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h S pp Snug
It has been a Kcod ci3ny months
since as large a conEiprraent of Ori-
'Am . -
entai merchandise ar"i Mippues nas
been forwarded to Honolulu as t'lat
fctoed bentath the h2 it lies of the big
Vacific Mail liner Mongolia that is
Iioiw on the way from Yokohama to
the islands and expected to, arrive
here on cr about Novembe r 12.
Twenty-three hundred tors of mer
chandize and Sood stuffs from China
us vell as Japaneee ports are des
tined for discharge at this port wit a
the appearance of the Monoglia at
Alakea -wharf.
A cable received at the agency of
II. Hackfeld and company also an-
nounces that the Mongolia sailed from
Ypkohama the last port of call in Ja-
pan with accommodations for one hun -
dred and fifty additional cabin passen -
cert from Honolulu to San Francisco,
:Jt is expected that the-freight bron-
gh by the Mongolia will be discharg -
cd witliin four hours. The vessel
fhonlrt ftntl 'fnr.t.hp enact on thp mnm
ing of November 13 according to pre-
cent calculations of the agents.
Frtnch Plan Floating Palaces fcr
The Messageries Maritimes. letter
known as the French MaiL are tn re-!
rSVLli !5-C?H?ai
of the company for eastern service
with steamers from the Bordeaus
South, American run. The new steam
, ers are the Magollan;. Amazone, Cor
dilliere, Chili and. Atlantique. sister
ships. to tie .steamer Tourane, at
present, on the Marseilles-Far East
, erri. service.. These steamers have a
' dif "placement of 12,000 tons, accom
modatiens for 1 S3 first-class passen
gers, and are -well fitted with all mod
ern improvements, Including wireless
and have a speed of IS knots an hour.
The first of the new; i steamers,
- which the company is constructing
for., the Far Eastern run, will be the
, Paul Uocatt, which 4was due to arrive
a4, Hongkong .from Marseilles Octp:
rbcr ,14, and will sail; on the return
v voyage to, Europe; November 19.
This steamer has seven decks, elec
; trie passengers'; elevator ref rigerat-
- ing; rooms, twelve dining rooms and
spoons,, social hall, ;, music room,
smoking room, bar ' room, reading
" " room and., writing room, cafe veranda
v: on 4be seventh deck, accommoda
, tlons: for 750 passengers. Including
w. S00 :, first-class f passengers with 67
-k single -berth cabins and cabins de
luxe, .; the A other t cabins being two;
' berthed, and all of them containing a
C flressing - ;tab!e, - wardrobe, writing
1able, mirror, sideboard, soft and arm
chairs, hofc anil cold water, and every
other convenience the occupant may
; require.. ' - '..':,
- -The : vessel has the latest cargo-
handling machinery with five hatches
-. which will take in the bulkiest cargo
for wiiich fehe has. accommodation for
. about 8000 : tons.-v '
" ; . - v' ,' .
Deep Sea yesselt the Port ..
.'Today and tomorrow will see large
additions to the shipping at the port
; 'of Honolulu. This morning the mer
! chant vessels here included the A. F.
Coates with lurriber from Eureka, the
; . Andrew Welch loading Ecrap iron ahd f
cuc,ft' oau r raucwTO,- me rear -
less riscbarged of a shipment of lum-;bor
yber from Grays harbor. Melrose: le'av.
less discharged of a. shipment of Jum-j
brought, from Columbia river ports,
the;. Norwegian steamer., Promise; be-
ing discharged of phosphate from
Makatea and the Sophie Christensen
' . ovu auu cDimcu iui i num. -
Sparks From the WIrelesi. .
Two stcaiers enroute from ,San
Francisco to Honolulu were heard
frdm through wireless meesages re
ceived at this port last night as fol
" lows:
' M. N. S. S. Honolulu, en route from
San Francisco, 8 p. in. ."November 3, !
