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e .
tfottnlulu D
Frank Munson, welt known in local
shipping and waterfront circles, who
' has been a resident of this port for
-some time past, committed suicide by
leaping from the American schooner
Robert Lew era while that vessel con
tinued to hover in Hawaiian waters,
and was. but four days out from the
port of 'Honolulu.
1 Officers In. the Pacific Mail liner
Persia, who claim an acquaintance
with Munson at a time he served on
transpacific steamers, brought the
story of the sad death of the sailor
on arrival of the liner last evening.
Munson signed on the articles as
an-able seamon and sailed with the
Robert lowers for Puget Sound ports
on September 9th. The vessel had
completed the discharge of a large
cargo - of lumber consigned to the
lnoai nnnih rT limiin Jr. rvtnlra onn
In rounding up his crew Captain An
derson selected Munson among sev
eral men who offered. their services.
The fourth day out from Honolulu,
wjth the islands still in range, Mun-
: aon, for some reason or other, began
to act In a rather peculiar manner.
V However, there were no Indications
manifested 'that the well known young
man bad become Insane, therefore he
' Awat not watched or placed under, re-
': etraint. . i , ,
t Without a word of warning Munson
vaa neen to climb a portion of the
war ud the rigging and jump Into the
sea., j f Despite all efforts to save the
t men's life, the skipper and. his off I
, errs while putting back;, failed: to
- roach Munson before; he , had , dlsap-
peared beneath the waves, j- y
7 tag to Port Gamble, there to take on
for the Hawaiian. Islands, .v The wind
t Jammer reached : the Sound port a
. week, am last .Thursday.
j, Relative and friends of the young
man, - were notifiedl bf the sad occurd-
rence today. - ' -
Hlio Shipping. . r
: .Hilo presents a busy front in its
era! windjammer! and a steamer from
coast porta. - At the time the: Inter.
Island-steamer Mauna Kea remained
there, the bark'Nuuanu waa taking on
focHnMl fnr SnnthPTTi Palifnrnla. .Th
4, of a shipment of Puget Sound lum-
c Kr ih irhnnnArv. nkonorsA. . . from
wrb. b n nmvHi, nnn .whs mwhilihit &
v torn to be discharged. k.
i ; ;j,The schooner. Taurus an arrival last
week .waa; being . unloaded as .rapidly
aa . possible. The Matson Navigation
steamer Enterprise had been supplied
with. some sugar and pineapples, and
was to sail for San Francisco today.
. . El . - -. .
VlrnUn Bringing Much Flour.
" A large quantity of flour is aboard
j sinisiU' which Is due to arrive at Ho
nolulu this evening or tomorrow
, htiard durine. the stay at Seattle.
The first of the ,12.000-ton freight
: ers being built for the American-Ha--waliaa
line, the MInnesotan, arrived
at New York Friday and is now load
Ikb'.. furvn fnr ' tho vm(: r.oamt trade:
She iar the t first of eight new mam
- moth, steamships, to be built for this
v trade.'4 With the placing of the MIn
nesotan into commission the Texan
will go on the ' triangle- run between
San-Francisco , Seattle and Honolulu,
f .The, Texan will bring a cargo of coal
to San Francisco for the United States
navy,- and then take the triangle run.
'. tattr-Uland Arrivals. .
f.With,rice and paddy, the Inter-Isl.
and steamer Noeau is back from Kau
ai, the.. Teasel, being an arrival this
. morning.v xne - ivoeau , orougnt in o
aXa .
sacra paaay, 349 sacKs nee, a quau
; tity of empties and 27 packages sun
dries. The steamer met . with fine
weather and smooth seas along the
coast of Kauai.
-The Inter-Island steamer Iwalanl
from - Mahukona and Kipahulu. with
2S head cattle, a quantity of empty
drums and 4 packages sundries re
turned to her home port this morn big.
The Iwalanl officers report Northeast
trades and smooth seas.
Dix Also- a Monday Arrival.
