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- t. 2
' From S. F.:
Siberia, Nov. 1.
Far S. F.x . ,
Ventura, Nov. X
Front .YancooYcr
s Marama, Nor; 6.
For TancooTfri
Makura, Not. 6.
EvenJnr Bulletin. Est. 1882. No. 5381. Tr
Hawaiian Star. VoL XX. No. 6422.
' . ' i I
j ---' 'f
r OA.--;
fi I! X-
AGEg.-nOyOLULU, TERRITORY OF Xtvah, THi:iiSl)AY, OCT. 31, 1912 I4 PAGES.
Twenty-Eighth Infantry Slated For
;: Duty Here, Says "Underground"
mates Close Tvyo
tctwith Amer-
fining Co.
a a'a a n unit 'nun a a. a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
t; . , Notable changca in military plans for Oahu ard
w by the ulan outlined below for. a regiment of . Infant
tioncd in or near Honolula.' The Twenty-eighth Infantry, accord
o be stationed
Ins to authentic report, is to be sent to Hawaii and
near the cii y. a plan .'which has evidently resulted from the meetine
nere last JUiy or tne military aeieuse voara.
a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a
By "underground wirfleRs" tJiat means
of connuu-Ication whlrh, although ua.
known to telence, xarrieA news or
arny rims and army' doings' faster
y , to be . sta
ts .aaaaaaa
than the wires or ; malls, comes ' th
word tat the Twenty-eighth. Infantry
Is eoon to be ordered to Hawaii. Furtb
crDcre, a well defined i rumor has it
that the regiment will not be stationed
'fit E chef! eld Barracks; but wllliae iuar
tercel la or near Honolulu.; : : ;, ?.v
TLlii di6po&iUon,of the troops comes
a t!- f urprlse to all but a very. few
army c: .ccrs in the department, for It
:w.s r; -orally believed ; that the po
licy c f the Mar department X as em-
ise Unchanged
A renei
Suear .Par
contract of the
oany wun- ine
nine Company
rlmed a - cablegram
- fjm i
V'' .'A
Vis V
al sugar men
a: committee
ney. president
vice; president
epb P- CooKe,
. thj :
' cr. ?
r r i i
a. a
it f?
ct v, :.
it c:
t:c c;
f : ;
t:.c- i
: TL.
v;:!i V
1 c r c
frr ci
in "oramendatlons of the
! , was to concentrate all
troops of Oahu at Schofleld
;ih the exception of -the
: rt Fort-Chafter.- Plans
- t - t et, Schofleld
. I.r i.x residents of
. Jrris cf t&enext
- - 5 lien, Is cauae for
.a fr- ? c' angejpf plans
t;T, j . . the' recommenda-
l)ff - :a ard,"; -which
1 t J J. . ur.i wliich. it
, . y urei that a full
. c! i:.: r.try be stationed near
, for tre fieiense of the city
rl Hat Lor. . . - r
in, the increatlng scarcky
t Scfco 2 eld Barracks makes
!y unlikely that any ire
uld be ordered there until
nect post - Is ' finisned t
there will be anabund-
: ."c a ty-eight h ; ; Infantry: lias,
teption of a tour In Cuba
.ciEcition" ttays, been- in
Irj the iraAs
rontisting cf
and' E. Faxn
of the 8. F, G
Of Alexande
October l; l"; Z
the. American tKSSiiP will
take alt of tkeV0 ySuwr
PoCtors' Cnmni.r,Pf tne Sugar
In respect, to tt memory of .Vice- ed bv the lattev-ii8 n.ot
president James Sihooirruft ?hrm.n I T.rm. f .iTacinc COTl8
whose death occurfed last hlghC flags unchaxxeur beiifel1 55X5.
throuehout Honnli, r tJ;r-J Tow quoU-
-w- - - wiy vcrau wua VU 1 AAV CU H?l
erea to naiMnast, imd : tie S. dis-1 not, having been
iriCC COUtt, ; at tne lBU:eestion nf nia. i rnnM nt ltfrtMW
inci Attorney. R. fV. BrprVnnti nrt.f nort WhAtfc. tv
journea us sessiol for the dav. : V.tml In th.
rne ice-presideft .was Itnowii ner-l of -a eortlon int
riis nitv ' !iMmAUtMij -t- t
ton. Details
Mr, Paxton
Bulletin e-
ny itipula-
r by -sail
sonally to few In
Frear. who had rf Wm ; f allr.u ?
