at this point.
1 "
ArrieHean-Hawalian Freighter To
"Carry Coar.
Wlfh the charter of two more big
curriers the Government has added to
Its fleet of coal steamers from the At
lantic to the Mare Island (Cal.) Navy
Ycrd. The latest fixtures include the
steamer -Texan of the American-Hawaiian
Company's line and another
steamer of 7000 tons dead weight
capacity. For Oct6ber loading the
Texan gets a rate of J 7 and for September-October
loading the other ves
sel Js receiving 55.34. The Texan is
American and the second carrier pf
British registry. The Government fleet
xibV en route from the Atlantic to the
Golden Gate consiets of tbeN' British
steamer Ockley. from Newport News;
end the British steamers Strathearn,
Slrathdene and. Strathlyon from Nor
folk. TWBritish steamers In the coal
feet are already under charter for out
ward loading. In this trade a great
number of "Strath' liners have come
to this coast to carry lumber to the
Orient, and Australia, the British
colony trade drawing most of them.
Spreckels Charged High Tonnage Tax.
. Customs Collector Frederick S.
S Ira t ton f has requested John t).
Spreckels to pay a tonnage duty of
4 1,1$ 'on the Spreckels yacht Venetia,
Iri accordance ' with the requirement
that all foreign built yachts must pay
s duty In proportion .to their tonnage.
Spreckels suggested that it might be
well to wait for the decision of the
Uiited States Supreme Court in a
esse now before it. in which the con
stitutionality of the tax is at issue.
TbV matter was submitted to the Sec
retary of Commerce and Labor, who
.will await the Court's decision.
Schooner Compeer May Be
Total Loss.
' The schooner Compeer. Captain
Winters, Is reported ashore at Bristol
Bay." The vessel, which is owned by
Olson Bros., was driven on the beach
at the salmon canning station July
18, and according to advices the pros
pects ot floating her are slim. The
Compeer left San Francisco in April
last and was anchored in Bristol Bay
hen severe weather came on. The
moorings parted and the wind and
tide sent the craft on the beach.
drew Recruited, Sudera Sails.. N
" Destined for Tacoma, Washington,
there to load grain for an European
jxsrt, the British bark Eudora. squared
way this morning for the open sea.
The Eudora rode at anchor off the
lort for twenty-four hours pending the
recovery of one or more sailors who
had managed to break away from the
vessel during the :tay at this port.
The necessary men to man the ship
were forthcoming lat last night and
tfce Eudora is now on the way to the
Sound in balast.
Iwalanl In And Out.
The Interh-land steamer, an arrival
from Hawaii ports this morning is not
destined to make a very long stay at
the port of Honolulu. The vessel re
turned with 2" heid cattle and reveral
packages sundries. The Iwalani is to
be dispatched for Kau ports this after
noon where a full shipment of sugar
awaits the arrival of the coaster,
Santa Maria Back With Oil.
Oil for the local branch ot the t'nion
Oil Company to the amount of 4:'..0mo
barrels besides about eisht hundred
ctmes of petroleum has arrixed at Ho
nolulu with the American tanker San
to Maria.
Captain Winnet reported a fair trip
down from the coast. The vessel halls
(JA&. H.
C3 King ttr mpp Union Grill
from Port Hartford, twelve days be
iny consumed in the trip.
The Santa Maria is expected win be
discharged and be ready for sea by
Sunday. ''
Peisia FromThe Coast Nearing Port.
The Pacific Mail liner Persia from
San Francisco Is expected will arrive
oft the port lite this afternoon. Ac
cording to a late wireless received af
the agency of H. Hackfeld & Company
the Persia has eighty first and sixteen
second class passengers, proceeding
through to the orient.
The vessel will remain at Honolulu
over night and presumably sail for
Japan and China ports on or about
nine o'clock Saturday morning. f
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suits of great value, and in securing
100 per cent more data relating to
tuberculosis in Hawaii can now build
up a machine of greater efflcieftcy,
through being able to work more di
rectly against the evil than it for
merly did.
"The objects of the present cam
paign will be two-fold," said Dr. A.
