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- A 1. J . mm "m . " . "
yvucjuanu, iew zeaiana, is now un-
"steamers operated ty , the Oceanic
Bt earn ship Company. "b predicted an
official connected with the liner Sierra,
that arrived from San Francisco with
a large number of mainland passita-
cert. : ; J-': . 7.-.
w icaiucu :iiuc leaving mc
JBrnt had: come forward with a pro-
- position wuereoy tne sonoma ana ven
, tura, in catling at Auckland would net
I the Oceanic , company a considerable
larger revenue. r " ' '
A query as to whether the-promised
... Increase, m earning would be In the.
term of an additional' subsidy,- failed
Zt ,U "was learned - today that the
steamship company had given tne mat-
ter fcf extending the 'cerTice to New
Zealand considerable attention, provid
ed that the government or business in
. .terests were ready to offer sufficient
The statement was also made that
the Auckland ' Harbor board had
brought . ua the k matter at a recent
, meeting, and . while It was conceded
i that the question' was somewhat Iis-
- tant from the'scone of that oreanlza-
uon a committee or Dusmecs men was
... . . -
r appointed to make- representation to
. tie government, through the Auckland
, faembers to consider whether some In-
: .i jdncement ' could. be offered to ; the
iig between San Francisco, Honolftu,
Pago Pago and .Sydney. ". .(.v:.;
aw almost: direct course. A ; call Ai
Vi n-do at Pago Pago, and the voyage
from Hawaiian islands to New South
J" Vales 'Dort Is ! comnleted in thlrtn
-, vajs, ;o aiven me steamers jo auck
Jand is' contended would .serve to
' lengthen the trip to '-tha extent of at
least three xlays, and it is this delay
V that is ; believed may1 deter tbe torn-C-
i?any from adding an additional port ot
' ceil, in that it is claimed that the "sub
sidy now drawn r by the company is
ua ub unaerstanamg." inai a nine-
tween day service between San Fran
dsco end Sydney' will ba maintained.
' t Bcth; the' Sonotn'a. and. 'Ventura- are
,frkxf boats however, and it is contend
1 el thai tfiey aro capable :ot making
V better speed than cow required oa the
y' AutraHaii txnf. : v- -,v '.
a ' - , . , , gjf . -.t f
Keifwos Steamer' Will Carry Wireless.
. "Steamers in ; the' Pacific service of
.... Vessels are expected will caJJ at hono
' lula Inlhe fconrse of a year.rwlll be fit
' ted with wireless tlegraph. - .1
' " ' In the new service between iEurope
tlad the Pacific Coast, wbich the Kos
' cios Company has Just announced, the
. tlx new Hn
w ill be used in' conjunction -with, those
Tew la the (trade. The coming year
see several of the new steamers
v 'at Coast ports.. The ; ltner Hathor,
'.Which bears the name of a former vea-
: cci ci we neet was launcned. last
Trzzut at Bremerhaven, while 1 the
bcirlcg names of former familiar Kos
- - xso carriers since sold, are nearihg
.. completion: at Flensburg..: ' .: ' . ;
- r. The new Kosmas liners are all of
: . 12,000 tons net register : and, similar
; to the Karnak, which is already in the
service, and at, present oa. the West
, Bremerhaven last Aprli. Hpr net ton
; nag is 4437 tons. vTho new steamers
He 46 foot Innt KS fi haim Thov will
. alH rntlfrvnfl With ttrrs mla msafa Imv
. s "" r-w T 7 w jsvvw uiOVO) DM
boom masts and fifteen winches. Ail
the new Kosmos liners will b"fequii-
yeu w jiu leuumen wireless sys-
By Japanese. '
. .The British, steamer Ulysses. whleU
arrived " here ' from Llvernool yester
day, . has been . eold to Japanese,
, through . Messrs. Samuel Samuel &
uo.. bne is of - 3721 tons net, and
' Was built at Greenock In 1892. ,
' The following steamers have 'also
been Durchflsd bv JnnoTi(i anA 7iu
. m - w ww tir
..shortly arrive In Japanese waters:
The Iron two-deck steamer Majidl, 2,
S26 tons gross, built at Glasgow in
1S82- and formerly owned by the Bom-
. uajr ua rcizii oiewjn xxaviKauon
; Caj the steel spar-deck steamer BInh
" Tfiuan, 1726 tons gross, built at Genoa
In I90Z and owned by the Cfe de Com
, xnerce ,. et de Navigation cTExtreme
. Orient; of Paris; the steel two-deck
' bunt at Glasgow In 1888; and the
- steel two-deck steamer Loo Sock, 1,
804, tons gross, built at Glasgow In
1891. both owned by the Norddeut-
West Hartlepool in WOO and owned
by-Furness, Withy & Co., West Har
' tlepoot ' ' " 1 1
Amerftaii Flsfr Cannersi la Japan.
