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Frtsi 8. F.t
Persia. Oct. 12.
For 8. F.i
China, Oct. 15. -From
Mararaa, Nov
For Yanconverx
Makura, Nov. D.
Evening Bulletin, Est. 1S82. No. 5364.
Hawaiian Star. Vol. XX.. No. 6405.
i ii i t l i I I I
J .
Separate Corporation Will , Be
Formed to Handle Big Ir
rigation Project
"Walahole Water "Company, Limit
ed, will be organized to develop the
water rights under the agreement
s Just made 'with the government for
the benefitof Oahu Sugar Company's
plantation. This is about all that is
definitely, settled about the proposi
tion. According to common report,
the larger private owners or water
rights involved have given their rp
epective options, besides which there
are rights of way to be acquired from
various owners or property In the vi
cinlty of .the water resources.
No steps have ,yet been taken to
ward finlnrlng - the water company,
and will cot be until after the formal
auctioning of the water license by
the . government. It . has been esti
mated 4hat the works will cost about
$1,500,000, a tunnel having to.be driv
, en through the Koolau '"' range." Prob
ably the capital stock will bo around
that figure, and the-talk of the street
is that there, will be no difficulty
about floating It. - Although, as inti
mated already, some negotiations" for
incidental privileges are still pending.
. it li not thought that there will be
any trouble in that regard. - The mag
nitude, of ; the enterprise and its un
told economic value can hardly fall to
appeal to all neighboring Interests
'and prevent, obstruction from compar-i
- atively inconsequential;: consldera-
tions, vV;. '' ,
I So far as appears on the surface of
things,. It ought not 'to be many
'.months until actual work begins on
,thls ' engineering 'enterprise, . which
will; add one more to the great irri
gation achievements that have help
ed to make the sugar industry of Ha
waii world-famous.
-The government's rights have been
nettled and the plans for the auction
of these rights were given 1 nthe Star
Bulletin yesterday. , The most 1m-
portant , private rights involved, it is
stated, are those of Lv L. McCandless
atWalahole and Walkanel Mrs.. Mary
Foster and the Bishop estate. - This
estate has lands on the lee side of
the island extending up to the top of
the range, it was explained today.
McCandless is understood to have
given an option on his rights expiring
the first of next year.
Auction November 16.
Advertisement will begin today or
tomorrow announcing November 16
as the date for the sale at pub
lic 1 auction, of the' Waiahole
water license, which the Oahu Plan
tation has agreed to take at the upset
price of 115,000 per annum, announce
raent of which was made yesterday
In the 'Star-Bulletin. Anyone desir
ing to bid for the water license may
do so. but as the Oahu Plantation is
the only concern in a position to
handle it, no other bidders are an
ticipated. ' mm
At half-past one o'clock today word
waa phoned in to the Star-Bulletin
from the Waialua plantation that a
steady rain had been falling since
noon, estimated at three-quarters of
an Inch at 3 p. m., and still raining,
with prospects of continuance for
some' hours.
Romance of "Old Country"
Culminates in Wedding
The culmination of a pretty ro.
mance. which began in Ireland, oc
curred last night when Miss Daisy
Grlffen became the bride of Mr. Wil
liam Dingle at St. Andrew's Cathe
dral. Bishop Restarick officiated at
the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Ken
nedy acting as best man and brides
maid. , H. JL HENDRICK, LTD.
Merchant and Atakta Phone 2648
Secretary of Interior in Statement Declares Frear Charges
Lost Sight of in bigger Questions Arising Here
-clal Star-Bulletin Cable
SEATTLE, Wash., Oct. 11. Secretary of the Interior Fisher arrived
here today on the cruiser Maryland, together with Secretary Knox. In an
interview given out here in which he touched briefly upon the investiga
tion he conducted in Hawaii, Mr. Fiisher makes the statement that "one
reform we all agreed on was that public utility corporations in the islands
ought to be placed under the supervision of a public utilities commission.
The charges against Frear were lost sight of because of the bigger question."
Associated Press .Cable
NEW. YORK, N. Y.f Oct. 11. "Smoky" Joe Wood again held New
York's batters at hiSrmercy today,
Giants on their own grounds, making
the American "leaguers.
Although Wood yielded nine hits,
New York could make but one run,
three tallies. Each team' had one error.