N. Sinclair, executive officer of the
league,, this morning. "Primarily our
greatest desire is to get control of
all the tuberculosis cases in the Ter
ritory and place them under treat
ment We will seek aid In doing this
in an extended campaign of publicity.
How much this is needed can be un
derstood, when it is realized 'that sev
eral hundred cases of tuberculosis are
reported yearly throughout the Terri
tory that the authorities know noth
ing of until the patients die and It
becomes necessary to get a death
"Secondly our efforts will be di
rected against those conditions breed
ing or encouraging tuberculosis. This
work is of considerable " more diffi
culty. There are prejudices to over
come, so-called property rights to
come in conflict with, and other mat
ters, all of which are capable of
throwing great discouragement inthe
way of the workers. We will at
tempt; through branches of the sys
tem at present at our service, to ob
tain playgrounds fof 'children and to
alleviate congested conditions where
they, exist by affording plenty of op
portunity for fresh air.
"We hope to greatly reduce the
prevalence pf tuberculosis if we can
obtain the control of all consump
tives, as I said before, for every pa
tient under treatment in a sanitarium
or who is being otherwise trained how
to conduct himself with the least pos
sible danger to - his companions, is
that much danger removed from the
community at large.? Medical science
teaches us that it is not Impossible to
wipe out! this dreadful disease alto
gether, and it is our ambition and
hope to place Hawaii in the front
rank of progress in this matter."
Rev. S. L. Desha, the silver-tongued
orator of Hllo, Hawaii, will arrive Jn
the Mauna Kea tomorrow morning on
business. It is reported that he has
agreed to speak in Hawaiian, for the
candidacy of the regular Republican
nominees at the meeting to be held
tomorrow evening at Aala park. De
sha, as is well known throughout the
territory, is one of the best Hawaiian
speakers, not only on the pulpit but
from the stump. Owing to his thor
ough knowledge of the qualifications
of the Republican nominees, the
leaders of the party decided to : send
for him to come here and deliver the
most important political speech of his
life at Aala park tomorrow night.
Prince Kuhio, delegate to Congress,
who has been making a political tour
on Kauai, will, according to the pres
ent plans, return tomorrow morning.
It was his intention, before he left for
the Garden Island, to make a thor
ough campaign on the island before
returning to Honolulu.
Kalihi will have its water mains
down in the near future. This is the
assurance given out from the Gov
ernor's office this morning, and prop
erty owners feel that a big step in
the right direction has been taken.
The other day the executive com
mittee of the Republican county cen
tral committee held a conference with
the Governor, concerning the laying
of mains in the Kaiulani tract, Ka
lihi, and this morning's announce
nient from the executive shows that
the conference has borne the right
kind of fruit Work will be started
immediately and rushed to comple
tion. Miss Kleanore Peregrin, the nurse
who attended Walter Duryea. the New
York clubman, during twelve year's of
illness, was left $155,000.
Phone 1221
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5 9
I 37
J ! IM
I i
9 03 S.5& 5.3?
U , 3.08
p.m. !
3.! 17
3.30i 9.40,10.00 5.S6 5J6,
I ti : 4.05 10.05 10.M 56. 5.36
1.9 ! 4 38
p.tn.t I
1.9 I 512
I0.4S l.UO4V57t 5.341
New moon Oct 10th at- 5:10-a m.
Temperature 6 a. m., 73; 8 a. m
78; 10 a. m., 79; 12 noon, 81. Mini
mum last nient. 72.
Wind 6 a. m.. velocity 2, direction
N. E.; 8 a. m., velocity 1, direction N
10 a. m., velocity 5, direction N. E
If noon: velocity 10.-direetion 8.
Barometer at 8 -ai m.: 29.97. Rela
tlve humidity. 4V-m:.1 71. Dew-point
at' - te--fiaiASDlifte hlmtoitr.' 8
a. aw- mBsinf alU
lit. .gg
11. .' , 1 u.,11 ... , .
BREMERTON Arrive!,' Oct' 1 1 . U
Sk Maryland, hence 'Oct ; 4.
