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Drawn for The DenverJ'ost byjial Coffnran
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Summary of Most Important ; Says Present Plan of Territor
Candidates for Upper ial Div sion Works Sue-
House cessfully
Although Hawaii elects only a dele
gate to the lower branca of Congress,
much interest is taken here iu tic
various senatorial batties that will be
Scil St.tr-lUilI' .tin rriiinJ ih'o J
Trerui r-5 f inr frr f ho norinnint main-
m active process on the mainland to- ,teranco in HaTvnii of a ,arger forc? of ;
morrow. The senate pract.cally his infant amj cavaJrv Hra ,
; the fate of the u,gar tariff m ils hands accoPding to lbe annua, reiK)rt of Maj. !
; and this year the Democrats have pau. Gen Arthur x;urrav in command of;
particular attent.cn to the senatorial the Western division. Aside from mi-1
. corneals, xoiua u iar-ab 10 orgauize a Cor bu1kiing.s erected at t.JC various
, ureau for that particular purpose in y)Sts ,n fhe islaP(1 work ha3 boun on
their national headquarters. ; Ue erectjon of permanent quarters for
a singular puase 01 ine senator. a prim0rt infanirv nrf 9 rti-
situation is the tact tiat with one ex-
nrent of cavalry at the Schefiefd bar-
c ption every democrat in the present j racks. In connection witii this work a
i St-r.ate who-.e term expires March 4 , c?reful survey of the watershed of
next win oe succeeded Dy nimseir or Kaukonabua river has been made toi
determine the sufficiency of the water
f A few days ago there appeared in
, ilie columnp of 4Ms paper an article
telling of the arrangement , between J
ttlic Mutual Telephone Co. ,nd tbej
Chief T5f the Fire Djeiartment, where-
by the telephone company would -oe
notified at once on the receipt or an
Ularm,' so that the telephone company
cwould;be placed'.ln a position to give
information direct to their . subscrib
ers without bothering the Fire Depart
ment. Under the contract between the Mu
tual Telephone Co. and the Denio Tel
ephone Fre Alarm Co. of Hawaii, the
Mutual Telephone Co. becomes the
operating company for the Denio sys
tem in the city of Honolulu, and being
the operating company, the recorders
of the system which will be located
in fire headquarters will be duplicat-edJrtheJelephonejCM
Thus the telephone company will re-
ceive notice -of a fire over the Denio
system simultaneously with the - Fire
Department. Tbiswill relieve the
Fire . Department . of the necessity of
notifying the telephone company f
the location of. a fire, and will give. the
telephone company's, operators the in
formation much quicker and more ac
curately, as the recorders of the Denio
company .give the exact, location from
which an alarm is turned in. adver
tisement., . , ,vt s. M-a; -
.... : vA 1 - '"-.
vx r- sr
X r , s ., -
f -IS"'"-" 'K K : -y-
- Jim .A .". !'.5-
,. 'Cy ' ;
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Positively the Finest Singing Act in Vaudeville
Kme other democrat tur the reason
; that all of them come from certain
I democratic states.
Change Of Seven Needed.
j The battle of the Sen-te. therefore.
; is chiefly in the west and middle wert.;
in those states now reprefented iu tie
Senate by republicans. Makin? allow
ance for the fact that Senator Gardner
the junior member from Maine, who R
a democrat, may not be re-elected, a
change of seven is al that is r.eces
fcory to give the democrats control 01
the Senate.
Senator Sanders of Tennessee, who
holds his place in the Senate: by-ai-pointment
of the republican governor
of that state, will, of course, be suc
ceeded" by a democrat to be chosen b
the legislature elected this fall.
Two senators will be chosen from
t'olorado, one to fill the vacancy cann
ed by the death of Scmttur Hughes and
en to succeed Senator Guggenheim.
The democratic primary nomlneep
sre Gov. John F. Snafroth, the present
executive, for the long term ami form
er Gov. Charles S. Thomas for the.
the short term. There is very litti
doubt about their election.
Hope For Nevada Gain.
A senator will be elected 4n Nevada
in place of Senator Masrey. who wa
appointed by the governor following
the death of Senator Ni::ott.-Senator
Masser is a candidate on the repnb
lican ticket and his democratic oppo
nent is Key Pittraan of Tondpav Ne
vada has the Oregon system and the
legislature is morally bound to elect
the man who receives the popu?ar vote
in the state. The third term ' partj
has a candidate and that greatly in
cieaLee Mr. Pittman's chances. The
democrats are hopeful of gaining
1 senator from Nevada.
