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f Mill fOAST SHU TJffl
v ... Fijian i )coasts near; Nasalal V reef.
. iVtre strewn with a splintered iriass of
wreckage following the total; destruo
. 1ti one, piece, and . the bow, badly
t deavor which has beached her bones
'od those jnhosyitable shores accord
log: to the report . of officers in ."the
zr Canadian-Australian liner Makura that
arrived at Honolulu this morning after
a passage f rem Sydney-8. W, by
Abe way of Auckland and Suva.
.Ai the time the Makura called at the'
: XUian port, the remains of the Amer
ican schooner were In a -broken mass
-upon the Nasawata Point .of the Nasa-
' Jai Reef, very near to Manly-on-Rewa.'
: The hull of the vessel nd all the lum
ber ;In her bold are countered and
sr. -.shed and -lying bcut ;ln, gllHdi-iaang
rections; the poop is up4 high and dry
j-'.lri one piece, and tit bow,barly badly
;r.2ihed and twitted. Is lying some lit
tli distance away; whilst between
; Vttca' is a mass of splintered: wreck-
' Z Z. L i I r ' ; t '
l- iVom the details' obtainable it would
' appear that the Endeavor struck the'
' ; reef at low tide, broadside on, and that
the reef practically sliced; the deck
..clean off the hull, as. the deck and 4
' i Acme of -the load are v lying farther
1 over on the reef than the LulL.A rough
ettlinate of .the amount-of timber
- Llch' will be saved from the wreck
?; ; lti elf is about 70,000 feet. 3 , , -v
Captain V. J. JiIcAllep, a navigator
' veil known cpon the coast and a visi-
tor Jo the Hawaiian islands recently
returned to the mainland ' from the
rcpne of, the .wreck.-. . v- . f
i ' The story of the wreck as btooght
lSty the Makura is to the effect thai
t'.ifr the vessel struck the crew took
to tt.clr boats -and landed on the Mam
1 i -It-Li r; cf, upon which the schooner
!- -i driven, a beat's crew being sent to
. ccL:ur.Icate the news of. the wreck to
Euva. Much of the cargo vras Jettl-
tc.'i 1n an attempt to save the yes-J
ecL but she began to break up. Subse
. . quently the Endeavor, which was own
ed by George E. Billings of San rran
cIfco, was sold as she lay on the reef
; .f-r ;i7.'0. Captain WcAliep was com
i. -ore of the. George V V BIHihgs'
J...t. ' '
The island off. which tthe' Endeavor,
ttruck Is known to'FIJianv as Ngau
end is eight and a half oniles . south
,t (ft cf Nalniand 27 .miles southeast
t.' Ort'.-x It extends southeast and
: ' - ;st elsven and a gnarter ralles
"n L.lh and tit miles in breadth. It
i : rurrcunSed by a barrier reef of38
: i es circuit, ranging three and a;half
: c the eEtcrn --side of lthe is
TLcre ere three closely connect-
j lut Intricate thip entrances on the
r.crthwcstern tide leading into a shel
; r:iJtCii, hivlns 20 fathoms cf
..tcr and tpreading over 15 squads
:::s. The Endeavor was 168leet4
v - i Icr.c, "7 feet, six inches -beam
: tc a 12 feet 8 inches depth of
J.c:J. Che was built by Hall Bros, in
,3T'.7 at Erle JIarbor. ' J .
? r-ui:'.t Ctcamshlp Man Coming -,"
Lir Jruca Mills, managing director
in tl.3 Union Steamship, Is repotted
ri a r-.rc,"nfer in the Matson Navlga
; i. r'llcnolulan to arrive at this
; rt c-rly tomorrow morning, and will
Co one of a half dozen travelers wL-j
v,Ul tranthip to the Canadlan-Austra-'
l!nn steamer Marama, destined for
v c:r Juries. Ml Us hi?a been to-cngiana
end the continent on a busines -mls-t'.cn.