"Big Jeff" Tesreau started in the
stand off the-hard-hitting Bostonlans
The Bostons were fleet on the bases
rally was nipped in the bud. !
NEW YORK, N. Y Oct. 11. The
to date for the series, 36,502 people
$76,444, of which the players get $4187
I ne- score; . ; n. n. c.
; New! York ::...:. $ 1
Boston. .. 3 8 1
Batteries Wood and Cady; Tesreau, Amea ant? Myers.
L. L. McCandless and the Demo
cratic r leaders" of this county are on
the verge of another break such as
helped to defeat McCandless two
years .ago.
This time it is not a matter of plat
orm announcements, but of finances.
The story from Democratic campaign
headquarters is that McCandless has
refused so far to contribute to the
county campaign, and no secret Is
madcr of the fact that the county
campaign management resents it
deeply. - . " .
According to what the Democratic
leaders say, - McCandless was ; ap
proached just before he left on his
present, tour of Hawaii and Maui and
told that the party was very short of
cash; dangerously short, In fact. He
was told ' that the campaign in this
county would help his chances a great
deal and that as a matter of fairness
as well as politics he ought to help
the party exchequer.
The story goes that McCandless
said he was under considerable ex
penre in' running -his own campaign
for Delegate, and that just then he
wasn't in a position to contribute.
His point has not been at all well
taken by the county campaign man
agement, and one of the prominent
Democrats was frank in saying today
that McCandless attitude had antag
onized the party here to a consider
able extent.
According to the "inside" political
tips, the county campaign is not at
all flush of cash. When the news
came out some days ago that the
management had secured a small cor
ner on the auto supply for election
day. It was supposed that the treas
ury must be full, but this Is denied.
Mr. Dingle came to Honolulu five
years ago and engaged in the carpen-1
try business. Back in the "old coun
try" he and his bride were school
mates and during the years that he
has been a resident of this city a cor
respondence went on which finally
resulted in the pretty bride traveling
all the way front Dublin to Honolulu
to become the wife of her former
school chum.
After the ceremony a reception
was held at the home of Mr. Thomas
Kennedy on Kalakaua avenue, where
the happy couple were the recipients
of many beautiful presents and were
given the congratulations of a host of
friends. The guests danced until the
small hours of the morning and dain
ty -refreshments were served. The
bride cut the wedding cake, carrying
out the time-honored tradition.
After a short honeymoon at Hale
iwa. Mr. and Mrs. Dinele will h at
home to their friends at the residence I
'of Mr. Kennedy on Kalakaua avenue J
ii WW-:
and again the Red Sox defeated the
the series two to one in favor of
they were so well scattered that
while Boston's , eight hits produced
box for the Giants, but he could not
and he was replaced by "Red" Ames.
and in the field, and every Nek York
attendance today broke the record
seeing: the game. .The receipts were
and the national commission $7,644
Jack: Desha, the Harvard student
whom Delegate Kuhio has chosen as
his private secretary, will not be nam
ed representative of the commercial
bodies in Washington, if the present
sentiment among leading members of
the Chamber of Commerce and the
Merchants' association holds good
next winter.
The resignation or George McK. Mc
Clellan has left two bodies without a
representative at the national capital,
and Desha, as the private secretary to
Kuhio, is in the natural order of suc
cession in line for the job, but local
businessmen express the opinion that
he has neither the influence nor the
experience to make the kind of repre
sentative they want at Washington.
Desha is highly regarded here, but
his youth is against his getting the
position, as he had been planning to
enter the Harvard law school when
his appointment as secretary to Ku.
hio sent him to Washington Instead.
It was reported today that both bod
ies are looking around for a repre
sentative and that so far there has
been 'no choice made.
The question of increase in wharf
age charges at all public piers in the
Territory will be taken up by the
uoara or Harbor Commissioners at
an early date, on the report of Com
missioner Wakefield, who was re
cently appointed a committee of one
to investigate the situation. His re-
port is now completed In part, and
De &aId yesterday that he will recom
mend the increase in wharfage rates
as a result of the facts he has discov
ered in the course of his investiga
tion. Below are given some of the fig
ures he has compiled, showing briefly
the general situation as regards both
private and public piers.
