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""? Chinas Nov.
For 8.F.J
; Hono.-Mong. Nor. 13.
From Yanroitrri
; Makura. Dec 4. r
Fer-YaocoBTers ;
Zealand la, Dec. 2. . , '
II M- I. KM I: M M
r1 S5v ;VXJ vv
w' "? ' ( ,
' P . i i.ii si M U u .y
Krenfng bullelin. Est. 1482.' No. 6387.
Hawaiian Sur. Vol. XX. No. 6427.
pnicr: FIYB CZi:3'
i .A i if J in: .! J . v I. . RN , J . ..- hi , J I ! J
. . -v.- ..' r"T".. -x, . r- ! - - " -; ' -,
hm)Ml&w :r - i :il i.
H Will Let P-:::z 7 :
. . . . . . ' v. - . . J ,
""" " . . . . ; . : ; . .... . . . " . ' .: . V . .. ' ' .
- Party Fund Smell, and Person
;; ;al Expenses, Smaller' Still,
; : Paid by Himself ;;.:;;;;
De?cKatc Kuhio s re-ejected! tt
Conrrets at. an cx; ilture; of -less
than 91 00 of Ueublican campaign
luQds. aoa hi pergo&ai expenses ran
lar ;iclow that figure. . Such Is the
.gtaleir.cuf ' today . of Robert W.
tjhlpplo, chsJnnan. of the Republican
' Tcrrltcrial central committee, backed
uj by Cocumf ntary , proof. vv" '
Two ,ycar ugo, according to - fig
urcst pjoken of at that time by. those
tlcse to the campaign management.
something like $l(t,000 was 6pent In
the TcnirorlRl r&rapalgn. A. U'C. At
kiLbon.vj i..a:xncr.cf the territorial
tari an,;'r.d funds were plentiful":.
This yczr Kuhio not only inferaed
the conmUU? that he wished, to de
fray his own r'rfcr.-l expenses, but
l;e fend all tl.ose c :.:)ccteduwlth:lhe
niacage nctt . t re C c chared to have
confined tf.e ex; . :;l;ture cf funds to
printing, tro-r.-r; rttlon and such In
tidcnia! cr.!.!? end wireless mes-
id in
. I row.
. C!l tl -
t o v r.s t
:s (
TI .rr v : 5 r.a "fcarrer open
t!.o. Il'; :.:icsi ; Territoria?
y t j in a position to
s found thiy
. IX z ;;nd cuchcs
-1 rt woik n;r;
- .. a t-t iy
u:: - two yer
j ' 2r. -'' . ' ' ' . ,
t . ? Hc'ru! lica i
. v .1
.. . i. .!v 'V,
'.' a c
- v . U
h-j .-j
Wireless from . West; Hawaii
Urg;ng Contest. Is Not :
:a t.
ti to . .
a cc:t cf
cttcr larc.1 t...:i la tLe ttateistnt will
1 2 -..the c:.; cf hlrlr. ' a ppecfa!
train cn tl- " "3 rillru I to brirs In
CO'J voters ire I.u,:. -doe and oth
f r ' precincts ; '"n.r t: a read to tnt
meeting at Hi.. TLio v.. . inaie nec
CEEary by itz rincc's tu-Jea. Ainest.
whieh forced a cancelation. 'of cam
I'sin uatc:: : Ttc Lgure. 1 name(
aove includes postage; and cniaiV in
cideutals. ; . ' i.' v.-
"Of courEe the delegate borp hi;
rmonal expenses, as he Informed tb
ccrnnaltteo he preferred to do. He pak
these from his own .pocket 1 expeel
to make public tomorrow a detailed
itatement - ... " ..'
