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2 ... . ; '
in W-Caf n.ii;ii j-ilz iiTw- i
-'4 .
Auckland, New; Zealand, is no w; un-.
der "consideration tri port. of -call: by
steamers operate 1 -vy tee Ocean Jc
Bteemsfcip Company, so rredieted an
; official ccsnectea with tte liner. Sierra.
that arrived from SarV Francisco with
H large- number of .mainland jusea-
,rVV learned before leaving the
coast.' that, the New Zealand 'govein-i
roent nan com; forward with, a jTe
position whereby the Sonoma ard Ven-
., tnra, in calling' at Auckland would net
uceanic company a consiaeraqie
larger revenue. V ...... , .
A query at to whether the promised
Increase In earning would be iir the
term of an additional subsidy, failed
- to bring forth a.deSnlte response.
. ,j .It1 was -learned today, that;.', the.
;. tteamshlp company ttd given the nat
tier, of extending, the cerrice to- New
; Zealand considerable attention, provld
d that the government or bnsincrJ in
terests-were ready to offer sufficient
,The, statement was also made (hat
Ml " . a ... . " .
xoe- Auciuana r Haroor - Doara naa
: "brought up the matter at a recent
meeting, and while it was conceded
that the question' was somewhat dis
tant from the scope of that organiza
tion a committee of business men was
i Eppolnted to- make-representation to
the government, through the Auckland
members to consider whether some In-
. dncement could be offered to: the
Oceanic Company to Include Auckland
as a port of call, by vessels now: play
jug Between ban Francisco,? Honolcsu,
:A'a?o Faro ana- Sydney.
.The Oceanic liners in leaving Ho
nolulu proceed to Sydney, N. S.W. In
an almost - direct -course, A call is"
made at Pago -Pago,- and .the - voyage
rrom Hawaii in Islands to New South
. Wales port, is completed in thirteen
days. . To.dirert the steamers to Auck
land la . contended would., serve ,to
lengthen the trip to the extent of at
least thred days, and it is this delay
that Is believed may ' deter Jthe com
pany from adding an additional port? ot
call,; in .thatjt islaimed., that the.sUb
l sidy now drawn' by the company is
' Willi the" understanding that a nine
tween day service between Sari Fran
cisco and Sydney will be- maintained.
. iieta the Sonoma and' Ventura: are
fast beats however', and It Is. contend
cd that fthey are-; capable of making
' better epeel-than now required en the
. Axirtrallan. run , ; - . - -y v
' ,'. -".' tr:. - cV- ii: si
Kcimos" Cteamir-' Wltr Carry Wireieka,
" Steamers ' in ; the Pacific service of
. the Kosmos' Line, several of which-:
Vessels are expected will cill at hono-
lulu in the course of a year, will be fit
ted with wireless tlegraph. ' . v
In the, new service between Europe
jend the Pacific Coast, which the Kos-J
moa Company has lust announced, the
tlx new , liners. built-; for- the concern
will be used in conjunction with those
now in- the rade. The' coming year
will see several of the new steamers
at Coast ports. The liner- Hathor,
which bears the name of a,f ormer. ves
f el of . the fleet- was launched f last
ir.oiith at . , Bremerhaven, ; whiles the
' .Memphis, , Menes and Ramxes,ralso
bearing names of former familiar. Koa
moa carriers since sold,' are nearing
coxr-pletlbn at Flensburi.. ' " :-r:
' The new" Iosmas liners are aU bf
12,001. tons net register, and simllaf
(o the Kamal which. Is already In the
service and, a?.. present on; the" v"et
Coast The' Karnak was launched at
I5remerhaven last April.' ,ticr net ton
nage is 4437 tons, The. new, trainers
are 456 feet" long, 68.S beam. They wli
oe equippea witn.two pole masts, six
boom masts and fifteen winches. .All
the newKosmo liners will Be iequlp-
ped with the Telfunken wireless, svs-
'More'. Foreign Steamhps, Bought
By Japanese. ;" -; r
. The British steamer Ulysses, which
-.arrived- here from Liverpool yester
day, has been : , sold to Japanese,
. : through Messrs. Samuel Samuer
Co. . She is jof 3721 , tons net and
1 Vm built at Greenock in 1802, , '..
; w The foUOwhrg steamert have also
been purchased by. Japanese and will
Khortly,;(arrive .In - Japanese ..waters:
. V ;Th Iron two-deck steamer Majldi, 2,
t 26 tons gross, built at Glasgow in
2S82 and .formerly. owned.by the.Boni
bay and Persia- Steam, Navigation
Co.; the steel spar-deck steamef Binh
- Thuan, 1726 tons gross, built at Genoa
In 1902 and owned by the Cie de Com
. xnerce et de .Navigation d'Extreme
i Orient r of: Paris;, the. steel two-deck
steamer Devawongse,-1643 tons gross,
built t .Glasgow in 1888i; and the
- steel two-deck steamer .Loo Sock, 1,-
' 904 tons gross, built at Glasgow lni
. ; 1891, both owned by the Norddeut-
scher Lloydi Bremen; the steel steam
; er Powhatten;r 6262 gross, built at
West Hartlepool in 1900 and owned
s by Furness. , Withy & Ca; West Har"
Aratrlcan liiV.Canners In'Jspam, :
4 Japan is being; Invaded by Ameri
can fisb-nackine and canninr concerns
the Swift and ;Liebig packing com-
panies having represantatives on the
ground indin. one .instance; a .plant
' has been placed, m operation. ' Hokkaido-
has been selected amhe site
(JAS. H.