yMK-ABiuam wane VLlUn -tnvnatIonal I nmnl Toinl
capital t.mdAlluJd5eV
He was a dellg!tfdL"man''to nit:lv,v'
- wf ic, nuu se serai
luues expressea aiiively interest In
awaii, enquiring toncernirig, " cohdi
tions here and offt&ng'uis aid freely
in governmental or legislative matters
in , w men ne mighS be of assistance
tie always appearexfto be very friend-
ijr -.w iae aermory
Sherman's dea
Taft' without a"ru
Mg. campaign vthat
and', close ; next T
caused, some specu
feet on the election
ihlp ,Cora-
reelected there wlllbe k vacancy in r
vuvwi .iitc-wMueuu ne iaL-
lers is principally, a preside over the
tor C
the fi
cd the
. rost to
: tiencf
tlon ci
1 rervice.
r rack Notes. tl
r arse H. McManus; Inspec
upon" the conclusion of
! firing of the artillery. 'devot
: -r aiader of - his stay at the
tL e inipection and condemna
- r.Eerviceable arms and equip
f various ; organttatlons : here
Owing to lack time he
lie to pass on the itccumula
ctherrwora out, or damaged
matei ; 1 cf which a vast, quantity la
on hr.r.1 and It. will have to wait the
arrival cf another. . Inspector, General
from Western ; Division Headquarters.
V ' ' '.' .y.i v-"
k Cai ta!a f, E. Belt ?nd Infantry, who
served as Chief of Staff for the fBlue
Army,' iu the" recent maneuvers, has
been advlyed of the serious Illness of
Jlrs. Dell that culminated In an opera-'
tlon for -E-pendicitis.' Happily later
news was cf a more favorable nature!
eaves President
ing mate in the
aches its climax
ay, and It has I
ion as to the er-
Should- Taft be
4 r (:
' 80FIA. Bulaaria, OCAg-ociated Pm Cabll ,
victory over the main, Tur si-jKe Bulgarian army hat wori a Qrtti
terrific threa daa battle tree completely routing 20000 Turka lna
ne 1 u(iiw ninK "n mites from the f Turklah front. :
The f leelna army took ref uut1 and wounded on the battlefield.
;be surrounded. ;? 'j Adrianoole. which la now reoorted to
VIENNA, AustrlarcOctober.31.-ui.t;:t,;
will not permit tha Balkan ainea ta,vagterted ; here that tha Powera
; , 'conatantlnopl,' "A'--f
IPEK. Turkey, October. 3 WThe Mon, .7
jf the Turkish garrison fleeing ..fohatn.- have laptuVed4thla elty,
tSpecUt Star-Bulletin
LONDON. Eno October v31. ll IS reporw
seldiera are i Isolated at : Luele Burghaa, w between
and Adrlanopla.
at Turkish
ulgarlant frontier -
y 4
. .. ..- .... x i r.
, '':y-
r-f1 . n ." '
. ILU1 LalLLalU
(!''') !
I 1
!' ' fi'. ' ":Jt--yi:Vyt -' r Associated Pitm Cabil
! i.v wW i' so ihairnian Hilles Of the Republics
committee has called a apeciai meexn3 gL. " .-P
for the purpose of selecting a successor to Vice-President. Sherman.
:.'r:f?: tn hit hm in.utlea.tn the presence cf tha wv
av nrfAimi: LEADER OF THE ALLiiiJ ;?aiwiio 1 lapse, in in jrL r m Aff ' eld. beim born October
VAiv ri.nutrtitiw y, "y 1 1 .... A .Vice-i'resicani . nern" v " . 1 h -? f
n . ' m 1 n ni ?.kl 24. Brignva,fliaaaaa- wa,xn cu '"zJkri i-
A -. ..1 -mijL-J:- Difint Taft i wilt attend Vlc3
' " ' - Ll r-m " I iw.Ukfi ettmi n'4 funeral .
. m mm m m " ' ' k m rrniyiii vn. - '
which' takes place next Saturday.