Port officials expect the Lntted
States army transport Dix from Ma
nila by the way of Nagasaki. Japan;
on Monday morning. The Dix is re
ported -to have-between five and six
thousand- tons Japanese coal for dis
charge at Honolulu. The vessel will
be-rberthed at Number One naval
wharf,' and may remaint here for ten
days before continuing the voyage to
Seattle and the Sound.
Bark Weleh Is Towed to Pearl Harbor.
i.From San Francisco for Honolulu
and Pearl Harbor, completing the
passage in fifteen days, the American
bark Andrew Welch arrived off the
' harbor early - thiB morning, and the
windjammer was taken in tow by the
- Matson. Navigation tug Intrepid for
Part -f Harbor. - The Andrew Welch
has much' carga for the United States
government, the material to enter
Into the construction of - the naval
k a a. l-k
sanf Ctresi epi Union Grill
post there. A quantity of cement and
brick, as well as structural steel, la
included in the large shipment
brought down from the Coast in the
sailing vessel.
The Welch win remain at the naval
base until all. Pearl Harbor carga has
been discharged and will then proceed
to Honolulu. Six passengers who es
sayed the sailing route-in-returning
to the Islands were - landed in a
launch after quaarntine, .Immigration
and' customs officers had passed the
ship. !
Freighter HemtUn 1eftJYtttsrday!
For Coast.
Sailing yesterday1 afternoon, with
destination as -Tacoma: or Seattlevthe
Norwegian freighter Hornelen will
upon arrival at the- Sound-portar load
lumber for Australia, -r M;
The Hornelen . was , an! arrival from
Newcastle, s N.. S;)W oni October: 4;
with 500 tons of Australian coal, for
the most part consigned to the ! Inter
Island Steam- NavigaUon Comptny.
Captain Nllson was on the look out
for one- or two r sailor menv.befdre
leaving, but- at- the last moment i the I .
applicants were pursuaded to rematt
ashore, and may perhaps-c; face'"'
charge of desertion from i the UhitedrMUKILTEO ArrlvedVCOct 11, bktn.
states, armys. a:ri.;ul v fcir,
To1 discharge'seVen hiinted-terns
of general1 cargo brought down from
the Coast, the Matson Navigation- 8.
a Honolulan- sailed for Kahulul last
evening and' ls.Echetrnled'tar return to
her home port on Snndaymornmg.
The vessel r may secure some' ' sugar
while at the Maul porL Thw Hon o
lulan will be dispatched' for Saw Fran
cisco at 10 o'clock Wednesday, morn
ing,: taklngv e full ; list of cabin! pas
sengers.:;: ii ii-T- cJ A r
According to Purser Phillips hi thte
Inter-Island steamer Mauna Kea the
folloflng sugar is 'reported as await
ing. shipment on Hawaii r rOlaa; 3000r
Onomea; 2360; Hakalau, 7574;: Laupa
hoehoe ; lSQOf Pnnalutv 6200;; Honu-
apo,:51S8..;-.? V.iyMMi'-'::0. .
Per P. M, S. 5. Persia: from . San
Francisco, , for. Honolulu j, h Mrs; C. A.
Heron, Mrs.' -Cameron Ross-.-Through:
ForYokohamal X Ashida; Lothar
Eisenbelss, , J.' At Fenner, Jose Frey,
Mra.v J. F; Gresaltt, Miss F. Gressitt,
Mr.- and Mrs. Chas.: Leringa, . Mr. and
Mrs. F. L. Lowndes; Charles; McNab,
Mrs. M, B. Mallory; Sidney F. Marsh,
Mrs. J. a l Poole,; Miss H. Sutton, S.
R. Shepard. ?For Kobe: Fred Baker,
Ester Beck, r Francis Beck, Roger S.
Miles, Rev. Andrew Bt Nellson, Miss
H. P Robins." For Shanghai: ;Mm
C:. Ar Biddle.U. iPj Brooks, i Sam lS.
