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p ikSri W W JpW . &y!sM?M Edition' ...
) vf-kx4 M2?hr 14 PAGES. -nOXOLULU, TERRITORY OfAWAlI, FRIDAY, NOV. 1, lilll'.-U PAGES.' ' ; v, , ' . i PRICE FIVE CENTS
uowoluluIto i shingle's wMs -m WKss MinilBinili,!-
W M- II I KmVm I II VB UB V U UT. , r
Armv.' Disorffanizedi Is
I liH 1 1 I I
acy. pi-report Maae oy
2jary, td !Jaf t JE iconer
Ujrtes Governor' ;
v 'y;C. S. ALBERT ' .
;1 -tr-I5ulltiu V0T"r8ptn1r'
NOTON, D. C, Oct il.
Oj .VftHer P. Frear has.wol h6
'?. arduous fight forvrteLion
fn Uco, and will be reappointed hie!
,px Jitlve. of Hawaii Immediately Iter
tb? reconvening pf 'Congress, inlDe
ceirll)er.. A formal annooncemen to
''fhUnAnect jliaa been niade . by sIwld-
engraft at Beverly,
" TA6 action of the Prefl went Jsbas-
a a 'report submitted by Secrcary
trtf of s the . Interior , Departient,
vhl went to Hawaii as a specialhom-
'gatA KUanlanaoIe.v In summi
,hls iecicjuslons i the Secretary
r c
It; UP
sy re-
tie ad-
; hi
Tea against -Governor
welLtounded but chl
m a misunderstandini
.at the' retention of of
ronld be greatly to
f .the Islands and ff
nefit of the Country.'!
.fsm Found. . I
cl&red.l)y Secretary fisher
.had been no maladmllstra-
land lav's, that favHUsm
eh. practiced 'and tut jat-
ace had v been f Otsei ed In
j Cabled Instructions Cause Fed
era! Offices to Be Closed
High Honor Will Be Paid Late
Vice-President, by Military
Branches at Noon
Honoiylii tomorrow will observe
with deepest respect tho funeral of
James Schoolcraft Sherman, Vlce-
Pfejsldcht at the 1'nited States, whose
untimely dMrth occurred on Wednes
day ntahkV X- v
All of theTederal offices and de
partments will be closed, according
to cabled instructions that came to
day. Collector of Internal Revenue
Cottrill received a personal cable
Bram from the President asking that
federal offices here close . because of
the .Vice-President's funeral.
All flags will fly at half-mast
army nd the navy will honor
tne tnemory of Vice-President Sher
iran, and tomorrow the salute to
which hi3 high office entitled him
will be fired from every army post
while the guns of the naval station
will boom out 4 heir ' iolemn requiem.
Flags will of course, be half-masted
throughout the day. The army will
observe, the usual service mourning
for thirty days.
. -At the naval station nonbusiness
will be transacted tomorrow. This
order comes from the Secretary pf
the navy, along with 1 instructions to
fire' a KflJnfiV nf nlnftn ronu nt
all-homesteaders dal op- noon, ahd' to half ast the flaes. .
nilies." v -r V- i :iv.';- i Following lr a cnnv nt ro.
ilor Honolulu Star-Bulletin,
Sir: The Advertiser has misrepresented and looted the Delegate
until it has come to such a point, that the papenot even, fair in its J .
news columns. In my speech at Kalihi last evenil was appealing to;
the Hawaiian voters who were afraid of Frear apho thought that the
bie interests wou:l eonrrol the Senate if Rentnrii Dowtelt were elec
ted, to take Kuhio's word for it, that their best r18 H In noting for
the Republican ticket.
Tue Advertiser twisted my meaning.
As a matter of fact bis various statements
of the past week fully explain his position relati
can be misunderstood only by those who are p
Prince, and the Hawaiians.
Kuhio does noi intend to be bull-dozed into
of his position by the Advertiser and I don't
My advice to the Delegate will be that he
tion of Governor Frear If he is reappointed.