It has been some months since;
t:.o V.z sUair.jhlp magnate f parsed
tb rcua Honolulu. At that time it. will
be remembered be took steps, -which
ti r.ultcd in the efTectlng of a trade ar-;
tr.enieat between the Matson line
and the Canadian-Australian service to
the south seas. Following the negotia
tions It was then poslsh'e for travelers
to rurchase tickets at-fcan 'Francisco'
for Australia hy me way-or iionoiuni
instcni icf procee-iiug : tq British
Columbian port there; to take steam
er for Jhe "xAoni&:;f'
'v-i : i ' i-''
Kler'Comnr.inier of the Cleveland. :
As forecasted in -the StarBulletto
some yeeks ago, Captain Dempwolf
ts r ;?ter cf ,Uie Hamburg-American
excursion stealer haa Twion supercedr
ed by Captain T. Kler. Captain
Dempwolf has been selected as. the
r"?.cter oX the biggest liner. in ; the
) I - r-buVg-Americin". service,4 the Eu
reka, now under ' construction.' Ac
cording to schedule," the Cleveland,
; with . -approximately - five ? hundred
round-the-world excursionists would
irxv& rat Port -Said today. The.Clevei
"land is due -at Honolulu ca January
g3, reraaintat: !here --forty-eight, hoars,
'then proceeding to San , FrancU' '
Other officers ' la the Cleveland 4n
elude: ,F. Jvrusft, .first officer; C.11.
VH,r atcond , officer; . R. ; Schierlitt.
second officer; M. M at tick, second of -
iicer. Tb." Herrmann, third officer;
H. UvQctu' fourth .officer; ,Ch iStehr,
chief engineer; O. Breckmann. second
ergineer; .A. Jacobaen, .third ongineer;
W, Jiapker, third engineer; li. jjuhr.
ibfrd engineer; G. Purwlt2, fourth eh-
f ir.eer; Chr. Brockmoller, fourth en-j
jiir; A, Kempehen, : fourth ,en -
i,hU er; " IL Vrinimer,: electrician; Dr.
: HLubbcrt, ( f ?rst physician ; Dr. . C.
I'lcVert,; second, physician;. Miss Ma-1
tto 'Pless, trained "nuise;vD." Pelnert,
, (JAS- h.
treei. ,ppp. Unioopriil
r :
f I
chief purser; j Franzen; parser
Brenneke, assistant- purserr 'R. Zep
lein, provision master, A. Sturm, first
chief steward; AHausechild, second
thief purser; : .A. Johannsen,' chief
steward .assistant; V. Hansen, chief
steward assistant; F. Jluebke, .chief
steward assistant; O. , Staack. chief
steward assistant; M. Wolff, ;chlef
(ok; A.fltepban, first cookj M. Kum
raer, ; first coqk ; : E, Casta, Jeader of
string orchestra; Schmerbauch, wire
less operator. ? r.V-'.'X-i.. .
. The social .directors are Mrs.-M.
Laodon Reed And .Mrs; L. Degenhardt
Illustrated lectures will oe jjivenbJ
IL 43. Wheeler of San Francisco sand
Carl Rathjensof Hamburgh C Wogel-
is manager of .he fvorldcrulses.
ratine Man ruing
as tt. pied. j;
, Vice i President and 'General Mana
ger R. P. Schwerln of the -Pacific MIl
on nrrlval at -San FranciacQ from an
extended tour 'of the eastern cities, s
reported as declaring that the com
pany can hardly see its way clear in
spending some fourteen million dol
lars 4n the enlargement and improve
ment of th service. In nterigt la
vigorous denial of the reputed sale bt
the v steamers - Mr. Schwerln further
statedri' 5it U Ti:.
"Of course the drastic law passed
by iCongress .hits the ? comDanyi ambi
tious plans a hard . blow. And, in tnjy
opinion, also dealt the best Interests
of the coast and the American mer
chant marine a bad knock! j The Pa
cific MaJJ had obtained - bids i fropa
American ; shipyards for v four f ibjg
steamers to cost in the aggregate $1?,
000.000; It also intended Aa ? speild
between 4100,000 .and 2,000.ft0t) ndn
the Korea,- SiberlaMongollaand'Mai
chjiria, its .four : crack ;4Lrans-Paclfic
liners, making . certain changes n
view of their using the caal-' U was
aimed' to .usef ithese steamers -in a fle
New Tork, -San .-Francisco and ; Ore;it
service." 'All these plans ' have been
cancelled. .'-:-.y.y. -:'
; "Owners of mericin ahipyards tejll
me noT concern ; In .the country, save
the Pacific Mail, has .asked them to
build new ships for use through the
canal, v .Other ccumtries .are pteparWg
ships for the . ' canal .r but the ! United
States is not, and it has prevented the
one company that rwished . to do eb.'
But the deed Is -: done and -that ends
Schwerln . says it must be borne, in
mind' that- the1 law has nothing1 vto - do
with the company's existing service.
"But it Ji as? he concluded, "stopped
the only American 'company" ainbltlotjs
and energetic enough to want to spend
about -$l 4.000.0Q0 from doing so byde
nylcg it -the use of 'th canal." ' - 1
"So Chinese Flagr fos, Pacific JlaUer
. r Altc, . .. -. - v . .- . . ' .-. . , , . !
