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5 ; TP V
rl ' It's: s ; formidable array of deadly
y Weapons . that remained In the poe-
cession of the ' officer' In the Pacific
titli liner' China "during the passage
of that vessel from Hongkong to Ho
nolulu and at a time that nearly two
Hundred Filipinos were in transit to
; the plantations on the Hawaiian Jsl
Almost immediately upon departing
' from the Chinese port, trouble In
Marge bunches loomed up aboard the
vessel. The Filipinos recruited by re
presentatives for the Hawaiian Sugar
' Planters Association apparently drew
t'! the labor preserves of sereral and
Vklcly 'separated localities through
' fcfit the 'Philippines.
-, Clan fights were the result of the
intermingling ;of natives from . rival
ororlnces. VTh trim real -serious
, ;clash between 'Filipinos took place
on the after deck of the lifter, before
. Nagasaki, the first Japanese port? of
V can was rescnea. . n iwaa. suueo. vaim
morning that in the melee large fan
knives, keen edged razors and mur
derous v appearing bolos were., un
earthed irom the- baggage and per
tonal effects of the immigrants. -.
Before the weapons of destruction
could be placed in action, a squad ' of
officers descended in the midst of the
warring Filipinos and before the little
band. of Americana had completed
their '.work of pacification ;they had
, iccjred ; a t hundred or more-arms f
fcoilescrint ; manufacture. Razors,
knives, clubs, bolos and cans: cutters
vtre ; alike confiscated: The Pacific
Hail men also- brought to light sev
eral revolvers.' There were kept and
xpca the arrival of the China at Ala
.l - Lei wharf this morning the , weapons
1 were turned .over to the Federal Cua
tcsvR clflcers whoTisited the ship.
The FllftBM oa the present trip
are declared as unusually warlike in
-, their bcarirg. The Chiia: received
l2 little brown brothers during the
. . stay at-tlongkcng. ." .
- ; Tt liner arrived' here this - tnent
itg with lit Asiatic steerage passen
(gers for Honolulu who, with the ex
v cci-tica ..of the Filipinos . lacbde 29
Japanese and ono lone Chinese. . A
, eeries of fights ' which ' luckily - ter
minated with no loss ; of, life took
' place during the voyago..
, The China Is bearing a record shlp
rkent' of silk to "the maftlana. Two
tLcusmd five Hundred bales tf this
: c t ttirrxi ity f valued at t k J tolUion and
, U 'hrili' dollars Kare . stowtd; away
the hold of the liner.
"' The" China is scheduled tb depaf t
t:T S-rrincisc-at four o'clock tnls
r rurcoca,; XaJlowing the. discharge of
- ilO tons Oriental cargo for local 1m
. rsrters. '.'
r Honolulu drew 13 cabin and see
,chd class passengers out of a total
cf "i , cabin . and 5: second class pas
'tensrs who are proceeding to San
- ' Francisco. ' ". y ' ,
"1 Captain Roger Allman, Uie well-
- Xzzvrti ckipper, reports fine; weather
on, the entire Toyage. The liner did
cot call at Shanghai owing to- the:
strict quarantine imposed against that
pert throughout Japan. 'Cholera still
1 rages at the central China' city. -as
well as many cases at several points
throughout Japan. Second class and
tttcrte passengers were not, allow.
ii-to. Leave the Tessel at; any of the
Japanese ports owing to' quarantine
regulations now in i force.:
X aall mall was landed this mortt-
. it.' At the agency of H. Hackfeld it
'Company a score of cabin passengers
have been booked, for- the Coast, in
the, China, This Vessel will also take
t. ilarge accumulation ' of mall . des-
lined for- the ; mainland.
licrsa Has Many for, Honolulu. ;
.1 , A " wireless message received from
the. Pacific Mall liner Korea enroute
from San. Francisco -to Honolulu and
Ce - to anivd Ahere Friday morn
ing; gives the information, thM .of
lO cabin, passengers on board, forty-
' five Kill. leave the vessel at Hono
. V The -wireless was sent, to .the' tla
Vail Promotion Committee in re
ispoise to .a Query , forwarded to the
linr , Borne . days x ago
. c The Korea will berth ; at Alakea
wharf, and should be dispatched tor
: Japan ports and China at five o'clock
ia the evening of the day of arrival.
