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From S. F.r
Honolulan, Nov. (i
For 8. F.:
Nile. Nov. ..
From Yanronicr:
Marama, Nov. C.
For Yancou irr:
Makura, Nov. 6.
F'JveniHR Bulletin. K.t. 12. No. ."3s:;.
Hawaiian Star, Vol. XX, No. ; 4 2 4 .
jlls. 3:30
a ;
c rffnlVfr ttTt "Ofr fr
Political Insiders' Hear He Has
Already Applied to Wilson
for Prospective Job
f S' ? V t -t r
Chairman B G. Hivenburgh
of the Democratic county eommit
tee, today received a, cablegram
' from Judge A. A. Wildpr. who is
ou the Coat.t, that the election
? ul Wood row Wilson to t!o presi
f dency is cure. Judge Wilder is
4 already jubilating over the vic
try of his party and the cablets-
gram is to be used as campaign
"material for the Democrats here.
4' 4' 4s 'i- 4
Supported by authority wnich trans
fers the news from the rea'm of rumor
to -the,, plane of almost absolute cer
tainty, H ft e&erted t)m Link MeCand
U ss, Democratic candidate for uele
gate to Congress, Las already placed
an anchor to windward in the shape
df an application to Woodrow Wilson
to' be appointed Governor of tne Ter-litory-ln,
the event tne Democratic
pi.fty , should prevail in the election;,
on the mainland.
For some day6 it has been talked of
'ir political circles thai iiicCandless
Laa given - up hope of being elected
delegate but that he wants to get as
l)lg,a vote- as, possible In order to sus
tain ilf ,cla!ms to the governorshlp-by
a showing of strength atriong the peo
l le. It Is bejiaved.tbat this is the rea
t on vrty.ie took the -risk of goiCg to
Alaclrwas not onl to keep away from
ile . county- "organization's . request 4or
finds iut Co pick up some Maul votes
end thereby, snow Wilson that he .has
strength on more Islands than one.
i Moreover, McCandless can point to
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If Honolulu Women Had Votes
i He Would Beat Fern to
I a Frazzle
The gallant colonel, Sam Parker,
whose name looms large before an ap
preciative public as the Republican
candidate for the o trice of mayor of
this municipality, is gaining in voting
strength and popularity every day, as
"witnessed by the Increased interest he
excites with his speeches in public
places and, what is particularly signi
ficant, an indicated by the way in
which the women, are taking up the
.cause of his candidacy.
One instance of this wave of femi
nine appreciation . was observed this
morning when a crowd was seen be
fore the window of the Mary Ann Bon
net Shop. It was no new "creation"
in the millinery line thdt was drawing
the- attention of people on the street.
It was a handsome picture of Colonel
Samuel Parker, taken ten years kgo,
appropriately framed and definitely
labeled as the portrait of the man who
heads the Republican county ticket
and who will probably be so far ahead
of Fern, when the election returns are
in as Fern will be far ahead of Hus
tace, that merry soapbox jester who
J-; entertaining noonday gatherings
with the humorous exhibition of tryin?
tv take himself seriously. Parker but
ions are being worn by hundreds or
women throughout the city .and Park
er cards a:e used as maiv.-rs in the
Merchant and Alakea Sts Tel. 264S
i i;
Story of Recall Called Untrue
by Head of Immigration
Commissioner Wanted Here to
Go Around Plantations.
Laborers with Him
Ki'eaard Ivers, chairman of the
board of immigration, smiled when
his attention was called to a sensa
tional story in the morning paper, to
the effect that Dr. Victor S. Clark,
superintendent of immigration, had
been recalled from Russia and would
probably be asked for his resignation
on his return, on account of dissatis
faction with his work and friction be
tween him and the board. Mr. Ivers
had not seen the article nntil it was
shown to him by a Star-Bulletin re
porter. "The whole thing is this way," said
Mr. Ivers: "Mr. Raymond C. Brown
found it utterly impossible to charter
a steamer In London to bring out Por
tuguese and Spanish immigrants.
There had been such an advance in
freights that a 6teamer could not be
procured. We could have had as
many rortugnese and Spanish people
as we wanted If only we could have
secured transportation for them.
