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I, .:
Auckland, New Zealand, Is now un
der consideration as a port of call by
steamers operated vy the1 Oceanic
Steamship' Company, so ' predicted . an
official connectea with tbe liner Sierra,
that arrived from San Francisco with
a large n amber of mainland pas4S
gers. ' ' V " -"We
learned before leaving the
; coast, that the New Zealand govern-
teent had come' forward 'with4 a -pro-y
position whereby the Sonoma and Ten
t tura, in calling at Auckland would net
i the Oceanic company a considerable
' ' larger revenue. : ; : ;' ' '" ,
A iuery as to whether the promised
Increase in earning would be In the
- ferm of an additional subsidy, failed
vt6 bring forth a definite response.
i - It was learned today ' that the
steamship company had given the mat-
. - . XI 11.' r . ,
' Zealand considerable attention, provid
ed that the government or buslnets In
. terests were! ready to offer 'sufficient
. Inducement w
V The statement was also made that
the Auckland Harbor board 'had
. brought up the matter at a rueent
meeting, and while It was conceded
inai ine question was somewnat dis
tant from the. scope of that organlza
- tion a committee of business men was
appointed to make representation o
the government, through the Auckland
members to consider whether some In
ducement, could ' be ..' offered to the
r Oceanic Company to include Auckland
w awa vt smmf j j idcvio w W9 1' -
'Paro Paro and Sydney; ' -v vi
- The Oceanic liners in leaving lid-J
tiolulu nroeeed to fivdnev. N. 8 W. fn
an almost direct course; A call1 M
made at Pago Pago, and the voyage
I from Hawaiian: Wands' to New South
Wales nort is
'days. To divert the steamers to Auck-
. lengthen the trip to the extent of at
least three days, and it is this delay
that Is believed may. deter jthe ' com
pany from adding an additional pert or
call. In that it is claimed that the sub
aid y now drawn by the company is
. with the- understanding that a nine
tween day. seryjce, between San Fran
cisco' and Sydney will be maintained.
; . Both ; the Sonoma and Ventura are
fast, boats however, and it is contend-
' ed that jthey are capable of making
. better speed than now required on the
s Australian run . ? ' r
fk Kesmos Steamer Wlfl Carry Wlrefess.
Steamers in the Pai-ific service of
the Kosmos Line, several of - which
vessels re expected wlll call at hono
i lulu in jthe course Of a -ear; 'will be lit
' led with tireless tlegraph; " "
n the hew service between Europe
und the Pacific Coast, which the'Kos
mos Company has Just announced, the
lilx 'new liners; built for the' concern
IU be used in conjunction' with those
row in the (trade. The coming year
will see several of the new steamers
- at Coast ports. The liner Hathor,
which bears the name of a former ves-
el of the fleet1 wak launched last
'. month at Bremerhaven, while "v the
.Memphis "-Menes and Ramses, also
bearing names of former familiar Kos
mos carriers" since sold,' are bearing
completion at Flensburg. :
'The new Kosmas liners are all of
12,000 tons net register and1' slnillkr
to the Karnak, which is already In the
aervlce and at ' present on the" 'West
Coast.. The Karnak was launched at
'tBremerfiaveri last April Her net ton
' ftage is 437 tons. "The new tteamers
; are 4S6 feet long, 68,8 beam. They will
be equipped with two pole masts, six
boom masts and fifteen winches. Ail
-"the new Kosmos liners will be 'equip
ped with the Telfunken wireless sys-
t8m- ; : ::-.?l.&i!EZ3
''V.- . ''-,
More Forttgrt Steamships' BouoKt
By Japanese, i V VV '
The British steamer Ulysses, which
arrived here ! from. Liverpool yester
f day, "Has 1 been 'j- sold iiar Japanese,
through Messrs: Samuel ; Samuel &
Co.' She is of 3721Mons net. and
as built at Greenock in 1892.
The following steamers have also
been purchased by Japanese and will
shortly arrive In Japanese-- waters:
The Iron two-deck steamer Majidi," 2,
V2 tons gross, buflt 'at 6Ia?gow 'in
1882 and formerly owned by the Bom
bay and ' Persia ' Steam Navigation
Co.; the steel epar-deck steamer Blnh
Thuan, 172$ tons gross,' built at Genoa
!tf W02 ahd owhed by the Cie de Com
merce et 'de' "Navigation d'Extrfeme
Orient, "of Paris; the steel tvo-deck
steamer Devawongse, 164 S tons gross,
built at . Glasgow lh 1888 ; - and the
Bteel two-deck steamer Loo Sock, 1,
S04"tons gross, built at Glasgow in
1891, both owned by the Norddeut
scher Lloyd, Bremen; the steel steam
er Powhatten, 6262 gross, built at
West Hartlepool in 1900 and owned
by Furness, Withy & Co., West Har-
' -Pa
American Fish Caitnrr in Janan.
r Japan is being invaded by Ameri
can fish-packing and canning concerns
he Swift and Uebig packing com
panies having representatives on the
ground and in one instance a plant
has :tera placed inoperatIon; Hdk-
- kajdo has been selected as the. site
- v (JAft. H.