' New Revenue Cutter On Long Voyage.
. On her maiden voyage to the NOrth
Pacific which will take -her- throat
tuany seas, the new United States rev
chir cutter ' Unalgo, captain Richard
O.; Crisp, left Hampton Roads a few
dsys ago.' Ahead of the sturdy little
'Government craft is a, run ct 18,403
. nautical mllea : .- r - ;' v J:
From Norfolk ; the Unalga" goes
Straight to Gibraltar.- Her subsequent
itinerary Is as -follows: Malta Naples,
Poqt Said, Aden,. Colombo. Singapore,
Manila' and Yokohama and. thence to
. u tt ;is figured that the Unalga will
taake the trip in 1845 hours (seventy
six days and tweaty-one hours) actual
steaming: time, i It is estimated that
-ahe will barn 1380 tons oT coal ror the
trip, costing 9000. : In addition will be
.the canal dues, amounting to 8641, and
.other expenses. . The decision to send
. tJAS. .
. - 1
p PI
the cutter to Alaska by wa ofthe
Suea canal instead of through the
strait of Magellan, was based wh&ly
upon the cost. The saving 4a in fsel,
becanser If tfie -went the otherfoutt
the Government would have to pay
16 to ? 20 a ton for coaLAs . it is she
will coal at Gibraltar Colombo and
Yokohama, . ; "
Officers of the Ufialga are: Captain
R. 0..; Crips, Commanding; Second
Lieutenant T. Ai Bhanley, ordnance of
ficer; Second Lieutenant C. G. Roemer
watch officer; Second Lieutenant of
Engineers, C. C. McMillan, chief en
gineer; Second Lieutenant of Engia
eers P.'B. Eaton, first lastlstast engin
eer; v Passed Assistant Sargeoh k G. Li
Collins, surgeon. . 1 -. -
The new eraft ir 190 feet orer all,
173 feet- A hches long between per
pendicular' 32 feet 6 inches beanl ahd
If feet inches depths net amarnrit
consists of . four U-pouhdrt; mathlr.e
gtns, in addition to small arms las tie
crew,; which oumbert ; sixty-two men
exclusive of the officers, . - . ;.v
Guard Aoalntt Chler Iff China. '
. Officers in the Pacific Mall lifter
China were advised ite guard against
a possible infection troht thblerafinri
ins the vYislfe of the; ateaaet at 'the
several Japanese : ports, . with i the re
sult that all second class and steer
age passengers in, this vessel to the
nvmberi of several hundred werei res
fused i permission to go ashore x '-tv
Accordlng-to a report which rtath
ed Honolulu: this t morning .with the
arrival ' of the line?, the epidemic is
la a fair way of being stamped out
at Shanghai, but . the situation con
tinues very grave at Nagasaki Kobe
and Yokohama. Many tieathS -daily
fxom the: scourse are ..renorted
through health and qnaf autine chan
nels . The daily; press of Shanghai
as well as those, of Japan are descrete
lr silent ceneemlng the favages of the
disease.- ' ;-. y.-j-.. '; - -
The China comipleted theV voyage to
Honolulu without th6 Idas bt a single
passenger The health' of the trav
eleri was declared : ts excellent;
whicbi is a good record; faking into
consideration .the .large number of
Oriental passengers 6n bOafd. ' . '
Three A. H. Steamers Mdnthly at
San Psdro; . ;.. j --Vi; :v1:;i?
"-thef arrangement entered) lntd
besa e- time hg6 between tie American-Hawaiian
tlne tnd-' the1 OUtef
Harbor Dac and' Vtarf ccmpUry nd
permit direct service to Lot AfiStieK
by the big freighter cf the eteam
ship, line Will be 'made active Dec
I, when ene of tho ships of the eom
pany will tie tip at - the dock on ' the"
Miner concession. ;, v ;.;:';
- At least ' three steamers " of the
American-Hawaiian vllne ;- will call
monthly . -at Los Angeles thereafter,
and in less than- a year's time prac
tically all the company's Southerh
California business 'will i be handled
throcgn : San.. Pedro instead of vShh
Diego.- - 1 i
'151 ' - ''i
VJrolnlan Out . in the fJtbfnlf. , t
The; American Hawaiian - freightet
Virginian with a large consignment of
New York cargo and freight gathered
it. Salina . Croz, San- Francisco and
puget Sound " ports ; Is due . to : arrive
at Honolulu - tomorrow I morning audi
the tessel Will take a berth . at the
railway wharf. .The Virginian is also
bringing, down a consignment of live
stock a number of horses being ship
ped to local importers. The Virginian
is to take on two .thousand tons of
sugar, and about an equal amount of
pineapples, w . v - -y V-; '
China passed transport Olx. .