"In these circumstances there was
no use In keeping Mr. Brown in Lon-
uon, bo tne Doara or immigration
some time ago cabled orders to him
to go to Russia and join Dr. Clark,
taking up the work there as soon as
Dr. Clark coftld leave it in his hands.
"Orders were cabled to Dr. Clark
to rjjtujrn, home .when relieved by, Mr. ,
Brown, and bring with him the one
hundred people that he was to select
from Southern Russia.
."There is absolutely no friction
with Dr. Clark at all. We wantea
him here, to go around the planta ¬
tions and see how the new people
were getting along. The board has
only held two short meetings since
the one when it was decided to ask
Dr. Clark to return."
books of tne little sciiool-children.
The Colonel in his talks invariably
lias something sincerely pleasant to
say concerning the desirability of wo
men having a hand in the conduct or
government, for he looks forward to
tbat time when the influence of wo
men's ideals will make a better ana
happier Honolulu for all woo reside
But the Bonnet Shop incident can
not be lost sight of. It is such an
incident as this that show which way
the wind blows that eloquent prop
hesies the coming benefit of a Repub
lican mayor.
Chairman Robert W. Shingle of the
Republican Territorial central com
mittee todav issued a pre-election
prediction. Tne head of the Republi
can party in this Territory confidently
declares that Delegare rluhio will win
over McCandless by a larger major
ity than that of two years ago. He
gave out the following:
"Reports received by me this morn
ing from Maui and Hawaii simplv
confirm previous advices to the ef
iect that Kuhio will carry both isl
ands by overwhelming majorities.
McCandless made no impression at
all on Maui and might have just as
well remained at- Waikane.
"1 confidently predict the re-election
of Kuhio by a larger majority
than that of two years ago. The pre
diction is based on an accurate can
ass of every precinct in the Ter
4- 1
On page 7 of this isuse will
bo found election figures for in
formation and handy reference
next Tuesday.
The Star-Bulletin will flash re
turns' on screens at Hotel and
Fort streets and at Merchant
and Fort streets, getting cable
and wireless service for both
Territorial and National elec-
tions. The public is cordially in-
vited to watch the returns fur-
nished by this paper. The same
figures will also be shown at the
Liberty theatre.
i.u . urn..
Official Respects Pa:d to Mem
ory of Vice-President
Brief Today
Desks were closed, doors were lock-
ed, and the national flag was at half
staff at army headquarters and the na-
val station this morning, out of re- (
spect to the memory of vice Presi-I
ent Sherman, whose funeral took
piace x uuca, ioud. u,
from the war and navy departments
made it a day of official mourning,
and no business was transacted.
At the naval station nineteen min-'0f
.2 u T r I BU ,u,wlul Da,uttc.will be given the war waged on theiiT in a blaze of glory.
gether at the top of the dial, and the;
same tribute was paid to the dead
statesman at Forts Ruger, De Russy
and Shafter. and at Schofield Bar- .th b added impetus to this human-
AH "regimental colors and those of ! Parian campaign as well as by cotn
the Kamehameha corps of cadets and , munity indifference. I hold it only
the battalion of engineers will be ' proper that every citizen of Honolulu
hooded for a period of thirty clays, I snould on that day devote some small
cribed service mourning, a knbt of1i'uri,u" U1 lua ulue lu a Bluu-v Ul
crepe on the sabre hilt, for the same berculosis and its evils or the propa-j
length of time. 1 gation of that knowledge among his'
All the courts. Federal and Terrtfo- J friendSi au-aVs bearing in mind the'
rial, were closed today in honor to t , ' ot .,n ..I
the memory of the Vice President, and
all Territorial offices, at the Capitol
building and elsewhere were closed,
V... C . . .... Mntt (Jmlth
whose staff is kept busy day and ;
night preparing and distributing bal- j
lots throughout the county for the
coming election.
The jury sitting in the third Ma-,
huka site case, which did not com-
plete its work yesterday as expected.
was called again this morning, only j
to be dismissed until 0 o'clock next !
Monday morning. All that remains to .
IJTT tiUllL t Vl V CUUUIIV 1111 inifc.'
to the iurv is the reading of the
court's instructions.