Bullock, Dr. Cv A. Devlin, 'J; B Grant,
Mrs. J. R. Jones, Miss Jessie. McDon
ald, Mr. and Mrs. W. 0 Moore, Mr.
andiMrs. W. H. SteehlerF;; Vines,
J R. W; Watts- For Hongkong: Mr.
and Mrs. V. L. Andrews and Infant,
Mrs; T. X Banyea, MIssn N. R. Cory
Chee. Jan, Capt J. J. A CJark, R. F;
Clement? Pifetsch,: .Jesses Cleveland,
W. A.v ChurchiU, Mrs. J. M. DeUn,
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Fennlman, Mr.
Alva J.; Hill, W. R. Hardy, W. a
Jones, Kwongv Chey, Yusan, ' HI lD;
Keyes,. Mrsj Thos. Kydd, - A. E. Low
rie, R. B. Lilllard, Mrs. J. B. McGot
ern, Master McGoVern, Domingo Mon
huay, Man Land. Eli, Ng Yuk Tong,
Miss Mary E. Pratt D. D. Rankine,
A. Renwick, John- Sung. A. . T. Sln
mle, Mr.-and Mrs. Teal, L. U Thomas;
Miss F. Wheaton.. Mlss Paulina K.
Wegaxv- F. . E.. WilliamSi Wong You
Song,: - Mrs;-, George E. Williams, J.
M. Wright; - Elmer Young..
' Per stmr. Mauna Kea, from Hllo
and war ports G, Weblintv & Carl
smith. Miss M. Hutchins, Jas. Hutch
Ins, Jas. Glbb, Rev. S. L. DeshaWl
Van Dunker, D. G. May, H. Johnson;
C. B. Gage, F. D. Fisher. H. Cockett;
Mrs.,Cockett B. Mahl, Ho Pon,:H. S.
Rickard, H.t A. Giese.A. B. Lindsay,
H. M. von-Hblts J. Wi Donald, B. H.
Thomas, A. W. Eames, G,, L. Hadley,
Isoo Wing, J. Hansen, A. Frees, R;
Pi Quarlea, Mrs. E. Lyons, A.- V.
Hayes, H. Decker, Capt A. L.- Soule,
Mrs. Soule. ..
- 4-
Per P. M. S. S. PersiaFor Japan
and China ports: IL Y.Cmng, H. Si
Chuck, Miss J. Howard, Miss I. How
ard. J
The Persia, departing' for the-coast
of Asia at noon today, carried but a
few additional cabin, passengers from
Honolulu, the accommodation in the
vessel being. crowded; to the limit
The Matson Navigation Company,
it is reported, will retire each steam
er in the trans-Pacifier trade for suf
ficient time to make general repairs
and permit .of an; overhauling. The
Lurline is slated as one of the first
liners to receive attention. -
News received by the local branch
of the . Merchants Exchange gave ad
vance notice of the arrival of the In-ter-l&land.
steamer Kilauea at San
Francisco and . beating , the Federal
wireless telegraph report to this city
by nearly forty-eight hours.
Phem 131
ais a
o.4o!io.oo: &5&
i5ot 1M
Il.a010.54 &J5
5.4 L9
10J iXO a57l 5J4!
New moon Oct-10th.at,3:ji0 a. ra
TeniperatureU4 i.ira4, UV 8 'a. m.,
79; 10 a. m., 83; lx noon, i. Mini
mum last night, 72.
Wind 6 a. m., velocity 2, direction
E.; 8 a. m.. velocity Z, 4iection S. E.;
10 a. m velocity 2. direction N. E.;
12 noon, velocity-v 10, i direction N.
Movement past A 4 rtoouraW. miles.
Barometer 'afcl a? m.',r$.9fti Relar
ttvfl.hnmicHrtr18'a miL7L:u Dew-point
at 8 fc-m,i63 Absolute humidity, 8
a. nti . 7 i52T Rainfall', past- 24 hours.
