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Hales which lathed the, mhs off DHJir.ghani, Mrs. J. T. Dassel, Mrs.
--Mabukona. Hawaii to, ffafher white-Jj;i. Gruhe. Misses Grube (2). Iv E.
neKs, partt-d the American Kchrxmer ' I iar mat), (" Tanabe. A. Smith, Miss
Annie Johnson from her anchora1.'" D. .'.Uyer, J Carlo, M. Terakawa. C.
and that vessel was sent to the open'T Lewis. M. F. Matron, W. A. Ram
sea, causing a delay of over twenty- s-y, T. L' Brady. A. Weill, B. F. Vick
four hcurs in returning to the Big'rrs, L. A. ('. Farrish, Chas. Gay and
Island port, where'the cargo brought : wife.
don from San Francisco in to be dis-
The fkipper. his officers and men The coming week will witness the
were rather unprepared for the nud- departure of several deep sea windjam
. den? breaking away from the anchor- ir.trs from the port of Hilo. The last
age: When the heavy chain parted on o a large shipment of bard wool rail
last Wednesday morning, the captain way ties is going Into the American
ordered sail and the Annie Johnson brrk Nuuanu and that vessel is ex
set' a course as far away from the petted will quare away for San Pedro
land as possible. For the remainder on Tuesday or Wednesday,
of the day the schooner remained The schooner Taurus Is about emp-
miles from shore. tied of a assignment of lumber
( Thursday afternoon as the strong brought down from the coast. I he
winds and seas moderated to some uarkentine Klikitat. a recent arrival
extent, the vessel was brought back at Hilo is to be given a prompt dis
to her former anchorage. p:tch and should sail for Puget Sound
A good many fathom of chain as b- the latter part of the week,
well as the anchor w as lost until such q oe schooner Okonogan is to come
time as the skipper of the Annie John- to a berth at the railway wharf with
sob 'sets to work to recover the valu- the departure of the sailing vessels,
b1o gear through the efforts of a the latter vessel having been riding at
. dlter According to officers in the anchor in the stream awaiting a bertn.
sailing vessel they have a very good jpj
idea as to the location of the anchor Fowls and Vegetables from Hawaii,
and the chain. . Fowls and vegetables with added
The Annie Johnson arrived at Ma-. shipments of native lumber made up
hukona on Sunday morning. The ves-! a bulk of the cargo from the Big Isl
ael wa obliged to anchor well off the; and;, that has been discharged from
port owing to the rough weather pre-, the:; Inter-Island flagship Mauna Kea.
vailing at that time. The worst of the j an arrival from Hawaii this morn-
wind ' and seas was experienced on
Tuesday evening and Wednesday eve-
1 In cr-
Ttie Inter-Island steamers that make;
the Hawaii port were obliged, to lay, 5 crates celery, 10 cords wood, 688
by until calmer seas would permit the' feet of hardwood, and crates of chic
handling Of small boats, j kens and turkeys. The Mauna" Kea
At the' time of departure of the'did not meet with any very severe
steamer Iwalanl the Annie Johnson weather while away according' to re-
had returned to the port and taken ?
her place at the regular mooring
planted there.
The windjammer has a full cargo
of lumber and general for the island
Of Hawaii.
WhyNot.-Hllonia,,, Mohnsorwa," or
. Now : that the Matson
Company has come forwar.l with the
announcement that the, two fine new.
liners under construction at Newport
News. are. to bear the names of Mat-
son in and Hfunnn thci 'snptroaHnn
Just' arisen In local shipping . that the
final "n" In Hifonlan be -dropped.