Four days befors- arrival at UStxo
lulu .the United States army trans
port t)ix, coal laden from Manila by
the. way of v Nagasaki,. Japan : , was
passed . by the Pacific -vMail liner
China. The Dix took on between six
and seven thousand tons of fuel -at
the Japanese port.; Of this? ceal, at
least five, thousand tons is to be dis
charged at Honolulu. The -t)ix . is ex
pected hourly and will berth at naval
wharf number, one . ; . r "
;.;,;.::, ; .;s.i t ... '..---, V;-,-.
I nter-lslshd Sailings This Day.
The Inter-Islandsteamer Mlkahala
tor Maul, Molokai and Lanai ports, is
to sail this , evening, - taking . a fair
sised. cargo and v cabin and deck pas
sengers. ; The Mikahala is slated for
departure at five o'clock. t
i -Taking fertlllter, lumbef and sundries,-the
steamer- Klnau will be dis
patched v fori Kauai . ports at five
o'clock. This vessel will carry 'later
mails from the t mainland and a num
ber of passengers. -': '
;;' -- ai
Paving Blocks For . The Capital City
, " .Thousands ef paving ' blocks - maaa
factured.from hard wood trees in Ha
waii forests wil larrire here tomorrow
in the Interialand steamer -Ukelike,
this vescel bringing an aWiUon to the
pcivlng material a shipment of native
wood flooring;? . - - ' ,
According to Purser Phllipps in the
Mauna Kea, the steamers Kauai Keau
hon and Likellke-were Uktng on car
gees at Hilo at the time the Mhana
Kea took ber reparture ; for -Honolulu.
TiD3c--tf:i tern noon
f - -
" to 'I-
ltJSM XS3.
att) aiv kM asu -
nasi fM
Firsbiatter jof the, rnoon . Pj
Temperature 6 a. 76; 8 a. m.,
8ft; 10 a. fit 82; 12 noon, 81 Mlnl
m&nt.laet night, 741 k - . - v,
twiAd-4, a. m velocity eirecuon
N.C; 8 Vdl, velocity 6, direction N.
E.; 10 a. m., velocity 12, direction N.
E.: 12 noofi. velocity 7. dlrettlon E.
Movement,- past 24 hours. 211 miles.
ii EarcnaltSr at 8 a. tt W.cai Kf ia
tfv nttmldlty, 8 aJ tSi, M Ddw-pbint
at-1 ;mi tt, (IT; AAbestuUlhnBldit; B
a. nu 6.998. Ramrau, '.vs. w ..,,
lOrj THEiiitAflDS
(gsedal Calls to Eerelaxts1
Tuesdit.fiOttaber 15. 1912.
BATrrnXKCISCO-AftlvX October
15, 5:00 -a xn.M'B. , S ?WHhelmina,
r-hsnce OeLWS -i -&'x,-1. . -.-.i:
i Arrived Cctoher" 15' SS. Hyades
- from HiloY October 6. A
SAN- tlEDRCAftlved, 4 October 14,
- S.'s a: Workman, nehce October 6.
; bt tl.UarsrS. a iAIttft, hence Sep
V. teiber:i2 '.-
r,; . ; : :
6. s CHINA sails for San Francisco
; ' at' 4:o0 p. fa.i " :i-v-. :: H::-
wiisjim Cstri tlttsi4uKea. .
