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"' .-''--. ' "",'"' -.i '
Troa SrF.t ; :'T-
Honolulan, Nor., 6.
For S Y.t ' t:',-t' .:-. V
Wllfceltolna, Nor. 6.
Tren.TaDcovTers .
r ilarama, -Not, 6.
For YaacoiTfrt
Afakura, Nor: C-
Eyenlng Bulletin, Est 1882. No. 5386.
Hawaiian 8tar. Vol. XX No. 6428,
Wiln -1,.; 1 H i :
- . : ...... . . ... . ,
i ' i-VV J 3. J
I K -i
. ,...v,
. J'i',.
- - . I- '. '
C 3
' I;
.4. .
i 7 ;
n n
1 11
's :
Election Remarkably, Quiet---
Form of Ballot Proves Easy To
Vote Both Parties Work Hard
1 !L
An extremely heavy .vote cast v 1th
unusual Quietnes with practically no
election-day rows at the pollingr. pla
cet roarka the end of the 1912 cam
paign In the city and county, of Hono
lulu. ' . s ':; ..
. - Iteturr.s from all the tovn precincts
u-ere recf ived by the Star-Bulletin to
day, Fpeclr.l crranseraents being m'ade
by this fiper to get an early forecast
of the ttrenr.'vli" of the. vota Up to
nooa the vcte was heavy enough to in
dicate that prclahly half of the voters
vouIJ A their ballots by one o'clock
thl3 f r- . y:..- :2:V
- 'Little . v heard from' out-of-town
precinct- r rt that the weather. Is
pco.i tr. t: 5 vote Is Elowt"the voters
cp;arc:.t! rrcfcrrl. to Etahd around
and di: : rafters a good deal be
. fere c; . - I "!!:ts. .' .'. t..
The c: .. . Ir..th3 city Is one of
v!, la spite of the
- 1
Uture, iy
his Trty r
facilitate ! t.
rr.cn vet f
was- m . evt-
-and -this
...v-lnlng law
t. 3 vctlr1?; rap
c: ti.: l.:t IcpL
every cr.r.iidata L-3
t:;n before his name,
Rutins, as loyal party
! ,..t down the ticket
vctins fcr W. j luca opposite their par-
Votlr..,' .r. tho Tifth district "and In
the sixth, t veuth tud a few other
Fourth dlf' :t precincts was,, brisk,
bat several lVartht district precincts
were very-
Party He-.;-srtera Quiet . v; ;
Both the HepuMican and Dewocn
tic headquarters were quiet all 'Jfy
long, as the workers were- out in the
precincts . Tho'auto trade was active,
and hack and motorcycles are.dolng a
flourithir-sr business. ; ; -. - - .,. ,:,
Chiirnaan Betram Rivenburgh ' ol
the Democratic county committee said
61 noontc Izy that the election, is go
ing along to suit him.'. -He said that
according to reports from Hawaii, the
Big Island will, return a majority Tor
McCandless... ..' -.' -,'....
Chairman. B. von Damm of the Re-
xt fi iivte ic,:.'.;:, tsw
4 KUIIIO WIIX OT.T BIG i i . --f
f (Special Star-Bulletin Wireless)
V; ' HILO, Hawaii. Nov. S.- Hi, L. 4
4- Holstein' the Republican ; war
t- horse, today; claimed that Dele-
f gate Kuhlo will be given a ma
t Jorlty of 2,000 on. this island. He
-f says s West Hawaii, will elect a
solid -.,. Republican legislative-
ticket) -v:A'v-:-fi-'i.:'' ' . -t:.;'
The closing rally of the Demo: 4
cratlc . party in this ''City; last
4. night" ' was an euthsiastlc -1 one, 4
f iwhllo : the Republican ?. meeting
t- was smaller in numbers and en- 4
f thusiasm. There is today little
enthusiasm shown on either 6ide
,th?. flTht.fcr d:!:rote.: ;The
vote-is 1 :rted ts heavy.'"? V;
f r
Chairman KeirabUcan National Com- Chairman DemeeraUe National Com-V Cfci!rr..i... Prcrres lie Sal
publican pounty . committee declared
that l.e had no reason to change bis
optimistic forecast'of yesterday. -;
.Many rumors were started,. during;
the : day, most . " of ; which i. proved
groundless, but- for some of which
there was a basis of truth. For In
stance, it 'Was ; reported that ;Lorrin
Andrews had spoken for Democracy
at the Democratic mass meeting at
Aala park last night As a matter of
tact he was seated . on the platform
but did not speak for Democracy.' al
though O.'- F. 'Affonso, a ' veteran Re
publican legislator, repudiated. Kuhlo
and practically ; denounced the Re
publican organization. : : -. ? ;
Another report was thai the Plant
ers Association had received I a pri
vate cablegram to . the effect that
Roosevelt's election, is certain This
report' aroused,,,- muchly interest and
was heralded . with- Joy. by Republi
cans who have been fearing; Wilson's
e 1 ection. v Several r cablegrams were
undoubtedly received by local busi
ness men whose names v cannot be
given prophesying victory for! the big
Bull MoOSe. ; ' ' ':' V-!