C?9 King Ctreei, pp Union Grill
V ' ,r- ja. ' - -
of an establishment which when
completed will cost ovr a million dol
lars and will be or ned entirely by
American interest. 1 a w ol ? 1
Discussing the construction of the
plants, a Japanese newspaper says:
"Tbe Lfebig and Swirt companies are
the two largest .packers of the United
States arid their enormous capital and
productive : capacity is unequaled In
the s world. " Recognizing the probable
character of the canning trade iti
Hokkaido', the i Uebig people sent out
an agent ' in April to ascertain what
stand the ' Jkpanese3government would
take toward a foreigner intending to
starting a fishing and canning indus
try in this country. irf
"It appears thatthey now have re''
solved upon starting a large canaery
works at Hokkaido, with a capital of
SI, 750,000 and work has commenced.
It Is expected that shipments to Amei.'
Ica wlir commence before long. ?'
'The export of canned v crabs from
Hokkaido has increased 'from 1100,009
to 1500,000 in five yars. Thisryeat
tbe catch has diminished i but the'
price4 has increased. Japanese crabs,
which have heretofore been demanded
only t in. the United States, are beginv
nlng'to find an extensive market In
Europe.' 'Salmbn and u trout have
promising - futUTes. -' The Japanese
packers are men -of -smalr means and
it lsexpeited that the new firms will
be- the most formdixble rivals the Jap
anese have ever had-- v
SafvaoevStearHer Mikes- Long Voyage.
" One olthe'longest' salvage foyages
ever - made-; by sr "wrecking Steamer
was completed v when the salvage
steamer Salvor arrived at Balboa to
assist in the - raising of the sunken
Pacific Mail steamer 'Newport r -The
Salvor . steamed ;4000 milea- because
of the lack of a suitable vessel to be
found at a nearer point n the Pacific
Coast r Captain ;W. H. .Logan, special
salvage ' agent; for Lloyd's, "who looks
after the interests of the underwrit
ers on the North Pacific:' is fn charge
of Ihe expedition.' Divers will be sent
down to make a' complete examina
ilon of the .' Newport arid piari ' pre
pared in the drafting foom 'of -the
Salvor for ralsing;the" vessel wilr be
decided Upon The" Salvors' are' 'confident-
that' thelf 'work' will-b suc
cessful. If any holes are found, these
will be patched and after the wreck
age of the fallen warehouse has been
lifted Vaway the "sunken' hull will be
made tight and the pumps connected
to 'lift the water - from; the interior.
When floated the Newport will prob
ably be sent to dock under her own
steam?-1 . w-5"v .j .
Improving FIJI Harbor.' h ". K- n M
'With' the arrival of the ' Canadian
Auslralian liner Maramavfrom the
Colttnles" came" 'lhfonnation concern
ing the'tvork t6 ne' don m' the Inv
provement of 3 SuvA" narbor. Accord
ing to the officers" 6f that vessel, the
Government has definitely: decided
the . lines on which the reclamation
for ' the new 4 nAbo, works at Walu
Bay- is to proceed. Work "will pro
ceed at once by means of excavations
fromj Crown property at 'Walu Bay,
completing1 the' reclamation as- far as
possible, pending the arrival of a
sand-pumping' dredge 'which bas been
ordered ' from England. -On its s ar
rival -the dredging-- and excavation
will both be proceeded with until the
completion " of the work. It will
carry 'the reclamation some distance
further out to sea, whereby the Gov
ernment will gain a large area of re
claimed land, which-will prove a val
uable asset to the. colony In the fu
ture." ,4 ": ;r" -: . -1 ; - '
The following 'is avtranklatlbn of a
letter received from' the office ofthe
chief of the1 Vladivostok trading port,
regarding' ' the loading marks 1 on sea
going vessels: v --iV -? "
"According to the requirements of
tAelaW'of October1 31 1909, relating
to' commercial navigation, and 'Rules
Iregardlhg the examination of sea
going commercial vessels confirmed
by the Minister of Trade and Indus
try November 23, 1911, it will be re
quired Trcjna all seagoing commercial
vessels 1 with the exception HA purely
traders),' together with other - Btipu
lations of the said regulations,' that
the loading marks of the deepest
draft of the vessel are to be placed
bh both 'sides of the-vessel. The cor
rectness 'of the loading marks so
placed must : be confirmed by ! a' cer
t'iflcate issued br the proper authori
ties, which ls to bo kept on board."
' 'la-
The British steamer Orteric of the
Weir line has been chartered ' by Wa
terhouse & Co. to remain In the trans
pacific service.1 The steamers ' Lord
Derby and Lord Curzon have also
been fixed on time for- this service.
The Orteric was scheduled for with
drawal along with the "Kumeric' Su
veric and ' Luceric, as a-resolt of the
lively scramble for tonnage In Europe
and not because shipping was "dull in
the trade-from-the Pacific Coast to
the Orient -On the other hand,- the
heavy trade In prospect and that pre
vailing at' the present time resulted
in the WaterhouseConrpany- holding
the Orteric.