1912 S34 miles from Honolulu. j
I.-I. S. N. C. S. S, Kllauea, en route
from San Francisco, 8 p. in., five
miles abeam. All well.
Rough Weather off Kauai.
lnter-l6land oCicers-in the steamer
Niihau report rough weatSer off the
coast of, Kauai. The . steamer return
ed, yesterday with but little cargo
owing to the boistrous seas which
prevented the working of freight from eluded a quantity of empties, 16 bales of the Fairfield Shipbuilding and En
the vessel to shore, and the handling bldmes, 20 sacks cocoanuts, 165 cases gineering Company at Glasgow. In
of the small' beats. The Niihau was iioney, 9S I. sacks rice and 145 pack-' all probability, the record held by the
obliged to lay off Kllauea for three; ages sundries in the Kinau. This ves-j Empress cf Japan will be lowered as
days awaiting tetter weather. I sel met with a -fair passage from soon as the new ship goes into com-
. ; 5 j Kauai ports. I mission.
China Has Very Small Cacgo I Tho Mikahala brought 52 bales The Japan made the run between
For Island?. J hides. 20 sacks cocoanuts, 163 cases , Vancouver and Yokohama in 10 days,
About ten ton- cf mainland cargo pigs, 24 hogs, 29 sacks paddy, 127S j 10 hours and 4 minutes, and between
will te difi!:argf:l at Honolulu upon tacks Keawa bean3, 3 cords firewood, . Vancouver and Hongkong in 17 days,
the arrival of thp Truffle Mail liner 164 packages sundries,. 100 sacks char-1 10 hours and 16 miiiutes, inclusive of
Crina from Fa Frnncirco on or about
.Voremler 8. Tlse vi -rel left the roust
Farurd.'iy pfff r::r.-i ur, 1 in addition
to rttcs mail nny : ;'! a few passcn
frrr. !
Ci'err.scy to l.rad rt EureWa. I
ain s if'-n c a: ed l.is com
y sti'i, tl Norv.5!i:j steamship
' ' -'Tij.-icy. t r Tinea. ("aiif., i'.n'l that
.;;. fc&iH'i for .? ('I'if-rnia port
: -i'f;Vav rir.?:. lv.iricr the stay
r ij.-;noW. the tU'TTS?' r.as the
orr.s trr.'rr rf rr.ncn trru.Ve bet ween
c. -i.inj Street, opp. Union G r . i i
. ;
.the 8kk;cr and a member of his
rev. One fireman (s now locked up
. '' . . .
; i.erv with a charge or using a deadly
weapon filed against bis name. Cap-
tain Sorenson claimed before leaving
that further threats had been made
against him by one or two others
who were Included In the crew list,
The Guernsey had been discharged
of five thousand tons Australian coal
while at the port. The vessel Is. un-
dcrstood will proceed to Eureka,
there tp load lumber destined for the!
t Jai .
Here's a Chance for Lonely
NEW YORK; Oct. Much in-
terest centered around the steamship
J Cleveland, which railed . today on a
1 cruise around the world," lasting 110
flays, witn san rrancisco as tne last
port of call. Aboard the Cleveland,'
. among other passengers, were forty-,
two widows ana eighteen oacnetors.
RlV. Dr. C. C. ChaniDlin of San Fran
Cisco Is afso aboardwhich fact may
j be an aid to any sudden domance de-
Jveloping aboard the ship during the
' ,cn urney. ; . , ,:
The pasefnger list of the Cleveland '
Includes Mrs. Herman Kooser of 5an
Jose and Mrs. Clara Staffler of Santa'
Mrs. R. J. Smith of Portland.!