(Signed) ROBERT
during his speeches
Governor Frear, and
need enemies of the
ng a signed statement
t oppose the' conflrma-
ON Mi '1,
tt Special StarBulIetin. Aerogram tl
HILO. Hawaii. Nov. 1. Suner-
As a fii
past mon
nson wa;
to the.raaneuvjerg.of. the
review: oilthe entire i;ar
d on the31vo October by
mander Colonel Mcuun-
8 visors tyman and Beckley, who" negle, Jsfantry. This was followeti
Hare candidates for the legisla- by. a mil
tt ture, have declined to resign tt accoutre!
tt from their county offices upon ganlzatic
XX the advice of Carl S. Carlsmlth, XI, not del
inspection pt arms and
ts by the ; respective or-
ommanders in order to
cies InH uniforms and
upon which to base re-
r the replacement of the
animals And men showed
XX campaign manager for this isl-: XX equlpme
X5 and. He holds that although XX- cuisitio
XX they are running for a terrltor- XI same.
XX ial office, they do not have to re- tt In excel condition,' notwithstanding
XX sign from the board. Lyman is tX4 heir reitmarchin and consequent
B running for the house and Beck-XX fcard wrf .- '
XX ley for the 'senate. . XX
V j; his report Csricttry PtoWr-. aid ceived this morning by tJeneral' M:
Av- " ' "rrnCTanloittluiif,tt4fr.M
ladinfiT'IsIalids con- Teiatlvc to the tokens of respect to
j.conversatjons wu
illar with" existing
i of Io7ernor Freaiexpif
ceiaber. Before thl time
Intment was stronglH-PPos-?gate
Kalanianaole all oth
ten 'charges were filejatthe
department . Secretai Fish
er g.,.e 9 'ti earing. to. the Delegje.aTjd
. tho a SQciated . with hlra. Gicnaor
Frer.r. was allpwed ample tjte In
whicJi to, reply and he look fuludvan-
tageM the opDortunity. i :i
Secretary; Fisher at, the outt said
rtanar eiamlnaUonlf ,the tbo : Ute vicpresldent
thlt industries. also ..Macombf Honolulu.
"Funeral ' Vice-President tlnitcd
Statea will take place Saturday. No- ;
vembe- second,'-Nineteen Twelve at'
Utlca New York. Iasue orders dirttl
ins fhat flags your department b
displayed at half staff, that nineteen
ah m mfi
- ribr riharo
mm mm
' urmv,
A verdict from the jury In the third 'mand
The feral court martial now' In
session I the Jnfanjb-y ; garrisonv had
junder cJideration yesterday; ttt cise
PtSb; Add U en; r s machine
i gun piuia oi lye is iniamry, cuarg
ed with! rious misdemeanors and tne
,serious5egation 'of having made, an
asault Jth5-- deadly Intent on Private
' PinnelR the same organization while
the lata was a sentinel over Addison.
The ault consisted in leveling an
lverat Pinnell with a on
statement "I'm eainz iawav!
Don't p try to ttop.me!" and' oc
curreilhile on a recent practice
s were merely coalaint?
not, be given serias con-
TTe - favored the "mmedl- l
neot ; of the Gf ernor.
"ecommendatlottn the
A I 1 .1
'-n v.. taken by tfe Pele-
to.t. nt--1 A proofs' was
; g)ven th-a. taking fina i :tlon
a toeclal c. loner would be sent
io iraw&ii i r careful lnvesiiktton
'ma4, bf Goverhor Frears adniistra-
tioii and his "application of X4 land
MaVfe.'.'Tbia duty was imposed V the
t. President ion Secretary . Fighe He
Falked ! au first and sought Uo Belay
-the, inquiry, but eventually ylesed to
the Presideafa insistence amxraaae
L tlvo investigation. . ' ; I
lJeiay .was naa anor uie uvqu-y or
dered by the President as bek the
easiest solution of a puzzliniertt!jlem, ;
He ilid not care to offend thf Dele
gate". J ust al a time when six bwaii
ana having votea in - the Reyblican
.-nominating convention- at fucago
were- to be chosen- It was cAsider
ed; better to temporize and atfd the
I Delegate all possible chances t) prove
.nia i contenuon inai" uovernnr xear
-hotld. be, superceded. - ; : t
Fronu beginning to end lcras.the
Itrla conviction -of both the rrosidtnt
-nd; Secretary Fisher that thj charies
aKSinst Governor Frear we of.jno
J .Trcaj consequence and that should
. be . retained in office. The leiay job
Mahuka site. case is' expected some
mjnute guns be fired at noon.. Usual time tonight Attorney Olson, repre-
badge of mfourning will be worn by senting the owners of the Office Sun-ItrflrrHhrt in hA vieinitv of Waima
a i . 1 -. r- . , ' ? a , . ri i r I 11 -
umttis vi uruiy, ana colors or regi- V1) omyany. sue ana u. o. uisinci
ments, corps of cadets and battalion Attorney Breckons, representing the
of engineers, will be placed in mourn- federal government, closed their argu-
ing; for,. thirty days. Acknowledge. ments late this afternoon, and fol'
"By direction of the Division Com-, ,'
minder. : . "BRODIE." i (Continued 01 Page 2) '
vCadm Watkins 2nd Infantry, has
, ' V'
' -i vVv .f?t y;' :ft
f.,4 v.r.