Japan Is being invaded by Amerl
; can fish-packing and canning concerns
the" Swift and Uebig tacking com
panies having representatives on the
ground and in cne Instance , a plant
; birs'-peerf" placed" 1n ; operatfon.' " H6k
: kaido has been selected as 1Je site
' mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmM
Union Grill
f "r Klttf Ctre epa
ffjs irV Wi f i , J 51 QjPi:V
of an establishment which' when
completed will cost over a million dol
lars and .will be.owned entirely 'by
American Interest. '! r
Discussing the construction Of the
plants, a Japanese; newspaper ' saysi
"The Lleblg- and ;Bwift companies s,re
tne two largest packers of the' United
States and their enormous' capital and
productive capacity is unequaTed" hi
the world. Recognizing the probable
character of the canning trade. in
Hokkaido, the Lieblg peopK sent out
an .agent in April to ascertain what
stand the Japanese government would
take toward tf foreigner intending to
starting a, fishing and canning indus
try in this country.'
5 "It Appears that theytiow hare re
solved upon! starting a large cannery
works at Hokkaido, with .'a capital tof
1,730,000 and work has ; commenced.
It is expected that 'shipments to Amer.
Ica will commence before long.
'The export of canned crabs from
Hokkaido has increased from $100,000
tfar $500;000- in- five yearsr-i This- year
the catch has diminished but - the
price has,. Increased. vT Japanese crabs,
which: " have, heretofore been demanded
on ly In the United States, ate begin;
ning tofind an' extensive market ' in
Europe. . "Salmon : trout have
promising 'futures. lr The - Japanese
packers ate. men of small means and
it is exoected that: the new firms win
be the most formdiable rivals the Jap
anese havr ever had."' " A - ' V ?
Salvase Steawer Makes Long Voyage.
tOne of the' longest salvage voyages
ever made by la, . 4 .wreckinir 'steamer
waa compietea wnen me . suvage
steamer ' Salvor arrived' at; Balboa to
assist in 'the; raising of the -sunken
Pacific -Mall steamer Newport I Thc
Salvor steamed 4000 miles .' because
of the lack of a suitable vessel to be
found at" a nearer poirit' tx the Pacific
Coast. Captain TH. IganV special
salvage agent f ot Lloyd's, .who looks
after the Interests of : tlie underwrit
ers on tbe North Pacific; is in charge
of the expeditioiu ; Dlters will be sent
down to. make a complete , Examina
tion of the Newport and a plan pre
pared in the- drafting room of the
Salvor for raising' the vessel , will be
decided upon. The Salvors are con
fident that., their ' Work will ."be ' suc
cessful.? If. any holes are. found, .these
wiU be patched antf after the wreck
age of the fallen warehouse bas been
lifted away the sunken, hull wttl be
made tight and - the pumps connected
to lift the water from the Interior.
When floated the Newport' will prob
ably be, sent to. dock under her own
fcteam. ? ' ,:-:;v :" v :; .- .i-,'.
Improving FIJI Harbor. . ' ' . ;
With the arriYal of the: Canadian-
Australian liner .. Marama from the
Coloniea came infomaUon ebneern-
ms.the work to be" done. ihTthe. Im
provement of ' Suva harbor. Accord
ing to the officers of that' vessel the
Government has definitely i decided
the . lines oh which ; the' reclamation
for the, new harbor works at Walu
Bay ' Is to proceed.. Work; will pro
ceed at once by means of excavations
from Crown property at Walu Bay,
completing the reclamation as far as
possible, pending the ; arrival of - a
sand-pumping dredge which has been
ordered from: England. On Its ar
rival the dredging ' and" excavation
will"; both be proceeded , with' until ' .the
compleUon ' of : the work.; ; It .will
carry tne reciamauon ,some cracance;
further! outlo sea," whereby 'the4 Gbv
ernueht wm gain a large atea of re
claimed land, which. WiU prove a val
uable asset to the colony in the . fu
'' - Tbe following Is a '. transfattea of a
letter received' front the office of the
chief of the Vladivostok trading port,
regarding the loading marks on sea
going vessels: ' ' ' '
"According to the - requirements, of
the;lawpof 6ctober31;1909; relaffiig
to commercial navigation' and 'Rules-
regarding 'i. tie examination 'of sea
going commercial vessels confirmed
by de Minister of Trade "and Indus
try .November ?23. 1911, it flT be re
quired from all seagoing commercial
vessels. (with the exception: of purely
traders), .together s. with other stipu
Iations of the TsaTd regulations, that
the .loading " marks, of : the deepest
draft of the vessel are to be placed
on both sides of the vessel. The cor
rectness of tbe loading marks so
placed must be confirmed by a cer
tificate issued by 'the proper authori
ties; which is to be kept on "'board."
'" TM' " . '
The British steamer Orteric of the
Weir line has been chartered by Wa
terhouse & Co. to remain in the trans
pacific service. The steamers Lord
Derby and Lord Curaon have alsb
been fixed" on time for thirf ; service.