. i 7. - ' k M.m
Excise ': : -
s SatniCxri OetrlzV r :
SAN FRANCISCO" Bailed, Oct llj
Scnr. Annie jonnson, ior Manoaooa.
y .: M. Wlnkelman, from -Ahuklnl, Sep
tember.23; , Sjm.- -
niLO Arrived, .Oct 18, isehr. Okan-
ogon, from Port Gamble. ' : ; -n
Arrived, Oct 11, schr. Taurua,
l.fromr Mukilteo. '
f S. &i HONGKONQ MARH eailft for
Yokohama .Sunday morning
f John Kalua, aHaVaian,- was -eent
to the- hospital yesterday afternoon,
Suffering from a wound r Inflicted by
a .32-callber revolver -alleged- by ;th
police to have been fired accidentally
by, one Jobar ?0.n u: . 3 . :
Two: men were spending the day in
the . country back of. Punahou-' school
reservation. Armed with vthe; revol
Yer; i they are alleged, to have ' beex
Indulging In "pot shots' at - various
objects moving and in still life. .
According to Kalua, his compan
ion, in discharging the weapon at a
bird, failed to display marksmanship
that insured any decree of safety. The
ball penetrated the- Kalua- leg,- and
war extracted following the arrival
of the injured man atrthe hospital
DECUNE..0F $35,000 V.!'
For the six days ended at noon to?
day- the sales 'a-ecorded; on- tin Hobo
lulu" Stock & Bon Exchange com
prosed 2567, aharea of stocks for 193,
727.50: and bonds 'of the par value of
$20,000, an 'aggregate of $123,727.50,
as compared , with $122,1475 stocks
and 13700 - bonds, an aggregates of
f 15Q,647,25ii fori tlw corresponding per
iod of last weak; i which shows a de
cline of $35,919.75 for this week.
Transactions this week were as fol
lows: V: 8tocks. ' -v-
"Ewa Plantation Co, 80- shares for
$2255;. high 28.50, low 28.
Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co.,
115 sharea for.$4730i -high 42, low 41.
Hawaiian Pineapple- Co. 200 shares
for $8800; price 44.:? .i .
Hawaiian Sugar Co., 30 shares for
$1230; price - ' -; -
HfltX Railroad? CW commom 250
shares tax $21870; I prlce-S.75.
f .Honokaa Sugar Co.. 70 shares for
S56SvihichLS.Sa.5lon8. ra;
: .Honolaln Brewlfig i& MfcltlnsT Co..
463:aharem forv$10,38.75; highr23.25,
IntspJslandH Steam Navlgaxbnr Co.,
15 .sharea'fort$3000J price $20tk
Kekaha; Sugar Co, 5 share ifnr $1.-
'ftT5fc;prtoe,.8l5Ut;Hrv. .m JZit,
.,MnBxyttK 8Ugar ;Co., 370 shares, for
i$2C35Jv nricei'.fi-6.l'i ; 5jf
: Jtmtual Teieimone ca, lb snares ror
$390r price, S8i' t
Oahu Railwayf ft Land Co., 75 shares
for $XL250rrice, 180c . -r un i
' ;-,Oanu;;: Sugar- Ca, 1052 shares for
$271.90 high. 26.25;tlow 25.75J'
! riOlaa (Sugar .Ctw: 52U;.shares for $3,-
076.25;.: htgii; hi; low, 5.75.s;r'
1 Dnomea: Sugar CoLi: 15 shares- for
$S65higb 47.?S;. low, 67.50. u.t
. -Pioneer Mllf ; Co 235rsharesj for
$7280511315 lo, SUiv
Waialua Agricultural Co., 55 shares
for $6325; price, 115.
Hilb Railroad Extension sixes, $15,
000 at 97; $3000 at 97.25; $4000 at
97,50. ,
Honolulu . Gas Ca sixes, $8000- at
100. .