mpleted the building of a new
use to be used for the various
required by regulations to be
4 m every garrison.
Isslgnment of officers In charge
faction has been announced by.
ers and Chaplain Feinler, 1st
will conduct the school for
.men while Chaplain Prudjen,
try, will manage the scnool
dren of officers, enlisted men
Han employes of the -trmy, fe-
Ithin the limits of the reserva-
1 '
ain Pruden has engaged the
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1 Special Star-Bulletin Aerogram".
TVAlLUkurMaui;Oct 31.McCand
less; Kaniho and Fern spoke at WClu
ku last' sight, tonight at LahainaMc
Candless Bays he f avora plantation a
but argues against plantation politic ?
control, lie claims heobtained itoe
franchise for ;: t-e Hawaiian s- thrtig'q(
Robert Wilcox byfurnlihinffv400 .toy
his campaign also.iaved. the, territory
HttQ by. killing. the. original Pa.uo
He wiir go to Molokal. returning to
tioholuiir tomorrow ; ? ;n
' - . .. . - 'J
That the Republican ticket is -leading
in almost every preclhct thrpugh-
out the Island of Oahu, and that a. Rei
publican majority Is 'assured, wis. the
gist of reports received at. ppecia
meeting held at .Republican headquar
ters late yesterday afternoon. Th
meeting was of precinct workers, and
li. von Damm, chairman of the county
committee, t called for precinct com
mitteeman to make plain-spoken re
ports as to the conditions prevailing
in, thelr4owri sections. ' ;
-Figures from most of theNprecinctt
were given, the result of canvasses" 0?
the indlvldukr voter, and "the figures
were most reassuring to the .Republic
ans.. Kuhlb is running ffar ahead of
McCandless all over the;island. - ;
Reports from the Fourth district
show that such men a3 , Kalelopu and
Notley are going to receive' a big
haole vote, that the talk of "knifing
them - is mostly, untrue, while reports
irom the . Fifth, district and from all
precincts in fact, showed that Renton
and 'Dowsett will be given a heavy
i vote.
V ? $ & 4 e S S S ? 4,
v (Continued on pagel)
,y , mm
: - Jirv 1 -rr- it
Tel. 264S.
Special Star-Bulletin Correspondence!
The seventy Island horses recently
purchased by the Quartermaster De
partment have oeen assigned to Cap
tain Lewis Foerster s troop of the 5th
Cavalry for preliminary training and
captain Foerster is most enthusiastic
over the quality of the animals iii
question; pronouncing them thoueir
lifcht o be in every respect ideal cav-
siry horses. This would leem to creat
importance to horse breeders in the
Islands since it would mean a readr
market for all suitable mounts.
fue are taking the horses along
very slowly" said Cantain Fnerstpr
and my men have had no trouble to
speak -of. Of course the animals are
ivery high strung, and are unused to
the sort of work that is to be expected
4of them, but as a lot they seem highly
pielUgent, and show no rea vieious-
iess. The men of my troop have been
tentling them according to their own
teas. I dont know if I have any bet
ter horsemen than the other troops of
fce. Fifth, but they certainly seem to
Overtaken well to this work, and are
naklnga success of it. Every horse
his been ridden- and nf tho lt ,-nT,-
oman has been hurt. He forgot tiatJof
he was riding a green horse, and made
some quick motion whieh scared the
animal, and made him Jump from un
der. The rtan sprained his wrist.
"I think tkat these horses will snape
up well, ani that they will compare
favorably, when turned out as a finish
ed article, with any other cavalry
hcrses in the army."
Captain floerster. himself a finished
hcrseman. is taking keen interest in
the work tfat has been delegated to
him and hiatroopers. He is at it early
and late, and results are already up
holding th judgment of Colonel Wild
er in pitting him out for this special
duty. During the rerent
v.:tpuain rersiers irooi remained in
garrison, (he horses not being ready
to take thf field with the other troops.