The matter1 pf euphonious nomen
clature .Toff the- Matson liners, was
taken up at considerable length at
today's session " of th feinrar ulo"
hosrrl W-Mrh (ttilv imt)iri at tlto In'.''
ter-;sland , chandlery. -
Itfthe Interests of harmony, a dele
gation of fastidious old marine shell
backs offer "Lurlina," 4 "Hxadia,'
Bennlngtonia, "lntrepedia" and the
company might with honor and' dis
tinction also select, namei suggesting
well known officials, such ; as John
sonla," ' "Drewenla," "Spenceria,"
-Peteronia," "Armstronia" and "Youn
grenla," ad lib. - -
Thtfnew names as selected by the
vwv, ua.,e lUc iifiin swi ui iius
ii" 2 LS:h?8,
'"' lucir uouou- Diego, Cal.; M. D. Mitchell, Kahului,
"I i- t f Maul; Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Jones, Pasa-
Ventura to Uke peed 11 ; j ' rjdena, -.Cat? MrsVilliamf A.HaH, New
i , The Oceanlcr liner Ventura IsMo en-h'brk City: Melvin W. HaiT. New York
i; gage In several bursts of speed, in' Citvr-f;port v. rnrtia. Washinrton.
, order to make up the Joss of several
V . houra!1 time-at ' Honolulu, occasioned"
:, dred tons cargo offered at this port,
i ne veniura saiiea a lew- minutes;
before ten a'clock last night with 28,-J
. COO, cases of 'pines and ,6400 bunches
bananas, mm ling ot Hawaiian
products were included in the heavy
shipment destined for the mainland.!
The, vessel Js expected will reach!
San FranciGca at. noon cn
. W,wlthvftfty cabin passengers and
.m laifcC IUCU1 11 UUl tue ISJaUUS a8 Weil
' as Australia and Jamo. The officers I
- expressed confidence In the bility of;
the liner, to.r make ip six or morel
. hours l6si. here through 'the receipt of '
lrcight I i'j
Despite the lateness of the hour,'
ClUlte a crowd carhered t Oranlr-
wharf to witness the departure of the
liner for the ccast t
WMhelmina to Sail With Small Cargo. '
Z- There i ; but fai raited amoOAt pf'
pitAiucts the isrands to be forward-'
; cd to the tcoar'in theMatsorf Navi-
caIbri ! Hnfer WIh,elmlna, to sail rbr;
Ban'. 'Francisco at j ten o'clock Wed-
iiesday morniiu. The vessel is al ,
.' Hilo, where 1300 toa;s freight is being'
illscharged. .The Wilhelmina js dqe
to i return here early Monday niarh
: Ing. The liner will be supplied with
1 four- hundred tons teugar and a quaii
; ity of rnoa?ses in bulk, as well as
th51rusuaF shtpmcnts of preserveu
. J '.' - -
Pawcnstrs ArrKcd.
Per Str: M?una Kea from Hilo via
nay portt--M. R. Calloway and wife.
J-ajor.ueo. lJiaktly, capt. M. F. Smith,
tiVtUH.J. Briis, R. V. Lange, Mrs.s
NUjhimoto, ?irs. Wni. Weight and son,
t' .41. BadeuIViM and wife. W. C. Ke
I iiir, Ir&.' J. D Mcliuire. H. J. Dahl
r wife, Mlfs May Dahl. W. Kruse.
S. TkitfCS. Golding. V. Akaaa. W. F.
r 1
St? Trail
(JAS. H.
Ujii-r. Crili '
OffiCS, KLi3 Street, cpp.
fttveral Sailers Soon To Leave Hilo.
The freight list Included empties.
21 crates cabbage, 19 sacks awa, 145
packages sundries, 5 crates radishes,
Prt received rrom Purser Phillips
The Mauna Kea passed the Keau-
hou at Kawaihae, and the Wailele at
Nile Has Asiatic Passengers for Ho
nolulu. Asiatic steerage passengers to the
number of 160 are reported aboard
the Pacific Mail liner Nile that is due
to arrive at the port on or about two
'o'clock next Monday afternoon. H
Hackfeld and Company, the local
agents ' expect to dispatch, the vessel
for San Francisco on Tuesday morn-
in ir. taklnc but a few lnvnvpr natwn.
Ing, taking but a few layover passen
gers.. One hundred and sixty tons
Oriental cargo will be left here. The
Asiatic , steerage passengers' ure said
to ihclude, a large ; percentage Of Fili
pinos for island plantations. The
Nile is to be supplied with six hun-
dredtOftS COal
"At-the Kloaija. .. ', -. v
William H.' Hunt and party of six,
Cleveland, Ohio; Mrs. E. A McBryde,
San Francisco; Mr. and Mrs. G. P.