- The lhteristand steamer Mauna Kea
Was boarded by wUd beast lions, leo
pards and tigers going aboard thai. ires
sel during :the iUy at Hilo. Tfce ani
mals however made litUe tronble for
the . officers and lw great amount' of
fear was expressed by (he passengers
over their arrival. The beasts were
part and parcel t a .triveling troupe
cf p rearming jungle ereattiret The
steamsr i returned this morning from
Hilt with a fair list of cakia md decs:
passengers and a small .cargev Purser
Phllipps reports IrWdprate trads winds
and smooth tfeasv -k v - V f
Keauftftu Ceglht New Eervlte. : . . j
The Interislafid steamef Keauhou
Ws4itpatctfed.bh Monday far a new
route which iaclodes a circait the
islania ot Hawaii. t'Tfte vessel has
been granted a license to carry passen
gersi. iThe Keanhou ails from Hilo
on Monday and wil conect withr the
Mauna Kea at Kawklhae, th4rb giv
ing Kona and iKan passengers an op
portunity to tatca the flagship and in
surscav tdcktr'lp'ta?Ift)holalu.'i'Ths
ivcgotau Will-served large territory,
andlft expcted Wih tneet the Cetnahas
ef Hilo- business - men tor a abetter
tttimer conheotldn with i&lana ports.
Hllonlift tffrsrn We CsdndAH : -m
With a large geheral cargo and a
detk lead ef lumber thA Matson Navl
gatidm steamer iinioniaa from San
Frsacisco by the'wtf f seattlb Is an
irrlval at : Honoluld this fornlfig. the
vessel steamed down from the sound
through fair . ' weather.' The Hilonian
has tafgotof . distharge ht Port- At
len, Kahulul, Kaanapalll' and Hilo.
The vessel will Itertlr at the : railway
wharf. -; . lA '. - -'
-.' ' . ; . .fel4'!. ". ?
Dauntless tn 6ad Shape
A cable received here today through
thai Merchantr , Ef change indicates
that the American schooner Dtuhtress
With dumber front; Foit Braggr for
Hilo was I ixl a bad way.: The tesset
was toWed Into Sab ' Frandiscd today
by: the steamer Helens and' la report
ed in waterlogged condition; As far
as is known here the vessel - Will be
discharged, at ; the rjallfbrttla -port
Where ' repahrV will be made.' ,;".' -
8teame NiiHdu pac!. : ' : '
; Returning from Itealal with a small
amount oT argo the Ihteiislahd
sUlmer Nllhad Is being prepared for
sea. ThiB vessel . met With fine weath
cr on the return eyage. v -
,i i e m n :
There Is no delay about the delivery
cf goods from W.-5- Peacock ft Co,
Ltd.? now scheduled -In the advertisement-today.
- i - ' i
Furnished room tor single man in prl
v irate family. Best references. - "A.
E.w. this office. .. . fJBS87lw
By young man,' 3 yrs. In plantation
Btore. "V,?. thU -bttice. k-5567-lm
Dividend Warrant B: 8084 dated Sep.
-14, 1112, drawn by Walalua Agn Co.
on Batik X)f Hawaii fbr 83100. f Pay
taest' of iaid warrant - base . been
ntnrihed; - 53C7-tt
The Cassidyi only home hotel, Wai
. kiki. Beach, consists of -individual
. cottages and single rooms. Cuisine
excellent 1,000 ft, 'promenade pier
at the - end ol which is splendid
bathing pool ' and beautiful .: f view.
2005 KaliaJtoad, 2879. Terms
reasonable... lv k-S3C?-6m;
a3U IS &.4B U47
tMA 1.7 IVA
s.h i s t ea
is if.n
ia is
" A.S1.
ti S3 1 an
Iinsl M 1
l t ta I
"iii riicsiiJiiiA
Blood flowed, death to one quarter
master, and the arrest of another
were some of the incidents that befell
the Pacific' Mail liner Manchuria dur
!hg the five-day stay at the port of
Manila.':-' S-. .vs' .
Offlcers in the Pacinc Mail steamer
China brought news of a series of en
counter.' on board, the bigger, liner,
which, '.;whila i reachihg Uhe China
through unofficial cSonrces, would in
dicate that trouble ;' in latge -dottds
hovered over; the vessel . While-, cargo
was being-discharged 'and loaded at
the Philippine port.
