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-yy-il. AV '"t : Av Zl .A ;
From 8. F.i
Honnhilan; Nov. .
For .S. F.t -
'T X
r A AO
r Wiilelmina. No?. Cf
' Uurama, No. C.
,1'er Va Denver
Makura. Not. 6. " f
Evening Bulletin, Hat. 1882. No. 53S.
Hawaiian KUr. VoL XX, No. 6426.
4 , .
It, i
MiyMAf 11 1
.. c
-V - - ;o" ' '
V '....AA- AA- v- ' f7?sr'
& A 7 A
iWo'6i)Row wn,soN-wn.ijzsBj -i : V r:".f;r.r r,r:':F
' r . v a : . - - r , - - -- ...... :.. , . . : J s (Special Star-Bulletin i rVireIess. 4f
T It
w- w- V
1 At nine o'clock' tonight indications point to afsplit ticket -
being clcclcci cn-ua!iu. w T.- v--;v
Willi :!:vcn precincts to hear frcm,V;lMcCandIess leads
i:u';;o cn tho island of Oahu by; 2520 to 2184. c M;
Chnirroan Robert Shrngle of the Republican territor-i
irJ c : r.irr.! ' cemmittee -prbphesled.4hat -Maul woufd-e!ectjCupidf
"::3's strengthen; Oahu has been a big surprise J
. : : :rats.;;Thk: Democratic iticket Is. also run-i
cv::i t
, 1
;ns feel si3re of electing one senator; Dow-J
: Th: u.,.:ican legislative ticket Is running strong in the
Fifth district.- Tho Fourth district" is' uncertain; v:.: ;!
Barrett is running far, ahead 1)f Parkertor sheriff, and
: Rose'chsad of Ccsta for deputy.--1
Fern is nh:ad of Sam Parker bas Jbig Ieiad,vWith Jus-i
. tace" far behind. u i''i
' The city and county.tickeUowcveh sJ being .counted
s!cv.iy.- The vote for delegate land
. ' first.-' ' :.' ;" 'j i-r-'S'- .,-r .:!:'''-'(-'
- The fiht'forAhe seven supervisorships is close and hot,
with ncClellan, Pctrie 1: and Hardesty showing surprising
strennth. ;The Republicans, claim at least three supervisors. '
, - 9.15 oalcck. Republican "leaders' figure that,Kuhio is ,
: Atunning frcnvleven tojeight hundred votes jjehind WcCandf
j'icss on uanu DULieei comiaeni me ouisme isianas w:u leu a
r'y different .tale, v,..;-:- ::.;::;:-;:;. 'aV'-
. 'I''---?- - - - i y., J " t-. js: - ; : - .
r-Shbriiy after nine-o'clock tonight iCyfmanRiVenburglTi
of4he Democratic; cbunty : cdnirnltte issued "ai brief statement
at the request of the StarrBu1!etintin-which"he'ideclares'--hlS"-
'confidence :that focr.Prviocratic ; supervisors will ; beelected.
. . "The results to-date-sir that oiir' clean and fair :C'amr
palgn made good withihetvotus," he aid"and on this isl
and we will g veiMcCanless a ir.aiority ofiseven or. eight
v ' tA8s.ciated Press Cable
?--r ft '! ;.v, C i.. 2 i' Sl5
WAILUKIT, Maai,t Nor.5-; 4-
The flrstMaui returns given are
from Kaupo giving f Kuhio, 29;
McCandless '14, ,NotIey S and
.the rOtber r results ? are slightly
Democratic. ' , - ' ; 'v"'
! I : , i
York S tate: Giving Wilson
And'Taft Not; Far. Behind
I l' "i III! l'0 I
V : tBy:';FederaV Wire less Telegraph ; V
3 T -.i:
. V t . . - tBy Federal.'Wfreless TelegraphJ -IT---' t
? nHICAfiO;-ll.:, Nov: 5:onsftvfiltc is lASd nn. in ' tho
counV;whichHs :still incompleted
nine precincts oivfe Rposevelt40,000; WiIsoh36,269i;Taft
21,498, and: Debs 15,271; o- -
'4 .,
4; -' V" ' . By Federal .Wireless. Telegraph
) FORT WORTHTex; Nov. 5.Early returns show that
Wilson-has carried Texas by a Iarge3luraIityrwith,Roosevelt
second in IheracediTlie 7!gures: obtainable give the statelo '
the: Democratic;nominee by twop hundred a
lllUUdctllU. .
