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raronrpinniio unir f n republicans liK mpaii
I Kttuit iUUo Wilt II) iMTiiisii of voters
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.An extremely heavy vote cast with
iinosual quietne3 with practically no
flection-day rows at the polling pla
ces marks the end of the 1912 cam
paign In the "city and county of Hono
lulu. V
Heturns from all the town precincts
were received by the Star-Bulletin to
day, special arrangements being made
by this paper to get an early forecast
of the strength of the vote. Up to
noon the vote' was heavy enough to In
dicate that probably half of the voters
would cast their ballots by one o'clock
this afternoon,.
Little was heard from out-oMown
precincts Texcept. that the weather is
good and the vote is slow.-the voters
apparently preferring- to stand around
and discuss matters a good dear be
fore casting' their;, ballots,
1 The election .i$ the elly, is one of
the Quietest ever, lield, in'spite of the
big vote. Little liquor was .... in evi
dence i during the moratngi and. this
was a big factor In main taking, law
and order and making, the' voting rap.
id. The new i form of elctton ballot
provided by an- act of tue ;iast legis
latureby which very candidate has
his party designation before his name,
facilitated the roting. as tyyal party
men went straight down theHlcket
voting for the men opposite their par
; ty name. ft . t : -:: 'fr
Voting in the fth district: oftd in
the sixth seventh' and a .few other
Fourth district precincts- was " brisk,
but several Fourth district ; precincts
were very slow., - ... .
Party Headquarters Quiet,
V BotH the Reputlipan and Demqcr?.
tit iheadquartersv were ij'ulet all rfay
Jong, asrthe workers were out in the
pteclncts . The auto trade was active.
and hack ana motorcycles are aoing a
at noou today that'lhe election isg
Ing along to suit hirru, He sald' that
according to reports 'fronvlIawafcHhe
Big Island will return a majority for
McCandless. -t'
iRrcial Star-Bulletin Wireless)
HILO, Hawaii. Nov. .r. H. L.
Holstein, the Republican war
horse, today claimed that Dele
gate Kuhio will be given a ma
jority of 2.000 on this isiand.'He
says West Hawaii will elect a
solid Republican legislative
The closing rally of the Demo-
cratic party in this city last
night was an euthsiastic one.
while the . Republican meeting
was smaller in numbers and en
thusiasm. There Is today little
enthusiasm shown on 'either side
in the fight for delegate. The
vote Is reported as heavy.
publican county committee declared
that he had no reason to change bis
optimistic forecast of yesterday.;; ' -
Many rumors ; were started during
the : day, most of which ; proved
groundless, but 1 for some of which
there was ,a basis, of truth. For in
stance, it was reported that', Lorrin
Andrews had spoken - for "Democracy
.t the Democratic mass" melting at
Aala park last night . As a matter of
tact; he was seated on the platform,
but did not peak for ; Democracy, al
though G.t F. Alfonso, a veteran Re
publican , legislator, repudiated Kuhio
and practically denounced the Re
pnblicant organization. . J. i
Another report was that the Plant
ers' Association had ; received : a prl
vate cablegram 1 to , the ' effect , that
flourishing business." -; Roosevelt's election is certatn.' This
Chairman Betrara 'TirvehburgnTon rerjort aroused much . interest and
the Democratic county committee Paid f was heralded -with - jor by -Republi
Chairman B. i'btvlDdmm of the' Re liull. Moose. '-.
cans who have! been, fearing Wilson's
election. Several j cablegrams - were
undoubtedly received' by local busi
ness men -whose names,- cannot be
given prophesying, victory for the big
j -1: :.
Precinct Siim
1 ( First Precinct,- Fourth1 District. I
; Yctlns at Kalmuki was going along
'"J culctly, this morning 1 withll? rotes
4 cut cf 4'x 3 ! registered vcast UtS :33
K. o'clock.- and a telenhone ..renort: -to-
a ard noon stating1 ihatnri6rethafi 200
GiC3 tad1 then been cast. It was ev
ident that there would be some split
tickctv votlns, psxtlcularty ron the u
1 c rvj?orla.l ticket, and 1 Sam Hardest),
I ;r. tcrzt, seems- to Itf -getting the
.Lcr.cfit of it -, 1 ' : . ;.-
C At Kalmuki 2S3 votes ont of 401 ireg-
J:-,: erect" had been cast at 2; SO this aft
j.. ...crnoonv. 1 . '-'.'.;.V-y.