In Oregon their chances ara regard
ed ' as excellent Senator Botrrne va?
defeated for the republican tiomina
tion by Ben Selling and has now an
nounced himself as an independent
candidate. There is also a third term
aspirant. Dr. ' Harry fane, former
major of Portland ( is the democratic
nominee and will probaoly te chosen
as the next senator.
supply for the permanent barracks.
The department of Hawaii was cre
ated in October. 1911. Its establish
ment has greatly accelerated the ad
ministration of military r jnstice. The
strength of the command July 1, 1011,
was 730 commiubioiied officers and
14,826 enlisted men. and on the same
date this year 882 officers and 17.283
enlisted men, -tv-total force of 18,l6o.
There 'Were 778 general cottrts-mar-tial
and 7.370 trials by summary
courts-martial during the year.
"The present plan of territorial di
visions ' ha3 worked out sccceasfully,
and has resulted in increased efficien
cy -and economy of administration,"
says Brigadier General Murray, iri
concluding the report. "Some depart
ment commanders favor a partial re
turn, at least, to-the old-order, in that
they believe officers of the judge ad
vocate's and inspector general's de
partments should be assigned to duty
at department headquarters. This
view U not concurred in. it is believ
ed it would tend to a return to the old
sysiem of -departmental administra
tion, thus tending to nullify the
scheme of the war department as re
gards departments : and divisions."
Br. Raines Commended.
Plunging' into waters infested with
sharks, Acting Assistant Surgeon W.
F. James, of the public health service,
statidned at Honolulu, rescued' a Jap
anese woman from drowning on Sep
tember 23. He was lauded for bravery
by Secretary of the .Treasury Mac
Vea'gh, who yesterday called attention
to his "humanitarian and unselfish
action." Dr James ; WJ4 formerly a
Roosevelt . Rough Rlfer, ). "
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.-.. : . a
A Comedienne That Really Comedes
1 : .
j tion Returns n'omi Telegraphic Service; of Smr-
uuiitLiii aiiu nuvciiici win uc snuwii, vvitu
New Moving Pictures, Excellent Vaudeville, arid
usic between "Slides. Reserve your seats for
this event Phone 3962.
Three candidates are contesting fof
the seatnow held by Senator Joseph
M. Dixon, campaign manager for
Roosevelt. Mr. Dixon has not been
able to give any attention to the state
and his defeat by T. J. Walsh, the dem
ocratic nominee, is -counted on absd--lntelyby
the democrats. .
In Wyoming Senator "Francis M
Warren, who has been the state bos3
for twenty yeirs, is having the fight of
his life. The democrats have a strong
candidate in the person of John B.
Kendridk of Sheridan, a member of
tfce present state senate. -
Contest in Nebraska.
In Nebraska the fight is between
former Gov. A. T. Shallenberger,
democrat, and Representative George
W. Norris, who won the republican
nomination over Senator Brown. Mr.
Norris is accused of trying to strad
dle, classing himself as a progressive
republican, yet claiming the regular
nomination while espousing the cause
of Raosevelt. Senator Hitchcock,
democrat, won by 0,000 majority two
years ago under the Oregon system,
and there is good reason to believe
who -Visa to attend the great doings
in the Palace grounds. The parade
from Achi's will be bright with lights
and alive with music and. sputtering
with Reman candles. '
In this procession will join the Re
publican workers of the fifth , district
The : Hirst special car to leave the
Kalihl terminus with free passengers
for the mas3 meeting will start at
7:15 o'clock. :
...The Portuguese band forms at the
Pauoa church early 'tn the-evening
j andvill inarch ' to the' Palace ground
;byvjvav of Luzd. Punchbowl, -Vine
yard, "Emmiv 'Alakea ; and ' Hotel
streets,' arriving ;-at the scene 6f cele
brafica't' 7iS0 o'clock, ' gathering
crawds' behind it ; as It proceeds on its
mtts4calrwaV.1 it'will, on arrival, sta
tion' -itself near 1 the bandstand and
add to the5dllity of the-eveningi
Speakers Tonljht1" ' ' '
I niose who arej'to address the mul
titude 'tonight from a platform tn the
midst ;f- the brighllr 'illumltfated
park that 'surrounds 'the executive
buiMifigi aie' Robert 'W. Shingle, vwho f
will- preside; United States "Internal
Revenue Collector Cottrill, the -silver-
tongued "orator whose1 name ''as 'ptx
sDeecbmakeT: is lenown on the-' main7-
land as well as if is here; the Reverend-Stephen
L. Desha -of the 'Big
islaitd;' Delegate to Congress Kuhio
Black Calf
Tan Calf
Daintv, and
ot good wear
ing qualities.