In all there are sixty-one wharves
in the Territory outside Oahu. Of
these twenty -six are Territorial
wharves and thirty-five are privately
owned. The majority are not really
entitled tne dignity ot tne name
"wharf," as they are little more than
mere landings; in fact all the Ter
ritorial landings handle freight and
passengers by surf boat Three pri
vate wharves land freight and pas
sengers direct from the vessel to the
pier; thirteen land freight by cable
and nineteen land freight Dy surr
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J -
The new war minister, who Is ex
pected to outline a way to peace.
Army Officers in Honolulu.Now
Watch the; War, News
That the gravest military problem
that confronts - tho Balkan states" in
their united war, against Turkey, is
that of uniting In fact as well as in
name, Is the opinion of well-posled
army officers here, who are following
with keen interest the unrolling of
the war map of Eastern Europe. Un
der one competent leader, and work
ing put a concerted, plan of campaign.
Tno amferhVcef?IarilOnte
negro and Bulgaria - are more than a
match numerically for the Sultan's
troops. But will there be concerted
action under one head? That is the
point on which local experts are
more than doubtful.
"It is hard to make out from the
brief newspaper dispatches just who
is beating who," said. Lieut Col.
Campbell, adjutant general of the De
partment of Hawaii- this morning.
Naturally, every army officer is in
terested in the developments of any
war, for every modern war teaches
Its own lesson, which the entire mili
tary of the world can profit by. How
ever, it's too early in the day, and too
little is known here of actual condi
tions, to permit of forming anything
like definite opinions.
Appropriate Exercises in Com
memoration of Notable
The flag-raising exercises, which
began at 1:4.", are being held this
afternoon at the Liliuokalani School
in Kaimuki. The program for the
occasion is as follows:
1. Overture Hawaiian Band
2. Introductory Remarks
H. G. Davis of Waialae. Palolo.
and Kaimuki Improvement Club
li. Song School and Audience
4. Flag Rlaising
...Geo. W. De Long Post, G. A. R.
5. Red, White and Blue" School
6. Flag Salute and Drill School
7. Oration ..Charles A. Cottrill
8. Finale, "Star Spangled Banner"
Led by Band
The flag-raising is under the aus
pices of the Waialae, Palolo and Kai
muki Improvement Club, assisted by
Miss Needham, 'principal of the new
school. The flag salute and drill will
be performed by the pupils, who have
been trained for the occasion, and the
Grand Army ritual for flagTaising
will be performed. Residents of the
district to display the national colors
in honor of the event.
it .
V:' r' J
1 V
I .-
The .new srand vlaler. ; A Wal HaOi
Id kent him; in Egypt twentr-years to
keep him out of Constantinople; He
is one oi xurKeyT8 most progressiTC
men. "
"On the surface, though, it looks as
though the Balkan states would have
an excellent chance of defeating Tur
key if there could be concerted action
under one leader. It has usually been
(Continued on page 3.)
A - -
Photo by Perkins
President of improvement club
I s- r y"r ? ;
(n iMW m inn F"
Military. Ex
ganization An
J Associated Pre Cablcl v' t 4 -
-v PODOGORITZA, Turkey, Oct. The M6ntenegrln have cipturti
a Turkish fort on the border after fourteen hourt :qflievy1lsntlns.
Idea have suffered heavy losses. ; J tv " '
' , .: ; - ' '"' ;; Y'V;"1 .v.';' ' ' '
CONSTANTINOPLE, 'Turkey; Oct 11-Four-hji'ndrdhouiahi Turk
Ish troops are now being mobilized, and therganlxatl0 y lrmX V
It pronounced excellent 1 : ' r ' ': ""'vJL ': V;---V.l.
?; x i "..'. j "'.v.-rVV .- - 0 '
V;;.' - fSpal Ftar-Bulltln Cabl :v-- V 1 t 'm J
' . LONDON, Eng Oct 11.-Greece has . purchase4 the. Chinese crulsei .