Second Precinct, Fourth' District i
. Delay in getting, up instrtctioni to
voters In the booths kept the ballot
jrg from beginning "here until 8:20
; V o'clock; and complaint was made that
X" one of the Democratic electlqn offi-
; clals appeared - to ; be entirely, unfa
, miliar with his duties and delayed the
5. votInj, seriously. , At 4 ; o'clock- only
;tS votes had beea cast out of 383 reg
' Jstered. :x ' -i v. ': ' -' -
ResistrtUon 2G5ballota cast at 2:10
i .V'. nt, 275. ' Voting ,w-as - very ; quiet
vl- here; 190 ballots had heen cast at 12
' ' o'clock noon, the first ballot .of A the
'-day, being cast at 8 :20 thU morning,
-'j- So faj as partisan observers can see
vh the ' Democratic" '' and; 'Republican,
v'J strength appears about evenly divided.
Seventh Precinct Fourth District fi
'''Vi Out of a total registration of 311,
V 225 Electors' tad- cast -their vote at 2
, T o'clock this afternoon. , Balloting -Is
-o lively, with no trouble encountered
't! 'and no time being lost. - 'V .. '
ing failed to provide enough voting
instructions, etc.. V'-V'K' '
, ,'At 1:0 this afternoon 314 votes had
beeh cast. .This t leaves. a balance of
ITS ;ta account, ?orfthe full , reglstra-;
'&Jt PrteineOourth blstrlct"'
: i i Polls - were established; at Wilder
V"'. avenue and Punahou street on the the
?,s ; ery.'that the upper 1 Manoa voter
'y - would cast their ballots' asr they came
. down town and, got Off at the street
' :V carx Junction, but the balloting went
: slowly in spite of ils 3 Arrangement
f ; At 11:05 a'clock 140 but;ol6o ballots
, , had been cast i Five, booths: only out
.'r Voflx were In use the authorities hav-
Fourth Precinct Fourth District. ,
; . This was , one of the, quietest pre
cincts, of the fourth district: At 10j 55
Oclock 145 out-of ZW ballots had been
cast and the serenity was all pervad
ing. The polls were almost deserted
and party workers reported that the
voters had already -made up; their
minds before coming to the polls and
could not be changed: J. " i ; ::rs
Fifth :PrecInct Fourth District.:''
Thomas Square, the polling place.
was quiet an day, At 10:45 o clock
120. out, of 332 registered vbtes had
been cast .The Republican oreclnct
club set up a marque in a couple of
hundred feet : from tne polling place
and dispensed eoft . drinks -and kind
werds.to all alike; not drawing the line
at Democrats, r Lr faetf such' a lead
ing Democrat as William "Wolters par
took of "feoda water at the Invitation of
those - In charge. Billy" Thompson,
C. GBallontyne, Lawrence Judd, com
mitteeman for the precinct, and oth
ers, were, in charge of getting out the
vote and made complete arrangements
for doing so. v : . ... j. -:
A Republican ' badge , wearer J said
that Bartlett was not very strong. :
Sixth; Precinct, Fourth District
' At10:40 o'clock today the rbrewery
precinct" was .voting aviong-lihe of
men steadily, and 195 out of ,445 votes
had been cast' .with the line moving
rapidly, through, the " polling ' places.
-' There was .no evidence of disorder
and a police 'officer kept up a, show
of authority when.electloneerlng.near
tne pons oecame too obvious. Charles
G. Bartlett' candidate for. supervisor,
was keeping a watchful eye 1 out at
this precinct . The clerks ' reported
(Continued on page 3.)
Throws Terrible Burden onthe
. Transport Service Overrated
,;asNew Arnri: ;
,r v PARlSj Sept : 27.Reginald Kahn,
,an authority on aviation," writes to
; the Temps that a very great mistake
' has been, inade in sending . aviators
to Morocco, .where they ... are out ? of
, place. Let them be brought back: to
: France, he says, where their place is
on the eastern frontier. In Africa they
can only; continue vto make flights
"oL a merely sporting , interest along
' ; x :r 'the coasts. . Aeronautics no longer
V - o have.anyneed of such an advertise
.-:,. ". inenti" - v ; , . , . .'--y.j
M f.i-.Kano contests the right of air-
( :.'k' ' ''traft'-to the title of a new, arm," as
i - v ':Pr to the present Its, offensive value
: -1 !'V Is ctognlsed as negligible.. It is true
; thatCa, bomb-dropping competition is
; iu prosress; but its conditions are not
Is :.""i';-'V ;"jthose ofwar,: and the experience of
"VV X, the Italians In Tripoli has shown that
-v - -tbe moral and material effect of ex
"iV ploslves-Vdropped from aeroplanes is
-j K -; The services that the aeroplane can
!'.vinfle,say:M.l:Kann, are, first the
' : -: discovery of hc enemy's batteries ;
J V-ndlv. -strategical and tactical
VtConnal5sanccs; thirdly, it may serve
as a means of communication between
columns acting separately.' The aero
plane throws-a terrible burden upon
the transport depsrtment The Sasa
blanca aviation -section took with it
ninety . tons of materialrand the trans
port o? such a load up-country .of fers
an insoluble problem,
Mauna Kea Back With Voters.