rv 21VILUA3I F, JHeCOMBS :V.;"
Chalnnritt J)emcratlc 5aUonal Com
; !. . V-.. , v' . .: "' -U ;
: f lAi ' Stari.Bulletln Cable) t
CHICAGO, III.; Nov; 5. One hundred and ten f
; . precincts; give Roosevelt 9409 ,-WiIson C321, 7;.. :
OUU plurality. ; Edward FDunna, Dcrn::rali:
governor is defeating GovChar!esS. Dneen;n;
aEleven'couhtry precincts "of Illinois-give jVi!:ah Cj7,
i an tzz: Hooseve t . 1 4yyi ' i
Special Star-Builet'a.Corre
'P: HILO," Nov. 4.-There'; wili- be" few
'walkovers in the ; coming election on'
thJe island, According to all predictions
si the present time, though' a number
of Jthe local "Democrats are conceding
a Republican victory in -most of the
Ltgitlature offices. ;;The chief interest
comes in the fight for the sheriff's of
Cce'i'virhere both sides claim victory by
a 'margin- of .but one hundred votes.
For Senator everyone seems sure thai
Metzger wilu-poll the highest strength
vrhile ' Fernandez,. Jlepiiblican is given
second place. - : r"' : ; ' - V- V
'David Ewaliko, whb has been -"practically
in charge" of i th s local bemo
cr&tic-Home 1 Rule " fight stated this
morning that he believed that in the
firtt. district two out of the ; four .Re
publican candidates ' for ' the House
would be chosen. 1 He figures that Kor-
man Lyman and Dr. Huddy, ;formely
W. ... i . ,
. i
f AsaocIateU; Piesa "Cable!
;1 NEW0RK;CITY, N. Y., Nov. 5. Early. c!:et::;i r
turns show -Wilson leading but these returns canr,:t L: l:.!;
en as;final indication of his ultimate victory;
?f&'fy PiTsa Cable' ' :.f s '
thirty New York state districts, give' Wilson-21,01.7, l.
velf 10,263 and Taft 8174. V ; - -
WHITE'RIVER.JUNCT10NrVcrfriont;;ev;-5.-Porty-'U.n:h!'3 :f
I v C BALTIMORE Md;, Nov! 5-lt is estimated here that: Wits: n h;s c;-.
Cied the State of Maryland "by 40,C00. . ; :;;'vV;',: ; ' . , v ; ' .
NEW: YORK N. -rov. 5. "Boss" Barnes, the Republics n r -ager,
has conceded that Wilson will carry the State of New Ycrk fcy f i
-100,000 to 150,000. Straus, the Bull 'Moose candidate forCoverr;r, i; r-. .
ning third. : y-'v
s; f N EW YORK, N: Y,! William M. M cobV' chairman ef "-thei" bjrnccrjt:s
National Committee, telegraphs that .Wilson has carried . Massachu::it3
by 60,000 and Minnesota by 25,000. : v ; ; V . ,
. ''' Associated Press Cable r
ROME,'N. Yn. Nov. 5-Complete returns from this town given in t:
gubernatorial election, give William Sulzer, Democrat. 1519, Job He;: :.
Republican, 1352, and Oscar S. Stru Bull Moose, 1C51. Yhe same t:...i
in. 1910 gave. Dix Democrat, 1998; Stimson, Republican, 1722. :
I ROCHESTER; N.?Vl,VNov; 5ifty.fourd:strictsbut:of 9 5-.give Wii-
son 7282 Taft 6967, Roosevelt 5750. . - . , .
..a -V..; .".
' t.fBy Federal .Wireless. Telegraph
f ; BOSTON,' Mass., Nov.-5At 7 o'clock this evening in
dications Sare that Wilson Carried Massachu
Governor?Foss has' svvept all. before him, securing re-election
Dy at least:70,000j '
with Dr. Archer Irwin and Jim Ke poo;
of tne comomatroa slate, x in west Ha
waii he sees three Republicans or pos
sitly four; as the best choice. Holstein
is expected to lead, the 'ticket 'with
Kaa79 and Kaupiko iecond and third,
arid M. K. Makekau , in hard fight
for fourth place.