Brewery was the only stock dealt
in on 'change todayy22 and 50. shares
selling unchanged at 23.25. A sale of
Hilo Extension, bonds, $4000, waa made
at an advance of one-quarter point to
Sales reported consisted of 80 and
1 7
15 shares of Hawaiian Commercial at.Taft's Aunt Delia, celebrated her
41ft a drop of one point, and 10 of'
lionokaa at 850, a rise of half a point-
on mvui ill! rcrc
if inn i lumuuiu
At least sixty per cent of the pas
sengers- to- arrive at Honolulu early'
Monday morning in the Oceanic liner Mail liner Persia, which resumed its
Sierra from San Francisco are. tour-(voyage to Japan and China coast
ists, . according, to the calculations oX. ports at noon loday,. were under the
C. .Brewer and Company, the local
agents for the vessel. .1
With the arrival of the Pacific Mail
liner. Persia from the Coast last even-1
ing Came an advance list Of cabin1
passengers now en rojite from San who made thes discovery that theChi
Fwciscoto Honolulu in. the. popular nese were, landed at San Francisco
Oceanic boat 1 under bond, and were In transit to
..HLi 6 Passengers are Mexico. The recent troublous sUte
tUe IOllOWing: f afrlrtt wj.hn the snuthcrn Nnnh.
Geo. Ahlborn. Miss Lottie Alf. Al
sacf and Lorraine, Mrs. Baker,. M. F.
Barclay, vMls8 M. Barre, Mrs. C. R.
Buckland. Miss Hazel Buckland. T. O.
Boylan, Mrs. Boylan, Mrs. T. Brandt
M. Costa, J. E. Crilly, Miss M. A. Con
don, Miss Mabel Carter, Hong Chack,
Kao Tin Chun, A. I. Cooper, Mrs. De
veres, Mrs. G. Damon, Miss E. Damon,
A.F. Dredge, Rev. K Englehart, Mrs.
Englehart J. A. , Engiiah, Miss M.
Fauth, Louis Franks, Mrs.. EL. D, Fish
er, M. R, Galloway, Mrs. Galloway, A.
Gilliand Mrs. Harmon, Judge F. M.
Hatch, Miss Hatch, Miss Helen
Hayes; Miss N. Hayes, R. E. Herold,
Sing Hoe, Lee Hon, Mrs. E. T. Hughes
and child,. Mrs. L. Hull, J. P. Jacobs,,
F. B- Johnson, Mrs, Johnson, Apau
Kau, Mrs. Kelley, Dr-Chas. Kelly, T.
Kelly, Mrs. Klrkaldy child and nurse,
E. R.,Lang, Mrs. Lang an infant Chas.
Lang, E. Larson,. R.. I. Lillie, Mrs. Lik
lie, J. Lishmajnu' Mrs.. A. E. Long, Capt
L C. McDbugal. CVD. Mcintosh, . Miss
I Mary McLane, Mr. Maggio, J. Magnin,
U Marksv, Dr. T. R. McNab, H. B.
rMarriner,aMrs. Marriner, Mrs. M.
Murray, il A. C. Parish, A. B. Pat
rick, Mrv Patrick, Miss E. Pearson,
F. tt PJllett, Mrs. Plllett and child,
TV.Jv Quinn, Percy Ramsden.W. St
Jijftanuey, Mrs. Ranney, " child, and
raaldi J.W. Ramsey, Mra, Ranisey, R
Reld; J.L. P: Robinson,, ii. P: 'JHoth,
MnM;Ml Roth, Mrs. T. Rowald. Mrs.
JrP: Rego and daughter; Mrs. E. J.
I Sei vert J- Sinclair, Jas. Steiner, Mrs.
meaner, t sterling,. xwrs. sierung ana
-child, Stibbard, Lloyd Stock, S. M.