. Vflters returned as passengers in
the Inter-Island steamer Mauna Kea
from Hilo this morning. This vessel
brought a few travelers and ' a very
light cargo. The vessel mot with
fair weather and moderate seas. .
Purser Phillips reports the steam
er Helene at Ookala. and the Keau-
Jhou, Kauai and Wailcle at Hilo.
luftf- ar- f21 vf.ts in the electoral
t vii. i,t wh-i. h a nisjority. ct
th rivatfcit uiifui.t-r of lrcfirai
Jut-. 4f.. ahilt- ftwrul Stater have
as Hilt--. IIHWJII, U.S it It-Ill
;t.ry. no .t t tral vit'. I ht fol
DIaaa Cr...nA Urtlrlrv 15 . AO I . Cf-Ht fit I TOnimi 1 1 SO
r UlUUt oquaiL nuiUd uitai . , pr iU-esidio od'u-er ror'.N.wintr lable shows iie Hectorul vm
ria.. Na. 5. Witson carries rioriita by AQfiTfc
CrowdSpeakers Are
NEW YORK. N. Nov. 5. Thd New Ywrk National . Democratic .
t Committee claims returns at T o. m. indicate ' Wilton . carries New York.
one of the hipgest Republican meet- by States, ami wH le valuable n e-i Mamehuuttt, Maryland and MalneVThls added .to . 134 votes of solid f
lags ertr ona in llJcr ichuuii. r innawun me i uo ( ftoutn to loiai io, leaving enijr au (naic.ncmMrj. t
Delegate Kuhio had gone to waiama luesaay nigin. ior me aiaies wumae
Five thousand people at a conserva
tive count crowded the Palace Square
grounds last night for the closing rally
the Republican campaign, Etayei
through intermittent showers until
long after eleven o'clock, and altogetn
cr afforded the Republican leaders
complete satisfaction and more confid
ence tnan tney uave naa rrom any
meeting for the entire campaign.
Speaker after speaker was given
warm applause. However, the applaiue
was not so satisfactory to the cam
paign managers as the deep and re
spectful attention accorded to those
who spoke.
The Democratic meeting at Aala
Park was larger in point of numbers
during the early evening, but the num
bers of voters, according to an esti
mate made, was not as- great as the
number that attended the JRepublican .
rally, while the Aala park meeting was
noisy and half s those present were,
occupied in exchanging heated politi
cal views among themselves than in
listening to the those, on the platform.
Palace Square . was ' all the blaze of
glory that J.vWalter-Doyle, , the- Re
publican publicity director, had prom
ft a short meeting there, and did not big electoral votes are obviously the
rp.srh Honolulu asain until nearly ten most important to carry:
o'clock, and there was some stringing Alabama
cut of the speeches and pictures In rliona
order to hoid the big crowd. C.eorge ( Arkansas
Davis was the first speaker, and he j California
u-fls ff.llowprf hv A. I). Castro, with Col. i Colorado
Sam Parker-and Collector or Intt-inal
Revenue Cottrill delivering the main
address of tha evening, though Kuhio's
speech naturally held the center of
leusational interest. "
The. speakers were usually eloquent
and forceful, and this, coupled with
the excellent class of moving pictures
handed out by Eddie Fernandez, l,)t
thecrowd without any difficulty.
Mr. Cottnill made a strong speech
foi Republicanism, apd incidentally
made an election-eve prophesy that
President Taft will be returned to of
fice. He spoke in hearty eulogy of Taft
and of his work for the Republican
party and the country at large. f
;Andrew Cox followed Cottrill, and
Kuhio followed Cox. The most Im
portant part of Kuhio's speech l imb
lished . In another column of this is
see. The delegate urged the voters'
to cast their ballots for the entire Re
publican ticket and especially to elect
.J Wilson 1018, Taft 925 and -Roosevelt 426.