The Caplaln, however found tim
enough a.'ter his Wild West exbibi
tion .to opscrve the "ughting" in the
vicinity of the post. The picture was
take oithe firing line of the Red
Array duiing the engagement of Octo
ber 23. is usual he was accompanied
b his fathful dog Hans, who, accord
ing to bis owner, nas made frietics
with all the new hordes and is abTe
to individually distinguish fifty three
, tlCMllnu LMDLC I ICjjHuC
Pkatir IIHoranfO Finally no- missarjes. Permanent members of the
tiphered and Chance Takn ; ed with either the pay or subsistence
i nn PnrTPrtnAQ (departments, are . to close their ac-
on CorTGctniRSS
. ! counts as paymasters or commissaries.
ivervone at armv neadauarters ' iUU- IUJU ewjumB i-uuuwwu
wbi claims special facility in search- -witn. meir respective omces to tnem-
Ingfor hidden meanings, and translat- sves, as memDers or tne . t.
inacryptic utterances, was on the jobj As regards Schofleld Uarrackt, w,
thl morning, trying to get at the -is the only post in this department
seise of a long cable message from : where consolidation of the staff corps
dilsion headquarters, relative to tne , makes an appreciable change, Captain
n$V status of post quartermasters Watkins in relieved as quartermaster,
afi commissaries, and the disposition ' ol- the Second' Infantry .and continues
tljt they should make of their pro- j his duties as post quartermaster, and
pfty. . also takes over the duties of Captain
The message came in straight Eng- Carey, First Infantry post commissary,
lift, but it was not until several of-!who, however, continues to act as
f iora and rlerks had been WOrKing
oter it for twenty minutes that they
regimental commissary.
dfecovered this fact. It read exactly
The date of the test for officers
ifce code, and they spent some time above tne &rade of captain, has been
set for November 25, 26 and 27. Tt
will start from Sehofield, the officer:
doing 20 miles a day for three succes
sive days.
tivine to translate it. Four men work
ej on the message, and after 2 hours
aad 9 minutes by the clock, the last
of four entirely different versions
Yas handed in. All four were in con-
Jfjct wi h each other and with condi-
maneuvers.jtipns now existing.
Finally, in despair, Lieutenant-Colonel
Campbell, adjutant general, took
at crack at the message himself, and
got still a fifth interpretation, which
he declared to be official, on the theo
ry that he was as likely to be right
as anyone else.
' Most of the talk I heard on the
Coast was that Wilson would be elec
! ted," said John Waterhouse of Alex
j ander & Baldwin, who returned in
The order as phoned to the various the Siberia from a vacation, to a Star-
posts of the department, directs pest i Bulletin reporter this afternoon,
commissaries to turn over their ac- "There is nothing new in the sugar
counts and supplies to the post quar
termaster, and that when acting in tne
double capacity, officers are to lurn
over to themselves as quartermasters,
their own founds and accounts as com-
situation. 1 tninK it likely we are go
ing to have a year of low prices. Is
there any news from Cuba today? It
appears -there is liable to be some
trouble there."
Fleeing In Wild.DerijQralizatio.
. LONDON, 1 England, Nov. The Turks haye jbeencttiriy :roHtHtayT ;t' f- i .
their numerically Inferior foea,, the Balkan alttetr whc;tf dvancear' la ' r'
now only 35 miles distant from" ; Constantinople' :y t ..w S-t:' f v.
It is doubted if 4he disorganized ' and demor: . d' army will make
further stand. 'According to reports, the, Turks' are broken into" manyjsep T
arate fragments of the once powerful ; army. . ":'f . 4V ;v7" . '
. I?-? r:---:. -vv" : ' " ' T 1 ' . - 't
ATHENS, Greece. Now 1. Wild with ent
that a Grecian torpedoboat has suhk the Turkish rvattlesJ)ip,f"ethjH Culeni U fSi ' v v
in the golf of Salonikl
, the; battleship being sunk Ust nlghC. r '
; Speclat ;star:CaWc
Turkay.; November 11. Christians In the TurkUh. V. .
provinces fear that there wilrbe, a terrible pHiase and, massacre by tl.j re
treating . mob. It is estimated that ths defeated army numbered ZS0,C3.