Precinct Returns :S
-'. . ' tr-r -c.,.
now iieavy
First Precinct, ' Fourth . District : ;-v ,
:- Arotlng at Kalmukl was going along
quietly tliis - mornings with ,113 votes
out of 403 Vegistered cast at- 9:33
o'clock, and . a telephone - report to
ward noon stating that more than 200
votes had then been cast It was ev
ident that there would . be some split
ticket voting, particularly on' the su
pervisorial, tickef and Sam Hardesty,
Democrat seems to be . getting , the
benefit of it ,, ' .-Cr ' ;. fs"A'
At Kalmuki 283 votes out of 403 reg
istered had been cast at 2:30 this afternoon;--
;' ; v: '' ,; '
Second Precinct Fourth' District
Delay -in getting up instructions to
voters in the booths kept the ballot
ing, from beginning - here until 8:20
o'clock; and complaint- was made that
one of the Democratic election offi-
. - - - -. .. J - ' , . : . ,
' ' :
r -'. ;f-
Ucrctact And Alakea Sis. TeL 2618. J
eials ": appeared to be entirely ' unfa
miliar with his duties and delayed the
voting f seriously. 5 At 1 o'clock , only
56 votes had been' cast out of 383 reg
istered.' pv.-v. -;-:' -
Registration 3GS, ballots cast at 2:10
p.. m- 273. Voting was very quiet
here; 190 ballots had been cast at 13
o'clock noon," the first ballot of the
day being cast -at 8:20 this morning.
So . far as partisan observers can see
the " Democratic - and , . Republican
strength appears about evenly divided.
Seventh Precinct Fourth District
Out of a total , registration : of 311,
225 electors had cast their vote at 2
o'clock ; this afternoon.;- Balloting ? is
lively, with no . trouble V encountered
and no time being lost ; . ,
Third Precinct, Fourth District f
Polls were, established at Wilder
avenue and Punahou street on the the
ory that the . upper Manoa voters
would cast their ballots as they came
down town and got off at the street
car junction, but the . balloting, went
slowly - in spite of . this ' arrangement
At 11:05 o'clock 140 out of 300 ballots
had been cast .Five booths only out
of six were in .use, the authorities hav7
Ing failed to provide enough voting
instructions, etc;
:At 1:40 this afternoon 314 votes had
been cast This leaves a balance of
173 to account for the full registration.-'-
'' .-; : ' . . ;
Fourth Precinct Fourth District
This was ones of the: quietest pre
cincts of the fourth district At 10:55
oclock 145 out of 362 ballots had been
cast and the serenity was all pervad
ing. The polls were almost deserted
and party workers reported, that the
voters had already made up their
minds before coming to 5ie polls and
could not be changed. '
Fifth Precinct Fourth District
Thomas Square, the polling place.
1 1
;' :' ' U'
; is exact quotation from Delegate KnhioX'speech -;
atthc Iepnblicahralljlast
. paign, it snows wnere ;ne, stands regard Ing tiie conf lnnaTi
J y Gerleinen Iam
priitciplc lis tlm' intfrests ofallyoilpeoplepTnhtation
pk$lzntzUor&-?:V. HaTtrnotinflg personal against Governor, f
Frr'Hri-,;: TvtV'lll sn V tnnt. nh thv tvtri vrt mnAn vt if h Rnpiwfomr A,i
Tv "Will SilV i th n t. n th ivi n vrf m n 1 a with. HfMw o w
; - " t:'m .pv i - umaw it s(u rvvva viw 1 v .