PORT SAN LUIS Sailed, Oct. 11
S. S. Lansing", ' tor Honolulu.
s.ir r'Vi Aerograms." -
S. PERSIA Will arrive 'from
San Francisco at 5 p. m. today and
sail for Yo'ktihania tomdrroAv-todrn
. : Armv orders '- received ; here sh6w
ithat two Infantry captains hav been
ordered to'.thelr regiments at' hchb-
fleid Barracks from the Army War
College, and this means that for the
first time in many ; years every cdih
pany in the 'First Infantry wfll be in
Cbntmanded by a captain; white an out
one of the Second will be-in the. same
stute- There" ia no ! moTe-tihance for
, second Hentenants to , command, com
panies in either of these organwa
tions.? - - ' '-f'!j
The officer; who completes the1 com
pany commanders list in he.Flfst Is
CapUIn Campbell King, while Captain
ChaTles . S. ' Lincoln is coming to the
Second. They will arrive on the No
vember transport
Ordnance Sergeant Leonidas Pfer
saul has been ordered to Schofield
Barracks where he will join the post
ncn-com staff. He has just been pro
moted out of the 25th Infantry, a color
ed regiment 1 -
BIG 6. 0. P. RALLY
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A special invitation ia extended to
the ladles to come and hear all about
it, and a score of handsome ushers
will see that there are seats for wo
men, which are at times more Im
portant than votes for women. Some
excellent music is on the program,
and pictures of "as handsome a bunch
of candidates as were ever gathered
togettier under one top" will be flash
ed oYr' the screen." The rally Will bberi
at 7! 3r sharp. - ' V- '
Folldwing is the list of spealcers In
life order in which they will be heard,
together with 'the musical ttteryoia
Uon's.:,: R.v' -'W. Shingle opens - itteeUn" and
presides; - ' -; ;v
Ohas Achr, Music; r Sam-Parker.
Geo!- Smfthies,v Jas. Bicknen,';J.rV.
Cathcart, " David KalaUokaaM;1 Jr..
Capd Parker CWaipay,vOhaslJ GosW.'
'Music Kuhfo; " Oeo.,;iF: Rentori,' J;
Dowett 'A: S.: KafelapuV A. D.
Castro,- El F.v Paris, nDatitf rK.-NoAey.
Carlos' A.-Long,J 'Andrew 0ox, C.fG.
Bartleti; C. N. Arnold, John E Enoe.
OTusic, S. L. Desha!, C: H. Cooke,
J. H. Boyd. A. Q. Marcellino, J. K.
Kamanoulu, Norman Watkins.
Music, Judge Davis. Chas. Kanekoa.
U. H. Jones, S. K. Mahoe. Henry Vi
errarEd K; Fernandez, A. b.-Castie.
Music (Aloha Oe).
As provided by Act 112. Session
Laws of 1909, all persons holding wa
ter privileges under meter are hereby
notified that meter rails are due and
payable at the office of the Honolulu
Water Works, Capitol Building, on the
tirst days of January, April, July and
October of each year.
AH meter rates remaining unpaid
within fifteen (15) days thereafter,
shall become delinquent and shall be
subject to an additional charge of ten
(10) per cent
Failure to pay such rates within
thirty (30) days after the same be
came delinquent, the water shall be
subject to immediate shut-off without
further notice.
Superintendent of Honolulu Water
Superintendent of Public Works.
5364 Oct 11, 18, 25; Nov 1
P. Kamauoha. attorney and for
surveyor of Nanooixo, Hawaii,
was the sole witness examined during noon in Cooke hall. Y.'M. C. A. build
today's court session in the trial of ing at which-several - matters of busi
John Gomes Henriques, accused of ness were taken up and reports read,
murder in the first degree. I The temperance situation with regard
Kamauoha was one of seven or eight to the pol'tical campaign was also dis-eye-witnesse3
who were not actively, cussed.
interested in the affray between thej In making his report of the work of
Japanese nd the Henriques family, in the league George W. Paty aaid:
which Aoyama was killed at South t "The ordinance that the fish mar.
.Kbna on the evening of November 14, kets should be screened has been put
1911, and shortly after the affair, at' into effect, and we" can feel that the
the tehest'of Deputy County Attorney' fish and meat are not contaminated
W. H. Heen, Kamauoha drew a mapjb? the flies and other insects. But it
nf tho ffrnundfr. showtue the relative inas a'so beeh most too much screened.
position of the different persons when
the shooting- occurred.