No Chinese, flag will ' float. over ;-ve-;
sels in the Pacific Mail : service,? ac
cording to the rather emphatic declaj
ration coming from officers in -the
liners-Nile 'thaV called at y Honolulu
yesterday afternoon en route t from
Hongkong by way of Japan ports. . t
The" story, has ,been current in - the
far east and also on the malpland that
a 1 powerful Oriental syndicate" "had
been casting-longing eyes on -the fleet
of palatial vessels traversing the Pa
cific under the , management of 1 the
Pacific '-Mali. It .was stated that Chi
nese capital -was available or, the pur
chase of a controlling interest in the
line.-a --a! ;. vJ-.r-t 'i ;.y. .? t, vH -1
wuln-the east this story Is scoffed nt
and while denial is. forthcoming from
Hongkong and Shanghai financial cen
ters an equally strenuous refutation
of the story comes from JR,'.P. -"Schwerln,
arice president and general mana
ger of the Pacific Mail, who is: quoted
as saying, "I know of no proposition I
of theort,','he.saId. !There has beep
tna talk 'whatever f .-jellittgix to the,
Chinese orj any other foreign inter
ests." v' ':;;;:.'- - ; r; ; 5
Schwerln also denied vr that iany
change was contemplated in the man
agement .of .the Pacific M?n.-and de
clared that no plans had been ar
ranged ior. the. disposition of the com
pany through the failure of the rail
roads 'campaign against , t&e'Ranama
canal act" -: ikiz j'rf
Passeneers Arrived.
" Per stmr. Mauna Kea from ; Hilo
and the way" ports-A. . Lusk, 'E.-S.
Weller and vclfe; Parker Dear, J.de
Barth; Dear,'sMrs,' A.. E. :Sims, ?t Jna
Traynor,- Mrs. Pederson, Mrs. Duke
young and .chilli. JL burner. J. Dosea
thai, JI.. A. Jaeger, Ai A Wilson, Dr.
V. 'Norgard, C. -vMcClenanV Miss -Eva
Keomau, F. GrSnow, wife, and maid,
W. B, Hopkins, wife and child,. C
Woltersr D. Mollison, J. Dflscqjl II.
L. White, C. At .J. guchi. J.
Rachae Domingo . Garlpn. . . I
Nile -Departed aVrCarly iQur. ; t ;
Seven o'clock ;this morning -saw ;the
Pacific Mall liner Nile steaming away
from Alakea. wharf.;, enroute to San
Francisco. The Nile was .discharged
Kf 1G0 tons Oriental cargo; during, the
stay at the ' port. Six ' hundred tons
1 coal were placed aboard r .the vessel.
I One layover passenger sailed 'for the
coast Jin the Nile. '. : A considerable
amount of mail for the mainland was
dispatched, In the steamer. . ir
; '-x .
H SAjr PEDRO-Arrived, November 4,!
Schooner Annie M.Campbell, hence;
4 -Oct. 11.
ASTORIA Arrived, ovember 4, Bark
Albert, from Kaanapali. October 18.
t). S. A.' T. Thomas docks at Oceanic
wharf, from Manila at 2:30 p. iriTto
day " and . saiia - for San Francisco
..Wednesday at 10 a. m. ir- x
. ., rt . ;-af
&?' 8. ; MAKURA :. sail' from quarantine
s . for -Victoria at C p.- m. today, f 5
Temperature a. m, 74 ; 8 a. m.,
77; 10 a. m., 78; 12 noon, 80. Mini
mum last night, 7t. " ' -
Wind 6 a. m., velocity' 10, E.; 8 aJ
m velocity aif'N. R; iO iu cyeloc-J
uj xtt tui i liuou, vciociiy , i. j:.
Movement past 24 hours, 2i6:mlles;
Barometer t 8 a- in; -20:12. Rela-j
at 8 a. r. -60. Absolnte Iramidlty, 8
sv.-BU 5.579. Rainfall, TV 4. -. -
Fxnrr.rr.'i Ar.4 Tf -i. Jut'J. .i A v"-
mzny jreciwiiii-taat.with;nai;,-2rs
on. ihe wocld'a Waterways" during the
IH t ' we k J; caT three ,V ere ;in Jure i
wnilei i lying-itf -iPadaeccEt.V.-atfrji,
ohe cf the v essels tturalng turtla c tlzr
bein ramtnedj Xhe rwekViirs
to -,.ve cls'ere yl s 3 y i '
t'Scnccner. ralbttaufrom aquJqne -frr
Colur:,.!a- rlter'cplHdedwith tir!:cn
tlne ;;;cl;6 Head' oft -.north Cci fern -a
cc-st, D.iILa l99ing one mast; sccn
er r r.t: ss:v: Honolulu -tier 't crt
Brz 1 rar (bf Ueamer'C tj IT'! zr.s
oJf ... 't Arena,! ',e!iht,,f:ctJ,.T! : ort
qtirtcr tr-DaunUena stove in;Hi..:;cr
ArryllV rc.r.med steamer vCtir-.'il p. ca
pbit Low 'latter 'itufned turt'e. kr'W
sY" 1; U: 3: 0. Pattrrgrn r'rr1: roc'k
ofi' -.W-vr-rt,1-R.'-J.; rit ; 'r.izief.