' CommentlrT cn the election results
throughout t; 3 territory, Mr. Eiiinsle
called attention ' to the fact . that re
vised figures give Kuhio a majority of
over ll'OO. .; - f;;
"The t Republican party has been
generally upheld throughout the ter
ritory he raid. !We have eighteen
members of the house and nine of th
CC'sCed uo pnuj;uoo)
Nothing tangible has ;yet appeared
cn . which ,L. L. ilcCandless belleves
le can base a' contest, of the election
:f delegate. ; He said thia morning
v-t t' :s was no infcmaiion of a
- y which ;r-ht' fcrnths
to ' voia
he'-. election -cf Kuhio. ' The ,cn:y-. pro
et -f i"T r .V' r . ' -..
c i,t ' K - u.-.:.Lut.It ia noi. r wi;
A-h'. tTitr tl.Is has relation to the elco
Jon for dele rite. From the fact that
1? messas came to the Democratic
candidate for delegate an. inference.
-nd nothing 'more, is i drawn that - it
.oneercs lira in ' whole or part.i This
s the 'message :-r.i 1 ' ''.' I .
. ' "Kealakekua, November; 6.'To Mc
andless. .-Honolulu' -From' De niello,
rctest first and second- precincts 'of
Vest ' Hawaii." v ; ; "i
' De Mello was' a candidate for Te
resentatlv. Possibly . his message Is
x request to McCandless as leader to
lie a. preliminary, protest with (he
Secretary of Hawaii. i:- " vj v;; ; -
There . Is circumstantial evidence at
democratic, headquarters Indicating
hat the "endless chain? was used to
.me extent. - This is collection of
specimen;, or sample ballots rv hand
marked for Republican candidates; At
best, ft is iecognIzed these papers
would bft only corroborative evidence
of that particular kind of fraud.1. , In
the. first i preclnctl of the fourth tdis:
trictr it 13 said, a native- voter was
detected putting his : bunch of off Ida 1
ballots In his pocket as he advanced
toward be voting 'compartments, and
was compelled to deliver them up to
the Judge superintending ! the ; ballot
boxes. ... j ..'.-, . - . .f ";.'.: : "i.
Lii I L . U
; Another . important and significant
rtep i toward the i ultimate ; raising- or
the Department of Hawaii to division
rank is Indicated by the. change of
ttatus of - the base 'hospital at Fort
Sbafter. : Heretofore this - institution
has been under the 'ehief surgeon of
the .Western Division, and; has been
practically K administered from 'i San
Francisco; npw it is td be known, as
department hospital, entirely : separated-
from f division Xheaa quarters,
end regulations V for its government
!1 be made .by the department con
VQ .of the soldier.-; ck. All this time,
bo.weyer, - the ? div lori i was ordering
sanit ary troo ps t o ' chof I ; 1 f Barracks,
baslng the dhpet: oa.oa. tbernuniber
of .troops, therei a hough , ho attempt
was; made to; car .for any tirious
cases- at the ma" sshlf t : hospital at
Lellehua vFrotestJ . from thla depart
ment at the l imp: ctical,; division 'of
the; hbspltal corps jaereiy led; toTref
rences to the re r. !atlcns,; until f Inal
Iy;the War Depart- tent ;took the mat-ter:-tip'
-'and ' rcr.:' red 1 1 a ' :2CisIon,
wherebythe Dc; -aent of lJ.waII J3
7 -
Prcnrc::ive3 Reoard thi ;Vcrk
This Year as Educative -:
- - and Preparatory 1
v: By C; !3EnK?
:r Special ' Star-Bulletin Correapondence J
Allhccjrh tie news Iclaw vrr'? -r!t
ten sce days before T; r" " '
e!ccl!:a,Ii U rrr-rcr.i 1' i C
Mil c: r t 1 L: l to ::: a
h ..-
. r-' "
. c
: .'fSppciit: t;ur-r
i . . I , . t
hu c. J t3 : ::
pr::: tl ; I ; ..-3
3 to -fi;i:l
cir:! : TI 1
;! t:.: j- :':' 1 c?
p r rr " ' " '
f I 3 c ' v .