Holland and son. New Haven. Conn. ;
Mri and Mrs. W. H. BoswortfC Den-
V(,r rol - Mr A 3 RrlHiret San
Diego.. Cal; Miss Lucy New kirk. San
T -V- '? r v . i ft e t '
d. C; Miss Ruth Jenkins and maid, jb increasex" by the, receipt' of seventy
San Diego; Cal.; Dr. and Mrs; Gromaniflve head of cattle to arrive here to-
'den, Brooklyn'; N. Y.rGeorge N; West,
Washington. D. C. : J. E. Crilly. San
Francisco. Cal.; Mr. and Mrs. S. F.
Morrison, New Yort City:' Mrs. F. T.
Gfiffeth and daughter, Los Angeles,
, mm
Y!rtfifnff t Ha nrtnttn Hn
nextThurs-Uilar.BttlleUiu .AiaEea street branch.
VtrrhMtrtret:.r t , l, .. ,
" " " T
The A,eri:' Clothes Cleaning.Co. Suc-
cesscrs- to the City Clothes Clean
ing Co;), will have complete new
equipment for cleaning and press
ing. John Christian, Manager.
". I k5383-6fru : ; a - -
Five cottaces. Walkiki Beach, for a
4, ..r ,.,., r, k i
into a boarding bouse of 25 rooms.
Apply Trent Trust Co. or L. B.
Kerr & Co.. Pantheon Bldg.
5383tf-. 4
j Hei-e is a real chance for the fam-
(i!y tojsecure their want's in the up-to-
cateHlitte that, is carried by the Can
ton Dry Goods Co. on Hotel street.
Thei.r window display will show how '
eheai)ly thev are offering this fine.
line of goods. This is an opportunity
4hat is very rare as it is one of those
fa '.nous Canton bales.
Rejuember -that the sale is on now
and will continue lor only two weeks,
Phone 1231
p m. p.m. r rn
4i i .9 li i Ci:
0 il
HID !0 5.21 10 M' 2 0.', 6 01 &.TM t.3j
7.i, 2 0 1131 3 5?1 ft 01 S-Si!
i : ;
19 f.43- ' m e.oi 10.42'
an i hi. i". ." :. .13 e.n. . 11.17
1 ;pm. a.Bi 1 f
10 20j 1.8 I1..V, 6.o. tiS 6. i.W -
11.201 1.7 ; US 4 21 6.06' 5.21 0.9
Last quarter of the moon, Nov. 1st
- - -
Special Cable to Merchants'
Saturday, November 2, 1912.
S A fti Afcf ClSCO-Satfedr November
2. 1:40 p. m., S. S. China, for Ho
nolulu. ASTOKIA Sailed, November 2, schr.
Xokomis, for Kahului.
U. S. A. T. THOMAS will arrive from
Manila Tuesday morning;
S. B. NILE will arrive from Yoko
hama Mtmtfay.oottt i.m and
sail ior Saji Francisco ahout 10 a.
Owing to unusual , offering! of Isl
and' products, the Oceanic lihef Veil
tura did not get away for San Fran-"
ciscb until ten' o'clock last evening.' '
The" little schooner, Flaurence Ward'
is believed will make a rather smart
passage between Midway 'Island and
Honolulu. The vessel left the mld
Paciflc cable station:;' on' last Satur
day. .
It is expected that the United
States naval transport Supply will
be readyfor dispatch for Guam this
attefnocn. The lastr of the coal re
quired for the voyage' has gone Into
the ivessel. -;" r ..
Some repairs and alterations are
promised" the American schooner . A.