: This map was produced this morn
ing, and for the first time the jury was
given a detailed narrative of the strug
gle After his general story of the
battle he was questioned closely con
cerning every detail and every minute
Rpm of interest in the case was re
lated: ? v "
' The case was threshed out In some
detail before the district court of Ha-
tvalH nrio to th change of venire
front the circuit c6urt of that island
to" Honolulu, and it is - an old story
to the -witnesses and all others inter
ested except th,e present jury. At
the? preseht'l'ate, however, two weeks
wni h- rvntv"'toft hdrt for the com-
lefeihtea2ir&!of ifi mviaence.
Five indictments, four of which are
firoueht against two men, were re
turned by the Territorial grand jury
in its partial report to Circuit Judge
h E. Cooner this morning. Two true
bills are returned against Hee Park,
a' Chinaman arrested some time ago
and accused of assaulting girls less
than twelve years of age. Two true
bills also are found against Samuel
Kahi, held on a charge of burglary In
the - second degree. The other in
dictment names Tam Ha and accuses
him of assault and battery with a
. . . in
weapon. All tnree prisoners win oe
arraigned' before Judge Cooper Mon
day morning at 9 o'clock.
The grand jury in session yesterday
listened to many shocking stories told
by little children, concerning a series
of assaults and. statuory crimes com
mitted hy Ghinese and other male
Hee Park, an aged Chinese, has been
under investigation by Chief of De
tectives McDuffie and Prosecuting At
torney A. M, Brown for the past few
days, and these officials claim to have
elicited sufficient evidence against the
accused to bold him for further in
quiry by the grand jury. This body
will meet" on next Wednesday or
Thursday o furtheV probe stories pf
statutory crime committed against
little girls. .
In several instances the girls who
figure in the revolting assaults from
grown men are but mere children, and
under' the age or seven years.
Hawaiian and Japanese girls are in
the main the victims of the lust ot the
brutes now facing serious charges in
either the lower or upper courts.
The grand jury at its next session
is believed will take up a hearing of
the charges filed against George
Borges a Portuguese youth who has
been arr.innmte of the city and' county
jail fdrf some weeks upon a charge
similar ' to that fflled against the Cnt-neee.-
,: " -! '
Iir the case of Borges, rt is alleged
tf.at the father of the victim appeared
at the' police headquarters and . asked
that' the-' charges against Borges be
Sllva, belter known as the "Punch-
bowT "Demon," now languishes at the
eentral station airaltingr a preliminary.
hearing upon ; a statutory crime alleg
ed to ' have beett ; committed in the
PalacegrmmdirhYs 'alleged victim be-
(Conllanfd from Paire 1)
tioned are at Wainiha, Kukulhaele
and Honokaa.
At seven of these landings freight
Is handled bv cable from ?hips to
shore; at five a considerable haul on
land is involved; at two the total
charges collected amount to practical
ly nothing, and at one. the Kahului
fcharf, the charges are under the con
trol of the harbor commissioners, who
are planning to take this over by
This deal, by the way. is held up at
present by a clause in the projosed
contract drawn by the commission,
which provides that the present own
ers the Kahului Railway, shall not
build another wharf and enter into
competition with the present pier in
case it is bought by the Territory.
This, the commissioners say, Is ab
solutely necessary, as the railway
controls more than ninety percent of
all the freight passing to and fro
over the wharf, and should the rail
way sell the present wharf and then
erect another, giving the new one
all its business, it would leave the
Territorly "holding the bag."