IUX - t-V C1 -:0 h.tMlt .ui.knv, J
Norwegian steamer Boston; destroyer,
31eale,: struck .-dredger off 3Necastle,
DeU damaging - vbaw; German aloon.
Terpschore put back-to StanHy, Fayal
inlands, with master ill; British steam
er TJnhoweized At M"qbUe in CSO.OQO
libel i . fori bre.achi contract; British
tteamert Persore'! Hearj j atrandel -oH
Flowers Cdce, .Belle isle stratis? British-
schocTier: Peerless.i ?ank off Sable
island, crew aved; i Panar steamer
Banes, sank forty inHes off Cap? Hat
teras, crew saved i by United States
collier Arethusa;'.British steamer Iran',
put into "Newport Newsith;cjirgo on
fire; Italtan' steamer Proc! colliaeij
w ith coal charge 4 at Lambert's : Poi a w
Vsl ; Britiih steamer Hallamshlre took
fire, twhile . loading at Rotterdam, con
siderable damage,.to (hull and xrgow;
Little Revenue putte,r 'Now 6n ! Its
'; way. 'Mr--v i:
! On her inaldetf vdyage ,to;the North
Pacific, which will take :her through
many seas, the new: U.nited States re-i
ehue cutter -Unalga, Captain Richard
O "Crisp, left Hampton Roads few"
days ago. 'I Ahead of the sturdy iVie
Government craft :ls :a run' of -18,403
nautical miles.' -From Norfolk the Un
alga goes straight"" to flibraltarv Her
pubseqent Itinerary is as follows : Ma
Naples, Port Said, Aden, Colombo,
Singapore Manila and Yokohama and
thence to this Coast It Is figured ihat
the :Unalga wiirmakeHhertrlp In 1845.
hours (seventy-six, days" '-and 1 twenty-;
one hours) actual steanring-ttmeVIt
is estimated .that, the will -burn -1580
tons of coal for the trip, costing ,19000.
In addition - will be ' the ; canal tiiies,;
amounting tp- $641, and other expen-;
ses;--; decision jto send the cutter.
io 'Alaska vby Vay of the ' Suez -Canal
Instead of thfcmgh the Strait of Magel-
lan, wasbased -wholly -upon the: cost;
The saving of fuel; The new praft :ls;
190 feet ; over all, r J?2 feet "6 inches
beam and feet, inches depthV Her
armament consists of four sixpotmder
machine-guns in ' addition ;to smafli
arms; for the crew, :whfch:-; numbers-
sixty-two men exclusive of ;ihe 'officers. '
Inter-liland Sallinas ThlsiOay.
Inter-Island steamers; leavingv; for'j
various -ports today include-the sf earni
er'iwalani which jailed for Mahukona'4
Kawaihae find' liawali 'ports shortly
after noon oour taking -a rfair :sied4
cargo of supplies .and merchandise. "t J
'The steamer Niihna xs to sail over
the - Noeau routev: touching rat Wind
ward- Kauai -ports this 'evening.
The steamer TCihau with a few cabin
passengers' and a , full cargo is sche
duled "to depart atfive o'clock this
evening for the usual ports-of call on
Kauai. '' ' " -A'YVi
: For Maui, Molokal and iLanai porta;
the Makahala is getting away at five
o'c!pck taking a : fair Hstpf ? passen-
4 WUh; freight for Kilauea. i Kauai
only -tire-steamer -Noead -has beeh f
placed on the boards for dispatch this
Harbor Notes. .
'Following the discharge of .a full
shipment of lumber, the American
schooner Prosper was dispatched
from rKahului for Puget Bound : ports
on last Saturday. The" Prosper sailed
in nallast. - '' " V',t. - '
'Mall leaving 'Honolulu in the Japan
ese Jiner ..Chino , Marn As reported to
have arrived at. San Pranclsco at an
early hour, yesterday morning.;, ;
'The1 horse transport Dix departing
from' Honolulu on Act 25 has reach
ed Seattle according to cables receiv
ed -here. The dix .was discharged, of
five' thousand tons Japanese coal dur
ing .the stay at this port.