1-1 . . ' ' L
Nov- 5. Sixteen out of 2215 State precincts olvs
. j
OES MOINES la Nov. 5. Estates from sU scattered
indicate that Roosevelt has a slight lead in this State." .'s- -
.... 4
Ised. Electric lights7 of many colors j & republican legislature. He declared
were strune around the touare anil fthatv his reord in Congress is an open
glowed In the. trees, the'; bandstand, jbook, ttat he is not afraid to aik for
where the speakers, candidates ani
musicians were seated was lighted by j
many additional bulbs, and the almost
coutinnous bursting of, big sky rockets
kept the square light as day for mon
utes at a time. '
: The . torchlight procession arrived
reelection on the basis of what he has
done. ...
A, S. Kaleiopu, George F. Kenton,
W. T.; Rawlins, Charles F. Chilng
worth and several others spoke during
the evening ;
:- A number, of the candates made
. -: '. (Continued from Paje 1) ; v
promptly on time, and the meeting short addresses.- uawnns maae a nu
opened about 7:30 o'clock. Robert W. in his plea for the election of Cant.
Shingle1, chairman - of the territorial j Robert Parker as Sheriff .
s "Soap-box? 'Barron was the cause
of some friction this morning at the
polling-placeof the ninth precinct of
the: Fourth; district the polling place J
of; which is at the central fire station.
- Accordingta. a report which reach
ed Republican headquarters shortly
1-efore iten. TO'clock the soap-box ora
to.r 'had ,platedi himself , In the voters
line an4 ; was preaching Democratic
doctrine Whenever, "anv attempt was
made to!, puj him -lout .or the line for
electioneering closer to the polls than
the law, allows, Barron .would refuse
to get out on the ground .that, he wis
walting,to,typte.5,-Insteadjof 'voting,
however, he stayed in Uneand elec
tioneered'. About :vten '. o'clock - he
I finally ;wexjJU iv heJ)ooth o y6te.-5 v
l'l toIBan-pnTtbat if . be "AUn't stop
Jits- dirty slurs and quit electioneer-
lngl4 wpujdtake off. my coat and we'd
R'epubUcan Jvoter,;who is about tlie
sUe-f y the, soap-box ;7 Demosthenes.
Then he1 shult up.V saylbg he? didn't
jneaa . h.Is slurs'- that way,- He broke
piip) iayr. openly: In-order to - help, boost
tne -lyemocra;.
Idaho T
Maryland S
Massachusetts .....18
Michigan :;-..15.
Minnesota 12
Mississippi ;..10
Missouri .18
Montana ; .'. ....,.... 4
Nebraska , . . , i . S
Nevada. i .'. U , : Z
Newj Hampshire -4
New Jersey .-v. v. 14
New Mexico . . . . ....... ..... . ; 3
New ; York .:' ;.......-,...... . ..'.43
North Carolina ... . . . ........ ... .12
North. Dakota ... .5
Ohio ..... . .. . ...... . . .rt. 24
Oklahoma ; i ... 10
Oregon- 5
Pennsylvania . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . ; . .38
Rhode Island ..................... "
South Carolina ......... rf.'.A.v . 0
South Dakota -:. . .. ,-v ..:...,. T. ... 5
Tennessee .......... .. . . . . : . . ; . I .12
Texas ........ . . I. ; . 20
Utah V. . .... ... . . . v. 4 4
Vermont . . . . . . . ........ 4
Virginia . ....... w ;12
Washington .... ; , ; 7
West.. Virginia 8
Wisconsin ... ,. . . v . ; ; . ... . . . . . . ; 13
Wyoming- .V. ........... 3
: Total, 531 ; ". necessary to : elect, 266.
CINCINNATI, O.. Nov, 5.--$Ixty 0 5211: precincts In this State givo
3 Wilson 2328. Taft 1721. and Roosevelt 1057. , ! i; ;
NEW YORK, U. Nov. 5. McCombs claims the states of Maine and
New Jersey and the solid south for Wilson. , : ' :
For ZSh?ritt the betting is even be
tween : Ktolanul and Pua, Ewaliko
Buys that Pau will win; while Kealanul
has Just as many tupportera.j" Pua has
been 1 bitterly attacked, on acount : of
failure"., to ' make arrests In certain
ct:ses where'; men . of high.stanaing
were concerned,: but has defended him
self through the fact that he has acted
apoa the : a,dyic ; of the county attor
r.eyv T He is sakl o .be weaker in Koo
and ICau than last- year. ;butto tiaVe"
mended some of his fences in the lat
fei. district lu the last few'.days. Hiri
Sh4 Waiakea will go "strong for ICeOla
nul this : year,'; which will make some
difference though lie., mtist.- pick up
strongly, as An . the last ; campaign, he
was beaten bjr 725 vote's v v
It is reported that there' are 'several'
cates in which , men 4,havexreglsUred L
ut; two precincis waico;. may icause
trouble at the' polls and the watches
will be -onldokout for vanyJ work ; of
this kind . Sheriff Pua," who has vbeen
making his campaign apart from .the
otber candidates,- will Lhave -his own
watchers and with' his control of the
police will leave no - Jooptiole . f or trick-
'viln the local supervisor fight it ik .ex-'
pfcted that :the four . regular ca nili
dntea, Jphn prpwn and John .Ross, on
the Republican, ticket, and David Ewa
liko 'and Manuel Pacheco, on. thi op
posing combination,: will . be close to
gether, with . the odds ; rather in favor
of the last ftwo -mentioned, ' but Ross
having a fair chance. asthe result of
the -number of Hawaiian t candidates.