Phsae mi
Temperature 6 am., 1; 8 a.' m.,
78; 10 a. m., 80; 12 noon, 79. Mini
mum last night, 74.'
Wind 6 a. m Velocity 10, direction
E.; 8 a. m., velocity 13. direction N.
E.; 10 a m., velocity 12, direction N.
E.; 12 noon, velocity , direction N.E.
Movement ,past .24 hours, 185 miles,
t-Barometer at 8 tn., ZD. QT? -Rela
tive humidity; 8 V mi,- 65.; vDew-point
t r 'aTmXCslute?tIumlnry. 8
a. m..4.09Lv Rainfalls 0:-
; rapUHE ISUflDS
" (8peclUrCaWlre
HILO Sailed'. Oct It, 7 p. m., S. '8.
iuuwi aa axs tvt usaaa A a, cuaviaw
PORT BftAGd-ailedt'Oct.clJ, Schr.
DannUesT. forHHo vfw
SAN TRANCISCO Arrived Oct 14,
9 a. m S. S. Siberia, hence Oct 8.
- Sailed, Oct 12, S. S. Maverick.
tor Hondultti,MM
Sailed, Oct It, ii:25 riHtf s.
Korean t&t Honolulu.
;aedVOcWS: a Arlwtflafor
SalittafCrwkiy--W'J!5- :Ji
X'PdriT-rOWSSENDi AlrrivedV Oct
14. schrl'Blakeleyi'hence Sept 26
EUREKA galledrOctJiia, SChr. A.
FV-Coats: l6r iHilo. -iv ioro!i
fiRAtfi' HARBORrSatll,rlt)ctv 13,
bktn,aGv WiMefjifbti'IfonoluJu.
fiEATTLS mvedOcfct 12 BJ S.
' Mlss6uHafcV;ffotniBasi francisco.
NAPOO POO Arrived. Oct 8,.Schr.
- Bcndlieaymat Port' Gamble.
s: S'.CHINA-Arrtre' fwrfaTokoha
eijjgrywf ''Shd
fcftJjis Jpffian Franclgco about 4 pan
T''l T'H I'M
' it 1. "3
AmerlcarHCiim Curibea.'ferai i.i,,
Cftlnesj'Watfs. iv.
A-stsUfMMpvi: tlrcgnbbatMono
caJyrvUrvUe Imllt Hat-Mare'lsUnd'.
Botlrgun&oa;ts will' be U4ed in' Chinese
-afpr--Tittwoiiftlt!ix;ito-i bi built
Ihsteadf 'onlSthe icostf -itaiiwill
be1 - lessened W dlstrihtttlon ! the
overhead charges and the cxtlczte of
1141.000 . for the Monocacv -was so
much lower than the nearest'pri vate
bid 1211,000' by a Seatue firnv-tnat
an ' investigation was demanded, and
madeV Autfiorization- tor ' the gunboat
Just oreredr was mSde byCongress
in ISM? Great Britain objected, un
der the-treaty of 1812, to the use of
the gunboat oh'7 the Great Lakes, as
was planned, and after fourteen years
the appropriation thas now-been iet
mi, h li
Per O. S; Si Sletra from sati lYan-clsKFor'HdTiorurdr-Geo
Miss Lottld Alf M.v P. Barclay, -Miss
M. Caffe, Jlsaae Berrls, T Cv fioelytr,
Mrsi Boelyni Mri T;-iBrandt,- Mts. C"
Ri Rnekrandr Miss Hs Bucklahd. AHss
BucklandY 1 E. ?AJ ' BatleriMrs. ?Butler
and child,Hbng iChkck,sMrs.--Mtfy
Chllds' Kal Tin Chun, Miss M. A Con.
ddh, A; L Cooper, -M. Costa? J.' '& Crft
li; Mrs Q.m: Damdn, Mlsk; K pamon,
Mrs. W;- De' Varlei, D. A. Dtfwsett
Mrs. Dows'ett, Aj T. Dredge, wm.
Dykes, Geo. Edwards, Rev: E.y fingie
hart, Mrs. Englehart, 5 Ji Ax English,
Miss- M'.'Fauth,- Mrs. Br D." Fisher,
Lodis "Pranks; 'JteU Fricke,-M.R; Galloways-Mrs
Galloway- Hermann rGerr
ken; Adam -GlllilandJ 'N. Ginstat,1 Miss
May Greene, Mrs. C M. Harmon,1 Hon.
F M. Hatch, Miss Hatch," Miss riiieu
Hayes Jnd. Hadge; Mrs. M. L. Heen,
H.VF. Hill, 'Sing H; Hoe, Lee-G-' Hon,
Mrs. L. Hull and child. A: A. 1 8 bell,
Mrs. Isbell. Joe Jacobs F. BJohns6ff,
Mrs. Johnson Apau katt, Miss Keibv,
Mrs. Kelleyr Dr. -rChasC Keller, -Miss
Grace Kelly, TnosJ Kelly. T; X. King,
Mrs. G. W. Klrkaldy, child and maid,
Chas. Lang,."Edw. R. Lang, Mr. Lang
and child, E.- Larsson, Katherln"c Iw
ers, R. I. Lillie, Mrs. Lllllerj. LishniM.