i Or., is also a passenger. i
Scrap Iron Is Slow Cargo. ! British. Ciujnlrfa ysUrs. whit instead
The crowds of stevedores that of red. During her trip In the north
swarm about every available bit of the .Quadra has .repainted all the aids
space aboard the old reliable bark. An- there, and; when ihe and the Nesdng
drew Welch,, rushing ;With breakneck . ton gp, q7 the west coast .of; this Island
speed to load the windjammer with the-beaebna, there, UI also JiaviitheJr
its valuable shipment of, Hawalan pro- color, changed. Mariners ,say :that they
ducts, are making rather slow pro- candle' up5 vhitdofaject; not obly
gress In placing the last of the cargo In;flne.:weaUier;;l)ut alsoi Ip. fogiat.a
beneath . the ; hatches. WbL'e little fit greater .distance than, one ; painted jred.
the freight to , be forwarded, to th Vfir Sandiiealightshlp.; is, stiH In
coast in the, bark .may be considered pori nd it -wlll te ,;8e.veral( weekii;.be
of a perishable nature, much., care.. la ore she. will be, towed to hexi old posl
being exercised in stowing it away,' tlotf at. theifnoiithf the1 FraserIn
It was with unfelimed delieht that theTait the llglilshiO has Only.tound
tho skipper ahd the agents earned .-.beU In; foggj -weather, .and this
that while, tomorrow Is the date set 'could nbt be heard, i any. great .d is
for Territorial elections it is not a legal tatee. The
holiday, thereby insuring against a will' carry for-fccyeral miles aniroTe
tremendous bill for, "overtime" to the an;importAhtf aid to thov Piasters j of
army cf workers who are striving 'to ' ferry'ste'sJnerji..' olibwinVthe
csslst in the dispatch -of .the vessel pn jof the;departmf h the masts and
for San Francisco, on Thursday. Jtipper yforHst oL the Sadlieads, craft
jsa . I ftfe.bein'g
Rough Weather Delayed the Virl J progressing ;avor-Ith the- em
ginlan. j Uon vpT the :new;diaph$ae 'kdii.pa'pe'
Rough , weather, at the port of. Hilo Mpdge ; IVwfll not be:.Iong before this,
caused nearly one week's delay : in tog alarm ,i .lni0peratidnk;;- Jhe datot
the departure of the .American-Ha-i age done; tatneBrltstivColunlbfa
waiian freighter, from that port The renniy, ste'amer.-JBtiX.,Vhn
Virginian carried in transit a - large &he was. Jmpaled; pha rock In the Fj-ta;
quantity of .railway, material- includ. sef Iyer; on September, 4 il4- Is more
ine ron and sIaaI for hridea And ierlbus'; thanrwaa: atirflrst ''thbug'ht
ether.: lines - of construction. Thf.
cargo proved too heavy to be handled strained , generallysq; much
wlth,a highsea. running and:thdif:.h
liculty . experienced in, getting: Jight; j
ers alongside - the vessel. Thirteen
hundred tons freight-were, finally dis-
charged - before the .Virginian resum
ed the voyage to San Francisco.
Uprising at Inter-Island Wharf.
An , uprising at ; Inter-Island , wharf
this morning at which even i the police
were powerless to put down, finally
received attention at the hands of j
Captain Fester, harbor master. 014 1
$0 instead of old wine was the cause
;0f the -upheaval, disepvered py Har -
Officer Carter and reported to
headquarters -by that officiaL''
The heat from the sun caused the
swelling of several hard wood blocks
; jn the flooring of the approach to the
wharf. A large, well-developed 'blis-
' ter" resulted, which will necessitate
1 na iwrnnv cr omc or iiitt n&vms ana
the relayihg of the, same.
'..;Ha .
Transport Thomas an Election Day
From Manila by .the way of aga-
raki, Japan, the United States army
transport Thomas will be an election
day visitor according to latest advices
received at the offices" of,; the local
quartermaster department The
Thomas is bringing . a full comple
ment, of first and . second class pas
sengers from the Philippines enroute
to the mainland. The Thomas is to
berth at Oceanic wharf, and should
be off . the port by seven o'clock
Tuesday morning.