The American Quartermaster is re
ported killed as a result of a revolver
shot fired 'by a v Chinese sailor. The
officer tek from tbe deck to a cased
below, the fall And the bullet causing
instant death. s , . -
Another-quartermaster is alleged to
have been unsuccessful in landing a
large consignment of prepared opium
and while the drus wii. confiscated.
the officer' was placed- under; arxe&t.
to. answer to a serious charge. t
ri Til
1 & -
Mail forwarded to the 'mainland in
the Liberia arrived , at San Francisco
yeitsrdayi Morning..1 w---' .
.Thenext xoail. from .the mainland
Is due to arrive on, Friday in the Ta
clfic MaU liner Korea. , .
, A. iwehtrohe day bassage . la cred
Ited the- Americail'schooner Blakeley,
Which 'has arritnextjati PfirUToWnsend
from ? tlonolulttUn wXikwht, JilaJiaj'
.iHimbnts destined at ftVrHirisrv re
portedHtahaire left Eureka In the
sctvQCSscc AiiTiaOaatesr itl tessel
csilini cn lastputayurpita s i t $
Tha;Chita d5i3attii3-tor Japan cand
Chl' tiirtsHtat Moura.oclock this af-
tefljcciitlU &Lvmte&tAt ddiUdnal
tatlh pnssengtrs ifrofiii'this.-porhis
tLisMatSonvarNayirxtlott aMeSiner
llctlulintfcAakingJiaitnnhlbeFotrf: bas-
BefiTa-fxdsj raff -oars, ti Hawaiian
prodttfet&t;wUittamtk ftitii tsai) to
thQKcmsti.d Th&tilion&tnlut Utasall
forxllatt .FrtnclstyatltfciaoHcloclil tb-
H3 AimiTED I
i Fror3'iIIc--r:r.s L Naga-
sakBd--Kofie--Ohang Gam Sing,
U ftX'iChhTTiLelri JameS aChbng, Ay. F.
CtWmef," Dealr Bmr T Qdbng, , -Mrs.
Dear. Bing Quong Maater rDear Jork,
Mrs. E. M Fettdall, J. Frank, E. i B.
Ooodale Mrs. E B.v GoodaW, Miss
Dorothy Goodale;. 3. D. Hogg, J. G.
Hothersall, : Joe Sun, Mrs. -Joe Sun,
Tw A.; Kedwardi W KlngWi Kraft,
Mrs lis A Latnptnan, MrSv AloM. Me
Dod,KMa4niToyi.W. M.- Milne,
ILrOLH MltcnelL j.Mra. Iloy .Shee, J t
MrrasiLJiMtttEf ftMurphy; ;lAng
Suni Mrfct Pang Sum, Pang 3Shun J.
DLriaSi Mrs JtU PllsvxMJss iWil
hdmlirPllvQuant Hacfc lL.tM.
CosSy, Cihafraer?!CaptiW.MB Shet
tninjijMlaSflJl, UuuShefraao, E. H.
SaithMfsMSriiS. Smith, Mrat LvvB.
Stalth,I!Tcangt BuOCrflWJ?lt4B.
Urc.tllss IC CrchVnWncAhbi Webn,
Ytt-iitarrfePabitfiif chiiriitiFroaf Yoko
haa--S2iB;AtasliUtX. AiaaraoW;W.
AshfK MrcWilififiartitb, 'sMlss
MsyaCFlgilsrtis MrAAlaasEi Flg
iterciinfirsirtt. -Tujir. LAHattow, Itay
HarloW, rlilsrjsGrarj ? Hartow, r&.
Mernisirrs WI : ttiijMobkinnMfs.H X.
KawaHr Mfikonddi HsudKoxm
Ng ElyMarsden; . Mrs. Marsden, K.
MatscaV K Nktori, M.'- 0c Mrs. M.
Ono, ' Mrsv Ht Ota; :Y. Shlmiio, Col.
D. P. Stohter. S? : ' '
; Per P.' M. S.J. China-from. Hong
Kong via Japan ports For Honolulu
Mrs. 'Lebng: Shee, Mrs. Loo Shee,
Master Tone Ming HlngH Miss .Tong
Hohng ChltU: Miss Wong Wooft Yin.
HtH. fr. v Mitsnmnm and"' V. fcertattt.
Master S. Mataumura, .Mr. R. L. Ogil
Vie, Mrs. & H. : aompson. Miss E.
H.. Thompson, J.. A. Wynne.