ChaV Ho, which has been "recently completed at Newcaatleantf-will . Lti -it
Jn the war against Turkey.-- ? ; " ';; " . . ' i :
f Associated
; J N EW YOR K, H. Yn Oct .1 1 Mora sensational davelopmenti.ean. ton
day In the trial. of Pollc Lieutenant Becker on, the cbrst of fccr:?ir:cy
In the killing of Herman. Rosenthal,!. the gambler. , An, eyewltnttJ cf;tha
killing In front of the Metropole, Thomat Ryar. a chavr!Teyr wit ev:r....;
terrorized by thegunmen-and declined to Idtntlfy tht.amxt!ns. , Artt!.tft
eyewltnesv GlovanW: SUnlch, ewore on the atand today that; U t
Louie waa the' man who Area at least
other, three gunmen now on ,trlau-r
J Associated
put Intoday. In the trial of the alleged union, dynamixsr? -xfneguntrtAtiniWtima-a
were seized In the union vault here, tome, In ,ethtci:::t . v-5
StnldhgMiiie In Cnniy
Associated ;
BINGHAM, Utah, Oct. 11 Fifty
ttd in: bitched battle. 'Two miner
of tM striker made. , ; V
I Speciat .
WATSONVILLE, CaL, i Submarine
run, two of the crew being drowned--
scouts will
Italian Airmen Expected to
Volunteer in Order .to
Score on Turks
In spite of the fact that none of the
four nations now hurling defiance at
Turkey across the Balkans, or the
army of the crescent itself, have any
regular aerial fleet, it is likely that
before war has been in progress lor
any length or time, au live nauoua
will have their air scouts ready to do,
and very likely die, for the cause
they nave espoused.
"It will be interesting to see how
was not the alleged cloud ' of
on his home at Punahou that
was worrying uick ivers iiua mum-
ng, but a doggoned piece of imposi
tion, as he looked at it, on tne part
of the tax office.
I wanted a dog tag," said Mr.
Ivers, "and Instead or giving it to
me for ten cents they send me a bill
American-Hawaiian Paper Co. Secures
Big Contract from the
The largest order for paper ever
placed in the territory of Hawaii was
today secured by Geo. G. Guild, presi
dent of the American-Hawaiian Paper
& Supply Co., Ltd.
The order is for newspaper in rolls,
and if unwound would cover , a foot
path 12 inches wide from Honolulu to
This paper will be printed, by the
Honolulu Star-Bulletin and delivered
to thousands of homes in the territory
during the next, few. months.
Press CabtiL
one mot .no inca w iunni ..
m o'-,-': ;
- 'V
Press Cabl
JI-SIxhundred and twenty exhibits
Press Cable
deputies and 300 miners nay;ia..
have been wounded tnd many arrt;.j
a . . x
Star-Bulletin Cable
F2 today grounded- while making a
' -vv. t -;;:,', y.-' ,
r 'I.;--;
1 w
many adventure-loving renca man
Italian avUtors. Qy to Join the Tariou
armies," . said Major N. F. McClure,
Fifth Cavalry,; this mbrnlng. In dis
cussing the sdbjectlln which .every
8rmy officer here, Is much Interested.
"I ' don't believe. . It will f Je much
trouble for; all ' the five ' nations to
raise airauiii urcis. . . s
There seems to be -a 'well founded
supposition that' Italian .airmen .will
volunteer their, services to the, Greek
army, in order to .. get a chance at
the Turks In Southeastern Europe, as
well as In Morocco, -where Italian
army filers have been operating with
success against, the Turkish forces,
for $U0. Now, I didn't own the doft,
on January 1st, anddon't see that i
owe for the doff license. this year.". ;
"If you go Into that tax office.- re
marked Judge Wilder, Vwno. had Just
come put ofcUhe same place, "they'll
skin you good; and. plenty."
Nevertheless the aggrieved citlien
did go In. He probably ."came otrt '
with a $1.10 dog tag and tag receipt.
Persia Sailing at 10 O'Clock.
' According to late ' advices received
at the agency-of H. HackfeW & Com-i
pany, the Pacific Mail liner Persia
from San Francisco is to arrive - at "
Alakea wharf, late this afternoon. -The
vessel is, listed for dispatch for
Japan and China ports at 10 o'clock.',
tomorrow morning. ": :
Transport Wearing Port. 4 -
The United States 'army transport
Logan from San Francisco- Is expect
ed to arrive at "Honolula early Sun-
day morning: with .military and civil- ,
lan passengers' for this port as well
as Guam jus! :Minila -T.-'. -v-;
The trcwpshlpimay receive a small
amount efr coal during Hhe stay: ftt -

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