Miss A. Long, Ching Lum, Capt M. Mc
Carron, C. D Mcintosh, Miss M Mc
Lane, Dr. T. R. MtfNab, B. Maggio,
Jos. Magninv Max Marcum, L. -Marks,
H. B. Marriaer, Mrs." Marriner, Y.
Micbsels, Leon Morns, Mrs. MorrlJ,
L. A.-C Parish, Ai"R. Patrick, Mrs. It.
8. Patrick, Miss tk Pearson,' P; D Pil
la tt Mrs.: E.. Plllatt and child. T; J.
QohlnJ Percy Ramsden. J". W. Ramsey.
Mrs Ramsey, WV St Ji Ranney, Mrs.
Ranney? MIstf Helen Raaney.Mrs; J.
P. Rego and daughter, R? Retd. J. L. P
Ubton. A. Roqitfkv-H. IV Itath, Mts.
K. Roth, Mrs. Tk'Rowaid,1 Miss L
Sheridan, Miss Irene Shertdaif; rrs.IS.
J. Sievert, J. Sinclair, J.iStelnsr.'Mrs.
Steiner;v R. T. -Steele; li. Sttibafd,
Lioyd Stock, Warreu TUoma:;. U. 3.
J. Van Wagner,, Mrs. Van W:roerJcv
Walker, Miss O. Wait .-Mivh Eliza
beth, Warner, Mrs. W. S. Winter,
Miss Isabel Wing, Hoon Kai Yin, U K.
C.;'Ypp.- ;.',,
Per U. S. A; T. Logan, for Honolulu
from San Francisco, October 13 MaJ.
G. H. McSanus, inspector 4 general;
Maj. Robt' H. Noble.' TwelfOi-' Infan
try; Capt H. F. Smith Thirtieth -Infantry;
Capt H. J. Broes, Cavalry, A.
D 'C; Capt W. B. Burt. Twentieth
Infantry;. Capt. A. M. Shipp,' Twen
tieth Infantry; Capt ' D. 'McCaskey,
First Cavalry; First Lieut Mi Murray,
C. A. C; Maj. J." A. Penn, First Infan
try Maj. George Blakely, C. A. C.;
Capt -R. McCieave, Second infantry,
wife, son and daughter;' Capt 'J H.
Bryson. First F. A.;; and -wife ; v First
Lleut'S. D. Kremers tned ical corps.i
wife and 2 sons; Second Lieut W. y.!
W. Young,- Fifth 'CAvalry, and 'wire;
Second Lieut R. L. -MaxwelL-First
F. A : Second Lieut' W.' H. Robert
son, First Infantry; Second Lieut A. ;
K. Polhemus, Third Infantry ; Mrs: J. 1
M. Beauler, Mrs. J. F. Jnnds and -2
sons, Miss Lyon, Mrs. B. H. Hatkins;
and daughter, Capt R.- M.' Cutts, U. S.
M. C, wife and daughter; Capt D. C.i
McDougal, IJ. S. M. C; Second Lieut.
F. T. Evans, U. S. M. C; Mrs. Thos.
Per stmr. Kinau, from Kauai -ports,
October 13. W. C. McHenry, G. R.
Humphreys, C. F. Drake, S. Susuke,
M. Kuamoto, K. Krane, H. Dyson, A.
a AiTnstrpagAdafa,-Father Ce
feStmi, Francis GayiH.. Isenberg. Mrs.
JUui W'Rcox; HiTFaye J; 'Morse, P.
Henoch. J.JiC. Tecano, T.-fugita. Y.
AkAu.-Master Qnong YeCHT F. Had
field; C SpUlner, John Manuwul, John
Lowell, Mrs. Bowers, J. Soua, Mrs.
Souza, Mrs. J. H. So per. Smith Hi roth
and 58 deck.
Per stmr. Mikahala, from Maui and
Molokai, October 13. A. Gartley. W.
W. Harris. S. Thayers, C- Lo Watson,
E. D. Murdock, William Miller, D. Ka
lauokalani, Mrs. Henry Keau and 30
deck. ?
PerO. A. sr Sierra'' for San Fraih
Cisco Oct. 19. Miss E. L- Anderson, L.
W. Barney, Mrs. Barney, Miss Laura
Cadmus, Mrs. Caroline Clark, Mrs. F.
li. Courtwright, Miss Coartwright Mrs.
. "Cowes. Miss Margaret Cowes, Mas
ter Carol k)wes; Mr?:' James Denman.
Mrs.Terie Desch, N.e Doyle, .Airs.
Doyle,1 Master Edward Rrelet, Mrs. u
Dtmhar, T. F. ?Ellls,r Mrs. Ellis. P. J.
Gilbert Hiss Helena-Hayes, L. W.