Unleir Grill
of. ,an estatlishment which when
completed will xzzt over a million dol
lars, and; will I?, owned entirely by
American Jntcr- tc.- " ; -' : ' '' ' ' .
Discussing tl.o construction of the
plants, -8? Jr ; v ese newspaper " says:
VThe.Liebfx-J Swift c panles are
the, two. Uf::: packers cf the United
States and their enomas capital and
productive capacity is unequal ed In
the ."worid.-'; Recogniz!r the-probable
charactec , of the .cr-rln-. trade 5 la
Hokkaido, the LieMg r pcor 1 3- tint out
anfagent in April to .:ccrta'n v.hat
stand the "Japanese gave , anient would
take toward a forelg-er iztcn-Ing- to
starting a fishing and cazaicj Indus
try in this country. . V w:?
; !'It appears that they-now have re
solved, upon starting a large canaery
works at Hokkaido, with a" capital of
J1,7G0A000; and work has commenced.
It is expected that shipments to Amer.i
ica will commence -before, long. . t
."The ex"port of canned -crabs from
Hokkaido has increased from $100,000
to $500,000 in( five years. This year"
the catch, has diminished - ..butl,. the
price ha increased. . Japanese crabs,
which have heretofore been: demanded
only in .the United States, are begin
ning to -fnd- ail extensive market iq
Europe. Salmon and trout have
promising' futures; The Japanese
packers" are men -of ' small' means and
it is expected that the. new. firms will
be. the most formdiable rivals the Jap
ahese' have ever bad. ; r
Salva Steamer Makes Long Voyage,
. One ,of the? longest, salvage, voyages
ever .made" by ;a twreckihgi steamei;
was .completed,, .. when . the" salvage,
steamer (Salvqr.j afrlyed atLBalbjost tQ
assist, in the, raising; of the; sunken,
Pacific MaiL steamer vNewpbrt. Thq
Salvor steamed 4000' miles because
of the lack ofa. suitably vessel to be
found at. a nearer' point n the Pacific
Coast. Captain W H. Logan, ' special
salvage agent for" Lloyd's, who looks
after the interests' of the underwrit
ers on the North Pacific, Is In charge
of the expedition. Divers will be sent
doyto to make a complete examlna
tion' of" the NewnoVt' ami a Blin -nrv
pared 1 In the drafting : room of i the
Salvor, for raising the vessel willbe
decided .upon. The,' Salvors .are con
fident; that -their- work-will ;be suc
cessful, i. if- any; boles are found, these
will be Datched and after- the, wreck
age of ' the fallen . warehouse, has "bfen
liitea : away,. the sunken hull win,- oe
made .tight -and- the pumpsveounected
to , lift the water from the-' Interior.
When- floated the Newport will prob
ably, b(i sent to dock;, under her; own
steami' -.:' .-'' . .
Improving- Fiji Harbor." ,
With the arrival . of the ..Canadian
Australian liner ..Marama from the
Colonies;,, came .Information, concernr
xng thej.work to be,r,dohe In the Jmt
proYement of Sura harbor". . Accord
Ing' to the officers of that yessel, tiro
QqTernmeat ; has definitely " decided
the lines on ' which the reclamation
fdrC the ; new harbor works at . Walu
Bay is? to; proceed. '. Work "will pro
ceed sX once by means of excavations
from .Crown property ; at Walu Bay,
completing the reclamation as far, as
possible,- pending , , the .. arrival . of. a
sand-pumping dredge which has been i
ordered r from England. . On- its- ar
rival the dredging - and excavation
will both be proceeded, with, until the !
compieuont oi
tne woraw " 1 l wuiMra. G.f W. Kirkaldy, child and maid.
carry, the reclamation some . distance
further out to sela, whereby? the Gov
ernment will gain a large' area of -re
claimed land; which will proVe af val
uable asset to the" colony. In the f u
The following is' a' tfonslafion of a
letter received from the office of the
chief ot tb Vladivostok tradiiig port
regarding7 the loading-marks 01. seagoing-vessels:
,y., :,ty
."According -. to v the requirements of
the law of October 31. 1909; relating
to conrmercialr navigation, and 'Rules
regarding .the examination of . seal-
going: commercial, vessels'. (confirmed
by. the Minister ot Trade and Indus
try November 23, 1911, it will be re
quired , from ,all seagoing .comiperclal
vessels (with the exception of purely
traders),' together with other stfpit
lationsof .the , said regulations, that
the , toad ing , marks 'of the deepest
drafts of the Tessel are to be" placed
on both sides of the .vessel -The cor
rectness of Uh': loading, marks- 80
placed must be confirmed by a cer
tificate" issuejfby.fthe proper author!
tiesr which , if ,U..be kept on board."
The British steamer Orteric of the
Weir line has been chartered by Wa
terhouse & Co. to remain, in the trans
pacific .service. The steamers Lord
Derby atid Lord Curzdn have also
been fixed on time for this; service.