The Orteric was schednled1 ' for with
drawal along with the KnmeTic," Su
veric and Lucerlci as a result of tbe
lively scramble for tonnage ia Europe
and not because shipping was 'dull in
the trade from the Pacific Coast to
the Orient ' On the other hand, ihe
heavy trade in prospect and that pre
vailing at the present time resulted
in the VWaterhouse Company;' holding
the Orteric- - .
PheiM mi
Temperature 6 a m., T6; 8 a m.,
78; 10 a. m., 80; 12 noon. 79. Mini
mum last night, 74. .
Wind a. m., velocity 10, direction
E.; 8 a. m., velocity 13, direction X.
E.; 10 a. m., velocity 12, direction N.
E.; 12 noon, velocity 6, direction N.E.
Movement past 24 hours, 185 miles,
r Barometer at 8 a. m., 30.07. Rela-
I tlve humidity,. 8 a. m., 6$, Dew-point
at 8 arm, &s Absolut"numidity; S
a. m T.91 Ilainfal-'7
(Special 'Cable f UwUzUr
w Jffoaday, Oct. U. -
HILOSailed, Oet 12, 7 p m., S. S.
Enterprise. . for San Francisco.
FORT BRAGGSailed, Det 13, Schr.
Dauntlesi, fbr Hllo. ('
SAN FRANCISCO Arrived, Oct5 If
9' a. m., St fiF. Siberia, hence Oct 8
, Sailed, I Oct. 12, a 3. Maveric)c
for Honolulu.
Sailed, Oct 12, 1:25 p. m., S. S.
Koreai fori Honolulu. , :
. Sailed, Oct 13, S. S. Arizonan, for
Salina Cruz: '' A p
14, schr. BTa&eley, hence Spt. 2ff.
EUREKA Sailed, Oct 13, Schr. A
F. Coats,, for Hllo.
GRAYS HARBOR. Sailed. Oct 13,
f. ; bkth."S.. G. Wilder, for, Hohofulu.
SEATTLE Arrived, Oct 12, S; S
Missourlan, from Ban Franciseo.
NAPOOPOO Arrived,. Oct 8, Schr.
v H. IX Bendixonr "from Port Gamble
S. a CHINX Arrives froiri Yokoba
f sails fpr.San Francisco about 4 p.m
' A'islstefr' shV.tb' thergtnboafe Mmci
cacj 'wilt'be tmilt at ' Jlav Island;.
BolnAtfunboats will be used- ia' Chinese
waters "With - two ' ships f to'- be built
Instead of oriel' the eost'of each' will
be" lessened "rby? distribution '65 the
overhead charges, and the estimate of
IMTJKM l tor the Monocacv , ?Was : ' SO
mucll lower than the nearest' private
b'd $211,000 By a Seattle firm that
iiTt; Investijsatfon ' was" denmndecT and
irlade'r ' Attthbrixatfon for the "gunboat
just ordered waa made by congress
in. 1898. - Great Britain objected.' un-
de treaty 1 of 1812. toi! the use of
the fcurlboat on the Great leases, as
was planned, and fcfter rourteen years
tne appropnaxron, uas buw vwu .
Per' O. SI a Sierra1 frpm Fran
ciscc-For Honolulu : k--Geo. . Ahlborn,
MISS JUOUie ait, JU. r. iJarciajf, aim
Kf. Carte,' Isaac; Berris, T.; a floelyn;
MrBr Boelyn, Mrs.' T. ' Brandt;. Mrs. C
K JBuckiand; Miss' H. Buckland. ifiss
Buckland; Ev' A- "Bulla,;, Mrs. cButler
ana caiia, nous iu.fMtcjt: iir. - jirjr
Cliilds. Kal Tin Chun, Miss M. A. Con
dint Al LCooper, M. Costa', J; CrtJ
ry, aim: t?, at uamon, miss ju. ,uamoa,
Mta. fW,r? De TaTiea; D. A. DoWsett
IXri. Dowsett;'; A. ; F. Dredge, :Wffl.
Dykes'Geo.' Edwards; Rev.' E. 'Engle-
hart MtsE'nglehart::'- J- A. - Ehgiistt,
Miss : M. Fauth,' ;llrs; Fisher;
Louis Franks E; I1 Frfckei' M: R. Gal
loway, ILfrff. Galloway;. Hermana , Get-
ken, Aiiam 'GiUIIand; N. GiustatMisa
Mar Greene, Mrs; C. Bf.armfon, Hon.
F M. HatcK. Miss Hatcn, Miss Keiett
Hayes, Jnd; Hadge, TKrs. Iff. L. Heen,
H: F.'Hin, Stag H. Hoe; Lee G. Hmi,
Mrs. LlvHuiT and child,1 'A." AV IsT)eIl.
Mrs Isbelf, Joe Jacohs,,F B. Johniont
Mrsv Johnson, Apau TCau,- Miss Ketbv,
Mrs. Kelleyi Dt Chas-.' Keneti 'Miss
Grace tr,pi'KifTta
mW. G: W. KlrkaTdy. chtfdV totf ;maidL
chas! Lane Edw.R. Laffg. Mr. LanS
ami chilxL Larssoa.-!
crs R; L Lillle, Hrsr. Linte; T. LlcftmanS.'