-. 1
Freight received by the arrival of
Inter-Island steamers vesterdav in-
:oal and 10 sacks coffee. The Mika
hala met moderate seas and trades.
Tho steamer Maui has been dis
charged of i"2S sacks sugar, and 79
head cattle from Hawaii ports.
The Pacific Mail liner from Hong
knngr by the way of Japan should ar
rive oft the port this ?ifternoon. The
vessel has one hundred and fifty tons I
OiifhtEl freight for discharge here,
fix hundred tons cdsJ will be sup-
P'leu me .Mie
Med the Nile before the vessel de-
arts. fcr San Francisco. v .
Phone 1231
W'lhelmina' at Richard Street Wharf,
For I be first time, the Mataxm liner
Wilhelmina went along side the new
Ilfcbard street wharf this morning.,
The presence of a quantity of sugar,
destined for the coast, and to. be
transported to the California refin
eries in the Wilhelmina was the oc
casion for the rather novel departure , Storms Ravages.
in the movements of the Matson ves-l Alarming reports concerning the
kel. I heavy weather experienced at sea by
' The Wilhelmina Is taking on consid-the Oceanic liner Sonoma and the
crable freight for the mainland. Sev-j Matson Navigation steamship Wilhel
enty passengers have been booked, mina were received at San Francisco
for the coast in the popular vessel
that. is to get away at ten o'clock
Wednesday morning. The Territorial
band having been disbanded while, on
vacation bent, will probably partici
pate in a concert 'at the HacTifeld
wharf at the departure of the Wil-
a ' '
Fearless Now Ready for Sea.
The American schooner Fearless
that arrived on October 2 with lum-
ber for the City Mill jcompany has
been discharged and the vessel has
been made ready for sea. The fear
less It is expected will sail for a sound
port today,
HONOLULU, November 4. 1912.
The following wireless message has
been received by the Agents o the S.
S. Honolulan bound for Honolulu.
r S. 8; Honolulan, 8 pv ni vNov.-S, 1912.
C miles from port Smooth "sea; all
relL ': :,- t.--i,;
i For Honolulu! patsengere, 326
bags mill. 420. W;i F Xi:tiiatter. 20
antpmomies 4tou tons jcargo. .
For Kahului:-T-4S6. tons, cargo.
! 68 bags mail, for Australia.
Ship will, arlve Wednesdy jnornlng
n'r dock it the 'Hackfeld whar'r.
: . .r pa ;
t . . . .; . A: . , .
CniJ8 Color for All 'Marking
Bucys.v; r- :: ,
VICTORIA;. Oct. 2S.-The Canadian
Het ft wnd, is I warpedd.shels; badly
above ,lAe ,watfii' lin. It wjJb ivci:
possible lb put her Til cbmtolssibri
again this season.
Many Applicants for Commander of
Junk. ;
At least a dozen well JcnpwnM China
coast Jnavigatbrs C or vessel - masters
fenterdd the lists .applieant fohe
command , ot theChinese Jun: jNtng,
pcy ;Which" hakvbeeh sent Ucrosi; the
Pactfl6. frpm.Shanghail;;;tov;Is.n-
geles, 1 olio wirig- .-two, unsuccessful at-
, tempts to sail me veneraoie craii. .
MTVhetrtbe Nlngiw .sled awa iori
jner first attempt nearly, all: the- ar
never.make it If anybody' could gel
her across Captain Scurt Is thehnan,
j tmt she ia.-oo old tb stand the cbn-
tlnubu.8train of a long voyage.? Ckp-
uuuocurriEua. cne is as koou-as
new; ? The-.wage ,1s going. to ; be just
avtuuiecjfulsc": Captain ; Scurr
came back and then he came back
ing;ainr.:.'The,1a.timehe: satil ,TD
;d Jiink ..will never .s!iuid:.the slreln.