The two independeutsv Oibrinha'and
Kealoha ,arer both out of the race, save
for hurting the Republican candidates,
whlcn they, are sure to do" ,!,.'
rFor the offices . of County . Clerk,1
County Auditor, County Attorney; Kal,
Maguire and Bejers are certainties. '
Kuhio Far In Lead.r-
The Delegate fight on this Island Is
bound to giveKuhio a big majority.
Two years ago thevote wag: Kuhio,
1787; McCandIess762; Notley, 446.
Ttis year it is doubtful if Notley poils
over 150 while there are about 250
more votes to be cast. From a very
conservative estimate it- looks as
though there would be about 3075
votes cast which. ' with Notley's 150
eliminated, will probably be divided as
follows: McCandless 1150; Kuhio,
1930. This would give kuhio, 780 maj
ority. There figures are extremely con
servative from the Kuhio standpoint
and the chinces are good that he will
come much closer to ' 1000 majority
tlian to the 780 mentioned.
Entered fKecortf NoTember 4, 1912,
.:;aiJt1'BklQ:30'a. m.!to 4:30. p. m. .
NadJne'.C -Bodge , and hsb . to Bish-
'sop & C& ,".'. :.:.." i .'iV. ;v. .
Thos Steward, to Henry Smith; Tr
Wm -Cluney. to Caroline M sCiuney.
Virginia Santos to Sao, Martlnho.
. 'Ben Soc of H .. .
it !D; Esterfcaax to Mercantile. Tr.
v Ajor a tr .-vif ....... ... . . . AWvBtcknell r (R) ; . .-...' , . .V;V. ; . v 3461
Victoria Ward by Atty, to. HatUe j : ; j ? ' Treasurer. V w-t
:tKamantfulai. . .. : . . . '.ParRel shfnsrip rn t - :' -. ' :'
:.' 5-. ; ' '. -i.'i.:. ..- - 'j
, , Two years agothe Republican tick
et "swept Oahu, ,1 losing irthe ' mayor,
sheriff and one member of the '' board
of supervisors. .The fight between Joe
Fern and John Lane was' a close and
sensational one,, the result? not being
known until noon of the day after the
election, when one precinct, tbe four
teenth of the fifth district, gaf evFern
a tig : vote .-and : pulled him ; ihrough
with a majority of 52 votes t rF ? D
vTh"wljmiiig' city .andi-county rcan-didateartwoyears-
agojv thejc psrlx
(Republican or Democratic! and their
vote follows: '4 'i-, ii
Mayor. r.: h.
Fern (D) vr. .'... V.', 320$
LaneMR -:r:::v.::i..i:.rZi5i
' i-lSypervIsors-'O
Arnold (R)
Dwighti (R) . 'Vs?itSSj;l't:i
Kruger (R) i . . . v ; i : . i .7 ; . . . . , . 3463
lx)w ( Ft ) ' 3TdT
McClellan (D) ; ...'....,-..73264
(R) i.tc..;vv7;;v, 3292
r;;' Sheriff.- ;
Cox (R)-.., ....... .A. . ' i'. . , . . .2850
Jarrett (D) .V ; . '. . v ; ; y. . . ;.'. . .' 3564
City and ?Ccunty -Clerk
Baker (D) l.i:. i f . 2283
Kalauokalani (R) ... 3764
i ' ,,- -.- '-A utlitor.- - -f
Anderson (D) . . r . V.v.v 2744
LINCOLN, Neb Nov. 5. William yJenlngs Bryan'a
gives Wilson 77, Rooseveit 47 -and Ta ft 2.
home precinct
ST. LOUIS, Mc Nov. 5. Speaker Champ Clark was re-tscted to the
House as a result of today's ballot..-'-.. . -: -''''. . ' ' v-.