The Orteric -waa scheduled for with
drawal along , with., the Kuineric, Su
yeric ; and Luoeric,; as a, result , oL the
lively .scramble, for tonnage in Europe
and . not because . shipping was dull in
the .- trade from ; the Pacific,. Coast t to
the Orient-On the. other-.hand,; the
heavy, trade in prospect and that pre
LmUing M the, jresen V.tWCjcesultd
in the Waterhouse Company holding
the Orteric. .'
! 'mimmwmmmm mml
1 Temperature -6- sf m., T$; 8 ai-,m"
78; 10 a. m., 80; 12 noon, 79. Mini
mum last night. 74.
Wlnff-T a; m velocity JO, direction
E.; 8 a. m., velocity 13, direction N.
E-;vlOia. m., Telocity 12, direction N.
E.; 12 noon velocity. 6, direction N.E.
Movement past 24 hours. 185 miles.
Barometer, at 8 a.t m., 20 . 07. Rela
tiveJiumidltx. ..a. vLJX Dew-point
at i a. m., Absolute? humidity, 8
a. ra7.091.nKaSnfalinf.
ff ildF.1 INLANDS
r(Cedsl Cablt t5 .rreats
; ; f Itoiday, Oct ii,
.HILOSailed, Oct. 12. T. p.. m., S. S
Enterprise. for San Francisco.
FOItT BRAGG Sailed,, Oct., .13," Schr.
! Dauntless,- for Hilo.
SAN FRANCISCO'- Arrived, Oct14,
, 9 a. ml, S.. & Siberia, hence Oct. 8.
, ;. ; .Sallea Octj l Si ilave'rick",
lor Honolulu. . v r.,. ,
Sailed, Oct 12, 1:25 p. m.,- 8s. S.
Korea. for Honolulu.
5. SaUeC OtptaS. ATronan, for
PORT TOWN SEND. r-'Aarhred, Oct
14. schrrBlakeley, hehceT Sept. 26.
EUREKA Sailed-, Oct 13, Schr.A.
F. Coats, for Hilo.
GRATS" HARBORTSalled;, ; ( Oct; 13,
bktii- G: Wilder-; for; Hbholul.r
SllATTLE .Arrived., OctM2. " S; S.
MissbuTian, from Sa Francisco
NAPOOPOO Arrived. Oct 8. Schr,
; H..Din Bendixon, .from rjt Gamble
ma ; eariy i uesaay mormuo uu
iailsfOT'Cail-Fraciscei about 4 pi.m!
lerican-Cuilt Gunboat. for.t. c.,
nec.AVatejra,.rr'-.. ,v-..:u.- 'v.i.
i4w '"wnr2 'b' ' built "at:. Mare fsland.-
B6th'gunbLbats'Vili'.,bes. used in' Chinese"
waters-'th two'Ehipaltpe built
inleadTbCohel', theTcpst" off 4eachT Will
be;tllessetied by",di6tHhutlonL. 'off; the
overhead .chWgesV: and the'.estiiia'tel of
?t41,OOOi;'for:!; the Monocacy;;,? : so
much; lowexJ thantba; nearest" private
hidS2i! M6 y' sv Seattle .firm that
an IhY esUgatiohwasdemandea? 'and
Jir ' IS? 8. Great,, Britalnobjcted, uh.
der the keaty of 18l2, to the juse of
the" gunboat- one- the Great- Laker, as
was planned, and after fourteen years
the? appropriation hatf :&w bgen iet
- Per O. .S Sierra: fronie Sato1 Frari
iclsco For oholultt:-;-Geo. Ahlborn,
Miss Lottle Alf, Mi F: Barclay, Miss
M. Barre, Isaac Berris, T. O. Boelyn,
Mrs; Boelyn; Mrs. Brandt; Mrs. C
R.. Buck1and.li4s H Buckland. Miss
Bucklahd; '.jBTrA.V Butler,- Mrs. Butler
1 - - . 1 '-Jj- - " ri " ir.'.t.
apa cniia, nong tJuacK, . .ax rs. - ai m y
Chllds. Kai Tlri Chun, MIssM. AV Cbn-
dori,"A.-L'CJo6per,r COstai JT E. Crx?
IjV Mrs. G M; Damon, Miss E; Damon,
MrsV Wj ; De .Variesv D. A!.; Dowsett,
Mrs.5 Dowsetc A. : F. Dredge, Wm.
Dykes, Geo. Edwards,- ReY. "E. Engl
haf t; Mrs.- EnglenarT, "... X Ai t English;
MIss'L Fa'athX Mrs. E. -D: Fishei",
Louis Frahkr, JE2. LFricke: M; R. Gal-
loway.VMrsvi Gallowayi Hermann , Ger-.
ken, Adam Gimiand; -Kf Gfustat Miss
May. Greene; MrsI C m. Harmon, Hon.
F M. Hatch, Miss Hatch,-3Iits Heien
Hayes, Jnp. Hadge, Mrs, M. L. .Heetf,
Hr F. HUU Smg H, Hoe, Lee G.. Hon,
Mrs; L. JKull and child, A-.. A- IsbelL
Mrs, .l8belli Joe: ,Jacobsw F. B. Johnson,
Mrs. Jonnson, Apau K.au, wissr. iem,
Mrs;..; Ke.Uey. pr. Chas. Keller, Miss
Grace Kelly. Thos; KeflyAT. J. King.