Fisher wecame to know each , other ttei tlian : wet liave.
f The. goveiiior isVpretty goed ifellow smiling r He !isn't 1
as bail . as I though tlie was. ; I . think the cnowR me! better
thim he 4il and khowswHy I made
Jl: & t he;!
ondary: considerationVyso far as I a
suits of Fisher's investigation ari more.to me than the! con-'
world ;6fgood.jy-lv
? 5 - Why should I answer the Advertiser regarding ; con-;
j; f iriiiation ; , Why shbuldI answei its attacksj Tiy shou -;
Iianswer any newspaper? I have ; come out ' on r record; in a ' :
: ewspapr in la statement signed; by; myself T; that if (Fisher ;
- arae to this territory and made h fan and jut investiga
, tion,4 I'll abide by his dwision. thai saicL v;And
let me teal you, gentlemen, that ; his'; decision is the plat-;
V form of theR
'J, ? f.-j " -rvi, ::;.r-iv , . j.;.:-
s 5 ''. M.' f - v . . . . .':r"5. 'V.';.--:;
A private cable received this morn
ing from jNew York and posted at sev
eral places downtown, including ; the
Commercial Club, says that the elec
tion of Theodore, Roosevelt looks cer
tain there. v,. j , v -; . '. r:, '-
The management of the Moana Ho
tel announces a dance to be given this
evening In honor of the 'first-cabin
passengers of the transport Thomas.
Local' Army, Navy, and society folk
are cordially invited. advertisement.
was quiet - all- day. ; At 10: 45 o'clocti
120 out . of . 332 registered votes hid
been cast The Republican -precinct
club set up a marque in a couple of
hundred feet from the polling place
and dispensed soft; drinks and kind
words to all alike, not drawing the line
at Democrats. In fact, such a 1 lead
ing Democrat as William Wolters par
took of soda water at the invitation of
those in charge.' BiUy" Thompson,
C. Q. Ballentyne, Lawrence Judd, com
mitteeman fbr the precinct and oth
ers, were in charge of getting out the
vote and made complete arrangements
for doing so. '
A Republican badge wearer said
that Bartlett was not very strong.
- ,r-..-t
mi m w J W'
-v- i , : : ' v.;
: mi mi JwxWWWteW . . J .
.r -if, -
3 Is Conceded 0vcn,vc'.a-4 "
, Special Star-Bullettn Correspondftnoe
HILO, Nov. 4 There will' be few
walkovers In the jComlngVelection on
this island, according to all predictions
st the present time, though a number
of the local Democrats are conceding
a Republican victory in most of the
Leglilature ohlces. The chief interest
comes In the fight for thejsherilf's of
fice where both sides claim victory .by
n margin of but one hundred votes.
For. Senator everyone seems sure that
Metzger wilu pon, the highest strength
while Fernandez, Republican is given
second' place: '--.' T:
: David Ewalikb, who has been prac
tically In Xcharge' of tha local Democratic-Home:.
Rule ; fight tstated hls
ihorning that he believed that Itt, the
n.t district two but xjf the four Re
publican canoldates . lor . the -House
would be chosen. - He figures that Nor
man i Lyman rand Dr. Huddy, f orrhely
from Kauai, : will be :wlnflers .together
with Dr. "Archer Irwin and Jim Kepoq,
of the combination slate. In West Ha
waii he sees three Republicans of pos-
sltly four as' the best choice.. Holstein
is expected to lead the ticket with
Kaawe and Kaupiko cecohd and third,
and M. K.'. Makekau in hard, fight
for fourth place.!
f ! J i
New -York S ta tel Gi vi n g -"'J 1
Substantial Maj
And'Tait Mot Far
.":''-T) '
' 1 cIaI SUr-Dullettn CatlaJ
r puinfin.m Ft
: UIIIUtUVt IIUV sir UliJ wvi i..,J
precincts give Roocovclt C!03, Vi!::n ;1, I V
000 plurdity. ; Edvird F. Djr.r.:, D:r.:::r
ncr. is dsfcatinn Gov. Chnrlcs S. C:r.::n, r.; .
45,000. ' .
Eleven ccuntry precincts of Illincis riva
Taft 722, HcocDVclt 1:3.. : : ; .