1 .
y. tl
t:- 5
- . i
rr.'? - ATr-:b3ect;.;.of "course;, to I' arfr y ' tntltled-'lOx'maint - f- ii.de; ''J2 st : 'j c al: ; r
rc- )zV.- .-'ii ;.'-': l-osrital; Mtrld's. strcjr.cf tt r tV.l-j!.'. C -
. 4Af Wetoc-thiscfinss ' tisiT?": 'V.X'iS " ': '
wlikaMi'cinouncediin G. ONal?": 5 According: We w
H l-,.l.nf U.irl hon Comoro (h.'l.atit' hmnftll Aa - RHftPt AoniAUlU,.il..U,..UU ...j.
Royal . Gccrro Grcur ':Jn
" . . " '- ,V' ' ". ' . -A
' : f Associated Tress Cal!3l ;.
MONTREAL, Can,"' rJ:v:r-:ir. 7.
Th5 Vz p2:r:r::r l;r:r P ;" r
Jf .'J " -::.: ' r
. . . . J
department of Hawaii, than, the mere
charge of: name. f Formerly the;.Shaf
ter hospital wras officially only a post
affair, .caring also for - the s.lcjc of
Ruger. and. De Russy.1 This meant
that; although all the : serious ' cases
from ' Schcf leld Barracks were taken
there for, treatment, the -number.- of
hospltaf corps men allowed was based
on .the number of troops ..at. Fort
Shafter alone.;.; This , meant : that two
non-commissioned; officers i and 'eight
privates of the hospital corps were
expected ;to look ". after a hospital f
Which, at times contained as many , as
the' department' hospital at - Shuftef
will take care of all the serious cases,
or thosei requiring opfrations, and. aa
few sick as possible will be kept at
Schofield,. where the hospital facilities
are cruder Vt.cf.-ii trnSsi!
. j. One of the points brought 'cut to
the recent maneuvers, according to'aa
officer k at i department headquarters,
was the" necessity for extreme mobil
ity of the Sehofleld .garrison In case
of an. actual . invasion rof . the Island,
Schofield .Barracks would be no place
(Continued en' Pag 8)
nonn.n(fnpf) rip
" t
Ol : i
U Li.
. v-
Republican Publicity Manager
I Posts His Last Call for
.1 .': ' a Meeting - ;-;-.v';-'
r.i J. Walter (Doyle, the genial gentle
man' who handled- the publicity, ad
ertlslng. meeting f schedules, who
ran the scaling and lighting arrange
ments for most of the "rallies, who
looked after transportation In every
thing from trains to sea-going hacks,
w ho helped ; paint i signs and write
B- 'A 'F" E,':S
.4 ;';
Jl f.
Merchant and Alakea Sts. TeL 2C4S.
speeches and jolly (. the populace, and
in-between times talked hard for Re
publican candidates this . idle young
gentleman is nothing ' if not buoyant
of'tempenuaenL"'';::?: ;vr'r
' Doyle and Chairman B. von Damm
fcf the Republican county committee,
were' two of the hardest workers ever
seen . in , captivity during the , entire
campalgii. Von Damm worked so
hard and put his soul into the cam
paign so deeply that along About nine
o'clock - last 'Tuesday night when the
ruins of the Republican party in this
county; ivere ; crashing about his ears
and - Republican candidates w ere go
ing -,to glorious defeat, "Von" dlsap
peared. . "
He vtoqk it on .the runi" as the
sports' say, and he hasn't been seen
since., , He is in Voluntary. exile, al
though It .certainly wasn't any. failure
of1 hlsln 'the .working line that pre
cipitated the calamity.