Chas. Lang, Ed w: , R. Lang;- Mri; Lang
nd child,; E. Larsson, Kathef ino-Lew-ers,
R. L.Llllie, Mrs..LilUe,: J. Licinan.
liss-A Long, phngLumCapt MMc"
Carron, C DniMclntosh, ; Miss M,..Mc
Lane, .Drr X? R.McNalv-, B. Maggip,
Jos.- Magnin,, Max Maiwm. JU Marks,
H. B. ; , Marriner, - Mrs jilaTriner,v".
ftiiciraels, Leou Morris,. Mrs.; Morris'
,U A. CParishi AR. Patrick MrscHi
SV Patrlck,Mlss n Pearson; ,Fr D. Pii
lottvlrs..E; Pillatt ami;chxUl;T. J.
, Qolnn, Percy Ramsden,-J.W. Ramsey.
iMrs,. Ramsey, 1 W. tf$t. J. Ranjtey, Mrs.
icanney. Miss. Helen. Kanney, Mrs. J.
PH Reg9 and. daughter R. Reld, J. L. P
Roblnsbru A. Rqu Ih IV Ilptlv Mis.
i?. Roth, .Mrs. T. Rbwald,AMlssL
Sheridan tls8 Irene Shendant Mrs. E.
J., Sjevert X Sinclair, J.jSfeiar.Mrs.
Steiner, . R. Y.'j see"e, WW- Stibbard,
Lloyd Stpck Warreu ;f U-nik3, U?;S.
J. Van Wagner,, Mrv Van " Vairqer, Joy
Walker, Miss 0. Walt 3 l--s, , Mni Khai
betlv Warner, Mre. , , VV. i? WJnte-s,
Miss Isabel Wing, Hoon. Kai Yin. li, K.
cYop. ; .... ... ;;. .
Per U. S. A. .TLogan, for Honolulu
from San Francisco,, October 13 MaJ.
G. H, MCSanus. Inspector general;
MaJ. Robtj, H. Noble, t. Twelfth .Infan
try; Captc H. Fv Smtthj .Thirtieth- In
fantry Capt H. J. Broes. Cavalry, A;
Di C. ; Capt-W. 6 Burt, Twentieth
Infantry;, Capt. A. M. Shipp, Twen
Ueth Infantry; Capt.- D:; McCaskey,
FirBt Cavalry;: First Lieut M. Murray,
G. A. C; Maj. J..A. Penn, First Infantry;-.
MaJ. George Blakely, C.-. A.-C.;
Capt R. McGleave, Second Infantry.
wlfe,.:8on and daughter; : Capt ; J: H.
Bryson, First ,F, A., and' wife; First
Lieut 1 S.- D. Kremers, medical corpsi
wife- and. & sons ; .Second. Lieut W. H.
W.t Yopng, j Fifth- Cayalry," and wife;
Second . . Heiut j R, IU. .Max well,;; Firs t
F- A.;v Second.. Lieut, W.H.r Robert
son, First Ipfantry Second Lieut A.
K. Polnemus, Third infancy; Mrs. J.
M. Beauler,. Mrs.-.-Jj, ..Junds and 2
sons, Miss Lyon, JUrs. B. H. Hatkins
and daughter, Capt Ry M. Cutts, U. S.
M. C, wife and daughter; Capt D. C.
McDougal, U. S. M. a; Second Lieut
F T. . Evans, U. S. 'M C.;-Mrs. ThoS.
Dunn, ;:. ,. .
Per stmr. Kinaur Xrom Kauai ports,
October 13. W. C. McHenry, G. R.
Humphreys, C. F. Drake",1 S.Susuke,
M. Kuamoto.Ki Krane, H; Dyson, A. '
G. Armstrong; A. , O'Hara, Father Ce
Jetin. Francis-Gay, H. r lsenberg, Mrs.
KanJ Wlcox.4H. P. Fay Morse, P.
Henoch. J.fC Tecan,- T. Fugita. Y.
Akau. Master Quong Yet,-H.tF. Had
fieW, C. SpHlner, Johir Maxfnwai, John
Lowell Mrs Bowers'; & Sottza. Mrs.
Sbuzi Mrs. J. H. So per, Smith Hiroth
and 58 deck.
Per stmr. Mikahala, from Maul and
Molokal, October 13. A. Gartley. W.
W, Harris, S. Thayers, C. L. Watson,
E. D. Murdock. William Miller. D. Ka
lauokalani.i.Mrs: Henry Keau and 30
deck. ..,
Per p. & S. Sierra for. San Fran
Cisco Ocfvl?. Miss E. L. Anderson, l.
W. Barney,? Mrs. Barney, Miss Laura
Cadmus., Mrs. Caroline Clark.. Mrs. Pi
lu Courtwright Miss Courtiwrigiit Mrs.
J. Cowes, JJIss Margaret Co wes, Mas
ter Carol Cbwe8, Mrs. James Denman,
Mrs. Terltf Desch, N. Doyle. Sirs.
Doyle,; Master Edward Rreier, Mrs. u
Dunbar;,: F. Ellis, Mrs. "Ellis. P. J.
Gilbert,. Hiss Helej; Hayes; L. W.