District ' Magistrate Lafhach, bbw
serving en police court benct during
the abiencfei Ar Jurge Monsarrati on
the coast has proved that he Will deal
severely with those who are-frequenters
At his oilrt ttpon a charge; ot
gambling. i . ' -i- fta'.
"Chief tt Detectives McDuffie, De
puty Kellett and Apana raided the
ialr of a Japanese temple of fortune
bite yesterday Afternoon and fifteen
participants in a game of chance
Were eattght in -the act, ahd after' a
straggle- all were landed at the cen
tral station ;
-'la the -attempt to get away from
the officers of the law, two Japanese
were prevented' in the nick -of time
from leaping from a second r story
Window to a cement pavement below.
McDuffie ' caught one frightened
Japanese by the slack of his. kimono
and with this restraint die man .was
hauled back to face a trial before the
lower court
. .5 l i l'M i-
-..2 ;; ,y'-rv. ' -. i .
n over two nunarea aoiara w new numjnatioas .are to be made; itspur
ted the city and county as a results to the 8CreUry fmak
of; fines assessed the party -fifteen ij ttp the official ballot, and while by
gamesters.' Vflth but two exceptions J the .candidate is- tequired. at
edehvdrew .a fine ot fifteen dollars. nig nomination U filed,v to
In nil cases the defendants Were 1- eti ta K .h-a tMiral nartv he i
leged as-old offenders Along this par-
v W2 Cadillac,' At condition. Bir-
gain for cash.
" ' TWILL, i
Seaside Hotel.
e" --8-.
cr UsntiiAiWlrtPo iVAMp
The attorney.-genrarsjoplnion, ad
dressed to SecretarxvMottSmith says:
r 1 have. the. honor to acknowledge re
ceipt of yours of 14th Inst, requesting
my opinion on certain facts herelnaft
er stated, together with a protest dat
ed October 12, 1812; lronv.li. 0. Pa
checo, chairman Democratic -Territorial
central committee, and a citizen
and taxpayer-of the territory of Ha
waii against placing the . names of H.
A. Baldwin-as a candidate for. Sena
tor and of John .Wilcox, Edward Waf
aholo: P- J. Goodness, A.- F. Tavarea,
Charles ,Makelau and George v p.
Cooke as candidates fof representa
tives on the official ballot for the com
ing elections '.'on the ground that said
candidates have not filed Itheir nomi
nation papers In accordance with Act
67 on the Session Laws of 1911.
The facts submitted to me are sub
stantially as follows: .7
The nomination "papers In question
reached you through the mails on Oc
tober tb, and Wereuaccempanied by a
letter addressed to you by one S. E.
Kalama, "Republican Campaign Man
ager", dated Makawao. MaUL October
4. im. These papers appear ' to be
regular: on theirs. face, ii.thly.W6re
signed fayi at.?lett' twentyfive duly
qualified alette) rs of the- district - 'In
which, the candidates propose, to. stand
for election, they were deposited with
you within the time prescribed by law,
sad i each, nomination, was accompa
nied by,, a deposit o..tWeilty-flve dol
lars. None of. the candidates stated
py what political party they had been
nominated, tor What their; party affllla.
Uons were. ! , '.:;- V-v-;"" :;-:A:v - ?t.-'
On account of ybuf hot; being f fur
nished' e with Information ; regarding
which ipoUUcsJ.paJiirhsd. nominated
thesa candid atesr oc ? ; whethenaAhey
wtjrehhonartlianii.drpuitefUxedit ac
tBPtetkeurti&atloisi fetisg,vand
wirele6edpioi.iech jnl thfl" xordldates
esklngrheni (ttaiiurnlshryourl with this
inafgjLl3nu and h rererrtng J4ihfcra ; to
Aa-;CJ, iGesslca LanaJBlb vrhe fo3
kHJESrfiayt ysud recsitsdjiithe 'iotlow
in& wirelBSSiitteaaago ffxaii Waiiuku,
Mad): ii. jra j-ivtj -'rirtt
Miininatei?ot.y. frCcpuilicah
MParty state in nomination papers
- Bal2.wliU:iIiGcdness Malaai.Ta-;
Stares WalaholoiWilcciLi ix
1 CaidatetQaP43ociAiwSr4uini Ho
noluluattbls.tiiae tui oil October 6
called utt-your office eiid wptstr "Re
publican? Part!n'U;jilainly v.j aCrosA .his
nomination ipapers.o Ckaflyvtin his
tasdjiheisre Uhersy caaL. vfcs no
foubtihai hvbs miisr the istate (
mmi rqsired. by ; Act 47 Seisioo;
Laws 191 LaiU your diity-; to place his '
name Wi; the orflciai ballatUs?:ibvl
dus JiU AUti fum iUif tu ?..