Stock, Lai Tin, R. S. Thurston, J. Van
Wagner, Mrs. Van Wagner, Miss Q.l
Walters, Mrs. E. Warner. B. C. Wil
liams, Mrs. WUiiamsk.Mrs. W. S. Wln
ters, Mrs. Isabel" Wing. Hon Kal Yin,
C. K. C. Yop.
The first permit granted hf the
Board of Sflperyisors .for ardahce.unV'
der the danced hall'' ordinance lately I?
enacted, was Joseph Charles Cor
ney.: passed byVote of the board at
noon todaypIt iff gratis, the appllca-
tlan stating Ulat the dance: -waa to be
given XOTi the support of three .orphafl
children iat Keolau.rItvvVlll.7be given
at.- K. oli PHall'vOm iNovambeiy S.
.Passing tofi half-imoathlyf- payrolls
wadhermain purpose of the meeting.
iRoaditSUperjlsorn Frank tPahla of
: Koolaupoko xepoxted . an 1 iectpendltureH
ofa$1147.a3.onvUre--roads of that, dis
trict .far September and, a. .balance of
r$502Jia.phhandix:iti'; xr xiw.
; tt&arsion AJamproiv.-cnsjrinan or. me
. harbor commissioa.-notlfled the super-
visorslof rtheirfesolution about begin
nitigwxrk omtitfti Waikanet wharf con
gtrnctiosA to ('proceed n isimnitaneously
withr.the county oh he road t to the
wharfi.v' V.'ajKanc
t Alrtths. instance'f Mr.uLow; the
board agreed to have aj conference of
allcommittees on Monday evening,
to clean-up i- rk.- As there was not
muchi'basmess dn sight for theregular
nsteting'.xa vTuesday, next, it waa
agreed to hold it at 12:15 p. m. in
stead of in tue evening.
. . .. - . 111 ,' .
Sugar' plantations"; . on this island
have not, received as-much rainfall
within the past twenty-four hours aa
might be Imagined from the weather
conditions in town.
Waialua! had a precipitation of one
Inch; mostly on the lower portions.
There was not any heavy rain on the
upper levels.
Wahiawa dam has risen only two
At Waipahu the rainfall has been
only 14-100ths of an inch, so that
Oahu plantation is still lacking moist
Clrcuii'Jude AVhiteny has set No
vember 18 as the date for hearing the
. petition for probating the will of the
late Hugh E. Mclntyre, who left real
estate at Kalihi valued at $700 and
personal property consisting of por
poration stocks and securities estim
ated at $40,000.
; The petitioners, his sisters, Jane Mc
Intyre Walker and Agnes Margaret
May Mclntyre, set forth that they
were named in his will as executrices,
but they waive that appointment, and
ask that in their stead Samuel Walker
son of Jane Walker, be appointed exe
cutor.' The other heirs named are:
Aimyra Mclntyre, deceased; George!
Mclntyre, the nephew, and Annie Mc-
Iniyre, niece of the deceased . and Navigation steamer Hilonlan with a
daughter of William Mclntyre, deceas- large general cargo and extensive
ed. shipments of lumber is due to reach
tm m the port early Monday morning, 'lhe
The Holt steamer Protesilaus has Hilonian is en route from San Fran
made the passage to Hongkorig from cisco by. the way of Seattle and Ta
Liverpool, calling at Singapore and coma and will take a berth at Hack
Manila in the remarkably quick time feld wharf. The Hilonian also has
of 84 days. e cargo for discharge at island ports
m ; including Port Allen, Kahulul and Hilo.
Miss Delia C. Torrey, President'
birthday anniversary- at Milbury,
Mass., Sept. f SO. She is 8 , years old.
One hundred or more Chinese trav
eling in the steerage in the Pad lie
strongest kind of guard during the
entire stay of the steamship at the
port of Honolulu. t
. The Celestials were rounded un bv
the mainland Immirration authoHtleA
lie caused the authorities . to stop the
passage of the Orientals to Mexico,
and -they were sent back to China the
Pacific Mail - Steamship Company,
whose liners brought the Chinese to
the Coast, being obliged to attend to
their transportation back tov the- coast
of Asia. . -
The Chinese looked .with longing
eyes upon .the green., hilla of Oahu,
but any endeavor to gain their free
dom would have, availed little, as
guards swarmed the ship, t i .