Hough. Jrl,v Arthur Isbell, Mrs'. IsbelH,
F. L. Jenksj Mrs.- Jenks; Mrs. C. W.
ffterit W; A.' Kinney, Miss3 M. Leslie,
T. McCormaickV Miss afary-McLane, G.
H. McLaughlin' Mrsl .McLaughlin,
jure. . tucnaraaon, 91. f tuinney,
Mrs, Ranney, Miss h Sheridan, Miss U
Sherfdan, Mrs. E. J.'Sievert Duncan
Smithy Mrs. M. H. Sterling, T. T- Tay
(lor, Mrs: Taylor and two ihfapta, "Mas
ter TnomaarTaylOr- Mlsa Bima Taylor,
;MIss Mabel Taylorltllss Lucy Taylor
'George B.f Tbrreyi- "Ci C. von ' Hammi
Misr LaflV Watkinsr RrT. Wilt Miss"
Ada E. Will MIss N. WJn stead, H.
G.Wootfen. Ufi-Wooten.' j 1 j
Pert stmr. Maufcai Kea,, forHawail'
pbrts Oct: 16, A. Gartley,. Alfred
Irafft wife and three children ;-K. M.
Smithi Mrs.' J. M. . Soucat Master r H.
Souza. Eva Souza, Mrs. J. K. Bodel,
child and maid:. Mr. and Mrs. Georgo
H.. McLaughlin, Esther L. Anderson
Twissr jjjv jonnsott, miss j: jonnson. .
Per" stmr" Maunal. KeaforVJlawali
portst Oct 191 Mrs: at: E. Purdy, Mrs
(Continued from Page : t .f
Mali would. sooner or later be sold by
ine . soutnern Facinc. , me- snipping
men took: thir view - becauser of the
clause In the recent . act ' concerning
canal tolls which are. levied Von ves
sels owned 6t rohtxOlled 4)y -rillroajd
ftomnanlJtl. . V.. ... ' :, ' ' - -.:
."The .Sierra wasan early arrival this
morning with nearly three thousand.
tonseenerai cargo, caDin ana' u
; stceraee" nassetiserSi &:-Zu -
- TWIfK . tfiA. sTMnMnn. t aha riav iWo-i
voyage was. a pleasant one ana tne
travelers; participated in . a : series of
k pleasing entertainments and- programs
oi qecK Bporjcs. , .-. v h y
.Two1 hundred ahd: sixty? ecks-': of
mail arrived-Three diminutive pom
leB , to-assist in the presentation of an
act4af ,a local theater were; brought
down a f rom the 5 coasts The- Sierra
; now "carries two wireless operators to
: conform- tQ the new regulation wJiich
i went into -eff ecf with thei first .of the
1 month -J ; -':' m"'f''y
(boTitlhvedifrom PageVl)'-. - !:
sl ips-worried-'the? great Japanese ad-
mlral Togo ano: tne scour mmanders-
! When s Stoessel and th e garrison of
Port Arthur werer beleaugered by the
rate Generals Nogf , ahd" Nodzu, com
manding "the forces Iri the- liner at
Dalhv. : LouIsv and? Dick Spitzer ' etectri-
;fiedr the1: world by" running ship-after
ship through the? network Of Japarfese
warships . and Japanese submeYgi
mlhes." feeding jtnV starved soldiers of
the white" tzar from the- most danger-'
ous 'possible lalet-';.. :.
- iq Manna ,wonr was; receiver uiai
fabulous' gums could be earned by the
man " who would pierce the' Japanese
lfneS on Tlahd or water arOundT Port
Arthur At a: secret conference with
hthe M uscIae' agents, Louis Splfzer
tooK up, tne 4ussian. oia. . .....
Several' - trips werO successfully
made.t At last Dfck was taken'aboard
hfs steamer, full to the scuppers with
grain arid all sorts' pf" foodstuffs for
the Russians.' He was seAt wnder an
ai nied escort to TOkyO tried in ac
cordarice" to" interhational law's of wrar
and condemned to be shot He was not
shot Just why was never disclosed".
Louts was, reported" to b head over
ere- in love withf a - young ''English
woman; Laura Dunbar, whom he had
saved f rOni Insult on the Praya of Si-
fgapore. It is thought that the girl t
failed To reciprocate hid advances. j
-Hft' war ftf fho f rue tvh of ' ttn l
privateer of the seas and knew every
rig of ships eveTafepped on launch
n(ete oflRorrf Oct 12, 1914; from
v l:3d n. m. td 4s3f) n. m.
Cfpupele 'Lewi and" hsh to Alvina K
Keaumano .11
G jb Samsoh and. wf to Lee Shee. . . D
Hawaiian "Trust Co Ltd to John T
Brown .. Rel
Est of John C Cluney by tr to Chihg
Kf Hong .. .. ..ParRel
Ching Ki Hong to Sakuji Ikeda. D
T K Lalakea- and wf to Hilo Rail
road Co .. '. D
Simeon K Hao and wf to Trent Tr
; Co Ltd. .. .. ...:...'..... :m
Entered of Record Oct. M, 191 from
8:30 a. m. to 10:30 a. m.