. MetzgeM Strong. ,
For the Senate D. E. Matzger is
By Federal Wire !esS Telegraph : - 'JITS
NEW YORK. N. YJNov. 5. Mr..; Georae W. Perkins I Fernandez on the Eenublican side. as
and Senator: Dixon concede all the eastern states to Wilson. bi9 runninf m,te: Bake
Their only hope for Colonel "Roosevelt now lies in a landslide
tor him'm the middle c west.
1 LOS ANGEHEW'Cai; IS. The' Earl' newspapers, which , have been ; en
thusiastic for " Roosevelt, 'have conceded Wilson's election.
" J - i L SAN FRANCISCO CaU Novi 5.-WUson Is conceded ;to . have carried
,n c ennth nf the PMomac. and Detanare. Kentucky. ' Maryland.
all k O . . V m - - " . ' " . . : - ' r , " ' r r
i Massachusetts, and, New Ycrk. Apparently; West Virginia and New Jer-
aey are also ln. lhtWUson column, The' electoral votes apparently total
17 for Wilson,. 29. for, RobseveJt 'and i 8 ": for.;.TafL' Pennsylvania -and Ohio
are doubtful, The i interior, of California and San Francisco are for Wil--.
son, but Los Angeles. County goes f on -Rcosevelt.
SAN" FRANCISCO, CaU Nov. 6. Registrar estimates Wilson's vote in
this city at 20,000.' Indications are that Northern California Is strong Wil
- son. Witscn- 12V Roosevelt 108, Taft 6, Fresno 8. San Francisco city
precincts give Wihmn 296 and Roosevelt 225.
'-'v.. . ; i ..... . '' -- i i
s -v SAN FRANCISCO,' CaCNov. 5. First precinct of Los Angeles re
'' turns Roosevelt 62,'Wilsoh 68; t)ebs 56, Taft 4.
i C SAN FRANCISCO, Cal, .Nov. 5. One hundred and eighteen of 455
I Los Angelee ,precincts return Wilson 70,057, Rocsevelt 65,041, Debs.1J87,
Taft 197. .... ' '
W'- iy (By .'Federal 'Wire less. Telegraph)
' INDIANAPOLIS, Ind Nov. 5. At 11, o'clock Republican State Chair
" man Goodrich conceded Indiana to the Democrats by 10,000.
, ' ; ' JT '-v VBy Federal Wireless Telegraph )
v ; ctNClNNATl,vOhiow!,Nov. 5. At 11 o'clock Governor Wilson leads
A Taft in his home city by about 1.000 cotes.
. . -The vote is about one-third co.unted.
A;, r c . '.-r;.y'A '' ' ;
LINCOLN, Neb. Bryan has sent a telegram to Wilson: "I most iieart
tlon. will prove a blessing to ' the ,nat upon 'election. I am sure-your elec
lly congratulate you and the countryion and a source of strength to ou;
' " '-' prty..T-;A -A:' A..j
' By Federal Wireless Telegraph
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal.v NOV. 5. Polls close at six p.m.
in California. . Vote reported heavy . Viomen turned out very
strongly for Roosevelt in Los Angeles. Wilson polls strongly
in Siiri Francisco and Alameda county.
. , Associntl frcss Cabl"
SACRAMENTO, Gal. Wilson and Roosevelt neck and
neck, Wilson likely to carry city.
Associate! Press Cabl.
. BOSTON, Mass. Wilson is running strong with Taft
second anr Roosevelt th:rd.
By Federal Wireless Telegraph!
DETROIT, Miph., Nov. 5. Early indications point to Wilson carrying
Michigan, although returns slow.
than has been anticipated.