F. Cdates' uponvthe return of .that
essel to Sani Francisco. Twenty
five', thousand : railwiir ties ate- to he
discharged "here. " -
1 1 takes k-brass band' to hold a
crowd.' ' The absence of melody -at
the 'sailing oV- the Ventura tor a San
Francisco last evening resulted in. the
departure of v that vessel being- a
lather tame affair; . '
The Mauna 'Kea departrng'; for Hilo
direct al' four o'clock tfilg.lafternoon,
has f been': fairly wel' booked' - with
cabin passengers.- The vessel carries
a number of deck i passengers des
tined for island plantations. . v x
With all ' passengers' abbarC the Pa
cificTMail'lifter Siberia 'salIerron' time
last evening, wlth' destination" as Ja
passports, Mania and, , Hongkong4. , Sev-entry-ffve
Asralic steerage passengers
left for the Orient in the liner.
The Mat8onr Navigation -steamer
Honolulan ' front; the 'toast- and:4uetb
arrive here on'; yednesday- 'morning,
is said 'will bring-" several 'passengers
who .ere, to tranship-, to. the Canadian
Australian liner Marama for the Col
onies, f.""'' ' J '' r '
Sugar milling1 machinery for'repair
was brought to. the port with the ar
rival of the Inter-Island steamer Iwa
lanL The jyessey botlghtt.1269J, sacks
sugar, empty drumsr 14:. cases,: honey
and 2 sugar mill rollers from Mahu
kona and Honoipu. The vessel met
with considerable' rough 'weather.
The meat, supply for Honolulu wnl
morrow morning- in tne mterisiana
t-teamer Maul. This vessel Js bringing
557 tacks of Papooloa sagar, which is
said to represent the last of the crop
from that mill for 191 2. The Maui
was passed at the Hawaii ptirt by-tne
steamer Mauna Kea.
Rev. Doremus Scudder, D. D., ;mln
ister; Rev. Amos A.' Elersole, associ
ate minister. I
9: 50 a. ra. Bible schoo1. Mr. Willi-
am A. Boven, superintendent )'.-.
1P;00 a. m.-'-Sunday morning Bible
class 1-or young men and young om
en, conducted by the associate roinis
ttr in Kilohana Art League lefcture
11:00 a. ni. Morning worship ser
mon by the minister, "The Law ; of
Culminating Humanity."
' 6:30 p. m. Christian Endeavor
meeting, "Examples and Values of
There will be no service in this
'church Sunday evening. We unite with
the other churches of the Inter-Church
Federation in a mass raeetiug in the
interests of the anti-tuberculosis cam
paign, at the Bijou tneater.
Missing Transport' at San Domingo.
WASHINGTON. October 22. The
naval transport Prairie, which had
not been heard from since October
2d. and for whose safety fears were
entertained, arrived safely at San
Domingo city last night. She had
ot reported, because of cut cables at
Santo Doblngo.
Brigadier-General Frank Mclntyre,
U. S. A.. W. T. S. Doyle, chief of
Latin-American division of the
department, and
fifty marines are
Ererjthlatr In'tiie printJn; Ilna at
Star-BollctiB, Aisles strett braBch.
Wrf h.Mftt trft
8-room house, furnished. Roomers
more than double the rent, besides
apartments for self. Right down
town. ("heap. Investigate. Ad-
Ji-fp.- "2V this effice. It
1 I
. $iecial Star-Built tin Corr-8poia:nv
WA1LUKU. JLaui. Nov. 1: The Re
publican candidates were kcirt very
busy Indeed the last few days. Leav- f
ins Maui last Saturday on the Mika-'
bala they, arrived at Kaunakakal and
spoke early Sunday morning. On
Monday they spoke at Halawa and ;
again at Waialua. The day after in
the evening the meeting was hel l at !
Pukoo. All the speakers were listened
to very attentively by urusually large
crowds. The party is coniident of pol-
ine the largest vote for the straight i
ticket that Molokai has ever given.
Returning to Lahaina on Wednes
day, several took a launch for Lanai,
where they addressed about thirty-five j
voters. Returning, they went directly,
to PauweJa on Maul for a big meet-j
ing. Thursday night they had a big i
gathering at Pala, Tomorrow even
ing' the party leaders have hired the
Wailuku Orpheum and expect the big
gest audience yet. Enthusiasm is run
ning high. Unlike most years, how-
ever, the crowds are verv orderly.