0pitf bJtfi'feepW ofhe Nrireless
j rum vtuiu&u auuve eet toira,. mw
homlnatlon papers of ther candidates
were stamped with - the- Secretary's
receipt stamped and marked ; October
B t9l2:at'JfjOS p. td ; -:,r-
. .The-queeUoni upon ; Which you. de
sire my opinion are; as follows: S -
t.h Whether .yon should place the
names of the- candidates. protested j
agalhst upon the official ballot?. 1 1
2. If that question, be answered in
the affirmative,; Whether you should
place the party affiliation of the can
didates ton the official ballott v t
: X ' Should the. candidate sUtSi hlsl
party i affiliation 3dm,ultaneous!y with '
the fiiing of his nomination papVrs;ori
tan he. so st&te subsequently and by ;
separato letter of later date ; thanthe
date of placing his nomination paper? j
In your officef r 1 j - t.!'
party Affiliation through an agent or
by, the . officers of aptolitlcal.; party
acting in his behalft ri"it: kti v
: . Thfe protest . of Mr Pachectt , Is. Sfor
tho reason that said' candidates have
not" filed nomination papers for the
respective- offices ot Senatotand,JRs
presentaUve fn accordance With Act
t7 of the Session Laws of 1911 of the
Territory of Hawaii, i- i . ... ';.--'
Act 67 of the Session Laws tot -.1811,
Which amends. Section 68 of the Re
vised Laws of Hawaii, does not ipre
scribe the method by, which .nomina
tions of - candidates to the Legisla
ture, shall be ' made, hor attempt to
rtate "What -nomination papers shall
contain.;; Such method, is prescribed
by. Section Si Revised Laws ; By, the
provisions1' of,. Section; 31, when not
less than . twenty-five duly qualified
electors have nominated Sand re
Cjuested a candidate in writing to. Tun
for, the Legislature, and such nomina
tion Is deposited ' With the j Secretary
Within the; time prescribed; together
with the' required deposit,: it; becomes
the duty, of the- Secretary -tax receive
such nomination: ;ahd place Itj en. file.
, 1 Before the-' election the- Secretary 1
required by. law at public expense to
print the necessary ballots and Sec
tion i of ! the Revised Laws, as
Amended; by A Act - 67 j of the Sesison
Laws of 1911, prescribes what th
Secretary shall print on such ballots,
via,, the name or names of the per
son or persons to be voted for, the
office or offices for ..and the District
in ; which the , election is, being. . held,
and the termor terms of the respect
ive office's being voted for "and .such
candidate shall, at. the time, of filing
his nomination, papers, state by. what
political party he-is nominated of. his
non-partisanship, as. the .case may be
in order that such party, affiliation , oT
non-partisanship .may. be printed on
the ballot in front-f the i name of
sueh candidate,
. .The purpose then, of Section , 69 is
not to prescribe the method by which
RomInated, this has nothing to do With
the method in which he shall be nom
inated or .what his nomination papers
shall contain. Such requirement In
my opinion.. is simply directory. .,
.The -requirements of Section. Jl are
mandatory and no person may stand
Its tertosr but the Legislature has not
s seen fit te prescribe a. penalty. ror. tne
failure of a candidate-to state, at the
time of his nomination his ;. political
1 r " '.-
: A . ... s r
In Which is combined the HAWAIIAN
Publishers, Commfefclnl
UNTIL JAN. 1, 1915 (Preferred Position 20) ,.Uc PCa
taksiisi katjj; si.&a nrst inssrucnana suhsequ&ni s:3 tr? ,r.uL
CLASSIFIC!:One Cent per wprt-ycenu per llse per wtci. r 4"' ;
MAIN OFFICES .....v.:.;...;.....,....;,... 1059 ALAKEA STREET
Telephones Editorial IteeratglSirBsalaets OfHcwSZU -BaANCa
4Jf. U ir W ;.! ....