BOSTON, Mass., Nov. 5. In the contest for : governor of Matsachu- ;
setts 461 but of 1102 state precincts give : Bird 41,42V Fot 7832, and
Walker 43,930. ; . - - ' ' V-.- :X - -; : . ' ' "i"
MILWAUKEE, Wis, Nov. -Ea rly- and Incomplete returns Indicate
that woman's suffrage : has been defeated In Wisconsin;- V ; - .
- 'OYSTER BAY,' N.r V, No.' 5-Rooseyelt carried Hong Kong by a plur
ality of 292. The' vote stood Roosevelt 510, Wilson 218, Taft 67.
394, Roosevelt 165. ;
Nov. S.-Pive state jsreclncts give Taft. 477, WlUsn
; .WASHINGTON, O. C Nov. 5. The Washington TTImes concedss Mr.
Wilson a tremendous. sweepyr?
TRENrONp N.V J;: Nov. 5 EariyTindications are that Wilson "carrlss
hltwn state by 75 per;cent.f;' '??y,.'tr???'
- " NEWVORKrN. ; Nov.: S-McCombs, Democratic mana-jsr, c:n
cedes Illinois to Roosevelt' y ' " !.'
" INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Nov. 5.Twenty-seven. Stats precincts seTcft
2033, .Wilson .3987,. Roosevelt 2314. : . ". ; 'T " , . : ' 1
r PHILADELPHIA, Pa. Nov. 5. All city; precincts givoTaft 1211, Wit-
COLUMBUS, O.,? Nov. sL Chair man Douherty cf the C:::r;':
State Central Committee says: The, State of phio;has cant Cc.v.::rit.s
by a large majority.". : ".' - s
' - ' : - . wm ' t . V ...IL
. ; a a a--rx 1 4. 4. :x -f.4- I w- treasury siapiy .s...
tZ?S& for tha title 'to tt?
4 : -:
:; 3296
Sarepta A
E ,Coit :IIobron tal to Yin Fat. .
Amero. Ahdrade and wf to Hong
v"Quon .'..'. . v. i ...'..
Mary ,R Koakanu to Simeon . K
- ilft&- ?-"'"". if mr 4 "V r
Maria .F Diniz to John - Dinlz. ...
Gulick to Mrs Lucy . Trent (D). . ; . . . ; ,
' j-.5 'y - "
4 First case's ;.y...;vU33,0Od.OO
Second - case T . ;V. 'I i 1 71,679.82 -f
4k Third case , 49,872.00
V,Total vtii lr; .:;;;'.S23,55U2.
itotaC appropriation fdr; Federal 4-
"4 Site;; $35(M)O0. jV :
-fAmountr of appropriation .remain: 4
: ; ing $93:448.18. . , ; ; - 4
4- Fourth and final award wll be 4i teen fill, .and will r.
v ;E. O. JIall fe.Son building site 4
4- .v- owners, r ' v ; -" "','-'- V ''
4 444; 4 4 4 4- ;4'4 4 4 4 4- 4-X-
' ' - :- i :',! v .:
From ; the figures ' 1 given above It
may easily be guessed that the amount
Congresshas said might' be invested
In purchasing a federal building site
in Honolulu will be greatly inadequate.
Though this ' sum of $350,000 is gen
erally discussed as : an , appropriation,
the term is so used meely as easy
reference. -The-: appropriation has not
yet been made, but the Secretary -of
for a yaluatlon of not core thir.
000.' ;it ,f.::.:; ,,'' ' . .
.The;U:O..IIr.,.l site. t - T- k.
sought as a part cf tt2 i
Ins .slte la ' popularly . c
be worth far in cccri c! t
remainics In ,t.3 . "rrrr; r: .
ter ; kwardi ha?e I .
other owners, in ace
figures r:t by th : :
But ncr.e cf the: 3 r.
al aprroriatlcn h nr. o '
wljlch 13' expectc J r,;: 3 :
the next .'session cf t).'t '
likely that when ths f;;'-, r
Lthe proceed! ns3 In tl ? I: .
court are prsscntea to l
the iapproprlatlc-i ,Lil! 13 i .
deration, the apprcprl-t::r.
made' greater Itzn tt authcr;
of $330,000. -
- The figures" girrn. a:ov9 s:.c
$133,000 is-the t!;!:est aw-rJ yet
v:':-;YCantov;'J ci rri k)
' .tw an4 rmu ' AtMAu
r .
-u4 , ' P" Deputy Sheriff; - ' T
-Rose (D) . .. '.v . .- .
U Cimarsnn Dt : ' ;
Complexion of ri .lrs la 1- ".