1 . f,
. ' " , tAusocJated Press .Cable 1 '
NEW YORK CITY, N. YM Hcv. 5. Zriy c' '
turns thew Wilccn IcrJinn, fcutth::c returns c:r.
en csi find indication of his tItirr,:to vi:t:ry. -
. ; y - ..'...: ; .; tAasociated rrcss Calle
y :r:v ych:c city,-:!, y., r:'cv. r '
ve.t 10,-wJ c.J i Cii o!7 . . -
nop2VELTS!iov;3 STf;o;:a,:,i;j vt.
Special Etar-rulIeUa C-LIaJ ';
WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, Verrr.sr.t, cv. 2-Fcrly t:
243 fiiva Roosevelt 3CC3, Taft 2721, Vilscn.i;i3; ;
- f DALTIMORE, Md. NoVi 6 -It Is estJmatsd hsrs thit V.'.'
rled ths SUts of Maryland by 40,CCO. - ; -
NEW YORKi N. VV Nov. 's-Ocss'.' CarhsV, - ths C:V -MQtr,
hai conceded that Wilson will carry tha Ctjstsrcf f.'rv Y
C0,CC3. to -1W,CC0. Straus, the Cull Mocss csniiiats fcr . , ;3 .
nlng third. ' r - : "
, :.:.-''.'. i- ' - : ,
' :. NEW, YORK, N. Y. Wlillam r.L M combs,- chalrrnan cf th; :
National Committee, teie;raphs that" Wilson hss -carried f';:: ; .
by 60,CC0 and,MinnesoU by 3,CC0. ; , V- . ; r
;i V'- :""--;'.-' -v.-r-r CAssociated fPres ' CabHJ ''. .
. v .ROME, N. Y Nov. 6 Completa returns from this town z'-
gubernatorial election, give William Sulzer, Democrat, 131?,
Republican,, 1352, and. Oscar 3. Ctrau Cull Mocss, K31. T'r.j z : 3 t.
in, 1910 gave Dix, pemocraVISSS; Cttmson, Republican, 17IZ,
;.:-;v,v. "'fc'--7 jy.'iv'"'-;;' 1 1' i S;-;V . ,:, :-.. : ;-
A . ROCHESTER.' N7 Y- Nov.. 5.FIftv-four 'districts, out 'cf 2S rVs W '
son 72S2, Taft 6337, Roovelt 5750.
XX 8 8 8 8'8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
8 ' : : ;: ' "-V i: 8
8 . .. ; LATE CARS T03TIGHT.V . 8
8 - The - Rapid Transit' 'Company 8 i
12 QntlAiintaa.; vriof ' tAnlo-Yif Aaro rvrv 11 !
IT ait ttnao win Mm n irt. tnn tror n i Merger is strong,
8 than Ifegu ifirSi: 8 for the-Senate DMetzger, is
8 ping streetcar traffic. This .will acsnowieagea .via u exceponauj
8 enable, people from, the reslden- 8 rong on the DemocraUe slatewith
8 tlal and outlyihg neighborhoods 8 Fernandez on toe publican side .as
8 to remain downtown until a Mate 8 his running matA Baker and Beckley
8 hour, obtaining a fairly good idea XX " considered defeated,, .tnpugh the
8 of tbe election results before re- 8 fofmer .may, ; come vthrough: stronger
8 turning to their homes. 8 than has been anticipated. . V ;
8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 . (Continued on Page 8)
larher mm kmmmi
4. j the Treasury simply authorized a to
-t- -t, arrange ror tne utie to tne property
Sixth Precinct, Fourth District. ,
At 10:40 o'clock today the "brewery
precinct, was, voting a long line of
men steadily, and 195 out of 446 votes
had been cast, with the line moving
rapidly through the . polling places.
There was no evidence of disorder
and a police officer kept up a show
of authority when electioneering near
the polls became too obvious. Charles
G. Bartlett, candidate for supervisor,
was keeping a watchful eye out at
this precinct The clerks, reported
, (Continued on page 3.) , f
f First case .
Second case
4- Third case .
......5256.551.82. -f
f Total appropriation for .Federal
f site, $350,000. '
f Amount of appropriation remain-
-f ing, $93,448.18. "
Fourth and final award will be -f
f E. O. Hall & Son building site
f owners. "
From the figures given above it
may easily be guessed that the amount
Congress has said might be invested
in purchasing a federal building site
in Honolulu will be greatly inadequate.