She opens up . in just , ahv ordinary
wind and would go to plece&a
ot ne .suuauQn voas: uecpme- rer
versed, -Captain Scurr has given it
UP and the Whahgpoo skippers are
all applying for the job.' to take her
Ceo' for Smashing o? Records':
All iiansPac:fic records are ex;
I t-f te.'1 tc be n kn when the Cana
duui la : 1 1 : rol-ay uts iit-.two new
ct -jn: i'.ts, "Ik1 'i' i!M!vss oi Asia, and
tne 'Cii.privsj .A -?-uts'o, Lito service.
The Empress of Russia, the first of
the vessels to be completed, was
iaunched two weeks ago at the yards
stops. The Japan has a contract
tpeed of 18 knots on the measured
mile and 16 knqts on a sea trip, while
tho two new ships aie designed for
a speed of 20 knots. The owners
think the Empress of Russia will clip
a whole day from Jhe record.
Means' Increase in Size of Fleet.
Much rumor and speculation has
teen silenced by the announcement
of Sir Thomas Shaukhnessy. nresi-
dent of the Canadian Pacific Railway,
'that the putting into commission" of
the railway's two new steamships, the
Empress of Asia and the Empress of
Rircs'O nn tho PoJfl 0oan a 1 1 1 rtnr
be the signal for the withdrawal of .
the present steamships operated
the company between Canada and the!
Orient. Thi? meah3 that when the
Empress of Russia and the Empress
of Asia are delivered at ancouver
the Canadian will have five liuers
opciating between Canada and .Japan
and China-r-ibe four Em presses and
the Monteagie. Thus will allow the
Canadian Pacific to give fine service
on the Pacific, both from the point i
cf accommodation offered
the duration of voyage.
and from
San Francisco Learns of
through wireless. Messages relayed
from the Sonoma through the Sierra
are said to have been incomplete. The
news of the death of Joseph Watson
Ingall3, boatswain in the Sonoma
was received with much regret in
coast circles. Every person on board
the Sierra had an opportunity to ob
serve the plight of the Wilhelmina
Thursday afternoon when the steam
ers passed about five miles apart.
; Every marine glass on the Sierra
was, in demand and the Wilhelmina
could be plainly seen as she plowed d tQns 6 broughtdowa
through the mountain waves which fnjm the (ast "
broke over the bow and kept the lower , , or Klpahulu.Mo.
decks competely submerged. At that kuIa;,KauJ0 Kawaihae arid Mahu-
f,.ll0W rgeSSa,geWaSWiah81! koria wUl be dispatched In the steam
ed from the wireless of the Wllhel- er , , , n at nQon tomorron,
mina and recorded by the Sierra: . fAccorifing announcement the No-
ture and nearly all of the deck cargo
washed overboard. Some damage done
including) the smashing of our rails.
Ship v andpaVtenger are. safe, ..We are
steaming' ahead at, half speed,
Veteran .Master,. Gets Bi Oner.;
, victoria,. Oct. . i3.r-iyj.mors nave
1 . .'" wm . M l ' ' "'a " A
it thai Captain Beetham, master of the,
Royal? Mail steamer ; Empress of In- c, D. Williams, Revs Kong in Yet,
Iia, twill, be made .commander of the Fong Lee; Miss ; Ester Hulu, A. V. Inr
riew Canadian Pacific Mail liner Em- man, Ife and servant," Mrsr.-Simillc
pressof Russia, which was launched and child ahd 38. deck.,, ':, . J .
a few days ago on the Clyde. When Per str.TKlnau from. Kauai ports,
the India returns here early neit .Pe- Nov. 3. Miss M VYilhelm Miss M- A
cember from the Orient, . Csptfin Gilbert; Miss Malama, J. O. Crane,; D.