, Upon the head of each: was fixed a
little matter of five hundred; dollars
fine should the passenger make his
",Tbe Persia arrived at Honolulu late
last' evening, with every bit of pas
senger accommodation taxed to the
limits The yessel was unable to take
but a very limited number of flrst
claea;.paisengera. from,' Honolulu to
Japan or China ports.
The liner hr crammed with carga
for the most part cotton, ' which will
be left at Japanese ports. '
. The freight list includes.- over four
thousand tons .of merchandisei whilef
shipments of flour and .150 tons of tan
bark for- Honolulu; are in ther assort
ment . -. u u . :)i-.-'
Guns and. many thousand ' rounds of
amaxunitloaor .theihineser.govero'
ment are 'one of the features in the
freight list carried by the Persia. ;
Among .' the passengers .proceeding
;tot jthe Far East are a number of miB
slonarios : returning to ithelr stations
In China after vacations- spent on the
mainland; : A.; number r;ot. applicants
for .tiansportation to the : Far East
were'r-turned away; hefore the vessel
departed from San Franclsoev,. t . . f- ,
Threet passengers left the-vessel at
Honolulu, while. .a half dozenv cabtn
passengers . succeeded e tda aecurins
berths for the; voyage: ttQic th Far
East; , i y - 'dwtif vafcii
Purser MacPheraon reports iTSssfe
sengers, of which 82 , were ?tn-: the?
cabin. If second class and 177 Asiatic
steerage.,,-:.;v: i:.,--.tYt -55; ; rriKi-rt
; I ; The 1 Persia broughtr mail t from the
mamiana- Dearmg aatea; up to andiin-
eluding October 6.
v L. Jtuenter. , aid' Lj : Mancustyirb
enlisted' men from' the First Infantry
stationed at Schofield Barracks, de
clared to be members of Company
"H," are at the central police station
awaiting disposition of their case by
the' military authorities, the charge
being made' that the men are desert
crs. if...' . ' . 1 v
. f Harbor Officer - Carter is credited
"with ihavimr made- a neat capture of
ther pair, who- had succeeded in es
caping) the vigilance :J of post guards,
through assuming the disguise of' ci
vilians. v ( :. . - -.
i The; men- ar . alleged to have at
tempted to. 6hlp-;;away in the -Norwegian?
freighter- Hornelen, which
steamed -from , the Inter-Island- coal
hunkers ; yesterday - V afternoon, Cap
tain Nilson r was twilling' to take-' the
men, , but tbez had evidently ' been
t-pped off that to take passage in the
Norwegian' would result in their be
ing caught for the -search made of
the ship-' proved 'fruitless
: . While Carter. -: was paying a- last
visit to the American schooner Annie
At Campbell this morning Just prior
to the departure of-that windjammer
far, San Pedro with a thousand tons
fertilirer, he espied, two young men,
whose., faces reminded . him of those
sought by; the military.
Muenter and . Mancuso put up a
good: lino. of talk to the effect that
they wers- sailors; who had shipped
to the-islands- as members of the
steward's department in ther Logacv
Carter wanted to be shown .and as, a
"comeback' accused both "men of
commi'tling a serious robbery; This
thefi indignantly denied,, and after a
closs questioning they finally admit
ted that they had been once enrolled
as members of Uncle Sam's brave
soldiers. '
They had called upon a Japanese
tailor, who agreed to rent the men
suits of civilian clothes for a small
fee. As security they left their mili
tant habiliments, including hat khaki
coats, trousers and leggings.
They claimed that they had con
fessed their intention of getting away
to a mate in the Annie Campbell,
who had agreed to assist them as
much as lay in his power.
H Mon Ian From The Sound On Monday.