Mary Akau et als to Mrs Kiipalu
Chang Tim .....D
Isemoto Sanyemon to Hilo Empo
rium Ltd CM
Nakashlma Sentaro to HUo Empor-
ium Ltd CM
Shuhei Nakahara.to G.J Russell, .BS
Sbuhel Nakahara to Joseph Dowson
- BS
Shuhef Nakahar to Rokusaburo Ota
Shuhei Nakahara to Jumatsu Osa-
ki .. BS
Henry St J Nahaolelua and wf by
Atty et ali to Au Lim Tim ...... D
iiiWiiMliMiSiSiSWBSliSBfc "'(ViHIiBiBP
r -' - . l r
Governor Frear this morning took
up the consideration of the Kau dttciS
and water license, and held confer
ence with Attorney Frank Thompson,
representing the company; UvS.Hy
drographer .Larrison, . and Attorney
General Lindsay. The. problem of
how, much of, the water source on the
Hilo side of i Hawaii, may be tapped
for, this project without diminishing
keriously the supply.jieeded on , the
Hilo side in the dry, months, is one of
the, most important to be solved in
thisf matter, andiay require consid
erable study before- a decision is
reached regardfnrf tBe water license.
Z-'i --i-.J-' r-- .
The'PacIfic Mali" liner' Korea is
trnrpute from, San Francisco to Honolulu-
and, should arrive here on Fri
day, morning; vv , -:.,
The oil tanker' liiiihxl Chflcott got
awayfoi;., Gaviota on Saturday after:
noon, after ? having jbeen discharged of
a quantity, of fuel oil ; :, ' V :
i - Fuel oil for the local? branch of the
Standard Oil Company; Is enroute to
the islands ' fn the, American tanker
Maverick. ( This; vessel? brings"-ken
sene and . gasoline- la - bulk. - "
Tn ark AndreV; Wrlth ' Is being
discharged of . supi Hes for the con
tractors at Pearl Harbor.; The vessel
is e ip ?Jptf d yir. btf orcrgl t toHono
lulu.by tjie'las of the' week'.
k-; iignt' nunarea ions ieniuzer ana
a small - quantity, of . preserved " pine
apjplesi was included' in - the cargo car
ried' .to San Pedro in, the.; schooner
AjlnfeM; Campbell, that5 sailed from
Horioluluoff' Saturday; ?'.;;-;
V, Maui business" , organizations "are
making, an- effort tc Induce-the In-
j ter-lsland". to t; include: Lahaina-.as a
.'port' pt call' on rtbv weekly special
F.Hilo trip.. It is ..claimed:; that over
tures .thus- far have-:; proved unsuc
cessfut:'. ',!. -yix- S"' :. ':':;:- "- :'
. Army: officers here- are ."speculating
as to .who will succeed -. to the ' com-
mand.of Fort Shatter, made vacant by
the; sudden . death .ot? Majr JohnH.
.Vhblley.'.-...'- v'::. v: . "-V'tt-.
Another major will? have to be' as
signed' to the regiment, which- is now
left with only one serving , with . the
troops,; Major Erneste V. Smith of the
can is now at xne Array vvar- Lxiiiege.
. Rumor has It.that Maior Smith may
get me snaiter. commana, as ne is
the senior major of the- regiment The
assignment however; is entirely; up to
the War; Department, : ; Xi
i Major B'Ai, Read, c judge .advocate
General's department is a through
passenger on the army transport Lo
gan. He f called at department head
quarters, this 'morningi. v-x.:,. ; ,
! . Major Blakeley;: C Ai C. Is making
his third trip to Hawaii t within , the
year,, and the Second wlthifir;: 'two
months i He came' here July 31. last
as st member ; of the defense-board,
which formulated' plans' for the f urth-
er protection-, of. Mhe1 IslandV, Major
Blakeley is to1 be an' umpire, at the
coming" maneuvers: e
ik Gordon Roberts, . Indicted: by, the
Federal grand Jury 'On a charge, of
violating-,the "white slave", law, and
Who has been in: Jailr; 8lhce,i July :;18,
was released oh his . personal'; recog
nizance thisV morning. . T .; .;..
New. nominatlona filed with the- Sec
retary, of the'.Territory, by candidates
oh- the. island , of . Oahu are tnose. or
Ulysses1 H. Jones; republican candidate
for epresentative, f ronr the fifth dis
trict- and Charles Kahekoa, republican
candidate for representative irom tne
same'diatrlct r' " " : -, 1
The- Federal criminal' calendar, was
called by U. S. District Judges: Dole
and demons this morning, an tne
cases .'being continued- to Saturday,
November '2.. The -Mahuka site con-
demnation suit, has been" set for next
:ce on d
aiuuuB.j. uiwumg, wwuci ,.iu&, ymuiu ma, uwmjuauua, i'urei3,ju
call has been issued for the" venire I my office? , . : - . ... .
from , which the selection of a jury 4rCah a candidate state his party v ' 'J
for that : case will begin on " ther. date affiHatio? through angent or by the ' Vour P
set-,"''. !: ' ' ' ' : '-officers of-a pblitTcal'"party aqtiu in" when- a"
Hee Park, the Chinaman indicted by
the territorial grand jury on a charge
of assaulting two; small girls, wara
raigned,this morning, and given until
Thursday to. enjer his plea. As he Is
v.ithout funds.the court appointed til
F, . ChillingWorth ta: serve as the' de
fphda,nts counsel. . Samuel (Kahf, who
faces two' indictments on a ' charge' of
murglary in . the second degree,; alii
has been given until Thursday to enter
plea, and Tam" Ha, Indicted for assauit
aq,d battery,- entered a plea of guilty
this morning and will receive sentence
Thursday. .