MissrA. Long, Chin? Lum, Capt M.Hes
Carron,' D. Mc'In!ds"fi,? Hiss IT. Me
Lane, Ttirv&i&Ztfc&'alte&KHiggfo,
Hr a Matrmer; Mrt'rMamftert V.
Michaels, "Ledff JTottisT MYsr. Motrin
L. A. C ParlshA. R. Patrick, Mrs. II.
S. Patrick; Mis E. Pearson; FT a Pll
latt,; Mrs.-E. Plllatt and'chiliL T. J.
Qolnn; Percy, Ramsdea, Ji .W. Ramsejv
Sirs. Ramsey, w.. St J. Ranney, Mrs.
Rarnney; Miss Hderi RaUaey, Mrs. J.
P Rego and daughter, R. Rettr, J.' L. P
ITiililasoa; A. Roqufts,.H. I'. ITotflr, ltit.
It. Rothv Mrs. T, Rowald; Miss L
Sheridan, Miss Irene Sheridan, Mrs. I&
J.T Sievertr J- Sinclair, J. Sfeiast, Mrs.
Steiner, . R. T, Stee'e, It S riobatd,
Lidytf Stock, Warreu TnorHaX It::3.
J. Van 'Wagner Mts. Van WtiyroetJbf
Ualker, Miss O. Watt 3 s, MiM Eiura
beth, 'Warner. Mrs. W. a: Winters,
Miss Isabel Wmg, HoOri Kal Yin; E K.
C. Yop. . ;: !
Per U. S.' A. T. Logan, fdr Honolulu
from San Franei8cor October. 13--MaJ.
G H. McSaaua, inspector general;
Maj. RObt H. Noble, Twelfth- Infan
try; Capt. H. F. Smithy Thirtieth In
fantry; Capt H, J. Broes, Cavauy, A.
D. C.T Capt. W. B. Burt, Twentieth
Infantry; Capt A. M. Shipp,. Twen
tieth Infantry; Capt D. McCaskey,
First Cavalry ; Ffrsf Lieut: M.I Murray,
C. A. C; Maj. Jl AI Penn, First Infan
try; Maj. George Blakelyr C A. C;
Capt R. McCleave, Second: Infantry,
wife," son and daughter; Capt J. H.
Bryson, First F- A. and wife; First
Lieut SC-.D. Kreners, medical eorps,
wife and 2 sons; Second Lieut W. H.
W. Young., Fifth Cavalry, and wife:
Second Lieut . R. L. Maxwell. First
F. AI; Second Lieut W. H. Robert
son, First Infantry;, Second Lieut A.
K. Polhemus, Third Infantry; Mrs. J.
M. Beauler, Mrs. J. F. Junds and 2
sons, MlsS Lyon, MrsV B. H." Hatklns
and daughter, Capt R. M. Cutts, U. S.
M. Q., wife and daughter; Capt D. C.
McDougal, U..S. M. C; Second Lieut.
P.; T.' Evans, U. S. M. C; Mrs. Thos.
Per stmrl Kinau, f roni Kauai ports,
October 13. W. C. ;McHenry. G. R.
Humphreys, C. P. Drake, S. Susuke,
M. Knamoto, K. Kraae, H. Dyson, A.
G. Armstrong, A, Cflara; Father Ce-
festine, Francis Gay, I Jsenberg, Mrs.
KauIWilcox; IL P. Faye, J.. Morse, P.
'Henoch, J. C Tecano. T.. Fugita. Y.
AkauT Master Quong Yet; H. F. Had
field, C. SpiUner, John Mannwai, John
Lowell, Mrs. Bowers, J. Souxa. Mrs.
Souza. Mrs. J.,H. So per, Smith Hiroth
and 58 deck. ;
Per stmr. Mikahala, from 5Iaui and
Molokal, October 13. A. Gartley. W.
W. Harris. S. Thayers, C. L. Watson,
K D. Murdock, WiUiam Miller. D. Ka
lauokalaui, Mts. Henry Keau and 30
passexgehs booked.
" Per O. S. S. Sierra for San Fraa-
cisco Oct ltf. -Miss E; L. Aaderson, L.
W: Barney Mrs. Barney. Miss Laura
Cadmus, Mrs.: Caroline" Clark, Mrs. F.
fv Courtwright, Miss" Court wright, Mrs.
J. CoweSr Misrf Margaret Cowes, Mas
ter Carol Cowes, Mrs. James Denmaa.
Mrs.VTerie Desch, N. Doyle, Jifs.
Dbyle, Master .Edward Rreier. Mrs. U
Dunbar, T. FT Ellis; Mrs. Ettls.
Gilbert. Hiss Helen Hayes, L. Wl
Hough, Jr., Arthur Isbell, Mrs. Isbell,
F. L. Jenks, Mrs. Jenks, Mrs. C. W
Kent W. A. Kinney, Miss M. Leslie.