It is proiosed that after the pur
chase of the present Claudine wharf
at Kahului by the Territory, a new
bulkhead wharf shall be constructed
there, for the use of deep sea goin?
vessels, with the Claudine wharf left
for Inter-Island trade.
x. 9
nt i i$Uh inarrled) jedmh
The regular meeting of the Anti-Saloon
League was held yesterday after-
In certain parts of it there are rooms
where people can come in and sit, un
observed by the masses, and bring
their liquor and buy a few cakes to
go with it, and drink their bottles .of
"square face" as if it were water. This
certainly ought not to be the making
of a drinking bouse out of the market
for the benefit derived fromthe sale
of a few cakes is not right I was in
the market a month or so ago and sat
at a table. In an inner room adjoin
ing were four Hawalians sitting round
a table, two men and two women. In
the center of the table sat a bottle of
gin. These' Hawalians would take a
drink around, eat a few cakes, and
then drink again. I have had it re
ported to me as a very common, hap
pening for Hawalians to get intoxi
cated in these; 'places. . I n
"I have had complaints handed to
me several times about people taking
liquor in to f restaurants s with them,
drinking at this table and becoming
so boisterous as to disturb others who
are eating there.
"Perhaps If Charles' GBartlett gets
fo be supervisor, and Is Appointed su
perintendent of the police and the law
and order department, he will elimi
nate these little irregularities.
"The statement that' Judge Larnach
fined a haClt-driver $25 for reckless
driying, was not properly reported.
In the evidence it appeared that the
I ' , , , I
r ' 1 .
J9Yr' 9::.
We get all the big contractsf which shows
our prices are right.
We have today secured, a contract, for a
Year's Supply of Newspaper from the
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Geo. G. Guild,
Paper k Sipply i.
o anno
h mmhiRMt the HAWAIIAN
EVENING BULLETIN, established 1SS1 Issued DaUy and 8emiW4lly by
Publishers, Commercial Printers, BooJcbmrJcrs,
WALLACE 1C FAltlUNOTON. .General Bminta Maiiasr
put Dim vx nipr.AV anvTTRTiSTvn. nvim 2060 INCITES..
UNTIL JAN. 1, 1M (Preferred Position 20) .AlC PER INCH
TRANSIENT RATE. $1.50 first insertion and subsequent issue pro rata.
CLASSIFIED, One Cent per word SO cents per line, per week. . .w v
MAIN OFFICES . . . . J . . . ..v.-. 1051 ALAKllk STItEKT
Teleshones Editorial Booms 21S5 Biiheis OfCc S "
BRANCH OFFICE .................... . . . . . .' MERCHANT STREET
Telephone 2365
' ' ;
rar Aionin. anvwnere in unuea &uues
Per Quarter, any where in United States ... J.OO
Per Year, anywhere in United States
Per Year, postpaid, foreign V;:.i....V.;....;. 12.00
Per Six Months .. . . ,".r f 1-00
Per Year, anywhere in-Uhlted States .......,.........; 200
Per Year, anywhere in Canada ...... v v
Pr Yer:'Tostnaitf. fdrelxtf .; I 4.00
. 4 i
Address all Cemmonleatlonfs U Honolals 8Ur.Bnlletla, Itdn Coaelalnf T. U
driver was drunk, thus endangering
the lives of pedestrians and others,
and so justifying the . fine of $25; It
seems to me' that the ' person' Vho is
an habituar drunkard "ought to have
his license permanently revoked." :; I
. 9 mm) 9 J, . .-,
EUtjXT 6 tho prlatta Haa at
8taNBanettj rlUkea' street) 9 araac
W fb.' .PEACOCK 4f tO,! LTD.
wine and: liquor
Merchsnt. Near Fort
f J uiJi. . f-, 'Vs
Pres. & Mgr.
STAR, established 1S33.
- 7 ..- v ki . t
R V. BRECkONS left yesterday
for a tour, of , Hawaii He eapeu, to
return to Honqlulu' Saturday. : H,
JUDGE and MRS. S.-& DOLE hajre
moved " to Aquamarine, their ; beach
place at Diamond Uead, td rcmsid for
Eeverat months. ' -' v ' ;
LESLIE P7 SCOTT, aecond aaaist,
ant attorhey - general. left , on the
Mauna Loa today for .Kallua .on .a
week's . vacation. t ' ;I
It was; a fast trip that theOcejuilc
Huer Sonpma : completed . from . Hono
lulu to the coast, the vessel having ar
yived at SanFrancfscOat Ciroq d'cloflc
yesterday morning, . ; t "
Phone 1410
sd tb

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