(Continued from page two.)
u jj
. -
H The Rapid Transit Company it
tit announces that tonight cars on
tt all lines will 'run 'an hour longer tt
tt than the regular time for stop- tt
tt ping streetcar traffic. This will tt
tt enable people from the residen- tt
tt tial and outlying neighborhoods tt
tt to remain downtown. until a late.
hour, obtaining a fairly good idea tt
tt of the election results before re- tt
tt turning to their homes. tt
BALTIMORE, Md., November 5. The first two precincts counted hsrs -
give Taft 74, Wilson 305, Roosevelt 157. The same, precinct3 In 13C3 ive
Taft 341, Bryan 264. - - v
J BUFFALO, N.Y November 5 Complete : returns here "on : the prtsN
dentlal election give Wilson 2498, Raoseyelt 19,357, Taft 13,2C3. -
i-f. AV.:-i:i -1 A'Al"; 'X AAAA-' ' . - - - - &&i!xS : " ' 'i' " A'
v BOSTON; Mass November 5-Elghty city precincts give Wilson 13,.
07Rooevelt;enTaftJ21 '.,t '- -'
A ? AT LA N T A, G a N o ve m b e r 5 G eorgia 'ha gone cverwhelminjjy- for
wuson. . . t ' '. - ' ':"
' ' --'.'' -? i . , : (By" Federal ; Wireless TIr graph ) ; P-- : ' A-; A"'
; DENVER,fCol. Wilson hat carried Colorado by a plurality cf ZZr.
000 with Ammons on the ticket running with htm. Moose leaders concede
Roosevelt's defeat in the nation, though they claim he wil crry, Colorado,
fn complete returns give Wilson the following states; v New: York, Maine,'
Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Dakotr Maryland, Tennessee, Con
necticut, Kentucky, South Carolina, Delaware, Oklahoma; .Wisconsin Tex-
MMf misscuri, moniana, new njmpinire,.V(fciBr4u.1 "'s'v
A (By Federal Wireless Telegraph) AAA -CINCINNATI,
Ohio. Taft concedes Wilson's election.
; v ,-V.-.
Ry Federal Wireless Tlegrapii
SPRINGFIELD, III.. Nov. 5. Ten precincts city and county: Wilson
1073, Taft 603, Roosevelt 750.
I Oy Federal Wireless Telegraph
CHICAGO, III., Nov. 5. 296 precincts in Chicago:
Dunne 34,688, Funk 17,111.
Deneen 18,983,
I)v Federal Wireless Telegraph
- NEW YORK, N. Y., Nov. 5. Wilson has carried the entire East and
Powers Liniri
4- The first local returns? tonight
were from Waimanalo, where
McCandless was reported slight-
ly ahead of Kuhio, Colonel Sam
Parker leading for Mayor and
the se-natoriai ticket divided.
.Associated Prwss "Cable : 'A.AA'A'A: 'A;AA:A .A:
LONDON, England; November 5. The British foreign secretary today ;
declared that Great Britain' is. indisposed to dispute the rights of the Balkan
states to formulate their own peace terms.' ' . . .
VIENNA, Austria, November 5. An alignment of the Powers Is'evlA
dent as a result of the Balkan war. Great Britain, France and Russia wilt,
take one side, with Germany, Italy and Austria the other.' Austria fear
that the Allies will establish a path to the Aegean sea, which she wishes
for herself. ... - . ' ' ''...': - :'
ADRIANOPLE, Turkey, November 5. The Bulgarian troops are being
rushed on toward Corstantinoqle, with the Servians reinforcing the seige. .
BOSPHORUS, Turkey, Nov. 5. The Bulgarian trcops , havqf cut the
aqueduct and isolated the Turkish troops occupying the last line of forti-; ;
fications. - ' - . ; . '.J-V'- "
-J ., . ' - ' y ; ;
The management of the Moana llo
AssocitHl Press Cable tel announces a dance to be given this j
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal.. Nov. 5. Returns from three precincts show i evening in honor of the first-cabin I
that Wilson is running 10 to 7 ahead of Roosevelt. j passengers of the transport Thomas.
! ixxal Army, Navy, and society folk
(jContiuued on I'age 2.) jure cordially invited. advertisement.
These are the Star-Bolletln 'pltoDtAnanicnA for ..far., nrript efiA
elntion retnrns. Kin? either of these nnwhrr to rMinett tillb the
special elerlfeo ietarp sendee f the Honolulu Star-IinllcliH that A
will be malnfalnrd fhh eveninsr at Kepiihllcfn heatliiuariers torucr,
Fort and Merchant Mreet. and at The (.h.rion, rorncr ef Fort and
Hotel I reefs. f f -A ; A

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