T.,McCormack, Miss Mary McEArie, G
H. McLaughlin, Mrs. McLaujialin,
Mrs. -A. Richardson;. St J.. Ranney,
Mrs. Ranney, Miss I. Sheridaa, Miss L.
Sheridan, Mrs. E. T. STevert Duncan
Smith, Mrs. M. H. SterUng, T. T. Tdy-
lot; Mrs. Taylor and two infants, Mas
ter Thomas Taylor, Miss Elma Taylor,
MIss Maber Taylor, Miss Lucy Taylor,
George B. Torrey, C. C. von Hamm,
SI is Laura Watkins, K. T. will Miss
Alda E. Will,, Miss N. Wlnstead, H
G. Wooten, Mrs. Wooten.
Per stmr. Mauna Kea, for Hawaii
ports, Oct' 16. A. Gartley, Alfred
Krafft, wife and three children ;;K. if.
Smith, ! Mrs. J. ; M. . Soura, Master H.
Souza,: Eva: Souxa Jfrs. J.,K. Bodel,
child and maid: Mr. and Mrs. Georac
H, IcLaughlln, Es'thet L. : Anderson;
Miss M. Johnson, Miss J. Johnson.
Per" 'stmr; Mauna Kea fof . Hawaii
ports, Oct 19. MrBVM.E7Putdy, Mrs
A. Guernsey a i
luonwnueo Trom rage ij;
Mall would sobaet 6r latetrbe sbld by
Cie "SouthertC Paclflc .'Th; sblppingJ
mea' tooar: tnis yiewpecause or tne
clause lit' 'the recent act cbncerniag
canal tolls which . are levied on ves
sels owned' or contronetf by railroad
" VTbe.Sier this
morning with; "nearly three thousand
tons genetaf -cargo;' 13ff cabla and 40
steerae -passengerst' v';vf ,
; With: the! exception! of bne'day the
voyage-Was' ia Tleasaat ' one &di the
travelers "participated la a seties of
pleasing entertainments ami programs
of deC3t portav! llJ?'':;?- . '
? Two ' haridterf 'aai!: sixty ': sacks of
mail ' atrlvedV : T&retf ' dimlautlvi poa
feSi to assist Iri tSa -presentation; of aa
act' ,at fa' Ibcal theater :wete' bTOUght
doWn'Ifrom thel coastTtte Sierra
ao carries two Wireless" operators to
cbafbrnt to the new regulation which
went Inta elfect ftbf the first' of the
moatb rtf Ul
(Continue ftvt$,?a& 1)
sl ips ' worried the great-Japanese ad
ttfral Togo- aw tne scout commanders
of thevJapaaeserfleefJV:;V
Wnen StoesseV and tne garrison of
Port -Arthur"' wefe s VWigeredr b the
late eneralsT5ogf ;aa N0d2Uw com
manding the' "forces .'itt'the? fIWes at
DalnyLoUIs 4ad Dfck: Splt2ereiectri-
fled the world by running ship after
ship through the ' Uetw6r3te of Japanese
warships and Japanese" ; submerge;!
tflhesi feeding , tne starved soldiers of
ther white1 tzar front "the 'most danger
eu"pOTBlbltfialet.' : h' t .'
lit Malina ord waar received that
fabulousf Esrma couldl 6erearnedt Tby the
maa :ho- -would 'bfereeK -lae Jaiianese
lines Ohiantf toH Watet' arbun Port
XrUiuTC'At si secret cdnferencd with
the1 Mascovlae agents'; Louis Spitzer
todlt:,upUie' fissiaa 'M&ltrj-
SevetaF trIW ' were- v successfully
raae. nM last DIc3 was taken' aboartt
his? steamer,, full jto.fae sdupperi witlr
grain" and ati sorts of foodstuffs for
the Russians. He was sent under ab
aimed escort to Tokyo tried in
cordance to international laws of war
and -condemned to be shot He was not
shot Just why was never disclosed;'
Louis was repotted to be head" over
eura ia Tove with' a youn English
Woman, Laura Dunbar, whom he had
savbd from Insult on the Ptaya of Sin
gapore.4; It Is thought that ; the girl
failed to reciprocate his advances.
He was of the true type Of the
privateer of the seas and knew- every
rig of ships ever stepped oa launch
Eatered- of Record Oct 12", 19K, front
jWiSit a nr. to 4:30 p. nr.
Opupele Lewi and hsb to Alvina K
Kekumano . . D
Gr L Samson and wf to Lee Shee...D
Hawaiian Trust Co Ltd to John T
Brown v . . . Rel
Est of John C Cluney by tr to Ching
Ki Hong PaTRel
Ching Ki Hong to Sakujl Ikeda. D
T K Lalakea and wf to Hilo Rail
road Co . . D
Simeon K Hao and wf to Trent Tr
Co Ltd .. ; . T M
Entered of Record Oct. H, 19TC, from
8:30 a. m. to H:30 a. m.