Hilo Shipping.
. Deep sea : windjammers stlir swait
a berth at Hilo v.wharf, pending the
departure cf sailing vessels now load
ing br discharging cargoes there.
The barkentine S. G. Wilder, with'
lumber and supplies i rem , Grays Har
bor, reached . the, port on Saturday
and rides at anchor until a place can
be made t the 'wharf. r
- Tie Wlr Nunaa;with r?.K)0 rail
road ties deslmed Tor, .Saz -Pedro, is
believed would sailfor ttic'Southern
California port today -The ' Nuuanu
iontbs which time she'ehang-
eu" u .
get away for the Sound, the last of
the lumber having been discharged.
This vessel may sail tomorrow.. The
schooner Okonagon ' has been shifted
to the .wharf where . the , work: of re
lieving the.ship of "her cargo of lum
ber; Is- being f rushed "tb. completion.
!Tlie.MOikUttt swCfIetefL'-'-thedis-.
charge i of vcargo and- now Ilea ithe
stream If ' z ' ' . t
Wht$4 i Delayed. i?t
?iHongh weather in' responsible tor
thettielay In arrival of the United
States army -transport Thomas, which
showed fs. up Qff the port At :12.0
lhJsfternotnisrhe Thomas, rfrora
pan, killiland' about .seventy & tons
Manila by the way of Nagasaki, Ja
frelgbt" at Honolulu, which in the
main consist of household effects of
army officers andV enlisted men.
About'-eightr tqna fcargo will.Jje. -forwarded
to tbo'coast in the troopshipr
The Thomas1-will be given no coaI,
end fhonld be iin llnefor & prompt
uispaicn iwr. a&n r rui;iiicu. i lie Tes
eel -will berthvat Oceanic . -wharf. v -
Ceaweed Coei I nto ThelSoun.
'LTten-balSsof:-f?i'eed',' x-"-ere by
Victoria Chinese J -r their :brethern in
the Orient, were'hipped out on the
7 :cs!cov: lanrhen 4hs vessel lefts f0r-
th erar rati a eonpleof ;dai'3 c so J t
Aviir :,e ir.ad'einto sottO:and is regarded
? UheT.nestkiijj'-At delicacy,: vTlie
Chinese iiave some .epeciat proeess' for
iireparing theseaweed Cor Shipment
end ; 6i breathing sChina' it is '''rea.dUy
to.: M wp'by-the CelesUals faronaklng
seep.,. - v- --:--... - .v. - r , -'
Claudlne :in.vOay' Ahead of "Schriule.
v .One day ahead of the .regular sched
ule, the Inter-Island steamer Claudin;e
is . back Jront .Hawaii y th e way t
the Maui., ports. .Tlt Vessel returned
light, there "being ut-"; feV vpaise-
gers '.ana a snuu cargo, vi ne - viaup
jne '-met withfalr weather-. cn the
the American' schooner Prosper from
Kabujui tQ fiea pa lt . Saturday :
v -T- ,-"f . j. -V WV ' l?- 'f ,r.f,.-".;y.
Mauna Kea Back Wlth Voters.
- , Voters returned ; as passengers in
the Inter-Island steamer Mauna- Kea
from Hilo this ..morning. Thjs vessel
brought a JFew ' traselera . and - a -very
light cargo. The ;i vessel m.et iwith.
fair weather-and moderate seas. :
". Purser PhillipV -reports .(he steam
er Helene at Ookala, and : the- Keau
hou, Kauai -andWallele atlHilov
t : -r v
k Per C.A.. S. S. Makura," from ';Syd'
ney via Auckland' and FijL -For Ho
nolulu: . ?Mrs.,iWoodi rJJ. -R. f Webster,
Mrs;- Webster, IaehsterrMas
ten F.;- 'Webster, . 'Miss CrucksHank,
Mlaa..: F,' Crulckshank, glSxs. -Aii W.
Sweet, -Mrs.' M J.. Walker, -E. Hlaig;
Miss Vt rNash,' Miss :N. Nash, Ro
wan, W. iC Winchester, M. R. 5m uller;
Mrs,Muller Misa " Muller, j c.
Bruce, Mra,- Bruce, t Miss B. Bruce,
Miss 1 ,0.'. Bruce, -Miss ,.W JDevereaux,
F. M.. Duncan, J. Welch, TV. Fenton. .
'Per' M. N. S..S. Wilheimlna, for' San
Francisco. Nov, j6.-t-W. -IL Miller.VJ.