Alabama -:-
f 1 . r 1 f l. f A T . It T.
fflOT". .7. .. cm! legislative figures
Caesar Gomes and .wf to Luiza IN FLFHTinN flP 1Q1 fl tmn ; t auhahn
themselves definitely in the boh Moose Illinois
Gomes , ,
Jordan Alyesy- Gdn to Ernest F
Agular'. .....'
Thos Hollinger and wf to Ernest
John J Combs Tr and wf to Hen
ry Waterhouse Tr Co Ltd......
Trent Trust Co Ltd to Becky
Cockett ... .
John" Emmeluth to Yuen Wen
Hing et al
Elizabeth J Knight and hsb t o
Fanny Strauch
Entered, of Kecord NoTeinlier 5, 1912,
From 4:30 a. m. to 10:30 a. ni.
A S Madeiros to S Chicamori. . . . L
A S Madeiros to Ikeda Toraki-
chl L
Lai Hip to Trs of Hilo Burns
Club L
Chuck Hoy and wf to Loo En
-i'l . ' . !..:..:. ..... .-. . .
2971 J .Below Is furnished some information
of .past1 presidential , ' elections. The
3426 vote for, president is; glveri for the last
2695 three elections; iogether - with , the , 4
. states as they ,IIned upy in the ; Repub California
3030 ncan Or ' Democratic 'Column in 190. uoioraflo
2Z10 it wur De ' interesting to see ; now- me ,vtnnecucui , .
tXl .total vote of 1ST12 compares with that Delaware j. '..
' . '.AAA . , "' . A I. lTt Mni A -
or lauaiiua now many. Biaies uwivcu'iuuu ,...,...........
from the Republican to .the. Democrat- Georgia r
Republican legislative - candidates ranks,
swept the field two years ago, the fol
losing being the figures-for the sen
ators and representatives:
, J .. . 1 Senators. '
1M Brown, Cecil (R) 3729 Wm. McKInley (R)
ChiUIngworth, C. F. (R 3894 W. J; Bryan (D) . .
" Judd, 7 A. F. (R) . .- . 3550 J. G. Woolley (Pro)
Kaleiopu, A. S. R .... . . . . . 2972 "V7. Barker (MP) : .
u The nearest Democratic candidate EL V.; Debs (Sec D) ...
was W. S. Edings with 2320 votes. 1J. F.; Malloney (Soc. L)
'i "4
Representa tires.
Fourth District.
Kamanoulu. J. K. (R)
Long, E. A. C. (R)
Marcallino, A. Q. (R)
Towse, Ed (R)
Watkins, Norman (R)
Williamson, William (R)
In this district the nearest
Ellen Bicknl to -Chuck Hoy ParRel crttic candidate wa3 Fred
F. R. Leonard (UC) .
Seth H. Ellis (TJR) ....
. 1897
. 2147 1901.
. 2037
. 1936
. 2052
. 1949 T. Roosevelt (R)
Demo- Alton B
Kalihi Taro & Land
Agnes C Weaver
Co Ltd to
with 1321 votes.
Fifth District.
Archer, F. K. (R)
Castle, A. L. (R)
I Seaweed Goes Into The Soup
Then bales of seaweed, gathered by c
Evidently decidinc that foreiieht Is .v5rt,: pi.uc k,k :n -orrea, o. i iti)
better than -hindsiffht" Norman Lv- u.. . a ... .k Fernandez, E. K. (R)
" i iiic unrui, ncie suippcu uui uii tuc
nanf supervisor, in the Puna district Mexico Maru when the vessel lert for
I Hawaii and candidate for election as a i tne Far Ea,t a coupie Df days ago. Tt
, legislator from that island, yesterday . wni be made lnto soup and ls regarded
anernoon sent to uoemor rrear d :ar tne finest kind of a deiicacv. The
wireless his resignation from the sup- Chinese have some special process for
en i bona i jo . nis reiigna was preparing the seaweed for shipment
sent in response to a mess-ae seni!and on reaching ( hina it is readily
mm oj iue uoernor. I bought up "by the Celestials for making
ii is Lyman men rerusai to accept scup.