Beetham will leave the vessel , and WV: Douthlttr 1 F. : Hr Wichmah, F. .N.
proceed to England to take charge of PetersonV; Mrs. ;; Peterson, Lv Vah
the -Russia which will leave early; id chbngi J.' SV Marques; W. N. Cbbper,
the new year for Hongkong to corn- MrsU.Menefog1ibv ': Airs." BentOiffi Atas
mence service In the transj'acific ter Bentman Dr; Derby; Mrs. Ratha,
trade. Captain Beetham is the, senior
captaln in the Canadian Pacmc. rai
road's Pacific, fleet.- Captain David-
son. master of the Mbnteagle.. will ;be
selected to nil his Derm in tne wata.
wnen iner impress ci Asia is reaay
for service Captain Rbbln'soh. master
ot tB6 Empress of apan. ni become
pmmanaer. it;, is noi . anownvwno
wfll be master of .the Japan or Mont-
ehgl6;,bu.t: hb doubt it will mean; ttro
motion f 6f some; pi the . chief officers
In :the tinacific trade. i;-; ;
i i Tilitnf i lMfln'n fihrvrti th Tttflinlc
cisaster, th Cahadiari Patlflc railroad
has, decided .Jo . equip, iti tfaris-Pacif ic
liners with: moie:lifebbat(&. ; The. Em
press of India ; is ;.tbe first tb .arrive!
nWe ;wlth: the, increased life-skying
equipment aboard. While the India
aa -At Hongkong ton semi-cbllapsible
Hfebbatf were placed aboard' the' ves
sel jatid poK; the .steamship is . well
ahle tp provide fors the safety ( of all
the; passengers, her license jermits
ner to carry; :'' -t
ft captain k. woda or tne Nippon, y u-
gen Kaisha . liner. ; Ypkohama Mru,
ays that his company ; is obliged.; to
tiirniawav freisht offered ait both ends
iSS? Sffi
Maru, 8524 lotuf, and. the -Tango Maru.'
7463 tons. The Tamba Maru and Ina
ba Maru, smaller boats, now plying
across . tbe Pacific, probably will be
withdrawn. An unconfirmed rumor is
current ,n Kobe of the building of a
ioOOb-tbn - liner for the Puget Sound
service. , Two big boats for the Euro
pean trade are 'on the stocks in Jap
anese yards.
Per. str, Kinau, for Kau ports, Nov.
ff.JT W.: Brining, Mr. and Mrs. R: W.
T. Pbrvis . , . , .
4. Per str. Mikahala. for Maui and
Mblokai. . ports, Nov. 5. J. .Marse. ;
,;.Per M; N. S. 8. Wilhelmina for San
Francisco. Nov. 6. W. H. Miller, iJ.
O,; Crane, Tv E. Beady, J. S. le Meria.
Miss K. Walker, Miss S. Walker,..
A. Johnsbn; Lieut, Murray, Andrew
Poepoe, tR Kaal, Mrs. Crulckshank,
Miss Crqlckihank, . Mrs. Johnson'3
maid. Mrs. A. M. Silver, Mis M, E.
Miller. Mrs. C. E. Miller, W. F. Mark
ham and Wife, Mrs. A. Gurhsey, Mrs.
W. Kiepcn, C. J. Irish. and wife, Mrs.
C Rbsencrantz and children. Mrs. l.
T.' Guard, Mrs. C.Wolters, Dr, Shep
pard ahd wife, J. A- Jphnson and wife,
Miss Lindsay, B, J. Schmidt and wife,
Misa Sadie Murray, Mrs. Maxwell
Murray, Mrs. King. W. J. Pierce, K.
Barnes, O. J. Katz. H. M. Diggs.
Per stmr. Mauna Kea, for Hilo ports.
Ncv. 6. Mr. and Mrs. Goo Wan Hoy
end two children, Mrs. A. E. Brune,
Miss A. Bruhe, Miss ( athcart. Mrs. H.
II Rentbn, Dr. J. H. Raymond, M. A.
Nicdll, Paul Schmidt, J. Lfehtroot, T.
W. Greig, E. H. Ashford, John F. Coul
burn, C. ane.
Per str. Kinau, for Kauai ports, No
vember 12. Mrs. I. Danford.