Mary" Akah et als to Mrs Kupalu
Chang Tim D
Isemoto SanyemoU" to Hilo Empo.
riumLtd CM
Nakashima Sentaro to Hilo Empor
ium' Ltd . . . . CM
Shuhei Nakahara to G J Russell.. BS
Shuhei Nakahara to Joseph Dowson
Shuhei Nakahar to Rokusaburo Ota
Shuhei Nakahara to Jumatsu Osa-
ki BS
Henry St J Xahaolelua and wf by
Atty et all to Au Lim Tim D
Governor Frear this morning took
up the consideration of the Kau ditch
and water license and held confer
ence with Attorney Frank Thompson,
representing the company; U. S. Hy
drographer Larrison. and Attorney
General Lindsay. ; The problem , or
how much of the water source on the
Hllo side of Hawaii may be UppedFLAT RATE TORT DISPLAY ADTERTISINO 07EH 2000. INCHES..
for this project ' without diminishing
seriously the supply; Seeded on the
Hllo side in the dry months, is one of
the most important to be solved in
this matter, and; may require, consid
erable study before a decision is
reached regarding j the water , license. I
The . Pacific MaJL liner. Korea is
enroute'!froni Saa Francisco to Hono
lulu anl should ; arrive here da Fri
day morning. : 4. C -t
The' oil tanker Marion Chilcott got
away 'for Gaviota on Saturday after
noon; after having, been discharged of
a quantity of fuel oIL . ;
Fuel oil for the local branch of the
Standard Oil Company is enroute to
.the Islands In. the American', tanker
f Maverick.' ' . This" vessel bringst kero
sene aad gasoline ia bulls. "
Tne rk Awlrew Welch Is being
discharged of supi-fies for the con
tractors at Pearl Harbor. . The yesstl
Is erp?cttd wil; b jrcvgr t to- Hono
lulu by tne 'lat? of the week. ; ;
Eight ' hundred tons fertilizer and
a .t small quantity of preserved pine
apples, was Included in the cargo car
ried to S&a. Pedro in the schooner
Annie M. Campbell, that sailed from
Honolulu on Saturday.
Maul business organizations 'are
making; an effort to induce the .Inter-Island
to" Include" Lahaina as a
port" of cair on the weekfy sthbdaT;
Hllo trip. . It is claimed that over
tures thus faf have proved unsuc
cessful' v ..; xi:. '-. " u
Army of f fcers; "here are' speculating
ad to who' will succeed to the' 'com
mand of Fort Shafter. marie vacant hv
the suddea deatb of Major John . IL
- - m , -
, :
Another major; wm nave to' oe as-
signed: to the regimen which; is now
left; mtft oiuyae.. seryix , with., we
troops MajorXrneste Smith. of. the!
lUToi. fJaLLailfJU major, lieorgH X, iuU
can is now at the Army War College.
Rumor: haa it that Major Smith may
gefthe Shafter command,; as he : is
the senior major of the regiment. The
assignment, however, Is entirely up to
the, Wsr, Department. r t
Major B. A.; Read Judge advocate
Generals department, is a through
passenger on the army transport Lo
gan. He . called at department head
quarters this morningl .f .; ' v , '.
' H ' ' ' -' "' " ''
' - - ' ,. ,- '
Major Blakeley, C A. C, is making
his third . trip to Hawaii .within, .. the
year, . and the , second ,ywithia,' two
months..! He came here July 31 last,
as; a member of I the defense board,
which; formulated plans for the furth
er protection -of wthe island. Major
Blakeley. Is to be, an umpire at the
coming maneuvers. ; t . f . : '.:
;' Gordon Roberts, Indicted" by the
federal grand jury.' oa.'a' charge of
violating ,th . "white slave, law,' and
who has been in :jail since" July IS,
was released on ; his ' personal' recog-
niiaace' this morning. ,
'Jfew nominations filed with the Sec
retary ot the Territory by candidate
on the island of ; Oahu are those of
Ulysses H. Jones, republican candidate
for representative from the fifth dis
trict, and Charles Kanekoa, republican
candidate for representative from .the-
same district.
The Federal criminal calendar was
called, by UV S. - District Judges Dole
and demons this morning, all the
cases- being continued to Saturday.
November 2. The Mahuka site con
demnation suit has been set for aex
yivuua uKuue, wuwv..
i-all has been issued for the venire
from which the selection of a jury
for that 'case will begin on the date
set. ' ." ' ' ' '
Hee Park, the Chinaman indietfed by
the territoriaT grand Jury on a charge
ot assaulting two small girls, was ar
raigned this morning and given until
Thursday to enter his plea. As he fs
v;Ithout funds the court appointed S.
P Chflllngworth to serve as the de
fendants counsel. Samuel Kahf, who
faces two indictments oa a charge of
murglary in the second degree, a'1
has been given until Thursday to enter
plea, and Tarn Ha. Indicted for assault
end battery, entered a plea of guilty
this morning and wfll receive sentence
Conflicting dispatches have been
received concerning the acceptance
of Italy's peace proposals, but it is
believed that preliminary agreements
will be signed on the arrival of the
Turkish emissary at Ouchy.