Hough, Jr; Arthur tsbelt,-Mrs. Isbell,
F. L. Jenks, Mrs. Jenks, Mrs. C. W.
Kent, W. A."KInhey. Miss M. Leslie,
T. McCor mack. Miss Miry Mclne, G.
H. McLaughlin, Mrs. McLaughlin,
Mrs.' A.- Richardson, St' JV Ranney.
Mrs." Ranney Miss I. Sheridan, Miss L,
8herldan," Mrs. E. J. Sietert,- Duncan
Smith, Mrs. M.-H, Sterling. T. T.' Tay
lorf MVs.:Taylot- and two infahtsMis
ter Thomas Taylor, Miss Elma Tiryior,
Miss Mabel Taylor,' Miss Lucy Taylor,
George B;,ToreyC., C. ron ttamm.
Miss Laura Watklns, R. T. Will Jilss
Alda E WilU' Miss Wlnstead.H.
G. Wooten, Mrs. Wooten. '
-Per- stmr. Mauna1 Kea; for Hawaii
ports.' Oct - 16. A. OaTUeyi-Alfred
Kfafft, wife and three 'ehildrth ; K? M.
SmitHi Mrs; J. M. Souxa, Master H.
Spuia Eva Souza, Mrs. J. K. i Bodel,
cfafld and'mald r Mr. and' Mrs!! George
H. : McLaughlin, 'Esther Iv Anderson,
Miss M. Johnson; Miss J.' Johnson.
r Per" stmr. Mauna Kea for " Hawaii
ports, Oct W. Mrs. "M. E. Purdy, Mrs
A. Guernseyv ,:. ,
(Continued Trom;Pfle!1) ; 5
Mall would sooner or later' be sold by
the; Southern Pacific. ".The shipping
men I took- this view "because 'of the
clanse in 'theF recent'1 act concerning
canal, tolls which - are levied on ves
sels owned"pr". controlled by railroad
companies. '; . v-'..;-Mi
The- Sierra waa an early arrival this
morning .with i nearly three thousand
tons general cargo,-138 cabin' and 40
steerage passengers. y--- -r
: With' the exceptloTf of' one day, the
voyage was aT-pleasant 'One- and the
travelers participated in a series of
pleasing1 entertainments and programs
or - deckJ sports. -'-V S-l: I1 H '
iTwo hundred' andrsixty sacks of
mail arrived. Three diminutive pon
ies to assist in 'the presentation of an
act at a' iocaltheater:ere,bro'ught
downfrow4' tne coast' Sierra
now carries twe -wireless: operators to
conform to the new regulation, which
went into elf ect tHthT'tIre r first of the
monthitC. Il!tt:f..
(Continued frorrf Pa'fle1)
sl ipa worried- tne great Japanese ad
mlral'Togo snne scou conimanders
of the- Japanese' fleet' ri t : .r .
Whea'Stoessel nd ithe garrlBon of
Port-Arthn were oeleaugered by-the
late Generals i Nogt andMNodtt;com
manding 'the forces'In 4he 'linesOat
Salnyr' Louis and DfcfcSpltter electri
fied the world by Tunning ship' after
gbip through .the networknof Japadese
warships land 'Japanese submerge,!
mines, feeding itae starved soldiers of
the white tzar from the most danger
ous possible-inlet
In Malina- word was received1 that
fabulous sums could be' earned by the
man -who would- pierce 4ho - Japanese
lines on land or water around. Port
Arthur. At a secret conference with
the' Muscoviae agents, Loois Spitxer
took-up the Russian bid.
Several trips - were successfully
made. At last Dick; was taken aboard
his steamer, full .to the scuppers with
grain and 'all sorts of foodstuffs for
the - Russians. He 'was sent under an
aimed : escort ;to Tokyo- tried- in ac
cordance to international laws of war
and condemned to be shot He was not
shot Just why was never disclosed.
- Louis was reported to be' head over
efrs1 In love with a -yohng English
woman, Laura Dunbar, whom he had
saved from insult on the Pmya of Sin
gapore.' It is thought that the girl
failed to reciprocate his advances. -
"iHe- was of the true' type of-the
privateer of the 6eas and knew every
rig of ships evervstepped on launch-
ways. . ' -
Entered ef Iteeord Oct li, 1912, from
' ' lw:30 a. ra. te 4:30 n. ai.
Opupele Lewi and hsb to Alvina
Kekumano ..
G L Samson and wf to Lee Shee
Hawaiian Trust Co Ltd to John
Est of John C Cluney by tr to Ching
Ki Hong ParRel
Ching Ki Hong to Sakuji Ikeda D
T K Lalakea and wf to HI10 Rail
road Co D
Simeon K Hao and wf to Trent Tr
Co Ltd .. .. 'M
Entered of Record Oct 14, 1912, from
8:30 a, m. to 10:30 a. m.