Per str. W. G. Hall, for Kauai
ports. K. C. Hopper, Y. Oba.
Furnished cottage, one bedroom, small
kitchen, in good location, not over;
$2.00 per month, near town on car
line. Aso unfurnished cottage, two
bedrooms, near carline. for $15.00
per month. Address P. O. Box 50.
Second-hand rowboat.
. la u papa, Molokai.
M. Perry, Ka-5384-lm
nograprier wal
'cno utq-
wanted. Apply
Cushion from automobile
?inglf rum
ble seat, red upholstering. Finder
please Ic;r. e at Koyal Hawaiian
Garage. :.--t
The Transport Thomas from Man
ila by Ahe way of Nagasaki, .anaa.
will berth at Oceanic wharf upon at-
,ival Tuesday morning.
The Matsou -Navigation freighter!
Hyaaes with a large geuera. cargo;
front fcan rrancisco and sound pons
may arrive here on Tuesday.
It is the present Intention of T. HA
Davies and Company to. dispatch tfc?
Canadian-Australian liner Makura for
Vancouver and 'Victoria on Tuesday
The inter-Island steamer Niihau i
tn bet dispatched for Kauai, covering
the route of the Noeau, the vessrl
departing for the Garden Is'and at
five o'clock tomorrow.
, After a brief visit at Hi!o, the Mat
son Navigation liner Wilhelmina re
lumed to Honolulu this morning. The
WI11i.TTTfti!' woe Hfer-harfof? of a tt-.rm-
morrow afternoon, the vessel carry
ing general cargo.
, Per: str. 'lkahala;: from Maul and
Molokal , ports,' Nov; 3.-r-M. A. Brown,
A: Gilmah," Judge . Andrade and ser-
vaht.E Murphy, -If. Fernahdes, Rev
Mr. Hatha, Mr.,Huehau, Mrs: Hamau-
ka Miss Hamauku, R. J. Baker, F. C.
jyaldron,Mr3.'HendrfcksJ arfdT53 deck,
- " . m mm m ; .
: f , , ;r, . ; . - , -, ,-
Per str. Mauha Kea, for Hilo via
way ports, November 2 J. E. Hughes,
Geo. Samuels, F. J. Lindeman, Mrs.
David Kawalia and infant, Miss Ka
kalia, Prof. Jaga;r, .Chas. S. CurranJ
Wm. Lennox, C. Bomke, H.. Bishop,
BJV.Heilbron, E. E. McClure, H. E.
HoffnianVMr.;and Mrs. A. T. Fawler,
Per str. Mauna Lba;vfor Kona and
tfau ports; Nof. .21 Mrs. ,3. Al Ma
goort, Miss E. Magoon. .
. . ; . 1 j
, Lumber made up the ;cargo shipped
in. the v American schoorier, fNakoroia
that ,,Iar- reported to have sailed from
Astoria :. with destination at Kahului.
The veVsel left the Columbia river on
Saturday. : ; v . . '
, It is rumored that the condition; of
Grand JJuke Alexisr.the crown prince
of Russia, as. a result of his recent
acciaeni, is very serious.
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VYlAetfi'li'; LIQUOR- MERCHAh4Tfc
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, i .it. .TT-.I . ... -g- , ... J,,, .,
In which la combined the HAWAIIAN STAR, establlahad 1S33, and ths
EVENING BULLETIN, established 1882. Issued Dallj and Semi-Weekly by
- '.--
Piihlkhprc. nnmmrrrJnl Printer. Rnnkhinrfprs.
WALLACE IL FARIUNaTON.GencrallDasinesa Manager'
i UNTIL JAN. 1. 1913 (Preferred
TRANSIENT RATE, $1.C0 first insertion and subsequent Issues pro rata.
CLASSIFIED, One Cent per word 30 cents per line per week.
Telephones Editorial Rooms S1&; BsslaeM Office !M
0 RANCH OFFICE ................................ MERCHANT STREET
f Tetepheee 2333 f?''''