O. Crane, T. E. Beady, J. S. de Mena,
Miss K7-Walker, Miss S. -Walker, J.,
A.'; Johnson, " X4euL ; 'Murray, Andrew'
Poepoe, .E. aai, ii..qru4ckshank,
Miss ChTUcksliank. - ? Mrs; ''Johnson's
maidi jMtsAvfM." ,.SttW!WUiMB.r
Miljer, ;Mrs.C. JE. .Miller, W. Fv Mark
ham and wife, 'Mrs. AGurhsey. TUrs.
W; Riepen, J. jjrlsh And &U e, Mrs.1
CV Rosencrantx and children, Mrs. R.
T. Guard, "MrsV C. "Wolters. Dr. ' Shep
pard nd j?ife, J.lAQhtjson indife,
Miss Jindsay, BJ. chmdt and wife,
Miss' Sadie iMurray Mrs Hlaxweli
Murray V Mrs. Kingv W- J. Pierce IC
Barnes, O. J.Kat2. H. M. DIggs. -.
Entered b f :Rftord ff ovember 4, 191,
U Prom J0:50 .a.m.o 4 :30 p. m. n -
Nadine C 'Bodge and bsb to Blsh- .; '
op & Co
Thoa Steward to Henry Smith .Tr.'-M
Wm tJIiiney to Caroline Clupey D
Virginia Santos to Sao.'Martiaho ''
Ben Soc of H - " . . . . vi . . , . . X . M
M D Esterhaux to'MercaplUe Tr
- Co of 'S F i. . . . t . . . . . ..i . , . . . AM
Victoria 'Ward by Atty to Hattle
'Kamandiilu v. . . ...... . . V.ParRet
Sarepta A Gulick to Mrs Lucy V:.
: Pice .-. 1 b
E Colt; Hobron et al to Tin J'at. . , L
;;-Quon.; y. v . .........i.i',..
Mary KKoakanu to Simeon K
---'NWift ' mm
Maria F Dinia to John Diniz
Okura Muchuichi to Hawaii Pre
iser tag Co Ltd . .
Caesar Gomes -.iand wf to . Luiza
Jordan Alves by Gdn to Ernest F
Thos Hoi linger and wf io Ernest
John J Com be Tr and wf to Hen-
-5 ryWaterhouse Tr Co I Ad
Trent Trust Co Ltd to Becky
Cockett ..
John-Emmeluth to Yuen Wen
tHing',et al ..
Elizabeth J Knight and hsb to
Fanny Strauch
Entered of Record November . 1912,
, From 8 :30 a. m. -to 10 :30 a. ni.
A S Madeiras to S Chicamori L
A S -Madeiras to Ikeda Toraki- .
chi,.. .v .. L
Lai Hip to Trs of Hilo Burns
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Chuck Hoy and wf to Loo En . 13
Ellen Bicknell to Chuck Hoy.. Par Re 1
Kalihi Taro & Land Co Ltd to
Agnes C Weaver . . ....... D
The U.S..A. T. Thomas was an ar-
rival from the. Orient this afternoon,
She docked .at the Oceanic wharf.
A! ndi 0f lW16 WhenShips
Ready, Strength of Navy Is
Expected to fall
LONDON, Oct 2.-Accordlng to the
Central -News the Japanese naval ex
pansion bill is to be presented to the
Diet at the end of the present year,
and the financial problems in connec
tion therewith are1 likely to give plen
ty of 'work to thosewhose duty It Is
to solve them. -ii ;:v
-Thf fact is tha the financial diffi
culties which confront any nation
which desires to indulge in naval ex
pansion are- particularly heavy In the
case of Japan, and the eastern king
dom ; ia not fconly unable to keep pace
with the Aaval expansion of other first
class powers, .but, even funds It Im
possible to maintain its savy 1 at it?