Mntt-Sm th s nfhep start was Kent i
. . , , ... ' ,
preparing the ballots for distribution
among the precincts on this i?iand,
and two automobiles were employed
today in carrying the bundles to the
various points.
Alexander & Baldwin. Ltd.. this att
ernoon received the folowfng cable
gram from New York, which contains
ro market quotations for sugar:
"Minnesotan arrived Wednesday
talance of Alaskan's cargo, basis
Put It
Tomorrow Proclaimed 'Tuber
culosis Day' and Massmeet
ing Will Be Held
Rolifivine that sooner or later Hono-
center of the territory of Hawaii,
must awake to the great danger
threatening it and other modern com-
munlties from tuberculosis. I hereby
o j n.o
set aside Sunday, November 3rd. 1912,
;as "Tuberculosis Day" in recognition
the great impetus that on that day
Great White Plague by the united
churches of Honolulu;
jn full realization of what is meant!
i,Crtl ,tllL wm 00
ate, they can be no greater tnan a
united community's determination to
rid itself of them.
( Signed 1
Mayor of Honolulu.
Following a consultation between!
(ne n,ayoi 's office and the directors of J
lno glTat auti-tuberculosis mass meet- 1
in ar ho Bjjoll tneatfT tomorrow
night Mavor Fern this morning issued
,,rn.i;im:,rion settinc aside tomorrow ;
as "Tuberculosis Day," putting Hono-
! lulu I eside a half hundred of the larg-!
est cities on the mainland who will
... !
tomcrrow observe tne day
in coni-
against the great
Four nationalities will te represent-
I ed in the immensp audience that is
j expected at the Bijou tomorrow- night
i for .Japanese. Portuguese and Hawai
ian papers have been taking the mat
ter up all week and delegations of the '
nationalities they represent have been
formed to attend. From reports to!
the sceial service committee of the ,
(Continued on Page 4)
Otor ?
J" . v
to close !
Palace Square Scene for Wlnd
Up of Campaign Monday
Republicans of Oahu will close the
campaign of 1912 with a big rally and
mass meeting at Palace Square that is
expected to be attended by several
thousand voters. Elaborate prepara
tions for the meeting are being made,
and the list of speakers is a notable
the Palace Square will be ablaze
with lights and there will be music
galore. The campaign Is to be wound
The program as announced today is
as follows:
7:00 p. m. Portuguese band leaves
Pauoa church for Palace Bquare,
via Luzo, Punchbowl, Vineyard,
Krama, Alakea and Hotel Sts.
7:30 p. m. Arrival Palace Grounds.
7:15 sharp Parade leaves Chas.
Achi's place.
8:00 p. m. Arrival Palace Grounds.
7:30 p. m. Program begins.
1. Music by Portuguese band
Two moving pictures,
S:o p. m. Speeches begin
R. W. Shingle to preside.
1. A. I). Castro. English and
2. Rev. S. L. Desha Hawaiian.
Music and moving picture.
'A. C. A. Cottrill.
4. Delegate Kuhio English and
Music and moving picture.
". L. Tenney Peck.
ti W. T. Rawlins.
Music and moving picture.
7. George F. Renton.
8. Col. Sam Parker.
One Supervisorial Candidate.
Music and moving picture.
white j .six fractional shares of Kekaha Su
gar company were sold at auction at
Morgan's this morning and were
bought by Mr. Hall of the Young
Hotel staff for $165 a share. This be
ing the first sale since the recent in
crease of Kekaha's capital stock, it
establishes a sale quotation.
Fuel oil for the local branch of the
L'nion Oil Company has left Port San
Luis in the American tanker Santa
Turkish Reservists Unable To
Stand Before Terrible Fire
Associated Press Cable I '
LONDON, Eng., Nov. 2. Adrianople is expected to fall into the hands
of the victorious Allies next week.
to intervene before the Balkan armies can seize Constantinople.
VIENNA, Austria, Nov. 2. A fearful battle is raging at Maras. with
the Turks stubbornly resisting.
MALTA, Med. Sea, November 2. Three British cruisers have been
ordered to Constantinople to protectChristians from slaughter.'