Mary Akau et als to Mrs Kupalu
Chang Tim ..D
Isemoto Sanyemon to Hilo Empo
rium Ltd CM
Nakashima Sentaro to Hilo Empor
ium Ltd ..CM
Shuhei Nakahara to G J Russell.. BS
Sbuhei Nakahara to Joseph Dowson
Shuhei Nakahar to Rokusaburo Ota
Shuhei Nakahara to Jumatsu Osa-
ki .. .. BS
Henry St J Nahaolelua and wf by
Atty et all to Au Lim Tim D
Go-ernor Freer this morning took
up the consideration of ' tbe Kau ditch
and water Ijcense. and ' held confer
ence with Attorney Frank Thompson,
representing IheT company: D. S. Hy
drographer Larrison. i and ' Attorney
General Lindsay. The problem ttf
how much of the water1 source on the
HilO side of Hawaii may be tapped
for this project without diminishing
seriously the supply needed on the
Hilo side in the dry months, 1s one of
the most important to solved in
this matter.vand' may require c consid
erable studyZ before decision is
reached regarding thej water license.
The Pacific MaiiJiner Korea4 is
enroute from San Francisco to Hono
lulu -and should arrive here on rrt
dky mbrnlhg;" ' v r
-The 61! tanker-Marion i Chllcott got
away for Gaviota on Saturday after
noon after naving been discharged of
n quantity of fuel bIL a
Fuel1 Oil lor' the local branch of the
Standard OH 'Company is: enroute to
the - islands - in ' the American tanker
Maverick. This .vessel brings kero
bnei aiwi1 gasoline' in,! bulk: - -?
?"THf wrk' Andrbw VYHtli is being
discharged.' of vsupi'llea for the coji
trairtofs. at Pearl ' Harbor. - ;The vessel
Is -eyjS ?ctcd wit' tw brci-gl i - to . Hono
lulu by tn'4-las. of th4 ? week.- V - '
" 'Eight 'hundred-5 tons fertilizer aod
a small - qttantlty1. Of preserved plne
ipples jwas tneluded tn the cargoes
ried d San v Pedro In the schooner
Anftle,!ai. Campbell,1 that saiied' from
Honolulu on SatUrday.: ntr: i
M aui; - business organizations ire
making an effort ' .to .Htduce the later-Island
. to! include Jjahalna as '' a
port; of call on the; weekly special
Hila lrip. !Jt is claimed that over-,
tures t husr farf have proved . unsuc
.s?jrt . i V A ', ' : --
MAJOR Ev V." SullTH ji " ' '
Army off leers here areh speculating
as to whO" win succeed ilfr the tom
mand of Fort Shafter, made vacant by
the sudden death of Major? John II.
Whblley; .-v-v v
Another ' major wfll r.hs tft be as
signed to the regimeqt; .which ; isbw
left witfi- only one-4 servlhg - with . : the
troops, "Major Erneste ,V. 'Smith' of the
first battalion;! Major George B. Dun
can is nor at the Army War College.
- Rumor has t that Major Smith may
get the Shatter " command, V as - be' is
the senior major of the regiment; The
assignment, however, is entirely up to
the -War Department. "):,4:
v Major B.? A.V ; Read; .Judef advocate
Generals' .departments Is f a;'; thfbiigh
passenger on the . army transport ( Lo-.
gan: He. called at department , head
quarters this morning.- . ; . -? s
:MaJors lakeley;-C.''Au C4:is' making
his third trip to HawSil-within "the
year, and the second within -wo
months. He- came here July l. last,
as a membe'r ; of the defense board,
which formulated plans for the furth
er 'protection of the island. Major
Blakeley is to evafi umpire at the
coming maneuvers.' r 4 i '
Gordon : Roberts,-'' Indicted by the
Federal- grand Jury-' on 4 a charge of
violating the -white slave?- law, and
who has been Jail since July . 18,
was ' released- on his f personal recog
nlsance this morning. "V"--"
' New nominations filed with the Sec
rotary -of theTerrltOTy by candidates
on thvrlsIand of Oahu ate those of
Ulysses H. Jones, republican candidate
for fcfpresentatfre1 from the Hfttt disi
itrlct, and' Charles Kanekoa, republican
candidate for representative from the
same district ; "-''"''
v' The Federal Criminal calendar was
called by V. District Judges Dole
and demons this morning, : all the
cases- being;' continued' to- Saturday,
November 2. The Manuka site con
demnation suit has been set for next
Monday' morning, October 21, and a
call bas been issued for the venire
from which the selection of a jury
for that case will begin on the date
set vv - v . - - . ..- .
He& Patk. the Chinaman Indicted by
the territorial grand Jury on a charge
of assaulting two small girls, was ar
raigned this, morning and given until
Thursday to enter his plea.-As he is
v.ithout funds the court appointed tf.
F ChlUmgwerth 'to serve as the de
fendants counsel. -' Samuel Kahi, who
faces to indictments on a charge of
murglary ', In the second d egree. aisi
has been given until Thursday to enter
plea, and Tam Ha, indicted for assault
end battery, entered a plea of guilty
this morning and will receive sentenco
Conflicting dispatches -have been
received concerning the-, acceptance
of Italy's --peace proposals, but it iB
believed that preliminary agreements
wjll be signed' on the arrival of the
Turkish emissary at Ouchy.
"I was going to give Jones a little
friendly advice this morning."
"And didn't you?"