Tte, voters present listen closely to
every word uttered. They think care
fully with the speaker and appreciate
his ? appeals to their reason.
The Democrats are busy, too. Joe
Fern, and Link McCandless have been
buttonholing men right and left. They
have' made some strong speeches but
with considerable bitterness of feeling,
which has-seemed to characterize
theirappearance this year. A large
fvtvxiT A orvhAfojl r Via namrvtro to In firrt t
Aili," Ttr,; rot.Mnf in ,,,,,,
ot tne union restaurant in wailuku
nl:ht before last. Today they are on
the, Lahaina side otjviaui.
President W. A. Love of the Sym
phony Orchestra pociety announced
today that the first Drotrrani of the
fall and winter season-is to be given
on. the evening of November 19 at the
Hawaiian Opera House. The program
1s hot yet definitely settled upon, but
the soloist will be Mrs. Bruce Mcy;
Mackall, soprano, whose ability is
well known here. Mrs. W. L. Whit
ney will accompany her, on the piano.
Music lovers are much interested
in the work of the society,, whose re-1 islattrre for belt road ' work on the
Vival afew months ago was signal- Island of Hawaii, Mr. "Bishop was rec
lzed' bv a notableVcbncert. and the ommended to take charge of the work
concert oni November '19 should be
largely attended!
j' - i - ' - -
"Soapbox" Barron adjourned the
"barrel of prosperity" today- out of
respect to the memory of Vice-President
Sherman. The 1. W. W. man
took the opportunity to mount the
rostrum and pour out his lamenta
tions on the tyranny of capital, deal-
Ing- a few laments at the burden of .
uui it uuiruuiiiiciv ;
militarism. third complete and will cost nearly
A soldier in the crowd could notj $3,500,000. Appropriation for the Ha
stand for what he deemed affronts io. waiian dock was granted by Congress
the army and navy, and getting upon ; two years ago upon recommendation
the barrel began to deliver his opinion of the Secretary of the Navy, who
of the Industrial Worker. As bis mag-j will ask for funds to begin the con
azine was somewhat overcharged, a struction of a dock of like sifce on the
sergeant stepped forward, limbered ,
him up and took him off the firing
Then an old native went up and;
was still talking when tms paper,
rldmiind Xorrie inter-'
ureted him to a reporter a3 deliver-'
4ng a eulogy on "Vice-President Fair-
Villl J, UUL LUC UUIX1JI Jl lu- J w 4
Independent editor probably tainted
!his understanding of. the orator
I'mployes of the Quartermaster
corps, and other civilians connected
with the army, will be given suffi
cient time off to cast their votes
Tnociav nrt TViic ia QPpnrHinfr to law
and army regulations, and due notice
has been given at all the posts of
H5o HonortLt,.
At IctofWd Barracks, those who
.., . ., ,
on election day. although it is believ-
ed that not many have the privilege
of the ballot. None of the officers or
enlisted men have a vote, not having
beeu able to acquire residence.
I i
The following data of meteorologi- .
cal conditions in Honolulu during the:
month of October. 1912, is supplied by,
the local weather bureau of the Unit-
ed States department of agriculture: !
Atmospheric Pressure t reduced to
1 1 1 J 1 JU I
sea ievei. mcaes anu nunuieuuisi ,
iMean 30.03, highest 30.11, date 2oth;
lowest 29.98, date loth.
Temperature Highest 86. date "th;
lowest 68. date 22nd. Gref-tett daily
range H. date Gth. Least daily rnn?e
7, date 27th.
Mean for this month in IV), 77;
1891. 77; 1892, 77; 1893, 76; 1894. 76;
1895. 77; 1896. 77; 1897, 77; 1898. 77;
1899. 76; 1900. 77: 19;)i. 76: 1902. 76;
iri3. 7-"; 1904. 77: 1 76: 1906. 7s
1907. 77; I90S. 7; !9o9. 7'.: 1M". 7";
. :t a .' - - -
i - ::.;. .:
Territory's new Superintendent
of Public Works.
r (Special Star-Bulletin Wireless.)