-Returning to Mr.. Doyle x He was as
much interested in the campaign as
anybody more than a good many peo
ple, for he had taken a few chances
with the goddess fortune in the way
of those alluring 44cinch bets." He
was interested,.' Personally and finan
cially, and besides, he considered that
his professional reputation as "a pur
veyor of publicity was at stake. He
did his work up -to the notch, but
twenty publicity , managers wouldn't
have made much difference when the
land began to slide. ;'?-r
, Doyle stayed up at Party headquar-
Delegate Kuhlo- has been reelected
to Congress by" a majority of : 1263
votes over Link McCandless, accord
ing to. an estimate made ; this , morn
ing f by "Robert W. 'Shingle, chairman
of ,- the?' Republican territorial ' central
committee ahd in charge of : the terri
torial ' campaign.'.; ' 'c, '?-'ly -.
Thef. figures are.; not yet entirely
complete because ' returns are 5: still
missing f rorn one precinct, on Hawaii
and one precinct on Ka'uaLThe" Kauai
precinct ; is Nlihau, and Mr,-' Shingle
yesterday received ; a- telephone mes
sage from Mr. Francis Gay, who came
to Honolulu from Kauai after the elec
tion, that'all of the fifty otes would
probably -be for ;. Kuhio, However,
Chairman Shingle makes an estimate
of -30 Kuhio votes ' on Nlihau, added
to the. 199 majority" on KauaLV - . .- v
' ---- v
i ft
campaign of education and organiza
tion whereby the Progressive el ?n:ent
of - the Republican, party may control
the national convention of , 191 G bean
with the closing of the contest , for
president ; this ' year. ; Its ; purpose was
to secure a majority? of the regular
delegates pledged '-. to the-nomination
of Col. ' Roosevelt r It--Js intended
henceforth to 'make the fight for su
premacy within instead of outside the
For ' months before: the Ball -v'Moose
movement blossomed out oyer - night
Into a full-fledged flower it- was
known 4hat Col. Rooseveltvand v his
friends were planning to give' him the
Republican presidential nomination In
1916. It was then proposed that Sen
ator La Follette should make the run
this year and go down to defeat in his
own way. - When It became apparent
that the senator .would, not be in the
-3 '
: 'A xz.
r ! -
The ; missing Hawaii precinct is
either ilookena .or, Hoopualoa, andn cIther at Cnlcag0 or elsewhere
thirty Kuhio irotes are r estimated to the colonel could 'not restrain himself
have; been. cast i'" ' 'and hastily plHnged Hnto - the i contro-
iue iwaai majorii tor zvuuiwtverBy ahovinz La Follette aaldei Bv
was- received in " 'a '' special wireless
message ' to the Star-Bulletin as pub
lished yesterday, and Mr.. Shingle has
not - heard officially, what the ; Maul
vote Is. - Taking the majority as wired
yestCrdayt Mr. Shingle: thla-. morning
so doing he created dissension within
the ranks of the 'Progressives, but he
cared nothing for . that ; He invites
rather than avoids ;dIssensIon'i; i; -
Soon after Col.-Roosevelt's selection
by. the Bull Moose convention of Au
gust 5 " he made - the flat-footed - ah-
Kuhio-. m.inritv on Mnr, :.:... 112 nouncement that hejhad. no-expect
maae me Desi possioie iigntamx lorm
Total Kuhio majority :. . .. . . .2081
McCandless's majority on Oahu. . 818
Grand total Kuhio majority .... 1263
Kuhio's majority in 1910 ... . ...3624
: im m i v
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Supervisors Will Be Able to
Spend $50,000 a Month
for Two Years
With a Democratic mayor and only
one Republican member on the boar a
the Democratic supervisors-elect 01
Honolulu have been given a fras rein
in' the handling of the municipal and
county government .and will have am
ple opportunity to fulfill the .pledges
made by them on the stump during the
campaign. In fact, their plans to the
electorate . have borne such fruit, in
giving them absolute sway, that the
general, feeling is they can have no
excuse for failure to live up io the
pre-election promises made so enthu
siastically. One of these was that they "would
reduce the' taxes, by cutting down the
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Known He Would Like to Fin
ish Work for Federal
From preelection statements made
by Robert W. Breckons. U. S. Dis
trict Attorney, it is understood that
his resignation from that office will
be forwarded shortly to the Attorney
General at Washington, D. C- it was
said some time ago that if the Demo
crats triumphed at the polls on the
mainland, presaging a change in the
cabinet and consequently a new At
torney General, Breckons would
move out of office with the retiring
Attorney Breckons at present is
confined to his home by a severe in
jury received several days ago, in a
fall "at Walalua mill. Mr: Breckons
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'Continued illness; resulting in de
spondeney, a Japanese listed at a lo
cal Japanese hospital as Yabuki IIuo
took his life thi3 morning, banging be
ing the method pursued by, the man
to : end his- suffering. v .