present strength, that Is to say, to re
place time-expired "vessels by '"new
ones. - - - - - - j - - j
- The main strength of the Japanese
cavjr -consists of 15 battleships and ,13
armored cruisers, but of these only $x
battleships and four armored cruisers
are less than 10 years old, and evejn
these are of widely differing typesp
fact .which 'ttould present considerable
difficulty in the matter of concerted
action-i . Only ,.two vessels at jjreseat
in ccTnmission; namely,. the Kavaichl
vT.i its .'jSeiizv; .zh' of ?,::Djtons,
c '-Le orsldsf ed ." .r.s in f y 4 wa,y
tczl to the dreadsoushta tf .Cw.er nh
yzl r awersv X'iV' if-
It i3 true-that one battler! !p of 3$,
rA0 tonssr.d : four.vamorei erasers,
, f -z t !i o? '27t5 00 tons,- fere- be r. 5 built,
the :r respective dates of j-ccrletioh
r?.r ::rrsr ffpm liextvy'ear ;up tj 11910.1
The-3 vessels. -afe probatly - crial ja
V-.e V.r.ezt vessels .at pres""t 't the
-- :::-n of any of the 0- t naval
;:.:crsv tit itls Relieved -t'they
mark the apparent limit:" of J-panese
r.-vr-1 exp?.ni.an.; Theresecr.s r little
prcl r.LiUty; ithat after .their c:mple
t!ca Japan fNtit be able tp kCl a sin
gle; hew. vessel toiier navy,' which
must-then "begin to decllnein etrengtn
y 'The till Avhlch-it is proposed td sub
nit' t a the Diet -cahr hardly witlx pro-"
priety .be -termed Jen expansion bill,
-Uce 4V iUcavilo.ciralyr Sot the
replacement of vessels, which are au
tomatically 'withdrawn I from - commis
sion year by yearon reaching the age
limit and wilLdeal with the question
of -defining what- the composition of
.the squadron unit is to ber ..
Jt is understood -7thatv a scheme
iwhich ifipds iavoc, with the authori
ties is one by which the vessels built
to supply the gaps caused ; by the
withdrawal of obsolete .vessels, shiill
be vessels capable of being : grouped
in small, butapowerful Bquadrons. Jhis
lt.js 4 true, , is .not oy, any. .means an
ideal arrangement for war purposes,
but It probably .secures the jnaxinrnm
of efficiency- with the minimum- of e
pense, ,and there is thereore reason
to Relieve .that it wCl Ue adopted,. -i
-;:..v;: 1 . O . . . . I :
fttHuruvNt uu ur
Throws Terjible.;8urde"n -on the
c Transport Service; Overrated
as "New Arm-
.PARIS, Sept, , 27.Iteginald Kahn
an authority on aviation. writes ta
the Temps that'a -very great mistake
has been made, in -sending aviators
to -Morocco,-? where they are out of
place.; Let tthem .be ,bro,ught: back t&
France, he says.where their 4ace Js
on the eastern frontier Ia; Africa they
can70Alysontlnueto tmake flights
o(,a, merely sporting interest along
the coasts.. Aeronauties ' nov ibnger
have any need ;6f such -an -advertise
Mr.: Kann contests the right of air
craft -to the .title of "a ;new arm," as
up. to the .present its offensive cvalue
is recognized as ;negligible. ' It is true
that a ibomb-dropptng .competition is
in progress, but its .conditions are not
those of war, and -the experience of
the Italians in Tripoli has shown , that
the moral " and material ' effect of ex
plosives : dropped from . aeroplanes is
very. snul!.irB:A04;::-: 'VYtthi
The. servlcesi that'tbe aeroplane cad
render; isys vJL 'Kaan-are, first, the
discovery of the - enemy's batteries ;
secondly, strategical i. -and .tactical
Beconnaisgances; thirdly, jt'may serve
as a means' of com munication- between
columns acting: .separately. . The aero
plane throws a ..terrible burden upon
the transport department -Tne Sasa
blanca aviation section - took - with it
ninety tona of material, and. the trans
port pf .such a load up-couAtry rbffers
an: insoluble problem. i '
Quartermaster jOlsen Died This - V
Morning.. , , -.,, . -;;. . . ' J
v. As the result of - Injuries received in
falling from the upper to the main
deck of the" liner Korea, quartermaster
Aiex uison wher was taken ashore for
treatment at Queen's .Hospital passed
away this 'morning. Olson in the daik
ness .dove -head-first ; into the swim
ming -tank on the Korea when it was
but partially filled with water. - v
He ; 8ustaLaed -a - complete paralysis
of the .lower part of the body. - ;
The funeral .will-take place tomor
row from Seamans Institute the Rev
erend Cannon Ault officiating. Inter
ment will be at Loch View" cemetery.
Fred: Makino, the local Japanese
druggist who' was prominent in labor
troubles in Honolulu a couple of years
ago was arrested this morning at the
polling 7lace of the Pir3t precinct of
the Fourth district on the charge of
drunkenness. He was released short
ly aft er being .taken to the station.
The Optim'Ist After all. marriage is
Khe thing. If you-marry the rfeht wo--!
man, there is nothing like it. The
i-essimist Ana ir 1 you marry the
wrong woman there is nothing like it!
1 xna you near' about tne awful af
(fliction which bas befallen Mrs. Talk-
tifrv "Don't tell me f?he has logt ber
hrr voi!" "No, her husband has lost
his hearing! . -
. . f ;t"4." vs 'i.-,' '' i."