1ULU, Hawaii, xmot. Aiuion f
; J- Adams,5 assistant ehgineer of
the Hawaii loan fund conuni3-.
'siori, has been named engineer,'
f"to succeed H. K. Bishop, who
has been appointed superintend-
i ut of public works Mr. Bishop
arrives in Honolulu tomorrow.
His term officially began on No-
-- vember; IV
Hubert K.. Bishop, the new super m-
-tendent of public works, who arrives
. u. ,trn.it--.
from Hila by the f Wilhelmina tomor
! row, is forty-thee years of age and a
j native of New "York "state, where his
home , was located ' in.. Albany. He
graduated from Cornell University In
1833, with "the degree of civil engi
neer and was immediately given al po
sition as assistant , engineer of Water
town, New Yori, having special
;4 charge of the sevfer and water sys
tems.. He held a similar position in
Hudson, N. ' Y. and was afterwards
superintendent of public works In; the
same city."; In addition to this heihas
spent a considerable time In private,
work, being connected with the Hast
ings Saving Company of New York
City and also spending four on five
years as consulting and- constructing
engineer, on' large' water works pro
positions in New York state. For
four years before coming to Hawaii
j he was first deputy commissioner of
the New York State Highway Com-
mission, and also was in1 charge ot
work of Importance in connection
with' the Erie Canal He "is, a mem
ber of the , American Association of
Civil Engineers." When ' the sum 6f
1600,000 was approprlated, by the leg-
by the head of the Federal Bureau of
Good Roads and, according to the peo
ple of, Hawaii County -has given com
plete satisfaction in his work.
The Navy Department will recom
mend to Congress, in December, the
construction of a thousand-foot naval
dry dock on the Atlantic coast, either
at New York or Norfolk, more' prob
ably at the former city. ;
A dock of this size, now building at
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, is about one
Atlantic coast at the next session.
Pending careful study by the Navy
Department of the opinion of Attor-
ney uenerai v lCKmuam uu "it
eight-hour law. as applied to donstruc-
tion of material for use by the navy,
bids will be. held up.
o - I
nounced tnat Dias tor tne con9Truc-
lion oi six lorueuu ooai ueBiruvtrrs, t
which were to have been opened the S
Inst day of this month, would, be do-
layed until November 18. . j
For the same reason the , depart- i
nient was not ready to make known
how the contracts for amor-piercing
shells will be divided among the
American concerns and the English
75:1912.(78. Normal forf this
.6.4 Absolute maximum for
this month for 22 years 90. Absolute
(minimum for this montn for 22 years,
month as compared wuh the normal,
Accumulate deficiency since
January 1, 92. Average daily defi
ciency since Jafiuaty 1. 0.3.
Precipitation Totai this month, 2.
38; snowfall, 0. Greatest precipita
tion in 24 hours, 1.38, date 21 and 22.
Snow on the ground at end of month.
Total precipitation this month in
i"7. oje: iS78. 1.78; 1879, 0,93 : mo.
j 1.63; 181. 0.72: 1882. 3.55. 1883, 1.91;
' 1SS4. i.f!2: 18S5. 0.44: 1886. 1.36; 1887,
L' 61: 1t88. 1.66: 1889. 0.77: 1890. 1 68:
1891 3i'8; iS92, 2.38; 1893, 1.22: 1894,
1 S3. i,I4 102- 1905. 1.47: 1906. 0 84:
1907. iJ4; 1908, 0.22; 1909, 0.52, 1910,'
o.63; 19ll. 0.97: 1912. 2.38. Normal for
tn-s' moiith. 1.80. Excess of th:s
month as compared with the normal.
.... - . . - .
o.u. Accumuiatea denciencv since
January 1, 1.29. I
Wind Prevailing direction, NK: to-,
! tal movement, 616S6 miles: average 1
j hourly velocity, 8.:!: maximum velo
city (for five minutes). 23 miles per
j l-.o'ir, from the East on the 22d.