V LONDON, Eng., November 1-lt Is reported that Nazlm Paar . Turk,
ish minister of war, and one of. the,!mPst crfntjiicucius' leaders of tne Turk'
t$n military plans, nas oeen capiurea oy i in mimcs. i no report nas not,
been confirmed ' -. " , :
7 ,
: -V.';
. i t
It li a.- .
, ..t
uOd. ANGELES. :Cah November 'lenr jrioirtr. Lea, soldier e
tuns and: prominent inthe Madero revolution. In Mexlca and tlater -tn the
Chinese revolution, died hers todayrn He haf bee v ill for some t''s.;, yy
Gen. Homer. Lea. passed -thtough1! Honolulu a.few month? a- fcr'V.n , A-
health from his exertions Irt Chlna,Vto try to recuperate In fi'AtonAz. ' . " -
waa practically bllryl and seriousf MKM thatime V?? -Vv
BERLIN' Germany' November IrThe big balloon OuiisJdorf If, w!,It
took part in the 'International race, li rhiisIng.'Jt carried two noted Amerir
cart balloonlsta, John' Watts and Arthur Atherhcjd, It is believed that the
balloon drifted over the Baltic sea nd that all have perished, r - ; A
, NEW ,YORr,-N. November .1. District Attorney Whitman has been ; '
notified of a plot of gangsters and gunmen ,;o assassinate nm, owing. t
ftls activities In convicting Police Lieutenant Becker and ' explng .the ai-
liance between the police and the gamblers:
HAVANA. Cuba.Mov. 1 In shita oMhe arave fears that the' election
today would precipitate riota between the Liberals ;and Conservatives, ths '
balloting today ie proceeding ..quietly,. ' yj. f.
- ' t - k a " 1 . . .- . -
. . ;' " v . Special . Ptar-BuUetlnCableJ
SAN JUAN p EL? SUB; November hurricane of 'unusual yielence
which swept along the Mexican
cf Acapulco.
Acapulco Is a well known
Panama service. Several officers
are acquainted with the importance
Mexican produce. Acapulco la also
month In the. steamship service maintained by; the
Central and South . American i line. w
coasttoaay - virtually aeswoyea tneicity- , . -.
port oxtail lor steamers in the Pacific Mall "'Tv -
in the liner Siberia,; now . at Houolxlui. f . ,
of the port -as ishJBping-, poln for- - ; -in
direct touch''ithl''r?uolulul eacn I v"-
tcyo Kisen .Kilsha .
ANNAPOLIS, Md., November The navy footbalt.: team today de
feated Western Reserve University, 7 to4 0.-
. - ...
On Tuesday, night, November 5, the Star-Bulfetin will present to the '
Deoole of Honolulu complete returns from alt the Territorial and mainland
"V; By cable, by wireless telegraph, by telephone,,by messenger," by extra:
editions of the paper, and by flashing the electron returns on screens, will.
the people jOf Honolulu be furnished ;with complete and detailed news, of ,
national and local balloting. f' -.. : . , ' .,'-'
The Star-Bulletin will have its downtown .headquarters in. Republican ;
campaign headquarters, at Fort and Merchant. Streets, and a hugs screen
will be placed in front of the second story of the Campbell block. Onthia'. ;
will be flashed election returns as they arrive, together with pictures; f -
candidates, both in Hawaii and on the mainland. r;. ? ,jv-V.
The Star-Bulletin will also furnish a complete service to The Clarion
for a Star-Bulletin second, screen, at the corner of Hotel and Fort streets. -This
paper will also supply, the returns for local' theatres. '
On election night both the cable a noT. the, wireless telegraph will 'De
pressed into use for news frdm the mainland, .and. as the counting pro-..
gresses on the Presidential, Congressional and. Gubernatorial elections, the
news will be immediately flashed to the 5tar-Butietm. - -. .
The outside is ana eiecitons win aiso ne covcrca or ""'.(
pondents of this paper. The Honolulu precincts will be covered by mes- .. .
fengers. s ' --""i-.V
Pictures of all kinds will be interspersed with the election figures.? -
The establishment of downtown headquarters in connection with the ' Re
publican campaign organization guarantees the first returns from the local
election, and both at Fort and Merchant-and at Fort and Hotel streets
there is room for large crowds.,,, v
The Star-Bulletin extends a general invitation to all to be its guests
on election njghVand watch the returns. They will be the first they will
be complete, they will be accurate. , y , '
f 5
S. t.

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