Parker (D
Tdrrill E. V. Debs (Soc) ...
wC y w i V-
p w 1 1 c n
...... . ... . .Republican
Indiana .Vi ...'.; Republican
Iowa '-...1 . ;V. r .Republican
Kansas Republican
vral iKpntnpVr . : ''"2 i2 1 '2 ; Democratic
Vote,: Vote; Louisiana ..... . r . . . :, Democratic
'....W0723892-Malne..-;.vv.,;':.i. Republican
lo5 Maryland . ........ Split
f..'.Ma8sachuseths ... Republican
1. Michigan ",.:.4.'." Republican
; .. Minnesota k . .'. .. ..... Republican
; .ITWissIssippI. ,...T. . Democratic '
Missouri 22 j. , .V - Republican
.Montana ". .i .'. . . . Republican
Nebraska . I .......... - Democratic
;iNevada -'v.". ........ Democratic
To-Elect-Kewx Hampshire Republican
tal V oral 'New Jersey ,'..'...".';......'. Republican
Vote. Vote.' New York Republican
7lC23,486 336 North Carolina .V.V.. .Democratic
140 North Dakota ;..v Republican
Ohio . .-.V.I.. . . ... . . . . Republican
658,133 '
50.373 87314
' 5,698 .
Silas' C. Swallow ;(Pro)
Thos. E. Watson (Peop)
1680 C. H. Corrigan (Soc.L)
. 258,536
. 117,183
. 31,249
Kanekoa, C. K. (R) .
Mahoe, S. K. (R)
In this district the
.. 1805
. . 1794 j
. . 1588
.. 1503'
Demo- w.
Oklahoma i. . . . '. ;v.Vv'. .4. . ; Democratic
Oregon . . . . . Republican
Pennsy 1 vaai ia ; . . . . . . ; . . ' Republican
Rhode Island Republican
South Dakota. Vi. :ie .:
Tennessee .. 72
cratic candidate
with 1370 votes.
H. Taft (R)
Per C.-A. S. S. Makura. from Syd
ney, via Auckland and Fiji. For Ho- the advice of Attorney Carl Carlsmith.
coiuiu: Mrs. Wood, E. F. Webster, which was given Lvman and another
Mrs. Webster, Miss H. Webster. Mas- candidate a few days ago to the effect
ten F. Webster, Miss Crucksnank. that they could not be compelled by
Miss r . Cruickshank, Mrs. A. W. law to resign from their present public , is. back from Hawaii by the way of
fm- Mrs- M- J- aiKer, e. Haig, jiotitions in order 4o be legal candi-lTLue Maui ports. The vessel returned
juisa . .asn. miss is. xvasn, u. Ko- dates for the legislature. Lyman evl-
'. Winchester. M. iL Ivluiler. ilpntlp mvp the Kiir?PsHnn rnrpfnl rnn.
Muller, Miss Ll Muller, J. C. sideration. for his 1 resicnation came
uruce. airs, unice. Miss B. Bruce, only at the last moment. Ife -on-Miss
G. Bruc. Miss W. Devereaux. eluded not to take the risk of cmbar,
F. M. Duncan. J. Welch, T. Fcnton. r?sslng complications.
Claudine in a Day Ahead of Schedule.
One day ahead of the regular sched
ule, the Inter-Island steamer Claudine
was Edward Like w. J. Bryan (D
E. V. Debs (Soc)
E. W..Chafin (Pro) ....
Governor Wilson has stated that no Thos. E. Watson (Peo).
men with "axes to grind" can contrib- Aug. Gilhaus (Soc.L) ...
ute to the Democratic campaign fund. Thos. L. Hisgen (Ind)..
Kyan and August Belmont have taken t
To- Elect
tal oral
Vote. Vote.' Texas ,
7.678.908 321 Utah .'. '. i. . . .
6,409.104' 162 Vermont, j....
420.793 .. . . Virginia I . . . .
253,84ft ... Washington -.
29,1 00 " . . West Virginia
13,825 ... .Wisconsin,',-. .
82,872 ..Wyoming
. . Republican
. ; Republican
:Z'i Republican
r. Republican
...I Republican
light, there being but a few passen-J For the benefit of voters who have
gers and a small cargo. The Claud-registered under the wrong precinct
ine, met ,with fair weather on the or have misspelled their names the
homeward trip. This steamer rowed board of registration will sit in the
the Araericau schooner Prosier from upstairs corridor of the Capitol Build
Kbului tp sea on last Saturday. 1 ing all day next Tuesday, or from
8:30 to 5 p. m., to authorize correc
tions, enabling such electors to cast
their; ballots. The announcement is
made public by Chairman Samuel F.
Chillingworth. of the board, in paid
advertisements today.
A private cable received this morn-
? : .s
ing from. New York and posted at sev
eral places downtown, including the
Commertiat Club, says that the elec
tion of Theodore Roosevelt looks cer
tain theoe. - - - ';
"Theiie Is no realism In that, play."
"Oh, yep, there is. They're making
reI momey at the bov office.1. ;"-.
"Wonian is the equal of man.T.?No ;
doubt. fAnd when it comes' to. talking
she's gpt him beaten.- " ; '. . I

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