"No. He started to tell me how to
run my affaire, and that's something I
tolerate from no man." , -
Merchant, Near Fort
In which is combined the HAWAIIAN' STAR, established 1S93, and the
EVENING BULLETIN, established 18S2. Issued Dally and Semi-Weekly by
Publishers,-Corrimercialfrintcfs,1 Bookbinders,
- 'PhotoEngravcrs -1 T ;
WALLACE H. FARUINGTON. u . General fBusiiiess Manager
UNTIL JAN. 1, 1913 (Preferred PosiUon 20) .15c PER INCH
TRANSIENT RATE, SL50 first insertion and subsequent Issues pro rata.
CLASSIFIED One Cat per word 39 centi per lint pef re&& (i T4 f -
.. . . . .; .', - k h vl r t li V i -
MAIN OFFICES . . . . .... i .. . . 1059 AIAKEA STREST
Telephoses Editorial Jteoas S1S3) Csslaess Of See tllX -
: . : i i v - - Telephone ZZZi ':t : r- j. "' '
91 "il!' " AlitSTAR -
Per Month; anywhere in United Stites ....... v9 75
Per Quarter, anywhere in United States .. .. 2.00
Per Year, anywhere in United SUtes.. . .,. r. v. . . .... ......... 8.00
Per Year,,. postpaid, foreign ........... .. ... ..... 12.00
Per Year, anywhere in United States..
Per ear, anywhere In Canada ........
Pfit Tear; postpaid foreign ......
Address all Comnanlcatlons.ta IIobsIiIi 8ttrBiUetIa, Ltl, Uezshla t. II.
XContJaiea' from Pie 1)
hatloii r papers. -One of these aues-
t k.k
the' document sent An by cne ,candl gltSg-
ditd.' whicft i notprtss his party a,to?' b.ulf JSL v
.w.u,u - .,.. (.v k.. bens havsat least a chance to nake
remedied by that man,- Whether the;
' . -
shalt himself write inT the affiliation
emio else Jt, Is matter ovewhlchj
tne 'Hecretsxyi incimtw wpre.g ttade up the bulk of the car
Letter1 1 Ltedsay.
;Hls'Ierter " toAttortiy 0tfral . lnlg ,01 tu TCssel met -with
USiSB' te.' ,pMt f01!87 I tMlr passage,' the wind and seas -be-:
-The facts in wgarfte- these nomb agt.favoJfsolSi, According to report
nauoape-rs are jts igltowit-JJt , her omcenrrthere awaits 824
tomC JSr3 iZ9 Bks iugar.at.the;lLawair.porU r
enUonedcandIdatesf came in - a , , ... . , ,: . t ...
j 1 IT l . iIL.Z. V
ed in eicti" f
Kma, dated October 4r1913. the
original J 01 , w men is inciosea uere
k - om .ArtmA
with. Sard registered letter was re -
! amining: the nomination papers they
eanaiaiaies suiiea- U7tT Z V W M
fhav hf i heart .nnminiM vnat their
"1 ;, ' vL
party affijiatlon as , .whether they
were non-partisan. k : . " .
From' the ' course' -adopted fn re-jwaa- voiced here today by- w, Leon
gard ' tov all nomination tapers I re-1 Dawson at ther annual convention of
fhsed to accept them for ? flllnr' and t the;Californla State Humane Society,
sent to each of tue candidates, on the; Dawson also condemned the colontl's
sameaftemoon of -.October f'S word to. tendency -to passion to 'posterity t a
that effect, -v-p-- ,c- written record of his African hunting
."Upon receipt OS- Ce 'Wireless reply experiences,- declaring that such writ
Ue -nomination' papers' of the above ings instill the spirit of the chase in
named ' Were ' Stamped with the
Secretary's .receipt; stamp and jnarkv b the wild things of the Jungles. Tbe
ed recelvedOctobei ,Ufl2, atfT:05 sdciety today passed -a resolution, re
1 1. m . that ia. on. thesamr da and QoesUng the cext legislature to re-
svtr'the ame time as the--receipt-of 4 clnd a'lawthat gives' to humane so
I aiAt 1 y inetese- the nominal cietles fines assessed following ar-
tionr papers of the candidates above
mentioned. ' ' ; ? ' -
v vin the ; caSe of Geo. P. Cooke. 1 1 ,srau, m toe octeiy. f ;; ? u ... -inclose
Jils nomination papers; He . . . ' i. , . .TH . . ' ; . . i. L ' - 2'
being 'lnHOnoluIu on October-1' 6r
1912. 'appeared - at my Office, at the
time 'stated in' his nomination papers
and wrote on his nomination papers
-Republican Party. f ' -
Wants AtfVree ' ' '
u"t have the honor to ask that : y u !
advise ine 'ai. to ' ray duty "'In
yj. ' r.ut' 'L . ...