Though this sum of $350,000; is gen
erally, discussed as an appropriation,
the term i3 so used merely,' as easy
reference. The appropriation has not J
yet been. made, but tbe Secretary off
for a valuation of not more than $350,-
000. ;
The E. O. Hall site, the last parcel
sought as a part of the federal build
ing site,11-is popularly considered to
be worth far in excess, of the amount
remaining in the "appropriation, af
ter awards ; have been paid to , the
other owners in accordance with the
figures set by the Mahuka site juries.
But none of these awards have yet
teen paid, and will not until the actu
al appropriation is made by Congress,
which is expected same time during
the next session of that body. Mt 4s
likely that when the facts relating to
the proceedings in the locals federal
court are presented to Congress, while
the appropriation bill Is under con
sideration, the appropriation will be
made greater than the authorization,
of $350,000.
. The figures given above show that
$135,000 is the highest award yet made
. BALTIMORE,: Md November 6. The first two precinct j cert
give Taft 74, Wilson 3C5, Roosevelt 157.The same precincts l.n i:::
Tatt"341.- Bryan ' ':: -.xi x-v 0:-v'--T-'-.i'-V:vi- -c ; ;. , ,
.i V
vj - BUFFALO, N. Y November 5v Complete returns here cn ths pr:
dential electlon'glv Wilson 2433, Rooseyelt 1937, Taft 13:3. .
HMM-p,: ; - -; '. ' .'- :
BOSTON, - Mass November B-Elghty city" precincts give Wilsn 1:,
075, Roosevelt 6,441, Taft 6212. i 5 ' ( i-v V r ;
'" - ATLANTA Ga November 5 Georgia has gone -overwhelmingly f;r
Wilson,- -; ' .- ;'Z ': ; ".- V- ' -,--.. .
Powers Lini
lmJ mmj
'.;x r CAssoclated Press Cable), y; v;- ". '.- "
; LONDON England; .November 5-Th British forelgh secretary t-'-
declared that Great; Britain Is Indisposed to dispute the rights of tha Zz.:.: i
iates. to formulate their own peace terms..; V. .': : ; . ..'
VIENNA, Austria," November 6- An : alignment' of the Powers- la e .I
dent as a result of the Balkan war. Great Britain," France and Russia w;:i
take ene aide, with Germany, Italy and' Austria the other. Austria feirs
that the Allies will establish a path to; the Aegean sev which ahe wlihca
for herself." - - - : ' - . : , , '.;
',' i
(Continued on Page 4)
v, ADRIANOPLE, Turkey, November. bW-The Bulgarian iroops' are fceinj
rushed on toward Constant! noqle, with the Servians reinforcing the seise.- v
v"V':-;xr - .v . x;-- -
' CONSTANTINOPLE, Turkey," Nov. 5,- the British cruiser VYevmouth. -
the first foreign vessel to come as a . part of the plans for intervention on ''
the part of the Powers, arrived here -today.""- -v- v -' " '.. . ;
The Sultan's harems and those of .the Turkish leaders ; have been
transferred to Asiatic Turkey. The state archives have also been trans
ferreel across the straits. :-.' ; : '' ??,--r: ' -'V
; . : f.
BOSPHORUS;: Turkey,' NoV. 5 The i Bulgarian troopshave ' cut t;. 5
aqueduct . and. itoltd.th,Tur kith troops occupying;; the last Una of forti
fication.7 ;.--e-- "'.;-.,--. :: - --v'-i:C-if-fK--; v.wKV-t -iv
. j BOYS TOTE BAF1DLT. U Tapid; rate, ,At f3:30 o'cipek i6o hai
The voting at the boys'f election at j voted, and there, were; the ; boys txozxr
the Y. M. C. A. is moving along at a J three schools waiting their Murnv '';.
These are the Star-Balletin Tjhone nBmbersf- foi .ihe' receipt of ;
election returns. Ring either of these numbers t connect -with the '
special election returns sfnlcV ol the :UonolaWtar.Ba!let!n tnat
will be maintained this eTenlng at EepubUcan headquartert, corner ;
Fort and ' Merchants streets aad at The Clarien ctrner of Fort and v
Hotel streets. .. ; . -'- x-x J

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