Per Month, anywhere In -ifnltei r States . . : w 'i; . ;vi" .:. ; ii . . A i'.f I .IS'
Per Quarter, anywhere in United States 2.00
Per; Year, anywhere In United States..".. ;......,v..V.
Per Year. postpaid.; foreign
Per Six ;Montha . , . . M.
Per, Year, anywhere Ih United States. ;
Per Year, anywhere In Canada
Per Year, postpaid, foreign
Five men who arrived from Austra-
lia as firemen or sailors in the Nor-!
wegian freighter
continue the voyage to Eureki. Califs
when the vessel departed tor the coast
ecrly yesterday morning. ;k ; : -
Two of the Guernsey's men are al
leged by the police as trouble-makers
and at the instance of Captain Soren
son, were paid off before he sailed for
the California lumber. . port. , In the
place of these men several old timers
on the beach were signed on for the
La bona, who participated- In the
stectacular attempt to shoot the skip
per of the Guernsey at the Interlslanl
wharf some days ago, and who Is now
in the city and county Jail awaiting a
hearing . before, the circulcourtv Is be
lieved to' have had one or more sym
pathizers among the crew In that. .ves
sel. .The elimination of Ave men. Is ex
pected wil Unsure Captain Sorkaton
a passage to, the mainland fraught
with less trouble than the voyage from
the colonies to Honolulu some ..weeks
ago., : - :;;; ;;;;; j;jV,ii)
: Sunday, November 3.' ; ? v
Maui Mblokai: and , Lanal ports
Mikahala, .stmf. a.
kauia ports Klhau stmr.
Monday, November 4.
Hilb-Wilhelmlna m; NiS.S.
l "
PosiUon 20) ...... ...I5c PER INCH
W ' - s t -
n; in
Twenty automobiles to he added to
the thousands now traversing roadit
Guerntey.: did nbtjand highways In the territory of Ha-
-wan aic uu iue wa iw me isuuus, ma
part of the large cargo being brought '
from; the coait in the Matson Naviga
tion liner Honolulan, that is to re ac
port early tomorrow morning. :
Thirty-eight passengers, are, travel
ing from San Francisco to Honolulu tii
the liner acbrdlng to a late, wireless
message received this inornlij at the
agency of Castle nd Cooks. . . f
It i? understood ittaf everrI passen
gers will tranship f rm the Honolulan
to the Cahadiari-Australian Bteame;'
Marama and by the la'tter,vessel con
tinue the joarney to Australia. - -
;;A large, mall from the malhland will
te received In the Honolulan there be
Ing V526) sacks for discharge: at USa
port. . 3's'iv-i- , ' :
. The cargo destined for discharge at
Honolulu amount- stfc 600 tons w'vle
1& transit there M 485 tons for Kaha-
laL. ;.;:-- '.-i- j :v-': ,5 . ; .;. :
f Sixty eight sacks mail will he sent
en to the Antipodes In the Mamma.
The Honolulan T docks at Hackleld
harf.- s ;:- :, r S l:
T Sunday; November 3. ; s :
Enreka, Calif. Guernsey Nor stmr.
a, m. .'-'v' - , ' ... ' ''".
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so. Is it i "
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nd oxparrcii neck r
Isntawhlsliin ofTcij-Loy
bcJIcr vvtienDuHcd r Hp3 ,'
d:HttrrioritfJi6 Ciseihiuslior
simlldr scents inyrighl
lous ottende what sriou! J
E done to Mrji Sy
has stolen nineteen bases
Season? A mfltrWho
woufcJ ffred tjoses
h pecfesldi bVfcven
-burner! ;
a i
Tne Burtboue follows
line Rano-1aory . Gaclbe,
ii'k in evsi to
T I.J . J..vJ.Jr t
si v fa t ' 1 av 1 I
k fW B:"J It
- : f '

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