Conflicting dispatches have" been
received concerning- the acceptance
of Italy's peace proposals, but it is
believed that preliminary agreements
will" be signed on. the arrival of the
Turkish emissary: at Ouchy.
"I- was 'going to give Jones a little
friendly advice this morning."
' "And didn't your
-,'?9wHe ..started Jo tell me how to
run my affairs and that's something 1
tolerate from no, man." . ;
tmmf 1 I
Merchant, Near Fort "
ni-.Ti.i It
In which Is combined the HAWAIIAN
EVENING BULLETIN; established 18S2.
Publishers, Commercial Printers, Bookbinders,
' r ; Photo-Engravers:-
-J? - - :V iiE2iDn associated vlzsx : ; Xv.-J
. ' UNTIL JAN. 1J 1913 (Preferred Position 20) . . . ...... lie PER INCH
TRANSIENT RATE, ItiiO. first insertion
CLASSIFIED, One Cent per word S
IN OFFICES ...... ;
" r.3x,Teiepbiies EdllfrM:.Cams.2IS5 Bftslstss OKr r
BRANCH 1 OFFICE . . V. ; . ............ . ........... MERCHANT . -StnJP
Per M6nthV anywhere in United States . .................. .? ,73
Per. Quarter, anywhere in United States ...'.... ..4.V 2.C3
Per Year, anywhertf in United States. ' .. 8.C0
Per Year, postpaid foreign. ; . . i . . . . . ........ ... 12.00
n : semi-weekia' starbulletinp , f
Per Sit Months ..;...V,.r..;....... .. LC3
Per Year; anywhere in United States.
Per Year,' anywhere laCanadar ..,..,., t ; 3.00 .
Per Yearj, - postpaid, foreign V. ...... . ."' ... . ' 1 . . i -00
Address all ComnsnlcsUoiis to llcsolala Star-BalletiaItl, Uosolrla, T. II.
(Cstlaacd from Pajre 1)
nation papers; One of these . ques-
tlAnl-llW1frtrhihv th? far-t that
the document sent: in . by one capdi-
d.t -.wwrw HfA "At nfm-hla rnarfr
:.vih. .;n4r,.-
tatlve of the party and the- oversight
remedied by that man. Whether the
shall; himself -wtltes in the. affiliation,' t
or' shall . A permitted . to have some-j
oner else? do it, Is a matter, over which-1.
one eisevao u, is ar maxier over wnico-
th See ilnclinedvto eipress,'
Letter tcr Lin diay.;- -t. er I walanl, an arrival from- ire-oipu,'
His letter to Attorney, General . tnIs morning.' The vessel met v. i th '
Lindsay ia in part as. folio wsi ; - ra faif passa5e;- the wind and s:if be
. "The facts iff regard to these norni-. Ing .favorahle . Aqeordl to report
naUon ..papers are as awaits 021
npnatfoii:;paper- of.all the. above ?Bacto M th(r nawair port!.
mentioned candidates came in a t? , -: :. ; - - -
ZT! - 1', -17 ; 1 7" rV
ed in tfie Wfe-H
Kalama dated oc
original of which Is inclosed, here--
V- RaMVirfaw irttr was re
ceiyedj and ; opened 'at .my office on
I '.rii . iriiri
I October, 5 at r 3 : 30 p. m; UpOA ex-
! ppereu wtue suii ut weu t4vD
LWltn - tne, .exception .mat none or, ine
candidiates stated by - what party I
they had- been nominated what ttlf
party affiliation was or. whether, they
were non-partisan. ; ;
; From the?' course adopted In ' regard-'to.
all- nomination papers I re
I fused, to accept them for filing and .
sent to each of tne candidates, on the
kamer afternoon' ofj October' 5 "word, to tendency to. pass on, to posterity n.
that effect . : : :? J. . ' written record of his African hunting
"Upon receipt ortne wiretess' reply experiences, declaring that sucJr writ
the nomination papers of the above ings .instill thesp!rit of ,tbe, cLzjs in
named 't were 'starripedJ 'withe the readers,? and cause further suffering
Secretary's, receipt stamp and mark- to the wild things of the Jus'2S. The.
edvrecelved October 6, 1912, at 7:05 .society today. passed a resolution re
p. m. that . Is, on the same day and - questing the net legislature to re
at.the same time as the receipt of . scind a law. that. gives to humane so
said wireless. I inclose the nomJna i.c'etles fines assessed following ar
tiott papers of the candidates. axve "e8t by society officers. This was
mentioned. , V , , .:'. - ; done to1 eliminate an appearance of
the case of. Geo P. Cooke.