7 ''V :-J
1 t ' 1
iviji own opinion or 1 PurVpr
United States for a nCl Uesslons of the senlte,; and 'the . law 18 onj otAthe; mov thori.e8Pect
ni Is known to be dueioviaes -inat- m thtfcaae'' of. 'tacancy. J w;wnuaeiice;ana : i cab.::BiialJ
postuon snail Dallied by the eiec- K" ur uua lQT menu w clear
tlon, by the senate of 'm temporaryl a coe iciencQ as j ever voir' any
piesident. This meAs that If -Taft is bory tf mjr life. I shall nL. Vote
elected again the 'adatA murr rhnnc for h m.,1 shall, be glad tdn hu
a temporary cha!rmv rho will pre I electbn Jn i any way possland I
side over : the deliiratinnB nr h. haveino hesitation' in ; deer mv
body' for the next foil years. ; I if tha .e should be ell 8her-
' Alun tt.. ....11. - H
i-w, at uic (JVCUII BWiSlOn oi con-
gress In December Jtemnorary presi
dent Jot the senate 111 be choeen. to
Bei ve until .March 4.1lf either Wilson
His Rounds of Bjg.Sugap;Agen
cies Bring. Forth o
- Results 1
tfol.tiirip tn secure the support of the
V,itr sttcrn.r fiornof ations of ' the Terri
tory; and anger at the County Demo
cratic organization, are the chief con-
tontine ra.nsea tnat-Seni u. iJ. syir
Candless to Maul during the last week
outawas mei empnauc lment
vuiij porning 01 Mr, yi. A. a. He
was asaea py tne Star-BuUetir 1
ci ;: Roosevelt is elelea nreslden nr "Puf ' n. nenu-6Mp W 0f
the United fitte thl UmMn Vw FT Tn in Preseryati
cf the senate wffl'OM'. aer fad' the upholdiag of la
I tlon when the new rinialft taVo m.l . " .
Dliea inat no intAnrla tn vnln
herman'e Woaiti I Pod.. j ....... .!aM-
" " "VBiu.imm;!, aim kuuh ri wirnnntu..
not considered I tloBj he proceeded with & RtX .
was v generally 1 dorsfement of Cant. Par w,. ri
roof f-.. 1 4-. VUi
-v. vwajr iuai nrofu ina niy-aDUity as an oft nf
o -bright as they the law. 1 01
the death o' I "His record as a memhor nf I
""o uuwooicii v.cu6(ariuieui. lor many years
vuuiug nun. neiea wac ne is emclent. savs
r.,iuu "c auu 1 uoDBiaer mat uurl
the votes that pasl several . years that Cant
op, his estimate I was not In office, then tWa
.Ui- i ' . . 111
mai me ian iy ms surrered a loss. I feel th
anu-Kooseve is tfle kind of man we can welt
nradea of the Second Infantry ttU WM Pff1!. '.:ote. ' ? l lnt0 office- He devot
jciciafi over hla unchansed re-'r01 raiaer inlIor lQe big Bun nis Huty and will do it faithf
7 , ,-. , ...... pioose. VI 1 fl
: Ca p tain Beir though a recent, ar
rival has firmly established himself
professionally in -the garrison by rea
son of his excellent work as chief of
Colonel Wilder'a ssUff ' and his old
old CO
are re
- ". : Lieut' Campanoli of the'. 1st Infan-
in March.;
.While the effect oi
on the campaign ;
here to beigreat;"
commented on the
Taft's chances, none!
are, will be' lessened
bis running .mate.
supporter said
.believes that Will
Roosevelt will pick
the Taft cause may
,01 tne situation
adherents are vlol
.men . and will nrefl
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... 1,
88 analysis. 3s. 3d.
Previous quotation,
Oct. 30. Beets :
rity, 3.93 cents.
3 3-4d.
Att. Bowen related several It
A .
shofcing Capt. Parker's fine
a. l- H . i . .
ii tu, wen as ni8 wortn as al
"He will have all the suppoj
1 can give him." said Mr.
anu 1 Know that if elected hi
mate good.
5:;-V?V:C;" rjV r AuvlatiHl Te8" Cable!
i':.'l;.vW. ,e'vi-i": rh.r ai.Ulnvestlaator Bador of the DeparU
Fireman of Fretghtern-a gn- S.dS eimi to th. p.rp.tr,t.r.;.f,,. l
ed and Makes biaxe pjjiw
sI ountm uenitentiary- to Mil -waiter -. wrc.