Per Moath, anywhtrs Is United SUtes U.. ;........ .?S
Per Quarter, anywhere In United SUtes . . . . ....... . . . . . . . i . . . , . S.C0
Per rear; anywhere -In United -SUtes. .... ...... 8.C 3
Per Year; sosipaid,N foreign .v.". , ... . . . . . . . i . . .... . ..... 12.C3
- ; , ; i - fiEMI-WEEKI.Y 8TARBULLETIN ; j:':-' ,
.;.;...$ in
Per; Year, anywhersMa United Ctatesr.Ji V. 2.f3
Per YeartnyWhere In. Canada.. . ;. . ..i.4.f.. 1 S.t
Per Ytar, postpaid,-foreign ;.V, . ............, , .4 fC3
-V." HfVN;? 'ii- it:- ;r ' - . .5 '.:,' '; , .J: t ''
ACirtai til Canrt'ctJ to llenolsia far.EslIit, tti, n:c::::, T. IV
faiJhnQrJhepartynomInjting him
iLectlon 7J of the Revised Laws pro
vides thah&y it- i
1 vtxeept Is' provided' in Section SI,
the ballots for each representative
elestlon . district shall ' contain the
names of all candidates for representa
tives for such district who have been
duly. nominated In the manner tn this
chapter provided and Shall contain no
other name . Avi- -:H.'' J '
A dlifsrentjccastructlon of the sta
tutes .involved - in these questions
would .nullify the. .Wishes of the- quali
fied electors who have in writing nom
inated tneie candidates, . In my opin.
loh, Msere forfhaK detects - ahd .ifregd
larlUes, ahould be ignored -when the
spirit and substancec of the laws have
been observed v.. v ' r.
, I therefore answer your questions as
follows: . v.jv -vX ;;:;; :":;;-;" ;v..:
1: Yea ; ; v-' kw-. ;
3 ' Yes, . ' : ' ; :r ; ;' ':; -; : :
3: It is not fatsl to his nomination
j the candidate fails at the time ot
tiling nia nomination vpaperirto-state
hs party r-aClllatlonaad he may do so
subseqnently and by sei)irate letter of
later.date than the date of placing-his
nomination, papers in your officer ;
iV4y.-:iYtA.nAA i-' tf. a -ydu-ii v.
-;.V iTRespectfully yours :
Attorney Oenera.1 f
We deliver
MAN0A - Monday and Vcdnccday v ,
1IAII1XJKI - Tuesday and Fridat; A ::
KAMHtn - Thursday fii F;iuy '
WAIEIKI and att-othen sections - Daily
i , l eaadjLiqnofMerchapts v ; ; V
Merchant St., near Fort St.
? .. $ - - !
- . ...... .-
STAR, established 1833, 12 d xth
Issued Daily and Seml-Wtllj by
. ; .tJeneral Business Mananer
m ;, . , .... ',;"..K:k !'.;".' '
fi1TDCM)f1MTAV rt)Wa.
.Thecondlticact tz Toyo Klsen
Kalsha has been steadily Improvln?
of late, the ten pafly havir.2 declared
a dividend fomae pi-st' term at the
rate of . 12 per cent for new shares
and 8 per cent for oil, While deben
tures bate taen'.rc!etrr.8d to a con
elderable' anoint, ? i ' - ;
;:.:: . ii. I. Mi Q tji w ii
According', ts lite, advices received
this morning front the Island of Kauai,
the British freighter Vennachar, which
has been discharged of a full shipment
of Australian coal at Prt Al!;a ii to
sail today -for- Columbia river ar.d
Puget i Sound ports. This tersel has"
been chartered to load -I amber for Aus
tralia. . ..
The Uniform RanX cf ths U O. O. II.
: will drill every second and fourth
Monday of each montir at ta O-J
- Fellows' bid r 7: 25 n. -'
11. fk WHITC0::3. C:pt.?
" - PAUL T;. EA!;:iO, Clerk.
' ;: -. . D357-tf -
v.-; ; ; - -, i .'
St - rs
I v
VM .1
as folloTTs:

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