Castle & Cooke have been advised
thiough late wireless that the Matson
Everythliiaj In the printing line at
Star-BulletiB, Alakea street; branch,
Merchant itreet- r
mm mm
. - 1 a v ? v 4 r ' - - . . - -: . l
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EVENING BDIXETIN,jwtabUsbUS2. Issued Dally and Semi-Weekly by
Publishers, Commercial ;- Printers, Bookbinders,
WALLACE R PARRINQTON . .Vdenerar Isinrs Manager
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TRANSIENT RATE, $1.60 first Insertion and subsequent Usuet pro rata.
CLASSIFIED, One Cent per word 30 cents per line per week, ,
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Per Year, postpaid, foreign ............ 4.00
Address all Commnnlcatloas to Honolala Star-BsUetin, Lti, Uoaolila, T. JL
i The Unlfei Stales! army! trlnspfarl
i Ixiean. from San Francisco with a
'number of military passengers for Ho
nolulu is- to, arrive: at-tha port on Sun'
day-mprnlns.aeQrdlrC Jto, ai late wire
lei.received &4he!acal qflce of the
iqnarteixsaatexvepartment r:
, iiihe-, has.. eJst-firsts twelve tecond
'dasa randvsere.ntyfourr.ateerage pas
jseugfirsvmmer k rtmc?l ; -V
The Loran ia'totmaktvbut a brief
,8taj attU portma-it J UUeved. The
iTtsseltmay berth at Alakea. wharf.
'Amour the casseners lor the Islands
are, syera military oQcers who have
. beetk,ass?SAei;,toi duty, as ; umpires ror
;the,-comma maneuTescampalgn to jbe
;held ,iav the? department ef Hawaii.
1 The;pas8eagerjHst includes the fol
' lowing. , ;Colonel.M.r Xta ;Hersey, Phil
:IpDine,Constabulary; Major Julius A.
iPenn, First Infantry; -Major- N. O,
Worrilow, Philippine Scouts ; 4 Major S.
i F( Bottoms., quartfrmaster; Captains
jt- Bugge .Thirteenth Infantry; ; J. Bl
i Christian,. Eighth! "Cavalry; R. Mc
- - ?. - r
i.' ;
The Finest
Grown in
V. C. PEACOCK & CO., Ltd.
Wine and Lkjnor Merchants. . .
Merchant St., near Foit St.
Cleave, Second Infantry; C. King,
FJrst 1 Infantry ;:FWt . Rowe4t Flf
teenth Infantry; A. J. Dougherty,
Eighth Infantry ; N. E. Cook. PhUlp
pine Scouts; J. de Court Philippine
Scouts: J, H. Byson. First Field Artil
lery; CF-1 Andrews, Thirteenth In-
rantryr c ar. Alien, second Fieu Af
tlllery; W. p. Ennie, Tint Field Ar
tlllery;: Lieutenants F; T. Burt, Twen-
tyfourth.A Infantry ; E. -3 HughesVord
nance department;' R D; ' Kreners,
medical corps; Passed Asstatant Sur
geon H. R. 'Hermeachr U.? a' Navy;
Ueutenaats A..Youngkf, PWhi!!;pine
Scouts ; H.- H Broadhnrst; El jhth
Cavalry; J. B. Barxynali Elihth In
fantry; A; J. Han lour OghthvIafantry ; t
CV- A Shepard, Thirteenth Infantry:
G E.Dorlty, Philippine Scouts; J An
stead. Philippine Scouts; A. Ki Pol
hemus. Second Infantry; W; M Rob
ertson,FIrst Infantry;. Wf u.v W.
Youngs, 'Fifth Cavalry; J. H.' Hlne
manv Jr., First Infantry: R; I Max
welL First Field Artillery JvR. F. Hy
att Seventh Cavalry; ' I.- Spalding,
Eighth Cavalry; C. C. supies, Philip
pine Scouts; r Dental Surgeoa C. D.
Dey ton, Veterinarian - A. E. Donavan,
First Field Artillery. .'
" A, fair list- of 1 cabin and deck .pas
sengers will depart for. HITo and the
Volcano in 'thesteamer Mauna Kea,
55 -iw
J 1 5 ' Ik - m. f
- 1704

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