'2?-i;-'V.T ti"- V
"1. - Whether ' I should place the
names ,'ot rthe casdldateff ororestea
hralnfet -uboh the official ballotr i
2. t 'If that qnestlon produce a narcotic ef-
In the affinriative. whether ! I should 4 fect WDCh cn bo atafned as long
place the p4rty affilihtio'n Of the can- is desired. -.
dfdateS 'n the' official ballot? f- ha3 been tried with the greatest
r -3 Should the candidate state- his succeM and without' any injurious ef
party affiliation simultaneousry with on . d0g, Rttd trabbiU.r-and Dr.
the filing of nls nomination papers, Nagelschmidt is convinced that; It
or can he so state subsequeutly and can -be equally applied to ihuman te-
f ciAfaii a lnif a r9 lor aw Ilia f Tl U ft " . . - - t
J wwaav vv. w mm,
of placing, his nomination papers Irt
1 my office?- - :r '
J 4. Canr a candidate SUte ni-artv
1 affiliation through an agent or by the'.
officers of a political party acting in
his 'behalf?" - 1
Matter Admittedly Serious. '
RnhArr W Qh In cr1o chairman nf thp
Republican Territorial Central Com
mittee and titular head of the -party j
in this Territory, 5 was asked last Sat-'
urday night as to what action his par- ZZI
ty would take to protect the Maui can- i
aiaaies. wr. sningie naa neara 01 tue
Democratic protest only a few hours Girls wanted at Home Candy Co.. Ala
hfnrr and wm not full v acquainted kea ODD.-Hawn. HoteL Apply in
with the 'facts, but he did. not deny
the gravity of the situation.
"I am not able to say Just now what
will be done." he said. "It looks
somewhat seriOUS.
Mr. ShlngT; Delegate rtuhioR. W.
reckons' and the Rev. S. L. ; Desha
left last evening on the Mikahala Jfor
a campaigning tour of Maui, 'and 7at-
er Kuhio and Desha wiirgo to Ha-f
wall. While on 1 MSuI the Republican
leaders will confer with the Maul Re-
...vit.ui.;M(h'),. .rt.t m th.
publicans regarding1, the flght on the
Valley 'Iste! ticket. J 1 ,
Democrats were1, tellings with some
zest today how the story leaked out
Maul wfere,1 as It IS Claimed, Illegally
filed. It appears thar the Maui Re
publicans realized" their mistake after
they had 'beenv wirelessed to oil the
night the nominations closed by the
chief, clerk's office - here." One or we ,
Maui Republicans ' happened to -tell
the story to a Maui Democrat ana
that individual took his pen iOand
and wrote to T. J. Ryan.' at Demo-
K0HnQrfor. h Rrin uv
: .4 :
..v., .'....... ... 2.00
.. 3.00
.. .. 4.00
H. I JIXIll'n 111 u&mu 1 11 M IlKLHU KUE1U T
leaders made Investigations and are
said to have talked the matter over
?f,5' with the attorney-general
and Mott-Smkh. : Lindsay, say f the
wAnnnmfri v AnfWMiFflon . . , .
.v.n(TTrVroT Tnrrq
wt,ani. Dack yvith Su3ar..- ,' j
.C'IotIM m Arrive frnm Hnnnimi.
1 Taking general cargo u en tinea tor
the island- of
, Kaua the-InteMsIand steamer No
:,, ...... . K ..,v m
oe dispatched at 5 o clock this
.: - mtXmwmtMm .....i .m wA
Plied wlthH ratlt tnall-natntrpassen.
'00 :' ' " -J
' "' SANTAv BARBARA; Ept 1 10. W
. , ..... ... . .
roiniea cnucism ocmeoaore itoose-
, Velr for gpreafllag 4cath and destruc
tion in African veldU and Wangles
reaaers, ana cause runner suiienng
'"W o society officers. This was.
done to eliminate any appearance of
MAUnlNt WHIUH Liiili.Ub
V BERLIN, Sept. 24. Electric- sleep
which may-be 'turned on and-off at
will is the alluring prospect -offered
IK' nAAnta anfftrntr tmrn intftmnbk'hv
. &v . uwiiv u ma . vvaur. WM "
1 Dr. Nagelschmidt, who describes bis
invention for this purpose-in a medi-
I Mt. ninffna ,ha T-uima in hav de-
: vlged t,new totm Cf electric. current
I . -i
. ingS. .AppilCailOU U iAl" VUI I KUL
AiiTeinati-naJn-friior-anT nart of the
'ltnA ."?. "-;. kuI ' .
e o
lv, .mit,hiirr.-twm!A wru killed
jautomobile at a grade crossing. ....
, .
girls wanted;
person. "
' ,: '1 '' ,1
ewij luruiaueu luugiu. uuuk,
! rooms. Income S 175.00 per month. 5
years' -jease. Matthews,-o4S S. King
St. :3--r.. - - - f; -5366-3t
' .. '., , -l, -'
Small furnihed cottage in -Mano
Valley! - phone5 3860. ft366-lw
Valley: -'Phone1 3860.
,Tw Professional steeplejacks r from
" . p-iti nr v renairinz
church steeples, flag poles, smoke
stacks. Work on other Islands so
licited. Tel. 2231. or "Steeplejack."
k.' 366-3 m
w&tches and jewelry bought,
.h,nM4, T ol0 iwt st.
sold and exchangeo. J. carlo, svrt

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