"I was going to give Jones a little
friendly advice this morning."
"And didn't you?"
"No. He started to tell me how to
run my affairs, and that's something I
tolerate from no man."
Merchant, Near Fort
la waicb bi combined the HAWAIIAN STAR, established 1 833, and the
EVENHTO BULLETIN, established 1SS2 Issued Dallr and Semi-Weekly by
Publishers, Commercial Printers, Bookbinders; : ;,v -'
UNTIL-JAN. f , 1915 (PrefemT
TRANSIENT RATE. L0 first Insertion and subsequent issues' pro rata,
CLASSIFIED; One Cent per wofd-1-30 cents per Hue per week.
Telepbeaes EdJUiiO Erns 21S5; Business C nice
Teltpho&e tt
Per Month, anywhere ia United Statei I;.... ....... ......;....,...$ .7S
Per Quarter, anywhere In United SUtes . 2.0a
Per Year, anywhere ra-United States." .V ...t.....,;.'..:...;..v... 8.00
Pet Year, postpaid; Jorelga . . . . ... .. . ..... 12.00
v . , . SEill-WEEKLY STA&BULtETlN . ' "
Per Six "Mbalhs ..i:..t.n.TV..;,'... -i.i..:.t.?,.?;. J.Li. 1.00'
Per Year, anywhere la United States..
Per Year, aaywhem to Canada ........
Per Year, postpaid, foreign
X&Snst all wBarafcatloas t Effnolala Stsr-Iycij; lti, n-Ta, T. D.
; (Centloaed frtn Page f) ;
natlow papers Otre of these ques-
the drnnnt in h tw imrfi.'
linns 1 3 nniMvi inn n nT inn iirr inir
rmiir voV k ,,.
tatlve of the party and the orersight
remedied by that man. Whether the!
law r(Arefi thai, i each v candidate
.Knll Vlmd.tr mHt. Ill ))ia afTUiatlnn
or shall be permitted to have . some-j.
one else do it. Is a matter. over which
me. sww,ww w,
some .douMj,- -j j f : .
Cettei t LHiasay. ' ivr i .
f f. His letter to Xttorney General
Lindsay Is in part ae follows;., - t
, "The facts in regard to these nornl-.,
natloa. papers are as follows: die
nomination: otiDcrs of all the above
aientioaedt candidates , came. ia : a
accompanied by a, letter also'laclos -
. . . .
,5? .m ee'ewretf'ielwV
.fKaiama, oaiea .ocrouer r s, luo
ivaiam. .,yiZ"?
b ..": , .4"?u.. -'.T
with. SaW wgstered letter; was re-
Jv :F5ii t?W
October - at 3:3D p. m. upon ex-
ftUii"6 rw uuuiiuauwu aujwa v
appeared to :be' regular oir their face
f with the exception that none, of Ue
,candidTates stated by1 - what; party
.they had been nominated, -what their
party afUlatroa1 was or whether tneyLvpU fn. anr.a(iln!r atvanr! ifis.rnr.
were noa-parUsan. v ;; ' : .
From the course adopted in re -
gard to all nomination papers I : re
fused to 'accept them for filing, and
sent to-each of tie candidates, on the
that effectl ' A ; - v . : V ;'; ..: iv j: f written record of his African hunting
-rjpoa receipt or pe wireless reply experiences, declaring that such wrlt
the nomination papers of the above Ings instill the spirit of the c&ase In
named were stamped 'with the readers, and cause ' further suffering
Secretary's recelpt: stampJ and 'mark- to the wild things of the Jungles. The
ed receive October t, 1912, atf 7:05 society today passed a resolution re
a. m. that is. on the same day and qtiestlng the next legislature to re-
t h iom virwa a 'thei w.fpnt rtf
said" 'wireless. I Inclose the nomlna-1 cietles fines assessed following ar
tlon papers of the candidate aNyve '.by . society officers. This was
,fin v ..r done to eliminate any appearance of
TnHhe case of Ceo. P. Cooke, I
inclose Is jBomfnation papers. He
being la Hoaolula 'oii ; October 3.
1912, appeared ;at my office at tSe
time stated, in his nomination papers
and) wrote onr his : nomination papers
6Repu5Hcani Party." ' til
Wants Advice
1 have the honot to ask that y)U
advise me 'as.;-to-my ; . duty; the
premises: v , " . ,
"1. Whether !' should place the
names of -the. candidates 'arofested . viged a Bew fornT of eiectrlc current
against upon the: official ballot T : wnJctl when ; appned to the base of
"2. If that questlonbe nnswercdtlje traIn produce a narcotic ef
in the affirmative, whetheT IsbouW fect wh!cn can maintained as long
piace ue pany aiuiia.uoa oi luc caa-M ja desired' ' ' "' "
ftteitti,?oWcIir t t It has beea tried with the greatest
I -3. ; Should the candidate state his 8UCces9 and without any fnjuriotrs- cf
party affiliatioa simultaneously with fectg 0a dogs and rabbits, and Dr.