An elegant
$3.50 a pair
Patent Calf
and Kid
. - ,' -Jut,
just the '
$3.SO and $4.00
' 4':' t"
. r - -. l
. a -- '
4 v v ,
1 t
Lorrin IC Smith
Nouantt arid Quesn Strlei' ?1 f fm:i r-:
: 1- ft
A valuable piece of property on the, corner of, Hotef "and Rich-ards-Streets,
has a frontage on Richards Street of 107 feet and
129.2 on Hotel, contaicing In all about 14,000 square W??.
VUlCE :,.r.:.. . $18,000.00
Corner of Queen and Ward Streets, 15,000 square feet, ' ' V
price . . :.r.. ....... $iooxo
A beautiful beach house fully fUKnished,,- ; .
'l'jute t.. fza,uuuw
BusUjes property on Merchant StreeU '-"''
,'r k .i'BiCEj;.t. . . .... . $10,000,00
that his colleague after March- 4 will! Kalanianaole, who will - tomorrow oe
re-elected to Congress by a grand
majority; L.. Tenney Peck, the prom
inent 'banker;' William T. Rawlins,
the energetic Republican booster and
straight ticket champion; Colonel
Samuel Parker, the popular candidate
for the office of mayor of Honolulu;
George F. Renton, candidate for the
senate; Charles F. Chillingworth, ex
perienced in legislative work; A. I).
Castro, and others of note and eloquence.
be a democrat
Senator William S. Kenyon. reco
gnized as a real progressive, is in an
unfortunate position in Ohio. He won
the republican nomination by a large
majority and then declared for TafL
This so angered the third termers that
they have nominated candidates In all
of the close districts which means
tbt, for the first time In history,
Iowa may possibly elect a democratic
legislature, which will in turn choose
former Representative Daniel Hamil
ton, democrat, for United States sena
tor in place of Kenyon.
Stubbs Facing Defeat.
Fort Street v-v-
t kid UUiU .
years. This year they have named a
sufficient number of candidates to
enable them to control the lower.
In Kansas Judge William H. Thomp- house with a large enough majority
son. democrat, is scheduled to. defeati to overcome the probable republican
Gov. Stubbs, the third termer and one
of the seven wise or otherwise gover
nors who urged Col. Roosevelt to be
come a candidate. Gov. Stubbs won
now umMtmMiu
: - -
" " - e' ; .
- v -. ' - -. f
majority in the Senate
The third term party candidates ;
have been named in abotit To per cent I
of the districts, and democratic ex-;
tbe republican nomination over Sena-1 perts fifture tliat because of this the -tor
Curtis on a fluke. Mr. Curtis had ; democrats may, control the legisla- ;
the popular majority, but failed to ture by a narrow margin,
carry as many legislative districts as Hughes Has Good Chance,
did his opponent, hence Stubbs was! New Jersey v, ith Representative!
declared the nominee. j William. Hughes as the democratic j
The regulars are intensely bitter ; nominee, is regarded as practically j
against him and many are openlj j assured of a democratic legislature.;
fighting for Judge Thompson. 'Mr. Hughes, bearing the stamp of ap- i j
Two senators will be elected in i proval of Gov. Wilson, defeated "Boss" ;
Illinois, one to succeed Senator Cul-IJim Smith by a handsome majority!
lom and the other to fill the vacancy j in the recent primaries, and his elec-'
caused by the ousting, of Senator Lori- tion in the race of divided opposition,!
mer. James Hamilton Lewis is the j is confidently expected. ' j
democratic candidate and L. Y. Sher-; In addition to these states the demo j
man the republican nominee. Lorimer j crats have an excellent opportunity!
was not removed from the Senate I of carrying Deleware and perhaps!
until after the primaries had ben I Massachusetts on their senatorial tick
held, and accordingly there have reeniet. They also have fighting chances ;
no nominations made for the short i in South Dakota, I.laho and Minne--term.
Fnder the minority reprei?enta- ! sola. f
ti")ii which ;v:ii!s i:i Illinois . .
lit,- !t in, .rials Law not mad' a tischf i Tor liens had the truth wlwul It, t'i
for tin- !egi.latur' in marly twenty eopIe buy the Stor-llulletla.
Sharp Signs
Phone 1697
TOM SHARP, the Sign Painter
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Groceries. The prices we charge
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mical housewives. ;i
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