That John, Labona a' flremain'lhe Uctivity In hunting; them down
Norwegian steamsnip uuernsey iu-euu-ef!
to end the career of Captain, P.
Forenson master of that .vessel - and
then take his'own life; was ;he 'state
ment brought out this morning iouow
maras had p otteo irom oar? wbii.i. f. - ' v.-"..,, -r,.. ft t--ir
. " . .u- N.ut Prufetora Association, and Burns beeausa cr t- .ir
counsel - vr , ------ -. ( . ,
Johnson's License Refuced
r7t. for rieiemte to Con-Mrr n nreiiminary neartng at Distnci
r.... Krtro Tndirft liarnach.who ex-1 1. ... . Th rnwai of tha ll&uor license neia oy
abandoned hope 01 carry ins v" . uueiu.,w.- " I ter.1 The action grows vi -v . j v;
. ; ...t.4 .lneo-ffle'ht? vostordav morning. - . I (. . - - m " ":
nere, acwrumB 1. i Porn'a I .,Hu ih MeAfllr weaDon with in-
w nfoi Hi relied unott to' i.nt tn .nntmit -murder and he has
help McCandless pick Borne votes. heen committed to the circuit court
' That : Mrr.anriip.B8 '.utterly failed in , fnr triai
a hard' atempt to get the support ofj Labona waa given the oportunlty of
the big sugar agencies, nas oeeu 1 making a statement m ui vwu-" -matter
of discussion among poiti-, tbIs m0rning. It ;was .learned , that
clans-for several days. Two agencies, Efter leaving the police station yester-
at: least, it is certain, declined tiauy day m0rnlng the fireman wnoas
to give McCandless support wnen ne romplaining witneis -minn. v,P
yLT A Alia vr a fV" T - -..T" ,' :
1 ! ; .: : " tFphtdat SUr-BoWHla Cablel. -.V y. j -
WASHINGTON. oSc. October 31ccordlnfl,te.;A;.attm
ty haenlcontributad to the Rpubjfcan:CamPal0n. 4
n .innn - o rharee of flBSaulT
and battery, proceeded to thelforwegH
Ian consulate. , .''
He made inquiries as to his rights
,nH ie fiairi was told that upon hi "re-
! tn rn tn the. shin and to dap he would
maHo tn forfeit one months pay be-
L r. iuuv . . .. ..11..
cause of his action ana insuoorama
tion. - i. -K
Labona alleges that It was expiainea
t,. m that he must comply with the
regulations governing the articles that
se signed before shipping in the
Guernsey at Newcastle N. S. W.
The prospect of losing this amount
r,r mnnev is saia 10 mvb 51
went hat in hand; figuratively it noi
literally speaking, to ask their help.
It has been stated oy men m a pui
tion to know,; that McCandless made
the rounds of the "Big rive, wunoui
any' Ungible results Jn the shape of
While he was failing to secure the
support of tbe powerful corporations,
the Democratic delegate was also at
war with the Oahu county campaign
organiiation. Democrats closely con
nected with the campaign manage
ment say that the reaj reason why Mc
Candless refused to "come through
with hia usual fistful of funds is that
he learned that both Mayor Fern and aneered the fireman. He left the on
star-Bulletin Cable - ' . .--r. ..
V: 'IS wS "pSS W followed by the pneumonia atUck,
Sheriff Jarrett intend t support Dele
gate Kuhio. Upon learning this, it is
said, and guessing that many others
of his fellow-Democrats did not intend
to vote for him. McCandless came
out in the open and declared that he
didn't intend to put up money ror
and other campaign expenses
. . 1 1. i .- kAltavait than fnffnWP.d
feuiaie a 1 hi it is
the skipper of the Guernsey - to the
According .to eye-witneses the firing I y crowd
of four shots by L&oona at uyuiu 1 soapoox
S IS q today
At once the largest and most order-
thus far. assemuieu a
pernor" this afternoon.
. . I .. .-- I ... T-l hnig nf the 03.11 V IllIlC-
SrirenSon tOOK place along auwuu w icnarne uanuu, .
o clock yesteVday morntag as U ridp- Uon. took the first ot
.... ,h.. fr Mmieff. Before He naa
rr nii iiji uaaocu v. vw . - nji uuu v .
llfnr memhers of hs Darty wno were i -... .h .ntnni tn the rnal wnarr. I raarhM the nrtn 10 me iwt
mBiA-v - i L' H US llir; z w v - wv-
Merchant ana -Alakea Sts. TeL' ?648.