In! combtld tie TIA AIllcii
: . PiiblisheivCommirc Printers, Bookbinders,
: Photo-Engravers.: y , ;
KPT. IT T ITT VfX TtTCTT IV rVr"TvrTOTVrtTlTyfr MatwnTti-'
1 '.UNTIL JAM. I; J$13;(Pferrf I Posltlc? 20, V..u....Uc PL II INCT1 ;
TRANSIENT RATC$L5? first inrcrtica ,and subsequent issu -i' r ro rta.
CLASSIFIED, On Cent rcr . word CO cents per ll2 per wet.r--
- ... .i .-v.'- , . :v- "- V- - i J... tt '-'" - - '
? - eIepa9nesEd!ta.rIal IUns21SSj Caslsrss Ofnce L.:
D RANCH QFF1CB . V. . .'. . ; . . . . . . . . . ; . . . 11 ERCHA NT CTT.IT
Telephe -
e to-
8TJTJSCniPTX6!f KATISi ; - ' -!
Pet Month, anywtere tiiUaited Stutci i.;.i..;...4...:.t..;.; .73
Per Quarter, anywhere In United States ..U...f r C3
rer rear, anywhere in' u .ited,SUtcs..v,,. .............. : I ;j
P". JYear. postiaiJL f?reita . . .v. -. ; ...... i:..j
Per; Eix tenths .....,.... i.
Per Year, any where' ta : Unite i States.
Per -Year, anywhere In paxZ
Per Yeir, postpaid, fortla
-PI TP f H A O
" 'One case of suspected plague was
discovered on board the Canadian-Australian
Uiner' Makura from -Sydney,
via Auckland and Suva on arrival of
thatvessel off the quarantine anchor
age early this morning, and Dr. Trot
ter, medical officer in charge at the
port of Honolulu immediately order
ed ' the liner into-detention, v "
A' seaman, waa taken down with a
malady'which the local quarantine of
ficers have good reason to believe 13
plague, two days after tbfr vessel sail
ed from Suva : The man showed all
indictions of having the genuine arti
cle, and a bacteriological examination
was ordered. c"
4 .The- opinion of Vr. Trotter, and -hl3
fellow medical officers is said has not
changed following this examination.;
4 The. Makura remains at the quaran -
tine wharf throughout the day and
isthe intention to-dispatch the liner j
forvVancbuver and Victoria at five)
J -
. .. .TA-V.
.- '
.".; ".i - til. J.
- t!aOElcnd4 - -
v r 6'V a
V .Mr " .
'C.:f -ii.'.-" -i ft . . ..-it -
' i . ? : i. -Aj- S 2-'- ' '-' .
Ii ,v.
:'l ' : I I
"i ;yine and Liquor Merchsnts. t J' '
Si It
'v "f
STAR, established 1233, and tU
Issued Dally and Semi-Weekly by
. .v.3encral Busicrsa Mana ncr
a. 2C
IiULLETUV, ; ' 1 ! . . "- . ; "
. .i.........,f I.C3
. . . ,v ,". . . . "", . . . . . . . . . ..... J.c 1
i... 3.C3
........ 4.C3
o'clock this evenln- " ' :
.adiltlcnal i-fcrir:::;a .r. ..: zlzz C. 1
fate of th e schcen e r Er. '. . ; v z r V. . t
has left her jonc cn tha IrA
reefa of tt.vrijU .
: There are one hur !reJ tcr.3 f r. rr 1
cargo in the fcr Ilrr.-;: .: ;
that were dIsc!.arcJ at . :. a rcr.
wharf or Into lighters, t3 tha vr - l
will not cone to the wharve3 ca V.:',
side cf the hcrlcr. "
The l!s2r arrive! hero v,!'.:i 17 rc'j
in,.9 second c!cz3 azl 2 Et ;
senders for Jlc;;c'.ulu.
The thrcv.;,h l!:t Ir.clu'r.l Z) c '
CS second class and 22, thirl c' ;
pos,r:ger3. ,
. -The ve ' 1 3 carrying 1 tr
brse Eh':
Eritish XJc .
. Governor Trrcr rM "
fntended catlr hl3 1:
oncl Sam Tz:V r fcr r -cllned
to eay hosv he v
the ether c?r.l y--'. rr
expected to "sc-e'en" -, 1
c .1
1 v "Where thore'3 a
iuway, quoted th? V."! : ? ' '
assented the Cir.:' ?: t, "l.
evally a wrty cut cf it."
uiw wuyu
-X,i ,'
;.v' - .

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