.t"u.c ..
or can 'he so state subsequently and
byt separate letter of later dnte than
vi jimwu uw uwu.uKkv.vu
my office T T ' I
4. Can a candidate state Die party
affiliation thrniih an arpnt or bv the
officers of a poll ticar party acting In
- - tz7 rzj - ,
nis b-eiiairr- ; . ; .
Matter Admittedly Seriousw
Robert W. Shingle, chairman of the
Republican Territorial ' Central .Com
mittee and titular head' of the party
In this Territory, was asked last Sat-
urday night as to what action his par
ty would take to protect the Maui can- j
Democratic protest only a few hours uins wantea at ttome vanay uo., Aia
before. and was not fully, acquainted ; kea odd. Hawa. Hotel. Apply In
the- gravity of the situation. ,
T amr hot able, to say just now what ,
win be done, he said. "It looks
somewnat serious. , . i
- ai a. s t
Mr. Shingle, Delegate Kuhlb, R. W.
-reckons and the Rev. S. L. Desha
left last evening on the Mikahala for
a campaigning tour of Maui, and lat
er Kuhio and Desha will go to Ha- i
waiL While on Maul the Republican
leaders win confer with the Maui Re-
publicans regarding the fight on the
V emocratsw telling with some
rest today how the story leaked out
that the Republican nominations from
Maui wereas It is claimed, illegally
flleo. It appears that the Maul Re-
publicans realized their mistake after
they had beea wirelessed to- on the
night , the nominations closed by the
chief clerk's office bere. One of the .
L Maui - Republicans' happened ,to tell
the story to a. Maui Democrat amr ;
that individual took his pen In hand
. T ry , , Tv,mk
and wrote to T. J. Ryan, at Demo-
cratlc headquarters here. Ryan saw
PoslUoa 20) X ... ;v; .15 PCH INCH
.. .. 2.00
a chnnCA to harasar tha h"iid pnemr
and followed it up. The Democratic
leaders made InvesL'satlcaS; and aro
said to have talked the matter over
f t M . ... A A.
miormauy wiia me anorney-gencrai
, t.. j j -
Democrats ot course dlS not give any
boas have at least a chance to make
rttvondlngiy encouraged. ;
, . . '
I "
tu.rMi : nt. o,.mm - r s . '
up the'bulk: of the car-
go broqht by the Inter-Island steAm-
tf rvalanL an arrival fmm Ifrioninn.
this moraine. - The vessel - met with
f, fni0-.- hm rfn ho.
favorable. According to report
there aw&its 92J
i , , v,. - '
, TaVfn -or,OP.r ,ra,inA fn.
i . a aivtiiik acuui Bl UtM Jk J w.ai.iu: Ifl
along the Island -of
'KauaL the Inter-Island steamer No-
KauaL the Inter-Island steamer No-
Vaa will he illsnatched at 5 o'clock this
raoon?' VrheT: vessel will be sup-
" Pi ! with a later mail but ao pasaenr
v... . ' : :r '
' r t ; Tn ft P V nnnrmncjTV
1 1 fW; f Uy LLU U J 1 11 MO I
' SANTA BARBARA, Sept. ' lo!
pbnted criticism of Theodore Roose-
Uon in. African : veldts and Jungle
.was voiced here today by W. Leon
. Dawson at the annual .-onveation of
: the California State' Humane. Society,
( Dawson also condemaed the colonel's
sclnd' a law that rives to humane so-
"graft-1-the society
;J; BERLIN, Sept. 24. Electric sleep
which may: be turned on and off at
"orftf ia tfia alliirinv nrninrt nffprm!
f- pnnlA anffprtne from insomnia bv
Nageehmidt, who - describes hia
I invention Tot this- purpose m a medi-
M ma-. M .t-tm. h.
Nageiscnmrat is coavinceo mat it
can be equally applied ' to hUmaa be-
Ingg Application of the current. also
ojim mates pain iTom. any part oc tne
i ..i.' nti.c t ' "J.JL tir..,i
n mir r n i ki in i ir wmw iiilh vtfin anii'ii
aV 'tralnr conide(f K Vrfth their
automobile at a trade crossing.
Newly furnished lodging . house, 23
rooms, income 1175.00 per month. 5
years!, lease. Matthews, 545 S. King
' - :. 1 1
Small ; furnished cottage in TJJanoa
Valley. Phone 2860. f ..,-lw
fc,i .tfliafe ! r.m
jTw &lt!!!,
church steeples, flag poles, . smoke
stacks. Work on other Islands so
licited. Tel. 2231, or "Stetplejack,"
far-Bulletln. ' . k5366-3r
Diamonds watches- and jewelry Dougnt,
. .
sold" and exchanged. J. Carlo. Fort St.

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