! v. eather Number of days, clear. 3:
1 partly cloudy. 18; cloudy, 10; on which
.01 inch, or more, of precipitation oc
curred. 1.9.
Seeti'W Director. Weather Bureau.
In which Is combined the HAWAIIAN STAR, established 1833; and the
EVENING BULLETIN, established 18S2. I&sued Daily and Semi-Weekly by
Publishers, Commercial Printers, Bookbinders,
WALLACE IL PARIMNGTON.... General Uusicess Manager
UNTIL JAN. it 1913 (Preferred Position 20) 15c PER INCH
TRANSIENT RATE, $1.50 first Insertion and ubsequeat Issues pro rat.
CLASSIFIED. One Cent per word 30 cents per line per week.
. : . -.. ;
Telephones Editorial , Boeas tl$r BasInrM Of flee - t
Telepboae 23tt
i I. - -
Per Month, anywhere In United States .t .75"
Per Quarter, anywhere in United States 1.00
Per Year, anywhere In United States.. 8.00
Per Year, postpaid; foreign 12.00
Per Six Months $ 1.00
Per Year, anywhere in United States 2.00
Per-Year, anywhere In Canada
Per Teat; -postpaid;- foreign ' . . :
Adiims all (BunnsleaUeiiis to Hoaslsls SUr-Balletla, ltd, TJoBolnlTi, T, IT.
company, which recently underbid by
a very large margin its nearest com
petitor oi this side of the Atlantic
That the English company will be
awarded a contract for part oi the
shells was positively stated.
Lieut Herbert Fairfax Leary, U. S.
N., now commanding the torpedo boat
destroyer Preston of the Atlantic tor
pedo fleet; has been detached from
that service and directed to report
for duty In the bureau of ordnance.
Navy Department Lieut Peary Is a
Marylander. He went into the ser
vice May 21, 1901, and lias been more
than six years at sea and has had
more than four years' shore duty.
Two of the, big Wright aeroplanes
known as, type C have been accepU-1
by the War Department and have been
sent west A third is now at College
Park waiting its accop'-mce trials,-and
as soon as tatse have "omi pasted It
will be sent to the Philippines, where
Lieut Frank Lahm Is- now operating
one of the Old? type Wrights Several
of the enlisted men there have been
granted pilot - licenses, according - to
the official report of the Aero Club
of America.
' It was said at the 'War Department
today that Lincoln Beachy. and i Wil
liam Kabitzke probably would fly at
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and Aged;
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Ruff's Dale, Pa.
T H 111
W. C. PEACOCK & GO., Ltd.
Wine and Liquor Merchants.
Merchant St., near Fort St
;........;.......... 3.00
. .
College Park late this afternoon' - V
While, official orders have 'not yet
been Issued, it is probable that the
army 'aviators will be sent south fo?f
the winter between November 15 and.' ,
the end of that month. . ' : i
, The, prospect Is now for establish
ing the winter flying camp in the ast.
at Augusta, Ca.. as was done , last -year,
although In view of , the bad
weather encountered there, last win
ter It Is possible that the location may,
be farther, south. ; . .. : y-.:: .n '
Part' of , the army aviators wilt. be-,
sent to San Diego, Cal. and the pros-,
pect Is that a winter hydro-aeroplane
station for the east will be located off
the cast, of Florida, possibly at Palm
Beach or some other convenient point:
It is -possible that the aviators for the,
east will be all kept together and ttat
the camp 'for" the land- machines and
the' hydros will be selected'- at the
same-place.--:f :-':' v- . H
f CapC F.' B. Hennessy will start west"
tomorrow for Fort Riley. where-Lleat
Mill! Ag and - Lieut Arnold now are tak
Jngjpart In some aeroplane artillery
exprinients.They - will Tetarn to Wash-;.
ington about- November 10. i''
1 Another girl has come - forward to ;
testify to' improper advances 'made- to
her by City Prosecutor CuyEddy of"
Los 'Angeles. " ' '.:.'' :
'. --V- J K
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Selected' Gi'aih
in Wooc .
Straight Vhi3key
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