MONASTIR, Turkey, November
city today and now control all this
LONDON, Eng., November 2. The report of the capture of Narlm Pa
sha, Turkish minister of war, is not believed here. -
BERLIN, Germany, November 2.
behavior of the Turkish regulars during the battles has been admirable,
but that the reservists were unable to face the crushingly superior artil
lery of the Bulgarians. '
Football: Harvard-Wins
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. November 2.
dangerous Princeton Tigers today by a score of 18 to 6 and thus establish
ed itself a strong favorite for the championship. .'pV'V
Other football scores: - , ' . V
At Itacha Cornell 10. Williams 2. ' ,
..At Minneapolis Minneapolis 13,lllinois 0 .' - -'.'V
At Philadelphia Pennsylvania State' 14 University of Pennsylvania 0.
At Madison Wisconsin 30. University of Chicago 12. s
Sherman 'SFuhlimpIe;
, tAsHocUted Press CaWeJ ... y- . '
UTICA, N. Y., November 2 Vice-President Sherman's ' funeral was
held today; the services being simple. ' The, services were held from tho
First' Presbyterian church and there" was a military escort from the church
to the cemetery.' President Taft,
members of Congress attended the
Standard Oil
; NEW YORK, N. Y., November 2.
ter fight, the Standard Oil Company
Pierce Company to Henry Clay Pieres,
American Balloonist Lost
------- .
Associated Press Cable v
BERLIN, Germany, November 2. Anxiety for the fate of the balloon .
Dusseldorf II, which is missing with
is feared they were blown to sea.
m e - -
Cuban President Ousted
i "'.
Associated Press Cable
HAVANA, Cuba, November 2. Gen. Mario Menocal, Conservative, .
was elected president yesterday, succeeding President Gomez, Liberal, and
ousting the administration against which there has been so much cHO-V '
cism. . ' :
U. S. Firemen Die In Steam
Associated Press Cabl ;
NORFOLK, Va., November 2. Two firemen on the battleship Vermont
have been scalded to death in an accident resulting from the blowing out
of a boiler-head.
Chief Executive Sat:sfies
Stranger's CuriOSlty in j "Well, you've seen him now!" re
U j plied the Governor, Jumping to bis
a HUrry feet with sudden energy," and there's
; the door. Get out!" The stranger took
"Say, is His Nibs, the GuVnor. i?"!one piercing look at "His Nibs," then
The inquirer, evidently a stranger j turned and beat a hasty retreat, not
df the "low-brow" type, had strayed in- stopping until he reached the pare
to the Government building this morn- ment below.
ing on a sight seeing tour. He had m
sauntered carelessly into the various j ppi loucn DY CM I iWfi POPlf
offices, the senate chamber and the old j U"UintU DT rflLUniU nUOf
throne room, staring critically at the ,
old paintings of former Hawaiian! Hasigawa. a Japanese was remov
monarchs and members of the royal jed to Queen's Hospital this afternoon
families. He stood now in the office j suffering from a compound fracture
of the secretary of the Governor. The I . rt . . n . (M .
. , , 4l . . . . ot the left leg and the thtgn caused,
The Chief Executive, though he bad 3 , .u
dismissed his secretary and steno-
graDher for the holiday which all of-
ficaldom is observing, was himself
lounging in the secretary's chair pe
rusing some of his own personal
mail. Consequently the query was dir
ected at him.
"I'm the Governor." he answered
"Aw gwan!" came the retort. "You
're the third guy that's sprung that
The Powers are hastening preparations
2. The Greeks took this important
part of Turk"
A military attache reports that the
, '-
Press Cable i -; ,
Hcrvanfs great team defeated the
I - ,
Supreme Court Justices ' And ' , many v
funeral. t
' , . ... . - ,j,
Press Cable . '
Compromising after a long and bl
has sold its holdings In the Waters-.
ending the litigation. .
two Americans aboard, is growing. It, t.:
aff; in ,hi8 jo,nt-1 want t0 869
"'rougn oeing crpsuea agaiasi mo
side of a small tunnel.
The man was engaged with others- -v.
in the removal of rock from Wahaiwa j
quarry this morning when attempt.? '
ing to remove a heavily loaded cart,' -
thn ciHa if th a nocvQffowov and lha ' . - .
rar rnntainine thp rock. Before the ,
vehicle could be stopped the Japanese . . -was
badly injured. .
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