Y'A medical officer connected with
the institution In making the rour3
of the hospital wards this noon found
the body of the Japanese suspended
from a rafter. :. , ."r ..:' :
v The . paUent had uUUzed the "obe
of his i kimono, successfully carrying
out his intention of self-destruction.
V. Coroner Rose empaneled a jury and
visited the , scene of the suicide this
afternoon.', a '.r - z A".-. .-" - - -
t -- . .
In the partial destruction of a small
warehouse by fire yesterday after
noon a- amall" Chinese boy narrowly
escaped death. The fire was discover
ed among some bales of hay and was
extinguished but only -af ter s the 4 body
it the ; child had been dragged ; from
i corner, the boy being nearly suf
focated by smoke. Police officer Apana
rescued i the lad who returned to his
3arents..;; :: -".-r '" "' --'..,
Will Govern New York State
(Continued from Page 3)
1 ; d
Congressman V William Sulzer of ; ? New York;
'2 :
i '-
'I &
1 1
r ' . . . . :
t' ,
4- r. .
In ; '
4- . '
' LCD a:
th;t r.: . t ;
ir;:y cf c : s r; : :
nst kn:,vrt f;r :
I, Ths" rr.!;:ir3 r:'..
precircta in t.us C :
Cive- California' to
cee-inIy narrow r;
! ' fAssocUtei rrri C ' '?
' C CLATiZUlO, : r.: .f.;-. 7,
Roosevelt -has carriri ': t !
20,CC0.; " "- .
'- Associated Vms C.
CHICAGO, III., fiovt :
state has gorj lor Wi :, It c
tain from resulta todi, 1
vTOPEKA, Kan f.:v:r
son carries Kan sax by 1
. r . tin'
r t
CINCINNATI, O.. Ihvt-rtzr
Congressman 1 Nlcheiaj - Lc-;
son-in-law of Cel. Roc: :v:!L .
to have been defeated for re:,.:.:. i
to Congress. - :':,'
PHILADELPHIA, Penn rioverr-tr1
7f Pennsylvania has son for Too;:-
SpcdatV Star-Bulletin Cabll
SAN ; FRANCISCO, Cat Nov. 7-
Gov, Johnson Still controls th; Czll-
fornia : Legislature,- tha e!::ti:n cf
members showing that his wirj cf tho
party In California is In ths majority.
philippkjes loo:u;:g" ;
(gpeci&I Sta'r-Bulietlii Cable!
PRINCETON, N. J Nov. 7-Ths
Philippine legislature has sent a cable
gram rof congratulation' to Cov. Wil
son upon his election. V;- j
, - new British cc;;:ul
..The. Governor received form I nc.fi-
Ccatlon today, from: the Interior' Tf--'
partment.af Waxhlngton; D.: C taat
the; State department has"; ecc nlzcd
Arthur: Hyde Lay as jthe new British
consul for ; Honolulu." Mr. Lay comes
u succeed Thomas Harrington., tha .
present acting consul, for Great BrK
lair at mis, pon.
Beets ; ; 88 , analysis. 9s." ' 6cL Parity,
3.9? cents Previous quotation, 9s. 5d.

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