Unclose vhls nomination, papers.. He
being in Honolulu on v. October, 5,
1912, appeared- at my: office at: the)
time stated In- his nomination papers
and? wrote on his ; nomination papera
."Republican . Party" ; , 1 ' ;
WsrtfT Advfce
"I have .the honor to ask that yw-
advise netouty :i. to tlifbe ,
VieiuiBea. j - ,. ' t . :. ,
L Whether I, should, place, -he I
names of .the . candidates. orotested , v form of electric current
against, upon the ..offlcia 6alloi7, , wWcI) wnett-app1Iej' t6-the basc of
k.tf ; lat .question . ben.-uwwercd iberato-wJUl - produce a narcotic ef
In the affirmative, .whether I should fect whIcll can maintained as long '
place the party affiliation of. the can-, ia (jegjre r '
di5teac,fn .eofficIaJ pallet ? v j j H hfLi tHed with the greatest
s - j?.V r 5 success : and .'without any injurious ct-
party affiUattoa, simultaneously with . fects oa db and rabbits, and Dr.
.the Jflipg of, his . nomination, papers,
or. can he so state subsequently; and:
by separateleUej; of later, date tha
Matter Admittedly Serious. .. . , X
I Republican Territorial Central .ComM'
mittee i and. titular head Of, the. party f,
1A, this Territory, was asked "last Sat-
urday night as'jto what action hirpar- -ty
would .take toprotect the Maul can-f;
dfdates, Mr. Shingle had heard of the '
Democratic protest only a few hours
before; and was not fully acquainted j
with the facta, but he did- -Dot deny
the gravity of the situation". : .
"I am' not able to. say just now what ;
willi be; done' he said. "It - looks '
somewhat , serious." ; i
; - Mr. ShinglW Delegate K'ubie, R. Wi j
'.reckons and the Rev; S. Lv Desha
left last evening on the Mikahala for'
a campaigning tour of Maul, and lat- J
er Kuhlo and. Desha will go to Hail
wail.; While on Maul the; Republican
leaders will confer with the Maui Ret -
publicans regarding the fight on the
Valley Isle- ticket '1
Democrats were telling with some
zest today how the story ' leaked out j
that the; Repu6l lean nominations from
Maui were, as it, ist claimed. iUegally i
filed. It appears that the Maui Re
publicans realized their mistake' after
they had- been Wirelessed to on the
night the nominations closed by the
chief clerk's office here. One of the
Maui Republicans happened to tell
the story . ta a - Maui - Democrat and , v
and wrote to T. J; Ryan, at Demc WL!?
cratic headquarters here. ; Ryan ; saw old and exchanged. J. Carlo, rvct au ...
1 STAR, established 1S33V and ; the
Issued Dally and Semi-Weekly by
. . .Generat Busiut-sa Manasvr
and: subsequent Issues pro . rata..
cents per line per week. v
U. .. . 1059 ALAIIIU ST nULTT
; . . v 2.00
a chance to'haraca the bat:.J enemy
and . followed It up. TLo Lemocratlc
leaders, made lnvestiaticr.3 and are
said to haVe taliei the mtter over
informally with the " attorney-general
and Mott-Smlth. Lindsay, say the
Deraocrats.of course dli not give any
opinion, but seemed to th.ak- theLcur-
bona have at least a chance to make
and the Democrats are cor-
TTATrr.rr.o:i-T xoir3-
wafanl Oack With "-art'
sugar made' up the buEc of the car-
Noeatrtor Kaual This Arurr.son. .
vlndwirt'. ports Hons the Island of
Bleaaw No. .
:JK- a. - t.m,
eatt;.wtll be dSpatched at o o clocx this
afternoon. The vessel, will be sup-
plied with a later mail but no pascin
t , n tca pt r """-.T" """"""'TY
1 1 u ivw twJ 1 innu 1 1
" qatct'a tpr srt ' m
,.pofnte4. jy cf ftscicre Rocse-
velt, for. spreading, death ari dctrnc
tloa in African:, veldts nzi Jjrles
was .voiced here today by V Leon
Dawson' at the' annu-1 rcaver.tloa of
the, California State Huciuns Society,
Dawson also-conden:nd ths colonel's
i"graur in tne society. - . .
LTAcmriE 7HicH nni::cs -U:
? sleep ;:2i: iizitid
BERLIN. SepV. 24. Electric sleep
whfchraay be turned on and off at
will is the alluring prospect offered
to people suffering from Insomnia by
. Wageigcnmidt,.: who describes hfs
IfTivpntJnn for thia nuroosa in a medi-
at -.-vfna : rfvim tn hvn h.
tfageigchmldt , is convinced that it
a K .nnif6tf t fcWnw Ha.
Application pf . the current also
eliminates pain from any part of the
Ikv - 4
Pittsb urg jplg Were killed
train collided-' ..Jwith" their
(automobile at;a grade" crossiiig.
Girls wanted at Home Candy Co., Ala-
kea opp. Hawn. Hotel. Apply in
person. t . ' k5366-lnt
; ' v. u FOR SALE. - "
Newly, furnished lodging - house, 23
rooms, income $1?.00 per month, i
years' lease..-Matthews, 546 S. King
- ;. 1 ; X T. nv
Small furnished cottage in Manoaf Q
Valley. Phone 38S0. 536-lr '
. nn . -
eT..D, et..ve .:- ';,
,vtaJ tWm
Tw f e" ioaV !.teepIc-f!?
the , Coast Painting ot , repairing
church steeples, .flag poles, smoke:
stacks. : Work on other Islands so
licited: Tel. 2231, or Steeplejack.-"
gfar-BaHetin. v . k536S-3m

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