In Memory of bther, Makes
Donation fopchooling
of NeeriGirls
Rufus P. Spaldingff Kealia, Kauai,
has given $10,000 aemorial funii in
memory of his motf. the income of
which is to be devod to the mainten
ance of girls in nef circumstance
and Worthy of assifnee. It will be
used to support a
omen,, giving th
training to becomeyachers
public schools. Thl
ast four young
the requisite
gift is
. i i
KDtwn as tne Wilhelmina UMip
oiiiauig .wemonai rnnd.
iuo ucucuciaries selected are
htje all expenses uaid during cnA
sctjpoling at the Kaiui&ni Homfj f
Gils In Honolulu and until they gradi,
fit from the Terrftn riot Vftrmol on
- - v -A V A UJOI a lAM
Ti pining school and are prepared to
asiume tneir duties as instructors. As
8on as these graduate other bcrefi
cliries will be chosen to fill the place's
JTwo beneficiaries under the fund al
ready have taken up their studies al
thfe Normal school and two others (will
tj chosen as soon as practicable.
Drenared to desert him
This' anger led to the outburst a
few days ago when he told the Star-
Bulletin that he would spend no mo
- . . m m t nnn . i iimi k n r,i L
t in, ic uicn Rtrt to nave Deen i his l&nauaKe moiaiu"",
. " il u. h0 m mnrh tn "rlve somebody else a
CIV me lUlUIcgsiuu .u I y,l ico v o .... j .
gl " X i. vAA Anari L... hut he stood on the order
L-apiam oureusuu uou cuauw, w" - - , V
$15 with $3 court costs, this
i . L.- a
ney for his campaign except lor ms eventuallv come from the pay
personal expenses, auu ma.. fireman who would be compell
ed to remain with the vessel to the
completion of the voyage.
Labona is understooa to nave maae
consideration would be scatter around
the coin in the usual pre-election
Saturday. Republican
Mcuanaiess is expecieu u.v ,.,.,, that under no circum
can leaders today j " rM h ctnH for the deduc-
were discussing. a report that he Had tM m from his waaes.
1L 1 CA1 V VUUlU J.vv w
or Link, be verified.
it is said the product of Klondike
gol mines will be $1,500,000 greater
this year than In previous years.
by consul but he will be provided vVJh
an attorney when the case comes up
for trial at the circuit court.
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wW I fJllC&lJlsW VMM - .
sum of his going until he was exhausted
r.f th whole magazine oi uuiW-
ic ammunition. No Republican re
cimnHine' to his call for the next
vQ hailed Charlie Hustace
cut of the crowd, who waa at it when
the Star-Bulletin reporter left.
Barron's main speech today was a
reply to Delegate Kuhlo's disclaimer
of responsibility for the employment
of alien labor on Federal works in
Hawaii. He told of the Ployment
of Chinese, Japanese, Koreans Fill
pinos and Porto Rteans on work at
Leilehua and Pearl Harbor, and said
that the Territorial and County, gov-,
ernmente here . were able to protect
ctUzen labor from similar competl-.
tlon. There were three Orientals to .
everr one citizen employed on Fed
Ainrir here, he said. : On the mala- .
land citizen labor was better protect-;
ed on government work, ? contractora
on which were , obliged to give att
eight-hour day and fair. wageaV : -t-htrt
anft the sneaker, could .'find
time to' put , through bill to enable
Sam Parker to dig ditches and other s
Kief mfln t hnild railroads, but coola
not spare the time to assist hla fel- :
low-Hawaiians to earn their living; Ha --;
repeated his previous denunciations ot -the
railroad trespass taw. and the rest, ;
of his usual speech in generaL i
Hustace started out ; In thia prolo-
gue : "I am fighting a lone hand be-K-cause
the parties have put up canV .
dates for mayor who ar? not fit tt ;; '
perform the duties of the oflVe. Uav-.
ine been chalrmaf of the board of
" .... a.
supervitors two years, ani
good administration, and havm? re-sn
in a banking institution here f jr ?wer-ty-fi?e
years, I come before you to slc
for your votes as. your next mayor.. :
"When Sana Parker'a platform first
appeared. I tofd youf from this stand
that none of the jdeaa. came out of hia
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